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New Titles

The New Title list is a selection of newly received Agency documents available to order or, in some instances, to view online. This list changes about every month when the site is updated with the newest titles. You can scroll down to the end of the page to see when the list was updated last. For an explanation of the listing on this page, there is an ordering page available.

Orderable Hardcopy Documents

EPA Pub # Document Title

Online Documents

100R14006 Enhancing Sustainable Communities with Green Infrastructure

190R13001 OCFO's Technical Guidance on the FY 2014 NPM Guidance

310N13007 Environmental Crimes Case Bulletin July 2013

310N13008 Environmental Crimes Case Bulletin August 2013

310N13009 Environmental Crimes Case Bulletin - September/October 2013

420B14017D Low Greenhouse Gas Emitting/EISA 141 Compliant Light Duty Vehicles: Model Year 2015 - Updated October 23, 2014

420B14094 MOVES2014 October Release

420R12012 National List of Beaches 2010

420R14026 Fuel Tank Temperature Profile Development for Highway Driving: Final Report

430F12003 Choose Energy Star Qualified Heating and Cooling

430F12005 Choose Energy Star Qualified Office Equipment

430F13027 Facts about Skin Cancer in West Virginia

430F13028 Facts about Skin Cancer in North Carolina

452R07009 Ozone Health Risk Assessment, Updated July 2007

530R93509 Notification of Regulated Waste Activity

540R87001 Hazrdous Waste Ombudsman Handbook

540R90014 CERCLA Orientation : Student Manual

600991028 Proceedings : Second International Symposium on Field Screening Methods for Hazardous Wastes and Toxic Chemicals, February 12-14,1991

600R12001 South Platte River BasinData Browser

600R12005 Environmental Technology Verification Report Treatment of Wastewater Generated During Decontamination Activities UltraStrip Systems, Inc. Mobile Emergency Filtration System

600R12005S ETV Joint Verification Statement UltraStrip Systems, Inc. Mobile Emergency Filtration System

600R12023SUP1 Indicators and Methods for Constructing a U.S. Tribal Well-being Index for Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Supplement 1

600R1205 Technology Evaluation Report: s::can Measuring Systems Spectro::lyser

600R12059F Userís Guide for the Wildlife Scenario Builder

600R12064 Evaluation of Reaerosolization of Bacillus Spores from a Sod Matrix

600R12068 Water Wash Down of Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) Material on Urban Surfaces: Effect of Washing Conditions on Cs Removal Efficacy

600R12517 Inactivation of Bacillus anthracis Spores in Soil Matrices with Chlorine Dioxide Gas

600R12543 Technology Evaluation Report OI Analytical, Inc. Model 9210m (Alpha Version)Online Total Organic Carbon Monitor

600R12574 Environmental Technology Verification Program Advanced Monitoring Systems Center Quality Assurance Project Plan For Verification of ANDalyze Lead100 Test Kit and AND1000 Fluorimeter

600R12575 Environmental Technology Verification Program Advanced Monitoring Systems Center Generic Verification Protocol for Verification of Online Turbidimeters

600R12580 Sporian Inline Biosensor System (IBS) Evaluation Summary

600R12596 On the Use of Bacillus Thuringiensis as a Surrogate for Bacillus Anthracis in Aerosol Research Technical Report

600R12603 Web-based Interspecies Correlation Estimation (Web-ICE) for Acute Toxicity: User Manual Version 3.2

600R12605 Ecological Condnition of Streams in Northern Nevada. EPA R-EMAP Humbolt Basin Project

600R12646 Determination of the Sampling Efficiency of Biosamplers to Collect Inhalable Particles

600R14152 Economic Impact of Surface Mining on Drinking Water: Cost Analysis of Contaminated Household Drinking Water Supplies

600R14189 Decontamination of Soil Contaminated With Bacillus Anthracis Ames Spores

600R14208 Decontamination of a Mock Office Using Chlorine Dioxide Gas

600R14237 Methods, Metrics, and Indicators Available for Identifying and Quantifying Economic and Social Impacts Associated with Beneficial Reuse Decisions: A Review of the Literature

600R14259 Determination of the Difference in Reaerosolization of Spores off Outdoor Materials

600R14316 Assessment of the Impact of Decontamination Fumigants on Electronic Equipment

600R14364 R9 RARE Final Project Report Title: Partnering with Environmental Agencies and Communities to Pilot Use of the Environmental Justice Screening Method (EJSM) Cumulative Impacts Tool

600S14224 Adherence of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Contaminants to Sediments Found in Water Storage Tanks

601R04002 The Regions and ORD: Working Together to Integrate Science into Decision-Making

650274011 Thermal Radiation Modeling for Pollution Predictions

650274020 Feasibility Study of the Use of Resonance Scattering for the Remote Detection of SO2

650275001a Assessment of Catalysts for Control of NOx from Stationary Power Plants, Phase 1 Volume I Final Report

650275001b Assessment of Catalysts for Control of NOx from Stationary Power Plants, Phase 1 Volume II Data Bank Citation Indices

650275011 Sulfur and Nitrogen Balances in the Solvent Refined Coal Process

650275016 Symposium on Electrostatic Precipitators for the Control of Fine Particles

650573001 A Study of the Social and Economic Impact of Odors, Phase III; Development and Evaluation of a Model Odor Control Ordinance

660274020 Evaluation of Polymeric Clarification of Meat-Packing and Domestic Wastewaters

660274023 Odors from Confined Livestock Production; A State-of-the-Art

660274031 Water and Waste Management in Poultry Processing

660274049 Selected Irrigation Return Flow Quality Abstracts 1972-1973, Third Annual Issue

660274052 Evaluation of Irrigation Scheduling for Salinity Control in Grand Valley

660274053 Hypolimnetic Flow Regimes : In Lakes and Impoundments

660274063 Design Parameters for Animal Waste Treatment Systems

660274086 Mercury Recovery from Contaminated Waste Water and Sludges

660275012 Survival of Pathogens in Animal Manure Disposal

660275013 Treatment and Ultimate Disposal of Cattle Feedlot Wastes

660275014 Recycle of Synthetic Warp Sizes from Textile Desizing Wastewater

660275019 Egg Breaking and Processing Waste Control and Treatment

660275028 Organic Compounds in Pulp Mill Lagoon Discharges

660373004 Water Quality Requirements of Aquatic Insects

660373015 Effect of Phosphorus Removal Processes on Algal Growth

660373023 Applications of Growth and Sorption Algal Assays

660374020 Estimating Nutrient Loadings of Lakes from Non-Point Sources

670273054 Gas Requirements to Pressurize Abandoned Deep Mines

670273060 Enhancing Trickling Filter Plant Performance by Chemical Precipitation

670273081 Laboratory Study of Self-Sealing Limestone Plugs for Mine Openings

670273088 Demonstration of a Non-Aqueous Sewage Disposal System

740R13001 Model Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician Refresher Training Course Student Manual

740R13001A Model Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician Refresher Training Course Instructor Manual

820F12009 EPA's Beach Report: Alabama 2011 Swimming Season

820F12010 EPA's Beach Report: Connecticut 2011 Swimming Season

820F12011 EPA's Beach Report: Indiana 2011 Swimming Season

820F12012 EPA's Beach Report: Louisiana 2011 Swimming Season

820F12013 EPA's Beach Report: Maine 2011 Swimming Season

820F12014 EPA's Beach Report: New York 2011 Swimming Season

820F12015 EPA's Beach Report: Mississippi 2011 Swimming Season

820F12016 EPA's Beach Report: Maryland 2011 Swimming Season

820F12018 EPA's Beach Report: Delaware 2011 Swimming Season

820F12019 EPA's Beach Report: Illinois 2011 Swimming Season

820F12020 EPA's Beach Report: New Hampshire 2011 Swimming Season

820F12021 EPA's Beach Report: Oregon 2011 Swimming Season

820F12025 EPA's Beach Report: Wisconsin 2011 Swimming Season

820F12026 EPA's Beach Report: Virginia 2011 Swimming Season

820F12027 EPA's Beach Report: Texas 2011 Swimming Season

820F12028 EPA's Beach Report: South Carolina 2011 Swimming Season

820F12030 EPA's Beach Report: North Carolina 2011 Swimming Season

820F12031 EPA's Beach Report: Massachusetts 2011 Swimming Season

820F12032 EPA's Beach Report: Hawaii 2011 Swimming Season

820F12033 EPA's Beach Report: Ohio 2011 Swimming Season

820F12034 EPA's Beach Report: Florida 2011 Swimming Season

820F12035 EPA's Beach Report: Minnesota 2011 Swimming Season

820F12037 EPA's Beach Report: Virgin Islands 2011 Swimming Season

820F12038 EPA's Beach Report: Puerto Rico 2011 Swimming Season

820F12039 EPA's Beach Report: Northern Mariana Islands 2011 Swimming Season

820F12040 EPA's Beach Report: Guam 2011 Swimming Season

820F12041 EPA's Beach Report: American Samoa 2011 Swimming Season

820F12042 EPA's Beach Report: Washington 2011 Swimming Season

820F12043 EPA's Beach Report: Rhode Island 2011 Swimming Season

820F12044 EPA's Beach Report: Pennsylvania 2011 Swimming Season

820F12045 EPA's Beach Report: New Jersey 2011 Swimming Season

820F12046 EPA's Beach Report: California 2011 Swimming Season

820F12047 EPA's Beach Report: Alaska 2011 Swimming Season

820F12049 EPA's Beach Report: Makah Tribe 2011 Swimming Season

820F12050 EPA's Beach Report: Grand Portage 2011 Swimming Season

820F13007 Marine Beach Annual Sanitary Survey

820F13008 EPA Marine Beaches Routine On-site Sanitary Survey

820F13011 Actions to Help States Address Barriers to Numeric Nutrient Criteria Implementation (2012-2014)

820F13023 EPA's Beach Report: Georgia 2012 Swimming Season

820F13024 EPA's Beach Report: Connecticut 2012 Swimming Season

820F13030 EPA's Beach Report: Indiana 2012 Swimming Season

820F13037 EPA's Beach Report: Florida 2012 Swimming Season

820F13039 Guiding Principles on an Optional Approach for Developing and Implementing a Numeric Nutrient Criterion that Integrates Causal and Response Parameters

832B76100 Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works Construction Grants Program References Regulations Guidance Procedures

842K14002 Being Prepared for Climate Change: A Workbook for Developing Risk-Based Adaptation Plans

843R10002 National Wetland Condition Assessment Laboratory Operations Manual

843R10003 National Wetland Condition Assessment Quality Assurance Project Plan

HSRB0601 Fifra Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) April 4-6 2006 Meeting EPA Human Studies Review Board Report

SW110OF Environmental Assessment Of Potential Gas and Leachate Problems At Land Disposal Sites

SW585 Solid Waste Management List Of Available Literature

SW62D1 Solid Waste Milling and Disposal On Land Without Cover Volume 1 Summary and Major Findings City Of Madison, Wisconsin

SW65TSA Sanitary Land Fill Design and Operation, 1972

SW85TSOF Water Quality Land Disposed Solid Waste A Bibliography

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