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New Titles

The New Title list is a selection of newly received Agency documents available to order or, in some instances, to view online. This list changes about every month when the site is updated with the newest titles. You can scroll down to the end of the page to see when the list was updated last. For an explanation of the listing on this page, there is an ordering page available.

Orderable Hardcopy Documents

EPA Pub # Document Title

Online Documents

100F00002 Project XL: Albuquerque Pretreatment Project

100F00015 Project XL Communities: Steele County

100R00015 Project XL Progress Report Exxon Company USA

100R00027 Project XL Progress Report Crompton Corporation Sistersville Facility

100R03002A Metro East Lead Collaborative A Case Study January 2003

100R03002B Metlakatla Peninsula Cleanup Partnership A Case Study

100R03002C Barrio Logan Partnership Case Study

100R03002D Bridges to Friendship Partnership Case Study

100R04001 Innovating For Better Environmental Results

160F02001 Persistent Organic Pollutants A Global Issue A Global Response

180N01002F Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization OSBP 2010 Newsletter Volume 1

180N01002G Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization OSBP 2010 Newsletter Volume 1 {Spanish}

180N01002H Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization OSBP 2009 Newsletter Volume 3 {Spanish}

20A2002 Progress in the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in 1988 : Annual Report of the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to the Congress of the United States.

230R16001 City Green: Innovative Green Infrastructure Solutions for Downtowns and Infill Locations

300S16001 EJ 2020 Action Agenda

310N15007A Environmental Case Bulletin April May 2016

402F00010C Case Study King Murphy Elementary School

402F00010I Case Study Okaloosa County School District

402K09005 Indoor Air Quality Problem Solving Wheel

402R92003A Protocols for Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurements in Homes

420B16045A Companies with EPA-Approved E15 Misfueling Mitigation Plans As of June 6,2016

420D15008 Ports Primer for Communities An Overview of Ports Planning and Operations to Support Community Participation Draft

430F16002 Fast Facts from the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990 - 2014

430N00004A Coalbed Methane Extra Newsletter Summer 2010

430R14009 Office of Atmospheric Programs Climate Protection Partnerships 2014 Annual Report

4401890194 Development Document for Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Nonferrous Metals Manufacturing Point Source Category Volume IV Primary Zinc Primary Lead Secondary Lead Primary Antimony

440687012 Guidance for Applicants for State Wellhead Protection Program Assistance Funds Under the Safe Drinking Water Act Appendix C: Wellhead Protection Program Applicable Regulations

450R98002 National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry: Summary of Public Comments and Responses

452P05001 Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) for the Proposed Revision of Standards of Performance for Particulate Matter, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions From New Fossil-Fuel Fired Steam Generating Units

454R00038C Source Characterization for Sewage Sludge Incinerators Final Emlsslons Report Volume II of III. Appendix A - Appendix J Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) Mill Creek Wasterwater Treatment Plant Cincinnati Ohio

456F16007 Enfermedades Del Corazon Ataques Cerebrales Y Contaminacion Del Aire

53010005 National Partnership for Environmental Priorities

530F02026 Solid Waste Management: A Local Challenge with Global Impacts

530F03003 State And Local Goveronments Are Key To Reducing Backyard Burning

530F03005 Open Dump Cleanup Project nHelps Tribes Fight Waste

530F03008 Program Snapshot Pay-as-you-throw Cooling Effect On Climate Change

530F03009 WasteWise: Climate Benefits from Reducing Waste Program Snapshot

530F03016 Tribal Leaders Are Key To Reducing Backyard Burning

530F03040S Licencia De Conducir

530F04004C Protect Yourself Protect Others Safe Options For Home Needle Disposal {Chinese}

530F06004 Putting Surplus Food to Good use: A How-To Guide for Food Service Providers

530F06009 Fact Sheet Wastewise Preserving Resources, Preventing Waste

530F06011 Fact Sheet Wastewise Endorser Program

530F06013S Sure, Your Home Is Clean But Is It Safe for Your Family {spanish}

530F06020 Safe Disposal Procedures for Household Appliances that Use Refrigerants

530F07008 Industrial Materials Recycling Managing Resources for Tomorrow

530F09018 Choosing a Responsible Recycler: A Guide for Generators of Secondary Hazardous Materials

530F13002 Case Study: New Seasons Market Feeding the Soil and those in Need

530F94008S Recoleccion De Aceite Usado Para Reciclaje O Reutilizaction: Consejos Para Los Consumidores Que Cambian Ellos Mismos El Aceite Y El Filtro De Aceite De Su Automovial <Spanish>

530F96004 Managing Used Oil Advice for Small Businesses

530F96028 Pay-As You-Throw: Throw Away Less and Save

530F97001 Landfill Reclamation

530F97006 Pay-As-You-Throw A Fact Sheet for Environmental and Civic Groups

530F97007 Pay-As You-Throw Success Stories

530F97038 JTR Grantee Series North Carolina

530F97039 JTR Grantee Series Minnesota

530F97041 JTR Grantee Series Oregon

530F97051 Preparing Successful Grant Proposals

530F98003 Questions and Answers About Full Cost Accounting

530F98011 RCRA Organic Air Emission Standards for TSDFs and Generators

530F98026 Management of Remediation Waste Under RCRA

530F99010 Multifamily Recycling Golden Opportunity for Solid Waste Reduction

530F99017 Cutting the Waste Stream in Half: Community Record-Setters Show How

530F99022 Complex Recycling Issues Record-Setting Waste Reduction in Multi-Family Swellings (Includes 530F99022A thru 530F99022I)

530F99043 Land Disposal Restrictions for Hazardous Wastes: A Snapshot of the Program

530F99048 RCRA Helps Turn Brownfields Green: RCRA Corrective Action Returns Brownfields Sites To Beneficial Reuse

530K00003S Transporte De Carga Por Carretera Y Ferrocarril {RCRA in Focus Motor Freight and Railroad Transportation} {Spanish}

530K00005 Social Aspects of Sitting RCRA Hazardous Waste Facilities

530K01004 Exemption of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Wastes from Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations

530K02027 25 Years of RCRA Building on Our Past to Protect Our Future

530K03002S Haciendo Aun Mas Verde(Greenscaping) Su Cesped y Jardin

530K04003S Vayamos De Compras Verdes

530K05002 Using Coal Ash in Highway Construction: A Guide to Benefits and Impacts

530K05002ES Update Concerning EPA's Clean Air Mercury Rule {Errata Sheet}

530K93001 Joining Forces on Solid Waste Management Regionalization is Working in Rural and Small Communities

530K95002 Spotlight on Waste Prevention EPA's Program to Reduce Solid Waste at the Source

530K95006 Recycling Guide for Native American Nations

530K97007S RCRA en FOCO Imprenta (RCRA In Focus Printing) (Spanish)

530K99005K RCRA In Focus Dry Cleaning (Korean)

530N00002 WasteWise Update Moving Toward Sustainability

530N02002 WasteWise Update Resource Management Strategic Partnerships for Resource Efficiency

530N02003 WasteWise Update Building for the Future

530N02007 WasteWise Update: Global Warming. . . Is A Waste

530N03005 Tribal Waste Journal Alaska Villages Chart Their Own Course Toward Solid Waste Solutions

530N06003 Tribal Waste Journal: Construction and Demolition Materials: Concrete Reasons to Manage Them Now Issue 5 June 2006

530N11001 Tribal Waste Journal: Innovations in Tribal Waste Management: Open Dump Prevention

530N97008 WasteWise Update Closing the Loop, December 1997

530N98003 Wastewi$e Update Building Supplier Partnerships

530N98007 WasteWise Update: Extended Product Responsibility

530N99003 WasteWise Update the Measure of Success, Calculating Waste Reduction

530R02009 Beyond RCRA Waste And Material Management In The Year 2020

530R03004 WasteWise Resource Management: Innovative Solid Waste Contracting Methods

530R04031 America's Marketplace Recycles: A Guide to Waste Reduction at Shopping Centers

530R06004 Solid Waste Management and Greenhouse Gases: A Life-Cycle Assessment of Emissions and Sinks Report

530R94004 Pay As You Throw Lessons Learned About Unit Pricing

530R94016 Re-engineering RCRA for Recycling Report and Recommendations of the Definition of Solid Waste Task Force

530R96005 Pay-As-You-Throw Workbook: Supplement to EPA's Pay-As-You-Throw Guidebook

530R96007 RCRA Public Participation Manual, 1996 Edition

530R96007S Manual de Participacion: Publica de la RCRA (RCRA Public Participation Manual)

530R97009 Extended Product Responsibility: A New Principle for Product-Oriented Pollution Prevention

530R97017 Waste Reduction Activities of Selected WasteWise Partners: Electric Power Industry

530R98006 Availability of Uncoated Printing and Writing Papers Containing 30 Percent Postconsumer Fiber

530R98010 Characterization of Building-Related Construction and Demolition Debris in The United States

530R98014 Grant Resources for Solid Waste Activities in Indian Country

530R98017 Municipal Solid Waste Source Reduction A Snapshot of State Initiatives

530R99006 Rate Structure Design Setting Rates for a Pay As You Throw Program

530R99008 Preparing No-Migration Demonstrations for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Facilities A Screening Tool

530R99016 Organic Materials Management Strategies, July 1999

530SW533 Resource Recovery Plant Implementation: Guides for Municipal Officials, Planning and Overview

540290014 Engineering Bulletin Mobile/Transportable Incineration Treatment

540590002A Technology Evaluation Report Cf Systems Organics Extraction System New Bedford Massachusetts Volume 2

540F94014 ECO Update Field Studies for Ecological Risk Assessment

540R94025 Region 9 Mainland Regional Contingency Plan

542F04005A Innovative Remediation And Site Characterization Technologies Resources CD-ROM

542S02002 Proven Alternatives for Aboveground Ireatment of Arsenic in Groundwater

560F15160 Brownfields 2015 Assessment Grant Fact Sheet Rushville, IN

600A00115 Use of NEXRAD Stage IV Data in the Multimedia Modeling of Pollutant Transport

600A97039 Advances in Dense Gas Dispersion Modeling of Accidental Releases Over Rough Surfaces During Stable Condittons

600A97077 AREMOD's Simplified Algorithm for Dispersion in Complex Terrain

600A97104 Alternatives for CFC-12 Refrigerant in Automotive Air Conditioning

600A99019 AERMOD: Model Formulation and Evaluation Results

600B16080 Model Performance Evaluation and Scenario Analysis (MPESA) Tutorial

600P98001F Health Assessment of 1, 3, Butadiene

600R02036 National Health and Environmental Effects Reasearch Laboratory

600R04126 Standardized Analtytical Methods for Use During Homeland Security Events (SAM) Revision 1.0

600R04164 Environmental Technology Verification Report UTC Fuel Cells PC25C Power Plant Gas Processing Unit Performance for Anaerobic Digester Gas

600R04193A Pilot Study of Children's Total Exposure to Persistent Pesticides and Other Persistent Organic Pollutants (CTEPP) Volume II: Appendices A-S

600R05126A Environmental Technology Verification Report ETV Advanced Monitoring Systems Center Horiba Instruments Inc. APSA-360 Ambient Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

600R10092 Laboratory Environmental Sample Disposal Information Document Companion to Standardized Analytical Methods for Environmental Restoration Following Homeland Security Events (SAM) - Revision 5.0

600R11136 Environmental Technology Verification Report Response Biomedical Corp. Ramp® Anthrax Botulinum Toxin and Ricin Immunoassay Test Cartridges

600R11137 Environmental Technology Verification Report Tetracore Inc. Biothreat Alert® Anthrax Botulinum Toxin and Ricin Immunoassay Test Strips

600R11137A ETV Joint Verification Statement BioThreat Alert Test Strips

600R11198 Environmental Technology Verification Report WTW Measurement Systems Cyanide Electrode CN501 With Reference Electrode R503D and Ion Pocket Meter 340I

600R11210 Environmental Technology Verification Report Hidex Oy Biotox Rapid Toxicity Testing System

600R97140 Acetonitrile Field Test Report Work Assignment 45

600R99088 Annotated Bibliography Developed for the Graduate Level Introductory GIS Classes Taught at EPA

600R99122 Greenhouse Gas Technology Verification Center A USEPA Sponsored Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Organization Test/QA Plan For A&A Environmental Seals' Seal Assist System (SAS)

600R99128 Environmental Technology Verification Quality Assurance Project Plan Emissions of VOCs and Aldehydes from Commercial Furniture

600SR02063 Environmental TechnologyVerification Statement Performance of Induction Mixers for Disinfection of Wet Weather Flows The Mastrrr Company GAS MASTRRR Series 32 Submersible Chemical Induction Mixers

600SR05136 Etv Joint Verification Statement Baghouse Filtration Products BWF America Inc. Grade 700 MPS Polyester Felt Filter Sample

600SR11150 ETV Joint Verification Statement Microsensor Systems, Inc.HAZMATCAD Plus Surface Acoustic Wave/Electrochemical Detector

635R16079A Toxicological Review of tert-Butyl Alcohol (tert-Butanol) CAS No. 75-65-0

635R16079B Toxicological Review of tert-Butyl Alcohol (tert-Butanol)

738R01007 Interim Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Chlorpyrifos

744F98004 Design for the Environment Environmental Management System Bulletin 1, Using Design for the Environment Concepts in Your EMS

747R95009 Effect of In-Home Educational Intervention on Children's Blood Lead Levels in Milwaukee

810F16001 Drought Response and Recovery: A Basic Guide for Water Utilities

817F15012 How Can Water Utilities Obtain Critical Assets to Support Decontamination Activities?

817S14001 Risks and Resilience: Considering the Integration of Climate Readiness into Financial Analyses of Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities

821F16001 Pretreatment Standards for the Oil and Gas Extraction Point Source Category

821R98018 Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Centralized Waste Treatment Industry

832F00023A Folleto Informativo De Tecnología De Aguas Residuales Humedales De Flujo Subsuperficial Wastewater Technology Fact Sheet Wetlands: Subsurface Flow {Spanish}

832F99039A Folleto informativo de O/M del desborde de drenajes combinados Métodos apropiados de operación y mantenimiento (O/M) Combined Sewer Overflow O&M Fact Sheet Proper Operation and Maintenance {Spanish}

832F99062A Folleto informativo de tecnología de aguas residuales Desinfección con cloro Wastewater Technology Fact Sheet Chlorine Disinfection {Spanish}

833F01002A Aquatic Nuisance Species in Ballast Water Discharges: Issues and Options Draft Report for Public Comment

833F04002A Cómo Obtengo Cubierta del Permiso de Escorrentía para mi sitio de Construcción. How Do I Get Stormwater Permit Coverage for My Construction Site? Construction Site Operator's Guide to EPA's Stormwater Permit Program {Spanish}

833F04003 Resource List For Stormwater Management Programs

841R16010 Monitoring and Evaluating Nonpoint Source Watershed Projects May 2016

901F09028 Science to Results New England OSV Bold Ocean Disposal Site Monitoring Science at the EPA New England Regional Office

903R01003 Fall Line Loadings of Metals from the Potomac River Basin Into Chesapeake Bay

910B99003 US EPA Region 10 Drinking Water Infrastructure Grants Tribal Set-aside Program Final Guidelines

910R99015 Mineralogical Study of Boreholes B98-13 and B98-12 Frontier Hard Chrome Site Vancouver Washington

RODR0197001 Cheshire Ground Water Contamination EPA ID: CTD981067317 OU 01 Cheshire CT

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