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New Titles

The New Title list is a selection of newly received Agency documents available to order or, in some instances, to view online. This list changes about every month when the site is updated with the newest titles. You can scroll down to the end of the page to see when the list was updated last. For an explanation of the listing on this page, there is an ordering page available.

Orderable Hardcopy Documents

EPA Pub # Document Title


Online Documents

10019921 Regional Profiles : January 1992

100F78005 Copyright Law as Revised in 1976 : P.L. 94-553; Title 17 U.S. Code, Effective on January 1, 1978

100R89105 NATO/CCMS Third International Conference : Demonstration of Remedial Action Technologies for Contaminated Land and Groundwater : Montreal, Canada, 6-9 November 1989

140R71003 Carbonate Bonding of Coal Refuse

172R93001 Proposed Water Quality Guidance for the Great Lakes System

202b98001 SHEMP Operations Manual for Laboratories

205B87001 State Superfund Financial Management and Recordkeeping Guidance.

20K1003 Earth Trek-- Explore Your Environment

21019883 EPA Awards Handbook.

21B1001 Regulatory Assistance for Small Business and Others

21P2005 Preliminary Technology Cost Estimates of Measures Available to Reduce U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2010

22E2001 Superfund Enforcement Mediation : Regional Pilot Project Results : Final Report

22M1001 Grants Management Basic Program

230R85003 Annotated Bibliography on Environmental Auditing Fourth Edition March 1985

230R92903 A Guide to Selected National Environmental Statistics in the U.S. Government

236R02002 Beneficial Reuse of Foundry Sand : A Review of State Practices and Regulations

240F03001 Are You Earning a Return on Your Environmental Performance

240F05002 Are You Earning a Return on your Environmental Performance?

240R06001 Ecological Benefits Assessment Strategic Plan

240R98001 Gardener's Guide to a Healthier Environment : How You Can Prevent Pollution Through Beneficial Landscaping

245R87001 Vegetated Filter Strips for Agricultural Runoff Treatment

30019912 National Penalty Report : Overview of EPA Federal Penalty Practices : FY 1990

30019932 Integrated Enforcement Approaches for EPA : Executive Summary

300B00008 Environmental Justice Federal Interagency Directory : Working Together Towards Collaborative and Innovative Solutions March 2000

300D74001 Development Document for Proposed Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards of Performance for the Fish Hatcheries and Farms Point Source Category DRAFT

300R74001 Flue Gas Desulfurization : Installations and Operations

300r95013 FY 1994 State by State Enforcement Data Summary

305F03002 Fact Sheet Poultry Production And Environmental Stewardship

305F03003 Fact Sheet Dairies And Environmental Stewardship

305F03004 Fact Sheet Beef Cattle And Environmental Stewardship

310R71001 Assessment of Process Operations and Waste Control, Homestake Gold Mine, Lead-Deadwood, South Dakota

315R94001x EIA Guidelines for Mining

330171002 Total Organic Carbon Removal from Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

330171003 Proposed Nationwide Heavy Metals Pollution Control Program

330174003 An Appraisal of Pesticide Usage and Surface Water Quality Effects in the United States

330179002 Disposal Alternatives for Tuna Cannery Dissolved Air Flotation Sludge, Stickwater, and Press Liquor : American Samoa

330189001 Multi-Media Priority Ranking of Selected Federal Facilities : Region X

330276037 Herbicide Contamination in Water Supplies : Kimball, Nebraska

330277025a Emission Tests, Powerine Oil Company, Sata Fe Springs, California [September 9-11, 1977] (revised March 1978)

330277027 Emission Tests, Douglas Oil Company, Paramount, California (September 12-13, 1977)

330278010 Biological Impact of Discharges, Coffeen Generating Station, Central Illinois Public Service Company, Coffeen, Illinois [November 15-19, 1977]

330280023 Hazardous Site Inspection : Chemical Formulators, Inc. Nitro, West Virginia [December 11-14, 1979 and February 19,1980

330373003 Remote Sensing Study of Electric Generating Station Thermal Discharges to Barnegat Bay and Great Egg Harbor, New Jersey

330377002 Remote Sensing Study Solid/Liquid Waste Disposal Sites : San Francisco Bay Area of California

330974002b NEIC Safety Manual

331R71003 A Preliminary Assessment of Mercury Pollution in Navajo Reservoir : Colorado - New Mexico

331R76004 Field Evaluation of Mobile Lidar for the Measurement of Smoke Plume Opacity

331r77001 Coke Plant Survey, CF&I Steel Corporation, Pueblo, Colorado

331R83003 NEIC Inventory of EPA Consent Decrees : Region VIII

340187003 Continuous Emission Monitoring System Subset : User's Guide

350F93001 Computer Software Duplication.

350F95004 Employee Suitability Determinations and Security Clearances

350R01009 Annual Superfund Report to the Congress for Fiscal 2000

350R07009 Development Growth Outpacing Progress in Watershed Efforts to Restore the Chesapeake Bay

400188003 Directory of State Indoor Air Contacts

402F99008 IAQ Tools for Schools : Actions to Improve Indoor Air Quality

402K95001 Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools : Action Kit 2nd Edition

402R06012 Annual Water Sampling and Analysis Calendar Year 2001 : Shoal Test Site Area, Faultless Test Site Area, Rulison Test Site Area, Rio Blanco Test Site Area, Gasbuggy Test Site Area, Gnome Test Site Area

402R06013 Annual Water Sampling and Analysis at the Salmon Test Site Area : Lamar County, Mississippi, April 2006

402R08001 Annual Water Sampling and Analysis, Calendar Year 2007 : Faultless Test Site Area, Shoal Test Site Area, Rulison Test Site Area, Rio Blanco Test Site Area, Gasbuggy Test Site Area, Gnome Test Site Area.

420F15020 What If Garbage Fumes Powered More of Our Cars, Trucks, and Buses?

420F92002 What You Should Know About Your Auto Emissions Warranty

420R15012 Rebound Effect from Fuel Efficiency Stancdards: Measurement and Projection to 2035

420R15013 Peer Review for the Report, The Rebound Effect from Fuel Efficiency Stancdards: Measurement and Projection to 2035

420R15014 EPA Decision Document: Off-cycle Credits for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Corporation

420R15015 Exhaust Emission Rates for Heavy-Duty On-road Vehicles in MOVES2014

4300988002 Framework for 301(h) Monitoring Programs

430173001 Organization and Management of Technical Meetings and Seminars

430179008 Orientation to Wastewater Treatment Operation : Training Manual

430973009 Drinking Water Systems for the Traveling Public : A Status Report

430979015 Proceedings : National Conference on Water Conservation and Municipal Wastewater Flow Reduction, November 28-29, 1978

430F09072 AUnase a Nosotros en la Lucha Contra el Calentamiento Global : Energy Star

430F14013 Energy StarÂȘ Overview of 2013 Achievements

430F14023 Low-GWP Alternatives in Commercial Refrigeration

430K14001 Teaming Up to Save Energy : Protect our Environment through Energy Efficiency

430R11018 Opportunities for Combined Heat and Power at Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Market Analysis and Lessons from the Field

430R82001 Chronological Schedule of Air Pollution Training Courses

430R84001 Chronological Schedule of Air Pollution Training Courses October 1984 through September 1985

430R85002 Handbook of Procedures : Construction Grants Program for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works

430R94001 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy : Opportunities from Title IV of the Clean Air Act

440175501 Development Document for Effluent Limitations Guidelines and New Source Performance Standards for the Iron and Steel Foundry Industry : Draft

440175506 Development Document for Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards of Performance : Water-Supply Industry

440579015 Quantitative Techniques for the Assessment of Lake Quality

440588031 State Water Quality Standards Summaries

440690008 Compendium of Federal Financial Assistance Programs : Targeting Programs for State and Local Ground-Water Protection

450374010 National Emissions Inventory Of Sources and Emissions Of Magnesium

450486007 Guideline on the Identification and Use of Air Quality Data Affected by Exceptional Events

450489016 PM-10 Monitoring Task Force Report

450R80120 Visibility Protection : Proposed Regulations

450R85010 Air Toxics Information Clearinghouse : Rationale for Air Toxics Control in Seven State and Local Agencies : Final Report

452F92007 Residential Leaf Burning : An Unhealthy Solution to Leaf Disposal

452F93012 Environmental Fact Sheet : Leaf and Yard Trimming Management : Composting Versus Residential Burning : Addendum

453R01010 National Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants (neshap) For Source Category Metal Furniture Surface Coating Background Information For Proposed Standards

454K04001 The Ozone Report: Measuring Progress Through 2003

456F15005 Air Quality Guide for Particle Pollution

456F98003 Technology Transfer Network Web

460381016 Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Inspection and Maintenance on Carbon monoxide, Air Quality in Portland, Oregon

505B05001 Partners in Progress: EPA Update on Federal Facility Cleanup and Reuse Reuse Roundup

505B06001 Partners in Progress: EPA Update on Federal Facility Cleanup and Reuse

505F99006 Federal Facilities Stakeholder Involvement Bluepriint for Action

506288001 Interfacing Nonpoint Source Programs with the Conservation Reserve : Guidance for Water Quality Managers

520189029 User's Guide for the Comply-r Code Revision 1

520190033 National Radon Contractor Proficiency Program : Proficiency Report: Supplement

520974019 A Pilot Study of Drinking Water Systems in the U.S. Forest Service System

530B72001 Field Detection and Damage Assessment Manual for Oil and Hazardous Material Spills

530F11003 RCRA Orientation Manual 2014 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

530F11003A RCRA Orientation Manual 2011

530K77007 Current Views on Solid Waste Management : Recommended Reading

530R73005 Report to Congress on Hazardous Waste Disposal

530R79011 Institutional Bases for Control of Nonpoint Source Pollution Under the Clean Water Act, with Emphasis on Agricultural Nonpoint Sources

530R85126 Proceedings : First Annual Symposium : United States EPA Symposium on Solid Waste Testing and Quality Assurance, July 23-26, 1985, Washington, D.C., Vista International Hotel.

530R86134 Proceedings : Second Annual Symposium : United States EPA Symposium on Solid Waste Testing and Quality Assurance, July 15-18, 1986, Washington, D.C., Vista International Hotel.

530R87123 Proceedings : Third Annual Symposium : United States EPA Symposium on Solid Waste Testing and Quality Assurance, Volume 1, July 13-17, 1987, Washington, D.C., Westin Hotel.

530R87124 Proceedings : Third Annual Symposium : United States EPA Symposium on Solid Waste Testing and Quality Assurance, Volume 2, July 13-17, 1987, Washington, D.C., Westin Hotel.

530R88123 Community Right-to-Know and Small Business : Understanding Sections 311 and 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986

530R92519 Proceedings : 8th Annual Waste Testing & Quality Assurance Symposium, July 13-17, 1992, Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA.

530R93511 Possible Monitoring Requirements for the Disinfectants and Disinfection by-Products (D/DBP) Regulations

530R94031 Technical Resource Document Copper Extraction And Beneficiation Of Ores And Minerals, Volume 4

530R98012 RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Revision 8 July 1998

530R98012b RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Volume 2

530R98012c RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Vol.3 9441.1985-9441.1989 Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste (Part 261)

530R98012D RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Vol.4

530R98012E RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Vol.5

530R98012F RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Vol.6

530R98012G RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Volume 7

530R98012K RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Vol. 11 9523.1980-9528.1996 Permitting Procedures (Parts 124 & 270)

530R98012L RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Volume 12 9530.1980-9551.1991

530R98012m RCRA Permit Policy Compendium Update Package Vol.13 9551.1992-9593.1996 Land Disposal Restrictions (part 268)

530S91002 Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites : Conference Program : May 1-3, 1991

530SW186C Economic Impacts of RCRA Approaches to the Regulation of Generators of Small Volumes of Hazardous Wastes : Draft Report

530SW587D Recovery of Landfill Gas at Mountain View : Engineering Site Study : A Current Report on Solid Waste Management

540175016 Initial Scientific Review of PCNB

540RS81013 Coumaphos 0,0-diethyl 0-(3-Chloro-4-Methyl-2-Oxo-2H-1-Benzopyran-7-yl) Phosphorothioate : Pesticide Registration Standard

542R03016 Federal Facilities Remediation Seminar : Participant Manual

550975023v1 First Report On Status and Progress of Noise Research and Control Programs in the Federal Government v.1

550975023v2 First Report On Status and Progress of Noise Research and Control Programs in the Federal Government v.2

550975205 Passenger Noise Environments of Enclosed Transportation Systems

550976008 Background Document for Medium and Heavy Truck Noise Emission Regulations March 1976

550977356 A Manual for the Review of Highway Noise Impact

550980217 Regulatory Analysis for the Noise Emission Regulations for Motorcycles and Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

550D79001 Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Porposed Revision to Rail Carrier Noise Emission Regulation.

550R002 Semiannual Report on United States-Mexico Border Contingency Planning Activities (Issue 1)

560684003 New and Revised Chemical Fate Test Guidelines, October 1984

560F15197 Brownfields Success Story Reclaiming Abandoned Mine Lands One Parcel at a Time: Luzerne County Pennsylvania

570B88013 Suggested Sampling Procedures to Determine Lead in Drinking Water in Buildings Other than Single Family Homes

600175502 Air Pollution Indices : A Compendium and Assessment of Indices Used in the United States and Canada

600177035 Electro-Regenerated ion-Exchange Deionization of Drinking Water

600177052 Method Development and Monitoring of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Selected U.S. Waters

600277076 Factors Affecting the Collection Efficiency of Atmospheric Sulfate

600277189 Control of Sewer Overflows by Polymer Injection

600277190 Effects of Combustion Modifications for NOx Control on Utility Boiler Efficiency and Combustion Stability

600278076 Water Factory 21 : Reclaimed Water, Volatile Organics, Virus, and Treatment Performance

600278101 The Use and Fate of Laubricants, Oils, Greases, and Hydraulic Fluids in the Iron and Steel Industry

600278153 Water Quality Renovation of Animal Waste Lagoons Utilizing Aquatic Plants

600279100 Level III: Receiving Water Quality Modeling for Urban Stormwater Management

600279125 Seattle Tolt Water Supply Mixed Asbestiform Removal Study

600279164 Effects of Flue Gas Cleaning Waste on Groundwater Quality and Soil Characteristics

600280010 Benefits of Maintaining a Chlorine Residual in Water Supply Systems

600280013 Select Topics in Stormwater Management Planning for New Residential Developments

600280091 Preventing Haloform Formation in Drinking Water

600280093 Studies of Methanogenic Bacteria in Sludge

600280108 Hazardous Material Spills and Responses for Municipalities

600283016 Effects of Organic Solvents on the Permeability of Clay Soils

600376106 Studies on the Reclamation of Stone Lake, Michigan

600377023 Behavior of Mercury, Chromium, and Cadmium in Aquatic Systems

600377060 Toxicity of Diazinon to Brook Trout and Fathead Minnows

600378024 A User's Guide for REDEQL. EPA : A Computer Program for Chemical Equilibria in Aqueous Systems

600378027 Distribution of Phytoplankton in Delaware Lakes

600378030 Techniques for Sampling and Analyzing the Marine Macrobenthos

600379087 Production, Mortality, and Power Plant Entrainment of Larval Yellow Perch in Western Lake Erie

600380007 Sources and Transports of Coal in the Duluth-Superior Harbor

600391028 National Surface Water Survey Eastern Lake Survey Phase II Northeastern Lakes, Database Dictionary

600a95146 USEPA QA Assurance auditor Is Scheduled for a Visit: What Can I Expect?

600d81067 Evaluation and Control of Asbestos-Cement Pipe Corrosion

600d84265 Guidelines for Decontaminating Buildings, Structures, and Equipment at Superfund Sites

600R15003 Predictive Seagrass Habitat Model

600R92242 Evaluation of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Data From TVA Coal-Fired Boilers

600R95520 Innovative Technology Verification Report: Site Characterization Analysis Penetrometer Systems (SCAPS) Technology Report

600SR00092 Evaluation of Process to Convert Biomass to Methanol Fuel, Project Summary

620R01004A EMAP-West Communications Monitoring the Condition of Surface Waters in the Western US

620R01004B EMAP-West Communications Developing Indicators of Condition for Surface Waters of the West

620R01004C EMAP-West Communications Survey Designs for Sampling Surface Water Condition in the West

620R01004D EMAP-West Communications How Reference Condition Is Used in Surface Water Monitoring

620R01004E EMAP-West Communications Landscape Data Its Use in Understanding Ecological Condition

620R01004F EMAP-West Communications Data Analysis Workshops Transfer Statistical Technology to Regions, States, and Tribes

630R95002F Guidelines for Ecological Risk Assessment

68C99206 Regulatory Impact Analysis for the Proposed Ground Water Rule

720R93001 Innovations in Compliance and Enforcement : Supplemental Environmental Projects in EPA's Toxics and Pesticides Program.

738F00021 R.E.D. Facts Vinclozolin

738F05XX Mancozeb Facts

738R02003A Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) Thiabendazole

740K96001 Interpretive Guidance for the Real Estate Community on the Requirements for Disclosure of Information Concerning Lead-based Paint in Housing

740Q14002 TSCA Work Plan Chemical Technical Supplement - Use and Exposure of the Brominated Phthalates Cluster (BPC) Chemicals Brominated Phthalates Cluster Flame Retardants

740R14004 TSCA Work Plan Chemical Problem Formulation and Initial Assessment Tetrabromobisphenol A and Related Chemicals Cluster Flame Retardants

747B99004 Lead-based Paint Pre-renovation Education Rule Contractors Property Managers And Maintenance Personnel

747K01001 Proteja a Su Familia en Contra del Plomo en Su Casa

800K95001 Indexing Waterbodies Using the EPA Reach File : EPA WBS News Flash, Special Edition.

810F93001A Lead in Your Drinking Water Fact Sheet

810R76106 Land Use - Water Quality Relationship

810R89010 Regulation and Policy Matrices : A Guide to the Rules Governing Grants Awarded Under the Construction Grants Program : Update 1989

815F00004 Proposed Ground Water Rule: Questions and Answers, April 2002

816B10001 Comprehensive Surface Water Treatment Rules Quick Reference Guide: Unfiltered Systems

816C03003 Annotated Bibliography of Source Water Protection Materials June 2003

816E08001 Help Wanted Trainers needed for CUPSS, the Check-Up Program for Small Systems {Postcard}

816F00002A Implementation Guidance for Radionuclides - Appendices A - J

816F00002B Implementation Guidance for Radionuclides

816F00023 Public Notification Rule Quick Reference Guide, May 2000

816F00025 Community Involvement in Drinking Water Source Assessments

816F06028 Desinfecci.n de Emergencia del Agua Potable (Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water) {Spanish}.

816F08022 Building a Model Aquifer

816F08024 Resource Management Protecting your Drinking Water

816F10064 Source Water Protection Practices Bulletin: Managing Highway Deicing to Prevent Contamination of Drinking Water

816F10074 Comprehensive Surface Water Treatment Rules Quick Reference Guide: Systems Using Conventional or Direct Filtration

816F10076 Comprehensive Surface Water Treatment Rules Quick Reference Guide: Systems Using Slow Sand, Diatomaceous Earth, or Alternative Filtration

816F10081 Stage 1 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproduct Rule: Laboratory Quick Reference Guide, August 2010

816H02001 Safe Drinking Water Act Protecting America's Public Health

816H02008 Protect Water for Life

816H03001 Source Water Protection: It's in Our Hands

816K04001 Tap Into Prevention Driking Water Information For Health Care Providers

816K06012 Factoids: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 2006, March 2008

816K07004 Factoids: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 2007, March 2008

816N00003E SRF State Activity Update Accelerated Loan Commitment in the SRF Program

816R01010 Final State Implementation Guidance for the Public Notification (PN) Rule

816R01010A Final State Implementation Guidance for the Public Notification (PN) Rule: Appendices A-D: Final State Implementation Guidance for the Public Notification Rule, October 2001

816R02003 Source Water Protection: A Training Manual for Communities in Nicaragua

817B15003 Framework for Comparing Alternatives For Water Quality Surveillance and Response Systems

817F14022 Flooding Rise to the Challenge Before It Impacts Your Utility

821B02002 Draft Guidance for Aquatic Animal Production Facilities to Assist in Reducing the Discharge of Pollutants

821R02008 Economic Analysis of Proposed Effluent Guidelines and Standards for the Construction and Devolpment Category, May 2002

821R02015 Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis of the Proposed Effluenet Limitations GuideLines and Standards for the Concentrated Aquatic Animal Production Industry

823S15001 Delaware Estuary Water Quality Standards Study

830R85001 Environmental Profiles and Hazard Indices for Constituents of Municipal Sludge Nickel.

840R87010 Effect of PH on the Release of Phosphorus from Potomac River Sediment Final Project Report

841B00007 Techniques for Tracking Evaluating and Reporting the Implementation of Nonpoint Source Control Measures Urban

903R89106 Chesapeake Bay Citizen Monitoring Program Report : July 1985-October 1988

903R94019 Annual Progress Report Fishery Management Plans 1993 : Alosid, Blue Crab, Oyster, Bluefish, Weakfish/Spotted Seatrout, Summer Flounder, Atlantic Croaker/Spot, American Eel

903R94025 Contaminant Trace Element Loads at the Susquehanna River Fall Line During the Spring, 1993 High Flow Event : Addendum to the Fall Line Toxics 1992 Final Report

905R80118A Noise Impact Assessment Manual For Selected Transportation Sources

909R15003 Tribal Green Building Toolkit 2015

910988187 Hazardous Waste Management in the Pacific Northwest : Final Report : Findings and Recommendations

910R03013 Modeling Fish Distributions in the Pacific Northwest Coast Range Ecoregion Using EMAP Data

950R06003 Histopathology guidelines for the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas) 21-day Reproduction Assay

EMSLTSP890 Mobile Mass Spectrometry

TD8115C57 Superfund Community Relations Resources Catalog 1987 Update.

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