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New Titles

The New Title list is a selection of newly received Agency documents available to order or, in some instances, to view online. This list changes about every month when the site is updated with the newest titles. You can scroll down to the end of the page to see when the list was updated last. For an explanation of the listing on this page, there is an ordering page available.

Orderable Hardcopy Documents

EPA Pub # Document Title


Online Documents

171F04002 Environmental Education Grant Program

200B95001 EPA National Publications Catalog 1995

202N91003 Printing Management Circular

210L91001 EPA Publications & Information Center : OARM Cincinnati.

210N87001 Human Resources Report : HR December 1987

210N88001 Human Resources Report : HR July 1988

210R05001 Redefining Human Resources at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2004

219B99002 Guidelines for Proper Use of Voice Mail

230484006 Potential Climatic Impacts of Increasing Atmospheric CO2 with Emphasis on Water Availability and Hydrology in the United States : Report

230B83001 EPA Environmental Database and Model Directory Volume 2 of 2 Part 2 of 2 Pages 811 Through 1625

305F98008 National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center

310R73003 A Summary of Waste Source and Water Quality Information on the Alaskan Seafood Industry

330178003 Air Flow Measurements

330180003 Omega-1 Lidar : Data Analysis Report, Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Company, A. B. Brown Generating Station, West Franklin, Indiana

330180004 Omega-1 Lidar : Data Analysis Report, Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company Conesville Generating Station, Conesville, Ohio

330180005 Omega-1 Lidar : Data Analysis Report, Central Illinois Light Company, Edwards Station, Bartonville, Illinois

330180006 Omega-1 Lidar : Data Analysis Report, Indianapolis Power and Light Company Petersburg Generating Station, Petersburg, Indiana

330180007 Omega-1 Lidar : Data Analysis Report, Olin Corporation, Covington, Indiana

330180008 Omega-1 lidar : Data Analysis Report, Northern Indiana Public Service Company, Mitchell Generating Station, Gary, Indiana

330180009 Omega-1 lidar : Data Analysis Report, Public Service of Indiana, Gibson Generating station, Princeton Indiana

330182001 Motor Vehicle Tampering Survey-1981 : Chattanooga, Tennessee and Houston, Texas

330184002 Multi-Media Priority Ranking of Selected Federal Facilities : Region III

330186001 Multi-Media Priority Ranking of Selected Federal Facilities : Region V

330197001 Impermanence of Iron Treatment of Lead-Contaminated Foundry Sand

330278003 The Environmental Impact of Emissions From the National Zinc Company : Bartlesville, Oklahoma [July - September 1977]

330280025 Evaluation of Process Wastewater Sources, Waste Treatment, and Disposal Systems : SCM Glidden-Durkee, Adrian-Joyce Works, Baltimore, Maryland

330K03001 PRP Search Manual : Prepared For Personnel Performing PRP Searches

402K10005 Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction: How To Fix Your Home

402R95012 National Radon Proficiency Program : Guidance on Quality Assurance

420B15027 Cellulosic Biofuel Standard Guidance

420B15028 Using MOVES2014 in Project-Level Carbon Monoxide Analyses

420F15002 Fast Facts: U.S. Transportation Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 1990-201

420F15015 EPA Issues Minor Amendments to the Cellulosic Waiver Credit Provisions and Other Renewable Fuel Standard Regulations

430975003 Technical Report Costs of Wastewater Treatment by Land Application

430R13013 Office of Atmospheric Programs Climate Protection Partnerships 2103 Annual Report

450392010 Technical Background Document To Support Rulemaking Pursuant To The Clean Air Act Section 112(g) Ranking Of Pollutants With Respect To Hazard To Human Health

450K92002 What You Can Do to Reduce Air Pollution: A Citizens Guide to What Individuals and Communities can do to Help Meet the Goals of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

454R15002 3-Year Quality Assurance Report for Calendar Years 2011, 2012, and 2013 PM2.5 Ambient Air Monitoring Program

456F15002 Air Quality Guide for Ozone, 2015

460376022 Nitrogen Oxide Control With The Delayed Mixing Stratified Charge Engine Concept

530SW86054 Subtitle D Study Phase I Report

540F95033 Clarifying the Defin.ition of "Site" Under the National Priorities List

540R84013 Environmental News : Superfund Progress Report January-February 1984

540R84014 Environmental News : Superfund Progress Report March 1984

600685001 Assessment of the Mutagenic Potential of Carbon Disulfide Carbon Tetrachloride Oichloromethane Ethylene Dichloride and Methyl Bromide: A Comparative Analysis in Relation to Ethylene Dibromide

600686001 Assessment of the Carcinogenicity of Dicofol (Kelthane) DDT DDE and DDD (TDE)

600882029A Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter and Sulfur Oxides Volume I

600882029B Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter and Sulfur Oxides Volume II

600882029C Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter and Sulfur Oxides, Volume 3

600884003F Airborne Asbestos Health Assessment Update

600888005 Preliminary Reference List for 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD): In Vivo Mammalian Dose-Response and Epidemiological Studies

600888066F Interim Methods for Development of Inhalation Reference Doses

600889067F Indoor Air Reference Bibliography

600890042 Indoor Air-Assessment Indoor Concentrations of Environmental Carcinogens.

600890066A Interim Methods for Development of Inhalation Reference Concentrations

600891065 Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of Asbestos (1332-21-4)

600891099 Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of DDD

600891100 Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of DDE (72-55-9)

600891101 Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of DDT (50-29-3)

600AP93004A Air Quality Criteria For Ozone And Related Photochemical Oxidants Volume 1 Of 3

600D89069 Assessment of Ecologic Risks Related to Chemical Exposure: Methods and Strategies Used in the United States

600D90006 Analysis of 2,3,7,8-TCDD Tumor Promotion Activity and Its Relationship to Cancer

600F13153C How to Identify Lead Free Certification Marks for Drinking Water System and Plumbing Products

600P93004AF Air Quality Criteria for Ozone and Related Photochemical Oxidants Volume I of Ill

600P95001AFA Air Quality Criteria For Particulate Matter Volume 1 Of 3 Revised

600P95001BF Air Quality Criteria For Particulate Matter Volume 2 Of 3

600P95001CF Air Quality Criteria For Particulate Matter Volume 3 Of 3

600P99001 Air Quality Criteria for Carbon Monoxide

600P99002A Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter, Volume 1 (Draft)

600P99002AB Air Quality Criteria For Particulate Matter Volume 1 2nd External Review Draft

600P99002AD Air Quality Criteria For Particular Matter, Volume 1 4th External Review Draft

600P99002B Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter, Volume 2 (Draft)

600P99002BD Air Quality Criteria For Particulate Matter, Volume 2 4th External Review Draft

600P99002C Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter, Volume 3 (Draft)

600R01061 Asthma Research Strategy

600R05043F Approaches for the Application of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Models and Supporting Data in Risk Assessment

600R06066A Approaches to Estimating the Waterborne Disease Outbreak Burden in the United States: Uses and Limitations of the Waterborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance System

600R08119 Preliminary Reference List for 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD): In Vivo Mammalian Dose-Response and Epidemiological Studies:

600R09028A Approach to Using Toxicogenomic Data in U.S. EPA Human Health Risk ssessments: A Dibutyl Phthalate Case Study

600R1101A Aquatic Ecosystems, Water Quality, and Global Change: Challenges of Conducting Multi-stressor Global Change Vulnerability Assessments

600R94009 Indoor Air Reference Bibliography

600R99108 New Perspectives in Electrofishing

600S884003F Airborne Asbestos Health Assessment Update Project Summary

601N78004 Process Measurement Review Vol.1 No. 1 First Quarter

601N78005 Process Measurement Review Vol. 1 No. 2 Second Quarter

601N79005 Process Measurement Review Vol. 1 No, 3 Winter Edition

738F93016 R.E.D. Facts : Tris(hydroxymethyl)nitromethane

740B96001 Interpretive Guidance for the Real Estate Community on the Requirements for Disclosure of Information Concerning Lead-Based Paint in Housing

740R15002 TSCA Work Plan Chemical Risk Assessment N-Methylpyrrolidone: Paint Stripper Use CASRN: 872-50-4

740R75001 Farm Workers' Pesticide Safety

740R90004 Guidelines for Reporting Test Results of HDD and HDF Determinations in Commercial Products(40 CFR parts 707 and 766)

742F77001 Farmers' Responsibilities Under the Federal Pesticide Law

744R86001 Categorization and Summary of Public Comments on the Chemical Emergency Preparedness Program Interim Guidance and Chemical Profiles

810F05024 Kh tr ung kh a c a n c u ong

810F75001 State Continuing Planning Process : Water Quality Management Basin Plan

810F76001 STORET : EPA's Computerized Water Quality Database : the Right Answer.

810K82001 Non-Community Water Systems : Serving a Non-ResidentialPopulation

810K89003 Toxicological Profile for Diethyleneglycol Dinitrate

810K89004 Toxicological Profile for Benzothiazole

810K89005 Toxicological Profile for 4-Amino-2,6-Dinitrotoluene

810K89006 Toxicological Profile for Ortho-Cresol

810K89007 Toxicological Profile for Picric Acid

810K89008 Toxicological Profile for Farnesol

810R72104 Pathogenic Free-Living Amoebae and Recreational Waters

815S13003 Summary Of The Reduction Of Lead In Drinking Water Act And Frequently Asked Questions

817F14022 Flooding Rise to the Challenge Before It Impacts Your Utility

842B97002 Principles for Federal Managers of Community Based Programs

904R96012 Environmental Trends : Implications for Small Communities in the South

907R80004 Clean Lakes Classification Study of Iowa's Lakes for Restoration : Final Report

909R71009 Hawaii Briefing Notes June 1971 : President's Water Pollution Control Advisory Board

909R71011 Richardson Bay Effluent Dilution Study : Working Paper

909R74019 Evaluation of Vinyl Chloride Emissions in the Long Beach Area, California

909R74022 The Impact of the State Implementation Plan on the Citizens of California

909R75013 Wastewater Treatment and Conveyance System, North Lake Tahoe-Truckee River Basin (Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency) : Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Statement

909R76006 Final Environmental Impact Statement : Greater Globe-Miami, Arizona Wastewater Treatment Project

909R78014 Public Hearing on Construction Grants Regulations : Conference Rooms a-d, June 28, 1978, 10:00 a. m. 7:30 p. m.

909R78015 Proposed Regulations for the Control of Organic Chemicals in Drinking Water : Los Angeles Convention Center, Tuesday, April 11, 1978

909R78016 Public Meeting on Modification of Secondary Treatment Requirement : February 22, 1978

909R79001 Final Environmental Impact Statement : Maricopa Association of Governments ; Point Source Metro Phoenix, 208 Wastewater Management Plan

909R90001 Laboratory Documentation Requirements for Data Validation

910986157V1 Recommended Protocols for Measuring Selected Environmental Variables in Puget Sound Volume 1

910986157V2 Recommended Protocols for Measuring Selected Environmental Variables in Puget Sound Volume 2

910B94005 A Watershed Assessment Primer

910D85001 Sampling and Analysis Design for Development of Elliott Bay Toxics Action Plan

910R02017 101 Ways to Care for the Earth : An Educational Activities Book

950B71004 Control of Gaseous Emissions

950B79003 Guidelines and Sample Training Workbook for Police Enforcement of Noise Regulations

950B81001 Basic Field Activities Safety Training

950B83004 RCRA Background and Guidance Documents

950B84001 Instructions for Searching AQUIRE, Aquatic Information Retrieval System

950B89002 Handbook for Setting User Fees

950B95001 Publicly Available Systems from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Information Systems Inventory

950D07001 EPA's 2007 Report on the Environment : Highlights of National Trends

950D78002 Environmental Impact Guidelines for New Source Petroleum Refineries : Draft Report for Review

950D80001 Handbook for States on the Use of Compensation and Incentives in the Siting of Hazardous Waste Management Facilities

950D80003 Guidance for the Development of State Work Programs for FY-81 Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

950D82003 A Guide for Preparing RCRA Storage Permit Applications

950D94002 Assessment of Chemical Contaminants in Fish Consumed by Four Native American Tribes in the Columbia River Basin

950K04001 EPA's Action Development Process : Guidelines for Preparing Analytic Blueprints

950K09001 State of the Great Lakes, 2009 : Highlights

950K78003 Career Opportunities in the Environmental Protection Agency

950K98001 Lessons Learned About Superfund Community Involvement : EPA Superfund Response Staff Tell How Public Involvement Has Helped Clean Up Sites

950N64003 Index: Research Grant Publications and Reports 1962-1964

950N65002 Index: Research Grant Publications and Reports 1965

950N66001 Water and Sewer Bond Sales in the United States January-December 1965

950N66002 Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants 1966 Grant Awards

950N67001 Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants 1967 Grant Awards

950N67004 Water and Sewer Bond Sales in the United States January-December 1966

950N68001 Water and Sewer Bond Sales in the United States January-December 1967

950N68003 Water Pollution Control Research, Development, Demonstration and Training Projects 1968 Grant and Contract Awards

950N70008 National Eutrophication Research Program : Annual Newsletter : July 1970

950N71005 Environmental Facts

950N71007 EPA Bulletin vol 1. No. 1 Aug 15, 1971

950N71008 EPA Bulletin vol. 1 No. 2 Sept 1 1971

950N71009 EPA Bulletin vol 1, No. 3 Oct 1 1971

950N71010 EPA Bulletin Vol 1, No. 4 December 1971

950N72002 Environmental Facts

950N72003 Environmental Facts July 1972

950N72004 EPA Bulletin April 1972

950N72005 EPA Bulletin August 1972

950N72006 EPA Bulletin October 1972

950N72007 EPA Bulletin November 1972

950N72008 Inside EPA October 1972

950N72009 Inside EPA November 1972

950N72010 Inside EPA December 1972

950N73001 Environmental Facts

950N73002 Environmental Facts

950N73003 Environmental Facts

950N73004 Environmental Facts

950N73005 Environmental Facts

950N73006 Environmental Facts

950N73007 EPA Bulletin February 1973

950N73008 EPA Bulletin March 1973

950N73009 EPA Bulletin April 1973

950N73010 EPA Bulletin May/June 1973

950N73011 EPA Bulletin October 1973

950N73012 Inside EPA January 1973

950N73013 Inside EPA February 1973

950N73014 Inside EPA March 1973

950N73015 Inside EPA April 1973

950N73016 Inside EPA May 1973

950N73017 Inside EPA June 1973

950N73018 Inside EPA September 1973

950N73019 Inside EPA October 1973

950N73020 Environmental News Summary Dec 27 1973

950N73021 EPA Technical Notes

950N73022 EPA Technical Notes 10/10/1973

950N73023 EPA Technical Notes 12/08/1973

950N73024 EPA Technical Notes December 8 1973

950N73025 EPA Technical Notes December 8 1973

950N73026 EPA Technical Notes 12/19/1973

950N74001 Environmental Facts

950N74002 Environmental Facts

950N74003 Environmental Facts

950N74004 Environmental Facts

950N74005 EPA Citizens' Bulletin

950N74006 Inside EPA January 1974

950N74007 Inside EPA March 1974

950N74008 Inside EPA April /May 1974

950N74009 Inside EPA July-Aug 1974

950N74010 Inside EPA November 1974

950N74012 Environmental News Summary January 17, 1974

950N74015 EPA Technical Notes March 13 1974

950N74016 Environmental News Summary January 25, 1974

950N74017 Environmental News Summary Jan 31, 1974

950N74018 Environmental News Summary February 06, 1974

950N74019 Environmental News Summary February 13, 1974

950N74020 Environmental News Summary March 15, 1974

950N74021 Environmental News Summary March 22 1974

950N74022 Environmental News Summary March 29 1974

950N74023 Environmental News Summary April 5 1974

950N74024 Environmental News Summary April 12 1974

950N74025 Environmental News Summary April 19 1974

950N74026 Environmental News Summary April 26 1974

950N74027 Environmental News Summary May 3 1974

950N74028 Environmental News Summary May 10 1974

950N74029 Environmental News Summary May 17 1974

950N74030 Environmental News Summary May 24 1974

950N74031 Environmental News Summary May 31, 1974

950N74032 Environmental News Summary June 7 1974

950N74033 Environmental News Summary June 14, 1974

950N74034 Environmental News Summary June 28, 1974

950N74035 Environmental News Summary July 19 1974

950N74036 Environmental News Summary July 26 1974

950N74037 Environmental News Summary August 2 1974

950N74038 Environmental News Summary August 9, 1974

950N74039 Environmental News Summary Sept 13, 1974

950N74040 Environmental News Summary January 9, 1974

950N75001 Environmental Facts

950N75002 EPA Citizens' Bulletin

950N76001 Cleaner Times January 20 1976

950N76004 Cleaner Times June 1976

950N76005 Cleaner Times July 1976

950N76006 Cleaner Times August 1976

950N76007 Cleaner Times September 1976

950N76008 Cleaner Times October 1976

950N76009 Cleaner Times November 1976

950N76010 Cleaner Times December 1976

950N77001 Cleaner Times vol.6 no.1 January 1977

950N77003 Cleaner Times vol.6 no.3 March 1977

950N77004 Cleaner Times Vol.6 No.4 April 1977

950N77005 Cleaner Times vol 6 no.5 May 1977

950N77006 Cleaner Times vol 6 no 6 June 1977

950N77007 Cleaner Times vol 6 no 7 July 1977

950N77008 Cleaner Times vol 6 nos 8&9 August & Sept 1977

950N77009 Cleaner Times vol.6 No 10 October 1977

950N77010 Cleaner Times vol 6 no. 11 November 1977

950N78001 208 Bulletin Jan-April 1978

950N78002 208 Bulletin May-June 1978

950N78003 208 Bulletin July-August 1978

950N78004 208 Bulletin Sept-Oct 1978

950N78005 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 March 1978 No.1

950N78006 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 April 1978 no. 2

950N78007 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 May 1978 no.3

950N78008 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 June 1978 no.4

950N78009 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 July 1978 No.5

950N78010 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 August 1978 no.6

950N78011 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 September 1978 no.7

950N78012 EPA Data Talk Vol. 1 October 1978 No.8

950N78013 EPA Data Talk Vol.1 November 1978 No.9

950N78014 EPA Data Talk Vol. 1 December 1978 no.10

950N79002 EPA Data Talk Vol.2 Jan-Feb 1979 no.1

950N79003 EPA Data Talk Vol.2 March\April 1979 No.2

950N79004 EPA Data Talk Vol. 2 May-June 1979 no.3

950N79005 EPA Data Talk Vol.2 July-August 1979 no.4

950N79006 EPA Data Talk Vol.2 Sept/Oct 1979 no.5

950N79007 EPA Data Talk Special Edition May 16 1979

950N80001 EPA Data Talk Vol.3 Jan\February no.1

950N80002 EPA Data Talk Vol.3 March\April 1980 no.2

950N80003 EPA Data Talk Vol.3 May/June 1980 No.3

950N81001 102 Monitor

950N85001 Environmental Facts

950R67004 Report On Pollution of Interstate Waters of the Connecticut River : Massachusetts/Connecticut (Second Session)

950R68001 Water Pollution Problems of Lake Michigan and Tributaries : Actions for Clean Water

950R68009 Report on Pollution of Interstate Waters of the Blackstone & Ten Mile Rivers : Massachusetts-Rhode Island (Second Session)

950R68010 Water Supply and Water Quality Control Study : Blue Marsh Reservoir, Schuylkill River Basin, Pennsylvania

950R68021 A Technical Services Report (SW-6ts) Comprehensive Solid Waste Study Johnson City, Tennessee

950R68037A The Cost of Clean Water Volume 1 Summary Report

950R68037b The Cost of Clean Water Vol. 2 Detailed Analyses

950R68037c The Cost of Clean Water Vol. 3 No.3

950R68037D The Cost of Clean Water Volume 3 No.10

950R71072 Research Needs for Irrigation Return Flow Quality Control

950R72012 Nitrification and Denitrification Facilities : Design Seminar for Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Atlanta, Georgia May 8, 9, & 10, 1972

950R72015 Upgrading Lagoons

950R72019 The Case Study of the History and Development of the Ecology Action Educational Institute

950R72039a Seventh Session of the Conference in the Matter of Pollution of the Interstate Waters of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries : - Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah, Held at Las Vegas, Nevada, February 15-17, 1972, Transcript of Proceedings

950R73013 Upgrading Existing Meatpacking Facilities to Reduce Pollution : Choosing the Optimum Financial Strategy for Pollution Control

950R73026 Physical-Chemical Treatment Plant Design

950R73034 A Report on Automotive Fuel Economy

950R74020 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Press Conference : Held by John B. Quarles, Jr., Deputy Administrator

950R74032 Implementation of Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 is Slow : Environmental Protection Agency : Report to the Subcommittee on Environmental Pollution, Committee on Public Works, U.S. Senate

950R75015 Animal Indicators of Air Pollution : A Review and Recommendations

950R75021 Model Inputs and Area Source Emission Estimates for Phoenix and Tucson

950R75028 Aircraft Technology Assessment : Interim Report on the Status of the Gas Turbine Program

950R76002 1977 California Gas Mileage Guide

950R76020 Review of Air Data Systems

950R76022 Second Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Implementation of Certain NRC and EPA Responsibilities

R273086 Color Removal from Kraft Pulp Mill Effluents by Massive Lime Treatment

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