560579001 Toxic Substances Control Act Trademarks And Product Names Reported In Conjunction With The Chemical Substance Initial Inventory 574 1979 NEPIS online LAI 20061130 hardcopy single page tiff products yellow oil red ferro gulf resin nalco black fast wax paste orange brown compound amoco atlantic cleaner liquid series 560579001 SEPA uted States i-nvironmental Protection Agency Off ice of Toxic Substances Washington DC 20460 May 1979 Toxic Substances Toxic Substances Control Act cNVlRONMENTAt PROTECTION AGENCY DALLAS, TEXAS LIBRARY Trademarks and Product Names Reported in Conjunction with the Chemical Substance Initial Inventory Reporting Company Section image: ------- Table of Contents Page Preface Reporting Company Section 3 Trademark and Product Name Section 573 image: ------- PREFACE The Trademark and Product Name List was compiled in conjunction with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory. Under the inventory reporting regulations (42 FR 64572, Dec. 23, 1977), manufacturers, importers, and processors of chemical substances were permitted to report their Trademarks and Product Names to EPA if they could certify that all component chemical substances had been reported for the Initial Inventory (in the case of manufacturers and importers) or that any component chemical substance not included on the Initial Inventory would be reported by them for the Revised Inventory (in the case of processors; refer to 43 FR 9254, March 6, 1978.) The Trademark and Product Name List (hereinafter called the List) was compiled solely to assist persons in determining whether to report substances for the Revised Inventory, and its usefulness is limited to the 210-day reporting period that will begin when the Initial Inventory is published. The List will not be updated. The List is divided into two sections, a Trademark and Product Name Section and a Reporting Company Section. In the Trademark and Product Name Section the name of the reporting company is listed opposite each trademark or product name. In the Reporting Company Section, all trademarks or product names are grouped with the reporting company. In both sections, items beginning with a non-alphabetic or non-numeric character are listed first, followed by items beginning with an alphabetic character, followed by those beginning with a number. For example, "(d) H.B. Oil #739" and "#3 Core Paste" appear ahead of "Case Seals M-3" which precedes "280 Superbase". Reporting Company names are alphabetized by the first letter in the name as it ordinarily appears; e.g., "A. P. Green Refractories Co." appears ahead of "Abbott Laboratories" instead of after "Great Lakes Carbon Corp." Users of the List may determine whether a particular product name or trademark is included on the List either by searching for it in the Trademark and Product name Section or by searching for the supplier name in the Reporting Company Section and checking the items reported by that supplier. Certain trademarks or product names were reported by more than one company, and represent different products. Certain other trademarks, while reported by only one company, may be similar to product names from other companies that may have not been reported. For example "LOOSE WOOL", and "IDAHO" have each been reported only once, yet a user of this List may justifiably question whether it is his supplier that has reported them. Therefore, it is essential that a user check not only that a particular product name or trademark appears, but that the user's supplier has reported it. A number of trademarks reported contain the phrase "all products", meaning that the respondent has reported all trademarks that begin with the character sequence to the left of "all products"; e.g., "ACCUSPIN (all products)" means that the reporter is reporting the two or more trademarks which are made up of "ACCUSPIN" plus additional characters. Trademarks and product names were entered on the List exactly as received, except that names of chemical elements and compounds submitted as trademarks were returned to the respondent for retraction or resubmission in a form that uniquely identifies the respondents product; e.g., "sulfur" as a trademark was not acceptable, but "Gulf sulfur" was acceptable, for the purposes of this List. image: ------- Since reportng for this List was voluntary, all manufacturers and processors may not have reported, and those that did report may not have reported all their product names and trademarks. Therefore, if a product name or trademark does not appear on the List it does not necessarily mean that the component chemical substances have not been reported for the Inventory. A person who processes a product which does not appear on this List may wish to contact his supplier to determine if all component chemical substances have been reported for the Initial Inventory. If the component substances have not been reported then the processor should report them for the Revised Inventory. A processor who reported a product name or trademark for inclusion on the List must consult the Initial Inventory to determine whether the component chemical substances have been reported. If the component substances are not on the Initial Inventory the processor is responsible for reporting them to EPA for inclusion on the Revised Inventory. In addition, if a manufacturer intends to change the composition of a product reported for the List, he must ensure that the component chemical substances are included on the Inventory before beginning manufacture of the product. The appearance of unregistered trademarks or product names on the List does not, of itself, confer upon them either the status of registered trademarks or the protection afforded under other laws to owners of registered trademarks. Trademarks that have been registered with the Patent and Trademark Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce and that appear on this List should not be construed by users of this List to be common descriptive names for the products they represent. The appearance of any trademark or product name on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Agency. image: ------- REPORTING COMPANY SECTION A. P. Green Refractories Co. A. Gross & Company 652 Doremus Ave. Newark NJ 07105 GROCO GROCOL GROCOR GROTEX A. L. Laboratories, Inc. 452 Hudson Terrace Englewood Cliffs NJ 07632 Altracin-MD Bacitracin-MD HMD Dymetracin Fortracin Zyme-All A. P. Green Refractories Co. Green Boulevard Mexico MO 65265 'SAIRBOND 'SAIRSET 'SARIMIX-7 A-l ACTO AGGREGATE (all products) APG BUNGS APG HOT ZONE ARC-HARD (all products) ATLANTIC FIRST ATMOSET BASIC GRANULAR BAUXITE (all products) BIG CHIEF BLOCK INSULATION BRICK MIX (all products) BRIQUETTES 1:1 C-ACID CASTABLE BLOCK MIX CASTABLE INSULATION (all products) CASTABLE MIX (all products) CASTEX (all products) CASTITE CERAMIC BRIQUETTES CHAMPION CHIEF CHROME ORE (all products) CLAY (all products) CLAY-CARBON MIX 800 CLIMAX CLIPPER (all products) CRYSTALITE (all products) CTX (all products) D-SAVAGE D-l DAUBPAX (all products) DELTA (all products) DELTACLAD (all products) DIXI-PATCH DIXIE DURABLANKET DV (all products) EMPIRE (all products) ESS MORTAR FIREPLACE BRICK FLORPEBBLE G (all products) GRAPHITE MIX GRAPHPAK GRAPHRAM GREEN (all products) GREEN B (all products) GREEN CHROME MORTAR (all products) GREEN CRETE (all products) GREEN GROUND CHROME ēGREEN MAGNESITE MORTAR GREEN PC GREEN RAM SUPER GREEN TARAM (all products) GREEN-OX (all products) GREEN-X GREENAL (all products) GREENCAST (all products) GREENCLAD (all products) GREENCOTE GREENCRETE ARC GREENLITE (all products) GREENMUL (all products) GREENPAK (all products) GREENRAM (all products) GREENSET (all products) GROG (all products) GROG-0-MIX GUNPATCH (all products) GUNWELD (all products) HEATITE HI-CARB (all products) HIGH ALUMINA (all products) HOTSPAN HYDROCRETE HYDROSET ICB IDAHO IFB MORTAR INSBLANKET (all products) INSBLOK (all products) INSFELT INSPAPER INSROPE INSULATING CEMENT INSULATION ADHESIVE INSULATION COATING INSWOOL (all products) ISO (all products) JADE (all products) KAOLIN (all products) KAST-0-LITE (all products) KAST-SET KD (all products) KIMBERLY KRUZITE (all products) KS-4 KX (all products) LADLE LO-ABRADE (all products) LONE STAR LOOSE WOOL LOXOL-65 MAGNESIA (all products) MAGNESITE (all products) MC (all products) METALKLEEN MEX-KO (all products) MEXI-KOMO MIZZOU (all products) MONARC (all products) MORRIS MORTAR MIX (all products) MUL-8 (all products) No. T-36 REFRACTORY CEMENT No. 36 REFRACTORY CEMEMT OZARK PAR PCP PERICLASE GRAIN PETROCRETE-ER PLASTIC MIX (all products) PUEBLO (all products) PYRO STEEL PYRO-SEAL QUIK-PAK (all products) R (all products) RAMMING MIX 501 RED-X REFRACTORY MIX (all products) image: ------- A. P. Green Refractories Co. A. P. Green Refractories Co.ócont'd REGENT RI (all products) S-l SATANITE (all products) SDS SILICA ALLOY PEBBLE SILICA PEALOY PEBBLE SILICA RUNNER MIX SILICON CARBIDE GRAIN SILRAM SK-7 SKC SLEEVES SRC STEEL PLANT CASTABLE (all products) STEELKON (all products) SUPER (all products) SUPER FIRE WALL SUPER HYBOND (all products) SUPER KAST-SET SUPER-PLASTIC (all products) T BRAND MIX TA-78 TAP HOLE MIX 600 THERMA-PIPE TROY TUYERES UNI (all products) VAL (all products) VALENTINE XX VSL-50 X-99A XSIL (all products) XSILITE YUKON ZIRCON 10% PITCH TAP HOLE MIX 12% PITCH TEMPERED TAP HOLE MIX 60-40 DRY GUN MIX 68-B 80 ALUMINA 90-B 99-AD 721+5% PITCH MIX A. Schulman, Inc. 3550 W. Market St. Akron OH 44313 AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON K124 K130 K136 K222-D K222-DH K222-F K224-CH K224-G6 K224-HG6 M138 M223-D M223-DH M238-D1 M921-D M922 AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON AKULON ARNITE ARNITE ARNITE ARNITE ARNITE ARNITE ARNITE S223-C S223-E S223-EH S223-E1 S227-C S227-E S240-CH1 S245-C AV2 360 S AV2 370 A04 102 A04 701 A04 900 A06 100 A06 101 ARNITE A06 700 ARNITE A06 703H Butaclor (all products) Formion (all products) Polyblak (all products) Polydene (all products) Polyflam (all products) Polyman (all products) Polyrite (all products) Polystat (all products) Polytrope (all products) Polyvin (all products) Schulamid (all products) Superohm (all products) Vestolit (all products) A.F. Holden Company, The 2195 S. Milford Rd. Milford MI 48042 Holden Heat Unity Coating AJ. & J.O. Pilar, Inc. 145 Chapel Street Newark NJ 07105 Tru-Tans (All Products) image: ------- REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Achem Corporation Abbott Laboratories North Chicago IL Abbomeen E-20 Hexamic Acid ICAL D ICAL M Polycat 8 Polycat 12 Polycat 20 Polycat 21 60064 Polycat 22 Polycat 30 Polycat 31 Polycat 32 Polycat 33 Polycat 41 Polycat 42 Polycat 60 Polycat 77 Polycat 77-50 Polycat 200 Polycat 352 ABCO Chemicals, Inc. P. 0. BOX 335 Roebuck SC 29376 ABCO Adhesive (all products) ABCO Antifoam (all products) ABCO Binders (all products) ABCO Concentrate (all products) ABCO Lube (all products) ABCO PAK (all products) ABCO Plastibond (all products) ABCO Plasticure (all products) ABCO Plastivol (all products) ABCO Wax (all products) Plasticryl (all products) Plastivin (all products) Synthesize (all products) Aceto Chemical Co. Inc. 126-02 Northern Blvd. Flushing NY 11368 Acetoquat CTAB Antioxidant MBP-5 Antioxidant TBM-6 AZDN-P Catafor CA-80 Catafor POW Empicol LZ/E Empicol LZV/E Empicol 0185 Empicol 0193 Empicol 0266 Empilan BQ-100 Formosul Glocure 31 Glocure 41S Gloquat C Quantacure EPD Redusol Z RUNA ARH-20 RUNA RE-30 RUNA RE-376 RUNA RH-20 RUNA RH-52 RUNA RH-372 RUNA RH-472 RUNA RO-676 RUNA RP RUNA RP-3 Supronic B-25 Supronic B-50 UV Absorber Anti UVK Achem Corporation Hwy. #29 P. 0. Box 930 Cowpens SC 29330 A-ANTIFOAMJET A-ANTIFOAM-Q A-ANTIFOAM-R A-CARRIER-AJQ A-CARRIER-ALO A-CARRIER-AP A-CARRIER-ASD A-CARRIER-ATM A-CARRIER-CD A-CARRIER-CD-5 A-CARRIER-CDF A-CARRIER-CDF-2 A-CARRIER-CPC A-CARRIER-DAL-1 A-CARRIER-FB A-CARRIER-LOB A-CARRIER-LOU A-CARRIER-QF A-CARRIER-RP A-CARRIER-RPS A-CARRIER-TAL A-CARRIER-TAL-J A-CELL-DA A-CELL-DA-CONC A-CHEM-ACP A-CHEM-GA A-CHEM-L A-CHEM-LQ A-CHEM-PHY A-CHEM-VDA A-CRYL-C A-CRYL-NDA A-CRYL-PDN A-CRYL-QAC A-CRYL-WTK A-DEFOAMER-CA-17 A-DEFOAMER-CAM A-DEFOAMER-GT A-DEFOAMER-HEM A-DEFOAMER-HF-17 A-DEFOAMER-NF A-DEFOAMER-PB A-DEFOAMER-PL-17 A-DEFOAMER-QR-15 A-DEFOAMER-R-16 A-DEFOAMER-60 A-DEFOAMER-320 A-DEFOAMER-350 A-DEFOAMER-544 A-DYE-ALO A-DYE-AW A-DYE-BNS A-DYE-BT A-DYE-BY A-DYE-CDP-2 A-DYE-CDP-4 A-DYE-CF A-DYE-CIR-Q A-DYE-CJ-7 A-DYE-ECG A-DYE-FC A-DYE-GCE A-DYE-JAP A-DYE-JD-10 A-DYE-JET-Q A-DYE-JPS A-DYE-JPS-M A-DYE-KKM A-DYE-LC A-DYE-LP-5 A-DYE-LPNF A-DYE-MC image: ------- Achem Corporation Achem Corporationócont'd A-DYE-MR-5 A-DYE-NCS A-DYE-PAL-M A-DYE-PC A-DYE-PKG A-DYE-PNF A-DYE-PNF-2 A-DYE-PRG A-DYE-TSL A-DYE-1 A-DYE-5 A-DYE-10 A-FINISH-C A-FIX-AC A-FIX-GSL A-FIX-LF A-FIX-MCN A-FIX-N A-FIX-NT A-FIX-QB A-LEV-G A-LEV-NAC A-LEV-QC-3 A-LEV-44 A-LEV-66 A-LUBE-C-40 A-LUBE-CP A-LUBE-CPM A-LUBE-NTL A-LUBE-P A-LUBE-P-15 A-LUBE-P-20 A-LUBE-PAJ A-LUBE-PAN A-LUBE-PL-6 A-LUBE-QL A-NYL-ABN A-NYL-DAQ A-NYL-FIX A-NYL-PDN A-NYL-PWD A-NYL-PWD-1 A-NYL-21 A-PRO-ACD A-QUEST-D A-QUEST-Q A-QUEST-15 A-QUEST-60-65 A-QUEST-100 A-RETARDER-AC A-SCOUR-BR-3 A-SCOUR-BR-10 A-SCOUR-FBS A-SCOUR-IBS A-SCOUR-JC A-SCOUR-JL A-SCOUR-JS A-SCOUR-LOZ A-SCOUR-MCQ A-SCOUR-NS A-SCOUR-P A-SCOUR-QT A-SCOUR-RVN A-SCOUR-SP A-SCOUR-T-24 A-SCOUR-WT A-SCOUR-WTN A-SCOUR-100 A-SCOUR-344 A-SOFT-APS A-SOFT-DP A-SOFT-DPN A-SOFT-E A-SOFT-EZ-1 A-SOFT-EZQ A-SOFT-LUBE-Q A-SOFT-NAP A-SOFT-NAP-S-2 A-SOFT-PAN A-SOFT-270 A-STAT-N A-WET-1 Activated Metals and Chemicals Inc. Number 2 P. 0. Box 32 Sevierville TN 37862 Hydrogenation Catalyst A Series Sponge Nickel Catalyst A Series Acton Associates 100 Thompson Street Pittston PA 18640 ANIBRAND Animal Branding Dye CONCOR Soldering Fluid F-54 Rubber Lubricant/Plasticizer FLUOROETCH Safety Solvent GOTTLIEB'S PELT DYE Leather Stain GOTTLIEB'S PERSION GLOSS Fur Gloss Cmpd. HGX HAND CREAM & CLEANER HGX MERCURY DECONTAMINANT KORODE KURE Battery Terminal Paste MFC LUBE Rubber Slab Dip PEP Grinding Compounds REVIVE Specialty Cleaner SODIUM/NAPHTHALENE DISPERSION TINTOLENE Fur Tinting Liquid VICTORITE Belt Treatment image: ------- REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Adrian Joyce Works 3901 Hawkins Point Road Baltimore MD 21226 Sorel Slag Zopaque ADVANCED CHEMICALS, INC. 41 S. Union Ave. Lansdowne PA 19050 ADCHEM CAEP ADCHEM ROYAL KUT KOOL ADCHEM S-95 ADCHEM S-500 ADCHEM S-500 CH ADCHEM S-500 S ADCHEM SC-5 ADCHEM SS-500 ADCHEM STRIP GO 101 ADCHEM 0-20 & 0-2088 ADCHEM 99 DEGREASER ADCHEM 2001 ARP #200 ARP #2140 BACTERIACIDE X 1000 CARB BRITE 17 DO-419 (CHAIN LUBE) DO-4010 DRAW MASTER 88 DRAW MASTER 216 DRAW TUFF 401 DRAW TUFF 5000 DRAWTUFF 401 EMULSION CLEANER 108 FLOOR CLEANER 13 KOOL GRIND RG LUBRA KATE 40-12 MACHINE & SUMP CLEANER RANCID RID RUST AID 307 RUST REMOVER D SOLUBLE TAP TUFF #2 SPRAY KOOL A SPRAY KOOL B SS203 SS 950 SUPER KLEAN 66 SUPER KOOL KUT 450 SUPER WET 4000 TCK #1 TCK #3 Agfa-Gevaert, INC. 275 North Street Teterboro NJ 07608 AC-60 AC-101 AC-249 AC-452 AGFACOLOR Chemistries CA-4451 COPEX Chemistries COPYLINE Chemistries COPYPROOF Chemistries COPYRAPID Chemistries DUPLONOL GEVADEL GEVALINE Chemistry GEVALITH Chemistries GEVAMATIC Chemistries GEVATONE Chemistry RAPIDOPRINT Chemistries STRUCTURIX Topmat Special Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Route 222 Trexlertown PA 18087 AIRFLEX Emulsions (all products) ALCLEAN AMMO-NITE ANCOR Corrosion Inhibitor (all products) AP #21 AP TWIN APACHI Catalyst APACHI Fuel Gas APROL (all products) ARCAIR Electrodes BAY-SOL CARBON FREE HOT TOP (all products) CATADIENE Catalyst CCA Catalyst COPPERCLAD Electrodes CORMOLCOTE DABCO Catalyst DABCO DC-1 Catalyst DABCO DC-2 Catalyst DABCO DF Catalyst DABCO HR-905 Catalyst DABCO M Catalyst DABCO R-595 Catalyst DABCO R-8020 Catalyst DABCO T Catalyst DABCO TMR Catalyst DABCO TMR-2 Catalyst DABCO WT Catalyst DABCO XDM Catalyst DABCO 33-LV Catalyst DETOL Catalyst DISPOS-A-GAS EXO-ANNEAL EXO-PREHEAT EXO-SULF EXOGARD EXOLITE EXOMOLD EXOWELD FAHROGARD FLEX-ANNEAL FLEX-PREHEAT FLEXAC Emulsion (all products) FLEXBOND Emulsion (all products) FLO-WEL Resin (all products) FLUXCOWELD FORE-SORB HA Catalyst (all products) HEZ-55 Catalyst HFZ Catalyst (all products) HM-170-171 Catalyst HMZ-4 Catalyst HOUDRALITE Catalyst HOUNDRY CATALYST(all products) HPG Catalyst HR Catalyst (all products) HSA Catalyst (all products) HSC Catalyst (all products) HZ-1,2 Catalyst INGOTHERM ISOGARD JET RODS KWH Catalyst (all products) LADLETHERM LITOL Catalyst LK-221, 332, 443 Surfactant M-7120 Compound NIXOX Catalyst OW-1 PENTALIDE PEP-100, 176, 183S Promoter PRE-PAK image: ------- Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.ócont'd PROTECT-OR PROTEX (all products) PVC PEARLS PYROTOL Catalyst RISOTHERM SAF-SORB SEA-CUT SEA-WELD SUPERGARD SURFYNOL (all products) TACKIFIED VINOL (all products) TEMPGARD THERMOGARD (all products) THERMOLITE THERMOSPAN TON-CARD TS-1000 Compound TUFF-COTE Electrodes TYPE 3 Catalyst UNISIZE (all products) VACUTHERM VANISH TOP VINAC Emulsion (all products) VINAR Emulsion (all products) VINOL (all products) VS-103, 135 Foam Stabilizer Airwick Industries, Inc. Ill Commerce Road Carlstadt NJ 07072 AIRFRESH CONC CITRUS AIRFRESH CONC HOLLYBERRY AIRFRESH CONC NATURAL AIRKEM A-125 DRY AIRKEM A-125 LIQUID AIRKEM AQUATOC AIRKEM BRAWN LIM REMOVER AIRKEM BUFF BUDDY AIRKEM CBC AIRKEM CBC PLUS AIRKEM CBC REDI MIX AIRKEM DEOTERGE AIRKEM FOAM-TEX RUG SHAMPOO AIRKEM FRESH GUARD AIRKEM FRESH KARE AIRKEM GOLD LABEL LIQUID AIRKEM GOLD LABEL SOLIDAIRE AIRKEM GOLD MIST AEROSOL AIRKEM GREEN LABEL LIQUID AIRKEM GREEN LABEL SOLIDAIRE AIRKEM KAGE KARE AIRKEM LIBERTY FLOOR STRIPPER AIRKEM MENTHOL MUSKETEER JR AIRKEM MENTHOL SOLIDAIRE AIRKEM MINUETEMAN SOLID AIRKEM MUSKETEER JR CITRUS AIRKEM MUSKETEER JR GOLD AIRKEM MUSKETEER JR SPEARMINT AIRKEM NEUTROS 100 AIRKEM NEUTROS 103 AIRKEM NEUTROS 105 AIRKEM NEUTROS 122 AIRKEM NEUTROS 140 AIRKEM NEUTROS 149 AIRKEM NEUTROS 188 AIRKEM NEUTROS 191 AIRKEM NEUTROS 198 AIRKEM NEUTROS 470 AIRKEM NEUTROS 615 AIRKEM NEUTROS 626 AIRKEM NEUTROS 636 AIRKEM NEUTROS 675 AIRKEM NEUTROS 685 AIRKEM PRO-TEX RUG SHAMPOO AIRKEM RED LABEL LIQUID AIRKEM RED SOLIDAIRE AIRKEM SENTRY LIQUID AIRKEM SENTRY SOLID AIRKEM SILVER LABEL SOLIDAIRE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE BLUE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE CITRUS AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE PLUS COPPER AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE PLUS ORANGE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE PLUS PURPLE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE SPEARMINT AIRKEM SPEC 6061 AIRKEM SPEC 6521 AIRKEM SPICE WICK AIRKEM SPRITZ AIRKEM TIME-AIRE ORIENTAL AIRKEM TIME-AIRE SPICE AIRKEM TIME-AIRE WILD BLOSSOM AIRKEM VITA FLOOR ARREST AIRKEM VITA FLOOR CLINCH AIRKEM VITA FLOOR DEFIANCE AIRKEM VITA FLOOR DEFIANCE W AIRKEM VITA FLOOR ESCAPE AIRKEM VITA FLOOR PADLOCK AIRKEM VIVID GLASS CLEANER AIRWICK CARPET FRESH AIRWICK LIQUID APRIL FRESH AIRWICK LIQUID LEMON AIRWICK LIQUID NATURAL AIRWICK LIQUID ROSE AIRWICK SOLID HONEYSUCKLE AIRWICK SOLID LEMON AIRWICK SOLID NATURAL AIRWICK SOLID ROSE AIRWICK SOLID SPEARMINT AIRWICK SOLID SPRING MEADOW AIRWICK STICK-UPS EVERGREEN AIRWICK STICK-UPS FRESH LEMON AIRWICK STICK-UPS POWDER PUFF AIRWICK STICK-UPS SUMMERGARDEN AIRWICK STICKUPS SPRING FOREST AIRWICK TWINS HERBAL BOUQUET AIRWICK TWINS SEA PINE AIRWICK TWINS SUNNY CITRUS AQUASCAN ANALYZER CLOR SHIELD CYA TEST KIT DRAIN POWER DURA SANI EZ CLOR ALKALINITY UP EZ CLOR CALCIUM ELEVATOR EZ CLOR CLOR SAVE EZ CLOR METAL MAGNET EZ CLOR PH DOWN EZ CLOR PH UP EZ CLOR TESTRIPS EZ CLOR WASH N WIPE GLAMORENE DRY RUG CLEANER GLAMORENE LIQUID RUG CLEANER GLAMORENE SPRAY'N VAC GLAMORENE UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOO ON GUARD CHEMTECH OSMIX EOF (24) OSMIX 21 OSMIX 22 OSMIX 23 OSMIX 25 OSMIX 27 TOILEASE WHALE CONDITIONER image: ------- REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Alcolac Inc. Ajay Chemicals, Inc. 1400 Industry Rd., P.O. Box 127 Powder Springs GA 30073 IODOX (Potassium lodate) Ajinomoto USA Inc 9 West 57 Street New York NY 10019 Acyclglutamate (all products) Ajicoat A-200 Ajicure (all products) Ajidew N-50, A-100, T-50 Akron Chemical Company 255 Fountain Street Akron OH 44304 AKRO-GEL AKRO-MAG AKROCHEM AKROFLOCK AKROFORM AKROLEASE AKROSPERSE RETROCURE Alco Chemical Corporation Trenton Ave. & William St Philadelphia PA 19134 Alcogum AN Series Alcogum L-Series Alcogum 5000 to 9999 Series Alcosperse 100 Series Alcosperse 200 to 600 Series Aquamet E Aquamet M Aquatreat AR-4 Aquatreat AR-231 Aquatreat AR-300 Series Aquatreat AR-700 Series Aquatreat AR-800 Series Aquatreat AR-900 Series Aquatreat AR0230 Aquatreat MT-UO Aquatreat NaMBT Aquatreat SC-1 Foamblak Series Soil Card Trenamine Trenisol Vulcacure NS Vulcacure ZB Vulcacure ZE Vulcacure ZM Vulcacure ZT Vulcanol Vulcarites Vulcatints Vulnopol DN Vulnopol KM Vulnopol NE Vulnopol NM Zimbat Alcolac Inc. 3440 Fail-field Road Baltimore MD 21226 Abex 18s, 22s, 26s, va-40, va-50 Alacsan 7LUF, QNA, QCL Sipex EST-30, EST-75, 206C-SP, 7WC Sipex OS, IDS, JKB, SD, OK Sipex SB, UB, EC-111, BOS OLS Sipomer AGE, AM, HEM-HP, Q5 Sipomer Q5-80, Q6, Q7, 2M1M Sipon EA, ES, ES-2, ESY, WD Sipon L-22, LS, LSB, LM, LT6 Siponate DS-4, DS-10, 330 Siponic E Series, L Series, Y Series Siponic 260, SK, 218, F-300, F-400 image: ------- Alken-Murray Corporation 10 Alken-Murray Corporation 111 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10003 Alken A-Trol Alken Acid Inhibitor, All Formulas Alken ACK Alken Activator Alken AFZ Alken Anti-Foam, All Formulas Alken Aquakleen NC Alken Aquakleen SW Alken Aquakleen W Alken Al-Wet Alken Brine Treatment, All Formulas Alken Catalyzer Alken Chilled Water Treatment, All Formulas Alken Condenser Treatment, All Formulas Alken CPN Alken CW 21-N Alken CW-8N Alken CW-10 Alken D-K Alken Disperse-6 Alken Disperse-8 Alken Disperse-9 Alken Duall Alken Duall NC Alken Even-Flo - All Formulas Alken Even-Flo AD Alken Even-Flo AOC Alken Even-Flo CCI Alken Even-Flo CTE Alken Even-Flo CTN Alken Even-Flo HFS Alken Even-Flo K Alken Even-Flo PDE ē Alken Even-Flo Q Alken Even-Flo 510 Alken Even-Flo 910 Alken Even-Flo 910-E Alken Fireside Treatments, All Formulas Alken Flocgel Alken Flocgel A Alken Flocgel SN Alken Fungus Treatment, All Formulas Alken Hot Water Heating System Treatments, All Formulas Alken HSN Alken Jel Alken K-F Alken K-P Alken LRSD Alken NPC Alken NPC-1 Alken RSD-M Alken RSD-0 Alken Scaloff AF Alken Soot-Off, All Formulas Alken Special Boil-Out, All Formulas Alken Special Condenser Treatment Alken Special V-4 Alken Total Alken Total A Alken Treatment "A", All Formulas Alken Treatment "B" (Dry Powder), All For- mulas Alken Treatment "B" (Liquid), All Formulas Alken Treatment "C" (Dry Powder), All For- mulas Alken Treatment "C" (Liquid) Alken Treatment AC Alken Treatment CAF Alken Treatment F, All Formulas Alken Treatment J, All Formulas Alken 17-RD Alken 920-D Alken 930-M - All Formulas Alken 940-M - All Formulas lonac Softener Resins - All Formulas Alladdin Laboratories, Inc. 510 Superior Street Carnegie PA 15106 ALLADDIN FIRESIDE TREATMENTS ALLADDIN FUEL OIL TREATMENTS ALLADDIN WATER TREATMENTS Allied Chemical Corporation P. O. Box 1057R Morristown NJ 07960 (a) #30R Oil (b) #50R Oil (c) Heavy Oil #735 (d) H.B. Oil #739 "BRC" 20 - BRC Hydrocarbon "BRC" 30 - BRC Hydrocarbon A.C.E. (Yarn) A-C Polyethylene (all products) A-20 Stripping Solution A-30 Stripping Solution A-40 Stripping Solution ACCUSPIN (all products) ACLAR (Sheet and Film) ACLON (all products) ACTOL ALLYN-707 ANSO ANSO-X AOB ADD Bardol BODYFREE (Yarn) BOB (all products) CAPRAN (Sheet and Film) CAPROLAN (Yarn) CAPROLAST (Yarn) CAPRON (Nylon Resins, Copolymers and Compounds) CAPTIVA (Yarn) CB-XNT Stripping Solution CB-1 Stripping Solution CO-MER 7 (Nyon Copolymer) COMPEN CP 24 - 24 CB Creosote Oil CP 24A - 24 CA Creosote Oil CP 250 - Coal Tar Pitch CP 272 - CZOO Pitch Base CP 413 - Fish Net Tar CP 425 - (Light Carbolic Oil Residue) Misc. Distillate Oils LCOR CP 427 - Flotation Oil CP 439 - C.T. Oil CP 444 - Thinner for Fish Net Tar CP 509 - Coal Tar Saturant CP 519 - Pipe Dip Tars CP 524 - Refined Coal Tar CP-MG35 - "E" Oil Creosote Coal Tar Solution Grade A 80/20 Creosote Coal Tar Solution Grade B 70/30 Creosote Coal Tar Solution Grade C 60/40 Creosote Coal Tar Solution Grade D 50/50 Creosote Oil *1 Distillate ECOSTRIP Stripping Solution FASHIONNATION FERAN FOLIAN GENESOLV (all products) GENETRON (all products) GOLDEN CAPROLAN (Yarn) GUARANTEETH (Nylon Yarn) GUARDEX (Film) HALAR (all products) HALAR (Sheet and Film) HALON (all products) HUF KOREON Chrome Tanning Compounds KRYSTALTITE (Film) MESA (all products) MUTUAL line of Chromium Chemicals N-DURE NACCONATE (all products) NADONE NATURALUSTER NAXOL NMG No. 3 Stripping Solution No. 5 Stripping Solution NYBRAD MONOFILAMENT image: ------- 11 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Alox Corporation Allied Chemical Corporationócont'd NYGLATHAN (Polyurethane) NYPEL (Nylon Molding Compounds and Monofilament) NYREG (Nylon) NZN FAXON (all products) PETRA (Sheet, Film & Resin) PLASKON (all products) POLY-N POLYMIST (all products) POMALUS PRINTESS (Nylon) RT-1A Stripping Solution RT-1 Stripping Solution SILKOTE (Nylon Bag Liners) SNOWFINE Sodium Sesquicarbonate SNOWFLAKE Sodium Sesquicarbonate SOFT-HAND SR-2 Resist Stripper Rinse STX (Nylon Sheet) SULF-N SULFAN Stabilized Sulfur Trioxide SUPERFLAKE Calcium Chloride SUPERSHEEN Cleaning Compound TAIC TARVIA Paving Materials THEIC TOUCH (Fiber and Yarn) URAN Allied Mineral Products Inc. 2626 Fisher Road Columbus OH 43204 Dri-Vibe (All Products) Ladle-Vibe (All Products) Minro-Al (All Products) Minro-Fire (All Products) Minro-Mag (All Products) Minro-Mul (All Products) Minro-S (All Products) Minro-Sil (All Products) Minro-Z (All Products) Slagtrol (All Products) Alox Corporation 3943 Buffalo Avenue 3943 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls NY 14303 ALOX Olicat C ALOX Olicat P ALOX SODIUM SULFPHONATE 450 ALOX 226 ALOX 375 ALOX 375X ALOX 606 ALOX 606-46T ALOX 607 ALOX 718 ALOX 719 ALOX 800 ALOX 800A ALOX 853 ALOX 853A ALOX 900 ALOX 901 ALOX 904 ALOX 940 ALOX 1509H ALOX 1509J ALOX 1516B ALOX 1643 ALOX 1657 ALOX 1657-50 ALOX 1669 ALOX 1680 ALOX 1689 ALOX 1718 ALOX 1727 ALOX 1800X ALOX 1805 ALOX 1829 ALOX 1832 ALOX 1843 ALOX 1843B ALOX 1843K ALOX 1846 ALOX 1859 ALOX 1860 ALOX 1867 ALOX 1869 ALOX 1881 ALOX 1882 ALOX 1892 ALOX 1892A ALOX 1899 ALOX 1932A ALOX 1937 ALOX 1952 ALOX 1963 ALOX 1984 ALOX 2000 ALOX 2019A ALOX 2028 ALOX 2028A ALOX 2028C ALOX 2028CM ALOX 2028D ALOX 2028DM ALOX 2028M ALOX 2028T ALOX 2041 ALOX 2047 ALOX 2063 ALOX 2071 ALOX 2072A ALOX 2082 ALOX 2086 ALOX 2095 ALOX 2106 ALOX 2116 ALOX 2116A ALOX 2116B ALOX 2138F ALOX 2140 ALOX 2140-50 ALOX 2140-50WD ALOX 2140-53 ALOX 2140-53K ALOX 2140-70 ALOX 2140S ALOX 2140S-50 ALOX 2140S-55 ALOX 2140S-70 ALOX 2140ST-42 ALOX 2148 ALOX 2162 ALOX 2162D ALOX 2162K ALOX 2177 ALOX 2177A ALOX 2187 ALOX 2198 ALOX 2200 ALOX 2201 ALOX 2201B ALOX 2206A ALOX 2211K ALOX 2211Y ALOX 2211Y-30 ALOX 2211Y-30C ALOX 2212 ALOX 2213 ALOX 2225 ALOX 2225A ALOX 2230 ALOX 2230F ALOX 2230FM ALOX 2232 ALOX 2243 ALOX 2249A ALOX 2254 ALOX 2258 ALOX 2261 ALOX 2262 ALOX 2263 ALOX 2263A ALOX 2264 ALOX 2264C ALOX 2264F ALOX 2264FC ALOX 2265 ALOX 2266 SULFON - ALOX 451 image: ------- Amatron Div. of Parts Master Inc. 12 Amatron Div. of Parts Master Inc. 1620 E. Northgate Dr. Irving TX 75062 ACTI-FAST Ari-Slick Aerosol Belt-Buddy Aerosol Cell-Mate Aerosol Dis-Place Aerosol EMC-100 Aerosol Grime-Away Aerosol HAND GRITAID Hand-Plus Incrediblend Aerosol Perma-Gear Aerosol Porta-Cool Aerosol Quik-Relief Aerosol Sil-Lube Aerosol Spray-Loose Aerosol Sta-Brite Aerosol Sta-Brite Bulk Stat-Away Aerosol Sting Guard Aerosol Tac-Guard Aerosol Trust-X Liquid Draynamite Amerace Corporation 555 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10017 Ace-Sil - Battery Separators Amer-Sil - Battery Separators MPS - Filter Media American Can Company American Lane Greenwich CT 06830 Additive (All Letters) Ameribond (All Products) Americo (All Products) Glutrin Goulac Kelig (All Products) Marabond (All Products) Maracarb (All Products) Maracell (All Products) Maracon (All Products) Marasperse (All Products) Maratan (All Products) Norlass Norlig (All Products) American Chemet Corporation - MT P 0 Drawer D East Helena MT 59635 CHEMET BIG SKY ANTIMONY OXIDE CHEMET BIG SKY SODIUM ANTIMONATE CHEMET BROWN COPP - 86 CHEMET CALCINED ZINC DROSS CHEMET CATALYST COPP - 83C CHEMET CHEM COPP - COPPER GRAN- ULES CHEMET CHEM COPP- HP CHEMET CHEM COPP - 50% WETTABLE POWDER CHEMET CHEM COPP - 66B CHEMET CHEM FEED COPP - ALL GRADES CHEMET CHEM FERTILIZER COPP - ALL GRADES CHEMET COPP SULFATE CHEMET COPPER-ZINC MIX CHEMET PURPLE COPP - ALL GRADES CHEMET RED COPP - ALL GRADES CHEMET ZINC FUME - ALL GRADES CHEMET ZINC SULFATE CHEMET 98 ZINC DUST CHEMET 13600 CUPRIC OXIDE CHEMSPERSE 102 RZ image: ------- 13 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION American Color & Chem. Corp. American Chemical & Refining 36 Sheffield Street Waterbury CT 06704 ACR Acid & Neutral Decorative Au 600-675 ACR Acid Alloy Au 200 - 299 ACR Activators 2000 - 2099 ACR Ag Anodes 1700 - 1749 ACR Ag Compounds 1600 - 1649 ACR Ag Process 1000 - 1099 ACR Ag Strike 1200 - 1249 ACR Alkaline Au 500 - 599 ACR Alkaline Decorative Au 676 - 699 ACR Anti Tarnish Compounds 1500 - 1599 ACR Aquarius ACR Au Compounds 800 - 849 ACR Au Strike 0 - 99 ACR Cu Proprietaries 3100 - 3199 ACR Electroless Au 750 - 799 ACR Immersion Au 700 - 749 ACR Neutral Alloy Au 450 - 499 ACR Neutral 24K Au 400 - 449 ACR Ni Proprietaries 3000 - 3099 ACR Rainbow Golds ACR Reflection ACR Resins 5000 - 5299 ACR Rhodohr ACR Silver Streak ACR Silvergloss ACR Silverguard ACR Strippers & Precipitates 9000 - 9099 ACR White Metal Products 8000 - 8999 ACR 24K Au 100 - 199 American Color & Chem. Corp. 6525 Morrison Boulevard Charlotte NC 28211 Aerolite Blue MG Amacel Aerolite Blue 2RB Amacel Aerolite Blue 2RB Liquid Amacel Aerolite Pigment Blue AP Paste Amacel Aerolite Pigment Blue BWD New Amacel Aerolite Prussian Blue BP Amacel Aerolite Red G Liquid Amacel Aerolite Violet 4R Amacel Aerolite Yellow DA Paste Amacel Albright Auramine O Amacel Albright Auramine P Amacel Albright Bismark Brown 2RP Amacel Albright Black 2R Amacel Albright Chrysoidine GP Amacel Albright Chrysoidine GP Liquid Amacel Albright Chrysoidine RP Amacel Albright Green Crystals Amacel Albright Green Liquid Amacel Albright Methyl Violet BP Amacel Albright Methyl Violet BP Liquid Amacel Albright Red DPS Liquid Amacel Albright Rhodamme 4BP Cone. Amacel Albright Victoria Pure Blue BOP Amacel Albright Victoria Pure Blue BOP Liquid Amacel Amabuffer BHC Amacel Amacarrier CE Amacel Amacarrier HB Amacel Amacarrier L Amacel Amacarrier LBP Amacel Amacarrier LBP-B Amacel Amacarrier MN-J Amacel Amacarrier MTB Amacel Amacarrier PC Amacel Amacarrier 2 Amacel Amacarrier 82 Amacel Amacel Black AT Paste Amacel Amacel Black A1B Paste Amacel Amacel Black BN Amacel Amacel Black BRW Amacel Amacel Black JRW Amacel Amacel Black JRW Paste Amacel Amacel Blue B-GLF Amacel Amacel Blue BNG Amacel Amacel Blue BNN Amacel Amacel Blue BNN Paste 33% Amacel Amacel Blue BSH Amacel Amacel Blue GFD Amacel Amacel Blue GFD 150% Amacel Amacel Blue Green B Extra Amacel Amacel Blue Green GSA Amacel Amacel Blue Green GSA Paste Amacel Blue Green PCG Blue Green PCS Blue 2BR Brilliant Blue B Extra Brown RN Brown RNX Cerise B Extra Cerise B Paste Cerise B 50% Fast Red NGLF Heliotrope R Heliotrope R 80% Navy RO Nylon Black LD Orange GR Orange 2R Orange 2RA Orange 3R-GLF Orange 3R-GLF Paste Orange 4R Orange 4R Paste Orange 5R Pink B Cone. Pink B 50% Printing Black MPB Printing Black MPB Paste Printing Black RP Extra Printing Black 2BN Printing Brown AP Printing Brown GFW Printing Brown 2R-GLF Paste Printing Brown 2RS Printing Grey AD Paste Printing Grey GFW Pure Blue B Extra Pure Blue B Paste Red AB Red B Red BC Red GG Red GG Paste 33% Rubine B Rubine CE Rubine 3B Rubine 3B 50% Scarlet GB Scarlet R-GLF Scarlet R-GLF 150% Scarlet 3G Speck Black E Turquoise 4G Amacel Violet 6B Amacel Yellow G Amacel Yellow G Paste Amacel Yellow GH Amacel Yellow GLF Amacel Yellow GLF Paste Amacel Yellow GW Amacel Yellow MG Amacel Yellow 2R-GLF Amacel Yellow 2R-GLF Paste Amacel Yellow 4RLF Amacel Yellow 4RLF Paste Amacel Yellow 5G Amacid Azo Yellow G Extra Amacid Black BRG Amacid Black J Amacid Black JS Amacid Black NCB Amacid Black PC Amacid Black RRN Amacid Black RRNG Amacid Black 10BR Cone. Amacid Black 10BRP Cone. Amacid Blue A 150% Amacid Blue FG Cone. Amacid Blue FGP Amacid Blue SWB Amacid Blue SWBF Amacid Brilliant Blue RA Amacid Brilliant Cyanine G Amacid Brilliant Cyanine 6B Amacid Brilliant Red 5B Cone. Amacid Brown 2R Amacid Brown 2RL Amacid Calendar Black CC Amacid Cyanine Green CG Amacid Cyanine Green GHN Cone. Amacid Eosine G Amacid Fast Black JLD Amacid Fast Black JLP Amacid Fast Black KPD Liquid Amacid Fast Black NS Amacid Fast Black NSA Amacid Fast Brown BR Amacid Fast Navy GA Amacid Fast Navy GLFW Amacid Fast Navy GRA Amacid Fast Navy LFW Amacid Fast Navy 2RD Amacid Fast Navy 5R Amacid Fast Navy 5R 125% image: ------- American Color & Chem. Corp. 14 American Color & Chem. Corp.ócont'd Amacron Amacid Fast Navy 5R 143% Amacron Amacid Fast Navy 5RP 125% Amacron Amacid Fast Yellow RS Extra Amacron Amacid Fuchsine 6B Cone. Amacron Amacid Light Orange G Amacron Amacid Light Yellow 2G Cone. Amacron Amacid Light Yellow 2GP Amacron Amacid Metanil Yellow Amacron Amacid Metanil Yellow Liquid Amacron Amacid Milling Black B Amacron Amacid Milling Blue BA Cone. Amacron Amacid Milling Blue FFR Amacron Amacid Milling Red PRS Amacron Amacid Milling Red PRS 125% Amacron Amacid Milling Red RL Amacron Amacid Milling Red RST Amacron Amacid Milling Scarlet 3R Cone. Amacron Amacid Milling Violet FBL Amacron Amacid Milling Yellow GOO Amacron Amacid Milling Yellow 0 Cone. Amacron Amacid Navy BR Amacron Amacid Orange RO Amacron Amacid Orange RP Extra Amacron Amacid Orange Y Cone. Amacron Amacid Orange YP Cone. Amacron Amacid Phloxine G Cone. Amacron Amacid Phloxine G Extra Cone. Amacron Amacid Printing Yellow 5G Amacron Amacid Red BL Amacron Amacid Red BLL Amacron Amacid Red 3B Cone. Amacron Amacid Red 4RL Amacron Amacid Resorcine Brown G Cone. Amacron Amacid Resorcine Brown 2R Cone. Amacron Amacid Resorcine Brown 2RP Cone. Amacron Amacid Royal Blue B Amacron Amacid Rubine RP Amacron Amacid Scarlet MOO Amacron Amacid Scarlet P Amacron Amacid Yellow T Extra Amacron Amacid Yellow T 115% Amacron Amacid Yellow TP 115% Amacron Amacid Yellow 3GLA Amacron Amacron Black ABL Amacron Amacron Black GHB Amacron Amacron Black JH Paste Amacron Amacron Black KM Paste Amacron Amacron Black KNS Paste Amacron Amaeron Black KS Amacron Amacron Black KS Paste Amacryl Amacron Black TG Paste Amacryl Amacron Black TM Paste Amacryl Amacron Black TS Paste Amacryl Amacron Blue BGL Amacryl Amacron Blue BGL Paste Amacryl Amacron Blue BL Amacryl Amacron Blue Black AM Amacryl Amacron Blue Black AM Paste Amacryl Amacron Blue BLS Amacryl Amacron Blue BLS Paste Amacryl Amacron Blue BRL Amacryl Amacron Blue DB Amadant Amacron Blue RCL Paste Amadant Amacron Blue SW Amadant Amacron Blue 2RH Amadant Amacron Blue 3RLS Amadant Amacron BJue 3RLS Paste Amadant Amacron Brilliant Blue G Amadant Amacron Brilliant Red 4GF Amadant Amacron Brilliant Scarlet PD Amadant Amacron Brown K Paste Amadant Amacron Brown KWKN Paste Amadant Amacron Brown LS Amadant Brown LS Paste Brown LS-FGB Presscake Brown NDC Cerise YRF Dark Blue RT Developed Black JB Paste Navy GKM Paste Navy RA Navy RA 50% Paste Navy REC Navy REC 50% Paste Navy RKN Navy RKN Paste Navy WPC Paste New Navy 2RLS Orange BGN Orange EC Orange EC Paste Orange FM Orange KLW Orange KLW Paste Orange RCT Paste Orange SF Orange SF Paste Orange 1403 Red BM Red BMA Red BRK Paste Red FB Red FB Paste Red PGA Red YFG Paste Red YR Paste Rubine BSF Paste Rubine EEC Rubine SLK Scarlet SLK Paste Violet B Violet 4RS Paste 100% Yellow CW Yellow CW Paste Yellow LCW Yellow L3G Yellow L3G Paste Yellow MLP New Yellow RPM Yellow 4RL Yellow 5RS Yellow 6GSP Yellow 6GSP Paste Blue AB Blue GLC Blue HL Blue MB Blue NF Blue 3G Brown YL Orange L Red GLB Yellow 3RLS Yellow 8GM Yellow 8GM 200% Black PV Black T 160% Brown BT Brown KE Flavine RA 150% Orange G Orange ML Orange 3RL Pink 2B Red BA Red EEC Yellow 2G Amafast Black CJL Amafast Black LF Amafast Black N Cone. Amafast Blue ARF Amafast Blue CG Amafast Blue GA Amafast Blue LBLL Amafast Blue LLG Amafast Blue 3GAV Cone. Amafast Blue 3RLP Amafast Blue 3RLP Liquid Amafast Blue 4GL Amafast Blue 4GL 150% Amafast Blue 7RLL Amafast Blue 7RLL 115% Amafast Blue 7RLL 125% Amafast Blue 7RLL 135% Amafast Blue 7RLL 225% Amafast Blue 8GLN Amafast Blue 16BLL Amafast Bond Blue 10GLP Cone. Amafast Bond Blue 10GLP Liquid Amafast Bond Orange HP Amafast Bond Orange HP Cone. Amafast Brilliant Orange OP Amafast Brown BBFP Cone. Amafast Brown LRLN Amafast Brown RL Amafast Brown 3RLL Amafast Brown 3RLP Amafast Brown 8RL Amafast Golden Yellow RP Amafast Golden Yellow RP 150% Amafast Golden Yellow YP Amafast Green 2GS Amafast Grey LVC Amafast Grey LVCN Amafast Grey RLN 200% Amafast Grey RLP Amafast Navy BLCM New Amafast Navy Blue RL 200% Amafast Navy Blue WF Amafast Orange GLFC Amafast Orange GRWF Amafast Orange S4GN Amafast Orange 3RLN Amafast Orange 4GLL Amafast Orange 4GS Amafast Red 3BLP Amafast Red 6BLL Amafast Red 6BLP Amafast Red 8BL Amafast Red 8BLN Amafast Red 8BLP Cone. Amafast Red 8BLS Amafast Red 8BLT Amafast Rubine BLN Amafast Rubine BLR Amafast Rubine 3BLL Amafast Scarlet BHF Amafast Scarlet TLF Amafast Turquoise 8GLL Amafast Turquoise 8GLP Cone. Amafast Turquoise 8GLP Liquid Amafast Violet BL Amafast Yellow HD Liquid Amafast Yellow MDF Amafast Yellow NET Amafast Yellow RLD Amafast Yellow RLD 125% Amafast Yellow RLFC Amafast Yellow RLFC 125% Amafast Yellow RLFP Amafast Yellow RLSP image: ------- 15 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION American Color & Chem. Corp. American Color & Chem. Corp.ócont'd Amafast Yellow RLSW Amafast Yellow 3GL 145% Amafast Yellow 4GL Amafast Yellow 4GLP Amafast Yellow 4GLP 185% Amafast Yellow 4RD Amafix MA Amafix NYL Liquid Amafix PAM Liquid Amafix 810-S Amagene Black OB Amagene Black OB 110% Amagene Black OB 150% Amagene Black OB 200% Amagene Black RBF Amagene Black VJ 150% Amagene Blue BRB 125% Amagene Blue BRN 125% Amagene Bordeaux 7B 333% Amagene Red 7BL Amagene Scarlet RFC 200% Amaglide BDA Amaglide M Amaglide 26 Amaglide 53 Amalan Black GBL Amalan Blue GL Amalan Grey BRL Amalan Orange RL Amalan Orange RL 200% Amalan Orange RLN Amalan Red B Amalan Red B 200% Amalan Yellow NLWS Supra Amalan Yellow 2GL Extra Amalene Blue 1055 Paste Amalene Brown 1253 Paste Amalene Golden Yellow 1187 Paste Amalene Lemon Yellow 1186 Paste Amalene Orange 1063 Paste Amalene Orange 1447 Paste Amalene Red 1425 Amalene Yellow 1543 Paste Amalon Fast Rubine 5BL Amalon Hunter Green G Amalon Light Yellow R Amalon Light Yellow RW Amalon Orange LSF Amalon Orange LSFS Amalon Orange NR Amalon Orange NR 200% Amalon Orange RGS Amalon Red BY Amalon Red HDW Amalon Red 2G Amalon Red 3B Amalon Yellow C3G Amalon Yellow 4GP Amalon Yellow 10GB Amamigrant AM Amamigrant PA Amanil Black GBFN Amanil Black P Amanil Blue RUL Amanil Blue 3B Amanil Blue 3B Cone. Amanil Blue 5B Cone. Amanil Bond EGA Extra Amanil Bond EGA Liquid Amanil Bond Yellow CG Amanil Bond Yellow CG Liquid Amanil Bond Yellow CGP Amanil Bond Yellow C3G Amanil Bond Yellow RGP Amanil Brilliant Blue BL Amanil Brilliant Bond Red BP Amanil Brilliant Bond Red BP Liquid Amanil Brilliant Bond Red BPNF Liquid Amanil Brilliant Paper Yellow 125% Amanil Brilliant Scarlet GP Amanil Brown NR 200% Amanil Brown NRP 200% Amanil Brown RW Amanil Brown 3NG Amanil Canary Yellow FCP Amanil Chinoline Yellow PE Amanil Chrysophenine G 300% Amanil Chrysophenine GP 300% Amanil Fast Blue FFB 150% Amanil Fast Yellow 6GP Amanil Green MB Amanil Green IB Amanil Kraft Brown YP New Amanil Navy RBF Amanil Orange EGLL Amanil Orange WRP Liquid Amanil Orange WS Amanil Orange WS 150% Amanil Orange WSP Amanil Orange XRP Extra Amanil Orange 6RP Amanil Purpurine 4B Amanil Purpurine 4B Cone. Amanil Red NAS Amanil Red NAS Liquid Amanil Red 5BF Liquid Amanil Red 12B 200% Amanil Scarlet JBM Amanil Scarlet LP Amanil Scarlet 4BA Amanil Scarlet 4BKA 125% Amanil Scarlet 4BKP Amanil Scarlet 4BS Amanil Scarlet 4BS Cone. Amanil Scarlet 4BS 150% Amanil Scarlet 4BSP Amanil Scarlet 8BA Amanil Scarlet 8BA Cone. Amanil Scarlet 8BP Cone. Amanil Sky Blue FF Amanil Sky Blue M Liquid Amanil Sky Blue 6B Special Amanil Sky Blue 6B 200% Amanil Sky Blue 6B 250% Amanil Sky Blue 6BP Cone. Amanil Sky Blue 6BP Extra Cone. Amanil Stilbene Yellow DP Amanil Stilbene Yellow GRP Amanil Stilbene Yellow 2XRP Amanil Tinting Blue RP Amanil Yellow REH Amanthrene Black HB-MF Paste Amanthrene Black JM Paste Amanthrene Brown BMM Paste Amanthrene Brown BR Paste Amanthrene Brown CMM Paste Amanthrene Brown R Double Paste Amanthrene Brown RM Double Paste Amanthrene Dark Brown BW Double Paste Amanthrene Flavone GC 3X Powder Amanthrene Flavone GCN Paste Amanthrene Flavone GCS Paste Amanthrene Golden Orange 2BG Double Paste Amanthrene Navy Blue BN-MF Paste Amanthrene Olive Green B-MF Paste Amanthrene Olive S-MF Paste Amanthrene Olive T-MF Paste Amanthrene Orange GR Paste Amaplast Black M Amaplast Blue BGP Amaplast Blue GAP Amaplast Blue OR Amaplast Blue RFC Amaplast Blue RJK Amaplast Bordeaux BPS Amaplast Green OZ Amaplast Green SKP Amaplast Irisol OR Amaplast Orange AGP Amaplast Orange CR Amaplast Orange LFP Amaplast Red AAP Amaplast Red BRF Amaplast Red I Amaplast Red LB Amaplast Red NY Amaplast Red OBJ 20% Paste Amaplast Red Violet P2R Amaplast Red Violet P6B Amaplast Red 2BD Amaplast Red 2Y Amaplast Scarlet MM Amaplast Violet PT Amaplast Yellow AGB Amaplast Yellow AGB Pure Amaplast Yellow DCC Amaplast Yellow GHS Amaplast Yellow GHS Pure Amaplast Yellow PC Amaplast Yellow PFC Amaplast Yellow PFC Pure Amaplast Yellow Y Amaplast Yellow 2GH Amaprint FA Amaquest BCE-100 Amaquest BCE-100 M Amaquest CB Amaquest PH Amaquest 80 Amaquest 120 Amascour C-40 Amascour DAL Amascour NC Amascour PT Amascour U-9 Amascour WWL Amascour ZC Amascour ZIP Amascour 205-J Amasoft AN Amasoft H Amasoft JM Amasoft 16-7 Amasol Black WA Amasol Black WAP Amasol Blue RLG Amasol Blue 2G 200% Amasol Blue 2RN Amasol Bordeaux R Amasol Claret RNT Amasol Orange GL Amasol Pink BNA 300% Amasol Red GRE Amasol Yellow N Extra Amasolve Blue FS Amasolve Blue RL Amasolve Cerise P Amasolve Fast Pink G Amasolve Orange EE Amasolve Orange 3R Amasolve Orange 4R image: ------- American Color & Chem. Corp. 16 American Color & Chem. Corp.ócont'd Amasolve Red EBP Amasolve Red GG Amasolve Red PGA Amasolve Scarlet MM Amasolve Scarlet 2B Amasolve Violet B Amasolve Violet R Amasolve Yellow BG Amasolve Yellow C Amasolve Yellow PF Amasolve Yellow 2P Amasolve Yellow 4R Amasperse KP Amasperse N Amatan Black BR Amatan Brilliant Blue B Amatan Brown 2R Cone. Amatan Orange G Amatan Orange R Amatan Yellow T Amaterg LD-22 Amaterg T Amawet AMR Amawet CM Amawet CWE Amawet DF Amawet FN Amawet KWF Amawet LF Amawet P Amawet SS Ameran Black RT Ameran Purple RT Ameran Yellow RT Aminogen AL-220 Aminogen CI Aminogen DG Liquid Aminogen EB Aminogen EEC Aminogen FM Aminogen GEC Aminogen GOA Aminogen JK Aminogen NCP Aminogen NH Aminogen R Aminogen Resist N Aminogen RL-2 Aminogen SC Special Aminogen SD-LF Aminogen X Antifoam SLS 30% Black MRS Depuma Depuma CO Depuma CO Special Depuma CT Depuma JS Depuma LAK Depuma LAQ Depuma MDJ Depuma OB Depuma V Formanil Black G 240% Formanil Black G 300% Formanil Black G 370% Formanil Black G 450% Levelene Spersal Stabilon Talc Mistron Vapor American Cyanamid Company Berdan Avenue Wayne NJ 07470 ACCELERATOR CATALYST ACCOBOND CELLULOSIC FILM RESINS ACCOBRITE SIZE ACCOSIZE SYNTHETIC SIZE ACCOSPERSE * PIGMENTS ACCOSTRENGTH RESIN ACCURAC RETENTION AIDS ACINTENE TERPENE PRODUCTS ACINTOL TALL OIL PRODUCTS ADAPHAX VULCANIZED VEGETABLE OIL AERO CYANIDE MINING REAGENT AERO DEPRESSANTS AERO DICYANDIAMIDE (CYANOGUANI- DINE) AERO HYDROCRACKING CATALYSTS AERO HYDROTREATING CATALYSTS AERO MELAMINE AERO PHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE CATA- LYSTS AERO PROMOTERS AERO SODIUM FERROCYANIDE AERO SULFURIC ACID CATALYSTS AERO TRILOBE CATALYSTS AERO XANTHATES AERO YELLOW PRUSSIATE OF SODA AERO-BAN CATALYSTS AEROBRITE ADDITION AGENT AEROCAT FLUID CRACKING CATALYSTS AERODRI DEWATERING AIDS AEROFLOAT PROMOTERS AEROFLOC FLOCCULATING AIDS AEROFORM REFORMING CATALYSTS AEROFROTH FROTHERS AERONOX ANTIOXIDANTS AEROSIZE SIZE AEROSOL SURFACTANTS AEROSPRAY BINDERS AEROTEX ACCELERATORS AEROTEX ANTISTATIC AGENT AEROTEX BUFFERS AEROTEX CREAMS AEROTEX REACTANTS AEROTEX RESINS AEROTEX SIZE AEROTEX SIZE PB AEROTEX SOFTENER AEROTEX SYRUPS AEROTEX THICKENERS AEROTEX WATER REPELLENTS AEROTRU RESIN ALPHASIZE SIZING EMULSION ALWAX SIZE AM-9 * CHEMICAL GROUT AM-9 PLUS * CHEMICAL GROUT AMBEREX VULCANIZED VEGETABLE OIL ANTIOXIDANT 425 ANTIOXIDANT ANTIOXIDANT 2246 ANTIOXIDANT AQUASOL SULFONATED OIL ARAMOL ' TANNING MATERIALS ARIZOLE PINE OIL PRODUCTS AZITE LIQUEFIER BD * ADHESIVE BEETLE MOLDING COMPOUNDS BEETLE RESINS BETASOL WETTING AGENT BP * ADHESIVE BR ADHESIVE CALCO * DYES CALCO * SPECIALTIES CALCOCHROME * MORDANT ACID DYE CALCOCID Ľ ACID DYE CALCOFAST ē ACID METALIZED DYE CALCOFLUOR BRIGHTENING AGENT CALCOGAS SOLVENT DYE CALCOGENE ' SULFUR DYE CALCOLOID * VAT DYE CALCOMINE * DIRECT DYE CALCOPHEN * OIL DYE CALCOPHYL ę VAT PIGMENT CALCOSET * DYE CALCOSPERSE Ľ DISPERSE DYE CALCOSYN * DISPERSE DYE CALCOTONE * WATER DISPERSED PIG- MENT CALCOZINE * BASIC DYE CALCOZINE * YELLOW 9G POWDER CARPO PHOSPHINE OXIDE CATANAC ANTISTATIC AGENT CEMAD FLUID LOSS ADDITIVE CONCENTROL ANTIFOAMERS CORFIL ę POTTING AND FAIRING COM- POUND CUPSAC ACCELERATOR CY-FLOC FLOCCULANTS CY-GUARD SCALE INHIBITOR CYAF ANTIFOULANTS CYAGARD FLAME RETARDANT CYAGARD RF 450 FLAME RETARDANT CYAGARD RF 473 FLAME RETARDANT CYAGARD RF783 FLAME RETARDANT CYALUME CHEMICAL LIGHT CYAN * PIGMENTS CYANA ē TEXTILE FINISHES CYANA GUARD ANTIBACTERIAL FINISH CYANA-PEL WATER REPELLENT WAX CYANABATT RESIN CYANABOND ADHESIVE CYANACRYL ACRYLIC ELASTOMER CYANADRI FILTERING AID CYANADUR PIGMENTS CYANAFLEX ANTIOXIDANT CYANALOC CHEMICAL GROUT CYANALUBE LUBRICANT CYANALUBE SOFTENERS CYANAMER ANTIPRECIPITANTS CYANAMER BENTONITE BENEFICIATOR CYANAMER CEMENT FLUID LOSS ADDI- TIVE CYANAMER POLYACRYLAMIDES CYANAPRENE THERMOPLASTIC RESIN CYANAPRENE URETHANE ELASTOMER CYANASET URETHANE CURATIVE CYANASIZE PROMOTER CYANASIZE SIZING EMULSION CYANASOL SURFACE ACTIVE AGENT CYANATEX ANTIFOAM CYANATEX DYEING ASSISTANT CYANATEX SOFTENERS image: ------- 17 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION American Cyanamid Company American Cyanamid Companyóconi'd CYANATEX SULFONATED TALLOW CYANATEX TEXTILE AGENTS CYANATEX WAX CYANATROL WR MOBILITY CONTROL POLYMERS CYANOX ANTIOXIDANT CYANOX S LIQUID ANTIOXIDANT CYANOX 1161 ANTIOXIDANT CYANOX 1633 ANTIOXIDANT CYANOX 1735 ANTIOXIDANT CYANOX 1785 ANTIOXIDANT CYASORB IR-99 INFRARED ABSORBER CYASORB IR-99 LIGHT ABSORBER CYASORB IR-117 INFRARED ABSORBER CYASORB IR-126 INFRARED ABSORBER CYASORB IR-133 INFRARED ABSORBER CYASORB IR-165 INFRARED ABSORBER CYASORB LIGHT STABILIZERS CYASORB UV-2323 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASORB UV-2812 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASORB UV-2818 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASORB UV-2887 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASORB UV-2918 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASORB UV-3072 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASORB UV-3150 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASORB UV-3156 LIGHT STABILIZER CYASTAB HEAT STABILIZERS CYASTAT ANTISTATIC AGENTS CYBOLT ANCHORAGE BOLT CYBOND ADHESIVES CYCAT * CATALYST CYCOM LAMINATING RESINS CYCOR CORROSION INHIBITOR CYDAC ACCELERATOR CYFLO SIZE CYFOR DRYLITE SIZE CYFOR FORTIFIED SIZE CYGLAS MOLDING COMPOUND CYMEL CROSS-LINKING AGENTS CYMEL HEXAMETHOXYMETHYLMELA- MINE CYMEL MOLDING COMPOUNDS CYMEL RESIN CYMEL RESINS CYNOL DEFOAMERS CYNOL REWETTERS CYNOL SOFTENERS CYPAN DRILLING MUD ADDITIVE CYPEL RESIN CYPLEX RESIN CYPRES SURFACE SIZE CYQUEST ANTIPRECIPITANTS CYREZ BUFFER CYREZ RESIN CYTAME FORMATION AID CYTOR THERMOPLASTIC URETHANE CYTOX INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOCIDE CYURAM ACCELERATOR CYZATE ACCELERATOR DECERESOL SURFACTANT DECERESOL WOODSCOURING AGENT DEMIX EMULSIFIERS DEPILIN DEHAIRING AGENT DIBS ACCELERATOR DURA-CORE HONEYCOMB CORE ERHA * TANNING MATERIALS ERHAVIT * TANNING MATERIALS ERHAZYN * TANNING MATERIALS EROPAL ę TANNING MATERIALS FACTICE VULCANIZED VEGETABLE OIL FEREON * TANNING MATERIALS FM ADHESIVE FORTEX EXTENDER GLASKYD MOLDING COMPOUND GLENAIRE * RESPIRATORS GLENDALE * OPTICAL MATERIAL GLENGARD ę HEAD PROTECTORS GLENGARD * PLASTIC WELDING FIL- TERS GLENROCK * OPTICAL MATERIAL GLENSITE * OPTICAL PRODUCTS GLENWELD WELDING FILTERS HARDENER CATALYST HELMERCO * PIGMENTS HEXAGRID * HONEYCOMB CORE HIGRID HONEYCOMB CORE HT ADHESIVE IREX CASTING MASTER MIX IREX INFRA-RED ABSORBING COM- POUNDS IREX INFRARED ABSORBING CASTING MASTER MIX IREX INFRARED ABSORBING WELDING MOLDING MASTER MIX IREX INFRARED ABSORBING WELDING PELLETS IREX WELDING MOLDING MASTER MIX IREX WELDING PELLETS JUVENON * SOIL RETARDENT KETAC RESIN LANAMIDE TEXTILE FINISH LANASET RESIN LASER-CARD ANTI-LASER SAFETY FILM LASER-GARD ANTI-LASER SAFETY GOG- GLES LASER-CARD ANTI-LASER SAFETY LENSES LASER-GARD ANTI-LASER SAFETY VI- SORS MAGNIFLOC FLOCCULANTS MELMAC COATING RESIN MELURAC RESIN MOLDING COMPOUND DC MOTS ACCELERATOR NEOPHAX FACTICE VULCANIZED VEGE- TABLE OIL NIBS RUBBER PROCESSING CHEMICALS NO-ODOROL SULFONATED OIL NOBS ACCELERATOR NORSOPOL SYNTHETIC RUBBER ELAS- TOMER NORSOREX SYNTHETIC RUBBER ELAS- TOMER PARAMEL RESINS PARAMUL REPELLENT PARAMUL WAX EMULSION PAREZ RESINS PELLVIT * TANNING MATERIALS PEPTON PLASTICIZER PERMEL PLUS RESIN PERMEL RESIN PLASTANOX ANTIOXIDANT PLASTANOX S LIQUID ANTIOXIDANT PLEXIMON * OIL ADDITIVE PLYGRID * HONEYCOMB CORE PYROSET FIRE RETARDANT PYROSET FLAME RETARDANT PKA PYROSET FLAME RETARDANT TKP QUIET-LINE * EAR PROTECTORS REFLECT-0-SEAL SEALANTS RETRO MELAMINE PYROPHOSPHATE ROC-LOC ANCHORAGE RESIN ROHAPON * TANNING MATERIALS SHAPEGRID HONEYCOMB CORE SPECTRA-SORB ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT AB- SORBER SPIRALGRID HONEYCOMB CORE STA-TUFF ROT PROOFING RESIN SUPERFLOC FLOCCULANTS SUPERFLOC 385 FLOCCULANT SUPERFLOC 386 FLOCCULANT SUPRAK ę SYNTHETIC TANNING AGENT SYNTANS * LEATHER TANNING AGENT TANAK SYNTHETIC TANNING AGENT TANAMER * LEATHER ADHESIVE TBBS * ACCELERATOR TEMA II MAR RESISTANT RESIN TRILOBE CATALYSTS TRUSSGRID HONEYCOMB CORE UNITANE TITANIUM DIOXIDE URAC RESIN VERIFILM ADHESIVE VISCOPLEX * OIL ADDITIVE WAXINE SIZE WD * ADHESIVE WE * ADHESIVE WE * CATALYST WE * LAMINATING RESINS XC RESINS ZONAREZ POLYTERPENE RESINS ZONATAC RESINS ZONESTER RESIN ESTERS image: ------- American Lignite Products Co. 18 American Lignite Products Co. P. 0. Box 1066 Coal Mine Road lone CA 95640 ALPCO Type 16 Wax ALPCO Type 20 Wax ALPCO Type 400 Wax ALPCO Type 1600 Wax ALPCO Type 1650 Wax American Maize Products Co. 113th St. & Indpls. Blvd. Hammond IN 46326 Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo 002 Starch 5 Starch 55 Starch 71 Starch 79 Starch 80 Starch 100-114 Starch 100 Starch 201D Starch 205-D Starch 208 Starch 213 Starch 222D Pwd. Starch 224-D Starch 310 Starch 317 Starch 340 Starch 364 Starch 395 Starch 398 BC Starch 401C Starch 401D Starch 401P Starch 401 Starch 402 Starch 403 Starch 408-D Starch 510 Starch 540 Starch 551-D Starch 570 Starch 709D Starch 735D Starch 742D Starch Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo Amaizo 743D Starch 745D Starch 747-D Starch 748D Starch 833 D Starch 835 Starch 838 Starch 839 Starch 843 Starch 850 Starch 1104 Dextrin 1106 Dextrin 1107 Dextrin 1108 Dextrin 1110 Dextrin 1116 Dextrin 1166 Dextrin 1174 Dextrin 1321 Starch 1401 Dextrin 1402 Dextrin 1407 Dextrin 1414 Dextrin 1415 Dextrin 1416D Dextrin 1421 Dextrin 1428 Dextrin 1601 Dextrin 1701 Dextrin 1706 Dextrin 1711 Dextrin 1717 Dextrin 1724 Dextrin 1737 Dextrin Amaizo 1740 Dextrin Amaizo 1752-S Dextrin Amaizo 1895 Dextrin Amaizo 2000 Dextrin Amaizo 2187 Starch Amaizo 8350 Starch Amioca Starch Amylomaize VII Starch ARD 2189 Starch ARD 2190 Starch ARD 2219 Starch ARD 2220 Dextrin ARD 2252 Dextrin ARD 2254 Dextrin Common Starch Slurry Frodex Instant Amioca Starch Instant Corn Starch Instant 721-A P F P Starch Polar Gel 5 Starch QM 60 TB QM 72 TD Tru-Sweet W-ll Starch W-13 Starch 90 TB Pearl Starch 400 Stabilizer Starch 513 Pearl Starch 1079 Dextrin image: ------- 19 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION American Shortening & Oil American Minerals Inc. Route 1, Box 47 Rosiclare IL 62982 GRANUSOL (includes GRANUSOL MnO, MnOSO(4), ZnO and mixtures thereof) American Norit Company, Inc. 6301 Glidden Way Jacksonville FL 32208 NORIT American Petrofina Inc. Box 1311 Big Spring TX 79720 Cosden Polystyrenes 500 through 945 Cosdenol X-98 Cosdenol 70 Cosdenol 104 Poly X Polyvis 0 through 200 Polyvis OSH through 200SH American Roller Company 1577 Eleventh Ave. Union Grove WI. "0" Series Arcon V - Series Arco-Flex Arcoprene Vinylar Arcocure Arcostretcher Vinylar A.V. Arcodamp Arcotech Arcohide Arcothane Arcolon Arcothol Arcomer Fanciful "A" American Shortening & Oil 34115 Industrial Road Livonia MI 48150 CASTROIL LARD OIL; P.V.O. TALLOW; SPECIAL PROCESSED LARD OIL; AMSCO PRIME BURNING LARD OIL; POLYMEROL 600 & 750 WASHED LARD OIL; EXCEL LUBRICANT LARD OIL; PRIME BURNING YELLOW GREASE LARD OIL; EXTRA WINTER STRAIN TALLOW; ACIDLESS LARD OIL; H.B.G. TALLOW; AMSCO SUPREME LARD OIL; NO. 1 TALLOW; PRIME STEARINE LARD OIL; O.P. TALLOW; SNOW WHITE image: ------- Ametex Fabrics, Inc. 20 Ametex Fabrics, Inc. 4450 Alpha Rd. Dallas TX 75240 TORAYFINE AMOCO Chemicals Corporation 200 E. Randolph Drive Chicago IL 60601 A-SOL AMOCO TA-33MP AMOCO AF-3 AMOCO TMA AMOCO AF-3C AMOCO ULTRAMINE-500 Amoco AF-4 AMOCO 1-G1CO AMOCO AI POLYMER (ALL PRODUCTS) AMOCO 1-G1C2 AMOCO AI-10 AMOCO 1-G1C7 AMOCO AI-335 AMOCO 1-G2CO AMOCO AI-830 AMOCO 1-G2C2 AMOCO AI-1130 AMOCO 1-G2C7 AMOCO AMOPOL POLYPROPENE (ALL AMOCO 1-G3CO PRODUCTS) AMOCO 1-G3C2 AMOCO COSURFACTANT 120 AMOCO 1-G3C7 AMOCO COSURFACTANT 121 AMOCO 1-H2RPO AMOCO COSURFACTANT 122 AMOCO 1-H4PO AMOCO DMT AMOCO 1-H4RC7 AMOCO GS-100 AMOCO 1-H5MC7 AMOCO GS-200 AMOCO 1-M2RC7 AMOCO H-2291-7 AMOCO 1-M2RPO Amoco H-4144-8 AMOCO 1-M8 Amoco H-4161-8 AMOCO 1-M9C7 Amoco H-4233-7 AMOCO 1-M9RC7 Amoco H-4516-10 AMOCO 1-R3CO Amoco H-4517-7 AMOCO 1-R3C2 AMOCO H-4519-9 AMOCO 1-R3C7 AMOCO H-4691-9 AMOCO 1-R5CO AMOCO INDOPOL POLYBUTENES (ALL AMOCO 1-R5C2 PRODUCTS) AMOCO 1-R5C7 AMOCO IPA (ALL PRODUCTS) AMOCO 6-CFA AMOCO IPA-85 AMOCO 6-H4C7 AMOCO IPA-99 AMOCO 6-H4EPO AMOCO IPA-220 AMOCO 7-H4E AMOCO PANASOL SOLVENTS (ALL PROD- AMOCO 7-MGRC2 UCTS) AMOCO 10-1010 Amoco RC-901 AMOCO 10-1011 AMOCO RC-903 AMOCO 10-1012D AMOCO RC-906 AMOCO 10-1016 AMOCO RC-908 AMOCO 10-1016-90040 AMOCO RC-910 AMOCO 10-1016-90325 AMOCO RC-910C AMOCO 10-1016-90395 AMOCO RC-911 AMOCO 10-1046 Amoco RC-911C AMOCO 10-1046-90040 AMOCO RC-912 AMOCO 10-1046-90395 AMOCO RC-913 AMOCO 10-1078 AMOCO RC-919 AMOCO 10-1088 AMOCO RC-920 AMOCO 10-1178 AMOCO RC-949 AMOCO 10-1188 Amoco RC-951 AMOCO 10-1278 Amoco RC-953 AMOCO 10-2226 Amoco RC-954 AMOCO 10-2356 Amoco RC-958C AMOCO 10-2626 AMOCO RC-961 AMOCO 10-2626-90325 AMOCO RC-995 SURFACTANT AMOCO 10-4036 AMOCO RC-997 AMOCO 10-4038 AMOCO RESIN 18 (ALL PRODUCTS) AMOCO 10-5004 AMOCO RESIN 18-210 AMOCO 10-5006 AMOCO RESIN 18-240 AMOCO 10-5014 AMOCO RESIN 18-290 AMOCO 10-5016 AMOCO TA-12 AMOCO 10-5028 AMOCO TA-22 AMOCO 10-5038 AMOCO TA-33 AMOCO 10-5146 AMOCO TA-33 LP AMOCO 10-5156 AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO AMOCO 10-5528 10-6011 10-6011-60058 10-6011-90040 10-6011-90325 10-6011-90396 10-6014 10-6016 10-6034 10-6114 10-6126 10-6214 10-6417 10-6417-90040 10-6417-90395 10-8178 11-2700 11-3700 11-4034 11-5013 11-5016 11-6317 11-6326 11-8178 11-8378 15-400A 15-401A 15-600A 15-601A 15-5500 15-5710 15-5720 20-4033 204047 20-5012 20-5018D 20-5019D 20-6044 20-6424 21-2356 21-6014 21-6117 21-6517 21-8378 22-4012 22-4013 22-4058 22-5240 22-6253 23-1178 23-1288 23-5019D 23-5240 23-6016 24-2346 24-5014 24-5016 25-6322 26-6016 30-560B4 30-580B4 image: ------- 21 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION AMOCO Chemicals Corporation AMOCO Chemicals Corporationócont'd AMOCO 30-580D4 AMOCO 30-605A2 AMOCO 30-605C2 AMOCO 30-605F2 AMOCO 30-606A2 AMOCO 30-606C2 AMOCO 30-607A2 AMOCO 30-608A2 AMOCO 30-650B4 AMOCO 30-650E4 AMOCO 30-650F4 AMOCO 30-670B4 AMOCO 30-670C4 AMOCO 30-670E4 AMOCO 30-680B4 AMOCO 31-225B2 AMOCO 31-240B2 AMOCO 31-305B2 AMOCO 31-305C2 AMOCO 31-350B1 AMOCO 31-360B1 AMOCO 31-360E1 AMOCO 31-3150B AMOCO 31-3150C AMOCO 31-3150D AMOCO 31-4140B AMOCO 31-32050B AMOCO 32-102A4 AMOCO 32-202A4 AMOCO 32-202C4 AMOCO 32-303A4 AMOCO 32-303C4 AMOCO 32-408A3 AMOCO 32-904J4 AMOCO 33-240B1 AMOCO 33-240B2 AMOCO 33-260B2 AMOCO 33-290B1 AMOCO 33-360B1 AMOCO 33-360E1 AMOCO 40-304G8 AMOCO 42-202A4 AMOCO 60-H6CO AMOCO 60-H6C2 AMOCO 60-R2PO AMOCO 60-SH4 AMOCO 62-R2PO AMOCO 66 AMOCO 150 AMOCO 153 AMOCO 154 AMOCO 155 AMOCO 157 AMOCO 198 AMOCO 515 AMOCO 516 AMOCO 517 AMOCO 521 AMOCO 522 AMOCO 523 AMOCO 531 AMOCO 532 AMOCO 533 AMOCO 534 AMOCO 535 AMOCO 543 AMOCO 543D AMOCO 547 AMOCO 547D AMOCO 549 Amoco 562 AMOCO 576 AMOCO 577 AMOCO 577B AMOCO 578 AMOCO 578B AMOCO 582 AMOCO 583 AMOCO 595 AMOCO 596 AMOCO 665 AMOCO 777 AMOCO 778 AMOCO 779 AMOCO 780 AMOCO 782 AMOCO 783 AMOCO 784 AMOCO 785 AMOCO 786 AMOCO 790 AMOCO 794 AMOCO 796 AMOCO 1001 AMOCO 1016 AMOCO 1020 Amoco 1040 AMOCO 1041 AMOCO 1042 AMOCO 1043 AMOCO 1060 AMOCO 1062 AMOCO 1063 Amoco 1070 AMOCO 1084 AMOCO 1322 AMOCO 1390 SURFACTANT AMOCO 1393 SURFACTANT AMOCO 1570 AMOCO 1580 AMOCO 1593 AMOCO 1600 AMOCO 1645 AMOCO 1647 AMOCO 1670 AMOCO 1675 AMOCO 1692 AMOCO 1695 AMOCO 1696 AMOCO 1707 AMOCO 1769 AMOCO 1775 AMOCO 1785 AMOCO 1823 AMOCO 1830 AMOCO 1845 AMOCO 1911 AMOCO 1917 AMOCO 1924 AMOCO 1947 AMOCO 1960 AMOCO 1962 AMOCO 1977 AMOCO 1986 AMOCO 1992 AMOCO 5362 AMOCO 5610 AMOCO 5622 AMOCO 5718 AMOCO 5744 AMOCO 5806 AMOCO 5812 AMOCO 5819 AMOCO 5821 AMOCO 5832 AMOCO 5835 AMOCO 5905 AMOCO 5915 AMOCO 5916 AMOCO 5923 AMOCO 5930 AMOCO 5940 AMOCO 5943 AMOCO 5948 AMOCO 5959 AMOCO 5960 AMOCO 5968 AMOCO 5980 AMOCO 6006 AMOCO 6009 AMOCO 6010 AMOCO 6011 AMOCO 6026 AMOCO 6040 AMOCO 6057 AMOCO 6059 AMOCO 6067 AMOCO 6072 AMOCO 6077 AMOCO 6078 AMOCO 6085 AMOCO 6087 AMOCO 6102 AMOCO 6109 AMOCO 6110 AMOCO 6111 AMOCO 6112 AMOCO 6115 AMOCO 6120 AMOCO 6133 AMOCO 6141 AMOCO 6159 AMOCO 6166 AMOCO 6182 AMOCO 6185 AMOCO 6187 AMOCO 6190 AMOCO 6209 AMOCO 6216 AMOCO 6221 AMOCO 6234 AMOCO 6235 AMOCO 6238 AMOCO 6239 AMOCO 6240 AMOCO 6241 AMOCO 6242 AMOCO 6245 AMOCO 6248 AMOCO 6249 AMOCO 6250 AMOCO 6252 AMOCO 6255 AMOCO 6257 AMOCO 6258 AMOCO 6259 AMOCO 6269 AMOCO 6278 AMOCO 6279 AMOCO 6286 AMOCO 6295 AMOCO 6297 AMOCO 6298 AMOCO 6330 AMOCO 6337 AMOCO 6338 AMOCO 6340 AMOCO 6342 AMOCO 6343 AMOCO 6345 AMOCO 6346 image: ------- AMOCO Chemicals Corporation 22 AMOCO Chemicals Corporationó cont'd AMOCO 6350 AMOCO 6359 AMOCO 6362 AMOCO 6367 AMOCO 6368 AMOCO 6405 AMOCO 6415 AMOCO 6416 AMOCO 6420 AMOCO 6423 AMOCO 6425 AMOCO 6426 AMOCO 6454 AMOCO 6456 AMOCO 6457 AMOCO 6484 AMOCO 6500 AMOCO 6501 AMOCO 6502 AMOCO 6526 AMOCO 6530 AMOCO 6535 AMOCO 6536 AMOCO 6541 AMOCO 6542 AMOCO 6543 AMOCO 6544 AMOCO 6545 AMOCO 6547 AMOCO 6548 AMOCO 6555 AMOCO 6559 AMOCO 6560 AMOCO 6561 AMOCO 6564 AMOCO 6565 AMOCO 6567 AMOCO 6571 AMOCO 6574 AMOCO 6575 AMOCO 6577 AMOCO 6578 AMOCO 6579 AMOCO 6580 AMOCO 6581 AMOCO 6582 AMOCO 6583 AMOCO 6584 AMOCO 6585 AMOCO 6587 AMOCO 6591 AMOCO 6592 AMOCO 6594 AMOCO 6595 AMOCO 6596 AMOCO 6600 AMOCO 6602 AMOCO 6603 AMOCO 6604 AMOCO 6605 AMOCO 6606 AMOCO 6607 AMOCO 6608 AMOCO 6609 AMOCO 6610 AMOCO 6613 AMOCO 6614 AMOCO 6615 AMOCO 6616 AMOCO 6617 AMOCO 6619 AMOCO 6620 AMOCO 6621 AMOCO 6622 AMOCO 6624 AMOCO 6625 AMOCO 6626 AMOCO 6627 AMOCO 6628 AMOCO 6629 AMOCO 6630 AMOCO 6631 AMOCO 6632 AMOCO 6637 AMOCO 6639 AMOCO 6640 AMOCO 6646 AMOCO 6648 AMOCO 6649 AMOCO 6650 AMOCO 6651 AMOCO 6652 AMOCO 6653 AMOCO 7003 AMOCO 7004 AMOCO 7008 AMOCO 7108 AMOCO 7114 AMOCO 7126 AMOCO 7128 AMOCO 7303 AMOCO 7306 Amoco 8518 Amoco 8523 Amoco 8549 AMOCO 8553 Amoco 8555 AMOCO 8556 Amoco 8558 Amoco 8566 AMOCO 8571 AMOCO 8574 AMOCO 8587 AMOCO 9000 AMOCO 9030 AMOCO 9040 AMOCO 9050 AMOCO 9060 AMOCO 9110 AMOCO 9112 AMOCO 9130 AMOCO 9216 AMOCO 9217 AMOCO 9218 AMOCO 9220 AMOCO 9221 AMOCO 9230 AMOCO 9231 AMOCO 9243 AMOCO 9250 AMOCO 9251 DRILLAID 412 DRILLAID 444 PANALENE C-9 TORLON (all products) WELLAID 200 Wellaid 209 WELLAID 211 WELLAID 212 WELLAID 215 WELLAID 220 WELLAID 223 WELLAID 240 WELLAID 250 WELLAID 266 Wellaid 301 WELLAID 302 WELLAID 304 WELLAID 310 WELLAID 311 WELLAID 313 WELLAID 315 WELLAID 350 Wellaid 365C WELLAID 506 WELLAID 506-1 WELLAID 510 WELLAID 511 WELLAID 515 WELLAID 523 WELLAID 524 WELLAID 526 WELLAID 603 WELLAID 621N2 WELLAID 622 WELLAID 622-C WELLAID 622-1 WELLAID 622-2 Wellaid 630 WELLAID 632 WELLAID 641 WELLAID 651N2 Wellaid 652 WELLAID 655 WELLAID 658 WELLAID 680 WELLAID 703 WELLAID 705 WELLAID 706 WELLAID 707 WELLAID 711 WELLAID 712 WELLAID 714 WELLAID 716 Wellaid 718 WELLAID 726 WELLAID 734 WELLAID 737 WELLAID 739 WELLAID 745 Wellaid 748 WELLAID 752 WELLAID 754 WELLAID 764 WELLAID 766 WELLAID 767 WELLAID 769 WELLAID 775 WELLAID 776-E WELLAID 776 DEMULSIFIER WELLAID 777 WELLAID 792 WELLAID 795 WELLAID 797 WELLAID 798 WELLAID 825 WELLAID 826 WELLAID 827 Wellaid 828 Wellaid 829 Wellaid 830 Wellaid 833 Wellaid 835 Wellaid 837 Wellaid 840 Wellaid 849 Wellaid 850 Wellaid 852 Wellaid 860 Wellaid 861 Wellaid 870 image: ------- 23 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Amoco Oil Company AMOCO Chemicals Corporation cont'd Wellaid 871 Wellaid 872 Amoco Oil Company 200 East Randolph Drive Mail Code 3803 Chicago IL 60601 ACA AMOCO Albarmarle Paper Laminating Asphalt 165-200 AMOCO AM Industrial Oil No. 5147 AMOCO AMDEX Grease No. 0-EP AMOCO AMDEX Grease No. 1-EP AMOCO AMDEX Grease No. 2-EP AMOCO AMERICAN Aviation Gasoline 80/87 AMOCO AMERICAN Aviation Gasoline 100/130 AMOCO AMERICAN Aviation Gasoline 115/145 AMOCO AMERICAN Compliance D.F. No. 2 AMOCO AMERICAN Diesel Fuel G AMOCO AMERICAN Diesel Fuel R AMOCO AMERICAN Diesel Fuel S AMOCO AMERICAN Diesel Fuel U AMOCO AMERICAN Diesel Fuel W AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 15 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 21 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 31 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No 32 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 46 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 51 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 68 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 75 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 95 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 100 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 120 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 150 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 200 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 220 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 240 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 260 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 320 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 460 AMOCO AMERICAN Industrial Oil No. 500 AMOCO AMERICAN Kerosene AMOCO AMERICAN No. 2 Diesel Fuel AMOCO AMERICAN Outboard Motor Oil AMOCO AMERICAN Regular Gasoline W AMOCO AMERICAN 945 Gasoline AMOCO AMOBAR Grease No. 2 AMOCO AMOCO "W&M" Gasoline AMOCO AMOCO A Korite Asphalt AMOCO AMOCO A-T-F Type F AMOCO AMOCO Alfalfa Insecticide AMOCO AMOCO Alkalube Oil No. 1530 AMOCO AMOCO Alkalube Oil No. 1540 AMOCO AMOCO Anti-Rust Oil No. 2-V AMOCO AMOCO Anti-Rust Oil No. 4-V AMOCO AMOCO Anti-Rust Oil No. 12 AMOCO AMOCO Anti-Rust Oil No. 26 AMOCO AMOCO Anti-Rust Oil No. 95 AMOCO AMOCO Anti-Rust Oil No. 220 AMOCO AMOCO Asphalt Filler PAF-2 AMOCO AMOCO Asphalt Filler PAF-3 AMOCO AMOCO Asphalt K-61 AMOCO AMOCO Atrazine 4L AMOCO AMOCO Atrazine SOW AMOCO AMOCO Automotive Asphalt AMOCO AMOCO AW Oil No. 15 AMOCO AMOCO AW Oil No. 21 AMOCO AMOCO AW Oil No. 31 AMOCO AMOCO AW Oil No. 32 AMOCO AMOCO AW Oil No. 41 AMOCO AW Oil No. 46 AW Oil No. 68 AW Oil No. 89 Brush Killer M C-3 Fluid Compound No. 9 Compound No. 39 Compound No. 49-X Compound No. 99-X Compound No. 149 Compressor Oil No. 53-FA Compressor Oil No. 110 Compressor Oil No. 123-FA Compressor Oil No. 260 Continuous Casting Lubricant A Coupling Grease Crankcase Oil No. 6357-A Crankcase Oil No. 6401 Crankcase Oil No. 6636 Crop Oil Concentrate Cylinder Oil D Cylinder Oil No. 145-D Cylinder Oil No. 155-T Cylinder Oil No. 196-L Cylinder Oil No. 460 Cylinder Oil No. 680 Cylinder Oil No. 1000 D & G Oil No. 53 D & G Oil No. 88 DEXRON-II A-T-F DL Roofing Asphalt Drip Oil Dryer Bearing Oil No. 51 Dryer Bearing Oil No. 79 Dryer Bearing Oil No. 130 Dryer Bearing Oil No. 220 Elm Spray M Enhance EP Lubricant No. 21-H ESKAR Wax MY-65 ESKAR Wax R-25 ESKAR Wax R-35 ESKAR Wax R-40 ESKAR Wax R-45 ESKAR Wax R-50 ESKAR Wax SW-70 Floor Glaze Food Machinery Grease FR Fluid PE 22 FR Fluid PE 46 FR Fluid PE 55 FR Fluid PE 118 FR Fluid WG 20 FR Fluid WG 46 FR Fluid WO Furnace Oil Gasoline Heat Transfer Oil No. 4199 Heater Oil Hydraulic Oil All Weather Industrial Weed Killer B J & C Dressing Jet Fuel Type A AMOCO Lens Grinding Oil AMOCO Lithium Multi-Purpose Grease AMOCO Lithium Multi-Purpose Grease Soft AMOCO M-V Motor Oil SAE 10W-30 AMOCO M-V Motor Oil SAE 20W-40 AMOCO Malathion Spray AMOCO Marine Diesel Oil AMOCO MCPA Weed Killer-M AMOCO Methoxychlor Spray AMOCO Mine Lubricant No. 00 AMOCO Molylith Grease AMOCO Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant No. 80W AMOCO Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant No. 80W-90 AMOCO Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant No. 85W-140 AMOCO Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant No. 90 AMOCO Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant No. 140 AMOCO Neutral Oil AMOCO No. 0 Korite Asphalt AMOCO No. 1 Diesel Fuel AMOCO No. 1 Korite Asphalt AMOCO No. 2 Korite Asphalt AMOCO No. 3 Korite Asphalt AMOCO NONPAREIL Turbine Oil Heavy AMOCO NONPAREIL Turbine Oil Medium AMOCO NONPAREIL W Oil AMOCO 0 Korite Base Asphalt AMOCO Outboard - Snowmobile Oil AMOCO Outboard Oil Concentrate AMOCO Packers Technical Oil AMOCO Polar Compound AMOCO Pour Grease AMOCO PREMIER Diesel Fuel AMOCO PREMIER Diesel Fuel G AMOCO PREMIER Diesel Fuel W AMOCO Premium Lead-Free Gasoline AMOCO Premium Leaded Gasoline AMOCO Quenching Oil No 11-F AMOCO Quenching Oil No. 13-A AMOCO Regular Gasoline AMOCO Rock Drill Oil Heavy AMOCO Rock Drill Oil Light AMOCO Rock Drill Oil Medium AMOCO Rolling Oil No. 5504 AMOCO Solidified Oil AMOCO Special Korite Asphalt AMOCO Spindle Oil A AMOCO Spindle Oil C AMOCO Stamping Compound C AMOCO Super Chassis Grease AMOCO Super Diesel Lubricating Oil AMOCO Super Lead-Free Gasoline AMOCO Superior Dormant Spray Oil AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No. 5-H AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No 5-HA AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No. 11-HA AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No 14 AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No. 15-H AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No. 25-HA AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No 95-H image: ------- Amoco Oil Company 24 Amoco Oil Companyócont'd AMOCO SYNTHOLUBE Oil No. 300-H AMOCO Tandem Oil A AMOCO Texaphene Spray AMOCO Tree Spray Oil AMOCO Trough Grease AMOCO Trough Grease Soft AMOCO Turbine Oil No. 15 AMOCO W Gasoline AMOCO Weed Killer AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 5-NF AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 7-NF AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 9-NF AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 10-NF AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 13-NF AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 18-USP AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 21-USP AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 31-USP AMOCO White Mineral Oil No. 35-USP AMOCO White Oil AFP AMOCO White Oil No. 8-T AMOCO White Oil No. 9-T AMOCO Worm Gear Oil AMOCO 2,4-D LV Ester-M AMOCO 2,4-D LV6-M AMOCO 2,4-D Weed Killer #2-R AMOCO 2,4-D Weed Killer #5-M AMOCO 2,4-D Weed Killer #6B-M AMOCO 91 Solution AMOCO 100 Motor Oil SAE 10W AMOCO 100 Motor Oil SAE 20-20W AMOCO 100 Motor Oil SAE 30 AMOCO 100 Motor Oil SAE 40 AMOCO 200 Motor Oil No. 60 AMOCO 200 Motor Oil SAE 10W AMOCO 200 Motor Oil SAE 20-20W AMOCO 200 Motor Oil SAE 30 AMOCO 200 Motor Oil SAE 40 AMOCO 200 Motor Oil SAE 50 AMOCO 300 Motor Oil SAE 10W AMOCO 300 Motor Oil SAE 15W-40 AMOCO 300 Motor Oil SAE 20-20W AMOCO 300 Motor Oil SAE 30 AMO'CO 300 Motor Oil SAE 40 AMOCO 940 Gasoline AMOCO 1000 Fluid AMOCO 1200 Dieselube AMOCOOL HD Soluble Oil AMOCOOL Soluble Oil AMOCOOL Soluble Oil No. 2 AMOCOOL SS Fluid AMOCOOL Transparent Coolant AMOCUT Gundrill Oil AMOCUT Low Mist Oil No. 172-C AMOCUT Oil No. 62-FC AMOCUT Oil No. 105-S AMOCUT Oil No. 106-BC AMOCUT Oil No. 115-FS AMOCUT Oil No. 117-BCS AMOCUT Oil No. 119-S AMOCUT Oil No. 139-BCS AMOCUT Oil No. 144-F AMOCUT Oil No. 155-FS AMOCUT Oil No. 159-S AMOCUT Oil No. 168-BC AMOCUT Oil No. 189-FS AMOCUT Oil No. 209-BCS AMOCUT Oil No. 259-CFS AMOCUT Oil No. 309-BCS AMOCUT Oil No. 4409-CFS AMOCUT Tri-Purpose Cutting Oil AMODRAW Compound No. 1 AMODRIP Oil No. 39 AMODRIP Oil No 59 AMODRIP Oil No. 79 AMODRIP Oil No. 84 AMODRIP Oil No. 99 AMODRIP Oil No. 127 AMODRIP Oil No. 169 AMODRIP Oil No. 172 AMODRIP Oil No. 220 AMODRIP Oil No. 229 AMODRIP Oil No. 365 AMODRIP Oil No. 460 AMOGAS Ashless Engine Oil AMOGAS Engine Oil AMOGEAR EP 1 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 2 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 3 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 4 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 5 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 6 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 7 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 8 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 68 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 100 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 150 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 220 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 320 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 460 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 680 Lubricant AMOGEAR EP 1000 Lubricant AMOGREASE Lubricant No. 0 AMOGREASE Lubricant No. 1 AMOGREASE Lubricant No. 2 AMOGREASE Lubricant No. 4 AMOJELL Petrolatum Amber AMOJELL Petrolatum Cream AMOJELL Petrolatum Dark AMOJELL Petrolatum Light Amber L AMOJELL Petrolatum Red Veterinary AMOJELL Petrolatum Snow White AMOKON Gas Turbine Oil AMOKON Oil No. 16 AMOKON Oil No. 32 AMOKON Oil No. 35 AMOLEX Oil No. 51 AMOLEX Oil No. 95 AMOLEX Oil No. 100 AMOLEX Oil No. 220 AMOLIND API Modified High Pressure Thread Compound AMOLIND Compound No. 7-F AMOLIND Diesel Fuel G AMOLIND Gas Engine Oil AMOLIND Gas Engine Valve Oil AMOLIND Industrial Oil No. 9-A AMOLIND No. 600 Oil AMOLIND Rust Proof Oil No. 20-PF AMOLIND Rust Proof Oil No. 46-PF AMOLIND Turbine Oil No. 41 AMOLIND Turbine Oil No. 89 AMOLITE Diesel Fuel AMOLITE Oil No. 7 AMOLITE Oil No. 10 AMOLITE Oil No. 11 AMOLITE Oil No. 15 AMOLITE Oil No. 18 AMOLITE Oil No. 21 AMOLITE Oil No. 22 AMOLITE Oil No. 31 AMOLITE Oil No. 32 AMOLITE Oil No. 38 AMOLITE Oil No. 46 AMOLITE Oil No. 51 AMOLITE Oil No. 68 AMOLITE Oil No. 80 AMOLITE Oil No. 100 AMOLITE Oil No. 121 AMOLITE Oil No. 150 AMOLITE Oil No. 190 AMOLITE Oil No. 200 AMOLITE Oil No. 259 AMOLITE Oil No. 300 AMOLITE Oil No. 320 AMOLITE Oil No. 460 AMOLITE Oil No. 480 AMOLITE Oil No. 680 AMOLITE Oil No. 1000 AMOLITH Grease All-Weather AMOLITH Grease No. 0-EP AMOLITH Grease No. 1 AMOLITH Grease No. 1-EP AMOLITH Grease No. 2 AMOLITH Grease No. 2-EP AMOLITH Grease No. 8516 AMOLITH Grease R AMOLITH Grease White AMOLUBE Gear Lubricant SAE 90 AMOLUBE Gear Lubricant SAE 140 AMOLUBE Motor Oil SAE 10W AMOLUBE Motor Oil SAE 20-20W AMOLUBE Motor Oil SAE 30 AMOLUBE Motor Oil SAE 40 AMOLUBE Motor Oil SAE 50 AMOMIST Oil No. 31 AMOMIST Oil No. 51 AMOMIST Oil No. 68 AMOMIST Oil No. 100 AMOQUENCH Oil F AMOQUENCH Oil MM AMOQUENCH Oil SF AMOSOL Naphtha No. 275 AMOSOL Naphtha No. 345-HF AMOSOL Naphtha No. 395-HF AMOVIS AW Oil No. 15 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 21 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 31 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 32 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 46 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 51 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 68 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 75 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 100 AMOVIS AW Oil No. 150 AMOVIS Lubricant No. 2-X AMOVIS Lubricant No. 5-X AMOVIS Lubricant No. 8-X AMOVIS Lubricant No. 10-X Anit-Pollution Grease No. 1097 ARTEX Oil No. 8 ARTEX Oil No. 31 Bovinol Backrubber Oil Bovinol Ciovap Bovinol Insecticide Bovinol Stock Spray with Vapona Bovinol Super Stock Spray Bovinol TL 44 C Industrial Grease No. 30 C Industrial Grease No. 33G Cable Oil No. D-14 Cable Oil No. D-50 Cable Oil No. 15-H Cable Oil No. 50 Caltran 60 Transformer Oil CB-28 Wax CB-39 Wax Certified MS-08 Gasoline Champlin Crude Petrolatum Chlorinated Ester CW-80-E Coating Wax No. 538 Coating Wax No. 549 image: ------- 25 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Amoco Oil Company Amoco Oil Companyócont'd Coating Wax No. 614 Coating Wax No. 631 Coating Wax No. 637 Coating Wax No. 638 Coating Wax No. 701 Crop-mate Corn Mix Crop-mate Iron Crop-mate Magnesium Crop-mate Manganese Crop-mate No. 105 Crop-mate No. 106 Crop-mate No. 110 Crop-mate No. Ill Crop-mate No. 113 Crop-mate No. 114 Crop-mate No. 115 Crop-mate No. 116 Crop-mate No. 118 Crop-mate No. 120 Crop-mate No. 121 Crop-mate No. 122 Crop-mate No. 123 Crop-mate No. 124 Crop-mate No. 128 Crop-mate No. 135 Crop-mate No. 141 Crop-mate No. 147 Crop-mate No. 157 Crop-mate No. 177 Crop-mate No. 180 Crop-mate No. 182 Crop-mate No. 186 Crop-mate No. 189 Crop-mate No. 206 Crop-mate No. 207 Crop-mate No. 209 Crop-mate No. 210 Crop-mate No. 211 Crop-mate No. 212 Crop-mate No. 213 Crop-mate No. 214 Crop-mate No. 216 Crop-mate No. 223 Crop-mate No. 226 Crop-mate No. 227 Crop-mate No. 264 Crop-mate No. 271 Crop-mate No. 281 Crop-mate No. 306 Crop-mate No. 313 Crop-mate No. 317 Crop-mate No 318 Crop-mate No. 321 Crop-mate No. 322 Crop-mate No. 323 Crop-mate No. 326 Crop-mate No. 328 Crop-mate No. 359 Crop-mate No. 370 Crop-mate Soybean/Peanut Mix Crop-mate Zinc IHB-32 Diesel Fuel Grade No. 2 INDOIL Industrial Oil No. 15 INDOIL Industrial Oil No. 21 INDOIL Industrial Oil No. 31 INDOIL Industrial Oil No. 32 INDOIL Industrial Oil No. 46 INDOIL Industrial Oil No. 68 INDOLENE Leaded Motor Fuel No. 5 INDOLENE Leaded Motor Fuel No. 10 INDOLENE Leaded Motor Fuel No. 15 INDOLENE Leaded Motor Fuel No. 20 INDOLENE Leaded Motor Fuel No. 25 INDOLENE Leaded Motor Fuel No. 30 INDOLENE Motor Fuel INDOLENE Motor Fuel H.O. Ill INDOLENE Motor Fuel Special INDOLENE Motor Fuel W INDOLENE Motor Fuel w/Additive Intermediate - (Thin) No. 2 Fuel Oil Intermediate - (Thin) No. 10 Fuel Oil Intermediate - (Thin) No. 15 Fuel Oil ISO-VIS Compressor Oil Kalkaska Bottoms L Industrial Grease No. 11-F L Industrial Grease No. 29-A L Industrial Grease No. 30-A L Industrial Grease No. 31-A L Industrial Grease No. 33 L Industrial Grease No. 34-A L Industrial Grease No. 36 L Industrial Grease No. 845 L Industrial Grease No. 861 L Industrial Grease No. 1014 L Industrial Oil No. 5201 LF 5314 R-l Concentrate LM Industrial Oil No. 32-P LM Industrial Oil No. 68-P Low Sulphur HX^O Base Oil LT-53 Wax LVI 80/85 Neutral Oil M Industrial Oil No. 8-F M Industrial Oil No. 15-F M Industrial Oil No. 125 M Industrial Oil No. 220 M-1C-75B Grease M-1C-87A Grease M-1C-93A Grease MATCHLESS Grease No. 00 Naphtha No. 345 No. G-6466 Grease No. WR-0443 HD Diesel Lubricating Oil No. 1 LCT Bright Stock No. 6 Fuel Oil Inland A No. 6 Fuel Oil Inland B No. 6 Fuel Oil Inland C No. 200 Fuel Oil, LLS No. 220-L Cylinder Stock No. 17500 Oil Outboard Oil Heavy PAROWAX Household Wax PERMA-FLO Oil No. 8 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 11 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 15 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 21 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 22 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 31 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 32 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 46 PERMA-FLO Oil No. 68 PERMAGEAR EP 50 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 60 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 68 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 70 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 90 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 100 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 110 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 140 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 150 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 160 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 220 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 320 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 400 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 460 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 680 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 1000 Lubricant PERMAGEAR EP 2000 Lubricant PERMALUBE Motor Oil SAE 10W PERMALUBE Motor Oil SAE 20-20W PERMALUBE Motor Oil SAE 30 PERMALUBE Motor Oil SAE 40 PERMALUBE Wheel Bearing Grease Petrolatum No. 144-D Petrolatum No. 467 Petrolatum No. 515 POLARINE Viscous Lubricant No. 3 Process Wax No. 435 R Industrial Oil No. 9 R Industrial Oil No. 19 R Industrial Oil No. 35-A R Industrial Oil No. 91-A R Wax No. 45 RM Industrial Oil No. 11-P RM Industrial Oil No. 215-PFA RR Diesel Fuel RR Diesel Fuel No. 40 RR Diesel Fuel No. 40 Special RR Diesel Fuel No. 45 RR Diesel Fuel No. 50 RYKADD 51-95 RYKON Grease G-l RYKON Grease No. 1022 RYKON Oil MV RYKON Oil No. 15 RYKON Oil No. 21 RYKON Oil No. 31 RYKON Oil No. 32 RYKON Oil No. 46 RYKON Oil No. 51 RYKON Oil No. 86 RYKON Oil No. 95 RYKON Oil No. 100 RYKON Oil No. 220 RYKON Premium Bearing Grease RYKON Premium Grease No. 0 RYKON Premium Grease No. 0-EP RYKON Premium Grease No. 1 RYKON Premium Grease No. 1-EP RYKON Premium Grease No. 2 RYKON Premium Grease No. 2-EP RYKON Premium Grease No. 3 RYKON Premium Moly Grease No. 0 RYKON Premium Moly Grease No. 1 RYKON Premium Moly Grease No. 2 Searsport No. 2 Fuel Oil Sol Emulsifier for C.B. Special GTF (TVA) Special Transmission Base Oil STANAVO AD Aviation Engine Oil SAE 20W-30 STANAVO AD Aviation Engine Oil SAE 40 STANAVO Aviation Gasoline 80/87 STANDARD Cutting Oil No. 33-F STANDARD Cutting- Oil No. 108-B STANDARD Cutting Oil No. 127-DCFS STANDARD Cutting Oil No. 145-S STANDARD Regular Gasoline STANICOOL Oil No. 10 STANICUT Oil No. 133-FC STANICUT Oil No. 176-CFS STANOLENE Petrolatum No. 138 STANOLITH Grease White Summer Black Oil Super PERMALUBE Grease Super PERMALUBE LDO Motor Oil SAE 5W-30 Super PERMALUBE LDO Motor Oil SAE 10W-40 Super PERMALUBE LDO Motor Oil SAE 20W-50 SUPERMIL ASU Grease No. 31052 image: ------- Amoco Oil Company 26 Amoco Oil Companyócont'd SUPERMIL Grease M-125 SUPERMIL Grease No. A-72832 SUPERMIL Grease No. 1157 TMC Grease Tractor Compound No 4720 Tractor Fluid No. 7479 Tractor Fluid No. 7571 Tractor Fluid 26-R UNION-CAMP Boiler Fuel UTOCO White Naphtha VITASUL Diesel Fuel Additive W Industrial Grease No. 21-H WAYTAC Oil No. 15 WAYTAC Oil No. 31 WAYTAC Oil No. 32 WAYTAC Oil No. 51 WAYTAC Oil No. 68 WAYTAC Oil No. 95 WAYTAC Oil No. 100 WAYTAC Oil No. 220 Winter Black Oil X Industrial Grease No. 36-HG IE 262 35 Gravity Diesel Fuel 91 RON Unleaded Gasoline 135-137 AMP Refined Wax 150 Solvent Neutral Oil 200 Solvent Neutral Oil 300 Solvent Neutral Oil 500 Solvent Neutral Oil 600 Solvent Neutral Oil 650/100 Solvent Neutral Oil Amstar Corporation 1251 Avenue of the Americas New York NY 10020 Amber Syrups Blackstrap Molasses Granulated Sugars Invert Syrups MellowLeaf Syrups Sugar Syrups Washed Raw Sugar Liquor Anco Refining Co. Inc. 681 Main Street Belleville NJ 07109 ALCON ALG-BAC -all types ALK-X AMINE-X - all types ANCO WASH ANCO-LITE - all types ANCOCIDE AQUA-SOLV BCNS BOIL-OUT CHROMEX CLOSED SYSTEM COOLING TOWER TREATMENT - all types CORRAX DUO-COMBUSTION CATALYST DYNAZINE KEYLATE KOIL KLEEN OX-OUT OXY-LIQUID PROSPHEX - all types RES-0-KLEEN SAF-T-DEGREASER SAF-T-DESCALER SCAL-MOV SOOTREX SUMP N0.9 SUPER ALK-X Anderson Development Company 1415 East Michigan Street Adrian MI 49221 Andercast 5 through 25 Anderpel Andersil "40" Andersil Condensed Andersil HFP Andersil Pure Andersil 5 through 20 Andersil 40-S Anderson Catalyst C-52 Andrez (All Products) Andur M500 through M990 Andur 40AP through 95AP Andur 185X Andur 400A through 950A ANDUR 500D through 990D Andur 2000 and 8000 Andur 3000AS through 9500AS Andur 4000AP through 9500AP Andur 5000DP through 9900DP Andur 9000CP ARA-1 Catron M and C Curene L Curene 90 through 5000 Felate Paint Resin 9200 (All Products) Pyrostat F Q-Therm (All Products) V-DEP image: ------- 27 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Angler Chemical Co. Andrews Paper & Chemical Co. 1 Channel Drive PO Box 509 Port Washington NY 11050 Accelerator LM Dispersant 440 Antifoam T Dispersion F Azomatrix Dye AB B-Developer Flosspowder Binder DT Pigment 25 Binder HG Pigment 2710S Binder PA Resin AC Binder PB Resin PS-52 Developaid Resin PS-53 Diazotint Green Resin PS-70 Diazotint Red Resin PS-75 Diazotint Yellow Resin VB Dispersant 350 Resin VC Resin VG Resin VK Resin VW-1 Resin VX Solubilizer DA Solubilizer HI Solubilizer K Solubilizer PO Spreader 150 Spreader 400 K Stabilizer TT Wetter 160 Wetter 475 Angler Chemical Co. P. 0. Box 1673 Plainville MA 02762 # 1001-1504-AL-7-AE-10 Angler - #26-B Angler - #927 NM2 #927 Spc Angler - Can - Pride Products Angler - Ind #6 Angler - Kagee - Kleen #7 Angler - Kan - Pride Products Angler - Kron-0-Lite #2 Angler - L-24 Angler - L-54-HF Angler - T-5 Angler # 56-X Drylube Angler #A-302-2#3-A Angler #AC-940 Angler #B-1000-2#644 Angler #BN-120 Angler #CPCO-60 Angler #Flare-#Flane#50-#Flane 100 Angler #K-B-#OD #432 Angler #K-1-B-#K-1 Angler #L-54-#L-54A Angler # R-19-R-20-R-100 Angler # R-21-R-23-R-G100 Angler # R-40-R-400-R-100J Angler # R-700-RA-700-R-100A Angler #TB-55-#TR-70 Angler #X-11 Angler #10 Angler #26-B Angler #26-B&W Angler #26B-D Angler #26B-1 Angler #26 Yellow Soap Angler #28 Angler #30 Angler #34P-Plot #927 Angler #36DS 236D Angler #64SK Angler #68-P-#Plus Brite Angler #88-A Angler #204-A-B (Kova) Angler #204A-HF Angler #204 Reg HF Angler #204 U. LF Angler #220 Angler #300 Glass Cleaner Angler #323-2#344 Angler #325 Angler #401 Angler #420 Glass Cleaner Concentrate Angler #430-426-43211 Angler #432-S #77 Angler #456 Angler #497 Angler #510 Angler #515 Angler #520 B&A Angler #520 Spo Angler #550 Angler #555 Angler #627 Galv. Brite Angler #661 Angler #666-B Angler #666 Ink Solvent Hand Coat Cleaner Angler #784 #A-1250 #P.S.A Angler #800 Angler #926 Angler #927H Angler #984 Angler #1141 Angler A.P.T. (Dental) Angler A-B-F Angler A-E-A-760 Angler A-5 Alkaline Angler A-760 Angler AE-500 Angler AK-#1 Angler Aluma-Prep #6 Angler Antifoam-D Angler AP-2 for Stainless Angler AP-60 Angler B-Rite Angler BC-HC Angler Beam Angler BI-7 Angler Bilge Cleaner #70 Angler Bilge Cleaner #75 Angler BJ-26 Angler BJ-26 Brass Cleaner Angler BJ-160 Liquid Angler BJ-260 Liquid Angler BJ-660 Angler Brass Brite 6-35-5 Angler Brick Brite Angler Brute Angler Brute #2 Angler Brute-Acid Type Angler BX-30 Angler BX-30 J Angler BX-30 Spo Angler BX-66 Angler C - 26 Angler C-S-R Angler C-6 Angler C-22 Angler Cast-Scale Remover Angler Chempol #L-524 Angler Chempol #100 & 101 Angler Chempol #100P Angler Chempol #101-G Angler Chempol #104 Angler Chempol #109 Angler Chempol #165 Angler Chempol #420-R-500 Angler Chempol L-525-Steel Angler Chempol S-70 Angler Cold Solve Angler Corning Spc. Angler CP-20 Angler CP-56 Angler CS-4 Stripper Angler D-OX-IT Angler Die Lite #6 (elect) or (soak) Angler DK-M Angler E.P.-A-100 Angler E.P.D.-5 (Dental) Angler Econ Clean Angler EJAC Liquid Angler Electropolish Additive #500 Angler EMB-30 Angler EP Angler EP-L-80 Angler EP-L-91 Angler EP-L-91-E Angler EP-L-92 Angler EP-L-500 Angler EP-L-500 Additive Angler EP-S-91 Angler EP-1 Angler EP-10 Angler EP-10-Plus Angler EP-30-SS Angler EP-400 Angler Epoxy Strip #1 image: ------- Angler Chemical Co. 28 Angler Chemical Co.ócont'd Angler Ex-2310 Draw-Lube Angler Eyelet Bright Angler F Angler F-8 Glossy Sealer Angler F-10 and AG-C4 (Concrete) Angler F-12 Angler F-20 Glossy Sealer Angler F-26 Glossy Sealer Angler Flane #1000 Angler Flight Angler Flip Angler Flip #20 #Flip-Reg Angler Flite #6 Angler Gear Slide Angler GF Compound Liquid Angler Glass Brite Angler H.W.C. C.S.R. #900 Angler H-T-H #7 Angler HCKBLF Angler Heavy Soak #114 Angler Hi-Fin #5 Angler Hop-to #2 Angler Hop-to #3 Angler Hop-to #5 Angler Hop-to #6-N Angler Hop-to #6-2 Angler Hop-to #6N Angler Hop-to #29 Angler Hop-to #6-Hop-to #16 Angler Industrial #6 Angler J.S.B. Angler J-99 Angler J-300-300 Angler J-640-847 Angler K-D-R Angler K-l Angler K-4 Angler K-5 Angler Kagee Cleaner Angler KK-5 For Brass & Copper Angler Kron-0-Lite #60 Angler Kron-0-Lite #60M-A-S Angler Kron-0-Lite #66 Angler Kron-0-Lite #74 Angler Kron-O-Lite #425 Angler Lume #40 Angler Lume #60 Angler L2-40 Angler M.A.B.C. Angler M-52 Angler M-52 X-LF Angler M-400 Diaestire Type Angler MAB-50 Angler Mate #500 Angler Met-Prep #12 Angler Molly Flow Angler Motor Brite (engine cleaner) Angler Motor Wash-CD Angler Multi Kleen Angler Nocyan #AB-LF & #AB-5 Angler Nocyan #R-500t #1044 Angler Nocyan #034 Angler Nocyan #509 & #P-514 & #505 Angler Nocyan #1022 Angler Nocyan #1024 & #1024A & #1024C Angler Nocyan #1024 DC & #1025 DC Angler Nocyan #1032 or 140D-60-L Angler Nocyan #1034 Angler Nocyan #1035 AC Angler Nocyan #1054 #1094 #2820 Angler Nocyan #1054P & #1054PC Angler Nocyan #1074-12-24 Angler Nocyan #1084 Angler Nocyan #1086 P & #1910 Angler Nocyan Preclean #404 & #8410 Angler Nocyan Preclean #1492 & #8420 Angler Nocyan V.B.-S46 Angler Nocyan 20-20-H Angler Nocyan 20-20-L & 20-20-LT Angler Nut-Off Angler O.B. (Kova) Angler Oxoff Angler P.H. Angler P.T.S. Molly #10 Angler P-3 Angler P-4 Angler Pelt Liquid Angler Pirot Descalen Angler Posi-Strip Angler R-P-7 Angler R-60-A Angler R-60-AP Angler Redi Mix Angler Riddle #1064 Angler Rippit Angler Ripple Angler Roll-Brite #101 & 2200 Angler Rolton #665 Angler Rust-0-Gone Angler S.L.S. Concentrated Angler S.P.T.-8 Angler S-K-K Angler SF-80 High Angler SF-80 Low Angler SF-80 Reg. Angler SG-10 Angler SG-20 Angler Shur Kleen Angler Silver Oxide Remover Angler Silver Polish Angler Slick Angler Slippery Slick Angler Spark Angler Special R-Mix Motor Wash Angler Speed Kleen Angler SR-124 Angler ST-1 Angler Stop #82 Angler STR-#7 Angler Strip X Angler Strip X-#107 Angler Super Auto Molly Angler Super Molly-Graph Angler Super Motor Molly Angler Super Motor Molly #3 Angler Super Motor Molly Gear Ease Angler Super Slick Angler Super White #5000 Angler T.D. 1034 Angler Tri-Brite Angler Tru-Wet #20 Angler Vinyl Plastic Cleaner Angler Wax Kracker-Quick Kleen (Wax Re- movers) Angler Weathergard-A (Asphalt) Angler Weathergard-G Angler Weathergard-M Angler X-ll Angler X-400 Plus Angler XB-30 Additive Angler ZB-G-5 Angler ZB-25 Angler ZB-50 Angler ZB-372 Angler ZB-723 Angler Zip Angler 2B-15 Angler-C-21-2S-865 Angler-Coil-Brite Angler-CR-10 Angler-HySolve Angler-Special White Wall Cleaner Angler-Spray-Kleen Angler-Univex #4 Angler-X-100 Catylist for HC-KB-LF Code-LT-078012-LT F.P. Float #54 Free-It. Nocyan Cyanide Replacement Nocyan Cyanide Replacement (cont) image: ------- 29 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Apex Alkali Products Company Anglo American Clays Corp. 14 Executive Bank Drive Atlanta GA 30329 Acme Alphacote Alphagloss Alphaplate Imported Betacote BN/LA Imported Carbital ESVA Imported Grade E Imported Grolleg Imported Gunheath Imported GV-1 Imported LM Grade B Imported NA90 Imported PC-X Imported Prosper Imported RT Imported SPS Imported Standard Porcelain Imported Super Air Float Treviscoe Imported Whitehill Imported Ansul Company, The One Stanton Street Marinette WI 54143 AFFF ANSUL DMB ANSUL E-121 ANSUL E-141 ANSUL E-161 ANSUL E-181 ANSUL E-444 ANSUL HA FORAY LITH-X MET-L-KYL MET-L-X Na-X PLUS FIFTY PURPLE K Apco Oil Corporation Box 1841 Oklahoma City OK 73101 Apco Inkol No. 0 Apco Weed Treating Solvent Apco Wood Treating Solvent Apco 140 Apco 360 Apco 467 Apco 3221 Spirits Apco 3222 Spirits Apco 3223 Spirits Apcolene Apcothinner Deodorized Apco 125 Deodorized Apco 140 Deodorized Apco 467 Dryolene No. 10 Mineral Spirits Petrolene Rub-Sol Speedsol Stod-Sol Super Stod-Sol Troluoil Wet-Ege Spirits Apex Alkali Products Company Main & Rector Streets Philadelphia PA 19127 AEROMOL (ALL PRODUCTS) ALDOL (ALL PRODUCTS) ANTI RUST (ALL PRODUCTS) APEX #22 thru #809 ASOL (ALL PRODUCTS) BACTISOL (ALL PRODUCTS) BW-2 thru 17 CS-1 thru 17 D-13 thru D-644 DC-1 thru DC-23 DEOX (ALL PRODUCTS) DISOLV (ALL PRODUCTS) DURALUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) ELECTRO 100 FOMETROL (ALL PRODUCTS) FW-98 Thru 399R G-505 Thru G-575 HOT FORGE 4 thru 33 KB KL KLEEN KOTE KLEENLUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) KM KMH KO KS LBS LCO-210 thru 702 M-10 NITRATONE PC-94 thru PC-100 PICKLEEN (ALL PRODUCTS) POLYKOTE (ALL PRODUCTS) POLYLUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) PRECOAT 303 thru 5024 QA-1 RPS SCO (ALL PRODUCTS) SN-50 SP-1 thru SP-53 T-10 TCS-1 thru 16 TK-11 thru 19 UCL-21 & 51 VP WA-1 thru WA-14 WD-12 thru WD-136 WDO (ALL PRODUCTS) WS-101 thru 151 WSC-3 thru 17 WSR-1 thru 10 image: ------- Apex Chemical Co., Inc. 30 Apex Chemical Co., Inc. 200 South First Street P.O. Box 254 - E'Port Station Elizabethport NJ 07206 APEX ANTISTAT (all products) APEX BINDER (all products) APEX CATALYST (all products) APEX DEFOAMER (all products) APEX DYSET (all products) APEX EMULSIFIER (all products) APEX FINISH (all products) APEX FLAMEPROOF (all products) APEX FLAMEPROOF EMULSIONS (all prod.) APEX LEVEL DYE (all products) APEX PENETRANT (all products) APEX QUATERNARY (all products) APEX RETARDER (all products) APEX SCO (all products) APEX SOFTENERS (all products) APEX SOLUBLE WAX (all products) APEX SULFONATED CASTOR OIL (all prod.) APEXCURE (all products) APEXOMIDE (all products) APEXOMINE (all products) APEXOSIST (all products) APEXOSOL (all products) APEXSCOUR (all products) BONDAPEX (all products) BRILLIANTONE (all products) CALAFENE (all products) CELLUSET (all products) CENTERLAC (all products) CHLOR ASSIST (all products) CLAROSET (all products) DURAPEX (all products) DYNACOL (all products) DYSYN (all products) ETHAPEX (all products) FUMEX (all products) HERTEX (all products) LARSYNOL (all products) LAURELTON OIL (all products) LUBRAPEX (all products) MERSAPEX (all products) MERSYNOL (all products) MOLBAN (all products) MORDANTINE (all products) NOYL (all products) NYLAFIX (all products) NYLASIST (all products) PENTRAPEX (all products) POLYSOF (all products) QUINIPOL (all products) RETARDAPEX (all products) SEQUAPEX (all products) TAFFIN (all products) TAREM (all products) VELVAPEX (all products) WATERPROOFON (all products) *05 ALOX 100 Apollo Chemical Corp. 35 South Jefferson Road Whippany NJ 07981 ALOX 111 Apollo SDI series Coaltrol C series Coaltrol K series Coaltrol LAC series Coaltrol LC-55 Coaltrol LPA series Coaltrol M series Coaltrol P series Coaltrol PPA-30 Coaltrol R series Coaltrol WA Cosmo K-16 DC-22M DGT series DH-42 Dieselex CC-2 GA 362-50 GTA-4 IGT-5 List 1 MC-7 MC-7 Soluble MC-7Z MCC-2 MFK-7 MSI-5 Pentron B Pentron BD series Pentron C Pentron CI series Pentron D Pentron D-90 Pentron DB series Pentron DC series Pentron Deoxo Pentron E series Pentron F-800 Pentron IM series Pentron M series Pentron N Pentron QF series Pentron S series Pentron SC series Pentron TC series Pentron W PRI-19 Protex-A-Tank Pyrocene RSI-6M SI-80 series SSI series TA-1990 UC-65 UC-66 WD series W3CS XGT-6 image: ------- 31 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc. Apollo Chemical Corporation 1105 Southerland Street Graham NC 27253 Accobrite OR Accosoft L Accosoft SN, Lubatol ECM, Polylube JP Accosoft 6-66 Anti-Spot, Transfer Remover Apcoquest DTK Apcorez PVA Apcosperse Apollo Base 1500 Apollo Base 1501, Levelpol E Apollo Base 1502 Apollo Base 1503 Apollo Base 1504, Tripon Apollo Base 1505, Softener Base 200 Apollo Base 1506 Apollo Enzyme Apollo LH Spec, Polyseour HF Apollowhite CF Liq Apostalux NR Barbafume 512 Barbalube JP Barbalube 50 Barflame OTF, Dyride FDL Barfoam ATS, Defoamer S Barfoam Super P Barfoam Super P-40, Barfoam HJ, Defoamer S Barstat C-30, Levelstat Barstat PA(2) Bondedgegum KS Bondedgegum KS Spec Bondedgegum NP Detergent AB, Scourpowder JD, Kelchem SO Duride OPA Dybild 44 Dycryl Dylube CP Cone Dyper Cone Dyper 100 Dyride AP Dyride C(2), Cht Carrier 180 Dyride T Dyride 6D5R Gardol DU Gardol NYL Hygrosoft Jet Wet, Penetrant 100 Leveler GT Leveltone Polylev ND Polylube LPN Polyseour JP Power Pak Rapidye OR Roll-X, Apollo Machine Cleaner SB-28 Solventscour GM, Kelchem SM Tex Klean Tripon PB-25 Triscour, Apolloterge Wate-On Weighter G Windease X-Pand Ease Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc. 2431 E. 56th Street Los Angeles CA 90058 A-101, 801, 7411 A-102, 802, 7412 A-103, 803, 7413 A-104, 804, 7414 A-105, 805, 7415, 50 A-106, 806, 7416, 60 A-108, 808, 7418 A-109, 809, 7419 A-110 A-lll A-112 B-199 B-200 B-201 B-201P B-202P, 202, 2313 B-202S, 2313S B-202XXP B-204 B-205 B-206 B-208, 207, 2314 B-208, 2461 B-209 B-210 B-211, 4335 B-211L B-212, C-312, 3243 B-212U, 3244 B-212X B-213 B-214 B-214A, 3242 B-214X, 3244X B-215, 3241 B-216, 226, 3251 B-217, 3245 B-218 B-219 B-220, 225, 2471 B-224 B-226 B-239-D, 537 Sp. B-239, C-521, 539, 8412 B-239 N/D, 1410 B-239P, C-522 B-240, C-423 B-242 B-244, 270 B-244X B-245 B-246 B-247 B-248, 280 B-249 B-250, 2315 B-252 B-253, 2383 B-254 B-256 B-260, 290 B-261, 2492 B-261S, 2493, 8403S B-262 B-262X B-264 B-295, FOT, 610, FOA1 B-701, 2482 B-702 B-703, 2203 B-704, 2301 B-706, 2202 B-710 B-711 B-712 B-743, 2384 B-794, 2494 BC-45, 445P, 5482 BC-45L, 445L, 5483 BC-55, 455, 5494 C-300, 324 C-301, 536 C-301P, 8474 C-302 C-302P C-303 C-303P C-304 C-304P C-305P C-306P C-315, 4334 C-318, B-209 C-320 C-322 C-322P C-323 C-324 C-325 C-329 C-330 C-331 C-332 C-333 C-342, 4519 C-354, 454, 554 C-400, 465, 565, 4430 C-401 C-417, 583 C-472 C-472A, 4578 C473 C-492 C-500 C-510 C-510A C-512 C-515, 339 C-525 C-535 image: ------- Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc. 32 Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc.ó cont'd C-545, 4537 C-550, 350 C-560 C-575 C-580 C-590 C-716, 582, 4536 C-716S C-720, 555, 557, 4691 C-720X, 560X, 4692 C-722, 546, 4693 C-730 C-731 C-732 C-733 C-906 DSR, BC-65, 5425 HCL, BC-75 2201 3252 3451 3453 3454 4712 6211 Aquaterra Biochemicals, Inc. 3906 Artdale, PO Box 42350 Houston TX 77042 AZOBAX AZOBAX beta BEMEG alpha BEMEG beta BESUB alpha BESUB beta EPS -2020 BT alpha BT beta ENZO EXOD GSHGD-1 LS-1471 ZOLAK alpha ZOLAK beta ZOLAK delta ZOLAK gamma ARAN DEE Associates LTD c/o Metachem Resins Corp 530 Wellington Ave Cranston RI 02910 RAPIDSET Arapahoe Chemicals, Inc. 2075 N. 55th Street Boulder CO 80301 Catocene (all products) DFR 100 through 246 FE 55 PD-127 through 1471 Permablend I through III Armak Company 1300 Baypark Pasadena TX 77507 KETJENFINE (ALL PRODUCTS) image: ------- REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Armak Industrial Chemicals Division Armak Industrial Chemicals Division Cottman Ave. & State Rd. Philadelphia PA 19135 Armac C Armac EA-80 Armac T and HT Armac 18D and 18D40 Armac 4719, 4721 and 4722 Armacflote EA-80 Armeen AM-100C Armeen C, CD, C A/W, and CD A/W Armeen DMCD, DMCP and DMMCD Armeen DME Armeen DMOD and DMSD Armeen DMTD and DMHTD Armeen DM12D, DM14D and DM16D Armeen DM18D Armeen EA-13 Armeen EA-80 Armeen HT, HTD and HT-97 Armeen HTM and HTMD Armeen L-ll and L-15 Armeen MCA Armeen M2C and M2C A/W Armeen M2HT and M2HTDN Armeen 0, OD, OL, OM-97 and OMD Armeen OA and OW Armeen S and SD Armeen T A/W and TD A/W Armeen T, TD, T-97 and TM Armeen TM-97 and TMD Armeen USP Armeen Z Armeen 2C, 2C A/W, 2HT and 2HT A/W Armeen 2S, 2T and 2-12 Armeen 8 and 8D Armeen 12, 12D and 12-43 Armeen 14 and 14D Armeen 16 and 16D Armeen 18, 18D and 18DF Armeen 4639 and NC Armeen 4673 Armeen 4767 Armid (all products) Armocure 100 Armoflo 21, 65, 66, 48 and L-15 Armoflote CST Armogard GDT-3314 Armogloss (all products) Armohib 25, 28 and 31 Armoklay (all products) Armoshp (all products) Armosoft L and M Armostat PE-200 Armostat 100V Armostat 310 and 410 Armostat 375, 450 and 475 Arneel (all products) Arneel OD Aromox C/12 and C/12W Aromox DMC, DMCW and DMMCW Aromox DM16 Aromox NCMW Aromox T/12 Arquad B-9 Arquad B-100 and B-100-80 Arquad B-200-85 Arquad BL Arquad C-50 and C-33W Arquad DMCB-80 Arquad DMHTB-75 Arquad S-33W, S-50 and 0-50 Arquad T-2C-50 and S-2C-50 Arquad 2C Nitrite Arquad 2C-75, 2C-75 CG and 2S-75 Arquad 2HT-75 and 2HT-75 CG Arquad 12-33, 12-50 and 12-50 CG Arquad 16-50, 16-25W, and 16/29 Arquad 18-50, UT-50 and T-50 Duomac T Duomeen C, CD and C Special Duomeen EA-13 Duomeen L-ll and L-15 Duomeen 0 and OL Duomeen T, TE-9, E-9 and T Special Duomeen TOO and TDO-IHF Duomeen TTM and OLTM Duoquad T-50 and 0-50 Ethoduomeen T/(all products) Ethofat C/15 and C/25 Ethofat 0/20 and 142/20 Ethofat 242/25 and 60/20 Ethomeen C/(all products) Ethomeen 0/(all products) Ethomeen S/(all products) Ethomeen T/(all products) Ethomeen 18/(all products) Ethomid 0/15, HT/15 and HT/60 Ethoquad C/25 and 18/25 Ethoquad 0/12, C/12 and 18/12 KESSCO BCO KESSCO BCS KESSCO E-112 KESSCO E-119 KESSCO 211 KESSCO 636 KESSCO 639 KESSCO 650 KESSCO 653 KESSCO 654 KESSCO 675 KESSCO 3283 KESSCOLIN KESSCOMIR KESSCOWAX A-21 KESSCOWAX A-33 KESSCOWAX B Neo Fat (all products) Redicote AP Redicote E-4 and E-9 Redicote E-5 Redicote E-ll Redicote E-12, E-47 and E-48 Redicote E-14 and E-14S Redicote E-23 Redicote E-29 Redicote E-33 Redicote E-39 Redicote E-42 Redicote E-50 Redicote E-53 Redicote E-54 Redicote E-55 Redicote E-56 Redicote E-59 Redicote E-62 Redicote E-63 Redicote E-64 and E-&4R Redicote E-65 Redicote E-4763 Redicote E-4819 Redicote E-4825 Redicote E-4868 Redicote 808, 81S and 82S Redicote 2323 Redicote 4442 Redicote 4795-H Superfilmeen Talofloc image: ------- Armak Pioneer Chemical Div. 34 Armak Pioneer Chemical Div. Rt. 73 & Penna Railroad Bridge P.O. Box 237 Maple Shade NJ 08052 Aciterge ME Cellulube (All) Cellusoft (All) DB- Debonders (All) Defoamer 10 Discharge Cleaner Dispersol Surfactants (All) OLD- Defoamers (All) Effectin FWD and RXG EXP-167 Defoamer F-947 Defoamer grapHsize A & C Magnesium Methylate MBT-10% Solution Nylosan 31 Nylosil PAR Defoamers (All) PD-YST-X-7 Defoamer PD-63-X- Defoamers (All) PD-114-RR Defoamer PD-114-RRE Defoamer PD-114-X- Defoamers (All) PDD Defoamers (All) Piocide C-30 Piolon T- (all) Pionite (All) Piopol P-16 Piosolv (All) Piotron Surfactants (All) Product IM-2 PSB-15 Defoamer PSD Defoamers (All) Purge Cleaner Remove Cleaner Slimicide V-10 Slimicide V-10X Terge All Cleaner Viscon 103 Armour Pharmaceutical Co. P. 0. Box 511 Kankakee IL 60701 BOVINE ALBUMIN TYPE H-7 POWDER ENZAR T LEPTALB 7 PLM-5 PROTECTIVE ALBUMIN PA-30 REHATUIN FILTERED MERCK REHATUIN FS REHATUIN NFS REHAVID HA-30 REHAVID S-30 REHZYME 301 Armstrong Chemical Co., Inc. 1530 S. Jackson Street Janesville WI 53545 ACCO AID ACCODET (With number and/or letter code) ACCODET HD ACCOLAN (With number and/or letter code) ACCOLAN R ACCOLAN S ACCOMEEN C-5 ACCOMEEN C-10 ACCOMEEN C-15 ACCOMEEN C-20 ACCOMEEN C-20P ACCOMEEN C-24 ACCOMEEN C-25 ACCOMEEN C-100 ACCOMEEN C-150 ACCOMEEN Cl through T-150 ACCOMEEN HT-15 ACCOMEEN HT-20 ACCOMEEN HT-150 ACCOMEEN S-5 ACCOMEEN S-10 ACCOMEEN S-15 ACCOMEEN S-20 ACCOMEEN S-20P ACCOMEEN S-50 ACCOMEEN S-150 ACCOMEEN T-4 ACCOMEEN T-5 ACCOMEEN T-10 ACCOMEEN T-15 (29) ACCOMEEN T-20 ACCOMEEN T-20P ACCOMEEN T-90 ACCOMEEN T-150 ACCOMEEN T-200-S ACCOMEEN 0-2 ACCOMEEN 0-20 ACCOMEEN 18-20 ACCOMID C ACCOMID C through L ACCOMID L ACCOMID 0-50 ACCONAL CIO ACCONOL PS-73 ACCONOL 810-2, M1778 ACCONOL 810-3, M1776 ACCONON CON ACCONON HA ACCONON HN ACCONON H3 ACCONON H3 through 6000 SL ACCONON H5 ACCONON H7 ACCONON H9 ACCONON Na ACCONON PEG 200 MS ACCONON PEG 300 MS ACCONON PEG 300 SL ACCONON PEG 350 SL ACCONON PEG 400 ML ACCONON PEG 400 MO ACCONON PEG 400 MS ACCONON PEG 400 SL ACCONON PEG 570 TA ACCONON PEG 600 ML ACCONON PEG 600 MS ACCONON PEG 1500 MS ACCONON PEG 2000 MO ACCONON PEG 6000 SL ACCONON TDA 6 ACCONON 200 MS ACCONON 1300 ACCOQUAT (With number and/or letter code) ACCOQUAT C-15 ACCOQUAT HT-15 ACCOQUAT 2C-75 ACCOQUAT 2C-75H ACCOSOFT (With Number and/or letter code) ACCOSOFT Amido Amine ACCOSOFT Amido Amine - H2 ACCOSOFT A155 ACCOSOFT A155 Amido Amine Propoxylate ACCOSOFT A155M ACCOSOFT Coco Amido Amine ACCOSOFT Tertiary Amido Amine H2 ACCOSOFT Tertiary Amido Amine 550 ACCOSOFT Tertiary Amido Amine 620 ACCOSOFT Tertiary Coco Amido Amine ACCOSOFT 155 ACCOSOFT 155 Amido Amine ACCOSOFT 155 Amido Amine Ethoxylate ACCOSOFT 440 ACCOSOFT 532 ACCOSOFT 550 (75% & 90%) ACCOSOFT 550 (90%) HF ACCOSOFT 550 (90%) HHV ACCOSOFT 550 (90%) HV ACCOSOFT 550 (90%) J ACCOSOFT 550 Coco ACCOSOFT 620 (75% & 90%) ACCOSOFT 620 (90%) DX ACCOSOFT 707 ACCOSOFT 748 ACCOSOFT 748-1433B image: ------- 35 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Arol Chemical Products Company Armstrong Chemical Co., Inc.ócont'd ACCOSOFT 808 ACCOSPERSE (With number and/or letter code) ACCOSPERSE CON ACCOSPERSE DPS ACCOSPERSE EHVMG, ACCOSPERSE EMG ACCOSPERSE EMGS ACCOSPERSE ETC ACCOSPERSE HVDG ACCOSPERSE HVMG ACCOSPERSE LDG ACCOSPERSE LMG ACCOSPERSE M-86C ACCOSPERSE MFA-1 ACCOSPERSE MFA-2 ACCOSPERSE MFA-6 ACCOSPERSE MFA-20 ACCOSPERSE MFA-60 ACCOSPERSE P 2000 ACCOSPERSE PS-75 ACCOSPERSE SDG ACCOSPERSE SMG ACCOSPERSE TDG ACCOSPERSE TGH ACCOSPERSE TGH (L) ACCOSPERSE 20 ACCOSPERSE 20 through 80 ACCOSPERSE 60 ACCOSPERSE 80 ACCOSPERSE 200 DPS ACCOSPERSE 932 ACCOSPERSE 1300 ACCOSPESE TMG ACCOTERGE HOLD Acid Foamer ADD-NB-100 AMINE CPA AMPHO Bll-34 AMPHO Bll through T35 AMPHO T-35 AMPHO T-35 Methyl Ester AMPHO 419 AMPHODET CQ Arosurf AA-52 AROSURF 52-E10 Arosurf 170P-2 Bac-Soft M14 Bac-Soft M28 Bell Lube Blue Velvet (Ref. 61104) CPA - ACRYLATE SALT CQ IMIDAZOLINE DECOQUAT 718 DNP-E Fabric Softener, Formulation I Fabric Softener, Formulation II Formula PX51-C FOURSORB 80 IMIDAZOLINE 808 Kosher ACCOSPERSE EMG Lan Aqua Sol. 50 Regular Grade Lan Aqua Sol. 50 Super Hydrophilie Grade Lan Aqua Sol. 100 Regular Grade Lan Aqua Sol. 100 Super Hydrophilie Grade LAUNDRY SOFT 90% Laundry-Soft #1 (75,90%) Code M13 Laundry-Soft #1 (90%) Lemon Soft Lo-Visco MAQUAT LC12S-50% MAQUAT MC1412-50% MAQUAT MC1412-80% MAQUAT MC1416-50% MAQUAT MC1416-80% MDM Surfactant M MDM 120 EATS MDM 2012 NB-100 NONIONIC 917 NP-6 P 2000 SL Polioxietileno Polioxiopropileno Condensado 599-01-04-09 POLYSORBATE 20 Polysorbate 20 through 80 POLYSORBATE 60 POLYSORBATE 80 PRAIRETERGE 1300 Prairie-Soft #2 (75,90%) Code M-13 PRAIRIE-TERGE H.D.L.D. PRAIRIE-TERGE H.D.L.D., Code 8-15 Propoameen T12 Propoduomeen T-12 Q-18-15 RD4613 Modified REPCO P-60 SAA-35 SANAC A through T SANAC C SANAC C Methyl Ester SANAC C PROP. SANAC S SANAC S Methyl Ester SANAC S PROP. SANAC T SANAC T Methyl Ester SANAC T PROP. SEACO EOX MONO (Veg.) SEACO EOX MONO 40 SEACO SPERSE S-20 Softener Blend TEAH Tex-Soft (Regular) Tex-Soft (With Odor Control) ULTRA WET NT X-744 2C-75 2C-75H 532-Optical Brightener 620-Optical Brightener Arol Chemical Products Company 649 Ferry Street Newark NJ 07105 ADJUNCT (ALL PRODUCTS) ALKALI CLEANER (ALL PRODUCTS) ALLITE (ALL PRODUCTS) ARASSIST (ALL PRODUCTS) AREMUL (ALL PRODUCTS) AREPEL (ALL PRODUCTS) ARETARD(ALL PRODUCTS) AROBEN (ALL PRODUCTS) AROCLEAN (ALL PRODUCTS) ARODET (ALL PRODUCTS) AROFIL (ALL PRODUCTS) AROFIX (ALL PRODUCTS) AROFLEX (ALL PRODUCTS) AROFLOR (ALL PRODUCTS) AROFOS (ALL PRODUCTS) AROFUL (ALL PRODUCTS) AROFUME (ALL PRODUCTS) AROGUM (ALL PRODUCTS) AROJET (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL ANTIFUME (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL ANTISTAT (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL CARRIER (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL CARRILUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL CHAIN LUBRICANT (ALL PROD- UCTS) AROL DEFOAMER (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL DEGREASER(ALL PRODUCTS) AROL DESCALER (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL FLAME PROOF (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL HYDROSORB (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL KNITTING OIL (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL PINE OIL DETERGENT (ALL PROD- UCTS) AROL PINE SOAP (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL PM SOLVENTS (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL PRINT SCOUR (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL RANGE SCOUR (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL RESINSOLVE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL ROLLER CLEANER (ALL PROD- UCTS) AROL RUST STRIPPER (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL SM CLEANERS(ALL PRODUCTS) AROL STEAMLINE TREATMENTS (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL TRUCK WASH (ALL PRODUCTS) AROL WEIGHTER FINISH (ALL PROD- UCTS) AROLENE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROLESTER (ALL PRODUCTS) AROLEV (ALL PRODUCTS) AROLITE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROLOC (ALL PRODUCTS) AROLON (ALL PRODUCTS) AROLTERGE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROLUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROMERSE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROMIDE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROMINE (ALL PRODUCTS) ARONAP (ALL PRODUCTS) ARONON (ALL PRODUCTS) AROPEL (ALL PRODUCTS) AROPINE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROPRUF (ALL PRODUCTS) AROQUEST (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSCOUR (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSCROOP (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSET (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSLIP (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSOAP (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSOFT (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSOLVE(ALL PRODUCTS) AROSPERSE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSTAT (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSTRIP (ALL PRODUCTS) AROSULF (ALL PRODUCTS) image: ------- Arol Chemical Products Company 36 Arol Chemical Products Companyócont'd AROWASH (ALL PRODUCTS) AROWATE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROWAX (ALL PRODUCTS) AROWET (ALL PRODUCTS) AROWHITE (ALL PRODUCTS) AROZYME (ALL PRODUCTS) ARYLPEN (ALL PRODUCTS) BASE LCS-2 BLUZENE CATALYST RSS COLLOIDS (ALL PRODUCTS) COOLITE (ALL PRODUCTS) CRYSTAL BRIGHT (ALL PRODUCTS) DEGREASER 12 (ALL PRODUCTS) DETERGENT CR (ALL PRODUCTS) DETERGENT OILS FOR AGS-97 DYNASOL (ALL PRODUCTS) END SCALE END SLUDGE FLOOR STRIPPER/CLEANERS (ALL PROD- UCTS) FUEL OIL ADDITIVES (ALL PRODUCTS) GENERAL CLEANING FLUID EMC-175 HI FOAM POWDER KILFOAM (ALL PRODUCTS) LAUNDRY COMPOUND M (ALL PROD- UCTS) LORADET (ALL PRODUCTS) LORAGLEAM (ALL PRODUCTS) LORAJET (ALL PRODUCTS) LORALENE (ALL PRODUCTS) LORALON (ALL PRODUCTS) LORAMELT (ALL PRODUCTS) LORAWASH (ALL PRODUCTS) MACHINE DISHWASHING B (ALL PROD- UCTS) MINT LIQUID HAND SOAP (ALL PROD- UCTS) SANAL SCALITE (ALL PRODUCTS) SILVER BRIGHT SITEX SITURGE SLUDGE SOLVENT SOFTITE SOLUBLE PINE OIL (ALL PRODUCTS) SOLVITE SPOTLESS STEAM CLEANER MM (ALL PRODUCTS) SULFATED CASTOR OIL (ALL PRODUCTS) TALL OIL SOAP TEA/HCL Araynco, Inc. Post Office Box 8 Foot of 13th Street Carlstadt NJ 07072 ACCELERATOR 50501 ITP 63 PHOSPHANOL "O" ZK-47 Arthur C Trask Corp 7201 W 65th St Chicago IL 60638 ACTRACOR T ACTRAFOAM (ALL) ACTRAFOS (ALL) ACTRAGARD (ALL) ACTRASOL (ALL) ACTROL (ALL) EMULSIFIER 213C ESTERSULF (ALL) ETHOXANOL (ALL) HI FOAM BASE (ALL) HI FOAM SHAMPOO CONC. KRICINOL 35 LATOL (ALL) LEATHER RICH LIPSOL (ALL) MARC A LEAK (ALL) MARCO EMULSIFIER S MARCO LUBE MARCO SOLVE MELOTAN RSB RI FOAM CC RMR-114 SORICINOL 55 SURPASOL (ALL) TOP FAT LIQUORS TRASTAN (ALL) 711 SLUSHING OIL Ashland Chemical Company P. 0. Box 2219 5200 Blazer Parkway Columbus OH 43229 ADCOSIL Admerol L-40 Admerol SL-2 Admerol 75 Admerol 100 Admerol 150 Admerol 351 ADMETAL Admex Blend #6 Admex Blend No. 3 Admex DP 3533-155 Admex Plasticizer Admex 130 Admex 180 Admex 241 Admex 345 Admex 433 Admex 510 Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex Admex 515 522 523 525 529 710 711 711 RB 746 752 760 761 770 772 775 780 790 790A Admex 880 Admex 890 Admex 4916 Admex 6211 Admex 16096 Adogen ADC/ADT Adogen R-2 Adogen R-6 Adogen 101 Adogen 101D Adogen 115 Adogen 115D Adogen 115D EO Grade Adogen 140 Adogen 140D Adogen 140D EO Grade Adogen 141 Adogen 141D image: ------- 37 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Ashland Chemical Company Ashland Chemical Companyócont'd Adogen 570S Adogen 142 Adogen 572 Adogen 142D EO Grade Adogen 583 Adogen 151 Adogen 584 Adogen 160 Adogen 585 Adogen 160D Adol P Adogen 160D EO Grade Adol 34A Adogen 161 Adol 42 Adogen 161D Adol 52 NF Adogen 161D EO Grade Adol 54 Adogen 163 Adol 60 Adogen 163D Adol 61 Adogen 163 D-9 Adol 62 Adogen 166 Adol 63 Adogen 166 D Adol 64 Adogen 170 Adol 66 Adogen 170D Adol 80 Adogen 170D EO Grade Adol 85 NF Adogen 172 Adol 158 Adogen 172D Adol 320 Adogen 180 Adol 330 Adogen 183 Adol 340 Adogen 184 Adol 520 NF Adogen 185 Adol 620 USP Adogen 188 Adol 630 Adogen 232 All Aroflint Adogen 234 Amine Blend Adogen 236 Ardex PE Adogen 240 Ardol G-H Adogen 270 Arochem 90 Adogen 283 Arochem 320 Adogen 315D Arochem 325 Adogen 332 Arochem 335 Adogen 340 Arochem 345 Adogen 341D Arochem 351 Adogen 342D Arochem 355 Adogen 343 Arochem 402 Adogen 345D Arochem 404 Adogen 349 Arochem 455 Adogen 363 Arochem 462 Adogen 364 Arochem 475 Adogen 365D Arochem 478 Adogen 367 Arochem 479 Adogen 367D Arochem 500 Adogen 368 Arochem 520 Adogen 369 Arochem 530 Adogen 370D Arochem 532 Adogen 381 Arochem 533 Adogen 382 Arochem 534 Adogen 383 Arochem 545 Adogen 415 Arochem 595 Adogen 432 (75%) Arochem 605 Adogen 432 CG Arochem 642 Adogen 434 Arochem 650 Adogen 436 Arofene 136 Adogen 441 Arofene 201 Adogen 442 (75%) Arofene 220 Adogen 442-H Arofene 295 Adogen 442 100P Arofene 358 Adogen 444 Arofene 386 Adogen 461 Arofene 534 Adogen 462 Arofene 536 Adogen 464 Arofene 595 Adogen 465 Arofene 612 Adogen 470 Arofene 630 Adogen 471 Arofene 631 Adogen 477 HG Arofene 669 Adogen 540 Arofene 670 Adogen 540 EO Grade Arofene 675 Adogen 551 Arofene 744 Adogen 560 Arofene 760 Adogen 560N Arofene 779 Adogen 570A Arofene 780 Adogen 570 DO Arofene 825 Arofene 837 Arofene 850 Arofene 872 Arofene 875 Arofene 877 Arofene 890 Arofene 965 Arofene 985 Arofene 986 Arofene 987 Arofene 1877 Arofene 2344 Arofene 2869 Arofene 2903 Arofene 3570 Arofene 6403 Arofene 6530 Arofene 6690 Arofene 6745 Arofene 6752 Arofene 6753 Arofene 6771 Arofene 6781 Arofene 6782 Arofene 6801 Arofene 6839 Arofene 6842 Arofene 8022 Arofene 8033 Arofene 8179 Arofene 8240 Arofene 8318 Arofene 8320 Arofene 8340 Arofene 8401 Arofene 8513 Arofene 8525 Arofene 8707 Arofene 8723 Arofene 8758 Arofene 8787 Arofene 8828 Arofene 8835 Arofene 8902 Arofene 8909 Arofene 8915 Arofene 9273 Arofene 9304 Arofene 9474 Arofene 9536 Arofene 9580 Arofene 24780 Arofene 72155 Arofene 85678 Arofene 86753 Arofene 86781 Aroflat 3025 Aroflat 3103 Aroflat 3113 Arolon X820 Arolon X840 Arolon 322 Arolon 324 Arolon 363 Arolon 364 Arolon 369 Arolon 376 Arolon 377 Arolon 378 Arolon 385 Arolon 465 Arolon 507 Arolon 525 Arolon 557 image: ------- Ashland Chemical Company 38 Ashland Chemical Companyócont'd Arolon 580 Arolon 585 Arolon 801 Arolon 969 Aroplaz X663 Aroplaz X739 Aroplaz X6040 Aroplaz X6210 Aroplaz X6220 Aroplaz X6300 Aroplaz Z6030 Aroplaz 310 Aroplaz 906 Aroplaz 930 Aroplaz 1031 Aroplaz 1081 Aroplaz 1082 Aroplaz 1087 Aroplaz 1100 Aroplaz 1133 Aroplaz 1240 Aroplaz 1241 Aroplaz 1247 Aroplaz 1260 Aroplaz 1266 Aroplaz 1271 Aroplaz 1272 Aroplaz 1278 Aroplaz 1279 Aroplaz 1351 Aroplaz 1365 Aroplaz 1385 Aroplaz 1421 Aroplaz 1430 Aroplaz 1433 Aroplaz 1442 Aroplaz 1443 Aroplaz 1444 Aroplaz 1445 Aroplaz 1453 Aroplaz 1483 Aroplaz 1486 Aroplaz 1700 Aroplaz 1705 Aroplaz 1710 Aroplaz 1711 Aroplaz 2462 Aroplaz 2475 Aroplaz 2477 Aroplaz 2480 Aroplaz 2502 Aroplaz 2570 Aroplaz 2573 Aroplaz 2574 Aroplaz 2575 Aroplaz 2580 Aroplaz 2585 Aroplaz 3252 Aroplaz 6006 Aroplaz 6008 Aroplaz 6010 Aroplaz 6022 Aroplaz 6025 Aroplaz 6029 Aroplaz 6065 Aroplaz 6201 Aroplaz 7310 Aroplaz 7323 Aropol D-WEP 123 Aropol L-499N Aropol L-2053-1 Aropol L-2053-2 Aropol L-2077-10 Aropol L-2078-1 Aropol 1^2079 Aropol L-2114 Aropol L-2127 Aropol L-2138 Aropol L-2145 Aropol L-2156 Aropol L-2241 Aropol L-2260 Aropol 1^2261-1 Aropol L-2269 Aropol L-2270 Aropol L-2288 Aropol L-205303 Aropol Q-6228 Aropol Q-6269 Aropol Q-6272 Aropol Q-6415 Aropol Q-6516 Aropol Q-6535 Aropol Q-6541 Aropol Q-6542 Aropol Q-6547 Aropol Q-6550S Aropol Q-6581 Aropol Q-6582 Aropol Q-6584 Aropol Q-6585 Aropol Q-6586 Aropol Q-6588 Aropol Q-6592 Aropol Q-6597 Aropol Q-6601 Aropol Q-6602 Aropol Q-6609 Aropol Q-6611 Aropol Q-6617 Aropol Q-6619 Aropol Q-6620 Aropol Q-6625 Aropol Q-6628 Aropol Q-6629 Aropol Q-6630 Aropol Q-6632 Aropol Q-6651 Aropol Q-6655 Aropol WEP 661P Aropol 493 Aropol 823 Aropol 832 Aropol 834 Aropol 835 Aropol 879 Aropol 890 Aropol 2540 Aropol 2545 Aropol 7020 Aropol 7021 Aropol 7023 Aropol 7030 Aropol 7060 Aropol 7130 Aropol 7200 Aropol 7220 Aropol 7220-2 Aropol 7221 Aropol 7230 Aropol 7240 Aropol 7240T-15 Aropol 7240T-30 Aropol 7240WL Aropol 7240WT-12 Aropol 7241 Aropol 7241-12 Aropol 7241T-15 Aropol 7242T-15 Aropol 7280 Aropol 7320 Aropol 7320-1 Aropol 7362 Aropol 7420 Aropol 7501 Aropol 7530T-16 Aropol 7530WT-16 Aropol 7532 Aropol 7532-09 Aropol 7532-12 Aropol 7581 Aropol 7710 Aropol 7720 Aropol 7721 Aropol 8011 Aropol 8019 Aropol 8101 Aropol 8110 Aropol 8120 Aropol 8130WT Aropol 8172 Aropol 8221 Aropol 8302 Aropol 8310 Aropol 8319 Aropol 8321 Aropol 8339T-12 Aropol 8339T-25 Aropol 8343T-11 Aropol 8343T-12 Aropol 8343T-21 Aropol 8343T-22 Aropol 8343WT-12 Aropol 8349T-09 Aropol 8410-12 Aropol 8420 Aropol 8420-09 Aropol 8430 Aropol 8430T-16 Aropol 8520-14 Aropol 8552W-03 Aropol 8621-16 Aropol 8721 Aropol 8800 Aropol 17131 Aroset 1019 Aroset 1040 Aroset 1042 Aroset 1043 Aroset 1044 Aroset 1048 Aroset 1060 Aroset 1081 Aroset 1085 Aroset 1107 Aroset 1113 Aroset 1146 Aroset 1163 Aroset 1186 Aroset 1214 Aroset 1215 Aroset 1609 Aroset 1611 Aroset 1612 Aroset 1620 Aroset 1816 Aroset 1822 Aroset 1830 Aroset 1831 Aroset 1832 Aroset 1839 image: ------- 39 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Ashland Chemical Company Ashland Chemical Companyócont'd Arosurf AA 22 Arosurf AA-23 Arosurf AA-27 Arosurf AA-54 Arosurf AA-54A Arosurf AA-57 Arosurf AA-60 Arosurf AA-76 Arosurf AA-76 Amide-Amine Arosurf AA-130 Arosurf AA-225 Arosurf CL-A1 Arosurf FA-322 Arosurf FA-702 Arosurf GMS-E20 Arosurf MG-42 Arosurf MG-70 Arosurf MG-70A3 Arosurf MG-83A Arosurf MG-98 Arosurf MG-98A Arosurf MG-98A3 Arosurf MG-101 Arosurf MG-101D Arosurf MG-104 Arosurf MG-105 Arosurf MG-118 Arosurf MG-125 Arosurf MG-140 Arosurf MG-140D Arosurf MG-148 Arosurf MG-170 Arosurf MG-170D Arosurf MG-570A Arosurf MG-570S Arosurf MG-583 Arosurf MG-584 Arosurf R-6 Arosurf TA-100 Arosurf TLF Arosurf 32-E5 Arosurf 32-E20 Arosurf 52-E10 Arosurf 63-E15 Arosurf 66-E2 Arosurf 66-E10 Arosurf 66-E20 Arosurf 140-PE50 Arosurf 170 P-2 Arosurf 1855-E40-CG Arosurf 1855 E-100 Arotap 269 Arotap 271 Arotap 286 Arotap 307 Arotap 352 Arotap 418C Arotap 455 Arotap 516 Arotap 524 Arotap 557 Arotap 1084 Arotap 1084-HF Arotap 1098 Arotap 1128 Arotap 1176 Arotap 1203 Arotap 1548 Arotap 2248 Arotap 3200 Arotap 3205 Arotap 3211 Arotap 3212 Arotap 3215 Arotap 3217 Arotap 3218 Arotap 3219 Arotap 4002 Arotap 6829 Arotap 7201 Arotap 8081 Arotap 8082 Arotap 8095 Arotap 8438 Arotap 10047 Arothane 133 Arothane 171 Arothane 181 Arothane 187 Arothane 190 Arothix 4000 Atopol Q-6654 AVA-202 AVF 301A-50 AVF 301A-60 AVF-301 (50%) Avg-108C Betz CI-46C Calgon JJ-80 CAO-1 CAO-l/CAO-3 CAO-3 CAO-3 Blend 29 CAO-4 CAO-5 CAO-6 CAO-14 CACM2 CAO-44 Carnauba Spray 200 Carspray #2 Gone Carspray #5 Cone Carspray 300 Carspray 436 CHEM-REZ Chem-U-Lator #330 Coco Fatty Acids Coco Nitrile Distal 42 Dryfol B-70 Dryfol M Dryfol W Dryfol Z-6 Dryfol 1080 Dye Retarder #1 Eldefoam 2842 Eldefoam 2842 B Eldefoam 2850 Eldefoam 2861 Eldefoam 2864 Eldefoam 2880 Eldefoam 2881 Eldefoam 2892 Eldefoam 2893 Emulsifier Kl Emulsifier M-75 Emulsifier M-85 Ester Gum B Ester Gum C Ester Gum H Ester Gum M Ester Gum T Final Linseed Pitch Final Soya S/S Pitch Fish Fatty Acid One Flaked Hydrofol Glycerides 105 Fluftex Formula PX-51-C Globrite Glycerine-Stripped by Product GREEN BOND Hetron EP 34033 Hetron EP 34084 Hetron Q-6593 Hetron Q-6615 Hetron Q-6618 Hetron Q-6637 Hetron 31 Hetron 32A Hetron 32T Hetron 72 Hetron 72G Hetron 72L Hetron 72S Hetron 92 Hetron 92AT Hetron 92FR Hetron 92FS Hetron 92G Hetron 92M Hetron 92T Hetron 93 Hetron 93LS Hetron 96 Hetron 197 Hetron 197-3 Hetron 197A Hetron 197AT Hetron 197G Hetron 197L Hetron 197P Hetron 202LP Hetron 254 Hetron 300 Hetron 300L Hetron 301LP Hetron 301P Hetron 325FS Hetron 420FS Hetron 425 Hetron 425P Hetron 435P Hetron 470P Hetron 475P Hetron 700 Hetron 700C Hetron 700G Hetron 800 Hetron 800A Hetron 800FR-Part A Hetron 800FR-Part B Hetron 800L Hetron 801L (new) Hetron SOIL (old) Hetron 902 Hetron 903 Hetron 24148 Hetron 24370 Hetron 26757 Hetron 27196 Hetron 28091 Hetron 28093LS Hetron 29355LS Hetron 29729 Hyd Ac 1655 USP-CG Hyd. Glyc 38 Hyd. Glyc. T 57 L Hyd. Glyc. T 57 N Hyd. Glyc. T57 Hyd. Glyc. 45 Hyd. Glyc. 50/51 image: ------- Ashland Chemical Company 40 Ashland Chemical Companyócont'd Hyd. Glyc. 150 Hyd. Glyc. 200 Hydfl Acid 1655 USP Hydfl Acid 2022-55 Hydfl Acid 2022-70 Hydrg Tallow Nitrile Hydrofol Acid 1-139 Hydrofol Acid 1-341 Hydrofol Acid 0856 Hydrofol Acid 0870 Hydrofol Acid 1095 Hydrofol Acid 1255 Hydrofol Acid 1255H Hydrofol Acid 1255J Hydrofol Acid 1270 Hydrofol Acid 1272 Hydrofol Acid 1290 Hydrofol Acid 1292 Hydrofol Acid 1295 Hydrofol Acid 1299 Hydrofol Acid 1495 Hydrofol Acid 1650 Hydrofol Acid 1670 Hydrofol Acid 1675 Hydrofol Acid 1680 Hydrofol Acid 1690 Hydrofol Acid 1695 Hydrofol Acid 1800-A Hydrofol Acid 1800-B Hydrofol Acid 1800-C Hydrofol Acid 1800-D Hydrofol Acid 1800-U Hydrofol Acid 1800 Standard Hydrofol Acid 1845 Hydrofol Acid 1855 Hydrofol Acid 1865 Hydrofol Acid 1870 Hydrofol Acid 1870-E Hydrofol Acid 1880 Hydrofol Acid 1882 Hydrofol Acid 1887 Hydrofol Acid 1890 Hydrofol Acid 1895 Hydrofol Acid 2022-25 Hydrofol Acid 2022-40 Hydrofol Acid 2022-90 Hydrofol Acid 2260 Hydrofol Acids 67 Hydrofol Acids 631 Hydrofol Glycerides 150 Hydrofol Glycerides 150K Hydrofol Glycerides 1057 FG Hydrofol Tinfat 40 Hydrofol Tinfat 50 Hydrog High Grade Press Cake Hydrog Low Grade Press Cake Hydrog Tallow Nitrile Hydrogenated Split Tallow Acids INDUCTOL INOBAKE INOSET ISOCURE Kelex 100 LIN-0-SET LINO-CURE LINOIL Linseed Fatty Acids Linseed Pitch LIQUI PASTE Liquid Pennsoft NP Pitch NP Pitch Blend OG Pitch Palmityl Myristyl Nitrile Part Hydrog. Whole C/N Fatty Acid Part Hydrog. Whole C/N Oil Acids Part Hydrogenated Tallow Acids Pennstat PEP SET Quintone A-100 Quintone B-170 Quintone C-100 Quintone C-200 Quintone D-100 Quintone D-200 Quintone U-185 Quintone U-285 Refined Menhaden Oil Selectively Hydrogenated Distal 42 Selexol Soya Nitrile Soyagel 70 Spermafol 5200 Srosurf MG-160 Srosurf MG-172A Srosurf MG-3014 STA-HOT Starfol BE 230V Starfol Butyl Stearate 100 Starfol Butyl Stearate 120 Starfol D Starfol D Veg Starfol D Veg-K Starfol EGDS Starfol EGMS Starfol IPM Starfol IPP Starfol Wax CG NF Sucrox 6120 T-Pitch Tallow & Tallow Acid Blend Tallow Acid #7 Tallow Acid One Tallow Nitrile Tallow/Coco Fatty Acid Blend Talofloc Var 70 Varamide Al Varamide A2 Varamide A3 Varamide A7 Varamide A10 Varamide A10A Varamide A12 Varamide A80 Varamide A83 Varamide A84 Varamide LI Varamide MA-4 Varamide MAI Varamide MA1GY Varamide ML-4 Varamide ML1 Varamide SL-9 Varamide SL-910 Varamide SL-930 Varamide 119-97B Varamide 2344 Varanol SLES (60%) Varex 68 Varifoam MS80 Varifoam YM Special Varifos 2039 Varifos 2058 Varifos 2611 Varine C Varine CAD Varine 0 Varine 0 Acetate Varion CADG Varion CAS Varion CDG Variquat A-200 Variquat B-200 Variquat B-345 Variquat CE-100 Variquat DADM Variquat E-228 Variquat E-290 Variquat K 375 Variquat K-75 Variquat K300 Variquat K300 DEC 762 Variquat K1215 Variquat LC80 Variquat 50MC Variquat SOME Variquat 60LC Variquat 80MC Variquat SOME Variquat 638 Variquat 796 Varisoft DHT Varisoft P-22 Varisoft SDC Varisoft SDC Special Varisoft SDC-W Varisoft 110 (75%) Varisoft 111-14E Varisoft 135 Varisoft 137 Varisoft 137/485 Varisoft 190 Varisoft 195 Varisoft 222 Varisoft 238 Varisoft 242PX Varisoft 333 Varisoft 445 Varisoft 445-P Varisoft 449 Varisoft 472 Varisoft 475 Varisoft 475-C Varisoft 476 Varisoft 775 Varisoft 3123 Varisoft 3262 Varisoft 3690 Varisoft 6112 Varonic DC-K104 Varonic DC-10 Varonic EP610-137 Varonic G-485 Varonic KD-214 Varonic K103 Varonic K104 Varonic K109 Varonic K202 Varonic K202 P Varonic K205 Varonic K205 LC Varonic K210 Varonic K210 LC Varonic K215 Varonic K215 LC Varonic LI-42 Varonic LI-63 Varonic LI-65 Varonic LI-67 Varonic L202 image: ------- 41 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Ashland Chemical Companyócont'd Varonic L205 Varonic L205 LC Varonic L215 Varonic L230 Varonic PEG 400 Varonic PEG 600 Varonic PEG 1000 Varonic PEG 1540 Varonic Q-230 Varonic QT-202 Varonic QT202M Varonic Q510 Varonic T202 Varonic T204 Varonic T205 Varonic T205 LC Varonic T210 Varonic T215 Varonic T215 LC Varonic T220M Varonic T225 Varonic T403 Varonic U202 Varonic U205 Varonic U205 LC Varonic U215 Varonic U250 Varonic U403 Varonic 105-40 Varonic 142-E2 Varonic 142-E5 Varonic 300-MO Varonic 320 Varonic 400-DL Varonic 400-MS Varonic 400 MO Varonic 1000-MS Varonic 1596 Varonic 1800-MS Varonic 2271 Varonic 2611A Varonic 3539 Varox 185-E Varox 185-PH Varox 375-0 Varox 1770 Varstat K-22 Varstat T22 Varstat 55 Varstat 66 Varstat 93 Varsulf OT Varsulf 60L Soft Veg Acids RO 10 Veg Acids RO-4 Veg Acids RO-11 S Veg Acids 105 Veg Acids 107 Veg Acids 120 Veg Acids 505 Veg Acids 520 Veg Acids 620 Veg Acids 830 Veg Acids 1520 VeiNo VELVA COAT VELVA DRI VELVA FLO VELVALITE VELVAPLAST VELVASEAL VELVASOL VELVAWASH White Oleic Acid ZIP STIK ZIP-SLIP Zymol Ashland Oil, Inc. P.O. Box 391 Ashland KY 41101 ADCOOL (all products) ADKLEEN ADSOL (all products) ADTREAT ASHLAND (all products) BLUE MAX (all products) CHEMALOY (all products) MAC'S (all products) PROMAX (all products) SUPERAMERICA (all products) TECALOY (all products) TECTYL (all products) Atlantic Chemical Corporation 10 Kingsland Road Nutley NJ 07110 Phd. ACID AAKOGEN BLACK G HIGH CONC. ACID ACETATE BLACK EH ACID ACETATE BLACK SNA ACID ACETATE BLUE NO. 2 ACID ACETATE BROWN DD ACID ACETATE BROWN TS ACID ACETATE NAVY LC ACID ACETATE PINK BA ACID ACID AMARANTH ACID ACID AMARANTH CONC. ACID ACID ANTHRACENE BROWN TBL ACID ACID ANTHRACENE RED G CONC. ACID ACID ANTHRACENE RED 3B EXTRA ACID ACID BLACK A 107 ACID ACID BLACK AMRL ACID ACID BLACK AP ACID ACID BLACK APM ACID ACID BLACK BCJ ACID ACID BLACK C ACID ACID BLACK CB ACID ACID BLACK EBN ACID ACID BLACK EBN DYE ACID ACID BLACK MB ACID ACID BLACK NCB ACID ACID BLACK NCBP ACID ACID BLACK S ACID ACID BLACK SK NEW ACID ACID BLACK SMA ACID ACID BLACK TA ACID BLACK 3C BLACK 10B BLACK 10BR BLACK 10BR EXTRA CONC. BLACT TEJ BLUE A-25 BLUE AP BLUE FFR BLUE R CRUDE BLUE 4GR BLUE 9-LS BRILLIANT CYANINE 6B BRILLIANT IND. G BROWN C-10 BROWN RCI BROWN WES DARK BROWN BBC DARK GREEN B EOSINE G EOSINE G CONC. EOSINE GC CONC. FAST BLUE B FAST BLUE B CONC FAST BLUE B CONC. FAST GREEN RG FAST GREEN 2G FAST GREEN 2G 333% FAST LIGHT YELLOW 2G FAST RED A CONC. FAST RED BL ACID FAST RED BL CONC ACID FAST RED BL CONC. ACID FAST RED BL 167% ACID FAST RED 2G EXTRA CONC. ACID FAST WOOL BLUE R ACID FAST WOOL BLUE R CONC. ACID FAST YELLOW C2G ACID FAST YELLOW P ACID FAST YELLOW SP ACID FAST YELLOW 2G ACID FAST YELLOW 3GLX ACID FUCH SINE 6B 150% ACID FUCHSINE 6B ACID FUCHSINE 6B CONC. ACID GOLDEN YELLOW 2RP ACID GREEN BLACK B ACID GREEN L 200% ACID GREEN 2G ACID LAKE SCARLET 2R ACID LEATHER BROWN KWC ACID LIGHT YELLOW R ACID MAGENTA ACID MAGENTA C ACID NYLON BLACK B ACID OLIVE BROWN GA ACID ORANGE A-60 ACID ORANGE II ACID ORANGE LSF ACID ORANGE RO ACID ORANGE RO EX. CONC. image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 42 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd ACID ORANGE TWO ACID ORANGE Y ACID ORANGE Y CONC. ACID ORANGE YT ACID PAPER BLACK AMC ACID PRINTING BLACK SD ACID RED 2BG ACID RED 2G ACID RED 2G CONC. ACID RED 2G EXTRA CONC. ACID RED 2GF ACID RHODAMINE B ACID RHODAMINE B 400% ACID RUBINE 3GP ACID SCARLET BA ACID SCARLET NTA ACID SCARLET 2R ACID SCARLET 4R CONC. ACID TARTRAZINE ACID VIOLET 4BA CONC ACID VIOLET 4BN ACID VIOLET 4BNS ACID VIOLET 4BNS CONC. ACID VIOLET 4BNS-LS ACID VIOLET 5BNS CONC ACID WOOL BLUE R CONC. ACID YELLOW GLX CONC. ACID YELLOW GSN ACID YELLOW GT CRUDE ACID YELLOW G2X ACID YELLOW G2X CONC. ACID YELLOW NW ACID YELLOW NW SUBSTITUTE ACID YELLOW PRA ACID YELLOW PRS SURPASS ACID YELLOW 3G ACID YELLOW 5G ACRYLIC WHITENER M SOLUTION ACS WHITE EFR ALIZARINE BLUE A ALIZARINE BLUE APC ALIZARINE BLUE A2G ALIZARINE BLUE A2G LIQUID ALIZARINE BLUE B ALIZARINE BLUE FELL ALIZARINE BLUE 2BL ALIZARINE BRILLIANT CYANINE G ALIZARINE CYANINE BLUE BN ALIZARINE CYANINE BLUE SAP ALIZARINE CYANINE BLUE SAP CONC. ALIZARINE CYANINE BLUE SAP 150% ALIZARINE CYANINE GREEN GHN ALIZARINE CYANINE GREEN GN ALIZARINE CYANINE GREEN GN CONC. ALIZARINE CYANINE GREEN 5G ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A ALIZARINE FAST BLUE AP 150% ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A2G ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A2G LIQUID ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A2G POWDER ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A2G 200% ALIZARINE FAST BLUE B ALIZARINE FAST BLUE B CONC. ALIZARINE FAST BLUE 2GL HIGH CONC. ALIZARINE FAST BLUE 2GLA ALIZARINE FAST BLUE 2GLA-R ALIZARINE FAST LIGHT BROWN GL ALIZARINE FAST SCARLET GLD ALIZARINE LIGHT BLUE ARA ALIZARINE MILLING BLUE RB ALIZARINE MILLING BLUE RB 150% ALIZARINE SAPPHIRE SES ALIZARINE SCARLET GLD ALIZARINE SKY BLUE BS ALIZARINE VIOLET A CONC. ALIZARINE VIOLET IRA ALIZARINE VIOLET NRR ALIZARINE VIOLET 3B ALIZARIZE MILLING BLUE FFR 200% ALPHAZURINE BLUE FGND CONC. ALPHAZURINE FG CONC. ALPHAZURINE FGND ALPHAZURINE FGND CONC. ALUMINUM BROWN NRQ ALUMINUM BROWN PMC #2 ALUMINUM BROWN S3110 ALUMINUM BROWN 53102 ALUMINUM DARK BROWN EB ALUMINUM GARNET A AMARANTH CG ANTHRAQUINONE BLUE SRN ANTHRAQUINONE BRILLIANT BLUE 3G EXTRA ANTHRAQUINONE VIOLET RN ANTHRAVAT BLACK AR DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLACK BROWN VA PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLACK CF PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLACK CG PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLACK PC DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLACK RB PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLUE BCS DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLUE BF DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLUE GCD DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BLUE 42 ANTHRAVAT BRILL VIOLET 3B PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILL. GREEN BN DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILL. GREEN BN PURE DEL. PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILL. GREEN GG PASTE DOUBLE ANTHRAVAT BRILL. INDIGO 4B PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILL. INDIGO 4BR PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILLIANT BLUE 2BDM PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILLIANT ORANGE GR PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILLIANT ORANGE RKA PASTE ANTHRAVAT BRILLIANT RED LGG CONC PDR ANTHRAVAT BROWN AG DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BROWN AR DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT BROWN BLACK V PASTE ANTHRAVAT BROWN BR PASTE ANTHRAVAT BROWN BR-S PASTE ANTHRAVAT BROWN BRA PASTE ANTHRAVAT BROWN PK PASTE ANTHRAVAT BROWN T PASTE ANTHRAVAT DARK BLUE BO PASTE ANTHRAVAT DENIM BLACK LVI PASTE ANTHRAVAT DENIM NAVY BFG PASTE ANTHRAVAT DG 107 PASTE ANTHRAVAT DIRECT BLACK CF PASTE ANTHRAVAT DIRECT BLACK HP PASTE ANTHRAVAT DIRECT BLACK M PASTE ANTHRAVAT DIRECT BLACK PC PASTE ANTHRAVAT DIRECT BLACK RBA DOU- BLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT DIRECT BLACK 2G DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT DIRECT BLACK 3G DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT FLAVONE GC PASTE ANTHRAVAT GOLDEN ORANGE GD DOU- BLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT GOLDEN ORANGE 3G PASTE ANTHRAVAT GOLDEN YELLOW GK ANTHRAVAT GOLDEN YELLOW GK DOU- BLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT GOLDEN YELLOW GK PASTE ANTHRAVAT GOLDEN YELLOW RK DOU- BLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT GREY GNF PASTE ANTHRAVAT JADE GREEN DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT KHAKI BGR PASTE ANTHRAVAT KHAKI GGA DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT KHAKI GGA PASTE ANTHRAVAT KHAKI 2G PASTE ANTHRAVAT KHAKI 2G SINGLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT KHAKI 2GA SINGLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT KHAKI 3G SINGLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT NAVY BLUE R DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT OG 107 PASTE ANTHRAVAT OLIVE AR DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT OLIVE GREEN B ICI TYPE ANTHRAVAT OLIVE GREEN B PASTE ANTHRAVAT OLIVE GREEN B SINGLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT OLIVE MW PASTE ANTHRAVAT OLIVE TA PASTE ANTHRAVAT OLIVE TR PASTE ANTHRAVAT ORANGE RRT PASTE ANTHRAVAT PINK FF PASTE ANTHRAVAT RED BG PASTE ANTHRAVAT RED BN DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT RED FBB DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT RED FGD PASTE ANTHRAVAT RED VIOLET RRNX PASTE ANTHRAVAT RUBINE RFP PASTE ANTHRAVAT SCARLET R PASTE ANTHRAVAT SCARLET RZ PASTE ANTHRAVAT VIOLET BN PASTE ANTHRAVAT VIOLET BN SUPRA PASTE ANTHRAVAT VIOLET 3B PASTE ANTHRAVAT VIOLET 4RN PASTE ANTHRAVAT YELLOW GK DOUBLE PASTE ANTHRAVAT YELLOW PGA DOUBLE PASTE ARTIFICIAL DIRECT STILBENE YELL. GA CONC. ARTIFICIAL SILK BLACK G ARTIFICIAL SILK BLACK G CONC. ARTIFICIAL SILK BLACK G CONC. 143% ATACRYL BLACK ASYN ATACRYL BLACK BB ATACRYL BLACK BN ATACRYL BLACK BPW ATACRYL BLACK BR ATACRYL BLACK HR ATACRYL BLACK II ATACRYL BLACK MD ATACRYL BLACK MF ATACRYL BLACK MX ATACRYL BLACK 0 ATACRYL BLACK OA ATACRYL BLACK PAR ATACRYL BLACK PK ATACRYL BLACK PSR ATACRYL BLACK R-NIK ATACRYL BLACK RHN NEW ATACRYL BLACK RX ATACRYL BLACK SPFS ATACRYL BLACK SRX image: ------- 43 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd ATACRYL BLUE B ATACRYL BLUE CDN ATACRYL BLUE C3G ATACRYL BLUE FFR ATACRYL BLUE FRR ATACRYL BLUE GL ATACRYL BLUE GNA ATACRYL BLUE GRLA 100% ATACRYL BLUE GRLA 300% ATACRYL BLUE GRLA 900% ATACRYL BLUE GRLR ATACRYL BLUE HLA ATACRYL BLUE LLA ATACRYL BLUE LLB ATACRYL BLUE LLR ATACRYL BLUE LL2R ATACRYL BLUE LL3R CONC 200% ATACRYL BLUE M ATACRYL BLUE RBA ATACRYL BLUE 2G ATACRYL BLUE 2GH ATACRYL BLUE 2R ATACRYL BLUE 3B ATACRYL BLUE 3DA ATACRYL BLUE 3G ATACRYL BLUE 5B ATACRYL BLUE 5GL ATACRYL BLUE 5GN ATACRYL BLUE 6G ATACRYL BLUE 450 ATACRYL BORDEAUX LLB ATACRYL BR. RED BN ATACRYL BRILL. GREEN CRYSTALS ATACRYL BRILL. RED 2B ATACRYL BRILLIANT PINK B ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED B ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED BN EX. CONC. ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED BN LIQUID ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED HG 200% ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED 2B LIQUID ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED 3B ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED 4G ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED 5G ATACRYL BRILLIANT RED 6B ATACRYL BRILLIANT SCARLET R ATACRYL BROWN G ATACRYL COPPER BROWN L ATACRYL DARK BLUE 2RPW ATACRYL DARK RED LA-PW ATACRYL DARK RED LAPW ATACRYL FUSCHINE ATACRYL GOLDEN YELLOW GA ATACRYL GOLDEN YELLOW R ATACRYL GOLDEN YELLOW 2R ATACRYL GOLDEN YELLOW 3R ATACRYL JADE CRYSTALS ATACRYL NAVY BLUE MBG ATACRYL NAVY BLUE MBM ATACRYL NAVY BLUE OCA ATACRYL NAVY BLUE RL ATACRYL ORANGE CL ATACRYL ORANGE CLA ATACRYL ORANGE G ATACRYL ORANGE GR ATACRYL ORANGE LGM ATACRYL ORANGE LGM LIQUID ATACRYL ORANGE LGM 200% ATACRYL ORANGE RRL ATACRYL ORANGE T3R ATACRYL ORANGE 2GLS ATACRYL PINK FFB ATACRYL PINK G ATACRYL RED ALB ATACRYL RED BN ATALAN ATACRYL RED CDN ATALAN ATACRYL RED FB ATALAN ATACRYL RED FDW ATALAN ATACRYL RED GL ATALAN ATACRYL RED GRA ATALAN ATACRYL RED GRA-L ATALAN ATACRYL RED GRLA ATALAN ATACRYL RED GRPS ATALAN ATACRYL RED GTL ATALAN ATACRYL RED GTL 200% ATALAN ATACRYL RED L ATALAN ATACRYL RED LS ATALAN ATACRYL RED VIOLET 3RA ATALAN ATACRYL RED VIOLET 3RA LIQUID ATALAN ATACRYL RED 2B ATALAN ATACRYL RED 2BL ATALAN ATACRYL RED 4G ATALAN ATACRYL RED 6B ATALAN ATACRYL RHODAMINE B EXTRA CONC. ATALAN ATACRYL ROYAL BLUE B ATALAN ATACRYL SCARLET LL7B ATALAN ATACRYL TURQUOISE GL ATALAN ATACRYL VIOLET FF ATALAN ATACRYL VIOLET LFR ATALAN ATACRYL VIOLET L6B ATALAN ATACRYL VIOLET 3R ATALAN ATACRYL VIOLET 3RA ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW BGL ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW BM-3 ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW CDN ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW CP ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW DY ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GA ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GA 100% LIQUID ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GA 200% ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GL ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GLMT ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GRL ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GRL 100% LIQUID ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW GRN ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW L ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW LIQUID GA ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW L3R ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW L5GA ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW L5R ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW MFW ATALAN ATACRYL YELLOW MFW-MWS ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW R ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW R LIQUID ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW R 200% ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW R-PW ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW RA ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW RA POWDER ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW RLA ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW RN ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW RNS ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW XRL ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 2GL ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 2GRB ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 2RL ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 3G ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 3RL ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 3RLA ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 3RN ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 4G ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 4RLA ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 5R ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 7G ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 7GLL ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 7GSA ATANYL ATACRYL YELLOW 8GMA ATANYL ATALAN BEIGE PR ATANYL ATALAN BLACK BGL ATANYL BLACK BGL CONC. BLACK BGL 150% BLACK BR BLACK BRL BLUE MRA BLUE REN BLUE 2G 200% BLUE 3GA BORDEAUX B BRILLIANT RED B BROWN MGA CONC BROWN MRB BROWN 2GL BROWN 2RL DARK BROWN BR FAST RED AS GREY GMB GREY NL GREY PR MOSS PR NAVY BLUE REN ORANGE GNA ORANGE GRE ORANGE R ORANGE R CONC. ORANGE R 200% ORANGE RLS ORANGE RO ORANGE 2RL NEW RED BLL RED BROWN LRA RED BROWN RLA RED GRE RED JMR RUBINE B RUBINE B 200% YELLOW FGL YELLOW GL CONC. YELLOW GSA YELLOW N YELLOW NW YELLOW NW 250% YELLOW 2GL YELLOW 2RL CONC. YELLOW 3GL YELLOW 3R YELLOW 3RDA AR LIQUID BLACK B BLACK BGL BLACK CB BLACK DSG BLACK GBDW BLACK GD BLACK GLRT BLACK GLWC BLACK HRR BLACK JG BLACK JLD NEW BLACK LLSB BLACK LLSB CONC BLACK LVR BLACK NOW BLACK NW BLACK PVF BLACK RBS BLACK RLW-NB BLACK RRN BLACK SMA BLACK 2BR BLACK 40R BLUE AP BLUE B BLUE BB image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 44 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd ATANYL ATANYL BLUE BNL ATANYL ATANYL BLUE FGL ATANYL ATANYL BLUE G ATANYL ATANYL BLUE GMB ATANYL ATANYL BLUE GREEN B ATANYL ATANYL BLUE GS ATANYL ATANYL BLUE JR ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 2B ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 2GL ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 2R 200% ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 3G ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 3G 200% ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 4G 200% ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 4R 200% ATANYL ATANYL BLUE 6G ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT BLUE CF CONG. ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT BLUE GLF ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT BLUE RW ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT BLUE 3BLF ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT ORANGE DY ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT RED 3B ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT RED 3G ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT VIOLET BLS ATANYL ATANYL BRILLIANT YELLOW CGL ATANYL ATANYL BROWN BBC ATANYL ATANYL BROWN R ATANYL ATANYL BROWN RSM ATANYL ATANYL BROWN 2R ATANYL ATANYL BROWN 2RB ATANYL ATANYL BROWN 3RB ATANYL ATANYL DARK GREEN B ATANYL ATANYL EOSINE G ATANYL ATANYL FAST BLACK NS ATANYL ATANYL FAST RED 2GB ATANYL ATANYL FLOXINE KLA 220% ATANYL ATANYL GLAUCINE EXTRA HIGH CONC. ATANYL ATANYL GOLDEN YELLOW 2RP ATANYL ATANYL GREEN BG ATANYL ATANYL GREEN GG ATANYL ATANYL GREEN 2GFL ATANYL ATANYL GREEN 5G ATANYL ATANYL HUNTER GREEN G ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL BLUE GB-CN ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL BLUE GBM ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL RED DJF ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL RED LLB ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL RED RB-CN ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL SCARLET Y-CN ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL YELLOW R-CN ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL YELLOW RCN ATANYL ATANYL HYSTYL YELLOW 4GCN ATANYL ATANYL LEVELER A ATANYL ATANYL NAVY BLUE GLFW ATANYL ATANYL NAVY 5R ATANYL ATANYL NC LIQUID ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE BRN CONC. ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE G ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE GFN ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE GS NEW ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE LSF ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE MRA ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE SLF ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE 2RL ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE 2RL 185% ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE 3G ATANYL ATANYL ORANGE 4G ATANYL ATANYL PRINTING YELLOW CS ATANYL ATANYL RED AL ATANYL ATANYL RED AR ATANYL ATANYL RED B ATANYL ATANYL RED B-2B ATANYL ATANYL RED BH ATANYL ATANYL RED BLL ATANYL RED BW RED F-NB RED G-NB NEW RED GN RED HCO RED KP RED NJ RED RMW RED RS RED 2B RED 2BC RED 2BDW RED 2GA RED 2GA LIQUID RED 2GA LIQUID 33% RED 2GA SPECIAL RED 2GB RED 2RDF RED 3B RED 3BLF RED 3GB NEW RED 3RG RED 4B-NB RED 4RL RED 4RLA RED 6B RF CONC LIQUID RF LIQUID RHODAMINE BN ROYAL BLUE ACF ROYAL BLUE B ROYAL BLUE LB RUBINE RUBINE B RUBINE 3GP RUBINE 5BL SAPPHIRE G SCARLET B-NB SCARLET FD SCARLET G SCARLET GLD SCARLET GY VIOLET B VIOLET BLS WHITENER 4BCA LIQUID YELLOW CGL YELLOW CH YELLOW CTL YELLOW FLW YELLOW GGB YELLOW GN YELLOW GW YELLOW G3N YELLOW NW YELLOW P CONC. YELLOW RA YELLOW RA 160% YELLOW RH YELLOW RPL YELLOW 8MB YELLOW XP YELLOW 2G YELLOW 2G 200% YELLOW 2R YELLOW 3GL CONC. YELLOW 3GLF YELLOW 3GS YELLOW 4G YELLOW 4GLLS YELLOW 4GLLS 125% YELLOW 4GLSS YELLOW 4NGL YELLOW 4NGL 200% YELLOW 4R ATANYL YELLOW 5G ATL DIRECT FAST BLUE 3RL HI CONC. ATL. ANTHRAVAT BROWN HVC PASTE ATL. ANTHRAVAT OLIVE TA PASTE ATL. AURAMINE 0 CONC. ATL. BENZOPURPURINE 4B EXTRA CONC. ATL. BRILL. BRISTLE BLACK ATL. BRILLIANT YELLOW 3GX ATL. BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G ATL. CHRYSOPHENINE CH SUPER ATL. CHRYSOPHENINE YA CONC. ATL. DIAZO BORDEAUX 7BL EX CONC. ATL. DIRECT BENZOPURPURINE 4B EX. CONC. ATL. DIRECT BLACK RW CONC. ATL. DIRECT BRILL. PAPER YELLOW EX. CONC. ATL. DIRECT BRILL. PAPER YELLOW 3GX ATL. DIRECT BRILL. YELLOW MN EX- TRA ATL. DIRECT BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G ATL. DIRECT CHINOLINE YELLOW P CONC. ATL. DIRECT CHRYSOPHENINE YA SUP. CONC. ATL. DIRECT FAST BLUE RRL CONC. ATL. DIRECT FAST BLUE 3BX CONC NEW ATL. DIRECT FAST BROWN LPA-NB ATL. DIRECT FAST GREEN NNL ATL. DIRECT FAST ORANGE T3RLL ATL. DIRECT FAST ORANGE WS CONC. ATL. DIRECT FAST ORANGE WSP ATL. DIRECT FAST RED 8BLX ATL. DIRECT FAST SCARLET TLF ATL. DIRECT FAST SCARLET WYLC TLF ATL. DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BAP ATL. DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BKA ATL. DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BSW ATL. DIRECT FAST SCARLET SBC EXTRA ATL. DIRECT FAST SCARLET 8BSA ATL. DIRECT FAST TURQUOISE FBL ATL. DIRECT FAST YELLOW FFX ATL. DIRECT FAST YELLOW SWB ATL. DIRECT FAST YELLOW 4GLN ATL. DIRECT FAST YELLOW 5GL CONC. ATL. DIRECT FAST YELLOW 5GLCONC. ATL. DIRECT PAPER YELLOW 3GX ATL. DIRECT RED 8BLX ATL. DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B CONC. ATL. DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B EX CONC. ATL. DIRECT STILBENE YELLOW GA EX. ATL. DIRECT YELLOW 4GLN CONC. ATL. DISPERSE BLUE LTG ATL. DISPERSE BLUE RF ATL. DISPERSE NAVY ACT ATL. FAST LIGHT YELLOW 3GL ATL. FORMALDEHYDE BLACK GR CONC. ATL. GOLD BOND YELLOW FSP ATL. METHYLENE BLUE 2B ATL. METHYLENE BLUE 2B POWDER ATL. NYLON CHINOLINE YELLOW P ATL. PADAZOIC BLUE BLL POWDER ATL. POLYCAR YELLOW RRA PATENTED ATL. POLYCRON CERISE NA POWDER ATL. POLYCRON NAVY BLUE SR ATL. PRINTING BLACK BROWN IT PDR. ATL. PRINTING BLACK GG POWDER ATL. PRINTING BLACK GR POWDER ATL. PRINTING BLACK 2B POWDER ATL. PRINTING BLACK 2G POWDER ATL. PRINTING NAVY BLUE D image: ------- 45 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd ATL. PRINTING ORANGE R POWDER ATL. PRINTING RED FFG POWDER ATL. PRINTING RED GS POWDER ATL. PRINTING RED R ATL. PRINTING RED R POWDER ATL. PRINTING SCARLET FFR POWDER ATL. RESIN FAST BLACK RLW ATL. RESIN FAST BLUE FM ATL. RESIN FAST BLUE RRL HIGH CONC. ATL. RESIN FAST BRILL. SCARLET ASW ATL. RESIN FAST BROWN 3RLL ATL. RESIN FAST ORANGE 4GLL CONC. 125% ATL. RESIN FAST RUBINE LBBL HI CONC. ATL. RESIN FAST VIOLET 2RLL ATL. ROYAL BLUE A ATLACID BLUE GSPM ATLACID BLUE GSPM-LS ATLACID BLUE VR CONC ATLACID DARK BROWN BBC ATLACID DARK BROWN BC ATLACID DARK GREEN B ATLACID FAST LIGHT YELLOW G2X ATLACID FAST LIGHT YELLOW R ATLACID FAST RED BL CONC. ATLACID GREEN GN ATLACID ORANGE G ATLACID ORANGE G PURE ATLACID ORANGE GLS PURE ATLACID ORANGE II ATLACID ORANGE RO EXTRA CONC. ATLACID PATENT BLUE A CONC. ATLACID RED BSC ATLACID RED 2GB ATLACID ROYAL BLUE WT ATLACID YELLOW 2G ATLACID YELLOW 3G CONC. ATLACID YELLOW 3GL CONC. ATLAFIX CA ATLANTIC ACETATE DIRECT BLACK EH ATLANTIC ACETATE ORANGE GRA ATLANTIC ACETATE YELLOW GLF ATLANTIC ACID AMARANTH ATLANTIC ACID AMARANTH CONC. ATLANTIC ACID ANTHRACENE RED G CONC. ATLANTIC ACID BLACK BCJ ATLANTIC ACID BLACK BRT ATLANTIC ACID BLACK MB ATLANTIC ACID BLACK NCB ATLANTIC ACID BLACK NDJ ATLANTIC ACID BLACK 10BR ATLANTIC ACID BLACK 10BR EXTRA CONC. ATLANTIC ACID BRILLIANT BLUE B CONC. ATLANTIC ACID BRILLIANT CROCEINE SCARLET M ATLANTIC ACID BROWN 2R ATLANTIC ACID DARK GREEN B ATLANTIC ACID EOSINE G ATLANTIC ACID EOSINE G CONC. ATLANTIC ACID FAST BLUE B ATLANTIC ACID FAST BLUE B CONC. ATLANTIC ACID FAST EYLLOW 2G-LS SPEC. ATLANTIC ACID FAST GREEN RGN ATLANTIC ACID FAST GREEN 2G ATLANTIC ACID FAST RED BL ATLANTIC ACID FAST RED BL CONC ATLANTIC ACID FAST YELLOW P ATLANTIC ACID FUCHSINE 6B ATLANTIC ACID GREEN 2G 333% ATLANTIC ACID ORANGE II ATLANTIC ACID ORANGE PO ATLANTIC ACID ORANGE RO EX. CONC. ATLANTIC ACID RED BSC ATLANTIC ACID RED 2G ATLANTIC ACID RED 2G EXTRA CONC. ATLANTIC ACID RHODAMINE B ATLANTIC ACID RHODAMINE B CONC. ATLANTIC ACID RUBINE 3GP ATLANTIC ACID SCARLET BA ATLANTIC ACID SCARLET 2R SIGHTEN- ING ATLANTIC ACID SCARLET 4R CONC. ATLANTIC ACID VIOLET 4BNS ATLANTIC ACID VIOLET 4BNS CONC. ATLANTIC ACID VIOLET 5BNS CONC. ATLANTIC ACID WOOL ORANGE G ATLANTIC ACID YELLOW G ATLANTIC ACID YELLOW PR-S ATLANTIC ALIZARINE BLUE ARA SPE- CIAL ATLANTIC ALIZARINE BLUE B ATLANTIC ALIZARINE BLUE SAP CONC. ATLANTIC ALIZARINE BLUE 3G EXTRA ATLANTIC ALIZARINE BRILLIANT CYA- NINE G ATLANTIC ALIZARINE CYANINE BLUE SAP ATLANTIC ALIZARINE CYANINE BLUE SAP CONC. ATLANTIC ALIZARINE CYANINE GREEN GN ATLANTIC ALIZARINE CYANINE GREEN 5G ATLANTIC ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A ATLANTIC ALIZARINE FAST BLUE AP ATLANTIC ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A2G ATLANTIC ALIZARINE FAST BLUE A2G LIQUID ATLANTIC ALIZARINE FAST BLUE 2GLA ATLANTIC ALIZARINE LIGHT BLUE ARA ATLANTIC ALIZARINE MILLING BLUE RB ATLANTIC ALIZARINE SAPPHIRE SES ATLANTIC ALIZARINE VIOLET IRA ATLANTIC ALIZRINE GREEN 5G ATLANTIC ANTHRACENE RED G CONC. ATLANTIC ANTHRAVAT KHAKI GGA PASTE ATLANTIC ARTIFICIAL BLACK G CONC. ATLANTIC ATACRYL RED GL ATLANTIC ATACRYL YELLOW 4RLA ATLANTIC ATAGAL RR ATLANTIC ATALAN YELLOW NW ATLANTIC AZO RUBINE ATLANTIC AZOIC BLACK OBA CONC ATLANTIC AZURINE BLUE G CONC. ATLANTIC AZURINE GCP CONC. ATLANTIC AZURINE GP CONC. ATLANTIC BASIC BLACK RX ATLANTIC BLACK BGL ATLANTIC BLUE 405 ATLANTIC BOND BLUE B ATLANTIC BOND BLUE B LIQUID ATLANTIC BOND BLUE BL ATLANTIC BOND BLUE NMP ATLANTIC BOND GOLDEN YELLOW HRP ATLANTIC BOND RED TCD #2 ATLANTIC BOND YELLOW BF ATLANTIC BOND YELLOW CP ATLANTIC BOND YELLOW CP EXTRA ATLANTIC BOND YELLOW GEP NEW ATLANTIC BOND YELLOW 2GP ATLANTIC BOND YELLOW 2RP ATLANTIC BOND YELLOW 5GP ATLANTIC BRILL. PAPER YELLOW 3GX ATLANTIC BRILLIANT ALIZARINE BLUE GAC ATLANTIC BRILLIANT CROCEINE FL ATLANTIC BRILLIANT CROCEINE FLP ATLANTIC BRILLIANT CROCEINE SCAR- LET FL ATLANTIC BRILLIANT CROCEINE SCAR- LET M ATLANTIC BRILLIANT CROCEINE SCAR- LET M CONC. ATLANTIC BRILLIANT INDOCYANINE 6B ATLANTIC BRILLIANT PAPER SCARLET G ATLANTIC BRILLIANT RED UG LIQUID ATLANTIC BRILLIANT RED 3B ATLANTIC BRISTLE BLACK ATLANTIC CANARY YELLOW GEP ATLANTIC CHROME BLACK PV CONC. ATLANTIC CHROME BLACK T ATLANTIC CHROME BLUE BLACK RZN ATLANTIC CHROME NAVY BLUE CG ATLANTIC CHROME YELLOW ME ATLANTIC CHRYSOIDINE R ATLANTIC CHRYSOIDINE Y CONC. ATLANTIC CHRYSOIDINE Y LIQUID ATLANTIC COLORON A ATLANTIC CONGO RED NB ATLANTIC COPPER BLUE B ATLANTIC CRYSTAL VIOLET ATLANTIC CYANINE GREEN CBC ATLANTIC DARK BROWN FNR ATLANTIC DARK GREEN B CONC. ATLANTIC DARK GREEN WT CONC. ATLANTIC DBFI STAIN ATLANTIC DEFOAMER SC ATLANTIC DEVELOPER BN ATLANTIC DEVELOPER BON ATLANTIC DEVELOPER GN ATLANTIC DEVELOPER MTR ATLANTIC DEVELOPER MTR. ATLANTIC DEVELOPER MTX ATLANTIC DEVELOPER RNA ATLANTIC DEVELOPER Z ATLANTIC DIAZO BLACK AWG CONC ATLANTIC DIAZO BLACK BH ATLANTIC DIAZO BLACK BH-NB ATLANTIC DIAZO BLACK OB ATLANTIC DIAZO BLACK VJ ATLANTIC DIAZO BLUE 2RPG ATLANTIC DIAZO BORDEAUX 2BL ATLANTIC DIAZO BROWN R ATLANTIC DIAZO FAST BLUE MP CONC. ATLANTIC DIAZO FAST RED 7BL ATLANTIC DIAZO FAST RED 7BL CONC. ATLANTIC DIAZO ORANGE BRS ATLANTIC DIAZO ORANGE WDND ATLANTIC DIAZO RED 7BL ATLANTIC DIAZO RED 7BL CONC. ATLANTIC DIAZO SCARLET RDA ATLANTIC DIRECT AZURINE G ATLANTIC DIRECT AZURINE GP CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK BRO ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK E ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK E-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK FLB ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK GP ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK GX-BF ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK GX-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK GX-NB CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK GXOO image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 46 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK L ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK L CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK LS ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK RW ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK RW-NB CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK RXOO ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK SD ATLANTIC DIRECT BLACK 2GXOO ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE GSA ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE LLU ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE R ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE R CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE RDF ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE UGLL ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE 2B-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE 2RP LIQUID ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE 3B EX CONC NEW ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE 3BX CONC NEW ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE 4GL ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE 5B ATLANTIC DIRECT BLUE 6B ATLANTIC DIRECT BOND BLUE B ATLANTIC DIRECT BOND BLUE B LIQ- UID ATLANTIC DIRECT BOND BLUE B POW- DER ATLANTIC DIRECT BORDEAUX 6B ATLANTIC DIRECT BORDEAUX 6BA ATLANTIC DIRECT BORDEAUX 6BP ATLANTIC DIRECT BRILLIANT BLUE BL ATLANTIC DIRECT BRILLIANT BLUE 5B ATLANTIC DIRECT BRILLIANT ORANGE 3R ATLANTIC DIRECT BRILLIANT PINK Y ATLANTIC DIRECT BRILLIANT RED 12B ATLANTIC DIRECT BRILLIANT VIOLET B ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN #3 ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN A-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN BCW-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN FA ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN GFA ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN MB ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN P-3GNB ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN PC NEW ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN RBA ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN 3GN-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT BROWN 3RB-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT CANARY YELLOW GEP ATLANTIC DIRECT CERISE 3B CONC ATLANTIC DIRECT DARK GREEN BGNB CONC ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLACK GX-NB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLACK GXOO ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLACK L ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLACK LN ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLACK LS ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLACK SD ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE FFB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE FFRL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE LBF ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE RL CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE RLX ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE RRL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE RRL CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE RRL HIGH CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE RW ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE 2RLL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE 4GL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE 4GL CRUDE ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE 4GLS ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE 7GUL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE 8GLN ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BLUE 16BLL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN BCW ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN BCW- NB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN BGL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN G ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN GL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN LPA ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN LRLN ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN MWH ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN SB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN 3RLL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN 3RW ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST BROWN 8RL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST GREEN GL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST GREEN 4BLL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST HELIOTROPE FFR ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST HELIOTROPE 2RL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE DCA ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE EGL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE ERL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE LLLWF ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE RGL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE SE ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE TGL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE T3RLL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE T4RLL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE UF2G ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE WS ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE WSP CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE WSY ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE 4GLL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE 4GLL P ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST ORANGE 4GLL PDB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST PINK EG ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST PINK 2B ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST PINK 2BL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 3BLX ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 4BAP ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 4BS ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 5B EX. CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 7BSW ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 8BL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 8BLN ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST RED 8BLP ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET BD ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET GLJ ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET WYLC ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET YA ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BA ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BN ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BS ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BSH ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BSW CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST SCARLET4BNS ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST TURQUOISE LGA ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST TURQUOISE 4G ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST TURQUOISE 8GL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST TURQUOISE 8GLIP ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST VIOLET B ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST VIOLET FFB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW BA ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW EFUL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW FF CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW FFG ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW FFGL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW HT ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW LSG ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW LSG ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW MA ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW NNL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW RG-CL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW RGCL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW RLC ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW RLFC ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW RLSW ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW SB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW WB ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW 2GP ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW 4GL ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW 4GLN ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW 4GRS ATLANTIC DIRECT FAST YELLOW 5GLL ATLANTIC DIRECT GOLDEN YELLOW GR ATLANTIC DIRECT GREEN GL ATLANTIC DIRECT HELIOTROPE FFB ATLANTIC DIRECT MAROON VVT ATLANTIC DIRECT NEW BLUE SB ATLANTIC DIRECT NEW BLUE SB CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE EGL ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE EGLL ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE ERL ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE RNB ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE T4RLL ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE WS ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE YA ATLANTIC DIRECT ORANGE 218 ATLANTIC DIRECT PAPER SCARLET TCW #2 ATLANTIC DIRECT PAPER YELLOW IPG ATLANTIC DIRECT PAPER YELLOW 2GD ATLANTIC DIRECT PAPER YELLOW 2GP ATLANTIC DIRECT PINK EG ATLANTIC DIRECT PINK 2BL ATLANTIC DIRECT RED FTA ATLANTIC DIRECT RED 8BLN ATLANTIC DIRECT RED 8BLW ATLANTIC DIRECT RED 201 ATLANTIC DIRECT RED 301 ATLANTIC DIRECT ROSE B ATLANTIC DIRECT SCARLET NAS ATLANTIC DIRECT SCARLET TCW #2 ATLANTIC DIRECT SCARLET 3B ATLANTIC DIRECT SCARLET 4BA ATLANTIC DIRECT SCARLET 4BS ATLANTIC DIRECT SCARLET 4LC ATLANTIC DIRECT SCARLET 202 ATLANTIC DIRECT SKY BLUE A ATLANTIC DIRECT SKY BLUE FF ATLANTIC DIRECT SKY BLUE FF CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT SKY BLUE FFO ATLANTIC DIRECT SKY BLUE M LIQUID ATLANTIC DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B ATLANTIC DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B EX CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT TAN-NM CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT TURQUOISE FBL ATLANTIC DIRECT TURQUOISE LGA ATLANTIC DIRECT TURQUOISE LGP CONC. image: ------- 47 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Atlantic Chemical Corporation cont'd ATLANTIC DIRECT TURQUOISE 8GL ATLANTIC DIRECT VIOLET B ATLANTIC DIRECT YELLOW C2RG ATLANTIC DIRECT YELLOW FF CONC. ATLANTIC DIRECT YELLOW IPG ATLANTIC DIRECT YELLOW IPR ATLANTIC DIRECT YELLOW MB ATLANTIC DIRECT YELLOW Y ATLANTIC DIRECT YELLOW 8G ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLACK EH ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLACK EWN ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLACK JN ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLACK KJ ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLACK NCS ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLACK SG ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE BGLF ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE BGN ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE BNA ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE BNG ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE BNN ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE CB ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE CR ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE CRN ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE GA ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE GFN ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE GFN NEW ATLANTIC DISPERSE BLUE JH ATLANTIC DISPERSE BORDEAUX BA ATLANTIC DISPERSE BRILLIANT BLUE BA 200% ATLANTIC DISPERSE BRILLIANT RED 2BGLF ATLANTIC DISPERSE BROWN BNL ATLANTIC DISPERSE BROWN BTA ATLANTIC DISPERSE BROWN NS ATLANTIC DISPERSE BROWN R ATLANTIC DISPERSE BROWN RB ATLANTIC DISPERSE BROWN SF ATLANTIC DISPERSE CERISE GNB EX CONC. ATLANTIC DISPERSE DEVELOPED BLACK B 320% ATLANTIC DISPERSE DEVELOPED BLACK DZ PASTE ATLANTIC DISPERSE DEVELOPED BLACK PURE ATLANTIC DISPERSE DEVELOPED BLACK SNA ATLANTIC DISPERSE DEVELOPED NAVY DMP ATLANTIC DISPERSE DIRECT BLACK EH ATLANTIC DISPERSE DIRECT BLACK NCS ATLANTIC DISPERSE FAST PINK RFA ATLANTIC DISPERSE GREEN G ATLANTIC DISPERSE GROWN V ATLANTIC DISPERSE NAVY AL ATLANTIC DISPERSE NAVY BLUE BR CONC. ATLANTIC DISPERSE NAVY OGP ATLANTIC DISPERSE ORANGE GRA ATLANTIC DISPERSE ORANGE 4RA ATLANTIC DISPERSE ORANGE 5R ATLANTIC DISPERSE PINK BN ATLANTIC DISPERSE PINK BN CONC ATLANTIC DISPERSE PINK FRA ATLANTIC DISPERSE PINK F3B ATLANTIC DISPERSE PINK RF ATLANTIC DISPERSE PRINTING YELLOW 5G ATLANTIC DISPERSE RED R ATLANTIC DISPERSE RED RN ATLANTIC DISPERSE RED RNA ATLANTIC DISPERSE RED VIOLET RHA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE RUBINE 3BA CONC ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE SCARLET B CONC. ATLANTIC DISPERSE SCARLET BA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE SCARLET HPD ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE SCARLET HPD ATLANTIC NE<, ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE SCARLET RGLF ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE VIOLET BA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE VIOLET 6BA ATLANTIC ATLANTK DISPERSE YELLOW G ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW G EX ATLANTIC CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW G 50% ATLANTIC PASTE ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW GA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW GLA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW RA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW RLA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW 4RLF ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW 5G ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW 5GA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC DISPERSE YELLOW 7GA ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST ACID CRIMSON GR ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST BLUE B SPECIAL ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST BRILLIANT PAPER ATLANTIC SCARLET ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST CRIMSON GR CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST LIGHT YELLOW R ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST LIGHT YELLOW 2G ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST LIGHT YELLOW 3G ATLANTIC CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST LIGHT YELLOW 3GA ATLANTIC CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST LT. YELLOW 2G SPEC ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST ORANGE A CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST ORANGE GGD SALT ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST ORANGE SALT GGD ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RED A ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RED A CONC ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RED 2G SPEC ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RED 2GLS SPEC ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RED 8BLN ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RED 8BLP ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RUBINE 4BLR ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST RUBINE 9BLR ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST SCARLET G BASE ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST SCARLET G SALT ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST SCARLET R SALT ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST WOOL BLUE R ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FAST WOOL BLUE R CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FORMALDEHYDE BLACK EX ATLANTIC CONC. CONC. ATLANTIC FORMALDEHYDE BLACK GR ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FORMALDEHYDE BLACK GR 4NGL EX CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FUCHSINE ATLANTIC ATLANTIC FUCHSINE 6B EXTRA CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC GOLD 258B ATLANTIC ATLANTIC GOLD 403 ATLANTIC ATLANTIC HELIOTROPE FFR ATLANTIC ATLANTIC INK BRILLIANT SCARLET ATLANTIC ATLANTIC INK BRILLIANT SCARLET M ATLANTIC ATLANTIC INK ROYAL BLUE B EXTRA ATLANTIC HIGH CONC. ATLANTIC ATLANTIC INK YELLOW 3GL ATLANTIC ATLANTIC JADE CRYSTALS ATLANTIC ATLANTIC JADE GREEN CRYSTALS ATLANTIC ATLANTIC JUTE RED ATLANTIC ATLANTIC LEVELER A ATLANTIC ATLANTIC LEVELER B ATLANTIC ATLANTIC MALACHITE GREEN CRYS- ATLANTIC TALS ATLANTIC ATLANTIC MALACHITE GREEN LIQUID ATLANTIC MALACHITE GREEN POWDER METALLIZED BLACK WANA METANIL YELLOW CONC METHYL ORANGE METHYL VIOLET CRYSTALS METHYL VIOLET LIQUID METHYL VIOLET POWDER MILLING RED B MILLING RED BY MILLING RED PRX MILLING RED RS MILLING RED SWB MILLING RED SWBC MILLING RED2BN MILLING YELLOW 5G MILLING YELLOW 5GP NAPHTHOL AS NAVY 211 NEPTUNE BLUE BRA NEUTRAL RED AA NEUTRALIZER T NONIC BL NYLON BLACK BCS NYLON BLACK CB NYLON BLACK GLRT NYLON BLACK GLWC NYLON BLACK JLD NEW NYLON BLACK KPA NYLON BLACK LLSB NYLON BLACK NDJ NYLON BLACK NS NYLON BLACK PVF NYLON BLACK RFA NYLON BLACK RLW NYLON BLACK RLW-NB NYLON BLACK RRN NYLON BLACK TT NEW NYLON BLACK 40R NYLON BLUE B NYLON BLUE BLF NYLON BLUE BNB NYLON BLUE FGL NYLON BLUE GLF NYLON BLUE GREEN B NYLON BLUE ND2G NYLON BLUE 2GL NYLON BLUE 3BLF NEW NYLON BLUE 3G NYLON BLUE 3G DYE NYLON BRILLIANT RED 3B NYLON BRILLIANT RED 3B NYLON BRILLIANT YELLOW NYLON BROWN B NYLON BROWN BCW-NB NYLON BROWN RSM NYLON BROWN 2R NYLON DARK BROWN B NYLON EOSINE G NYLON FAST BLACK NS NYLON GOLD II NYLON GREEN GG NYLON GREEN 2GFL NYLON GREEN 5G NYLON HUNTER GREEN G NYLON NAVY BLUE B NYLON NAVY BLUE GLFW NYLON NAVY GLFW NYLON NAVY 5R NYLON ORANGE G NYLON ORANGE GFN NYLON ORANGE GS NEW image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 48 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd ATLANTIC NYLON ORANGE SLF ATLANTIC NYLON RED AL ATLANTIC NYLON RED B ATLANTIC NYLON RED BH ATLANTIC NYLON RED PRX ATLANTIC NYLON RED RMW ATLANTIC NYLON RED RS ATLANTIC NYLON RED SC ATLANTIC NYLON RED 2BDW ATLANTIC NYLON RED 2RDF ATLANTIC NYLON RED 3B ATLANTIC NYLON RED 3BLF ATLANTIC NYLON RED 4RLA ATLANTIC NYLON RHODAMINE BN ATLANTIC NYLON RUBINE 5BL ATLANTIC NYLON SCARLET GY ATLANTIC NYLON TURQUOISE LGA ATLANTIC NYLON VIOLET B ATLANTIC NYLON VIOLET 2R-CLK ATLANTIC NYLON VIOLET 4BNS ATLANTIC NYLON VIOLET 4R ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW BLL ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW FGL ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW FLW ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW FRW ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW G3N ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW LMN ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW NW ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW RA ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW RH ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW RNA ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW 4G ATLANTIC NYLON YELLOW 4GLSS ATLANTIC ORANGE II ATLANTIC ORANGE WS ATLANTIC ORANGE WSP ATLANTIC PAPER BRILL CROCEINE SCARLET FLP ATLANTIC PAPER BRILLIANT CROCEINE FLP ATLANTIC PAPER FAST RED AP ATLANTIC PAPER GOLDEN YELLOW HR ATLANTIC PAPER RED 8BLP ATLANTIC PAPER YELLOW IPG ATLANTIC PATENT BLUE A EXTRA CONC. ATLANTIC PLUM 101 ATLANTIC POLYCEON BLUE TM ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLACK OBL ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLACK OBSH ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLACK SUF ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLACK TS ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLACK TS PASTE ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLACKSKE PASTE ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLUE BL ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLUE BLD ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLUE BLF ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLUE FBLD ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLUE GBLS ATLANTIC POLYCRON BLUE HF ATLANTIC POLYCRON BORDEAUX B ATLANTIC POLYCRON BRILL. BLUE GBB ATLANTIC POLYCRON BRILL. ORANGE 2RL ATLANTIC POLYCRON BROWN GLA ATLANTIC POLYCRON CERISE B ATLANTIC POLYCRON CERISE NA ATLANTIC POLYCRON ORANGE L ATLANTIC POLYCRON ORANGE OB ATLANTIC POLYCRON ORANGE 4RA ATLANTIC POLYCRON RED FA ATLANTIC POLYCRON RED FB ATLANTIC POLYCRON KED FFBL ATLANTIC POLYCRON RED FL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE BGLL ATLANTIC POLYCRON RUBINE RB ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE BLA 150% ATLANTIC POLYCRON VIOLET 2R ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE BLC ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW GF ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE BRL ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW GNS ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE BRN ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW RGL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE FFBL ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW 3G ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE FFRL ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW 3GB ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE FGL ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW 3GM ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE FM ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW 5R ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE F3GL ATLANTIC POLYCRON YELLOW 5R CONC. ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE GL ATLANTIC PRINTING BLACK FOR POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE GUL DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE LBGL ATLANTIC PRINTING BLACK GF 167% ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE LLGG POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE LLU ATLANTIC PRINTING BLACK GG ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE LLU 200% ATLANTIC PRINTING BLACK IT POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE LLUG ATLANTIC PRINTING BLACK 3G POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE RLX ATLANTIC PRINTING BLUE BN POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE RNA ATLANTIC PRINTING BLUE D BC POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE RRA DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE RULM ATLANTIC PRINTING BLUE D POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE ST ATLANTIC PRINTING BLUE GB POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE UGLL ATLANTIC PRINTING BLUE IB POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 2BG ATLANTIC PRINTING BLUE R POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 2GL NEW ATLANTIC PRINTING BORDEAUX BN ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 2GLL NEW POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 2RL ATLANTIC PRINTING BOREDAUX RN ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 2RLL POWDER CONC. ATLANTIC PRINTING BRILLIANT GREEN ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 3GLL G PDR ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 3GLST ATLANTIC PRINTING BROWN BR POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 4GL DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 4GLL ATLANTIC PRINTING BROWN GGN POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 5GLL DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 6GKS ATLANTIC PRINTING BROWN IB POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 7GUL DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 8BGI 200% ATLANTIC PRINTING BROWN IPT POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 8GLN DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 8GUM ATLANTIC PRINTING DISPERSE BLUE ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 9GLR BB EX CONC ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 16BLL ATLANTIC PRINTING GREEN B POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE 16BLL ATLANTIC PRINTING NAVY BLUE FFR CONC. POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE-BGL ATLANTIC PRINTING NAVY BLUE IB ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BORDEAUX 2BL POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN BCW-NB ATLANTIC PRINTING NAVY BLUE IR ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN BR-NB POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN LRL ATLANTIC PRINTING OLIVE BROWN IG ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN RLL POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN S4B ATLANTIC PRINTING ORANGE G POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN 3RL DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN 5GLL ATLANTIC PRINTING RED FBR POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN 5GLL ATLANTIC PRINTING RED FFR POWDER NEW ATLANTIC PRINTING RED KB POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BROWN 8RL ATLANTIC PRINTING SCARLET RS POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST GREEN F3L DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST GREEN GL ATLANTIC PRINTING VIOLET B POWDER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST GREEN 4BLL ATLANTIC PRINTING VIOLET B SOLU- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST GREEN 5GL TION ATLANTIC RESIN FAST GREY LIGL 250% ATLANTIC PRINTING YELLOW IFG POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST ORANGE LGL DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST ORANGE LLLWF ATLANTIC PRINTING YELLOW M3G POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST ORANGE LL2G DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST ORANGE UF2G ATLANTIC PRINTING YELLOW M3GMPDR. ATLANTIC RESIN FAST ORANGE 2GL ATLANTIC PRINTING YELLOW 2G POW- ATLANTIC RESIN FAST ORANGE 4GLL DER ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RED RL ATLANTIC RED 201 GS ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RED RLN ATLANTIC RESIN CAST BLACK LW-NB ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RED 2BL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLACK A ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RED 3BLX ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLACK BR ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RED 6BLL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE ARL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RED 7BSW ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE BBA ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RED 8BLN ATLANTIC RESIN FAST BLUE BFL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RUBINE BLN image: ------- 49 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Atlantic Chemical Corporation cont'd ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RUBINE BLNS ATLANTIC RESIN FAST RUBINE WLKS ATLANTIC RESIN FAST SCARLET AV ATLANTIC RESIN FAST SCARLET TLF ATLANTIC RESIN FAST SCARLET WYLC ATLANTIC RESIN FAST VIOLET BL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST VIOLET BRLL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST VIOLET 4BL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST VIOLET 5BLL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST YELLOW EFUL ATLANTIC RESIN FAST YELLOW LLG ATLANTIC RESIN FAST YELLOW L5G ATLANTIC RESIN FAST YELLOW RLC ATLANTIC RESIN FAST YELLOW RLSW ATLANTIC RESIN FAST YELLOW RLSW 125% ATLANTIC RESIN FAST YELLOW 4GLN ATLANTIC RESIN CAST GREY LVL ATLANTIC RESIN ORANGE 4GLL CONC. ATLANTIC RESORCINE BROWN R ATLANTIC RESORCINE BROWN RSA ATLANTIC RETARDER NRC ATLANTIC RHODAMINE B EXTRA ATLANTIC RHODAMINE B EXTRA CONC. ATLANTIC RHODAMINE BN ATLANTIC SAFRANINE 0 ATLANTIC SCARLET YA ATLANTIC SEAL BROWN ANB ATLANTIC SEAL BROWN SP ATLANTIC SIGHTENING RED ATLANTIC SILK RED 3B ATLANTIC SILK RED 3B CONC. ATLANTIC SKY BLUE M LIQUID ATLANTIC STABLE BLUE B BASE ATLANTIC STABLE BLUE B POWDER ATLANTIC STABLE RED KB POWDER ATLANTIC STABLE RED PTS POWDER ATLANTIC STABLE RED RC POWDER ATLANTIC STABLE VIOLET B BASE ATLANTIC STILBENE YELLOW GA EX. CONC. ATLANTIC STILBENE YELLOW GX ATLANTIC SULFON CYANINE GRA EX- TRA CONC. ATLANTIC SULFON CYANINE 5R ATLANTIC SULFON CYANINE 5RA ATLANTIC SULFON CYANINE 5RA EX- TRA CONC. ATLANTIC TARTRAZINE BX ATLANTIC TARTRAZINE EXTRA CONC. ATLANTIC THIOVAT PINK FF PASTE ATLANTIC TINTING BLUE BN ATLANTIC TINTING BLUE MBR ATLANTIC TRANSFER BLUE EF ATLANTIC TRANSFER BLUE FF ATLANTIC TRANSFER BLUE 2N ATLANTIC TRANSFER BLUE 3G ATLANTIC TRANSFER BRILLIANT MA- GENTA BRT ATLANTIC TRANSFER BROWN 2R ATLANTIC TRANSFER ORANGE 2G ATLANTIC TRANSFER ORANGE 2RL ATLANTIC TRANSFER RED N ATLANTIC TRANSFER RED RA ATLANTIC TRANSFER RED 2B ATLANTIC TRANSFER RED 5B ATLANTIC TRANSFER SCARLET BA ATLANTIC TRANSFER YELLOW FG ATLANTIC TRANSFER YELLOW G ATLANTIC TRANSFER YELLOW 5R ATLANTIC TURQUOISE 8GLP LIQUID ATLANTIC VAT GOLDEN YELLOW GK DEL. PASTE ATLANTIC VICTORIA BLUE B CONC ATLANTIC VICTORIA PURE BLUE BOA ATLANTIC VIOLET 4R ATLANTIC WHITENER ATW ATLANTIC WHITENER CA HIGH CONC ATLANTIC WHITENER CAW LIQUID ATLANTIC WHITENER CB ATLANTIC WHITENER CT LIQUID ATLANTIC WHITENER EBA CONC ATLANTIC WHITENER ERA ATLANTIC WHITENER ERA CONC. ATLANTIC WHITENER MR ATLANTIC WHITENER MR SOLUTION ATLANTIC WHITENER PCS ATLANTIC WHITENER SFB ATLANTIC WHITENER WGS ATLANTIC WHITENER X LIQUID ATLANTIC WHITENER 4BCA PWD. ATLANTIC WOOL BLUE BE NEW ATLANTIC WOOL ORANGE G ATLANTIC WOOL YELLOW 3GL ATLANTIC WOOL YELLOW 5GE ATLANTICCHROME BLACK PV CONC ATLANTICCHROME BROWN EB ATLANTICCHROME BROWN 3RL ATLANTICCHROME CYANINE RA ATLANTICCHROME CYANINE RA CONC. ATLANTICCHROME ORANGE G ATLANTICCHROME ORANGE G CONC. ATLANTICCHROME RED ECB ATLANTICCHROME RED G ATLANTICHROME BLACK T 100% ATLANTICHROME BLACK T 160% ATLANTICHROME BRILLIANT BLUE B CONC ATLANTICHROME BROWN PG CONC 125% ATLANTICHROME BROWN RH EXTRA CONC ATLANTICHROME NAVY BLUE 2R ATLANTICHROME VIOLET B ATLASOL BLACK C ATLASOL BLACK M ATLASOL BLACK M PURE ATLASOL BLACK MR ATLASOL BLUE BLG PURE 125% ATLASOL BLUE FF ATLASOL BLUE G PET ATLASOL BLUE G SUPER ATLASOL BLUE GREEN PET ATLASOL BLUE HLD ATLASOL BLUE LIQUID ATLASOL BLUE N PET ATLASOL BLUE R PET ATLASOL BRILLIANT RED M ATLASOL BRILLIANT RED TZ ATLASOL BRONZE PET ATLASOL BROWN MDC ATLASOL FIRERED AC PYRE ATLASOL GOLDEN YELLOW PET ATLASOL GREEN BLUE AC ATLASOL GREEN G PET ATLASOL GREEN 4BL PURE ATLASOL GREY PET ATLASOL ORANGE PET ATLASOL ORANGE R ATLASOL ORANGE 2G PURE ATLASOL RED A PET ATLASOL RED BBL PURE ATLASOL RED GL PURE ATLASOL RED LIQUID ATLASOL RED N PURE ATLASOL RED NJ ATLASOL RED PET ATLASOL RED R PURE ATLASOL RED 4B ATLASOL RED 4B PURE ATLASOL SCARLET PET ATLASOL SPIRIT BLACK SRB CONC ATLASOL SPIRIT BLACK 2B ATLASOL SPIRIT BLUE 4GB ATLASOL SPIRIT GOLDEN YELLOW R ATLASOL SPIRIT NIGROSINE B BASE ATLASOL SPIRIT ORANGE 2GK ATLASOL SPIRIT RED S2B ATLASOL SPIRIT RED S2G ATLASOL SPIRIT YELLOW BB ATLASOL VIOLET PET ATLASOL VIOLET S ATLASOL YELLOW F PURE ATLASOL YELLOW LIQUID ATLASOL YELLOW PET ATLASOL YELLOW 3G PURE ATLATEX AT ATLATEX CT LIQUID ATLION BLACK 2B ATLION BRILLIANT BLUE 2G ATLION BRILLIANT ORANGE 2G ATLION BRILLIANT SCARLET RA ATLION BRILLIANT YELLOW 3G ATLION BROWN 2R ATLION GREY BR ATLION NAVY DB ATLION ORANGE RE ATLION ORANGE 2R ATLION ORANGE 4R ATLION RED BR ATLION RUBINE RA ATLION TURQUOISE 4G ATLION YELLOW 2G ATLION YELLOW 2R ATLION YELLOW 3RA AURAMINE 0 AURAMINE 0 CONC. AURAMINE 0 CONC. DUSTLESS AURAMINE 00 CONC. AURAMINE 00 DUSTLESS AZO BLUE MGM SALT AZO BLUE 2B BASE AZO BORDEAUX AZO DARK GREEN A AZO EOSINE G CONC. AZO RED KBS POWDER AZO RUBINE AZO SILK RED 3B AZO SILK RED 3B CONC. AZO YELLOW A5W AZURINE G A20 RUBINE 133% BASIC BLACK HR BASIC BLACK LPB BASIC BLACK RX BASIC BLUE GRLA BASIC BRILLIANT RED BN BASIC BRILLIANT RED 4G BASIC GREEN GA BASIC GREEN GRS-24 BASIC RED SAF BASIC RED 4G BASIC RHODAMINE BASIC RHODAMINE EXTRA CONC. BASIC SCARLET GA BASIC YELLOW FRW BENZOPURPURINE 4B BENZOPURPURINE 4B EX CONC BENZOPURPURINE 4B SPECIAL BISMARK BROWN G BISMARK BROWN R EXTRA CONC BISMARK BROWN R LIQUID image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 50 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócan\.'& BLACK VJ BLUE A CONC. BOND BLUE B BOND BLUE B LIQUID BOND BLUE EGA BOND YELLOW CP BOND YELLOW CPEX BOND YELLOW CPG BOND YELLOW CPSU BOND YELLOW CPX BOND YELLOW 2GP BRIGHT KELLY GREEN AR BRIGHT YELLOW MC CONC. BRILL INDIGO 4B PASTE BRILL. SCARLET G BRILLIANT ALIZARINE SKY BLUE BS BRILLIANT BLUE WFC SOLUTION BRILLIANT BOND BLUE A BRILLIANT CROCEIN FL BRILLIANT CROCEIN SCARLET M SPEC BRILLIANT CROCEIN SCARLET MLS SPEC BRILLIANT CROCEINE MOO BRILLIANT CROCEINE SCARLET M BRILLIANT CROCEINE SCARLET MOO BRILLIANT INDOCYANINE BLUE 6B BRILLIANT INDOCYANINE G BRILLIANT INDOCYANINE 6B BRILLIANT NYLON RED 3G BRILLIANT PAPER SCARLET G BRILLIANT PAPER YELLOW LIQUID BRILLIANT PAPER YELLOW 3GX BRILLIANT WOOL BLUE FFR BRILLIANT WOOL BLUE FFR EXTRA BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G BROWN BRNB CANARY YELLOW GEP CARACID FAST RED 3GP CHEMTAN ACID AZO RUBINE CHEMTAN ACID BLUE SR CHEMTAN ACID FAST BLUE SR CHEMTAN ACID MILLING RED 2BN CHEMTAN AZO RUBINE CHEMTAN BLACK RRM CHEMTAN DIRECT BLACK E EXTRA CONC. CHEMTAN DIRECT BLACK GX EXTRA CONC. CHEMTAN DIRECT BLACK GXOO CHEMTAN DIRECT BLUE GREEN G CHEMTAN DIRECT BRILL. YELLOW CONC. CHEMTAN DIRECT FAST ORANGE EGL CHEMTAN DIRECT FAST ORANGE SE CHEMTAN DIRECT ORANGE ERL CHEMTAN DIRECT ORANGE LLLWF CHEMTAN DIRECT ORANGE WS CHEMTAN DIRECT ORANGE 2RS CHEMTAN FAST WOOL BLUE SR CHEMTAN LIGHT FAST BLUE R CHEMTAN MILLING RED2BN CHEMTAN PENETRATING BLACK PV CHEMTEX DIRECT YELLOW 8GL CHEOME ORANGE G CONC. CHINOLINE YELLOW CONC. CRINOLINE YELLOW P CHINOLINE YELLOW P CONC. CHROME BLACK PV CONC. CHROME BLACK SUPRA T CHROME BLACK T CHROME BLUE BLACK RZN CHROME BROWN EB CONC. CHROME CYANINE RA CHROME CYANINE RA CONC CHROME NAVY BLUE CG CHROME ORANGE G CHROME ORANGE ML CHROME RED ECB CHROME SKY BLUE B EX CONC. CHROME YELLOW ME CHRYSOIDINE R CHRYSOIDINE R CONC CHRYSOIDINE Y CONC. CHRYSOIDINE Y EXTRA CONC. CHRYSOIDINE Y POWDER CHRYSOPHENINE YA CHRYSOPHENINE YA CONC. 200% CHRYSOPHENINE YA SUPER CHRYSOPHENINE YA SUPER CONC. 300% CHRYSOPHENINE YA SUPRA COLORON A CONGO RED CONGO RED PPC CONGO RED-NB COPPER BLUE B CROCEINE SCARLET MOO CYANINE S CONC. CYANINE 5RA CRUDE DEVELOPER GN DEVELOPER MTD DEVELOPER MTR DEVELOPER MTX DEVELOPER Z DEVELOPER ZN DIAZO BLACK AWG CONC DIAZO BLACK BH DIAZO BLACK BH ELA DIAZO BLACK BH-NB DIAZO BLACK BHBF DIAZO BLACK FLB DIAZO BLACK OB DIAZO BLACK OB CONC 150% DIAZO BLACK OB CONC. DIAZO BLACK VJ CONC. DIAZO BLACK VJ 150% DIAZO BLUE B DIAZO BLUE B CONC DIAZO BLUE BR CONC 125% DIAZO BLUE BR CONC. DIAZO BLUE 2BR DIAZO BLUE 2RPG DIAZO BLUE 2RW DIAZO BORDEAUX SA DIAZO BORDEAUX 2BL - 100% DIAZO BORDEAUX 7BL EXTRA CONC. DIAZO BORDEAUX 7BL EXTRA CONC. 150% DIAZO BROWN R DIAZO FAST BLACK HNB SUP. CONC. DIAZO FAST BLUE MP DIAZO FAST BLUE MP CONC. DIAZO FAST BLUE 2RPG CONC 200% DIAZO FAST RED 7BL EX CONC. 175% DIAZO FAST RED 7BL 100% DIAZO GREEN FGX DIAZO GREEN GFT DIAZO ORANGE BRS DIAZO ORANGE BRS 200% DIAZO ORANGE GXCW DIAZO ORANGE WD DIAZO ORANGE WDND DIAZO ORANGE 2R CONC. 150% DIAZO RED 7BL DIAZO RED 7BL CONC. 150% DIAZO RED 7BL EXTRA CONC. DIAZO SCARLET A 200% DIAZO SCARLET R DIAZO SCARLET RP DIAZO SCARLET RP CONC. 200% DIAZO SCARLET 2BL HIGH CONC. DIAZO VIOLET BL DIAZO YELLOW ND DIAZO YELLOW 2G DIRECT AZURINE G DIRECT AZURINE G CONC. DIRECT AZURINE GCP CONC. DIRECT BENZOPURPURINE 4B EXTRA CONC. DIRECT BENZOPURPURINE 4B SUPRA CONC. DIRECT BLACK ANBN DIRECT BLACK BRO DIRECT BLACK E DIRECT BLACK E-NB CONC. DIRECT BLACK E-NB 200% DIRECT BLACK FF DIRECT BLACK GX-NB DIRECT BLACK GX-NB CONC. DIRECT BLACK GXOO DIRECT BLACK LS DIRECT BLACK MX CONC. DIRECT BLACK RW DIRECT BLACK RWNB DIRECT BLACK RWR DIRECT BLACK 2GXOO DIRECT BLUE LBF DIRECT BLUE R CONC. DIRECT BLUE RW CONC. 200% DIRECT BLUE RW 100% DIRECT BLUE 2B-NB DIRECT BLUE 2RLL DIRECT BLUE 3B CONC NEW DIRECT BLUE 3B EX CONC NEW DIRECT BLUE 3BX CONC NEW DIRECT BLUE 3BX CONC. NEW DIRECT BLUE 3GLL DIRECT BLUE 5B DIRECT BLUE 16BLL DIRECT BOND BLUE B DIRECT BORDEAUX AF DIRECT BORDEAUX B DIRECT BORDEAUX 6B DIRECT BORDEAUX 6BA DIRECT BORDEAUX 6BA CONC. DIRECT BORDEAUX 6BP DIRECT BORDEAUX 7BL EXTRA CONC. DIRECT BRILL PINK Y DIRECT BRILL. BOND GREEN NTS DIRECT BRILL. PAPER YELLOW 3GX/25% DIRECT BRILL. RED 12B DIRECT BRILLIANT BLUE BL DIRECT BRILLIANT FLA VINE S DIRECT BRILLIANT ORANGE 3R DIRECT BRILLIANT ORANGE 3R CONC DIRECT BRILLIANT ORANGE SRC DIRECT BRILLIANT PAPER SCARLET G DIRECT BRILLIANT RED 8B DIRECT BRILLIANT RED 12B CONC DIRECT BRILLIANT RED 12B CONC 200% DIRECT BRILLIANT VIOLET B - 100% DIRECT BRILLIANT VIOLET B 200% DIRECT BRILLIANT VIOLET BAW DIRECT BRILLIANT YELLOW MN EX. DIRECT BRILLIANT YELLOW WR DIRECT BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G DIRECT BROWN A DIRECT BROWN A-NB DIRECT BROWN B DIRECT BROWN B-NB DIRECT BROWN BCW-NB DIRECT BROWN BR-NB image: ------- 51 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Atlantic Chemical Corporation-conl'd DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN BRBF DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN CF DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN CW NEW DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN FA DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN G DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN GG-NB DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN GGFMB DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN GTX DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN LFNB DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN NC-BZ DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN NRQ DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN PC NEW DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN RBA DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN SST DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN S10519 DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN VEL DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN VEL-NB DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN 3GN DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN 3GNB DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN 3RB DIRECT FAST DIRECT BROWN 3RB NB DIRECT FAST DIRECT BURLAP BROWN DIRECT FAST DIRECT CANARY YELLOW GEP DIRECT FAST DIRECT CERISE 3B DIRECT FAST DIRECT CERISE 3B CONC DIRECT FAST DIRECT CHINOLINE YELLOW P DIRECT FAST DIRECT CHROME BLUE BLACK B EX DIRECT FAST CONC DIRECT FAST DIRECT CHRYSOPHENINE YA DIRECT FAST DIRECT DARK GREEN B CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT DARK GREEN B-NB CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT DARK GREEN BGNB CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLACK GX-NB DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLACK GXOO DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLACK L DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLACK L 200% DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLACK LA DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLACK LS DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLACK LSN DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE ARL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE FFB CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE FFB CONC. 150% DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE FFB EXTRA CONC DIRECT FAST 167% DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE FFRL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE LLUG DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE MN DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE RLX DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE RRL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE RRL HIGH CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE RW DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE SFL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 2RLL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 2RP DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 2RRL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 3RL HI CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 4GL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 4GL 175% DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 4GL-150% DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 4GLSW DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 7RLL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BLUE 8GUM DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BOREAUX 6BAC DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BRILLIANT BLUE 16BLL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BRILLIANT ORANGE 3RC DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BROWN A-NB DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BROWN B DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BROWN BA-NB EXTRA DIRECT FAST CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BROWN BCW-NB DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BROWN BCWL DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BROWN BP-NB CONC. DIRECT FAST DIRECT FAST BROWN BR-NB CONC. DIRECT FAST BROWN BRBF CONC. DIRECT BROWN BRLNB DIRECT BROWN BRLT DIRECT BROWN GFA DIRECT BROWN GSI DIRECT BROWN LBRS DIRECT BROWN MNB DIRECT BROWN P3GNB DIRECT BROWN RGL DIRECT BROWN SB DIRECT BROWN 3GN-NB DIRECT BROWN 3GNBF DIRECT BROWN 3RL DIRECT BROWN 3RLL DIRECT BROWN 3RW DIRECT BROWN 5GLL NEW DIRECT GREEN TW DIRECT GREY LVL DIRECT GREY RLNC CONC 200% DIRECT HELIOTROPE FFR DIRECT ORANGE BFA DIRECT ORANGE DCA DIRECT ORANGE EGL DIRECT ORANGE EGL 150% DIRECT ORANGE ERL DIRECT ORANGE GNL DIRECT ORANGE R-NB DIRECT ORANGE RGL DIRECT ORANGE RT DIRECT ORANGE SE 100% DIRECT ORANGE TGL DIRECT ORANGE T3RLL DIRECT ORANGE T4RLL DIRECT ORANGE UF2G DIRECT ORANGE WS DIRECT ORANGE WS CONC. 150% DIRECT ORANGE WSP DIRECT ORANGE Y 125% DIRECT ORANGE 3G CONC. DIRECT ORANGE 3G-NB CONC 150% DIRECT ORANGE 3G-NB CONC. DIRECT ORANGE 3LA DIRECT ORANGE 4GLL DIRECT ORANGE 7GL DIRECT ORANGE 175% DIRECT PINK 2BL DIRECT PINK 2BL 150% DIRECT RED BD DIRECT RED F DIRECT RED F-NB DIRECT RED FTA DIRECT RED RL DIRECT RED 4BAP DIRECT RED 8BL DIRECT RED 8BLN DIRECT RED 8BLP DIRECT RED 8BLP NF DIRECT RED 8BLX DIRECT RUBINE B DIRECT SCARLET AU DIRECT SCARLET B DIRECT SCARLET BFG DIRECT SCARLET GLJ DIRECT SCARLET RS DIRECT SCARLET TLF DIRECT SCARLET YA DIRECT SCARLET 3BLF DIRECT SCARLET 4BA DIRECT SCARLET 4BKA DIRECT SCARLET 4BS 100% DIRECT SCARLET 4BS 125% DIRECT SCARLET 4BS 150% DIRECT SCARLET 4BSH DIRECT SCARLET 4BSW DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BSW CONC FAST SCARLET 4GS FAST SCARLET 8BS CONC. FAST SCARLET 8BSA FAST SCARLET 8BSL FAST TAN NM FAST TURQUOISE FBL FAST TURQUOISE LGA FAST TURQUOISE 4G FAST TURQUOISE 8GL FAST VIOLET AR FAST VIOLET B FAST VIOLET BRDL FAST VIOLET FFB FAST YELLOW BA FAST YELLOW BA-CD FAST YELLOW EFC CONC. FAST YELLOW EFUL FAST YELLOW FFG FAST YELLOW FFGL FAST YELLOW FFX FAST YELLOW GFG FAST YELLOW GFN FAST YELLOW IPR FAST YELLOW MA FAST YELLOW NNL 175% FAST YELLOW RG FAST YELLOW RGCL FAST YELLOW RGL CONC. 200% FAST YELLOW RLC FAST YELLOW RLFC FAST YELLOW RLK FAST YELLOW RLSP FAST YELLOW RLSW FAST YELLOW RLSW 125% FAST YELLOW RP FAST YELLOW RT FAST YELLOW SSW FAST YELLOW SWB 125% FAST YELLOW WB 100% FAST YELLOW WB 125% FAST YELLOW 2GLL FAST YELLOW 2GP FAST YELLOW 2RFP SPECIAL FAST YELLOW 4G FAST YELLOW 4GL FAST YELLOW 4GLN CONC. FAST YELLOW 4GLN CONC. 125% FAST YELLOW 4GLN CONC. 200% FAST YELLOW 4GRS CONC. FAST YELLOW 5G CONC. FAST YELLOW 5GL FAST YELLOW 5GL CONC. FAST YELLOW 8G GARNET B GOLD BOND YELLOW FSP GOLDEN YELLOW HR GOLDEN YELLOW HR LIQUID GOLDEN YELLOW RP GOLDEN YELLOW RP CONC 133% GREEN B-NB CONC GREEN BNB GREEN WT CONC. GREEN WT-NB CONC. GREEN 2B GREEN 2B-BF GREEN 2B-NB GREEN 2B-NB CONC. GREEN 4BLL GREEN 5GL KHAKI US KHAKI US-NB LIGHT FAST ORANGE Y NAVY BHBF image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 52 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd DIRECT NAVY BLUE BH-NB DIRECT NAVY BLUE H DIRECT NEW BLUE 5B DIRECT NEW BLUE 5B CONC. DIRECT ORANGE BAG DIRECT ORANGE EGL DIRECT ORANGE ERL DIRECT ORANGE R DIRECT ORANGE RNB DIRECT ORANGE TEX DIRECT ORANGE TX DIRECT ORANGE WSY DIRECT ORANGE 4GLL DIRECT ORANGE 208 MS DIRECT PAPER BROWN NNJ DIRECT PAPER SCARLET G DIRECT PAPER YELLOW PN DIRECT PINK 2BL DIRECT PINK 4BL CONC. DIRECT RAYON BROWN B DIRECT RAYON BROWN RCW CONC. DIRECT RED RAR DIRECT RED RL DIRECT RED RM DIRECT RED 8BL DIRECT RED 8BLN DIRECT ROSE B DIRECT SCARLET B-NB DIRECT SCARLET YA DIRECT SCARLET 3B DIRECT SCARLET 4BA DIRECT SCARLET 4BS DIRECT SCARLET 4BSH DIRECT SCARLET 4BSW DIRECT SCARLET 4GS DIRECT SCARLET 8BR DIRECT SEAL BROWN DIRECT SEAL BROWN NEW DIRECT SKY BLUE A DIRECT SKY BLUE A SUPER CONC. 125% DIRECT SKY BLUE FF DIRECT SKY BLUE FF CONC DIRECT SKY BLUE FF EX. CONC. DIRECT SKY BLUE M LIQUID DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B CONC. DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B EXTRA CONC. 300% DIRECT SKY BLUE 6B EXTRA 200% DIRECT STILBENE YELLOW GA EX. CONC. DIRECT STILBENE YELLOW 3GA EX CONC DIRECT STILNENE YELLOW GA DIRECT TINTING BLUE BN DIRECT TINTING BLUE G DIRECT TINTING BLUE R DIRECT TURQUOISE FBL DIRECT TURQUOISE FBL 200% DIRECT TURQUOISE LGA 100% DIRECT TURQUOISE LGA 150% DIRECT TURQUOISE LGP DIRECT TURQUOISE 8GL DIRECT TURQUOISE 8GL LIQUID DIRECT UNION BROWN MWH DIRECT VIOLET N CONC. DIRECT VIOLET N-NB DIRECT VIOLET 4BL DIRECT YELLOW CHINOLINE P CONC. DIRECT YELLOW C2RG DIRECT YELLOW DI DIRECT YELLOW FFX CRUDE DIRECT YELLOW L5G DIRECT YELLOW OP DIRECT YELLOW P2R DIRECT YELLOW RLC DIRECT YELLOW S2GPF DIRECT YELLOW Y DIRECT YELLOW 4GL DIRECT YELLOW 5G DIRECT 6B BORDEAUX POWDER DISPERSE BLACK ACT DISPERSE BLACK ETNA DISPERSE BLACK EW DISPERSE BLACK JRW PASTE DISPERSE BLACK KJ DISPERSE BLACK MBB DISPERSE BLACK ML DISPERSE BLACK SD DISPERSE BLACK 2D DISPERSE BLUE B GLF DISPERSE BLUE BGLF DISPERSE BLUE BNA DISPERSE BLUE BNN DISPERSE BLUE BSL PASTE DISPERSE BLUE CB DISPERSE BLUE CR DISPERSE BLUE CRN DISPERSE BLUE CRN NEW DISPERSE BLUE FFRN DISPERSE BLUE GA DISPERSE BLUE GFN DISPERSE BLUE GFN NEW DISPERSE BLUE GRL DISPERSE BLUE HL DISPERSE BLUE JH DISPERSE BLUE 3R DISPERSE BORDEAUX BA DISPERSE BROWN ACT DISPERSE BROWN BT DISPERSE BROWN BTA DISPERSE BROWN DD DISPERSE BROWN D74 DISPERSE BROWN MAN DISPERSE BROWN R DISPERSE BROWN RB DISPERSE BROWN RX CONC. DISPERSE BROWN SF DISPERSE BROWN TS DISPERSE BROWN V DISPERSE BROWN 2R DISPERSE BROWN 2RA DISPERSE BROWN 3RL DISPERSE BROWN 5R DISPERSE CERISE GNB EX CONC. DISPERSE CERISE GNR EX CONC. DISPERSE DARK BLUE RB DISPERSE DIRECT BLACK NC DISPERSE FAST SCARLET RGLF DISPERSE FAST YELLOW RRA DISPERSE GREEN BLUE BA DISPERSE GREEN YH CONC. DISPERSE NAVY AL DISPERSE NAVY BLUE LC DISPERSE NAVY RL DISPERSE ORANGE GR CRUDE DISPERSE ORANGE GRA DISPERSE ORANGE GRA J 2 DISPERSE ORANGE NST PASTE DISPERSE ORANGE YSDSF DISPERSE ORANGE 4RA DISPERSE PINK B DISPERSE PINK BN DISPERSE PINK BN CONC. DISPERSE PINK FSB DISPERSE PINK RFA DISPERSE PINK 3B DISPERSE PINK 3BCONC. DISPERSE RED BCS PASTE DISPERSE RED N LF DISPERSE RED RN DISPERSE RED RNA DISPERSE RED VIOLET RHA DISPERSE SCARLET B DISPERSE SCARLET BA DISPERSE SCARLET GC DISPERSE SCARLET HPD NEW DISPERSE SCARLET PD DISPERSE SCARLET RGLF DISPERSE VIOLET BA DISPERSE VIOLET N CONC DISPERSE VIOLET RH DISPERSE VIOLET 6BA DISPERSE YELLOW G DISPERSE YELLOW G CRUDE DISPERSE YELLOW GLA DISPERSE YELLOW GR DISPERSE YELLOW RLA DISPERSE YELLOW 4RLF DISPERSE YELLOW 5G DISPERSE YELLOW 7GA DUNDEE ACRYLIC GOLDEN YELLOW GL DUNDEE ACRYLIC ORANGE G DUNDEE BASIC RED 4G DUNDEE DEVELOPED BLACK OB DUNDEE DIAZO BORD 7B SUPRA DUNDEE DIAZO HORDEAUX 7BL EX CONC. DUNDEE DIRECT FAST RED 8BLN DUNDEE DIRECT FAST SCARLET 8BSA DUNDEE DIRECT NAVY BLUE WF DUNDEE DIRECT RED 4B DUNDEE DIRECT SCARLET 8BSA CONC. DUNDEE DIRECT SCARLET 8BSN DUNDEE DIRECT YELLOW Y CONC. DUNDEE DIRECT YELLOW 4GL DUNDEE DIRECT YELLOW 5GL DUNDEE DISPERSE BRILLIANT BLUE BG DUNDEE DISPERSE YELLOW 4RL DUNDEE DISPERSE YELLOW 4RLF DUNDEE FAST BLUE BLC DUNDEE FORMALDEHYDE BLACK A DUNDEE NAVY BLUE 5R DUNDEE NAVY BLUE 5R CONC. DUNDEE NYLON BLACK GLRT DUNDEE NYLON BLACK GLWC DUNDEE NYLON NAVY BLUE GLFW DUNDEE NYLON SCARLET GYL DUNDEE OLIVE GREEN B PASTE DUNDEE PRIMULINE CONC. DUNDEE RED SWB DYCHO ACID BLUE A25 DYCHO ACID RED A167 DYE ALUMINUM BROWN PMC #2 NRQ DYE ALUMINUM DK. BROWN EB DYE NRQ DYE DISPERSE RED 9 DEXTRINE DYE DISPERSE 9 MILD 3284 DYE MIX GREEN SMOKE NO. IV DYE MIX YELLOW SMOKE VI DYE-AZO BORDEAUX ECCO DIRECT BLACK GXOO ECCO DIRECT BLUE R ECCO DIRECT BLUE 5B ECCO DIRECT BORDEAUX 6BA ECCO DIRECT KHAKI US ECCO DIRECT RED 8BLN ECCO DIRECT SCARLET 4BS ECCO DIRECT YELLOW RLSW ECCO DIRECT YELLOW 5GL CONC. ECCO DISPERSE ORANGE GRA image: ------- 53 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd ECCO DISPERSE ORANGE 4RA ECCO DISPERSE SCARLET BA ECCO DISPERSE YELLOW GLA ECCO DISPERSE YELLOW 7GA EOSINE G CONC. FAST ACID YELLOW G FAST ACID YELLOW PRA FAST ACID YELLOW 5R FAST BLUE B SALT FAST BLUE BB BASE FAST BLUE FGL FAST BLUE SALT VB FAST BORDEAUX GP SALT FAST CRIMSON GR FAST CRIMSON 6BL FAST GARNET GBC BASE 40% SOLUTION FAST LIGHT RED BA FAST LIGHT YELLOW R FAST LIGHT YELLOW 2G FAST LIGHT YELLOW 3G FAST LIGHT YELLOW 3G CONC. FAST LIGHT YELLOW 3GL FAST ORANGE GC BASE FAST ORANGE GC BASE 50% SOLUTION FAST ORANGE GGD FAST ORANGE GGD SALT FAST ORANGE GR BASE FAST ORANGE GR SALT FAST ORANGE RD SALT FAST RED A FAST RED A CONC. FAST RED AL SALT FAST RED B BASE DISPERSED FAST RED B BASE DISPERSED PASTE FAST RED B SALT FAST RED BASE FAST RED GL BASE FAST RED GL BASE 40% SOLUTION FAST RED KB BASE FAST RED KB BASE 40% SOLUTION FAST RED RC BASE FAST RED RC BASE 50% SOLUTION FAST RED RL BASE FAST RED TR BASE FAST RED 2G SPECIAL FAST RED 3GL BASE FAST RED 3GL SALT FAST SCARLET G BASE FAST SCARLET G BASE 40% SOLUTION FAST SCARLET G SALT FAST SCARLET R BASE FAST SCARLET R SALT FAST SCARLET RC BASE FAST SCARLET RN SALT FAST SCARLET TRC BASE FAST SCARLET TRC 40% SOLUTION FAST SCARLET 2G BASE FAST SCARLET 2G SALT FAST SILK YELLOW GSN FAST VIOLET B BASE FAST VIOLET B SALT FAST WOOL BLUE R FAST WOOL BLUE R CONC. FAST WOOL CYANINE G FAST WOOL YELLOW 3GL CONC. FAST YELLOW GC BASE FAST YELLOW GC SALT FENACET FAST BLACK BT FORMALDEHYDE BLACK G FORMALDEHYDE BLACK GR FORMALDEHYDE BLACK GR EXTRA CONC. FORMALDEHYDE BLACK GR EXTRA CONC. 150% FORMALDEHYDE BLACK JG FORMALDEHYDE YELLOW GR CONC. G&S DIRECT BLACK GX-NB G&S DIRECT FAST BLUE 2RLL G&S DIRECT YELLOW NNL G&S DISPERSE BLUE BLD GREEN FL EX. CONC. GREEN GRS-2Y GREEN SMOKE IV HYSTYL SCARLET YCN NEW INK YELLOW 3GL INTERCET BLACK NJ CONC. INTERCET BLUE BNN INTERCET CERISE CONC. INTERCET DISPERSE BLACK CONC. INTERCET ORANGE CONC. INTERCET RED R CONC. INTERCET RUBINE CONC. INTERCET RUBINE 3B INTERCET SCARLET GC INTERCET TURQUOISE MG CONC. INTERCET YELLOW CONC. INTERCET YELLOW G INTERSET VIOLET RH EXTRA INTERSOL YELLOW 7 CONC. JADE GREEN CRYSTALS IA JUTE BLUE JUTE RED KELLEY GREEN GY KITON RED G LARRION ORANGE G LEATHER BLACK BROWN LEATHER BLACK CCM LEATHER DEEP RED C-2 LEATHER REDDISH BROWN LEATHER TAN SA LIGHT RED 2GL EXTRA CONC. METALIZED BLACK WANA METALLIZED BLACK WANA METALLIZED BLACK WANA CONC. METANIL YELLOW CONC. METHYL ORANGE METHYL ORANGE CONC. METHYLENE BLUE 2B METHYLENE BLUE 2B CONC. METHYLENE BLUE 2B POWDER METRAMINE BLUE 3B MILLING BLACK 2B CONC MILLING BLACK 2BX MILLING BLUE FFR MILLING BLUE RB MILLING BORDEAU AV MILLING FAST RED G MILLING RED B MILLING RED B CONC. MILLING RED BY MILLING RED G MILLING RED G-NB MILLING RED PRX MILLING RED RS Milling RED RS 125% MILLING RED SWB MILLING RED SWBC MILLING RED 2BN MILLING YELLOW GOO MILLING YELLOW 0 MILLING YELLOW 2G MILLING YELLOW 5G MILLING YELLOW 5GP 140% MULTISPERCE SCARLET B MULTISPERSE BLACK JN MULTISPERSE BROWN 3R MULTISPERSE ORANGE GR MULTISPERSE ORANGE GR CONC. MULTISPERSE ORANGE 4R MULTISPERSE PINK N MULTISPERSE PINK RFC MULTISPERSE RED RNA CONC. MULTISPERSE RUBINE 3B MULTISPERSE TURQUOISE MG MULTISPERSE VIOLET 2R MULTISPERSE YELLOW G MULTISPERSE YELLOW 7G NAPHTHOL AS NAPHTHOL AS BB NAPHTHOL AS BC DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS BS DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS DCA NAPHTHOL AS DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS G DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS KB DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS KG DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS OL DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS PH DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS-AT CONC. SOLN. NAPHTHOL AS-AT EX CONC SOLUTION NAPHTHOL AS-BC NAPHTHOL AS-BG NAPHTHOL AS-BN NAPHTHOL AS-BN EXTRA CONC NAPHTHOL AS-BO DISPERSED 50% NAPHTHOL AS-BR NAPHTHOL AS-BS POWDER NAPHTHOL AS-BS 20% SOLUTION NAPHTHOL AS-D DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS-D SUPRASPERSE NAPHTHOL AS-DB NAPHTHOL AS-E NAPHTHOL AS-EL DISPERSED 50% NAPHTHOL AS-G NAPHTHOL AS-ITR NAPHTHOL AS-KB NAPHTHOL AS-KG NAPHTHOL AS-LG NAPHTHOL AS-L4G NAPHTHOL AS-MX DISPERSED NAPHTHOL AS-RF NAPHTHOL AS-RL NAPHTHOL AS-SG NAPHTHOL AS-SW SOLN. NAPHTHOL AS-TR NAPHTHOL AS-TR 20% SOLUTION NAPHTHOL AS-6C NAPHTHOL ASBN DISPERSED NAPHTHOL ASGP NAPHTHOL ASLB NAPHTHOL ASSG 20% SOLUTION NAPHTHOL ASSW POWDER NAPHTHOL C AS NAPHTHOL MC NEUTRAL YELLOW GNA NEUTRAZOIC BLACK FOR POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLACK FOR 120% POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLACK GF 167% POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLACK IT POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLACK JN POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLACK NR NEUTRAZOIC BLACK TG EXTRA NEUTRAZOIC BLACK 2B POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLUE AS POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLUE B NEUTRAZOIC BLUE BN POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLUE D POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLUE GB POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLUE GN POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BLUE GP POWDER image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 54 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd NEUTRAZOIC BORDEAUX BN POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BORDEAUX RN POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BRILL. GREEN G POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BROWN BR POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BROWN IB POWDER NEUTRAZOIC BROWN IPT POWDER NEUTRAZOIC GOLDEN YELLOW IPG POWDER NEUTRAZOIC GOLDEN YELLOW R POW- DER NEUTRAZOIC GREEN B POWDER NEUTRAZOIC NAVY BLUE FFR POWDER NEUTRAZOIC NAVY BLUE IB POWDER NEUTRAZOIC NAVY BLUE IR POWDER NEUTRAZOIC NAVY GR NEUTRAZOIC ORANGE G POWDER NEUTRAZOIC ORANGE GRNA CONC. NEUTRAZOIC ORANGE R POWDER NEUTRAZOIC RED BV NEUTRAZOIC RED GS POWDER NEUTRAZOIC RED R POWDER NEUTRAZOIC SCARLET LP NEUTRAZOIC SCARLET RS POWDER NEUTRAZOIC VIOLET B POWDER NEUTRAZOIC YELLOW GNA CONC. NEUTRAZOIC YELLOW 2G POWDER NUETRAZOIC YELLOW GS POWDER NYLON ARMY GREEN BH NEW NYLON BLACK BCD NYLON BLACK BRT NYLON BLACK CB NYLON BLACK GD NYLON BLACK GLA NYLON BLACK GLRT NYLON BLACK GLWC NYLON BLACK HKM NYLON BLACK HPM NYLON BLACK II NEW NYLON BLACK JGA NYLON BLACK JLD NYLON BLACK JLD NEW NYLON BLACK KPS NYLON BLACK LLSB NYLON BLACK NS NYLON BLACK PVF NYLON BLACK PVS NYLON BLACK RBS NYLON BLACK RLW NYLON BLACK RLW-BF NYLON BLACK RRN NYLON BLACK 40R NYLON BLUE AGLF NYLON BLUE B NYLON BLUE BR NYLON BLUE FGL NYLON BLUE GLFB NEW NYLON BLUE GLFW NYLON BLUE II NYLON BLUE JR NYLON BLUE ND2G NYLON BLUE 2GL NYLON BLUE 3BLF NYLON BLUE 3G NYLON BRILLIANT BLUE NYLON BRILLIANT BLUE GLF NYLON BRILLIANT BLUE RW NYLON BRILLIANT BLUE 3BLF NYLON BRILLIANT BLUE 3BLF NEW NYLON BRILLIANT RED 3B NYLON BROWN B NYLON BROWN 2GLN NYLON BROWN 2R NYLON DARK GREEN B NYLON EOSINE G NYLON FAST BLACK NS NYLON FAST LIGHT YELLOW R CONC. NYLON GOLD D 74 NYLON GOLDEN YELLOW II NYLON GREEN G NYLON GREEN GG NYLON GREEN 2GFL NYLON GREEN 5G NYLON NAVY BLUE B NYLON NAVY LFWG NYLON NAVY 3R NYLON NAVY 5RA NYLON ORANGE G NYLON ORANGE GFN NYLON ORANGE GLS NYLON ORANGE GS NYLON ORANGE LSF NYLON ORANGE LSF SPECIAL NYLON ORANGE SC NYLON ORANGE SLF NYLON ORANGE 2RL NYLON RED AL NYLON RED B NYLON RED BH NYLON RED RMW NYLON RED SC NYLON RED WF NYLON RED 2B NYLON RED 2BDW NYLON RED 2RDF NYLON RED 4RL NYLON RED 4RLA NYLON RUBINE NYLON RUBINE 3GP NYLON RUBINE 5BL NYLON VIOLET B NYLON VIOLET NLS NYLON VIOLET 2R-CLK NYLON VIOLET 4R NYLON YELLOW BLL NYLON YELLOW FGL NYLON YELLOW FRW NYLON YELLOW FRW NEW SPECIAL NYLON YELLOW HCF NYLON YELLOW NW NYLON YELLOW N4GL NYLON YELLOW R NYLON YELLOW RA NYLON YELLOW RA LIQUID NYLON YELLOW RHB NYLON YELLOW RNA NYLON YELLOW 4G NYLON YELLOW 4R OIL BLACK M OIL BROWN Y OIL BROWN Y NRQ OIL RED GTD OIL RED M3R OIL RED 234 OIL SCARLET 6G OMEGA CHROME BRILLIANT BLUE B ORANGE DIRECT SE ORANGE GS ORANGE MS 208 ORANGE RO ORANGE RO EXTRA CONC. ORANGE 208 ORANGE 208 MS PADAZOIC BLACK BBL POWDER - GREY PADAZOIC BLACK GKF 150% PADAZOIC BLACK GLL POWDER PADAZOIC BLACK RLL POWDER PADAZOIC BLACK 2G POWDER PADAZOIC BLACK 2G 150% POWDER PADAZOIC BLUE BLL LIQUID PADAZOIC BLUE BLL POWDER PADAZOIC BLUE GP POWDER PADAZOIC BLUE SKLL PADAZOIC BLUE SKLL POWDER PADAZOIC BORDEAUX RN PADAZOIC BRILL. GREEN G POWDER PADAZOIC BRILL. INDIGO BLUE 3B PADAZOIC BRILL. INDIGO MSO POWDER PADAZOIC BRILL. INDIGO 3B POWDER PADAZOIC BRILL. VIOLET 4R POWDER PADAZOIC BROWN BCK POWDER PADAZOIC BROWN BLL PADAZOIC BROWN BLL POWDER PADAZOIC BROWN GLL PADAZOIC BROWN GLL POWDER PADAZOIC BROWN 2G POWDER PAT. PEND. PADAZOIC DARK GREEN B PADAZOIC DARK GREEN B POWDER PADAZOIC DENIM INDIGO BLUE G PDR. PADAZOIC DENIM INDIGO POWDER PADAZOIC FARMER BROWN PADAZOIC FARMER BROWN POWDER PADAZOIC GOLDEN YELLOW R POWDER PADAZOIC GOLDEN YELLOW RLL POW- DER PADAZOIC INDIGO BVX POWDER PADAZOIC KHAKI ZGC POWDER PADAZOIC KHAK2 GBL POWDER PADAZOIC NAVY BLUE BRLL POWDER PADAZOIC NAVY BLUE RB POWDER PADAZOIC NAVY BLUE WS EX. PDR. PADAZOIC NAVY BLUE WS POWDER PADAZOIC NAVY BLUE 2R POWDER PADAZOIC OLIVE GREEN G POWDER PADAZOIC ORANGE GR POWDER PADAZOIC PLUM VLL POWDER PADAZOIC RED BLL POWDER PADAZOIC RED BLL POWDER NEW PADAZOIC RED GLL POWDER PADAZOIC SCARLET RLL POWDER PADAZOIC TAN TN LL PADAZOIC VIOLET BLL PDR. PADAZOIC VIOLET RLL POWDER PADAZOIC YELLOW G POWDER PAPER BLACK #2 PAPER BLACK BWA PAPER BLACK NRB PAPER BLUE 10 PAPER BRILLIANT CROCEINE FLP PAPER GOLDEN YELLOW HR PAPER MAROON SAX PAPER ORANGE GP EXTRA CONC. PAPER RED E PAPER YELLOW 3GX PAPER YELLOW 4 LIQUID PARA BLACK RRM PATENT BLUE A PATENT BLUE A CONC. PATENT BLUE A EX CONC 167% PATENT BLUE A EXTRA CONC. PENETRATING BLACK PV PERTINE YELLOW GH POLYCAR BLUE FF POLYCAR BLUE FF PATENTED POLYCAR BLUE FF POWDER POLYCAR CORAL MA POLYCAR CORAL MA CONC. POLYCAR CORAL MA SUB POLYCAR RED 4DRR POLYCAR YELLOW RRA POLYCAR YELLOW RRA PATENTED image: ------- 55 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Chemical Corporation Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK BAP POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK BQ POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK BRL PASTE POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK BT POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK CMR POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK CPA POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK DC POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK GDA POWDER POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK HT POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK HTA POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK LCH POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK LCH POWDER POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK MC PASTE POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK NT POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK OBL PDR. POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK OBSH POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK PBA PASTE POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK PBA POWDER POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK Q PASTE POLYCRON BLACK SA SUPRA POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK SK POWDER POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK SKE PASTE POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK SKE PASTE 100% POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK SRE POWDER POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK STP LIQUID POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK SVF POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK T POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK TS PASTE POLYCRON POLYCRON BLACK TS POWDER POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE BGLK POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE BGLS POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE BL DER POLYCRON BLUE BLD POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE BLD SPECIAL POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE BLF POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE DBG POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE ER POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE FBLD POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE FD POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE GBB POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE GET POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE GRL POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE GRL NEW POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE GSFR-N 100% POLYCRON BLUE GSFRN POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE HF POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE HGA PASTE POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE JG POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE JR POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE LBS POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE RAL POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE RKA POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE RL POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE RRA POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE SM POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE SPD POLYCRON POLYCRON BLUE 2GK POLYCRON POLYCRON BRILLIANT BLUE EGA POLYCRON POLYCRON BRILLIANT BLUE GBA POLYCRON POLYCRON BRILLIANT BLUE GBB POLYCRON POLYCRON BRILLIANT BLUE GGB POLYCRON POLYCRON BRILLIANT ORANGE 2RL POLYCRON POLYCRON BRILLIANT ORANGE POLYCRON 2RLCONC. POLYCRON POLYCRON BRILLIANT YELLOW 6G POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN B-Q POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN GLA POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN LS NSP POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN Q POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN Q POWDER POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN 2RA POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN 2RA PASTE POLYCRON POLYCRON BROWN 3RL POLYCRON BROWN 3RL 50% PASTE BURNT ORANGE OB CERISE B CERISE BA CERISE N CRUDE CERISE NA CERISE NA 50% PASTE CERISE NA 100% PASTE CERISE NAS CERISE NB CERISE NSN POWDER CERISE Y CERISE Y POWDER CERISE Y 50% PASTE CHOCOLATE BROWN H DARK BLUE BBN 200% DARK BLUE LM DEV BLACK DC DEVELOPED BLACK DG DIAZO BLACK B EX CONC DIRECT BLACK CPA NEW GOLDEN ORANGE CF GREEN BLUE S GREY TGTL NAVY BLUE BRS POWDER NAVY BLUE D2G PASTE NAVY BLUE GLS NAVY BLUE LE NAVY BLUE OGP NAVY BLUE PBE NAVY BLUE RKL NEW POW- NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE RKN PASTE RL RL CONC. RSA PASTE SR SR 50% PASTE SRGL SRRL STX S2GL S2GL PASTE NAVY BLUE T NAVY BLUE 2GK PASTE NAVY BLUE 2RG NAVY BLUE 2RG 50% PASTE NAVY BLUE 2RLSW SPECIAL NAVY BLUE 3RL NAVY BLUE 5RG NAVY RL NAVY SR ORANGE A2R ORANGE DS 50% PASTE ORANGE HE ORANGE L ORANGE L PASTE ORANGE LG ORANGE LIQUID ORANGE NST ORANGE NST PASTE ORANGE OB ORANGE OB 50% PASTE ORANGE RLA ORANGE SDS ORANGE SDS POWDER ORANGE Y ORANGE 2GR ORANGE 2R ORANGE 2RL ORANGE 2RL PASTE ORANGE 5R POLYCRON ORANGE 5R PASTE POLYCRON ORANGE 50G POLYCRON PINK PRR POLYCRON PINK REL PASTE POLYCRON PINK RF POLYCRON PINK RF 50% PASTE POLYCRON PINK RFA POLYCRON RED BLA POLYCRON RED EBA PASTE POLYCRON RED EH POLYCRON RED FA POLYCRON RED FB POLYCRON RED FFBL POLYCRON RED FRL PASTE POLYCRON RED GGA POLYCRON RED HBL POLYCRON RED HE POLYCRON RED LEY POLYCRON RED NS POLYCRON RED RBF POLYCRON RED S-EV POLYCRON RED 2G POWDER POLYCRON RUBINE BLF POLYCRON RUBINE BLF PASTE POLYCRON RUBINE BLF 200% POLYCRON RUBINE FL POLYCRON RUBINE RB POLYCRON RUBINE 2B POLYCRON RUBINE 2RP POLYCRON RUBY RED BRFS PASTE POLYCRON SCARLET GGA POLYCRON SCARLET PD POLYCRON SCARLET RR POLYCRON SCARLET RRA POLYCRON THERMASOL BLACK BTR PASTE POLYCRON THERMASOL BLACK PT PASTE POLYCRON THERMOSOL BLACK PRE PASTE POLYCRON THERMOSOL BLACK S PASTE POLYCRON VIOLET B POLYCRON VIOLET 2R POLYCRON YELLOW BR POLYCRON YELLOW BROWN S2RFL POLYCRON YELLOW G POLYCRON YELLOW GF POLYCRON YELLOW GF POWDER POLYCRON YELLOW GNS POLYCRON YELLOW GNS 50% PASTE POLYCRON YELLOW LMN POLYCRON YELLOW RC POLYCRON YELLOW RGL POLYCRON YELLOW 2RA POLYCRON YELLOW 3G POLYCRON YELLOW 3G 50% PASTE POLYCRON YELLOW 3GB POLYCRON YELLOW 3GBA POLYCRON YELLOW 3GM POLYCRON YELLOW 4GB POLYCRON YELLOW 4RL POLYCRON YELLOW 5R POLYCRON YELLOW 5R CONC. POLYCRON YELLOW 5R CONC. EXTRA POLYESTER BLUE GET POLYESTER RED NB POLYESTER SCARLET PD PRIMULINE CONC. PRINTING BLACK BROWN IT POWDER PRINTING BLACK GGC POWDER PRINTING BROWN IPT POWDER PRINTING BROWN IPT SOLUTION PRINTING CORINTH B POWDER PRINTING ORANGE R DEL. SOLN. image: ------- Atlantic Chemical Corporation 56 Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd PRINTING ORANGE R POWDER PRINTING RED GS POWDER PRINTING RED R PRINTING RED R POWDER PRINTING SCARLET RS POWDER PRINTINGBLACK 2B POWDER RED ACID EOSINE G CONC. RED 201 GS RESIN FAST BLUE BFL RESIN FAST BLUE BGLL RESIN FAST BLUE BLA RESIN FAST BLUE BLG RESIN FAST BLUE F CONC. RESIN FAST BLUE FFRL RESIN FAST BLUE FGL RESIN FAST BLUE F3GL RESIN FAST BLUE GL RESIN FAST BLUE GUL RESIN FAST BLUE LLGG RESIN FAST BLUE LLUG RESIN FAST BLUE LUL RESIN FAST BLUE RLX RESIN FAST BLUE RRA RESIN FAST BLUE RULM RESIN FAST BLUE ST RESIN FAST BLUE UGLL RESIN FAST BLUE 2GLL RESIN FAST BLUE 2RLL RESIN FAST BLUE 3GLL RESIN FAST BLUE 4GLL RESIN FAST BLUE 4GLLNA RESIN FAST BLUE 6GKS RESIN FAST BLUE 6GUL RESIN FAST BLUE 7GUL RESIN FAST BLUE 7RLL RESIN FAST BLUE 8GLNK RESIN FAST BROWN LRL RESIN FAST BROWN MBA RESIN FAST BROWN RCW RESIN FAST BROWN RLL RESIN FAST BROWN 8RL RESIN FAST GREEN BLD RESIN FAST GREEN F3L RESIN FAST GREEN GL RESIN FAST GREEN 5GL RESIN FAST GREY LVL RESIN FAST GREY RLNC RESIN FAST MAROON LFVS RESIN FAST ORANGE LGL RESIN FAST ORANGE LLLWF RESIN FAST ORANGE LLWF RESIN FAST ORANGE T3RL RESIN FAST ORANGE T4RLL RESIN FAST ORANGE 3GU RESIN FAST ORANGE 4GL RESIN FAST ORANGE 4GLL RESIN FAST RED LBL RESIN FAST RED RL RESIN FAST RED 3BLX RESIN FAST RED 3BLX BLENDED RESIN FAST RED 8BLN RESIN FAST RUBINE BLNS RESIN FAST RUBINE BLR RESIN FAST RUBINE LBBL HIGH CONC. RESIN FAST SCARLET GLJ RESIN FAST SCARLET TLF RESIN FAST SCARLET YLC RESIN FAST VIOLET DL RESIN FAST VIOLET 2RLL RESIN FAST YELLOW EFUL RESIN FAST YELLOW EFUL SPECIAL RESIN FAST YELLOW HT RESIN FAST YELLOW LLG RESIN FAST YELLOW L5G RESIN MAROON #2 RESORCINE BROWN RESORCINE BROWN B RESORCINE BROWN B SPECIAL RESORCINE BROWN R RESORCINE BROWN R CONC. RESORCINE BROWN RM RESORCINE BROWN RS RESORCINE BROWN RSA RESORCINE BROWN Y RESORCINE BROWN Y CONC. RHODAMINE B RHODAMINE B CONC. DUSTLESS RHODAMINE FB SAFRANINE A CONCENTRATED SAFRANINE EXTRA CONC. SAFRANINE 0 SAFRANINE 0 CONC. SAFRANINE SUBSTITUTE SANFOROIL CONC 125% SEAL BROWN SIGHTENING RED SILK RED CONC 190% SILK RED 3B SILK RED 3B CONC. SKY BLUE 6B EXTRA CONC. SMOKE VIOLET SMOKE YELLOW VII STABLE BLUE BL BASE POWDER STAIN C STILBENE YELLOW GA STILBENE YELLOW OP SUEDE GREY BL SUEDE LEATHER DARK MUSTARD CIS SUEDE NAVY BLUE C25 SULFON CYANINE BLUE GRA EXTRA SULFON CYANINE GA SULFON CYANINE GRA EXTRA SULFON CYANINE 5R SULFON CYANINE 5RA SULFON CYANINE 5RA CONC 125% SULFON CYANINE 5RA EXTRA CONC SULFON CYANINE 5RA EXTRA CONC. SULFON CYANINE 5RA 100% SUPERCHROME RED G TARTRAZINE CONC. TARTRAZINE EXTRA CONC. TARTRAZINE SPECIAL CONC. THIOVAT BROWN RRD THIOVAT BROWN RRD PASTE THIOVAT ORANGE R PASTE THIOVAT PINK FF PASTE THIOVAT PRINTING BLACK AR DOUBLE PASTE THIOVAT RED VIOLET RHA PASTE THIOVAT SCARLET 2GN PASTE THIOVAT VIOLET 6R PASTE TINTING BLUE G TINTING BLUE MBR TINTING BLUE RNB TURQUOISE C GREEN UNION BLACK G VAT ARMY TAN 2 VAT BLACK BROWN V PASTE VAT BLACK HP DOUBLE PASTE VAT BLACK RBA PASTE VAT BLUE BCS DOUBLE PASTE VAT BLUE BCS DOUBLE POWDER VAT BLUE GCD DOUBLE PASTE VAT BLUE GREEN 3B PASTE VAT BLUE RBF DOUBLE PASTE VAT BRIGHT YELLOW 3G PASTE NEW VAT BRILL INDIGO 2BDM VAT BRILL INDIGO 4BR PASTE VAT BRILL ORANGE GR PASTE VAT BRILL. ORANGE RKA PASTE VAT BROWN AG DOUBLE PASTE VAT BROWN AR DOUBLE PASTE VAT BROWN BRA PASTE VAT DARK BROWN RR PASTE VAT DENIM INDIGO BLACK LVI VAT DENIM NAVY BFG VAT DENIM NAVY BFG LIQUID VAT DENIM NAVY HBG PASTE VAT DIRECT BLACK CHF PASTE VAT GOLD YELLOW GK COMP. VAT GOLDEN ORANGE 3G PASTE VAT GREY GFL NM PASTE VAT GREY GN DOUBLE PASTE VAT GREY T PASTE VAT INDIGO EXTENDER A PASTE VAT KHAKI BGR PASTE VAT KHAKI 2G DOUBLE PASTE VAT KHAKI 2GD DOUBLE PASTE VAT KHAKI 3G DOUBLE PASTE VAT NAVY BLUE BA PASTE VAT NAVY BLUE BRNF DOUBLE PASTE VAT NAVY BLUE RA DOUBLE PASTE VAT OG 107 VAT OLIVE AR DOUBLE PASTE VAT OLIVE BRILL. DOUBLE PASTE VAT OLIVE GREEN B DOUBLE PASTE VAT OLIVE GREEN WI DOUBLE PASTE VAT OLIVE GREEN 2B DOUBLE PASTE VAT OLIVE T PASTE VAT PRINTING VIOLET 6R PASTE VAT RED FBB DOUBLE PASTE VAT RED RK DOUBLE PASTE VAT SCARLET 2GN PASTE VAT VIOLET 4R PASTE VAT YELLOW BROWN RC DOUBLE PASTE VAT YELLOW G DEL. PASTE VAT YELLOW PGA DOUBLE VATORANGE RRT PASTE VIOLET B VIOLET BA VISGUM A POWDER VISGUM A SOLN. VISGUM KLX VISGUM KSP VISGUM KU WHITENER AP WHITENER CT LIQUID WHITENER EBA WHITENER ERA CONC. WHITENER FC WHITENER FC LIQUID WHITENER WGS SOLN. WHITENER 4BC NEW WOOL BLUE FFR EXTRA CONC. WOOL BLUE R WOOL DEEP RED PR WOOL GREEN PR WOOL GREEN S SIGHTENING WOOL ORANGE G WOOL ORANGE G CRYSTALS WOOL ORANGE G SUPER CONC. WOOL ORANGE RO WOOL ROYAL PR WOOL VIOLET 4BNS WOOL YELLOW DYE 3GL CONC. WOOL YELLOW 3GL WOOL YELLOW 3GL CONC. WOOL YELLOW 3GL CONC. 125% WOOL YELLOW 5GE image: ------- 57 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlantic Richfield Company Atlantic Chemical Corporationócont'd YELLOW GS YELLOW RLSW YELLOW 203GS Atlantic Richfield Company Arco Plaza 515 South Flower Street Los Angeles CA 90071 Absorbent Oil W Absorption Oil AC-20 Roofing Flux AHC (All products) Air Drill Oil S-700 Air Drill Oil 147 Aircraft 120 Aluminum Complex Greases Aluminum Drawing Oil Aluminum Protective Oil Amoco 1200 Oil ARCO Arctic -65F Grease ARCO Arctic Gear Oil ARCO Arctic Hydraulic Oil ARCO ATF Dexron -II ARCO ATF Type F ARCO AW Hydraulic Oil S-150 ARCO C-3 Fluid ARCO Car Oil 54 ARCO Cleaning Solvent ARCO CPS Grease ARCO Culvert Coating Flux ARCO Diesel Fuels ARCO EDM Oil ARCO EP Moly D ARCO EP Moly Grease ARCO FLC ARCO Gasoline ARCO Gear Oils EP ARCO HD Gear Oils ARCO Heating Oils ARCO HIB RP 725 ARCO HTC 100 ARCO Kerosene ARCO Laminant ARCO LB Solvent ARCO Mineral Gear Oils ARCO ML Oils ARCO Motor Oils ARCO MP Grease ARCO Multipurpose Grease ARCO OEM Concentrate ARCO Outboard & Snowmobile Motor Lubri- cant ARCO Outboard Motor Fuels ARCO Paint Thinner ARCO Paper Machine Oil ARCO PX-2 ARCO Roofing Asphalts ARCO Slump Block Oil ARCO Tractor Fluid ARCO Truflame LP Gas ARCO XHD Motor Oil 10W-30 ARCO Zenith 5000 RR Oil ArcoBase (all products) ArcoCap (all products) ArcoChem (all products) ArcoCide (all products) ARCOclear Gasolines ARCOfleet HD Motor Oils ARCOfleet Motor Oils ARCOfleet MS 3 Motor Oils ARCOfleet S 3 Plus Motor Oils ARCOfleet XHD Motor Oiis ARCOflux Asphalts ARCOflux Coating Flux ARCOgraphite Motor Oil ArcoHib (all products) ARCOjet Fuels ARCOpac Oils ARCOpave AC Asphalt Cements ARCOpave CMS-2 ARCOpave CRS-2 ARCOpave MC Liquid Asphalts ARCOpave RC Liquid Asphalts ARCOpave 100-120 ARCOplus Motor Oils ARCOpremium Diesel ARCOprime Oiis ARCOsat 160 ArcoSol (all products) ARCOsupreme Gasoline ARCOsupreme Motor Oil ARCOtech Oils ArcoTreat (all products) ARCOwax Waxes ARCOwhite 2 Arctic Diesel Ashland RR Base Asphalt Blending Diluents Atlantic Gasoline Autokut Oils Aviation Gasoline Budd Spec, MS-99 Bunker C Fuels Burlington 6016B C.P. Spindle Oil Caldron EP Greases Caldron NS Greases Carbon Black Oil Carnite Base Cen-Cast Pipe Oil Clairo Oils Commercial 535 Commerical 520 Compressor Oil 238 Compressor Oil 3928 Crystex Curve Grease Cutting Oil 70 Cutting Oil 100 Cutting Oil 160 Daphne Hydraulic Fluids Daphne Turbine Oils Diamond Oils Diesel Fuel Special Dino Motor Oils Dinolene Oils Dominion Greases Dominion H-2 Dominion 74 Dorado 40 Dow 978820 Duopale Oils Duopar Oils Duro AW Oils Duro FR-HD Duro Oils Dylan (all products) Dylark (all products) Dylene (all products) Dylex (all products) Dylite (all products) Dynamo Oil Dypro (all products) Edger Arbor Oil Emulsicool Emulsion Base Eureka 500 Form Oil RP Frick Refrigeration Machine Oils Fuel Oil 535 Gascom R Gascon D-Supreme Gascon GL Oils Gascon GL Supreme Gascon Oils Gascon Severe Duty Gascon Severe Duty Additive GL-Supreme Additive Glassgrind Oils Graphite 3 Grease Gulf Cotton Picker Oil Gulf EP Lubricants Gulf Hydraulic Hoist Oil Gulf MP Gear Lubes Gulf Saphire Motor Oil 40 Gulf Soluble Oil WC Gulf Super Duty 15W-40 Motor Oil Gulfcrown Grease No. 2 Gulflex A Gulflex Moly Heat Medium Gas Oil Heavy Fuel Oils HF-54 Power Fluid Honol Oils Hytherm Oil Hyvis HD Motor Oils Ice Machine Medium Ice Machine Oil 250 Ideal Oils Ideal Plus Industrial 6120 Insulating Oil IRM Pet 29 Wax J&L Spec. 2400 Jet Fuels Jet Lube TM Jet Lubricant TM Greases Jetco Base (all products) Kaiser Steel Bearing Oil Kaiser Steel Spec. G060002 Kaiser Steel Spec. G060305 Kaiser Steel Spec. 60001 Grease Kelsey Hayes 665 L-300 Lithium RB Grease image: ------- Atlantic Richfield Company 58 Atlantic Richfield Companyócont'd L-340 Lithium RB Grease Lactole Spirits Litholine H EP Greases Litholine MP Grease Litholine Onyx EP Greases Low Sulfur Gas Oil Fuels Low Sulfur Resid Fuels Low sulfur Utility Fuels Lubco Greases Lubricant 36 Lubricating A Oils Lubricating B Oils Lubricating C Oils Lubricating D Oils Lubricating E Oils Lubricating Oil 1900 LW Oil Marder No. 1 Marine Engine Oil No. 10 Marine Ultra Duty Engine Oils Marquenchol Matterhorn Special Lube 0 Mineral Oil 21 Mineral Oil 85 Mineral Seal Oil Mineral Spirits Mineral Spirits 20 Modoc Oils Mohawk Gasolines Montgomery Ward Regular Naphtha Thinner Naphtha 150/160 Naphthenic Acids Naptol National Wax LMS Navy Special Fuel Oil Never-Seez Base No. 0 No. 6 Heavy Fuel Oils No. 6 NSG No. 6 NSG Bunker Fuel No. 129 Thread Coating Compound No. 396 U.C. Refrigeration Compressor Oil No-Drip Oils Northwest Soluble Oil Odorless Mineral Spirits Onyx EP Fluid MS Opaline EP 0 Opaline Greases Opaline Onyx EP Greases Ordnance Oils Ordnance 610 Concentrate Osage Oils Osage Super W 40 Osage Super-D Oils Para Union Oil Pattern Spray Oil PBS 5991 Pennant NL Oils Petrobase 100 Petrolatum D Petroleum Naphtha Polar Oils Poly bd (all products) Propylene Tetramer Propylene Trimer Quenchol Oils Reprol W Richfield Gasoline Richfield Power Booster Riso Rocket Diesel Fuels Rocket Gasolines Rocket Oils Rocol EP Oils Rubilene Extra MS-3 Motor Oils Rubilene MX Rubilene Oils Rubilene Super HD Motor Oils Rust-0-Lene Oils Rust-0-Lene RP-40 Satisol Selective No. 1 Severe Duty Additive Shell Oil S-7324 Shell TM Gear Compound Sintex Oil 100 SMA (all products) Soluble Oil DO Soluble Oil Z Soluble Oil 1 Soluble Oil 943 Solvent 70 Solvent 80 Solvent 90 Special Diesel Steam Cylinder Oil L-466 Mod. Stoddard Solvent Sulfurized Base Oils Super Dylan (all products) Textile Spirits Threadseal Tooltex Topaz Oils Transkut Oils Trukut EP-C Trukut EP-SC Truslide Oils Tufflo Oils Tufflo 6000 Series Oils Tulkut Oils Ultrawet (all products) USS Code MPG 320-500 Utility No. 2 Diesel Utility Turbine A Fuel 100/120 Industrial 140 Flash Solvent 140 Naphtha 215 Dry Point Naphtha 245 Diesel 365 Naphtha Atlas Minerals & Chemicals Farmington Road Mertztown PA 19539 ALFANE Catalyst ALFANE Mixture ALKOR Liquid Resin ALKOR Powder ALKOR 10 Powder AMPCOFLEX AMPHESIVE Catalyst AMPHESIVE Hardener, Eljer AMPHESIVE 802 AMPVAR Accelerator AMPVAR Primer Base Anti-Fog Lens Coating Asbestos Rope Packing Asphalt Adhesive Laminating Base AA-104 Asphalt Battery Sealant AS-638 Asphalt Coating AC-135 Asphalt Coating Base AC-677 Asphalt Core Saturant AC-114 Asphalt Culvert Coating AC-120 Asphalt Culvert Coating AC-699 Asphalt Fire Hose Compound AC-644 Asphalt Potting Compound AP-109 Asphalt Potting Compound AP-129 Asphalt Shingle Adhesive AA-355 Asphalt Shingle Sealer AS-346 Asphalt Shingle Sealer AS-354 Asphalt Worm Compound AS-270 ATLAS Anti-Slip Hardener ATLAS Anti-Slip Resin ATLAS Battery Sealant E-2 ATLAS Battery Sealant E-2 Accelerator ATLAS Battery Sealant E-5 ATLAS Battery Sealant E-5 Hardener ATLAS Battery Sealant E-6 Hardener ATLAS Battery Sealant E-6 Resin ATLAS Battery Sealant E-7 Hardener ATLAS Battery Sealant E-7 Resin ATLAS Battery Sealant E-21 Component A (Hardener) ATLAS Battery Sealant E-21 Component B (Resin) ATLAS Battery Sealant E-25, Component A ATLAS Battery Sealant E-25, Component B ATLAS Battery Sealant RS-3, Part A ATLAS Battery Sealant RS-3, Part B ATLAS Battery Sealant RS-3, Part C ATLAS Battery Sealant U-4, Part A ATLAS Battery Sealant U-4, Part B ATLAS Battery Sealant U-5, Part A ATLAS Battery Sealant U-5, Part B ATLAS Battery Sealant U-6, Part A ATLAS Battery Sealant U-6, Part B ATLAS Butyl Caulk ATLAS Flexible Caulk ATLAS White Epoxy Filler Hardener ATLAS White Epoxy Filler Resin ATLASTIC #31 ATLASTIC CT-30, Component A ATLASTIC CT-30, Component B ATLASTIC Textile ATLASTIC 50 Primer ATLASTIC 77 CARBO-ALKOR Liquid Resin CARBO-ALKOR Powder CARBO-KOREZ Liquid Resin CARBO-KOREZ Powder CARBO-VITROBOND CARBO-VITROBOND GW CARBO-VITROBOND Spacer Chips CARBO-VITROBOND 440 CARBO-VITROPLAST Hardener CARBO-VITROPLAST Powder CARBO-VITROPLAST Resin CHEMESTER Mortar Hardener CHEMESTER Mortar Powder CHEMESTER Mortar Resin CHEMPRUF Cleaning Solvent ChemPruf Diapers image: ------- 59 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Atlas Minerals & Chemicals Atlas Minerals & Chemicalsócont'A CHEMPRUF Fabric CHEMPRUF Reinforcing Mat CHEMPRUF Surface Mat CHEMPRUF 1100 Finishing Liquid CHEMPRUF 1100 Mortar Resin CHEMPRUF 1100 Mortar, Catalyst CHEMPRUF 1100 Primer Catalyst CHEMPRUF 1100 Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 1100 Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 1100 Top Coat, Catalyst CHEMPRUF 1200 Finishing Liquid CHEMPRUF 1200 Hardener CHEMPRUF 1200 Mortar Resin CHEMPRUF 1200 Primer Hardener CHEMPRUF 1200 Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 1200 Top Coat Hardener CHEMPRUF 1200 Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 1300 Finishing Liquid CHEMPRUF 1300 Hardener CHEMPRUF 1300 Primer Hardener CHEMPRUF 1300 Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 1300 Resin CHEMPRUF 1300 Top Coat Hardener CHEMPRUF 1300 Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 1301 Resin CHEMPRUF 1301 Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 1400 Finishing Liquid CHEMPRUF 1400 Mortar Hardener CHEMPRUF 1400 Mortar Resin CHEMPRUF 1400 Primer Hardener CHEMPRUF 1400 Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 1400 Top Coat Hardener CHEMPRUF 1400 Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 2100 Primer Catalyst CHEMPRUF 2100 Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 2100 Saturant Catalyst CHEMPRUF 2100 Saturant Resin CHEMPRUF 2200 Finishing Liquid CHEMPRUF 2200 Hardener CHEMPRUF 2200 Mortar Powder CHEMPRUF 2200 Primer Hardener CHEMPRUF 2200 Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 2200 Resin CHEMPRUF 2200 Top Coat Hardener CHEMPRUF 2200 Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 2300 Series Hardener CHEMPRUF 2300 Series Mortar Powder CHEMPRUF 2300 Series Primer Hardener CHEMPRUF 2300 Series Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 2300 Series Resin CHEMPRUF 2300 Series Top Coat Hardener CHEMPRUF 2300 Series Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 2301 Resin CHEMPRUF 2301 Top Coat Resin CHEMPRUF 2400 Hardener CHEMPRUF 2400 Powder CHEMPRUF 2400 Primer Hardener CHEMPRUF 2400 Primer Resin CHEMPRUF 2400 Resin CHEMPRUF 2400 Top Coat Hardener CHEMPRUF 2400 Top Coat Resin CHLOROPRIME CLADKOTE "C" Flooring Compound Harden- er CLADKOTE "C" Flooring Compound Powder CLADKOTE "C" Flooring Compound Resin CLADKOTE "C" Surfacer Hardener CLADKOTE "C" Surfacer Resin CLADKOTE Flooring Compound Hardener CLADKOTE Flooring Compound Powder CLADKOTE Flooring Compound Resin CLADKOTE Mortar Powder CLADKOTE Mortar Resin CLADKOTE Primer Hardener CLADKOTE Primer Resin CLADKOTE Surfacer Hardener CLADKOTE Surfacer Resin CURE-ROT Hardener CURE-ROT Resin D-600M D-601 ELPRENE Coating ELPRENE Thinners EPOXYBOND Cure-Rot Hardener EPOXYBOND Cure-Rot Resin EPOXYBOND Fast Set Glue, Clear, Hardener EPOXYBOND Fast Set Glue, Clear, Resin EPOXYBOND Fast Set Glue, Steel, Hardener EPOXYBOND Fast Set Glue, Steel, Resin EPOXYBOND Fast Set Glue, White, Harden- er EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND Fast Set Glue, White, Resin Furniture Fix Hardener Furniture Fix Resin Hand-Moldable Epoxy Harden- Hand-Moldable Epoxy Resin Paste #10 Hardener Paste #10 Resin Paste Steel Hardener Paste Steel Resin Paste, Aluminum, Hardener Paste, Aluminum, Resin Paste, Clear, Hardener Paste, Clear, Resin Paste, Flexible, Hardener Paste, Flexible, Resin Paste, Neutral, Hardener (Koh- Paste, Neutral, Resin, (Kohler) Paste, White, Hardener Paste, White, Resin Plumber Epoxy Strip Plumber Paste Fast Set Hard- er EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND ler) EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND EPOXYBOND ener EPOXYBOND Plumber Paste Fast Set Resin EPOXYBOND Plumber Paste Hardener EPOXYBOND Plumber Paste Resin EPOXYBOND Plumber Seal Hardener EPOXYBOND Plumber Seal Resin EPOXYBOND Pool Paste Hardener EPOXYBOND Pool Paste Resin EPOXYBOND Pool Paste, Fast Set Hardener EPOXYBOND Pool Paste, Fast Set Resin EPOXYBOND Pool Putty Hardener EPOXYBOND Pool Putty Resin EPOXYBOND Putty Hardener EPOXYBOND Putty Hardener (Borden) EPOXYBOND Putty Hardener (Magic) EPOXYBOND Putty Resin EPOXYBOND Putty Resin (Borden) EPOXYBOND Putty Resin (Magic) EPOXYBOND Twin Set EPOXYBOND Waterproof Sealant Hardener EPOXYBOND Waterproof Sealant Resin EPOXYGLASS Hardener EPOXYGLASS Resin EXIDE ABS Sealant EXIDE Anchoring Cement EXIDE Anti-Slip Hardener EXIDE Anti-Slip Resin EXIDE Butyl Caulk EXIDE C-ll Cement EXIDE Concrete Sealer EXIDE Fast-Fill Liquid EXIDE Fast-Fill Powder EXIDE Flexible Caulk EXIDE Hi-Brasion Filler Hardener EXIDE Hi-Brasion Filler Resin EXIDE Industrial Plastisol Sealant EXIDE Non-Slip Hardener EXIDE Non-Slip Resin EXIDE Resurfacer 100 EXIDE Resurfacer 200 Liquid EXIDE Resurfacer 200 Powder EXIDE Resurfacer 300 Emulsion EXIDE Resurfacer 300 Hardener EXIDE Resurfacer 300 Powder EXIDE Resurfacer 300 Primer Emulsion EXIDE Resurfacer 300 Primer Hardener EXIDE Resurfacer 400 Hardener EXIDE Resurfacer 400 Powder EXIDE Resurfacer 400 Primer Hardener EXIDE Resurfacer 400 Primer Resin EXIDE Resurfacer 400 Resin EXIDE San Sealant EXIDE TMD 2100 Sealant EXIDE Waterproof Sealant Hardener EXIDE Waterproof Sealant Resin EXIDE Weatherseal EXIDE Weatherseal Fabric 5-1/2" EXIDE Weatherseal Fabric 11" EXIDE White Epoxy Filler Hardener EXIDE White Epoxy Filler Resin Furan Catalyst LT Furan Resin Accelerator 234 Furan Resin Accelerator 267 Furan Resin 267 Furan Resin 274 FURATHANE Grout Powder FURATHANE Grout Resin FURATHANE Liquid Resin FURATHANE Powder FURNANE "P" Red Liquid Resin FURNANE "P" Red Powder FURNANE Black Liquid Resin FURNANE Black Powder FURNANE E Red Hardener FURNANE E Red Hardener LT FURNANE E Red Liquid FURNANE E Red Powder FURNANE Red Setting Bed Hardener FURNANE Red Setting Bed Liquid FURNANE Red Setting Bed Powder KOREZ Liquid Resin KOREZ Powder MARI-CRETE MASTIC Primer MASTIC Type "AG" MASTIC Type "T" MASTIC Type "3X" MINERALEAD NEOBON Accelerator NEOBON Coating NEOBON Thinner NEOBON Trowel Cement NEOBON Trowel Cement Accelerator NEOBON Trowel Cement Adhesive Accel. NEOBON Trowel Cement Powdered Accelera- tor NEPOXIDE Catalyst NEPOXIDE Coating NEPOXIDE ES Catalyst NEPOXIDE ES Coating NEPOXIDE ES Thinner NEPOXIDE Thinner NEPOXIDE 200 Catalyst New Gloss Glaze No. 31 Primer Oiled Back Asphalt AC-170 Pee Vee Cee image: ------- Atlas Minerals & Chemicals 60 Atlas Minerals & Chemicalsócont'd Permoseal AS-402, Component A Permoseal AS-402, Component B Permoseal AS-430, Component A Permoseal AS-430, Component B PLATELOCK AS-420, Component A PLATELOCK AS-420, Component B POLY-GROUT Hardener POLY-GROUT Powder, Buff POLY-GROUT Resin PORCELAINATE Hardener PORCELAINATE Powder REZKLAD Bonding Cement Liquid REZKLAD Bonding Cement, Filler REZKLAD Bonding Cement, Hardener REZKLAD Bridge Deck Sealant, Comp. A REZKLAD Bridge Deck Sealant, Comp. B REZKLAD Concrete Primer REZKLAD Concrete Primer, Hardener REZKLAD Concrete Tie Cement, Comp. A REZKLAD Concrete Tie Cement, Comp. B REZKLAD DP-100 Hardener REZKLAD DP-100 Powder REZKLAD DP-100 Resin REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Hardener REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Powder REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Primer Hardener REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Primer Resin REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Resin REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Setting Bed Hard. REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Setting Bed Pwd. REZKLAD Epoxy Asphalt Setting Bed Resin REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Emulsion REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Hardener REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Powder REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Primer Emulsion REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Primer Hardener REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Setting Bed Emulsion REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Setting Bed Hardener REZKLAD Epoxy Portland Cement Setting Bed Powder REZKLAD Expansion Joint Compound REZKLAD Expansion Joint Compound, Accel. REZKLAD Floor & Tank Coating Hardener REZKLAD Floor & Tank Coating Resin REZKLAD Flooring Compound Hardener REZKLAD Flooring Compound Hardener, LT REZKLAD Flooring Compound Hardener, Non-Skid REZKLAD Flooring Compound Powder REZKLAD Flooring Compound Powder, Non- Skid REZKLAD Flooring Compound Resin REZKLAD Flooring Compound Resin, Non- Skid REZKLAD Hi-Build Compound REZKLAD Hi-Build Compound Accelerator REZKLAD Machinery Grout Filler REZKLAD Machinery Grout Hardener REZKLAD Machinery Grout Resin REZKLAD Mortar Hardener REZKLAD Mortar Hardener, LT REZKLAD Mortar Powder REZKLAD Mortar Resin REZKLAD Speed Grout Hardener REZKLAD Speed Grout Hardener, LT REZKLAD Speed Grout Powder REZKLAD Speed Grout Resin REZKLAD Surfacer Hardener REZKLAD Surfacer Resin REZKLAD Water-Washable Grout Hardener REZKLAD Water-Washable Grout Hardener, LT REZKLAD Water-Washable Grout Powder REZKLAD Water-Washable Grout Resin SYNOSET LN Synoset LNK SYNOSET LNP SYNOSET LNX SYNOSET NF T-CARBO-VITROBOND T-CARBO-VITROBOND 120 T-VITROBOND T-VITROBOND 120 T-VITROBOND 120 ME THIOMENT THIOMENT Catalyst THIOMENT Catalyst, Low-Temperature THIOMENT Primer TILOMENT Liquid TILOMENT Powder UREFOAM R Prepolymer UREFOAM R-02 Catalyst UREFOAM R-07 Catalyst UREFOAM R-12 Catalyst UREFOAM R-19 Catalyst VITREX Grout Liquid VITREX Grout Powder VITREX II Liquid VITREX II Powder VITREX Liquid VITREX Powder VITROBOND VITROBOND Anchoring Compound VITROBOND Capping Compound VITROBOND Spacer Chips VITROBOND 120 VITROBOND 120, Concrete-Colored (Florock) VITROBOND 440 VITROBOND, Pink FG VITROPLAST Liquid Resin VITROPLAST Liquid Resin, Fujico VITROPLAST Powder VYON Filter Grade VYON Fluidizing Grade VYON Silencers ZEROK 101 Coating ZEROK 101 ES Coating ZEROK 101 ES Thinner ZEROK 101 Thinner ZEROK 110 Coating ZEROK 110 Thinner ZEROK 200 Coating Atlas Refinery, Inc. 142 Lockwood Street Newark NJ 07105 Atlas C (all products) Atlas Cat. (all products) Atlas Cat. Base (all products) Atlas D (all products) Atlas Defoamer (all products) Atlas EM (all products) Atlas EMJ-C (all products) Atlas F-701 (all products) Atlas JG Oil Atlas L-801 (all products) Atlas Lard Oil (all products) Atlas Leather Odor (all products) Atlas Leather Oil (all products) Atlas Neatsfoot Oil (all products) Atlas Processed Neats (all products) Atlas Repellent (all products) Atlas Stearine (all products) Atlas Strap Oil Atlas Sulfated Cod (all products) Atlas Sulfated HCR Atlas Sulfated HSC Atlas Sulfated Neats (all products) Atlas Synthoneats Atlas Synthosperm Atlas T.S. (all products) Atlas Tallow (all products) Atlas Tanked Cod Atlas Wool Grease (all products) Atlas WSM Atlas 401-B (all products) Atlasene (all products) Atlasoil Atlasol A through Z Atlasol Base Oil (all products) Atlasol 1 through 6920 Eureka 1 through 1030 Moellon (all products) image: ------- 61 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Austin Powder Co. Red Diamond Atramax Inc. - NJ. 26 Percy Street Paterson NJ 07524 ACRYLAMAX AQUAKOTE HYDROUS/SPERSE STYRAMAX Auric Corp. of N.J. Subsidiary of Auric Corp. 470 Frelinghuysen Ave. Newark NJ 07114 AURIC #1 through 999 AURIC #1000 through 1999 AURIC #2000 through 2999 AURIC #3000 through 3999 Aurora Chemical Company 7012 Union Avenue Cleveland OH 44105 DAMASCOLENE - Series HOT NECK GREASE - Series S.MOLD LUBRICANTS - Series Sealtite - Series SLAB DIP - Series VISCOLUBE - Series WUZ-BLAK 360 RECLAIM OIL - Series Austin Powder Co. Red Diamond Box H. St. RT. 677 McArthur OH 45651 "A" - Cord Austin, Red Diamond AL Dynamites Austin, Red Diamond AL Gelatin Series Austin, Red Diamond APCO Series Austin, Red Diamond Apcomite Series Austin, Red Diamond Apocgel Series Austin, Red Diamond Austimon Primers and Base Austin, Red Diamond Austin Brand Products Austin, Red Diamond Austin, Red Diamond AXD Series Austin, Red Diamond Austin, Red Diamond AXL Series Austin, Red Diamond Austin, Red Diamond Base Mix Austin, Red Diamond Austin, Red Diamond Blasting Gelatin Austin, Red Diamond Austin, Red Diamond Colored Cap Primers Austin, Red Diamond Cordeau Detonate Fuses Delay Primers Ditching Dynamites Extra Dynamites Extra Gelatins Geletins H. V. Gelatins LD Series Master Mix N. G. Dynamites Oil Well Series Pattern Dynamite Permissibles Austin, Red Diamond Primagels Austin, Red Diamond Seismograph Gelatins Austin, Red Diamond Semi Gelatins Austin, Red Diamond Stumping Powder Austin, Red Diamond 2 FR Austinite Series Red Diamond Brand Products Red-D-Gell Series Red-E-Split Series Scotch Cord Slurmex Series Slurmite Series Tuff-Kote image: ------- Automotive Products Division 62 Automotive Products Division UOP Inc. 10 UOP Plaza Des Plaines IL 60016 PURZAUST CATALYST (ALL PRODUCTS) Avtex Fibers, Inc. P.O. Box 880 580 E. Swedesford Road Valley Forge PA 19482 AVILOC AVLIN AVRIL AVRILIN FIBER-40 FIBER-43 FIBER-45 FIBER-60 FIBER-410 SAYFR Away Chemical Corporation 7707 Bissonette Suite 108 PO Box 27375 Houston TX 77027 AT-8 EVAPO-TABS HUMI-TABS ODOR-RID PAN PILLS PAN-TABLETS PAN-TABS TOWER FEED TOWER-TABS AZ Products Company 2525 South Combee Road P. 0. Box 67 Eaton Park FL 33840 AZ Defoamer AZ Monomer AZ Terpolymer AZ Wetting Agent AZ 36 Dimer Acid AZamide AZamine AZepoxy AZrez AZros Ball Chemical Company Henry A. Ball 1486 Butler Plank Road Glenshaw PA 15116 Al-Var-01 Almet (Reg. #753603) ALWAC B. C. Solvent BAL-CO-LAC BAL-CO-LUBE BAL-CO-MUL BALCHEM BALCO BALCRYL BALKYDCRYL BALL-TEC BALL-VAR Ball's Pioneer Ballgal (Reg. #1009419) BALLKYD BALLKYDMUL BALLKYDVAR BALLREZ BALLSIL BALQUASOL CHEMDEC CHEMEC CHEMELEC CHEMOX COR-I-PAC COR-PAC COR-PACK COR-PAK COR-TEX COR-TON CORI-PAC CORI-PACK CORI-PAK CORI-TON CORIPACK CORIPAK CORITON CORPAC CORPACK CORPAK CORR-PAC CORR-PACK CORR-PAK CORRI-PACK CORRIPACK CORRPAC CORRPACK CORRPAK CORTEX CORTON DIP-ON DIP-TEX DIPON DIPTEX FEN-0-LYM FLEX G# 1 to G# 1415 G# 1420 to G# 2099 G# 2100 to G# 2299 G# 2300 to G# 2399 G# 2400 to G# 2499 G# 2500 to G# 2999 G# 3000 to G# 3099 G# 3100 to G# 3400 G# 3406 to G# 3817 G# 3826 to G# 3899 G# 4000 to G# 4099 GLASCOTE image: ------- 63 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Barium Supply Company Ball Chemical Companyócont'd GLASDEC GLASDEX GUM-LAC HDSE HI-TEMP LEXCOTE Oxolin (Reg. #62503) PAC-TEX PACK-TEX PACKTEX PACTEX POLY-ON POLY-TEX POLYON POLYTEX PRE-OX PRO-DIP PRO-TEX PRODIP PROTEX PYROCOTE PYROLEC PYROVAR RES-0-LAC SAFWAY SEAL-ON SEAL-TEX SEAL-TON SEALON SEALTEX SEALTON SHED SILICOTE STRIP-PAC STRIP-PACK STRIP-PAK STRIP-TEX STRIP-TON STRIPPAC STRIPPACK STRIPPAK STRIPTEX STRIPTON TEM-SOL TEMP-SOL THERMCOTE Thermelec (Reg. #799426) THERMTEC TUNG-OX TUNGLIN TUNGOXOLIN Barium and Chemicals Inc. County Rd 44 Steubenville OH 43952 ANNEEL-PAK BARCO HEAD COMPOUNDS (Foundry) J H R COMPOUND NO - SKALE STAMOLT USITE HEAD COMPOUNDS (Foundry) Barium Supply Company P.O. Box 15038 Houston TX 77020 Ban Sluff BanSluff Basco Barite Basco BascOil Basco BasOil Basco Ben Basco Brine Defoamer Basco Caulig Basco Cellopac Basco Clay Basco CMC Basco Cypan Basco Defoamer Basco Double Yield Basco Drilfas Basco Drilflo Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Basco Drilfloc Drilmul Drilube Ferric Oxide Fiber Filter Rate Flake Gel H2S Scavenger Iron Carbonate Lignite Lube-X Mica (all) Mud Multi Seal Oxygen Scavenger Basco Pipe Free Basco Plug Basco Preservative Basco Quebracho (all) Basco Salt Mud (all) Basco Siderite Basco Starch Basco Surf Basco T Basco Wate Basco Y Basco 50 Basco 300 BascOil Powder image: ------- Baron Blakeslee, Div. Purex Corp. 64 Baron Blakeslee, Div. Purex Corp. 24600 South Main Street Carson CA 90749 BLACO-CLENE BLACO-COAT 104 BLACO-MC BLACO-PER BLACO-SOLV BLACO-STRIP (all products) BLACO-THONE BLACO-TRI BLACO-TRON (all products) BLACO-VELOP 421 Barrier Industries Inc. 200 East Main St. Port Jervis NY 12771 BARRIER BUFFABLE FLOOR WAX CARPETONE MAINTAINER CRYSTAL SP FLOOR WAX KOREX C RUSTATIC SCUFF-BAR WAX EMULSION WASCO RESIN #300 WASCO RESIN #500 WASCO WAX SP WASCOPE RESIN-EP WASCOPE RESIN-POA WASCOPE RESIN-POPH BASF Wyandotte Corporation Parsippany 100 Cherry Hill Road Parsippany NJ 07054 A WAX BASF A.E. ACCORD ACCORD D.I. ACCRUE ACID ANTH BROWN RHA EX CONG ACID ANTH RED GA EXTRA CONC ACID ANTHRACENE BROWN LE ACID BLACK C ACID BLACK NCB ACID BLACK SM ACID BROWN GML ACID BROWN HR (NEW) ACID GREEN WA ACID GREEN 2GS ACID LEATHER BROWN BR ACID LEATHER BROWN CT ACID LEATHER GROWN SL ACID NAVY BLUE GRA ACID OLIVE BROWN GAF LEATHER ACID ORANGE XX ACID SCARLET CAP NEW ACIDOL BLACK MSRL LIQUID ACIDOL BLUE BE ACIDOL BLUE RE ACIDOL BLUE 2GE ACIDOL BORDEAUX FBX ACIDOL BORDEAUX M-B ACIDOL BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G ACIDOL BROWN M-BL ACIDOL BROWN M-Z1 ACIDOL BROWN MGRL ACIDOL BROWN M2RL ACIDOL DARK BLUE MTR ACIDOL GREEN MFGL ACIDOL GREY MG ACIDOL OLIVE MBGL ACIDOL ORANGE MRL ACIDOL RED BFE ACIDOL RED 2BE ACIDOL SCARLET GX ACIDOL SCARLET M-L ACIDOL YELLOW GTX ACIDOL YELLOW M2GL ACIDOL YELLOW MSRL ACIDOL YELLOW M5RL ACIDOL YELLOW RE ACIDOL YELLOW 2GX ACIDOL YELLOW 3RX ACIDOL YELLOW 6RX ACRONAL 4F ACRONAL 81-D ACRONAL 290D (50%) ACRONAL 295D (50%) ACRONAL 300D ACRONAL 500L, 40% ACRONAL TOOL, 50% ACRYL BLACK G ACTI-LAN ADAGE ADEPT ADJUST AEROWASH AEROWASH (AC-1) AEROWASH-Nonfoaming AGILE AGILE II AHEAD AIR CAN. AIRCRAFT CL. (AC-1) AIR CAN. AIRCRAFT CL. (AC-2) ALBIGEN A ALDET ALDET I ALIZ CYAN GREEN GHN CONC ALIZARINE ASTROL B ALIZARINE ASTROL B LIQUID ALIZARINE BLUE AGG ALIZARINE BLUE ARA ALKALINE LIQUID CLEANER ALKAWAY ALNATE ALTREX ALTREX B ALTREX NP ALTREX 1097 ALUTECH ACCELERATOR ALUTECH 12 ALUTECH 13 ALUTONE AMIDO BLACK GREEN BD HIGH CONC AMINE ES AMMOSENE AMOLLAN P AMPEER ANILINE RESIN BLUE R ANILINE RESIN BROWN R ANILINE RESIN ORANGE R ANILINE RESIN RED ANILINE RESIN YELLOW 3G ANILINE RESINE BLACK BL ANILINE RESINE BLACK RL ANILINE SAP BROWN DGSS ANTIBAC B ANTIBAC B D.I. APACHE ARLAC ARMADA ASPECT ASPECT DI ASTACIN AR (50%) ASULGAN K ATANE ATTITUDE AURAMINE BASE AURAMINE BASE NS AURAMINE Cone. AURAMINE CONC. LIQ. AURAMINE CONC. TYPE SP AURAMINE FA AURAMINE FA LIQUID AURAMINE FA-LR AURAMINE FWA AURAMINE OS EXTRA AVID AZO PHLOXINE GA EXTRA CONC AZOIC BLK BA SOL 7460-20 AZOSOL BRILLIANT GREEN BA AZOSOL FAST BLUE HLD AZOSOL FAST BRILLIANT RED BN AZOSOL FAST GREEN HLAS AZOSOL FAST ORANGE RA CONC AZOSOL FAST YELLOW GRA CONC AZOSOL FAST YELLOW GT AZOSOL FAST YELLOW RCA A24 B POWDER B.N. B.W.C. image: ------- 65 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION BASF Wyandotte Corporation BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd BAFIXAN BLACK BR LIQUID BAPIXAN BLUE FFR LIQUID BAFIXAN BLUE FRL LIQUID BAFIXAN BLUE 2RL LIQUID BAFIXAN BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G LIQ. BAFIXAN RED BF LIQUID BAFIXAN RED GE LIQUID BAFIXAN YELLOW RL LIQUID BAFIXAN YELLOW TX 4318 LIQ. BAFIXAN YELLOW 3GE LIQUID BASACRYL BLUE GGL BASACRYL BLUE GGL LIQUID BASACRYL BLUE GL BASACRYL BLUE GL LIQUID BASACRYL BLUE GREEN X5G BASACRYL BLUE X 7GFL BASACRYL BLUE X3GL BASACRYL BLUE X7GFL LIQUID BASACRYL BLUE ZNST BASACRYL BRILLIANT RED G BASACRYL BRILLIANT RED G LIQUID BASACRYL BRILLIANT RED X 4G BASACRYL BRILLIANT RED X4G LIQ. BASACRYL GOLDEN YELLOW X GR BASACRYL ORANGE FL CONC. BASACRYL RED FB BASACRYL RED GL BASACRYL RED GL LIQUID BASACRYL RED X GFL BASACRYL RED X GRL BASACRYL RED X-BL LIQUID BASACRYL RED X-3GL CONC. BASACRYL RED XBL BASACRYL SALT AN BASACRYL SALT NB-KU BASACRYL SALT RB BASACRYL SALT TC3003 BASACRYL SALT TR BASACRYL VIOLET FL BASACRYL VIOLET FL LIQUID BASACRYL VIOLET RL BASACRYL YELLOW X RL BASACRYL YELLOW X 4GL BASACRYL YELLOW X-GL BASACRYL YELLOW XGL BASACRYL YELLOW 3RL BASACRYL YELLOW 3RL LIQUID BASACRYL YELLOW 5GL BASACRYL YELLOW 5GL LIQUID BASACRYL YELLOW 5 RL BASACRYL YELLOW 5RL LIQUID BASACRYL YELLOW 7GL BASACRYL YELLOW 7GL LIQUID BASCAL S BASE 81 SLURRY BASENSOL DS2043 BASF BRILLIANT INDIGO 4B P BASF Catalyst Gl-80 BASF Catalyst Gl-85 BASF Catalyst Hl-80 BASF Catalyst Hl-80 Reduced BASF Catalyst Hl-85 BASF Catalyst Hl-85 Reduced BASF Catalyst H5-10 BASF Catalyst H8-80 BASF Catalyst H8-80 Reduced BASF Catalyst R3-11 BASF Catalyst 03-10 BASF Catalyst 04-10 BASF Catalyst 04-11 BASF Catalyst 04-26 BASF Catalyst 04-90 BASF Wyandotte Corp. Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI), Type II Basic Black DP Liquid BASIC BLACK KMPA Basic Black M Basic Black 0 BASIC BLACK OM BASIC BLACK SR BASIC BROWN BC BASIC BROWN DG BASIC BROWN F4 BASIC BROWN GB BASIC BROWN GP BASIC BROWN MAB BASIC BROWN RB BASIC NAVY BLUE D CONC BASILEN BLUE E3G BASILEN BORDEAUX P2B BASILEN BRILLIANT ORANGE E2G BASILEN BRILLIANT ORANGE K2G BASILEN BRILLIANT RED K-3B BASILEN BRILLIANT RED PB BASILEN BRILLIANT RED P3B BASILEN BRILLIANT YELLOW P3G BASILEN SCARLET E2G BASILEN SCARLET K-4G BASILEN YELLOW BROWN K-2G BASILEN YELLOW E3R BASILEN YELLOW P3R BASO-PEL SBA BASOFLEX BLACK X60 BASOFLEX BLUE 690 BASOFLEX BLUE 708 BASOFLEX GREEN 872 BASOFLEX RED 361 BASOFLEX RED 381 BASOFLEX SCARLET 370 BASOFLEX YELLOW 39 BASOFLEX YELLOW 178 BASOGAL DL BASOGAL E BASOGAL 1C BASOGAL 0 BASOGAL P BASOJET PE BASOJET PEL BASOJET S-PEL BASOKOL S BASOL WS BASOLIN D BASOLON BS BASOPHEN M BASOPHEN RA BASOPHEN RED BASOPHEN U BASOPHOR A BASOPHOR FJ BASOPHOR OC BASOPHOR OU BASOPHOR P BASOPHOR SH BASOPLAST 200L BASOPLAST 280D BASOPLAST 580D BASOPON LN BASOPON TC 111 BASOPON TX-110 BASOPON 910 BASOSOFT B BASOSOFT ON BASOSOFT PE BASOSOFT SG BASOSOFT TC 4004 BASOSOFT TX5202 BASOSOFT ZSGL BASOTOL BASOWET BX BASTAMOL BASTAMOL CN BASYNTAN OLE BASYNTAN OLE POWDER BASYNTAN FCL BASYNTAN MA BASYNTAN N LIQ. BASYNTAN NNOK BASYNTAN NNOL LIQ. BASYNTAN P BENTEC BEST EGG BEST EGG PLUS BETTER BLEND SODA BINDER S BINDER WB BISMARCK BROWN RRN LIQUID BISMARK BROWN MV BISMARK BROWN TSS BLACK SATIN PW BLACK VELVET T BLANCOPHOR AW HIGH CONC BLANCOPHOR FB BLANCOPHOR FFG BLANCOPHOR FFG SOLUTION BLANCOPHOR SV CONC BLANCOPHOR SV SOL BLEACHIT I BLEACHIT IA BOND BLUE CAM BOND BLUE MP BOND BLUE WD BOTTLER'S X SPECIAL BPO-BPS BPO-BPS-BSD BRAXENE BRIGHT ACID GREEN RPGS BRILL WOOL BLUE FFRS EX BRILLIANT BOND BLUE G BRILLIANT CROCEINE 3BA BRILLIANT GREEN CRYSTALS BRILLIANT MILLING BLUE BA BRILLIANT ORANGE AS BUFLEEN (F-5361-S) BUFLEEN (F-5720) BUFSOL BURNER 22 BURNER 44 BURNISHING COMPOUND No. 321 BUTOFAN 440D C WAX SOLUTION C 18-P C.S.R. C/5/P STRONG ALKALINE CLEANER C/5/SP CADENCE CARBOSE D CARBOSE IM CARMOISINE BA CARMOISINE BA EXTRA CONC CARMOSINE DUSTING CASOL CASOL X CATALYST I CATALYST KC CATALYST KL CATALYST MLE CATALYST 4 CATALYST 8 CEDAR STAIN CCP NEW CELL FAST NAVY BLUE BRC image: ------- BASF Wyandotte Corporation 66 BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd CELLESTREN BLUE G CELLESTREN GOLDEN YELLOW G CELLESTREN ORANGE 3R CELLESTREN RED 3G CELLESTREN TURQUOISE BLUE 3G CELLESTREN YELLOW R CELLESTREN YELLOW 5G CELLITON BLACK EH CELLITON FAST PINK FF 3BA CELLITON FAST PINK FF3BA SUPRA CELLITON FAST PINK RF CELLITON FAST RED GGA EXTRA CONC. CELLITON FAST RED VIOLET RNA CELLITON FAST RUBINE BA CELLITON FAST RUBINE 3BA CELLITON FAST SCARLET GN CELLITON FAST SCARLET RGN CELLITON FAST YELLOW GA CELLITON FAST YELLOW GLF PST CELLITON FAST YELLOW RRA SUPRA CELLITON FST RD GGA EX CONC CELLITON ORANGE 3R CELLITON RED SC #2 CELLITON SCARLET BA CELLITON SCARLET BA CRUDE CELLITON SCARLET BA EXTRA CELLITON YELLOW 5GA SUPRA CHLORTAN CHROME LEATHER BLACK CHROME LEATHER BLK CHROME LEATHER BROWN HS CHROME YELLOW SSN EXTRA CHROMOGENE BLACK T 160 CHROMOGENE BLACK T-160 CHRYSOIDINE B BASE CHRYSOIDINE FB CHRYSOIDINE RS LIQUID CHRYSOIDINE RSS CHRYSOIDINE Y CONC. CHRYSOIDINE Y EXTRA CITOWETT CITOWETT PLUS CLARENE CLARENE NP CLARIX CLE-CHLOR CLENZIT CLENZIT (Hillsborough county) CODE 1-4 COLLACRAL P COLLACRAL VL-30 COMMAND Compatibility Agent No. 5 Compatibility Agent 4 CONDENSOL K CONDENSOL T CONQUER II COTTENSTREN RED MSGG COTTESTREN BLACK SR COTTESTREN BLUE M SBC COTTESTREN BLUE SBC COTTESTREN BLUE SCL COTTESTREN BRILL. RED SLG COTTESTREN BROWN MG COTTESTREN BROWN MSG COTTESTREN BROWN SG COTTESTREN DARK BLUE M SDB COTTESTREN DARK BLUE SDB COTTESTREN GREEN M SFB COTTESTREN GREEN SFB COTTESTREN GREY SB COTTESTREN NAVY BLUE SB COTTESTREN NAVY BLUE SN COTTESTREN OLIVE GREEN MSB COTTESTREN OLIVE GREEN SB COTTESTREN ORANGE SG COTTESTREN RED MXBB COTTESTREN RED SGG COTTESTREN RED SSB COTTESTREN YELLOW MS5G COTTESTREN YELLOW S5G CREMOPHOR A-6 CREMOPHOR EL CREMOPHOR RH40 CREMOPHOR RH60 CRYSTAL GREEN B Liq. CRYSTAL VIOLET BASE NS CRYSTAL VIOLET FN CURB DB 1021 DB 1031 DB 1033 DB 1038 DB 1041 DB 1044 DB 1454 DB 2011 DB 2013 DB 2063 DB 2064 DB 2072 DB 2081 DB 2564 DB 2572 DB 2581 DB 5151 DB 6054 DB 7545 DB 7546 DB 7547 DB 7548 DB 7549 DB 7558 DB 7559 DB 7934 DB 7935 DB 7946 DB 7947 DECALTAL R POWDER DECALTAL S POWDER DEEPSOL DEEPSOL (Canada only) DEFINITE DEFOAMER EF-355 DEFOAMER PL-477-5 DEFOAMER PL-691 DEFOAMER PL-692 DEFOAMER T DEFOAMER WE-255 DEFOAMER WE-506-0 DEFOAMER WE-554 DEFOAMER WE-772 DEFOAMER WE-833 DEFOAMER 797 DELTRO DELVAK DENSODRIN E DETERGENT BOOSTER No. 21 DEVAPOSAL DEVELOPER AS-OL DEW ANIL WDS DOUBLE CONC. DIAMOND BLUE BLACK RBA HI CONC. DIAMOND BLUE BLK DIGRESS DILIGENT DIRECT BLUE FR DIRECT BROWN YY 133PCT DIRECT FAST YWLLOW FFG DIRECT GREEN FHP DIRECT MOSS SC DIRECT ORANGE SC DISLODGE DISPERSE PRINTING BROWN BO LIQ. DISPERSING AGENT SSP EXTRA DISPERSING AGENT SSP NEUTRAL DIVIDEND DOXITE DRESSING BLACK SS E WAX BASF EDX 370 RESIN EL-BEE ELEVATE ELMAC EMLON (F-5168-S) EMLON (F-5718) EMPHASIZE EMULGATOR D EMULSIFIER BLEND EMULSIFIER C EOSINE FA BRACE ES WAX BASF ES 7189 ES 7229 ES 7242 ES 7248 ES 7263 ES 7265A ES 7270 ES 7272 ES 7275 ES 7295 ES 7336 ES 7337 ES 7339 ES 7346 ES 7352 ES 7356 ESCORT ETHANE SALT W ETHYL VIOLET GGA EXTRA ETINGAL A ETINGAL L ETINGAL S EUCHRYSINE GGNX Highly EUKESOL BOTTOM P EUKESOL OIL BOTTOM EUKESOL OIL P EUKESOLAR BLACK R CONC. LIQ EUKESOLAR BROWN R CONC. LIQ. EUKESOLAR BROWN 5R CONC. LIQ. EUKESOLAR N. BLUE R CONC. LIQ. EUKESOLAR ORANGE R CONC. LIQ. EUKESOLAR RED G CONC. LIQ. EUKESOLAR RUBINE B CONC. LIQ. EUKESOLAR YELLOW G CONC. LIQ. EUKESOLAR YELLOW R CONC. LIQ. EUTHYLENE BLACK X60 C3 EUTHYLENE BLUE 692 GRAN. EUTHYLENE BLUE 692M2 GRAN. EUTHYLENE GREEN 868 GRAN. EUTHYLENE GREEN 984M GRAN. EUTHYLENE RED 372 GRANULES EUTHYLENE WHITE X22C4 GRAN. EUTHYLENE WHITE X22C6 EUTHYLENE YELLOW 145 GRAN. EUTHYLENE YELLOW 178 GRAN. EUTHYLENE YELLOW 185 GRAN. EUVINYL BLACK X54 EUVINYL YELLOW 178 EUVIPRINT BLUE 704 image: ------- 67 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION BASF Wyandotte Corporation BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd EUVIPRINT WHITE X26 EXPRAY AP EXPRAY LT EXPRAY 541 EXTRAPOL F.S. F-100 F-5561 ALKALINE SPRAY CLEANER FAME FANAL VIOLET PTM 5460 FASPEEL FAST ACID RED E CONC FAST ACID RED E CONC. FAST ACID VIOLET ARR CONC. FAST ACID YELLOW FAST BLUE GH FAST BROWN GML FAST COATING BOTTOM OBN FAST COATING BOTTOM ON FAST COATING BOTTOM OND FAST COATING MATT LACQUER N FAST LIGHT ORANGE GA CONC FAST MORDANT YELLOW GD EX CONC FAST ORANGE SALT GR FAST RED ALS FAST RED B BASE DISP FAST RED LW FAST RED RC BASE DISP FASTUSOL BLUE BK FASTUSOL BLUE LFFRL FASTUSOL BLUE LF3GL FASTUSOL BLUE LGP FASTUSOL BLUE LPU FASTUSOL BLUE LR FASTUSOL BLUE LRRU FASTUSOL BLUE LRRU-L FASTUSOL BLUE L6G FASTUSOL BLUE PF FASTUSOL BLUE 8G FASTUSOL BLUE 8 GA FASTUSOL BLUE 8 GAL FASTUSOL BLUE 8 GL FASTUSOL BLUE 8GW FASTUSOL BLUE 8 GY FASTUSOL BLUE 9 GL PI FASTUSOL BLUE 9GLP FASTUSOL BLUE 9GLP LIQUID FASTUSOL BLUE 9GS FASTUSOL BRILLIANT BLUE L8GU FASTUSOL BROWN FASTUSOL BROWN BRL FASTUSOL BROWN BRLU FASTUSOL BROWN GF FASTUSOL BROWN HT FASTUSOL BROWN KM FASTUSOL BROWN LBIP 200% FASTUSOL BROWN LBRS FASTUSOL BROWN LBU FASTUSOL BROWN LGS FASTUSOL BROWN NW FASTUSOL BROWN TM FASTUSOL GREY LRS FASTUSOL ORANGE LGGL FASTUSOL ORANGE LYL FASTUSOL ORANGE L3R FASTUSOL ORANGE L7G FASTUSOL ORANGE L8GL FASTUSOL RED -4-BC-LIQUID FASTUSOL RED L4BL FASTUSOL RED 4B FASTUSOL RED 4B LIQUID FASTUSOL RED 4B PI FASTUSOL RED 8 BL LIQ FASTUSOL SCARLET L GG GENACRON FASTUSOL SCARLET LGG GENACRON FASTUSOL YEL LEFL GENACRON FASTUSOL YEL RG GENACRON FASTUSOL YELL RP NEW GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW APG GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW AUF GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW DC GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW EFC GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW G GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW G RPI GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW GLR GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW LEFC GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW LEFL GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW LRR GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW LRTP GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW MC GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW MDF GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW RBS GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW RCL GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW RHS LIQ GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW RP GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW YC GENACRON FASTUSOL YELLOW 5D GENACRON FC MATT LACQUER R GENACRON FENACET GREEN X3G GENACRON FERLON GENACRON Fiber Specialty 3R6 GENACRON FINISH BROWN CGR GENACRON FIXAPRET AH GENACRON FIXAPRET C GENACRON FIXAPRET CP-40 GENACRON FIXAPRET CPN GENACRON FIXAPRET PH GENACRON FIXING AGENT FP GENACRON FIXING SCARLET RXX SP GENACRON FLEXO BLACK G GENACRON FLO-CHILLED GENACRON FLOTE GENACRON FOAMICIDE P GENACRON FOAMICIDE S GENACRON FOAMING AGENT W514 GENACRON FRIGI-LUBE GENACRON G.L.X. GENACRON GEN YELLOW GL GENACRON GENACRON BLACK GDF GENACRON GENACRON BLACK GDF PASTE GENACRON GENACRON BLACK KNS PST GENACRON GENACRON BLACK KS GENACRON GENACRON BLACK KS PASTE GENACRON GENACRON BLACK LOG PASTE GENACRON GENACRON BLACK LOG 50% PST GENACRYL GENACRON BLACK MB PASTE GENACRYL GENACRON BLACK N-2 PASTE GENACRYL GENACRON BLACK RL PST GENACRYL GENACRON BLACK RT PST GENACRYL GENACRON BLACK SK PST GENACRYL GENACRON BLACK 2 KSP PASTE GENACRYL GENACRON BLK KS PST GENACRYL GENACRON BLUE BRL PASTE GENACRYL GENACRON BLUE 3R GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL BLUE BG GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL RED GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL RED BNS GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL RED LB PASTE GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL RED 2RSE GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL SCARLET GP PST GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL. RED BRP PASTE 50% GENACRYL GENACRON BRILL. RED 2RSE GENACRYL GENACRON BRILLIANT RED BRP PST GENACRYL 50% GENACRYL GENACRON BROWN 3RL PST GENACRYL GENACRON BROWN 3RLS PST GENACRYL GENACRON CERISE B GENACRYL CERISE N CERISE N PRESSCAKE CERISE N-HT CERISE N-T CERISE NSL CERISE NSL CONC PCK CERISE NSL CONC. CERISE NSL PASTE CERISE NSL PLAST GOLDEN ORANGE G NAVY AS PASTE NAVY BLUE GLA NAVY GGL PASTE NAVY OF POWDER NAVY OFG PDR NAVY RRS NAVY RRS PASTE NAVY RVS NAVY SRL PST NAVY 2GL PST ORANGE ORANGE CDB PST ORANGE GL ORANGE GL PASTE ORANGE GL PRESS CAKE ORANGE RL ORANGE RL PST ORANGE RSE ORANGE RSE PASTE ORANGE 2GF PASTE PINK RL RED SLE RED 3BLS RED 3BLS PASTE RED 3 BLS PRESSCAKE RUBINE GFL RUBINE 2BLE RUBINE 2BLE PASTE RUBINE 2BLE PRESSCAKE VIOLET 2 RLE PDR YEL GLPH YELLOW BRR YELLOW GGLL PASTE YELLOW GLP PRESSCAKE YELLOW GLPH YELLOW 2 GR YELLOW 3GL YELLOW 3GL-T YELLOW 3 GLT YELLOW 4GS YELLOW SRL BLACK BLACK GM BLACK JD LIQ BLACK WL CONC BLACK YR BLUE B G L A BLUE RGL BLUE 3G BLUE 3GW BLUE 6G BLUE 6G FS GRD BLUE 6 G LIQUID BR YELLOW 10 GF BRILL PINK FBBW BRILL PNK FBB BRILL RED B LIQUID BRILL YEL 10GF LIQ BRILL YELLOW 10 GF BRILL. PINK FBB BRILL. RED B BRILL. RED B LIQ. BRILLIANT RED B BRILLIANT RED B-FS image: ------- BASF Wyandotte Corporation 68 BASF Wyandotte Corporation-corA'A GENACRYL G. YELLOW LR GENACRYL G. YELLOW LR LIQ. GENACRYL G. YELLOW LR LIQ. 200% GENACRYL G. YELLOW LR 200% GENACRYL GLDN YL LR LQ 200 PCT GENACRYL GOLD YELLOW LR LIQ GENACRYL GOLDEN YELLOW LR GENACRYL GOLDEN YELLOW LR-FS GENACRYL ORANGE G GENACRYL ORANGE G LIQUID GENACRYL ORANGE G-FS GENACRYL PINK G GENACRYL PINK 3G GENACRYL PINK 3G LIQ GENACRYL PINK 3G LIQ. 100% GENACRYL PINK 3G-FS GRD GENACRYL RED GL GENACRYL RED GL 200% GENACRYL RED GL-FS GENACRYL RED 4B GENACRYL RED 4B LIQ GENACRYL ROYAL BLUE S GENACRYL YEL 2GL GENACRYL YELLOW CP GENACRYL YELLOW GL GENACRYL YELLOW GL FS GENACRYL YELLOW GL 200% GENACRYL YELLOW R GENACRYL YELLOW 2GL GENACRYL YELLOW 2GL 300% GENACRYL YELLOW 3G GENACRYL YELLOW 3G SPEC GENACRYL YELLOW 4G GENACRYL YELLOW 5GF GENACRYL YELLOW 5GF LIQUID GLAXING TOP WE Golpanol BBI Golpanol BEO Golpanol BOZ (flakes) Golpanol DEP Golpanol HD Golpanol PA Golpanol PME Golpanol PS Golpanol VS GRASP GREEN PIGMENT GN-H GRIME-GO GUINEA BRN GRLN F LEATHER 125 HALANE HALOX HAZZIT HECTO BLACK G HECTO BLACK R HECTO BLUE B HECTO VIOLET BNV 872/11 HECTO VIOLET R HELIO BLUE MSC HELIO BLUE SC HYDRAULIC FLUID B-l CONG. HYDRAULIC FLUID INHIBITOR CONC. U13685 ICODIMEEN T-30 ICOMEEN B-35 ICOMEEN C-2 ICOMEEN C-5 ICOMEEN C-15 ICOMEEN 0-5 ICOMEEN 0-7 ICOMEEN 0-9.5 ICOMEEN 0-12 ICOMEEN 0-30 ICOMEEN 0-30-60 ICOMEEN 0-30-80 ICOMEEN S-2 ICOMEEN S-5 ICOMEEN S-10 ICOMEEN S-15 ICOMEEN T-2 ICOMEEN T-5 ICOMEEN T-7 ICOMEEN T-ll ICOMEEN T-15 ICOMEEN T-20 ICOMEEN T-25 ICOMEEN T-25 80% ICOMEEN T-40 ICOMEEN 0.4.5 ICOMEEN 18-2 ICOMEEN 18-5 ICOMEEN 18-10 ICOMEEN 18-15 ICOMEEN 18-50 ICOMID HT-50 ICOMID 0-5 ICOMULSE 210 ICOMULSE 220 ICOMULSE 270 ICONOL A-24 ICONOL A-26 ICONOL A-26-L ICONOL B-26 ICONOL CNP 9.5 ICONOL COA ICONOL D-25 ICONOL DA-4 ICONOL DA-5.5 ICONOL DA-5.5-90% ICONOL DA-6-90% ICONOL DA-9 ICONOL DEO ICONOL DNP-4 ICONOL DNP-5 ICONOL DNP-8 ICONOL DNP-50 ICONOL DNP-100 ICONOL DNP-150-100% ICONOL EA ICONOL NP-1 ICONOL NP-1.5 ICONOL NP-4 ICONOL NP-6 ICONOL NP-7 ICONOL NP-9.5 ICONOL NP-10 ICONOL NP-11 ICONOL NP-12 ICONOL NP-15 ICONOL NP-20 ICONOL NP-30 ICONOL NP-30-70% ICONOL NP-30-90% ICONOL NP-40-70% ICONOL NP-40-100% ICONOL NP-50 ICONOL NP-50-50% ICONOL NP-50-70% ICONOL NP-100 ICONOL NP-915 ICONOL NU ICONOL OP-40 ICONOL OP-40-70% ICONOL OX-9 ICONOL OX-9-90% ICONOL OX-15 ICONOL P-l ICONOL PD-3 ICONOL PD-4 ICONOL PD-7 ICONOL PD-8-90% ICONOL RA ICONOL RA SPECIAL ICONOL S-7 ICONOL S-9 ICONOL S-12 ICONOL SS-80 ICONOL TDA-3 ICONOL TDA-6 ICONOL TDA-8 ICONOL TDA-9 ICONOL TDA-10 ICONOL TDA-15 ICONOL WA-1 ICONOL WA-2 ICONOL WA-3 ICONOL WA-4 ICONOL WA-5 ICONOL 28 ICOQUAD 1825 ICOWET 28 ICOWET 3300 IGENAL BROWN CRTA IMMERGAN A IMPEDE IMPLENAL DC IMPLENAL ED IMPLENAL UR INDIAN BROWN 3G INDIGO PURE BASF PAST 20% INDIGO PURE BASF PWDR K ND INDOIL PNP-9.5 INDOIL WC INDULINE BASE N INDUSTRIAL "S" INDUSTRIAL No. 6 INDUSTRIAL NO. 38 INDUSTROL BD-7 INDUSTROL BD-15 INDUSTROL CO-5 INDUSTROL CO-9 INDUSTROL CO-10 INDUSTROL CO-15 INDUSTROL CO-25 INDUSTROL CO-27 INDUSTROL CO-28 INDUSTROL CO-30 INDUSTROL CO-36 INDUSTROL CO-40 INDUSTROL CO-47 INDUSTROL CO-52 INDUSTROL CO-80 INDUSTROL CO-80-80% INDUSTROL CO-200-50% INDUSTROL CO-200-100% INDUSTROL COH-16 INDUSTROL COH-25 INDUSTROL COH-100-75% INDUSTROL COH-200-50% INDUSTROL COH-200-100% INDUSTROL CSS-10 INDUSTROL CSS-15 INDUSTROL CSS-20 INDUSTROL CSS-25 INDUSTROL DGL INDUSTROL EH-3 INDUSTROL EP-25 INDUSTROL GMS INDUSTROL GMS-8 INDUSTROL GMS-40 INDUSTROL L-20-S INDUSTROL LAS-4 image: ------- 69 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION BASF Wyandotte Corporation BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd INDUSTROL LAS-12 INDUSTROL LAS-23 INDUSTROL LG-70 INDUSTROL LG-100 INDUSTROL ML-9 INDUSTROL ML-14 INDUSTROL ML-23 INDUSTROL MO-9 INDUSTROL MO-13 INDUSTROL MO-22 INDUSTROL MO-23 INDUSTROL MPC-5 INDUSTROL MS-5 INDUSTROL MS-8 INDUSTROL MS-9 INDUSTROL MS-13 INDUSTROL MS-14 INDUSTROL MS-15 INDUSTROL MS-23 INDUSTROL MS-39 INDUSTROL MS-39-50% INDUSTROL MS-50 INDUSTROL 0-5-S INDUSTROL OAL-15 INDUSTROL OAL-20 INDUSTROL OAL-20-70% INDUSTROL OAL-23 INDUSTROL OAL-80 INDUSTROL P-20-S INDUSTROL S-20-S INDUSTROL S-20-SK INDUSTROL TDA-13 INDUSTROL TFA-6 INDUSTROL TFA-8 INDUSTROL TFA-15 INDUSTROL TFA-15-8ę7r INDUSTROL TO-16 INDUSTROL TS-20-S INDUSTROL TS-20-SK INDUSTROL 0-20-S INDUSTROL 68 INDUSTROL 101 INDUSTROL 201 INDUSTROL 400 MOT INDUSTROL 1025 DS INDUSTROL 1025 DT INDUSTROL 1186 INDUSTROL 1213 INK BLUE ASB-FS INTEREST INTEREST DI IRON RED 2710 IRON RED 2950 IRON RED 2951K ISSUE ISSUE PLUS K.B.X. KALSO KATIGAN, PAPER LEATHER BLACK R KATIGEN DP BLK NND HC KAURIT M-70 KAURIT S KAURIT TC-6001 KAURIT TC-6020 KAURIT W KEEGO KELOCHLOR KELOCHLOR DI KELVAR KER-CELL KER-CELL NP KETONE RESIN N KIERALON C KIERALON OL KIERALON Z-OL KLEARFAC AA-040 KLEARFAC AA-270 KLEARFAC AA-420 KLEARFAC AA250 KLEARFAC AB-270 KLERA-CID KOLLIDON CE 5080, K12 KOLLIDON 17 KOLLIDON 25 KOLLIDON 25 (biolog. tested) KOLLIDON 30 KOLLIDON 30 (biolog. tested) KOLLIDON 90 KORESIN KROMET KUPLUR SML KUPLUR SMO KUPLUR SMS KUPLUR STT KWIKPEEL T L&N 12A L&N 38 LANAPRESS TX2286 LAROFLEX MP35 LAROFLEX MP45 LAROFLEX MP60 LASTEEN LATEKOLL AS LAUD LAUD NP LAUNCH LEATHER BLACK CAP LEATHER BLACK F 1720 LEATHER BLACK FL LEATHER BROWN 5RTA LEATHER PHOSPHINE RHT LECTRITE NF LEPTON WAX PO LEUCOTROPE W LG WAX BASF LIGHT BROWN FC LIPAMIN LIQUOR SO LIPAMIN OK LIPODERM A LIPODERM LIQUOR SA LIPODERM LIQUOR SAF LIPODERM LPK LIPODERM OIL RAW LIPODERM OIL SK LIPODERM OIL 28 LIPODERM OIL 1213 LIQAMP LIQUID CAUSTIC REMOVER LITHOL FAST SCARLET 4290 LITHOL FAST SCARLET 4300 LITHOL FAST YELLOW 1310 LITHOL FAST YELLOW 1391TD LITHOL FAST YELLOW 1780 LITHOL RUBINE SF-7233X LITHOL RUBINE 4540 LITHOL RUBINE 4580 LITHOL RUBINE 4650TD LITHOL RUBINE 4670 LITHOL SCARLET 3700 LITHOL SCARLET 4440 LITHOL YELLOW 1220 LITHOL YELLOW 1300 LO-SHUN LOCKERATOR LOCKOTE FE LOCKOTE LQ LOCKOTE RT LOCKOTE 50 LOKPRUF LOKRINSE LUBASIN S LUCONYL BLACK X60 LUCONYL BLUE 690 LUCONYL BLUE 708 LUCONYL BROWN 295 LUCONYL GREEN 872 LUCONYL GREEN 936 LUCONYL ORANGE 316 LUCONYL RED 381 LUCONYL WHITE X22 LUCONYL YELLOW 107 LUCONYL YELLOW 142 LUCONYL YELLOW 156 LUCONYL YELLOW 177 LUCONYL YELLOW 178 LUFIBROL FW LUFIBROL KB LIQ. LUGATOL BLACK N LUGATOL BLUE N LUGATOL BLUE NCR LUGATOL BLUE NL LUGATOL BRONW NGB LUGATOL BROWN NA LUGATOL BROWN NG LUGATOL BROWN NCR LUGATOL BROWN NGT LUGATOL BROWN NR LUGATOL BROWN NRT LUGATOL BROWN NT LUGATOL BROWN N3G LUGATOL DARK BLUE NB LUGATOL DARK GREEN N LUGATOL GREEN NG LUGATOL GREY BC LUGATOL GREY GC LUGATOL LIGHT BROWN NG LUGATOL MEDIUM BROWN N LUGATOL OLIVE BROWN N LUGATOL ORANGE NG LUGATOL ORANGE NR LUGATOL RED BROWN NB LUGATOL RED NB LUGATOL RED NG LUGATOL VIOLET NR LUGATOL YELLOW NGG LUHYDRAN LR 8446 LUJOB LUJOB C LUMATEX BINDER FCP LUMATEX BLACK N LUMATEX BLACK T LUMATEX BLUE BGT LUMATEX BLUE R LUMATEX BLUE 3B LUMATEX BRILLIANT ORANGE GS LUMATEX BRILLIANT RED BBS LUMATEX BRILLIANT YELLOW JC LUMATEX BRILLIANT YELLOW RR LUMATEX DARK BROWN T LUMATEX GREEN B LUMATEX ORANGE R LUMATEX RED BT LUMATEX RED GR LUMATEX SCARLET B LUMATEX SCARLET PB LUMATEX WHITE T LUMATEX YELLOW BROWN G LUMATEX YELLOW GGT LUMATEX YELLOW 1815 LUMIN BROWN G LUMIN BROWN GR image: ------- BASF Wyandotte Corporation 70 BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd LUMIN YELLOW GT LUMOGEN LT LIGHT YELLOW LUPOLEN LUPRIMOL HD LUPRINTAN ATP LUPRINTAN DCA LUPRINTAN DSL LUPRINTAN HDF LUPRINTAN PFD LUPRINTOL FB LUPRINTOL G LUPRINTOL TC924 LUPRINTOL TX4307 LURAFIX BLUE FFR LURAFIX BLUE 2RL LURAFIX BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G LURAFIX PINK FF3B LURAFIX PINT RF LURAFIX RED BF LURAFIX RED VIOLET RN LURAFIX RUBINE B LURAFIX SCARLET B LURAFIX VIOLET 6B LURAFIX YELLOW G LURAFIX YELLOW 7GFL LURAN S776SE LURON U CONC. DOM. LURON UW DOMESTIC LUROTEX A-25 LUTAN B LUTAN F LUTENSIT AS4330 LUTENSIT K-HP LUTENSOL AP6 LUTENSOL AP10 LUTENSOL AP14 LUTENSOL AP20 LUTENSOL AT25 LUTENSOL L-SV LUTEXAL F LUTEXAL HSF LUTEXAL SF LUTEXAL TX-401 LUTOFAN 200L LUTONAL A26 LUTONAL A50 LUTONAL A50 70% LUTONAL1C LUTONAL J30 LUTONAL J60 LUTONAL J60 50% LUTONAL J60 80% PET LUTONAL M40 LUTONAL M40 50% AQUEOUS LUTONAL M40 70% LUTOP LUVICAN LUVISKOL K-30 LUVISKOL K-90 LUVISKOL VA-64 (powder) M.S. ACID M-5B-225A M-5B-250A(E) M-5B63A MAGENTA ABN CONC PDR MAGNETIC PIGMENT 345 BASF MAXAMP MEROSTRIP METANIL YELLOW EXTRA METANIL YELLOW EXTRA CONC METHYL VIOLET BASE BNS METHYL VIOLET BASE FN METHYL VIOLET BASE NS METHYL VIOLET FN METHYL VIOLET FN Granules METHYL VIOLET N BLUE METHYL VIOLET N85 BLUE LIQ. METHYL VIOLET XXA METHYLENE BLUE A EXTRA CONC MICH. MILK PROD. ACID CLEANER MIL-C-0025769F MIL-C-43616B MIL-C-46156(MR) MIL-D-26549A MIL-ETCH MIL-ETCH LQ MIL-R-25134B MILLING CANARY GLB MILLING CANARY GLN MILLING YELLOW 0 MOLLESCAL SF MOLLESCAL SFH MONOCOL A MONOCOL 500 Permanent anti-freez- e/Summer Coolant MULTI-CHLOR MULTI-CHLOR D MUSTER N & W TYPE 18 N&W Type 4 NALCO 1 NAPHTHYLAMINE BLACK NAPTHOL GREEN B NAPTHOL YELLOW SXX NEKAL 73U NEKAL 73U LIQUID NEOZAPON BLACK RE NEOZAPON BLUE FLE NEOZAPON BORDEAUX B NEOZAPON BROWN BE NEOZAPON FIERY RED BL NEOZAPON FIERY RED G NEOZAPON GREEN 3G NEOZAPON ORANGE G NEOZAPON ORANGE RE NEOZAPON ORANGE 3R NEOZAPON RED BE NEOZAPON RED GE NEOZAPON YELLOW GG NEOZAPON YELLOW GR NEOZAPON YELLOW R NEPTUNE BLUE BRA CONC NEPTUNE BLUE 50 PCT LIQUID NIGERIA BLACK K 3802 NIGROSINE BASE C NIGROSINE BASE LT NIGROSINE BLACK FB Liq. NORDALL NORDALL (PD-5801-0) NORDALL-FIAT NSQ NUFLO NUVAT NUVAT NP NYLIGEN RED B NYLITON DARK BROWN 5R NYLITON FAST BLACK AW NYLITON FAST BLACK DS NYLITON FAST BLACK DSR NYLITON FAST ORANGE DNL NYLITON FAST RED BW NYLITON FAST RED BW LIQ NYLITON FAST RED G NYLITON FAST SCARLET DYL NYLITON FAST YELLOW 3GL SPEC NYLITON FAST YELLOW 3GL SPECIAL NYLON BRILLIANT BLUE B NYLOPRT. PHOTOPOLY. PRINT. PLT. N3/N4 Amine Mixture N5 Amine Mixture N6 Amine Mixture OA WAX OBSERVE OCHRE OIL SOLUBLE BLUE II OIL SOLUBLE DEEP BLACK BB OIL SOLUBLE ORANGE R OIL SOLUBLE RED BB OIL SOLUBLE RED G OIL SOLUBLE RED P OIL SOLUBLE RED 4R OIL SOLUBLE RED 7B OIL SOLUBLE YELLOW GGN OIL SOLUBLE YELLOW 3G OP WAX BASF OP 2025 OP-2000 OPPANOL B Dispersion 60% OPPANOL B-l OPPANOL B-3 OPPANOL BIO OPPANOL B15 OPPANOL B100 OPPANOL B120 OPPANOL B150 OPPANOL B200 ORANGE II TYPE SP ORANGE RO EX CONC ORTOLAN BLUE G ORTOLAN BROWN 3R ORTOLAN NAVY BLUE BR OVEN CLEANER & DEGREASER P-1075 P-1753-A PAGEANT PAL NAVY BLUE Z-RE LIQUID PALACET BLACK BED LIQUID PALACET BLACK ND LIQUID PALACET BLACK Z-ND LIQUID PALACET BLACK Z-PAT LIQUID PALACET BLUE EXTRA PALACET BLUE GR PALACET BRILLIANT YELLOW 8G PALACET NAVY BLUE BR PALACET ORANGE GF2R PALACET ORANGE GF2R LIQUID PALACET PINK FF 3B PALACET RED VIOLET RN PALACET VIOLET 6B PALACET YELLOW G LIQUID PALACET YELLOW 7GFL PALAMID BLUE 708 PALAMID GREEN SF-7875 PALAMID RED SF-7574 PALAMID RED SF-7583 PALAMID YELLOW R PALANIL BLACK BL LIQUID PALANIL BLUE R PALANIL BLUE RTL PALANIL BLUE 3RE PALANIL BLUE 3RE LIQUID PALANIL BLUE 5GE PALANIL BLUE 7GL PALANIL BRILLIANT BLUE BGF PALANIL BRILLIANT BLUE BGF LIQUID PALANIL BRILLIANT BLUE P-BGF LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT PINK P REL LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT PINK P-REL LIQ- UID PALANIL BRILLIANT PINK REL PALANIL BRILLIANT PINK REL LIQUID image: ------- 71 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION BASF Wyandotte Corporation BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd PALANIL BRILLIANT PINK Z REL LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT RED BEL PALANIL BRILLIANT RED BEL LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT RED BEL LIQUID PALANIL BRILLIANT RED GEL PALANIL BRILLIANT RED GEL LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT RED P BEL LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT RED 5BEL PALANIL BRILLIANT RED 5BEL LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT VIOLET P4REL LIQ- UID PALANIL BRILLIANT VIOLET 4REL PALANIL BRILLIANT VIOLET 4REL LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT WHITE R LIQ. PALANIL BRILLIANT YELLOW FFL PALANIL BRILLIANT YELLOW FFL LIQ. PALANIL BROWN P-3REL LIQUID PALANIL BROWN 3R PALANIL BROWN 3REL PALANIL BROWN 3REL LIQUID PALANIL DARK BLEU 3RT LIQUID PALANIL DARK BLUE B PALANIL DARK BLUE P-3RT LIQUID PALANIL DARK BLUE 3RT PALANIL GOLDEN YELLOW GG PALANIL GOLDEN YELLOW GG LIQUID PALANIL GREY BE PALANIL LUMINOUS RED G PALANIL LUMINOUS RED G LIQ. PALANIL NAVY BLUE BD LIQUID PALANIL NAVY BLUE RE PALANIL NAVY PLUE P-RE LIQUID PALANIL ORANGE 3GN PALANIL ORANGE 3GN LIQUID PALANIL ORANGE 3R PALANIL RED BEL BRILLIANT PALANIL RED BF PALANIL RED FFN PALANIL RED FFN LIQUID PALANIL RED 3GL PALANIL RED 3GL LIQUID PALANIL RUBINE BN PALANIL RUBINE BN LIQUID PALANIL RUBINE FL PALANIL RUBINE FL LIQUID PALANIL SCARLET RR PALANIL SCARLET RR LIQUID PALANIL VIOLET 3B PALANIL VIOLET 3B LIQUID PALANIL VIOLET 6R PALANIL YELLOW BROWN REL PALANIL YELLOW BROWN REL LIQ. PALANIL YELLOW P-6G LIQUID PALANIL YELLOW 3G PALANIL YELLOW 3G LIQUID PALANIL YELLOW 3GE PALANIL YELLOW 3GE LIQUID PALANIL YELLOW 4GE PALANIL YELLOW 4GE LIQUID PALANIL YELLOW 5G PALANIL YELLOW 5G LIQUID PALANIL YELLOW 5RX PALANIL YELLOW 6G PALANIL YELLOW 6G LIQUID PALANIL YELLOW 7G PALANIL YELLOW 7G LIQUID PALANTHRENE BLACK BB COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE BLACK BB LIQ. PALANTHRENE BLACK LF-P PALANTHRENE BLUE BC COLLOISOL LIQ. (50%) PALANTHRENE BLUE BC COLLOISOL LIQ. 50% PALANTHRENE BLUE BC COLLOISOL LIQUID (100%) PALANTHRENE BLUE CLF COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE BLUE CLF COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE BLUE GREEN FFB PALANTHRENE BLUE R.S. PRESSCAKE PALANTHRENE PLUE RS DRIED PSC PALANTHRENE BLUE RS P 100% PALANTHRENE BLUE RS PASTE 100% PALANTHRENE BLUE RS R 100% PALANTHRENE BRILL RED LGG-P PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT BLUE RCL COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT BLUE 3G P PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT GREEN FBB COLLOISOL LIQ. 170 PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT GREEN FFB COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT GREEN FFB PSC. PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT GREEN 4G-P PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT RED LGG COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT RED LGG COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE BRILLIANT VIOLET 3B COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE CYANINE B COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE DARK BLUE BOA COL- LOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE DARK BLUE DB COLLOI- SOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE DIRECT BLACK R COL- LOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE DIRECT BLACK RB COL- LOISOL PALANTHRENE DIRECT BLACK RBS COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE DIRECT BLACK RBS COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE GREY CL COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE NAVY BLUE BF COLLI- SOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE NAVY BLUE G COLLOI- SOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE NAVY BLUE G 100% PALANTHRENE NAVY BLUE TRR COL- LOISOL PALANTHRENE NAVY BLUE TRR COL- LOISOL LIQ PALANTHRENE OLIVE GREEN B PALANTHRENE OLIVE GREEN B COLLOI- SOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE OLIVE T COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE ORANGE RR COLLOISOL LIQUID PALANTHRENE ORANGE RRTA PALANTHRENE ORANGE RRTM COLLOI- SOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE ORANGE RRTS COLLOI- SOL PALANTHRENE ORANGE RRTS COLLOI- SOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE RED FBB COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE RED FBB COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE VIOLET B COLLOISOL PALANTHRENE VIOLET B COLLOISOL LIQ. PALANTHRENE YELLOW 5GF COLLOISOL LIQ PALANTHRENE YELLOW 5GF-P PALANTRHENE JADE GREEN DR COL- LOISOL LIQ. PALATINE FAST BLK PALATINE FAST BROWN ECN PALATINE FAST BROWN 3GA PALATINE FAST ORANGE PALATINE FAST YELLOW GRNA Palatinol DBF Palatinol DIDP Palatinol DIDP-E Palatinol DOA Palatinol OOP Palatinol 610P PALEGAL A PALEGAL TX 511 PALEGAL TX 515 PALEGAL TX-505 PALEGAL TX-512 PALEGAL TX-513 PALEGAL TX-520 PALEGAL Z-l PALIOFAST BLUE LBGOK PRESS PALIOFAST BLUE SBL Cone. PALIOFAST BLUE Z-6930 PALIOFAST BLUE 706TD PALIOFAST BLUE 7160TD PALIOFAST BLUE 716TP PALIOFAST BLUE 6840 PALIOFAST BLUE 6900 PALIOFAST BLUE 6911K PALIOFAST BLUE 6920 PALIOFAST BLUE 6930 PALIOFAST BLUE 6975LF PALIOFAST BLUE 6980 LF PALIOFAST BLUE 7040 PALIOFAST BLUE 7044T PALIOFAST BLUE 7071-D PALIOFAST BLUE 7079C PALIOFAST BLUE 7080 PALIOFAST BLUE 7081-D PALIOFAST BLUE 7100 PALIOFAST BLUE 7105 PALIOFAST BLUE 7228-1 PALIOFAST BLUE 7560 PALIOFAST BLUE 7800 PALIOFAST GREEN BK PRESSCAKE PALIOFAST GREEN BK-AP PALIOFAST GREEN GN Crude PALIOFAST GREEN 4G PALIOFAST GREEN 6G PALIOFAST GREEN 8600 PALIOFAST GREEN 8670LF PALIOFAST GREEN 8680 PALIOFAST GREEN 8681K PALIOFAST GREEN 8720 PALIOFAST GREEN 9140 PALIOFAST GREEN 9360 PALIOFAST MAROON 3920 PALIOFAST MAROON 4020 PALIOFAST MAROON 4780 PALIOFAST ORANGE 2640 PALIOFAST ORANGE 3040 PALIOFAST RED 3340 PALIOFAST RED 3530 PALIOFAST RED 3730 PALIOFAST RED 3870 PALIOFAST RED 3910 PALIOFAST RED 4120 PALIOFAST RED 4470 PALIOFAST RED 4790 PALIOFAST TURQUOISE 8260 PALIOFAST VIOLET 5890 PALIOFAST YELLOW 1560 image: ------- BASF Wyandotte Corporation 72 BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd PALIOFAST YELLOW 1870 PALIOTOL RED 3521K PALIOTOL RED 3670 PALIOTOL YELLOW 0830 PALIOTOL YELLOW 1070 PALIOTOL YELLOW 1090 PALIOTOL YELLOW 1690 PALIOTOL YELLOW 1770 PALITOL YELLOW 2140HD PAPER DEEP BLACK G PAPER RED APX PAPER SCARLET BP PAPER SCARLET 3BP PAPER YELLOW BGX PI PAPER YELLOW 3GX PAPER YELLOW 3GX LIQ PASTURITE PASTUSOL BLUE LR PC-4 PEG 43 PEG-6000 PENDULUM PENETRATING BLACK AL PER-VAD PER-VAD DI PERAPRET F PERAPRET FP PERAPRET PE 40 PERFECTION PERM BLACK B PASTE 84-4005 PERMAGEN RED L PASTE 31-5017 PERMAGEN YELLOW GA SUPRA PST PHENA 20 BLACK UM PHENAMINE AZURINE G PHENAMINE BLACK E PHENAMINE BLACK E FS GRD PHENAMINE BLACK E-200 PHENAMINE BLACK ER PI PHENAMINE BLACK ER-200 PHENAMINE BLACK ERB PHENAMINE BLACK ERH PHENAMINE BLACK ET-200 PHENAMINE BLACK GAC PHENAMINE BLACK LB PHENAMINE BLACK RHC PHENAMINE BLACK RW CONC PHENAMINE BLACK-DY-200 PHENAMINE BLACKTT PHENAMINE BLK MP 200 PHENAMINE BLUE BE CONC PHENAMINE BLUE ST PHENAMINE BRILL BLUE BBR PHENAMINE BRILL BLUE 6B CONC PHENAMINE BRILL BLUE 6B PI PHENAMINE BRILL VIOLET B PHENAMINE BRILL. BLUE 6B CONC. PHENAMINE BROWN PHENAMINE BROWN EP (NEW) PHENAMINE BROWN MB PHENAMINE BROWN NM GARNET M PHENAMINE BROWN TC PHENAMINE BROWN YR PHENAMINE BROWN 2RH PHENAMINE CARNARY BGY PHENAMINE DARK BROWN NZ PHENAMINE DARK GREEN B PHENAMINE DARK GREEN H PHENAMINE FAST BROWN RLS PHENAMINE FAST BROWN T PHENAMINE FAST ORANGE MR PHENAMINE FAST ORANGE WS PHENAMINE FAST ORANGE WS-PI PHENAMINE FAST ORANGE 6R PHENAMINE FAST RED F PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET AB PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET BFG PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET NS PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET TYL PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET 4BG-PI PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET 4BGP PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET 4BS PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET 5BDP PHENAMINE FAST SCARLET 8BS PHENAMINE FAST YELLOW EWN PHENAMINE FST ORANGE WA LIQ PHENAMINE FST ORG 6 RP PHENAMINE FST SCARLET 4G LIQ PHENAMINE GREEN BG PHENAMINE GREEN C FS GRD PHENAMINE GREEN G PHENAMINE ORANGE MMS PHENAMINE PURPLE 4B PHENAMINE RED DB PHENAMINE RHODULINE RED B PHENAMINE SCARLET B PHENAMINE SCARLET 2BG PHENAMINE SCARLET 3B PHENAMINE SKY BLUE A LIQ PHENAMINE YEL GR PHENAMINE YEL PR PHENAMINE YELL BCK PHENAMINE YELL BF LIQ PHENAMINE YELLOW BF PHENAMINE YELLOW BF LIQ PHENAMINE YELLOW BF RPI PHENAMINE YELLOW BUFF PHENAMINE YELLOW FP PHENAMINE YELLOW G CONC PHENAMINE YELLOW G LIQ PHENAMINE YELLOW MR PHENAMINE YELLOW 3G PHENAMINE YELLOW 6BC PHENAZO BLACK BH PHENAZO BLACK OB SUB PHENAZO BLACK SP PHENAZO BLK OBP PHENAZO BROWN 6G PHENAZO SKY BLUE B PHOS-IT PHOS-IT 2X PHTALOPAL PP PHTALOPAL SEE PICT AX PICTAX FF PIGMENT BLACK X801 PIGMENT BLUE WM POWDER PIGMENT GREEN 9780 PIGMOSOL BLUE 690 PIGMOSOL GREEN 872 PIGMOSOL GREEN 978 FLAKES PIGMOSOL RED 381 PIGMOSOL RED 381 FLAKES PIGMOSOL SCARLET 430 PIGMOSOL YELLOW 098 FLAKES PIGMOSOL YELLOW 142 PILATE FAST BLACK SRN PILATE FAST BLACK WAN PILATE FAST BLUE RRN PILATE FAST BORDEAUX RNN PILATE FAST GREEN BLN PILATE FAST NAVY BLUE REN PILATE FAST PINK BN PILATE FAST RED BEN PILATE FAST RED GREN PILATE FAST RED LBNU PILATE FAST VIOLET SRN PILATE FAST YELLOW GRN PILATE FAST YELLOW 3GLN PLASTIGEN G PLASTOPAL ATB PLATRIP 85 PLATRIP 87 PLURACOL E-200 PLURACOL E-300 PLURACOL E-400 PLURACOL E-600 PLURACOL E-1500 PLURACOL E-2000 PLURACOL E-4000 PLURACOL E-6000 PLURACOL GP-3030 PLURACOL MC PLURACOL 0 1145 PLURACOL 0-285 PLURACOL P-410 PLURACOL P-710 PLURACOL P-1010 PLURACOL P-2010 PLURACOL P-3010 PLURACOL P-4010 PLURACOL Polyol EDP-500 PLURACOL Polyol FO-101 PLURACOL Polyol FS-516 PLURACOL Polyol FS-529 PLURACOL Polyol FS-622 PLURACOL Polyol FS-764 PLURACOL Polyol GP 430 PLURACOL Polyol GP-730 PLURACOL Polyol GP-3030 PLURACOL Polyol P410 PLURACOL Polyol P-610 PLURACOL Polyol P-710 PLURACOL Polyol P-1010 PLURACOL Polyol P-1310 PLURACOL Polyol P-2010 PLURACOL Polyol PeP 450 PLURACOL Polyol PeP 550 PLURACOL Polyol PeP 650 PLURACOL Polyol TP-340 PLURACOL Polyol TP-440 PLURACOL Polyol TP-740 PLURACOL Polyol TP-1540 PLURACOL Polyol TP-2540 PLURACOL Polyol TP-4040 PLURACOL Polyol TP-4040 AGC PLURACOL Polyol TPE-4542 PLURACOL Polyol 172 PLURACOL Polyol 208 PLURACOL Polyol 220 PLURACOL Polyol 235 PLURACOL Polyol 240 PLURACOL Polyol 245 PLURACOL Polyol 255 PLURACOL Polyol 324 PLURACOL Polyol 329 PLURACOL Polyol 336-T PLURACOL Polyol 355 PLURACOL Polyol 364 PLURACOL Polyol 380 PLURACOL Polyol 381 PLURACOL Polyol 383 PLURACOL Polyol 434 PLURACOL Polyol 441 PLURACOL Polyol 449 PLURACOL Polyol 453 PLURACOL Polyol 472 PLURACOL Polyol 477 PLURACOL Polyol 479 PLURACOL Polyol 480 PLURACOL Polyol 492 image: ------- 73 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION BASF Wyandotte Corporation BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd PLURACOL Polyol 493 PLURACOL Polyol 497 PLURACOL Polyol 506 PLURACOL Polyol 533 PLURACOL Polyol 535 PLURACOL Polyol 536 PLURACOL Polyol 538 PLURACOL Polyol 548 PLURACOL Polyol 555 PLURACOL Polyol 561 PLURACOL Polyol 564 PLURACOL Polyol 565 PLURACOL Polyol 569 PLURACOL Polyol 572 PLURACOL Polyol 573 PLURACOL Polyol 573-A PLURACOL Polyol 574 PLURACOL Polyol 579 PLURACOL Polyol 581 PLURACOL Polyol 584 PLURACOL Polyol 588 PLURACOL Polyol 591 PLURACOL Polyol 593 PLURACOL Polyol 595 PLURACOL Polyol 598 PLURACOL Polyol 625 PLURACOL Polyol 628 PLURACOL Polyol 631 PLURACOL Polyol 635 PLURACOL Polyol 637 PLURACOL Polyol 638 PLURACOL Polyol 639 PLURACOL Polyol 641 PLURACOL Polyol 642 PLURACOL Polyol 646 PLURACOL Polyol 647 PLURACOL Polyol 648 PLURACOL Polyol 651 PLURACOL Polyol 652 PLURACOL Polyol 655 PLURACOL Polyol 656 PLURACOL Polyol 657 PLURACOL Polyol 658 PLURACOL Polyol 661 PLURACOL Polyol 662 PLURACOL Polyol 664 PLURACOL Polyol 665 PLURACOL Polyol 667 PLURACOL Polyol 671 PLURACOL Polyol 684 PLURACOL Polyol 686 PLURACOL Polyol 687 PLURACOL Polyol 689 PLURACOL Polyol 691 PLURACOL Polyol 692 PLURACOL Polyol 693 PLURACOL Polyol 694 PLURACOL Polyol 697 PLURACOL Polyol 711 PLURACOL Polyol 713 PLURACOL Polyol 714 PLURACOL Polyol 715 PLURACOL Polyol 716-A PLURACOL Polyol 717 PLURACOL Polyol 718 PLURACOL Polyol 721 PLURACOL Polyol 722 PLURACOL Polyol 725 PLURACOL Polyol 726 PLURACOL Polyol 732 PLURACOL Polyol 735 PLURACOL Polyol 738 PLURACOL Polyol 742 PLURACOL Polyol 747 PLURACOL Polyol 748 PLURACOL Polyol 749 PLURACOL Polyol 753 PLURACOL Polyol 755 PLURACOL Polyol 756 PLURACOL Polyol 759 PLURACOL Polyol 763 PLURACOL Polyol 765 PLURACOL Polyol 771 PLURACOL Polyol 774 PLURACOL Polyol 779 PLURACOL Polyol 781 PLURACOL Polyol 782 PLURACOL Polyol 792 PLURACOL TP-2540 PLURACOL TP^040 PLURACOL TPE-4542 PLURACOL V-7 PLURACOL V-10 PLURACOL W-GRL-1 PLURACOL W-170 PLURACOL W-660 PLURACOL W-2000 PLURACOL WD-1400 PLURACOL W260 PLURACOL W3520N PLURACOL W3520N-RL PLURACOL W3520N-RL-2 PLURACOL W5100N PLURACOL W3520 PLURACOL W3520N-RL-1 PLURACOL W5100 PLURADOT HA-410 PLURADOT HA-420 PLURADOT HA-430 PLURADOT HA-430SF PLURADOT HA-433 PLURADOT HA-440 PLURADOT HA-510 PLURADOT HA-520 PLURADOT HA-540 PLURADOT HA-550 PLURAFAC A-24 PLURAFAC A-27 PLURAFAC A-38 PLURAFAC A-39 PLURAFAC A-46 PLURAFAC B-25-5 PLURAFAC B-26 PLURAFAC C-17 PLURAFAC D-25 PLURAFAC EL PLURAFAC RA-20 PLURAFAC RA-30 PLURAFAC RA-40 PLURAFAC RA-43 PLURAFAC T-54 PLURAFAC T-55 PLURAFAC T-56 PLURAFLO E-4 PLURAFLO E-5 PLURAGARD P 03 Resin PLURAGARD P 04 Resin PLURAGARD P 09 Resin PLURAGARD P 40 Resin PLURAGARD P 41 Resin PLURAGARD P 43 Resin PLURAGARD P 46 Resin PLURAGARD P 48 Resin PLURAGARD P 49 Resin PLURAGARD S 602 R PLURAGARD S 602 T PLURAMULSE A PLURAMULSE N PLURASAFE CONCENTRATE D PLURASAFE 6100 PLURASAFE 106000 PLURIOL E9000 PLURONIC EL PLURONIC F38 PLURONIC F68 PLURONIC F68LF PLURONIC F77 PLURONIC F87 PLURONIC F88 PLURONIC F98 PLURONIC F108 PLURONIC F127 PLURONIC F127X PLURONIC F147 PLURONIC L10 PLURONIC LSI PLURONIC L35 PLURONIC L42 PLURONIC L42NN PLURONIC L43 PLURONIC L44 PLURONIC L61 PLURONIC L61/L62D PLURONIC L62 PLURONIC L62D PLURONIC L62LF PLURONIC L63 PLURONIC L64 PLURONIC L72 PLURONIC L72NN PLURONIC LSI PLURONIC L92 PLURONIC L101 PLURONIC L121 PLURONIC L122 PLURONIC P75 PLURONIC P84 PLURONIC P85 PLURONIC P85W PLURONIC P85WX PLURONIC P94 PLURONIC P103 PLURONIC P104 PLURONIC P105 PLURONIC P105 Special i'LURONIC P123 PLURONIC P123W PLURONIC P123WX PLURONIC 10R5 PLURONIC 10R8 PLURONIC 17R1 PLURONIC 17R2 PLURONIC 17R4 PLURONIC 17R8 PLURONIC 22R4 PLURONIC 25R1 PLURONIC 25R2 PLURONIC 25R4 PLURONIC 25R5 PLURONIC 25R8 PLURONIC 31RL PLURONIC 31R2 PLURONIC 31R4 POLOXALENE AG POLOXALENE AJ POLOXALENE N POLYELECTROLYTE DRT-218 POLYELECTROLYTE PD 5868-0 POLYESTER BLACK BP POLYESTER BLACK HP LIQUID POLYESTER BLACK MB image: ------- BASF Wyandotte Corporation 74 BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd POLYESTER BLACK MB LIQUID POLYESTER BLACK MC Liquid POLYESTER BLACK P-AF LIQUID POLYESTER BLACK SP POLYESTER BLACK SP LIQUID POLYESTER NAVY BLUE BD Liq. POLYESTER YELLOW RT Liquid POLYESTER YELLOW SLW POLYESTER YELLOW SLW Liquid POLYMER 14628 PS POLYMIN P POLYMIN PR-841 POLYMIN SN POLYOL 20 POLYOL-6 PONDAX POREEN PORENAC PRE-FOS PREDICT PREFERRED PRESTOGEN K PRESTOGEN PC LIQ. PRESTOGEN SP LIQ. PRESTOGEN Z-4 PREVIEW PRIMASOL AM PRIMASOL AMK PRIMASOL FP PRIMASOL PAN PRIMASOL Z-5D PRODIGY PRODUCE PRODUCT C937 PRODUCT LFD PROFOUND PROPIOFAN 5D PROPIOFAN 660D PURECAL QUADROL QUENCHANT U-14573 QUINOLENE YELLOW AC R-2 RALTEC RAPID PRINTING BLACK L RAPIDOGEN BLUE G SOLUTION RAPIDOGEN BROWN CB SOLUTION RAPOFF RAYLENE REACTO VIOLET SF-7858 REALM RECLAIM REDEEM REFRANE REFRANE DI RELCO RELLAD RELUGAN B RELUGAN CLF RELUGAN GTW RELUGAN GT50 RELUGAN KLB REMEDY RENDER REPEL 43 RESIN EH RESIN ES RESIN GI RESIN IH CONC. RESORCIL DARK BROWN B RESORCINE BROWN G RESORCINE BROWN NA RESOURCE RESPECT RESPECT PLUS RHODAMINE B EXTRA BASE RHODAMINE B LIQ. RHODAMINE BASE BNS RHODAMINE BASE FB RHODAMINE BU Liq. RHODAMINE FB RHODAMINE FB Liq. RHODAMINE FB Presscake RHODAMINE FSB RHODAMINE F4G RHODAMINE F4G PRESSCAKE RHODAMINE F4GK RHODAMINE F5G RHODAMINE 6GDN Extra RHODAMINE 6GDN XLCR RIDDAX RINTEX ROBA ROLLGLEEM ROSETRAN BM TONE 37-7001 ROTATE ROTATE NP RUG SHAMPOO RUSKO SALUTE SAVOR SCARLET 4RA CONC SCLI-MD No. 1L SCLI-MD No. 4P SCLI-MD No. 5P SCLI-MD No. 6P Pwdr. SCLI-MD-2LF SEAL BROWN PR SENECA FLAKES SENTOL SENTOL DI SERVAC SERVAC NP SHADING BLUE R LIQ. SHADING BLUE 2R85 liq. SHOP TOWEL YELLOW SICOTRANS RED 400 SICOTRANS RED 402 SICOTRANS RED 404 SICOTRANS RED 1176 SICOTRANS YELLOW 200 SICOTRANS YELLOW 201 SILIGEN APE SILIGEN E SILIGEN ESI SILIGEN FA 50% SILIGEN HS SILIGEN MA SILIGEN MSI SILIGEN PA SILIGEN TX-200 SILIGEN WL SIMBOL SKORTEX SKORTEX NP SNO-FLO Permanent Anti-freeze/Summer Coolant SOFTENER BASE C SOFTENER BASE C-25 SOFTENER BASE N SOFTENER FD SOFTENER 76 SOKALAN CP1 SOLAR BLUE BMN SOLAR BLUE GMN SOLAR BLUE RM LIQUID SOLAR BLUE RMN SOLAR PINK BN SOLAR VIOLET RMN SOLCARBO PINK BS SOLCARBO VIOLET RB SOLUBLE BLUE AA EXTRA SOLVOCINE A SOLVOCINE TX 4285 SOUR-TEC SOURFLO SPARTEC SPAULK SPECIFICATION 146-C SPEEDAC SPIRIT GREEN IV CONC. SPIRIT SOL. FAST GREEN HLK SPIRIT SOL. FAST YELLOW G SPIRIT SOL. FAST YELLOW R SPIRIT SOL. FAST YELLOW 3RE SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST BLACK M SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST BLACK RE SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST BLUE HFL SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST FIERY RED B SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST ORANGE G SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST ORANGE RR SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST RED BE SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST RED 3B SPIRIT SOLUBLE FAST VIOLET RR SPRAY ALDET SPRAY ALTREX SPRAZEE SR-10 STA-NEAT DS STABILIZER VS STAINLESS STEEL POLISH STANCHEM A79 STANCHEM A84 STAR 5X ALKALI STARLENE STERI-CHLOR STERI-CHLOR D STERI-CHLOR 4X STILBENE YELLOW GL STILBENE YELLOW TP STILLBENE YELLOW CP STILLBENE YELLOW FT STILLBENE YELLOW GG STILLBENE YELLOW OP STILLBENE YELLOW T P F S STILLBENE YELLOW TP STILLBENE YELLOW TP LIQUID STILLBENE YELLOW 5G STRYOPOR BRX 490 STYROPOR BF FC + 10 STYROPOR BF FC DUST STYROPOR BF SCRAP STYROPOR BF 020 STYROPOR BF 020 OG STYROPOR BF 51 STYROPOR BF 51 OG STYROPOR BF 56 STYROPOR BF 114 STYROPOR BF 114 OG STYROPOR BF 120 STYROPOR BF 120 OG STYROPOR BF 122 STYROPOR BF 122 OG STYROPOR BF 214 STYROPOR BF 214 OG STYROPOR BF 218 STYROPOR BF 314 OG7 STYROPOR BF 318 STYROPOR BF 322 STYROPOR BF 323 STYROPOR BF 325 image: ------- 75 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION BASF Wyandotte Corporation BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd STYROPOR BF 414 STYROPOR BF 414 OG7 STYROPOR BF 418 STYROPOR BF 510 STYROPOR BF 552 STYROPOR BR 010 STYROPOR BR 10 OG STYROPOR BR 10 OG 74 STYROPOR BR 012 STYROPOR BR 012 OG STYROPOR BR 19 OG STYROPOR BR 21 OG STYROPOR BR 21 UNCOATED STYROPOR BR 26 OG STYROPOR BR 26 UNCOATED STYROPOR BR 31 STYROPOR BR 31 OG STYROPOR BR 31 UNCOATED STYROPOR BR 084 STYROPOR BR 088 STYROPOR BR 110 STYROPOR BR 110 OG STYROPOR BR 112 STYROPOR BR 112 OG STYROPOR BR 113 STYROPOR BR 113 OG STYROPOR BR 211 STYROPOR BR 211 OG STYROPOR BR 212 STYROPOR BR 213 STYROPOR BR 213 OG STYROPOR BR 261 STYROPOR BR 261 OG STYROPOR BR 311 STYROPOR BR 311 OG STYROPOR BR 312 STYROPOR BR 312 OG STYROPOR BR 313 STYROPOR BR 313 OG STYROPOR BR 314 STYROPOR BR 410 STYROPOR BR 410 OG STYROPOR BR 412 STYROPOR BR 412 OG STYROPOR BR 413 STYROPOR BR 416 STYROPOR BR 512 STYROPOR BR 516 STYROPOR BRX 040 STYROPOR BRX 070 STYROPOR BRX 080 STYROPOR BRX 180 STYROPOR BRX 180 OG STYROPOR BRX 350 STYROPOR BRX 420 STYROPOR BRX 450 STYROPOR RB/CM + 10 SUDAN BLACK CRA SUDAN BLACK R SUDAN BLUE CSP SUDAN BLUE OS PRESSCAKE SUDAN DARK BROWN BG SUDAN GREEN 4B SUDAN IRISOL SUDAN ORANGE RA SUDAN RED SUDAN RED GGA SUDAN RED 0 SUDAN YELLOW GGA SUDAN YELLOW CRN SUDAN YELLOW RRA SUEDE BLACK ARC SUEDE BRUSH BLACK L SUEDE LEATHER BLACK SUEDE LEATHER BLACK F SUEDE LEATHER BLACK WM SUEDE LEATHER BLACK WMB SUEDE LEATHER BLACK WMR SULPHON CYANINE 5RA SUPER DEEPSOL SUPER FAME SUPER MAXAMP SUPRA LIGHT RUBINE BLA SUPRALAN BLACK B SUPRALAN BLACK NB SUPRALAN BLACK NB LIQUID SUPRALAN BROWN NR SUPRALAN BROWN NY-FS-1 SUPRALAN BROWN RB SUPRALAN BROWN RB SUB SUPRALAN ORANGE RY SUPRALAN ORANGE RY LIQUID SUPRALAN ORANGE RYP SUPRALAN YELLOW NR SUPRALAN YELLOW NW LIQUID SUPRAMINE RED 3BA SUPRANOL ORANGE RAS SUB SUPRANOL RED PG EXTRA SUPRAPAL AP 30 SUPRAPAL BLACK X60 SUPRAPAL BLUE 704 SUPRAPAL RED 374 SURFA-PREP 500 SYNTAN 831 T 32 THINNER TAMOLAN A Liq. TANACID BROWN RNT TANACID BROWN YT CONC. TANACID ORANGE RO TANACID ORANGE YA TANACID YELLOW BROWN G TANAM GREY CG TANAM ORANGE GN TANDIR BROWN MRF CONC. TARTRAZINE C EXTRA TETRONIC 15R8 TETRONIC 50R1 TETRONIC 50R4 TETRONIC 50R8 TETRONIC 70R1 TETRONIC 70R2 TETRONIC 70R4 TETRONIC 90R1 TETRONIC 90R4 TETRONIC 90RS TETRONIC 110R1 TETRONIC 110R2 TETRONIC 110R7 TETRONIC 130R1 TETRONIC 130R2 TETRONIC 150R1 TETRONIC 150R4 TETRONIC 304 TETRONIC 504 TETRONIC 701 TETRONIC 702 TETRONIC 704 TETRONIC 707 TETRONIC 901 TETRONIC 904 TETRONIC 908 TETRONIC 909 TETRONIC 1101 TETRONIC 1102 TETRONIC 1104 TETRONIC 1107 TETRONIC 1301 TETRONIC 1302 TETRONIC 1304 TETRONIC 1307 TETRONIC 1501 TETRONIC 1502 TETRONIC 1504 TETRONIC 1508 TEXAPRET C NEW TEXAPRET S TEXTILE RESIN U-4740 TEXTILE RESIN U-4750 TEXTILE RESIN X-15 TEXTILE RESIN 98 TEXTILE RESIN 130-K TEXTILE RESIN 135 TEXTILE RESIN 145 CONC. TEXTILE RESIN 2309 Con.K TEXTILE RESIN 2309 CONC. TEXTILE RESIN 2309 CONC. R TEXTILE RESIN 2309 CONC.-M THERMOPLAST BLACK M THERMOPLAST BLUE G THERMOPLAST BLUE P THERMOPLAST BRILLIANT PINK G THERMOPLAST BRILLIANT YELLOW 10G THERMOPLAST ORANGE G THERMOPLAST RED B THERMOPLAST RED G THERMOPLAST YELLOW G THERMOPLAST YELLOW 5G TILCON TILCON DI TONIC TRADITION TT-R-248 A TUMULT TWIX NA-36 TWIX 20-0 TWIX 20-P TWIX 20-TO TWIX 20-TS TX-15 Dehydration Fluid TYPOPHOR BLACK BB TYPOPHOR BLACK C TYPOPHOR BLACK N TYPOPHOR BLUE B TYPOPHOR RED B TYPOPHOR VIOLET X U.L.C. ULTRAMID A ULTRAMID ACTIVATOR ULTRAMID B ULTRAMID CATALYST ULTRAMID CATALYST BASF ULTRAMID 1C ULTRAPHOR CW ULTRAPHOR WT CONC. UNIFLEX UNION BLACK CAP UNION GOVERNMENT BLACK UNION GOVT BLACK I UNION OLIVE GREEN UNION OLIVE GREEN 408 IDF UNIPEROL AC UNIPEROL EL UNIPEROL 0 UNIPEROL SE UNIPEROL W URANINE A EXTRA CONC. URECOLL AS Powder URECOLL W URECOLL 1122 UROFLEX C 08 Resin UROFLEX C 10 Resin image: ------- BASF Wyandotte Corporation 76 BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd UROFLEX C 13 Resin UROFLEX C 14 Resin UROFLEX C 15 Resin UROFLEX C 16 Resin UROFLEX C 17 Resin UROFLEX C 19 Resin UROFLEX C 22 Resin UROFLEX C 23 Resin UROFLEX I 01 Resin UROFLEX I 07 Resin UROFLEX I 08 Resin UROFLEX I 10 Resin UROFLEX M 03 Resin UROFLEX M 04 Resin UROFLEX M 05 Resin UROFLEX M 09 Resin UROFLEX M 10 Resin UROFLEX M 11 Resin UROFLEX M 12 Resin UROFLEX M 13 Resin UROFLEX M 15 Resin UROFLEX M 17 Resin UROFLEX M 18 Resin UROFLEX M 19 Resin UROFLEX M 20 Resin UROFLEX M 21 Resin UROFLEX M 23 Resin UROFLEX M 24 Resin UROFLEX M 25 Resin UROFLEX M 26 F Resin UROFLEX M 26 Resin UROFLEX M 29 Resin UROFLEX M 31 Resin UROFLEX M 33 Resin UROFLEX M 35 Resin UROFLEX R 02 Resin UROFLEX R 04 Resin UROFLEX R 05 Resin UROFLEX R 07 Resin UROFLEX R 08 Resin UROFLEX R 10 Resin UROFLEX R 12 Resin UROFLEX R 13 Resin UROPAC F 01 Resin UROPAC F 04 Resin UROPAC F 06 Resin UROPAC F 07 Resin UROPAC F 08 Resin UROPAC F 09 Resin UROPAC F 10 Resin UROPAC F 11 Resin UROPAC F 14 Resin UROPAC F 16 Resin UROPAC F 17 Resin UROPAC F 18 Resin UROPAC F 19 Resin UROPAC P 05 Resin UROPAC P 06 Resin UROPAC P 07 Resin UROPAC P 10 Resin UROPAC P 11 Resin UROPAC P 14 Resin UROPAC P 16 Resin UROPAC P 19 Resin UROPAC P 20 Resin UROPAC P 21 Resin UROPAC P 22 Resin UROPAC P 23 Resin UROPAC P 24 Resin UROPAC P 25 Resin UROPAC P 26 Resin UROPAC P 27 Resin UROPAC P 28 Resin UROPAC P 29 Resin UROPAC P 30 Resin UROPAC P 33 Resin UROPAC P 34 Resin UROPAC P 35 Resin UROPAC S 02 Resin UROPAC S 12 Resin UVINUL MS-40; N-35; N-539; T-348 UVINUL 490; D-49; D-50; DS-49; M-40; V WAX BASF V-DYE BLACK RL V-DYE BLUE LB V-DYE BLUE RL V-DYE BROWN B V-DYE BROWN R V-DYE BROWN 5RL V-DYE ORANGE RL V-DYE RED GL V-DYE RUBINE BL V-DYE YELLOW GL V-DYE YELLOW RL VALID VAN-GLO VARTEL (Can. only) VIALON F BLACK RL LIQ. VIALON FAST BLACK RL VIALON FAST BLUE FFGL LIQ. VIALON FAST BROWN R VIALON FAST BROWN R LIQ. VIALON FAST BROWN 5RL VIALON FAST BROWN 5RL LIQ. VIALON FAST NAVY BLUE RL LIQ. VIALON FAST ORANGE RL VIALON FAST ORANGE RL LIQUID VIALON FAST RED BL VIALON FAST RED BL LIQUID VIALON FAST RED GL VIALON FAST RED GL LIQUID VIALON FAST RUBINE BL VIALON FAST RUBINE BL LIQ. VIALON FAST YELLOW GL VIALON FAST YELLOW GL LIQ. VIALON FAST YELLOW RL VIALONE FAST BORDEAUX RL VICTORIA BLUE B LIQ. VICTORIA BLUE BASE FB VICTORIA BLUE BASE F4R VICTORIA BLUE BASE KM VICTORIA BLUE BS CONC VICTORIA BLUE FB VICTORIA BLUE FB Liq. VICTORIA BLUE FBR VICTORIA CYAN F6G VICTORIA GREEN S EXTRA CONC VICTORIA PURE BLUE BASE FGA VICTORIA PURE BLUE BO BASE VICTORIA PURE BLUE BOD C1246 VICTORIA PURE BLUE BOD EXTRA CONC. VICTORIA PURE BLUE FBO VICTORIA PURE BLUE FGA VICTORIA PURE BLUE SF-7857 VINOFAN DS 2013 VITASAN 75 CONC. VOLLEY VOUCH VOYAGE W.L.G. WAX EMULPHOR 8 WGF 150D WGF 150HG WGF 200D WGF 300D WGF-150D WGF-200D WGF-300D WHITESTONE PEG 200 WHITESTONE PEG 200 DO WHITESTONE PEG 200 MO WHITESTONE PEG 300 WHITESTONE PEG 300 MO WHITESTONE PEG 300 SESQUISTEARATE WHITESTONE PEG 400 WHITESTONE PEG 400 DL WHITESTONE PEG 400 DO WHITESTONE PEG 400 ML WHITESTONE PEG 400 MO WHITESTONE PEG 400 USP GRADE WHITESTONE PEG 600 WHITESTONE PEG 600 DO WHITESTONE PEG 600 ML WHITESTONE PEG 800 WHITESTONE PEG 1000 WHITESTONE PEG 1500 WHITESTONE PEG 1500 60% WHITESTONE PEG 1540 WHITESTONE PEG 2000 WHITESTONE PEG 2000 MO WHITESTONE PEG 4000 WHITESTONE PEG 6000 WHITESTONE PPG 400 WHITESTONE PPG 700 WHITESTONE PPG 1000 WHITESTONE PPG 2000 WHITESTONE PPG 2000 MO WINDFALL WOOL FAST ORANGE WYAN. DISINFECTANT & DEODORANT WYAN. FOOD PLT. FOGGING INSECT WYAN. RESIDUAL SPRAY INSECT. WYANDOTTE DRAIN CLEANER WYANDOTTE FLOOR STRIPPER WYANDOTTE HAND SOAP WYANDOTTE INSECT KILLER WYANDOTTE SPRAY CLEANER PLUS WYANDOTTE 51 WYANDOTTE 55 WYANDOTTE 5418 WYANDOTTE 5571 WYANDOTTE 5573 WYANDOTTE 5580 WYANDOTTE 5653 ZEWA POWDER MG-F 10 WHITE ASTACIN PIGMENT 11 15N FILLER 20 RED OXIDE ASTACIN PIGMENT 25NT MEDIUM BROWN PIGMENT 29NT DARK BROWN PIGMENT 30 OCHAR YELLOW ASTACIN PIGMENT 40 LEMON YELLOW ASTACIN PIGMENT 40 NT YELLOW PIGMENT 42 NT YELLOW PIGMENT 45 N CHROME YELLOW PIGMENT 47 WAX 50 N ORANGE PIGMENT 50 ORANGE ASTACIN PIGMENT 53 REDUCER 55 AQUATONE REDUCER 55 TRANSPARENT ORANGE ASTACIN PIGMENT 60 GREEN ASTACIN PIGMENT 70 BLACK ASTACIN PIGMENT 75 83 N SCARLET PIGMENT 85 NT RED PIGMENT 87 RED ASTACIN PIGMENT 90 image: ------- 77 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION BASF Wyandotte Corporation BASF Wyandotte Corporationócont'd 90 BLUE ASTACIN PIGMENT 90NT BLUE PIGMENT 95 MAROON ASTACIN PIGMENT 102 THINNER 166 THINNER 241-2 ANTIFREEZE FORMULATION 241-3 ANTIFREEZE FORMULATION 241-7 ANTIFREEZE FORMULATION 241-8 ANTIFREEZE FORMULATION 380 LIGHT BINDER 444-C 468 500 CLEAR LACQUER 545 DULL BLACK LACQUER 606 WAX 700 CLEAR LACQUER 721 BLACK AQUATONE 721 CLEAR AQUATONE 721 HF AQUATONE 721 HF CLEAR AQUATONE 721 HF WHITE AQUATONE 721 WHITE AQUATONE 732-46 BLACK AQUATONE 732-46 BLACK CONC. 732N WHITE AQUATONE 734 CLEAR AQUATONE 735 CLEAR AQUATONE 735 HF CLEAR AQUATONE 739 CLEAR AQUATONE 739 WHITE AQUATONE 741 746 CLEAR AQUATONE 766 CLEAR AQUATONE 766 DULL AQUATONE 766 HF CLEAR AQUATONE 793 BLACK AQUATONE 793 BLUE AQUATONE 793 CHROME YELLOW AQUATONE 793 GREEN AQUATONE 793 HF BLACK AQUATONE 793 HF BLUE AQUATONE 793 HF CHROME YELLOW AQUATONE 793 HF DARK IRON OXIDE AQUA. 793 HF GREEN AQUATONE 793 HF LIGHT IRON OXIDE AQUA. 793 HF MAROON AQUATONE 793 HF OCHRE YELLOW AQUATONE 793 HF W RED AQUATONE 793 HF WHITE AQUATONE 793 HI FLASH ORANGE AQUATONE 793 HIGH FLASH LACQUER 793 LIGHT IRON OXIDE AQUATONE 793 MAROON HF AQUATONE 793 ORANGE AQUATONE 793 W-RED AQUATONE 793 WHITE AQUATONE 793 YELLOW OXIDE AQUATONE 800 BLACK LACQUER 800 BLUE LACQUER 800 BROWN LACQUER 800 CLEAR LACQUER 800 GREEN LACQUER 800 MAROON LACQUER 800 NB RED LACQUER 800 NF YELLOW TRITONE 800 ORANGE LACQUER 800 WHITE LACQUER 800 YELLOW LACQUER 830 DULL CLEAR LACQUER 860D TIPPING LACQUER 888 902 911 BLACK BASECOAT 916 RESIN 960 PENETRANT 961 PENETRANT 1112 1113 1139 ADDITIVE 1189 1268 1339 RESIN 1412 SOFT FEEL ADDITIVE 1461 ASTACIN CURING AGENT 1516 ASTACIN CURING AGENT 1534 PLASTICIZER 1711 PRESERVATIVE 1713 ADDITIVE 1739 CLEAR AQUATONE 1787 BLACK BASECOAT 1866 BLACK AQUATONE 1866 CLEAR AQUATONE 1866 WHITE AQUATONE 1888 ASTACIN TC 1888 ASTACIN TOPCOAT 1958 ASTACIN TOPCOAT 1971 ASTACIN THINNER 1973 DULL ASTACIN TOPCOAT 1974 ASTACIN TOPCOAT 1978 ASTACIN TOPCOAT 2016 TRANSP. ORANGE PIGMENT 2094 CLEAR LACQUER 2094 NF BLACK TRITONE 2094 NF 8 RED TRITONE 2094 NF 15 BROWN TRITONE 2094 NF-1 GOLD TRITONE 2094 NF2 BLUE TRITONE 2094 NFS GREEN TRITONE 2094 NFS YELLOW TRITONE 2094 NF9 MAROON TRITONE 2395 PLASTICIZER 2403 DULL ASTACIN TC 2415 HI GLOSS CLEAR AQUATONE 2415 HI GLOSS HF AQUATONE 2416 HIGH GLOSS ASTACIN TC 2417 HIGH GLOSS ASTACIN TC 2429 ASTACIN THINNER 2430 YELLOW LACQUER 2431 DULL AQUATONE 2432 UFR LACQUER 2433 GL TOP 2466 DULL AQUATONE 2487 5439 CLEAR PASTEBACK 5515 5738 THICKENER 5773 RUSSET PASTEBACK 6216 ANI-FOAM 6566 BLACK BASECOAT 6657-70 JET BLACK PIGMENT 6755 DULLER 6784 ANTI FOAM 7020 LIGHT IRON OXIDE PIGMENT 7023 PLASTICIZER 7040 LEMON YELLOW PIGMENT 7045 MEDIUM YELLOW PIGMENT 7050-N ORANGE PIGMENT 7060N NF GREEN PIGMENT 7072 N BLACK PIGMENT 7086 NB RED PIGMENT 8151 WETTING AGENT 8153 DARK BROWN BASECOAT 8154 GRAY BASECOAT 8155 BROWN BASECOAT 8159 BROWN BASECOAT 8161 LEVELER 8162 RESIN image: ------- Basic Incorporated 78 Basic Incorporated 845 Hanna Building Cleveland OH 44115 AQUAMAG BASCHEM (all products) BASIBLOK (all products) BASIBRIK (all products) BASIC BULK BASIDOX (all products) BASIFRIT (all products) BASIPATCH BRI Magnesite (MgO-all products) BRUCIMAG DESICAL (all products) DRI-SET (all products) GRANUMAG GUNBLEND (all products) GUNCHROME (all products) GUNCLASE (all products) GUNDOL (all products) GUNMAG (all products) GUNMIX (all products) LIQUIMAG (all products) LIQUISPERS MBZ MAGNEFER MAGOX (MgO - all products) MAGOX (MgO - rubber chemicals) MAGOX Slurry Mg(OH)2 MBZ HR OXYMAG (all products) RAMICLASE (all products) RAMSET SHOVELPATCH SYNDOLAG (all products) TARBLOK (all products) TARMIX (all products) TARTEMP (all products) ULTRAMAG Baychem, Inc. P.O. Box 1507 Anderson SC 29622 Bay-Adhesive (all nos. and letters) Bay-Aid Bay-Bind (all nos. and letters) Bay-Carrier (all nos. and letters) Bay-Gel (all numbers) Bay-Lev (all letters) Bay-Lube (all letters) Bay-Nap Bay-Pac (all letters) Bay-Pel (all nos. and catalysts) Bay-Quest (all nos. and letters) Bay-Rez (all letters and nos.) Bay-San (all numbers) Bay-Scour (all letters) Bay-Size (all nos. and letters) Bay-Soft (all nos. and letters) Bay-Warp/Slick Bay-Wax (all nos. and letters) Bay-Wet (all nos. and letters) Baychem (all letters and nos.) C T X Oil Fibersize (all numbers) Wetall L Beacon CMP Corp. 1485 Morris Ave. Union NJ 07083 Laponite all grade designations Beatrice Foods 730 Main Street Wilmington MA 01887 NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl A31 A33 A35 A40 A45 A48 A212 A214 A234 A401 A410 A411 A545 A550 A601 A602 A603 A604 A610 A620 A621 A622 A624 A630 A1012 NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl A1032 A1034 A1035 A1038 A1041 A1044 A1047 A1048 A1049 A1051 A1058 BT5 BT7 BT8 BT20 BT24 BT175 B700 B705 B723 B723LV B725 B726 B728 B734 NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl B750 B1000 B1004 B1005 B1016 B1019 B1041 B1043 B1044 B1045 B1049 B1054 CC6 CH10 CH51 CH67 CH93 CL300 CX100 EX213 EX216 EX221 EX225 EX336 EX438 image: ------- 79 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Beaver Alkali Products Beatrice NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl Foodsócont'd EX445 EX450 EX461 EX490 EX505 EX519 LF9C PW10A ROW R275 R435 R436 R438 R521 NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoCryl NeoRex NeoRez NeoRez NeoRez NeoRez SR202 SR270 SR272 SR274 SR276 SR285 S728-40 S1004 S1006 UD65 EX466 EX 467 EX126 EX382 EX461 NeoRez R960 NeoRez R961 NeoRez R962 NeoRez U105 NeoRez U110 NeoRez U166 NeoRez U711 NeoRez U760 NeoRez U800 NeoRez U912 NeoRez U1020 NeoRez U1026 Titekote Q980 Titekote 17.5 Titekote 50 Beatrice Foods Co. 120 South LaSalle Street Chicago IL 60603 BB Fast Versa Ink BB Versaflex Ink Bondiflex Ink Conibond Ink Dymatic Ink E.A Versaflex Ink Ethylam Ink Flexo 870 Ink Flexolam Ink H.R. Cello Ink H.R. Poly Ink H.R. Polypro Ink Hydro H.F. Ink Hydroflex Ink Hydrolam Ink Lamiflex Ink Monoflex Ink Mylex Ink PCL II Ink PCL Ink Plyall Ink Polestrin Ink Pro-Ply Ink Reverse K Ink Roto C Ink Roto K Ink Roto L.F. Ink Sealflex Ink Sealglo Ink Thermalflex Ink Thermalglo Ink Thermalset Ink Versa H.D. Ink Versa K Ink Versaflex Ink Vivatone Ink Beaver Alkali Products New York Ave & Water Sts. Rochester PA 15074 Acidic Soak Cleaner (all Products) Acidic Spray Cleaner (all products) Alkaline Soak Cleaners (all Nos.) Alkaline Spray Cleaner (all Nos.) Antistat (all products) BAP #5 BAP #20 All Purpose Cleaner BAP AD-21 BAP Aluminum Cleaner BAP Bowl Cleaner BAP Cleaning Compound (all Nos.) BAP D&L BAP Degreasing Compound (All) BAP Drain Opener BAP Etchant (All Products) BAP Liquid Soap Boiler Compound (all products) Bottle Alkali (all products) Bright Dip (all products) Burnishbrite (all Product Nos.) C.I.P. Cleaners (all products) Coag (all products) Conversion Coating (all products) Cutting Oil (all products) Defloc (all Products) Defoam (all products) Deruster (all products) Desmutter (all Products) Dynastrip Series (all Products) Emulsifiable Oil (all products) GL Series (all products) Lectroclean AL series (all) Lectroclean ZN series (all) Liquimet (all Products Lubricant (all products) Neutralizer (all products) Paint Stripper (all products) Pickling Inhibitor (all Prod. Nos) Protective Oil (all products) Protonic (all products) Rust Inhibitor (all Products) Safety Solvent (all products) Scale Conditioner (all Products) Solvent (all products) Stripping Compound (all Products) Tuffstrip (all products) image: ------- Bedoukian Research Inc 80 Bedoukian Research Inc Finance Drive, Commerce Park Danbury CT 06810 Methonal Methyl vetivate neo-Bergamot Oil neo-Galbanum Oil neo-Geranium Oil neo-Lavandm Oil neo-Lavender Oil #1 + #2 neo-Lemon Oil Distilled neo-Lemon Oil Expressed neoLime Oil Distilled Parmavert Vartol (rhodinol substitute) Vartyl acetate (rhodinolacetate substitute Veltonal Belcor Company, The P.O. Box 188 33 Virginia Road Montville NJ 07046 BELCORE - GL-33 BELCORE - N-25 BELCORE - OA-22 BELCORE - SA-30 BELCORE - 585 BELCORE - 585-F BELCORE - 634 BELCORE - 640 BELCORE - 707 BELCORE - 808 Bell & Howell Company 7100 McCormick Road Chicago IL 60645 Bell & Howell Ink Ditto Fluid Belzak Corporation 850 Bloomfield Ave. Clifton NJ 07062 BELZAK AC BELZAK BG-L BELZAK BG-P BELZAK BL-35 BELZAK BL-40 BELZAK BL-50 Bendix Corp FM Division Tibbits Ave Green Island NY 12183 BENDIX C 904 Thru C 999 BENDIX R 01 Thru R 1800 BENDIX V 01 Thru V 1800 BENDIX 001 Thru 800 image: ------- 81 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Betz Laboratories, Inc. Benfield Industries, Inc. 118 W. Main St. P.O. Box 97 Hazelwood NC 28738 Southern Pine Copper Naphthenate 31969-4 Southern Pine Cresote 31969-3 Southern Pine Wood Preserver 31969-2 Bercen Chemical Company, Inc. 285 Valley Street Providence RI 02908 BERBOND (all products) BERCAL (all products) BERCEN (all products) BERCHEM (all products) BERFIX (all products) BERGUM (all products) BERKROME (all products) BERLOX (all products) BERSCOUR (all products) BERSET (all products) BERSIL (all products) BERSIZE (all products) BERSOFT (all products) BERVEL (all products) BERWAX (all products) BERWET (all products) BERWHITE (all products) Betz Laboratories, Inc. 4636 Somerton Road Trevose PA 19047 Betz A-Gel (all products) Betz ACN (all products) Betz Actophos Betz Adjunct (all products) Betz AFS Betz APA ē Betz Balanced Polymer Series (all products) Betz BFT Betz C-5P Betz Carbo-Trol GV Betz Chelant C-60 Series (all products) Betz Chelant CL-2 Betz CO Series (all products) Betz Cor-Fite Betz Corr-Shield K Series (all products) Betz Corrogen Betz D Series (all products) Betz Dianodic (all products) Betz Diesel 68 Betz Domestex Series (all products) Betz Entec NJB Betz Entec 300 Series (all products) Betz Entec 400 Series (all products) Betz Entec 600 Series (all products) Betz Entec 700 Series (all products) Betz Entec 800 Series (all products) Betz Entec 900 Series (all products) Betz Evap AF Betz F-300 Series (all products) Betz Ferrosperse Series (all products) Betz Foam-Trol (all products) Betz Fuel-Solv (all products) Betz Fungicide F-16 Betz Hyzeen Betz Inhibitor Series (all products) Betz KI-2 Betz Krom-Trol Series (all products) Betz Liquimine Series (all products) Betz Liquitreat AL Series (all products) Betz Liquitreat ASM Series (all products) Betz Liquitreat CL Series (all products) Betz Liquitreat NL Series (all products) Betz Liquitreat SM Series (all products) Betz Neutrafilm 463 Betz Neutrameen NA Series (all products) Betz Octafilm Series (all products) Betz Orocol Series (all products) Betz P-Series (all products) Betz Permacol Betz PolyFloc 3 Betz Polymer Series (all products) Betz Polynodic 600 Series (all products) Betz Polysperse Plus Series (all products) Betz Polysperse Series (all products) Betz Pre-Film Series (all products) Betz Pre-Kleen 346 Betz Process Chemicals Ferrameen Series (all products) Betz Process Chemicals Petromeen Series (all products) Betz Reagents Code 200 Series Betz Reagents Code 300 Series Betz Reagents Code 400 Series Betz Reagents Code 500 Series Betz Reagents Code 600 Series Betz Reagents Code 800 Series Betz Reagents Code 900 Series Betz Reagents Code 2000 Series Betz Rec-Oil Series (all products) Betz Remosil Betz Slime-Trol Series (all products) Betz Slimicide Series (all products) Betz Sulfite 3 Betz Tracer Dye Betz TW-9 Betz ULC Series (all products) Betz 35 through 65 Betz 400 Series (all products) Betz 904L image: ------- BF Goodrich Chemical Division 82 BF Goodrich Chemical Division 6100 Oak Tree Boulevard Cleveland OH 44131 ABSON ABS Resins and Compounds AMERIPOL CB Butadiene Polymers AMERIPOL SBR Polymers AMERIPOL SN Isoprene Polymers ANTOZITE antiozonants CARBOPOL Resins CARBOSET Resins CURE-RITE accelerators CURE-RITE 18 CURE-RITE 20 EPCAR EP Polymers EPCAR EPDM Polymers ESTANE Polyurethane Resins, Compounds GEON CPVC Resins and Compounds GEON Latexes GEON PVC Resins and Compounds GOOD-RITE accelerators GOOD-RITE antioxidants GOOD-RITE Latexes GOOD-RITE Plasticizers GOOD-RITE Polyaerylic resins GOOD-RITE Vultrol GOOD-RITE 3000X27 GOOD-RITE 3112 GOOD-RITE 3113 GOOD-RITE 3114 GOOD-RITE 3120 GOOD-RITE 3125 GOOD-RITE 3140 GOOD-RITE 3152 GOOD-RITE 3153 GOOD-RITE 3185 GOOD-RITE 3190 GOOD-RITE 3191 GOOD-RITE 3920 HYCAR Acrylonitrile, Isoprene Polymers HYCAR ATBN HYCAR CTB HYCAR CTBN HYCAR CTBNX HYCAR HTE HYCAR Latexes HYCAR NBR Polymers HYCAR Polyacrylate Polymers HYCAR Styrene/Butadiene Polymers HYCAR VTBN HYCAR VTBNX HYDRIN Epichlorohydrin Polymers and Co- polymers SURPON S-A-1298 SURPON S-A-1299 SURPON S-A-1300 Bibb Company, The P. 0. Box 4207 Macon GA 31208 Dyall AQD Dyall CA-W Dyall CH-530 Dyall OLD Dyall HCS- Spec. Dyall JB-556 Dyall LF-7 Dyall 501 Emulsifier MNS Emulsifier 945A Eversoft Base 100 Eversoft BG Eversoft EJS-PE Eversoft ER-Spec. Eversoft HD-492 Eversoft KMB Eversoft M-l Eversoft MNP-2 Eversoft RS Eversoft TM Eversoft UBR Eversoft 401 NS Eversoft 445 Eversoft 453 Eversoft 467 Fire Retardant BB Floor Degreaser Fluftone AC-5 Fluftone AC-100 Fluftone AC-775 Fluftone APS-2 Fluftone Base DG Fluftone BG-H Fluftone BP-420 Fluftone CA-50-50 Fluftone DIC Fluftone DN-3 FLUFTONE FM Fluftone FM - 4 Fluftone GW Fluftone JU Fluftone MWS Fluftone NEW Fluftone OG-434 Fluftone PP Fluftone RAS Fluftone SKI Fluftone WS-7 Fluftone 433 Fluftone 484 Hallmark KB-4 Hallmark 6D-L Larso 66 Merc Wet 323 Screen Cleaner RH-NF Soft-N-Regain Softener No. 1 Solvall XL-4 Solvall XL-7 Star Antichaf Star Antistat RH-G Star Base MH Star Base N Star Base 425 Staramide 10 Staramide 702 Staramide 744 Starbind HB Starbind SE Starbrite AIW Starbrite NL Starbrite ST Starclean BGC-750 Starcryl PA Starfac K Starfac M Starfac MME-R Starfac PE-NEW Starfac PG-140 Starfac PM-H Starfac RM-1 Starfac 806 Starfac 809B Starfac 810 Starfac 845-A Starfac 848 Starfac 860-9 Starfac 875 Starfac 884 Starfac 909 AB Starfac 915-S Starfac 944, Starfac 961 Starfix No. 8 Starlub CY-W Starlub MO Starlub RK Starlub SY Starmel AC Starquest 80 Starstat A- 178 Starstat 708 Starstat 745-A Starstat 765 Starstat 775 Starterge 802 Starterge 880 Starthane Starvel 400 Starwet BD Starwet DAC-50 Starwet DAC-391 Cone. Starwet IP Starwet KB Starwet NFS Starwet T-51-L-1 Starwet 173-35 Starwet 307 Starwet 316 Spec. Tough Boy Tyall CM Villbrite SLO Villit LG Villub 62 Vilquest IC-8 Vilsoft No. 2 Weighter TD image: ------- 83 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Blew Chemical Company Billiton Metals & Ores USA Inc 600 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10020 THAISARCO SLAGS Bioferm International 209 Chester Ave. Moorestown NJ 08057 AQUA-PHOS AQUA-SORB AQUABAC AQUAMUL AZO-NPK AZOBAC AZOMIN AZOSORB AZOTASE BORON GLUCOMIN BTR-50 Ca-Mg GLUCOMIN CALCIUM GLUCOMIN CARBOZYME CELLUGEST COPPER GLUCOMIN FOLIAR GLUCOMIN #1 FOLIAR GLUCOMIN #2 FOLIAR GLUCOMIN #3 HUMITE IRON GLUCOMIN ISX-33 KAL-PHOS MAGNESIUM GLUCOMIN MANGANESE GLUCOMIN MINITRON MOLYBDENUM GLUCOMIN NITROBAC OXYBAC OXYZYM STRESS SURFACT-ST TERRABAC ZINC GLUCOMIN Blackstone Corporation 1111 Allen Street Jamestown NY 14701 Blackstone Soldering Fluxes 101 thru 7000 Blew Chemical Company P.O. Box 501 12501 S. Richard Ave. Palos Heights IL 60463 #100 DEFOAMER ACTIVE #2 ACTIVE #4 ACTIVE #6 ACTIVE #12 ACTIVE #14 ACTIVE #14-H ACTIVE #16 ACTIVE #18 ACTIVE #20 ACTIVE #22 ACTIVE #24 ACTIVE #28 ACTIVE #29 ACTIVE #30 ACTIVE #32 ACTIVE #34 ACTIVE #36 ACTIVE #38 ACTIVE #40 ACTIVE #42 ACTIVE #44 ACTIVE #48 ACTIVE #204 ACTIVE CA ACTIVE JL ACTIVE LA ACTIVE M-15 FOAMING AGENT ACTIVE S ACTIVE TEA-LS ACTIVE WHC-10 ASP-90 BROCKWAY SPECIAL R-2 CLEANER GP CONPLAST #90A CONPLAST #92 CONPLAST #94 K-OLEATE #801 K-OLEATE #801 B LIQUID SOAP #50 LIQUID SOAP #52 LIQUID SOAP #64 LRI F-110 LRI F-lll LRI F-112 LRI F-115 MECHA FINISH 30-L COMPOUND NORFOX HB PASTE LUBE S-201 RANCO 50 SOAP BASE #451 SOAP BASE #671 image: ------- Bofors Lakeway, Inc. 84 Bofors Lakeway, Inc. 23 Progress Street Edison NJ 08817 BEROCELL 07, 25, 171, & 258 BEROCELL 267, 273, 293, & 451 BEROCELL 358 & 364 BEROCELL 564, 573, & 579 BEROCELL 580, 582, & 583 BEROCELL 605 BEROL SPIN 62, 641, 652, & 656 BEROL VISCO 32, 44, 192, 385 BEROL VISCO 34, 311, 318 & 352 Boler Petroleum Company 85 Old Eagle School Road P.O. Box 384 Wayne PA 19087 BOLER PARAFFIN WAX (All grades) BOWAX (All grades) EVACOTE 7000 Series IWL 400 through 4999 Series MICROBOND 8000 Series MICROSERE 5000 Series NOCHECK 4600 Series PARAFLEX (All grades) PERLATUM 300 Series PETROFIBE 200 Series Borden, Inc. 180 East Broad Street Columbus OH 43215 ALCOBLAK (all products) AQUABLAK (all products) Arabol (all products) Arahol Lagging Adhesive (all products) Araflex (all products) Aramix (all products) Arastrip (all products) Aratite (all products) Arcco (all products) AUTO-SET (all products) BASICS (all products) BEAN BOOSTER (all products) BERMUDA BOOSTER (all products) BIG FRUITER (all products) BLOOM & GRO (all products) BLUE RIBBON GUANO (all products) Borden (all products) Borden Attache C-8 Borden Attache C-14 Borden Attache C-15 Borden Attache C-19 Borden Attache C-24 Borden Attache C-25 Borden Attache C-35 Borden Attache C-37 Borden Attache C-40 Borden Attache C-48 Borden Attache C-60 Borden Attache CS-7 Borden Attache FG100 Gloves Borden Attache FG200 Gloves Borden Attache H-8 Shrink Borden Attache L-15 Borden C-100 Borden C-200 Borden Construction Adhesive (all products) Borden Freezer Wrap Borden Plastolyn AG100 Gloves Borden Plastolyn C-300 Borden Sealwrap Borden's (all products) Borden's Handy-Pak (all products) BORDEN'S 38 (all products) BULB BUILDER (all products) Cascamid (all products) Cascamite (all products) Cascaval (all products) Casco (all products) Casco Casein Glue (all products) Casco Contact (all products) Casco Flexible (all products) Casco-Resin (all products) Casco-Resin Modification (all products) Cascobond (all products) Cascoclean Cascofil Cascofloc (all products) Cascofoam Cascoink Cascola (all products) Cascolac (all products) Cascoloid (all products) Cascolube Cascomel (all products) Cascomelt (all products) Cascomez (all products) Cascophen (all products) Cascorez (all products) Cascoset Cascosolve Cascote (all products) Cascote Hardener (all products) Cascotex Cascotin (all products) Cascovin (all products) Cascowax (all products) CELLUDYNE (all products) CILC-N-KOTE (all products) CILCO (all products) CILCO (Lacquer) (all products) CILCO-LACQ MVT (X) (all products) CILCO-LITH (all products) CILCO-LITH L.S. (all products) CILCO-LITH LT (all products) CILCO-PRESS LT (all products) CILCO-SIZE MVT (all products) CLEARSEAL (all products) CODISPERSION (all products) COLOVIN (all products) COLOVIN K2 (all products) COLOVIN K2L (all products) COLOVIN K6 (all products) COLOVIN K6L (all products) Compregnite (all products) CORN KICKER (all products) COSTYRENEBLAK (all products) COUNTRY LOOK (all products) CROP BUILDER (all products) D.V.F. (all products) DELTA CLEAN (all products) DELTA CURE (all products) DEWFLEX (all products) DEWSET (all products) Durite (all products) ECOLOVIN (all products) ECONOVIN (all products) Elastaturf Elmer's Butyl Caulk E-809 Elmer's China/Glass Cement E-816 Elmer's Cleaner-Thinner (1,1,1,-Trichlorethane) E-779 Elmer's Clear Floor Tile Adhesive E-892, E- 893 Elmer's Clear Household Cement E-541 Elmer's Construction Adhesive E-808 Elmer's Epoxy Bars (2) E-617 Elmer's Epoxy Glue (2) E-601, E-602 Elmer's Fabric Cement E-818 Elmer's Heavy Grip Cement E-551 Elmer's Latex Caulk E-812 Elmer's Metal Mender E-819 Elmer's Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive E- 857, E-858, E-854 Elmer's Non-Flammable Solvent Contact Ce- ment E-780, E-781, E-782, E-783 Elmer's Panel & Foam Adhesive E-800 Elmer's Panel Adhesive E-801 Elmer's Plastic Mender Cement E-580 Elmer's Professional Cabinetmaker's Contact Cement E-810, E-811, E-965 Elmer's Professional Contact Cement E-531, E-533, E-745, E-975 Elmer's Rubber Cement E-509, E-904 Elmer's Secure Liquid Sealant E-520 Elmer's Spray Contact E-979, E-980 Elmer's Super Fast Epoxy Glue (2) E-609 Elmer's Tile Grout E-870, E-871, E-872, E-873 Elmer's Tileboard Adhesive E-877, E-878 Elmer's Tub Caulk E-641, E-845 Elmer's Vinyl Asbestos & Asphaltic Floor Tile Adhesive E-859, E-860 image: ------- 85 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Borden, Inc. Borden, /ne.ócont'd Elmer's Wonder Bond Cyanoacrylate Adhesive E-560, E-560A EXECUTIVE WOOD (all products) FLASHDRI (ALL PRODUCTS) FLASHSET (all products) FLOCK & FOILS (all products) G & F (all products) GATEWAY (all products) Geoseal (all products) Geotech (all products) Geotech Emulsion (all products Geotech Stabilizer U (all products) GOOBER GUARD (all products) GRO-GREEN (all products) GROWING UP (all products) Guard Adhesive (all products) HAYMAKER (all products) HOME FREE (all products) HYDROPHIL (all products) HYDROSPERSE (all products) HYDROSPERSE II (all products) HYDROSPERSE K (all products) I R. LITH (all products) Icetite (all products) Insulgrip (all products) Insulspray (all products) JAMACA (all products) KNIGHT GUARD (all products) Krylon 138 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 150 Crystal Clear Acrylic Lacquer Krylon 160 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 185 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 188 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 189 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 190 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 200 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 206 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 207 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 211 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 214 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 215 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 217 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 227 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 421 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 447 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 454 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 456 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 461 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 487 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 488 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 491 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 496 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 500 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 505 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 508 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 512 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 514 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 515 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 517 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 518 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 524 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 525 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 526 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 527 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 528 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 530 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 531 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 535 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 536 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 537 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 538 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 543 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 544 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 546 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 547 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 548 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 549 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 550 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 551 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 553 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 554 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 555 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 556 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 557 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 558 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 559 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 560 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 561 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 562 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 563 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 564 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 565 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 567 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 568 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 569 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 570 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 571 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 572 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 573 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 574 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 575 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 576 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 754 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 900 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 902 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 903 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 911 Car Color Spray Paint Krylon 1001 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1002 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1003 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1004 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1005 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1006 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1007 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1008 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1009 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1010 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1011 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1012 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1013 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1014 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1015 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1016 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1017 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1018 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1019 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1020 Van & Truck Spray Paint Krylon 1301A Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Coating Krylon 1301 Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Coat- ing Krylon 1302 Crystal Clear Protective Spray Coating Krylon 1303A Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Coating Krylon 1303 Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Coat- ing Krylon 1304 Ignition Sealer Krylon 1305A Ignition Sealer Krylon 1306A Workable Fixatif Spray Coating Krylon 1306 Workable Fixatif Spray Coating Krylon 1307 Battery Protector Krylon 1310 Removable Dulling Spray Krylon 1311 Matte Finish Spray Coating Krylon 1312A Kamar Varnish Picture Spray Krylon 1312 Kamar Varnish Picture Spray Krylon 1314 All-Purpose Platinum Spray Primer Krylon 1315 All-Purpose White Spray Primer Krylon 1316 All-Purpose Charcoal Spray Prim- er Krylon 1317 Ruddy Brown Primer Rust Magic Spray Primer for Metals Krylon 1318 All-Purpose Gray Spray Primer Krylon 1321 Anti-Rust Wax Krylon 1322 Open Gear Lubricant Heavy Duty Industrial Spray Krylon 1323 Cleaner & Degreaser Spray Krylon 1325A All-Purpose Silicone Spray Krylon 1325 All-Purpose Silicone Spray Krylon 1326 Contact Cleaner & Lubricating Spray Krylon 1327 Non-Flammable Electric Motor Cleaner Spray Krylon 1330 Belt Dressing Krylon 1332 Let-Go Super Penetrating Oil & Lubricant Krylon 1333A Tuner Cleaner & Lubricating Spray Krylon 1333 Tuner Cleaner & Lubricating Spray Krylon 1334 Carb, PCV Valve & Choke Clean- er Krylon 1335 Auto Body Undercoater Krylon 1336 Battery Cleaner Krylon 1345 Yellow Primer Spray Primer for Metal Krylon 1346 Green Primer Spray Primer for Metal Krylon 1347 Ten-4 Industrial Strength Spray Krylon 1348 Mold Release Paintable Silicone Spray Krylon 1349 Industrial Silicone Lube Krylon 1350 Zinc Rich Primer Cold Galvaniz- ing Spray Coating Krylon 1351A Electric Contact Cleaner Krylon 1351 Electric Contact Cleaner Krylon 1401 Bright Silver Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1402 Aluminum High Heat Spray Paint Krylon 1403 Dull Aluminum Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1501 Glossy White Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1502 Flat White Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1503 Antique White Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1505 White High Heat Spray Paint Krylon 1601 Glossy Black Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1602 Ultra Flat Black Interi- or/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1603 Charcoal Gray Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1604 Shadow Gray Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1605 Dove Gray Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1608 Smoke Gray Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1611 Universal Gray Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1612 Universal Black Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1613 Semi-Flat Black Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1614 Black High Heat Spray Paint Krylon 1631 Black Lacquer Automotive Spray image: ------- Borden, Inc. 86 Borden, Inc.ócont'd Krylon 1701 Bright Gold Interior Enamel Krylon 1704 Spanish Brown Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1705 Engine Gold Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1801 Chrome Yellow Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1802 Pastel Yellow Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1803 Marigold Yellow Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1804 Bright Yellow Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1809 School Bus Yellow Interi- or/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1810 Pineapple Yellow Interi- or/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1811 Harvest Gold Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1813 Daisy Yellow Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1901 Regal Blue Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1902 Baby Blue Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1903 Metallic Blue Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1908 Chevrolet Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1909 Ford Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1910 True Blue Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1922 Pontiac Metallic Blue Engine Col- or Spray Paint Krylon 1923 Ford Dark Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1924 Icy Grape Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1926 Oldsmobile Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1927 Pontiac Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1928 Chrysler Light Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 1929 Plum Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 1930 G. M. Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 2001 Hunter Green Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2002 Pastel Aqua Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2004 Moss Green Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2005 Erin Green Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2007 Ford Green Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 2008 Aqua-Turquoise Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2009 Avocado Interior/Exterior Enam- el Krylon 2011 Jungle Green Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2012 Clover Green Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2013 G. M. Alpine Green Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 2101 Cherry Red Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2103 American Beauty Red Interi- or/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2106 Ford Red Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 2107 Red High Heat Spray Paint Krylon 2108 Banner Red Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2110 Hot Pink Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2111 Chrysler Red Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 2114 Buick Red Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 2116 Scarlet Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2201 Bright Copper Interior Enamel Krylon 2202 Brass Interior Enamel Krylon 2301 0. D. Khaki Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2401 Sunset Orange Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2404 Mandarin Orange Interi- or/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2405 Chevrolet Orange Engine Color Spray Paint Krylon 2406 Burnt Orange Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2408 Orange High Heat Spray Paint Krylon 2410 Popsicle Orange Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2501 Leather Brown Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2504 Beige Interior/Exterior Enamel Krylon 2602 Black/Aqua Spatter Multi-Colored Spray Paint Krylon 2603 Black/White Spatter Multi-Col- ored Spray Paint Krylon 2604 Gray/White Spatter Multi-Colored Spray Paint Krylon 3000 Black Stencil Ink Spray Coat Krylon 3001 White Stencil Ink Spray Coat Krylon 3007 Hide-A-Mark Obliterating Spray Coat Krylon 3101 Glowing Red-Orange Fluorescent Spray Paint Krylon 3102 Glowing Yellow-Orange Fluores- cent Spray Paint Krylon 3103 Glowing Sunset/Gold Fluorescent Spray Paint Krylon 3104 Glowing Lemon-Yellow Fluores- cent Spray Paint Krylon 3105 Glowing Cerise Fluorescent Spray Paint Krylon 3106 Glowing Green Fluorescent Spray Paint Krylon 3107 Glowing Blue Fluorescent Spray Paint Krylon 3301 Rallye Red Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 3302 "500" Burgundy Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 3303 Lemans Lime-Gold Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 3304 Daytona Blue Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 3305 Sebring Green Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 3306 Purple Pacer Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 3307 Red Racer Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 3308 Black Challenger Metal Flake Spray Finish Krylon 7001 High Gloss Varnish Spray Var- nish Krylon 7002 Satin Finish Varnish Spray Var- nish Krylon 7004 Red Insulating Varnish Spray Krylon 9100 Foaming Window Spray Krylon 9101 Glass Cleaner Spray Krylon 13175 Ruddy Brown Rust Magic Metal Primer Paint Kryton 566 Car Color Spray Paint Lubricant for Casco-Resin (all products) Lustro-Ware A-10 Gourmet Scale A82-A Lustro-Ware A-21A Bread Box Country Spice Lustro-Ware A-21AX Bread Box Country Spice Lustro-Ware A-21AX Bread Box Fall Floral Lustro-Ware A-21B Bread Box Fall Floral Lustro-Ware A-21LX Bread Box Graphic Lustro-Ware A-25CB Recipe Box Fall Floral Lustro-Ware A-25L Recipe Box Graphic Lustro-Ware A-25LRM Card File w/eards Lustro-Ware A-25LRM Recipe Card File Dis- play Lustro-Ware A-82AM Cake Cover Country Spice Lustro-Ware A-82AX Cake Cover Country Spice Lustro-Ware A-82B Cake Cover Graphic Lustro-Ware A-82BX Cake Cover Graphic Lustro-Ware A-82L Cake Cover Graphic Lustro-Ware A-82LX Cake Cover Graphic Lustro-Ware A-100K Step-On Can 11 QT. Lustro-Ware AS-3L Table Shaker Set Graphic Lustro-Ware AS-3NA Table Shaker Set Coun- try Spice Lustro-Ware AS-3NB Table Shaker Set Fall Floral Lustro-Ware AS-5A Canister Set 4-pc. Coun- try Spice Lustro-Ware AS-5B Canister Set Fall Floral Lustro-Ware AS-5L Canister Set Graphic Lustro-Ware A21L Bread Box Graphic Lustro-Ware A82-A Cake Cover Country Spice Lustro-Ware B-7N Cereal Bowl Lustro-Ware B-10N Mixing Bowl, 3 Cup Lustro-Ware B-12N Mixing Bowl 1 3/4 qt. Lustro-Ware B-14N Mixing Bowl, 3 1/2 qt. Lustro-Ware B-15 Mixing Bowl 3 1/2 qt. Lustro-Ware B-20M Wastebasket Lustro-Ware B-20 Waste Basket 7 qt. Lustro-Ware B-24D Basket, 18 qt. Lustro-Ware B-29D Basket, 9 qt. Traditional Lustro-Ware B-36 Basket round, 46 qt. Lustro-Ware B-14N Covered Storage Dish 10 oz. Lustro-Ware B-52G Ice Server w/molded liner Lustro-Ware B-52GF Ice Server w/foam liner Lustro-Ware B-61 Laundry Basket 1 bu. Lustro-Ware B-63 Laundry Basket 1.4 bu. Lustro-Ware B-72 Storage Bin Standard Lustro-Ware B-90 Laundry Basket 1.1 bu. Lustro-Ware B-90M Laundry BAsket 1.1 Brushel Lustro-Ware B-91 Laundry Basket 1 bu. Lustro-Ware B-105 Wine Chiller and Ice Serv- er Lustro-Ware B-610D Basket, 9 qt. Provincial Lustro-Ware B-660 Basket, 15 qt. Contempo Lustro-Ware B-700 Basket, 34 qt. Lustro-Ware B-803C Lettuce Crisper Lustro-Ware B-803CM Lettuce Crisper Lustro-Ware BL-52 Foam Thermal Liner, fits B-52GF Ice Server Lustro-Ware BL-53 Molded Thermal Liner, fits B-52G Ice Server Lustro-Ware BS-10N Mixing Bowl Set, 3-pc. Lustro-Ware BS-18 Bowl Set 4 pc. Lustro-Ware BS-21N Storage Bowl Set, 8 pc. image: ------- 87 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Borden, Inc. Harden, Inc.ócont'd Lustro-Ware BS-21NM 8-PC. Storage Bowl Set Lustro-Ware BS-21 Storage Bowl Set, 8 pc. air tight lids Lustro-Ware BW-28 Basket rectangular, 28 qt. Lustro-Ware BW-44 Basket rectangular, 44 qt. Lustro-Ware BW-55 Basket rectangular 15 qt. Mediterranean Lustro-Ware C-21 Beverage Mug, 10 oz. Lustro-Ware C-21M 10 OZ. Crystal Mug Dis- play-48 C-21 Mugs Lustro-Ware C-22 Beverage Mug, 16 oz. Lustro-Ware C-50 Utility Colander Lustro-Ware C-75 Cooler Stool ea. in display carton Lustro-Ware C-106C Trash Can w/cover, 6 gal. Lustro-Ware C-106 Trash Can Cover, fits C- 106 Trash Can Lustro-Ware C-106 Trash Can no cover, 6 gal. Lustro-Ware C-111C Container spring-top 12 gal. Lustro-Ware C-112C Trash Can w/cover, 12 gal. Lustro-Ware C-112 Trash Can no cover, 12 gal. Lustro-Ware C-118C Trash Can w/cover, 18 gal. Lustro-Ware C-118 Trash Can no cover, 18 gal. Lustro-Ware C-120C Trash Can w/cover, 20 gal. Lustro-Ware C-123C Swing-Top Basket, 23 qt. Lustro-Ware C-124C Trash Can, w/cover 24 gal. Lustro-Ware C-124CA Trash Can w/cover, 24 gal. Lustro-Ware C-124D Super Can w/dome cov- er, 24 gal. Lustro-Ware C-124 Trash Can, no cover 24 gal. Lustro-Ware C-128C Flip-Top Basket, 28 qt. Lustro-Ware C-132C Trash Can w/cover, 32 gal. Lustro-Ware C-132 Trash Can w/cover, 32 gal. Lustro-Ware C-144C Flip-Top Basket, 44qt. Lustro-Ware CL-112 Trash Can Cover, fits C- 112 Trash Can Lustro-Ware CL-118 Trash Can Cover, fits C- 118 Lustro-Ware CL-124 Trash Can Cover, fits C- 124 Trash Can Lustro-Ware CL-132 Trash Can Cover, fits, C- 132 Lustro-Ware CS-8 Bottle Cappers set of 6 Lustro-Ware CSC-3N Coasters set of 4 Lustro-Ware D-10 5 Gal. Water Bottle Lustro-Ware DL-124 Dome Cover fits C-124 Lustro-Ware F-l Funnel, 2 oz. Lustro-Ware F-2 Funnel, 4 oz. Lustro-Ware F-3 Funnel, 8 oz. Lustro-Ware F-4 Funnel, 16 oz. Lustro-Ware F-5 Funnel, 32 oz. Lustro-Ware F-10 Canning Funnel, 2-pc. Lustro-Ware FS-1 Funnel Set, 3-pc., F-l, F-2, F-3 Lustro-Ware H-9C Napkin Holder Lustro-Ware H-9 Napkin Holder Lustro-Ware H-ll/3 Paper Towel Holders, set of 3 Lustro-Ware H-ll Paper Towel Holder holds jumbo rolls Lustro-Ware H-18 Napkin Holder Lustro-Ware H-41F Brush Holder Set, deluxe floral Lustro-Ware H-47F Brush Holder Set, Floral Lustro-Ware H-48F Waste Basket, 9 qt. Floral Lustro-Ware H-128F Bath Hamper Floral Lustro-Ware L-l Soap Dish Lustro-Ware L-8N Measuring Cup, 8 oz. Lustro-Ware L-9N Measuring Cup, 16 oz. Lustro-Ware L-10N Measuring Cup, 32 oz. Lustro-Ware L-11N Measuring Cup, 8 oz. Lustro-Ware L-12 Juicer/Measure, 16 oz. Lustro-Ware L-13 Juicer, 1-piece Lustro-Ware L-20 Hangers, Drip Dry, set of 3 Lustro-Ware L-28 Butter Dish Lustro-Ware L-29A Butter Dish, Country Spice Lustro-Ware L-29B Butter Dish Fall Floral Lustro-Ware L-29L Butter Dish Graphic Lustro-Ware L-44 Decanter 70 oz. Lustro-Ware L44M 70 OZ. Decanter Lustro-Ware L-45 Decanter 1 gal. Lustro-Ware L-45M One Gallon Decanter Lustre-Ware L-50M 72 oz. Covered Pitcher Lustro-Ware L-50 2 pc. Covered Pitcher, 72 oz. Lustro-Ware L-56 Clothes Sprinkler Lustro-Ware L-70 Bread Basket Lustro-Ware L-80 Spatula, Nylon Lustro-Ware L-81 Spoon, Nylon Lustro-Ware L-82 Fork, Nylon Lustro-Ware L-84 Slotted Spoon, Nylon Lustro-Ware L-86 Ladle, Nylon Lustro-Ware L-89CM Ice Cream Scoop Lustro-Ware L-89 Ice Cream Scoop Lustro-Ware L-90 Spatula Protects Teflon pans Lustro-Ware L-91 Spoon Protects Teflon pans Lustro-Ware L-96C Crystal Punch Ladle Lustro-Ware L-102 Sink Strainer, Large Lustro-Ware L-103 Soap Dish Lustro-Ware L-119 Sink Divider Mat Lustro-Ware L-120 Twin Sink Mat Lustro-Ware L-121 Sink Mat, large Lustro-Ware L-127 Dish Drain Pan, Built-in silverware cup Lustro-Ware L-129 Drain Tray standard Lustro-Ware L-130 Drain Tray large Lustro-Ware L-131C Dish Drainer Twin Sink Lustro-Ware L-132C Dish Drainer large Lustro-Ware L-145 Dish Pan round, 8 1/2 qt. Lustro-Ware L-147 Dish Pan retangular, 14 qt. Lustro-Ware L-149 Dish Pan round, 12 qt. Lustro-Ware L-150 Dish Pan rectangular, 11 qt. Lustro-Ware L-151 Utility Basin 4 1/2 qt. Lustro-Ware L-154M Oil Drain Pan Display Lustro-Ware L-154 Oil Drain Pan 11 qt. Lustro-Ware L-161 Baby Bath 30 qt. Lustro-Ware L-163 Diaper Pail 18 qt. Lustro-Ware L-172 Salad Dressing Dispenser Lustro-Ware L-173 Ketchup Dispenser Lustre-Ware L-174 Mustard Dispenser Lustro-Ware L-181N Sprinkling Can 8 qt. Lustro-Ware L-181NM 8 QT. Sprinkling Can Lustro-Ware L-185 Sprinkling Can 5 qt. Lustro-Ware LP-53 WasteBasket Assortment Lustro-Ware LP-65 Kitchen Utensil Assort- ment Lustro-Ware LP-68 Dump Bin Assortment Lustro-Ware LP-69 "All In A Box" Floor Dis- play Lustro-Ware LS-9N Mix'N Pour Set, 3 pc. L- 9N, L-10N, L-11N Lustro-Ware LS-11 Measuring Spoon Set, 5-pc. Lustro-Ware LS-16 Measuring Cup Set, 5-pc. Lustro-Ware LS-65N Scoop Set 4-pc. Lustro-Ware P-11M 1 1/2 QT. Watering Can Lustro-Ware P-ll Watering Can 1 1/2 qt. Lustro-Ware P-12M 3 QT. Watering Can Lustro-Ware P-12 Watering Can 3 qt. Lustro-Ware P-30N Dust Pan deluxe Lustro-Ware P-45 Home & Garden Carry-All 4-compartment Lustro-Ware P-45M Home & Garden Carry-All Lustro-Ware P-51 Pail, deluxe 12 qt. rectan- gular Lustro-Ware P-52N Pail, deluxe, 12 qt., w/spout Lustro-Ware P-52NM Deluxe Pail Lustro-Ware P-55 Dust Pan standard Lustro-Ware P-78C Pail Graduated 5 qt. w/cover Lustro-Ware P-78 Pail, 5 qt. Gradutated Lustro-Ware P-79 Pail double, 11 qt. Lustro-Ware P-80M Heavy Duty Pail 11 QT. Lustro-Ware P-80 Pail heavy duty, 11 qt. Lustro-Ware P-81 Pail, 11 qt. Lustro-Ware P-155 Utility Tub 16 qt. Lustro-Ware R-1M 1 QT. Refrigerator Bottle Lustro-Ware R-l Refrigerator Bottle, 1 qt. Lustro-Ware R-2M 2 QT. Refrigerator Bottle Lustro-Ware R-2 Refrigerator Bottle, 2 qt. Lustro-Ware S-25 Fly Swatter, Mug the Bug Lustro-Ware SP-1L Chef Shaker Set Lustro-Ware SP-2L Table Shaker Set Lustro-Ware T-20N Tray 9-compartment Lustro-Ware T-2 Silverware Tray self-stacking Lustro-Ware T-10G Serving Tray Lustre-Ware T-14 Silverware Tray 4-compart- ment Lustro-Ware T-15M Silverware Tray Display - 12 T-15 Trays Lustro-Ware T-15 Silverware Tray 5-compart- ment Lustro-Ware T-32 Ice Cube Tray 12 cube Lustro-Ware T-33 Ice Cube Tray 16 cube Lustro-Ware T-40 Flavor Pop Mold 8 sticks Lustro-Ware T-40M Flavor Pop Mold Lustro-Ware T-60/4 Juice Tumbler Set, 4 pc., 5 1/2 oz. Lustro-Ware T-62 Tumbler, 12 oz. Lustro-Ware T-72 Tumbler, 12 oz., textured surface Lustro-Ware T-76M 16 OZ. Tumbler Lustro-Ware T-76 Tumbler 16 oz., textured surface Lustro-Ware T-79M 30 OZ. "Guzzler" Tumbler Lustro-Ware T-79 Tumbler the "Guzzler", 30 oz. Lustro-Ware X-40M Flavor Pop Mold Lustro-Ware X-44M 70 OZ. Screw-Top Decan- ter Lustro-Ware X-45M 1 Gal. Decanter Lustro-Ware X-80M 11 QT. Heavy Duty Pail Display Lustro-Ware 1033-M 2-Pack Ice Tray LUV (all products) Magi-Skin MASS MERCHANDISE (all products) MATCHING FABRIC (all products) MATCHMAKERS (all products) METALLICS (all products) Meth-A-Form (all products) MICROMA (all products) MINI-THERM (all products) Mystik M-921, 922, 923, 924 Stationery Tape Mystik M-959 Plastic Double Coated Tape image: ------- Borden, Inc. 88 Borden, Inc.ócont'd Mystik M-970, 971, 972, 973, 974 - PVC Foam Weatherstrip Tape Mystik M966, 967, 968, - Cushion Grip Tape Mystik M6487 Movers Tape Mystik 126, 139, 151, 169 Cloth Tape Mystik 139, 169, 860, 864, 918, 955 Duct Tape Mystik 139C, 169C, 400G, 401, 969 Film Tape Mystik 144, 917, 944 Colored PVC Mystik 218, 251, 909 Paper Flatback Tape Mystik 275B, 901, 902, 903, 915 Paper Crepe Masking Tape Mystik 361, 907 Double Coated Tape Mystik 407, 904, 905, 906, 956 Vinyl Electrical Tape Mystik 683, 686, 697, 908, 912 Strapping Tape Mystik 687, 910, 911, 975 Carton Sealing Tape Mystik 712, 713, 772, 773, 774, 782, 783, 784, 952, 953 Cloth Tape Mystik 913, 914 Friction Tape Mystik 919, 926 Label Protection Film Mystik 954 Aluminum Foil Mystik 957 Foam Tape Mystik 961, 962, 963, 964, 965 Weatherstrip Tape Mystik 5803 Cloth Tape Mystik 5806 Duct Tape Mystik 5808 Cloth Tape Mystik 5863 Cloth Tape Mystik 6100 Protecto Mask Tape Mystik 6108 Protecto Mask Tape Mystik 6110 Protecto Mask Tape Mystik 6215 Paper Crepe Masking Tape Mystik 6217 Paper Crepe Masking Tape Mystik 6230 Paper Crepe Masking Tape Mystik 6241 Paper Crepe Masking Tape Mystik 6250 Paper Crepe Masking Tape Mystik 6283 Strapping Tape Mystik 6297 Strapping Tape Mystik 6315 Carton Sealing Tape Mystik 6324 Paper Flatback Tape Mystik 6325 Paper Flatback Tape Mystik 6360 Double Coated Tape Mystik 6361 Double Coated Tape Mystik 6374 Paper Flatback Tape Mystik 6375 Paper Flatback Tape Mystik 6376 Carton Sealing Tape Mystik 6377 Carton Sealing Tape Mystik 6400 Film Tape Mystik 6401 Film Tape Mystik 6402 Label Protection Film Mystik 6403 Label Protection Film Mystik 6405 Label Protection Film Mystik 6406 Vinyl Electrical Tape Mystik 6407 Vinyl Electrical Tape 407, 904, 905, 956 Mystik 6408 Vinyl Electrical Tape Mystik 6409 Vinyl Sealing Tape Mystik 6432 Film Tape Mystik 6450 Film Tape Mystik 6452 Film Tape Mystik 6461 Protecto Mask Tape Mystik 6462 Protecto Mask Tape Mystik 6463 Protecto Mask Tape Mystik 6466 Double Coated Tape Mystik 6469 Double Coated Tape Mystik 6482 Strapping Tape Mystik 6483 Strapping Tape Mystik 6484 Strapping Tape Mystik 6486 Strapping Tape Mystik 6487 Carton Sealing Tape Mystik 6488 Strapping Tape Mystik 6491 Strapping Tape Mystik 6497 Strapping Tape Mystik 6498 Strapping Tape Mystik 7000 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Mystik 7001 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Mystik 7020 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Mystik 7021 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Mystik 7100 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Mystik 7300 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7321 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7322 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7331 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7341 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7343 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7351 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7352 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7355 Polyester Electrical Tape Mystik 7361 Polyimide Tape Mystik 7362 Polyimide Tape Mystik 7367 Polyimide Tape Mystik 7420 Copper Foil Mystik 7450 Aluminum Foil Mystik 7452 Aluminum Foil Mystik 7453 Aluminum Foil Mystik 7454 Aluminum Foil Mystik 7455 Aluminum Glass Cloth Laminate Mystik 7500 Lubritite Teflon Tape Mystik 7503 Teflon Tape Mystik 7505 Teflon Tape Mystik 7510 Teflon Tape Mystik 7845 Filament Electrical Tape Mystik 8042, 8062 Film Tape Mystik 9500 Aisle Marking Tape Mystik 9501 Aisle Marking Tape Mystik 9710 Cloth Tape NEWS DRI (all products) NUTRO (all products) NUTRO FOR LAWN SEED (all products) OLD GLORY (all products) OPEN HOUSE (all products) ORANGE (all products) Pad-Tex (all products) PASSPORT COLLECTION (all products) PELLEFORM (all products) Placco (all products) PLUS 4 (all products) Polyco CV 798 Polyco 117-SS Polyco 289 Polyco 296-W Polyco 505 Polyco 522 Polyco 555-15-CRL Polyco 556-W Polyco 571 Polyco 694 Polyco 761 Polyco 766 Polyco 773 Polyco 775 Polyco 780 Polyco 804 Polyco 953 Polyco 2113 Polyco 2123 Polyco 2136 Polyco 2140 Polyco 2141 Polyco 2142 Polyco 2147 Polyco 2149 Polyco 2151 Polyco 2151-HS Polyco 2151-SW Polyco 2155 Polyco 2158 Polyco 2165 Polyco 2186 Polyco 2188 Polyco 2215 Polyco 2219 Polyco 2222-FR Polyco 2225 Polyco 2229 Polyco 2430 Polyco 2440 Polyco 2445 Polyco 2450 Polyco 2451 Polyco 2452 Polyco 2453 Polyco 2603 Polyco 2607 Polyco 2610 Polyco 2611 Polyco 2612 Polyco 2615 Polyco 2616 Polyco 2617 Polyco 2618 Polyco 2619 Polyco 2622 Polyco 2623 Polyco 2629 Polyco 2636 Polyco 2638 Polyco 2639 Polyco 2641 Polyco 2646 Polyco 3771 Polyco 5776 POLYDYNE (all products) PRESS LIFE SPRAY (all products) PRINCE GUARD (all products) Protovac (all products) QUEENS GUARD (all products) Resinite AF-50 Resinite AL-24 Resinite BC-1 Resinite BLF-24 Resinite BW-51 Resinite BWT-52 Resinite Cutter Box Resinite CW-65 Resinite Fab Guard 60 Resinite Fab Guard 90 Resinite Fab Wrap Resinite Fresh Guard Resinite FWF-86 Resinite HW-225 Resinite HW-300 Resinite KBS-72 Resinite MBS-20 Resinite MBS-20L Resinite Meat Wrap Resinite MSN-52 Resinite MSN-85 Resinite MSN-86 Resinite NM-43 Resinite NW-50 Resinite OSF-26 Resinite PC-63 Resinite Produce Belt Sealer Film Resinite PS-26 Resinite PS-26C Resinite PS-27 Resinite PS-29 Resinite PS-726 Resinite PST-28 Resinite RE-66 image: ------- 89 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Borden, Inc. Borden, Inc.ócont'd Resinite RMF-61 Resinite RMF-61HY Resinite RMF-61 HY-HT Resinite RMT-66 Resinite RMT-67 Resinite RMT-67A Resinite RMT-67B Resinite RMT-67C Resinite RMT-68H Resinite RW-21 Resinite SFC-80 Resinite SFW-81 Resinite SN-20 Resinite SN-22HS Resinite SN-46 Resinite SP-20 Resinite SPW-H Resinite SPW-69A Resinite Stretch Produce Wrap Resinite SV-90 Resinite SW-64 Resinite TMW-88 Resinite TPF-84 Resinite TPF-86 Resinite TPM-87 Resinite VF-60WP Resinite VF-71 Resinite VF-75WP Resinite X500-20 Reslac (all products) RICE BOOSTER (all products) ROYAL (all products) ROYAL GUARD (all products) S-D (all products) S-D ORGANIC (all products) SACCO (all products) SAMPLER (all products) SATINESQUE (all products) SIGH CLOTH (all products) SMIDO (all products) SMITH-DOUGLASS (all products) Snowdrift (all products) Sparvar S-100 Glossy White Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-101 Flat White Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-102 Antique White Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-103 Glossy White Spray Lacquer Sparvar S-104 White High Heat Spray Paint Sparvar S-110 Glossy Black Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-lll Ultra Flat Black Ind- oor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-112 Shadow Gray Indoor/Outdoor Sray Paint Sparvar S-113 Dove Gray Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-114 Universal Black Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-115 Universal Gray Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-117 Semi-Flat Black Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-118 Glossy Black Spray Lacquer Sparvar S-119 Black High Heat Spray Paint Sparvar S-120 Bright Silver Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-121 Bright Gold Indoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-122 Bright Copper Indoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-123 Brass Indoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-124 Dull Aluminum Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-125 Aluminum High Heat Spray Paint Sparvar S-127 Engine Gold Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-130 Cherry Red Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-131 Pastel Pink Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-132 Ford Red Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-133 American Beauty Red Ind- oor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-135 Red High Heat Spray Paint Sparvar S-136 Chrysler Red Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-140 Hunter Green Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-141 Pastel Aqua Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-142 Ford Green Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-143 Moss Green Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-146 Avocado Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-150 Pastel Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-151 Bright Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-152 Chrome Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-153 School Bus Yellow Ind- oor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-154 Harvest Gold Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-160 Regal Blue Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-161 Baby Blue Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-162 Chevrolet Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-163 Ford Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-164 Metallic Blue Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-167 Pontiac Metallic Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-168 Ford Dark Blue Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-170 Sunset Orange Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-171 Chevrolet Orange Engine Color Spray Paint Sparvar S-173 Burnt Orange Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-180 Leather Brown Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-181 Beige Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Sparvar S-202 All-Purpose White Spray Prim- er Sparvar S-203 ALL-Purpose Gray Spray Prim- er Sparvar S-204 All-Purpose Charcoal Black Spray Primer Sparvar S-205 Ruddy Brown Primer Spray Primer Sparvar S-311 Glowing Red-Orange Fluores- cent Spray Paint Sparvar S-312 Glowing Yellow-Orange Fluor- escent Spray Paint Sparvar S-314 Glowing Lemon-Yellow Fluores- cent Spray Paint Sparvar S-315 Glowing Cerise Fluorescent Spray Paint Sparvar S-316 Glowing Green Fluorescent Spray Paint Sparvar S-317 Glowing Blue Fluorescent Spray Paint Sparvar S-500 Perma Clear Acrylic Clear Pro- tective Spray Coating Sparvar S-700 Let-Go Super Penetrating Oil and Lubrication Spray Sparvar S-702 Cleaner & Degreaser Sparvar S-704 Silicone Spray Sparvar S-706 Belt Dressing Sparvar S-711 High Gloss Varnish Spray Coating Sparvar S-712 Satin-Finish Varnish Spray Coating Sphinx-Paste (all products) Splic-It (all products SQUARE DEAL (all products) Sterling 151, 152 Ring Binder Pouches Sterling 205 Profitower Sterling 208 Metric Center Sterling 210, 25 Pushpins Sterling 211, 75 Pushpins Sterling 212, Hole Punch Sterling 213, 1 1/4+ MH Springclips-3 Pieces Sterling 214, 2 1/2+ MH Springclips-2 Pieces Sterling 215, 1 1/4+ MH Magnetic Springclips 2 Pieces Sterling 216, 100 #1 Paperclips Sterling 217, 3/4+ MH Paper Fasteners-30 Pieces Sterling 218, 100 Thumbtacks Sterling 219, 1 + MH Binder Rings-3 Pieces Sterling 220 1 oz. Rubber Bands Sterling 221 Staple Remover Sterling 222 Date Stamp & Stamp Pad Sterling 223 Handy Adder Sterling 224 Telephone Index Sterling 225 2+MH Paper Clips Sterling 246, 100 #1 Paperclips Sterling 247 2+MH Paper Clips Sterling 250, 250-B, 250-W Super Shaver Sharpener Sterling 255 Precision Electron Metal Pencil Sharpener Sterling 269 One Piece, Top Opening Check File Sterling 270 3 +MH x 5 + MH Jumbe File Card Box Sterling 271 3 + MH x 5 + MH Card File Sterling 273 Check File Box Sterling 274A Letter File Sterling 274 Letter File Sterling 275 Utility Box Sterling 276 Cash-Bond Box (With Tray and Lock) Sterling 277 Crayon/Utility Box Sterling 278 Junk Box Sterling 279 Stack Boxes Sterling 280 Letter Tray Sterling 281 Calendar Refill Sterling 282 Stacking Desk Tray Sterling 283 Stacking Letter Tray Sterling 284 Ash Tray Sterling 285 Memo Paper Holder Sterling 285R Memo Paper Sterling 286 Calendar Holder Sterling 287 Pencil Cup Sterling 288D Desk-Mate Organizer Floor Dis- play image: ------- Borden, Inc. 90 Borden, Inc.ócont'd Sterling 288 Desk Mate Organizer Sterling 289 4-Piece Desk Set Sterling 290, 291 The Arrangers Sterling 292 Extend-A-File (2 in Box) Sterling 293 Mini-File Sterling 293R Refill Cards Sterling 294A Jumbo Letter File Sterling 294 Jumbo Letter File Sterling 295 18 + MH x 24+MH Desk Pad Sterling 297 Calculator Stand Sterling 298 Magnetic Paper Clip Dispenser Sterling 299 Desk Drawer Organizer Sterling 300 Stationery Caddy Sterling 301 3 + MH x 5 + MH Desk Top File Sterling 305 Business Card File Sterling 306 Things Box Sterling 308 Desk Mate Magnetic Clip Dis- penser Sterling 309 Mini-Organizer Sterling 310 Telephone List Finder Sterling 311 Telephone List Finder Sterling 320 3-Piece Desk Set Sterling 325 Wall Caddy Sterling 330 Message Rack Sterling 393 Mini-File 250 Sterling 501, 502 Pocket Pencil Sharpener Sterling 504 "Five-Star" Novelty Sharpener Sterling 507 Globe Pencil Sharpener Sterling 510 Perpetual Calendar Sterling 513, 513C Squeeze-Bottle Moistener Sterling 515 Standard Ruler Sterling 517 12 IN./30 CM Ruler Sterling 519 12" Ruler Sterling 520 Combination Compass-Protractor- Ruler Sterling 521, 623 Pencil/Crayon Sharpener Sterling 522 6" Ruler Sterling 526, 632 Slide Top Pencil Case Sterling 527 6" Pocket Ruler Sterling 528 3 + MH x 5 + MH File Card Box Sterling 529 4 + MH x 6+MH File Card Box Sterling 530 5 + MH x 8 + MH File Card Box Sterling 531, 682 Architects Scale Sterling 532 Multi-Use Protractor Sterling 533D Recipe Box Center Sterling 533 3 + MH x 5 + MH Recipe Box Sterling 534 6-IN-l Geometry Instrument Sterling 535 Circular Protractor Sterling 536/636 Double-Barrel Pencil Shar- pener Sterling 537 Modern Chemistry Stencil Sterling 540 Protractor Sterling 541 French Curve Sterling 542 T-Square Sterling 543 Circle Gauge Sterling 544 7-IN-l Protractor Sterling 546 6" Triangle Sterling 547 Ellipse Guide Sterling 554, 654, 30 CM Metric Scale Trian- gular Sterling 555, 622 Multiplier/Ruler Pencil Box Sterling 562 Educator Pencil Case Display Sterling 562 Educator Pencil Cases Sterling 570-X Flexible Pencil Case Sterling 571 Ring Binder Pouch (9-1/2 x 6 + MH) Sterling 572 Ring Binder Pouch (10-1/2 x 8 + MH) Sterling 577 Compass Sterling 579C, 579B, 679 Ball Bearing Com- pass Sterling 580 Lettering Guide Ruler Sterling 581, 681 Engineer's Scale Sterling 582 6" Professional Protractor Sterling 583, 621 TV Wiggle Sharpener Sterling 591 12" Hardwood Ruler Sterling 599 6"-45+sq, 8" -30-60+sq Triangle Set Sterling 603 Slide Top Sharpener Sterling 605 Stainless Steel Pencil Sharpener Sterling 608 School Kit Sterling 609 Math Kit Sterling 613 Drawing Set Sterling 615 Solid Heavy Duty 12" Ruler Sterling 616 Viewer Ruler Sterling 618 Creepy Pencil Sharpener Sterling 620, 620B Math 4-IN-l Ruler Sterling 627 Master Moistener Sterling 640 Blackboard Eraser/Lint Brush Sterling 641 Heavy Duty 12" T-Square Sterling 642 Postal Scale Sterling 643D Diet Scale Center Sterling 643D Diet Scale Display Sterling 643 Diet Scale Sterling 645 Compass/Divider Set Sterling 646 Bow Compass/Divider Sterling 647, 648 Drawing Sets Sterling 649, 649-B Metric Ruler Sterling 650 Metric Training Kit Sterling 651 Metric Converter Sterling 652 Pocket Metric Converter Sterling 653 Engineers' Metric Converter Sterling 658 Super Type White Sterling 659 Super TYpe White Dispenser, 1 + MH x 120+MH Roll Sterling 660, 660R, 661 Correction Tape Type- White Sterling 662 1/2 oz. Liquid Type White Sterling 666 1-Hole Punch Sterling 676 Compass/Protractor Sterling 684 10" Mannheim Slide Rule Sterling 687 5" Mannheim Pocket Slide Rule Sterling 693 Blistered Mini-File Sterling 696 Letter Opener Sterling 698 Blistered Magnetic Clip Dispenser STIFFENED CANVAS (all products) SUCKER STYMIE (all products) SUGAR BEET BUILDER (all products) SUPER C (all products) TALL STALKER (all products) TEXTURES, WEAVES, & STRIPES (all products) Thor (all products) Thor Plastic Binder (all products) TOP CROP (all products) TRANS-DYE (all products) TREL (all products) TRUE RIPENER (all products) VARI-FLEX (all products) VARI-LUSTRO (all products) VC32 VC 34 VC 36 VC 42 VC 44 VC 47-B VC 47-BE VC 47-BL VC 47-BR VC 65 VC 80 VC 90-PM VC 90-RE VC 95-PM VC 100-PM VC 100-RE VC 100-RES VC 105-PM VC 106-PM VC 106-PMA VC 106-PML VC 113-FA VC 113-FL VC 113-R VC 126-E VC 171-C VC 230 VC 258 VC 260-C VC 260-SS VC 265 VC 280 VC 285 VC 410 VC 411 VC 440 VC 445 VC 499 VC 1069 VC 7611 Vita-Brite (all products) WALLOVER (all products) WALLOVIN (all products) WALLS & ALL (all products) WALLTEX (all products) WED (all products) WET LOOK (all products) WET-IT ADJUVANT (all products) WHEAT WHOPPER (all products) WINTER SURVIVAL (all products) WONDER WET (all products) Wonderbond (all products) Wonderbond Hardener (all products) ZAP (all products) 50th ANNIVERSARY (all products) image: ------- 91 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Bostik South Berg-Warner Chemicals P.O. Box 816 Washington WV 26505 Blendex Blendex Cycolac Cycoloy Cycopac Cycovin Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston BTA Polymers Polymers Plastics Plastics Plastics Plastics DHOP DOPI DPDP DPP Dri-Cat 3 DSP DTDP EGTPP EHDPP G-23 MOW 7330 MDW-1098 Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston MDW-6140 ODPP OPDOP PDDP PNPG FTP TAPA TAPI TOP THOP TIOP TLP TLTTP TNPP TPP TSP 63 310 Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston 399 399B 430 442 474 491 494 600 618 619 732 800 801 802 Bostik East Div. of USM Corp Boston Street Middleton MA 01949 617-777-0100 APPARELITE APPARELOCK ATOMIC BE BE BOND BE BE ROD BE BE TEX BE BE WELD BLU-TAC BOSCODUR BOSTIK HUB SOLBIT STITCH WAX STITCH WITCHERY SUPERGRIP THERMOGRIP THRED KOTE THRED LUB TRU-LINE TYROLITE WAX-TITE Bostik South Div of USM Corporation P. 0. Box 5695 Greenville SC 29606 ACROL AE ATCOFIX N, N2, N4 ATCOPAL G, D ATCOPEN SD ATCOSOFT E ATCOSOL P ATCOWET W, C, B C-TRON G SERIES CARBONATE E, EP, P CM BUFFER D CM CATALYST M, MA, C Z, Z2 CM DULLER N, D, L CRAVENETTE SERIES, BA DRYON M DYSEROL LED EMBOSET T2, G ESTRAMINE Q, W ESTRANOL H, DM FLUORTEX AE KROMYL J, S, JC MELLTONE C, F, J, JA MELTRON A, AE, AC METRO SERIES METROFAST SERIES METROPAD SERIES METROSPERSE SERIES METROTEX LOW CROCK SERIES METROTEX SERIES METROTONE SERIES MINIFOAM G, J NEPTON FC RANEDARE DR RESERVOL SILICONS CATALYST SA, SCS, SH SYNCAP A, D image: ------- BP North America Trading Inc. 92 BP North America Trading Inc. 620 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10020 Bisoflex Bisol Breon Cellobond Hyvis Polyblend Rigidex Soprodac BP Oil Inc. (Subsidiary) The Standard Oil Co. (Ohio) Midland Building Cleveland OH 44115 APB-HL 2 hydraulic oil additive BP Aero Oil BP Aero Turbine Oil BP ATO 15 aircraft oil BP Auto Oil BP AUTRAN ATF Type F BP AUTRAN DEXRON (GM) II ATF BP AUTRAN DX ATF BP Base C BP Base U BP BEARING CARD BP BEZORA metal cutting oils BP Car Oil BP CILORA metal cutting oils BP Compound GR gear lubricants BP Dieselube RR BP ENERGOL AF air filter oils BP ENERGOL CLO cylinder oils BP ENERGOL CM mold oils BP ENERGOL CPD anti-corrosion oils BP ENERGOL CPF anti-corrosion oils BP ENERGOL CS circulating oils BP ENERGOL DC cylinder oils BP ENERGOL DL diesel lubricants BP ENERGOL DS filter oils BP ENERGOL EM engine & machine oils BP ENERGOL GR gear lubricants BP ENERGOL GR-XP gear lubricants BP ENERGOL HL hydraulic oils BP ENERGOL HLP hydraulic oils BP ENERGOL HP machine oils BP ENERGOL IC-HF heavy engine oils BP ENERGOL IC-MP marine engine oils BP ENERGOL IC-RH railroad engine oils BP ENERGOL LF refrigeration oils BP ENERGOL LPT refrigeration oils BP ENERGOL LPT-F 46 BP ENERGOL LX anti-corrosion oils BP ENERGOL ME marine steam engine oils BP ENERGOL ND machine oils BP ENERGOL NT machine oils BP ENERGOL OE engine oils BP ENERGOL Protective engine oils BP ENERGOL QA quench oils BP ENERGOL QH quench oils BP ENERGOL RD rock drill oils BP ENERGOL SB emulsifiable oils BP ENERGOL SHF hydraulic oils BP ENERGOL TH turbine oils BP ENERGOL THE turbine oils BP ENERGOL TX textile oils BP ENERGREASE CC-EP BP ENERGREASE Chassis Grease BP ENERGREASE EP Moly BP ENERGREASE FG BP ENERGREASE FM BP ENERGREASE GR-EP BP ENERGREASE HT BP ENERGREASE HTB BP ENERGREASE L-21-M BP ENERGREASE LS BP ENERGREASE LS-EP BP ENERGREASE MP BP ENERGREASE PR BP Extra Duty Gear Oil BP Extra Duty Motor Oil BP FEDARO emulsifiable oils BP HN petroleum oils BP Hydraulic TF transmission fluids BP LUMARO metal cutting oils BP LW 315 Oil BP Mineral Gear Oils BP Mineral Oil H BP Mineral Oil L BP Paraffin Oil BP Permanent Anti-Freeze & Coolant BP SBM petroleum oils BP Seal Oil BP SEVORA metal cutting oils BP SRM petroleum oils BP SUPER VISCO-STATIC Motor Oil BP Traction Gear Oil BP Valve Oil BP VANELLUS C Extra Motor Oil BP VANELLUS MCS-3 Motor Oils BP VANELLUS Super D&F Motor Oils BP VANELLUS Super Motor Oils BP White Oils COLD GUARD Windshield Washer Fluid E-464 E-700 Elmer's Acrylic Latex Caulk E-805, E-840 Elmer's Arts & Crafts Glue E-826, E-827 Elmer's Blacktop Crack Sealer E-806 Elmer's Clean/Thinner E-739 Elmer's Conceret Bonder E-862, E-863 Elmer's Concrete Crack Sealer E-807 Elmer's Glaze-Tuff Glazing Compound E-880, E-881, E-882 Elmer's Glue-All E-374, E-375, E-372, E-379, E-371, E-322, E-384, E-395, E-393, E-960 Elmer's Panel Fast E-802, E-803 Elmer's Plastic Resin Glue E-163, E-164, E- 165, E-171, E-949, E-950 Elmer's Professional Cabinetmaker's Contact Cement E-804, E-461, E-462, E-463, Elmer's Professional Carpenter's Wood Filler E-830, E-831, E-832, E-833 Elmer's Professional Carpenter's Wood Glue E-970 Elmer's Professional Ceiling Tile Adhesive E- 850, E-851 Elmer's Professional Cove Base Adhesive E- 855, E-856 Elmer's Redi-Spack Spackling Compound E- 821, E-822, E-823, E-824, E-825 Elmer's School Glue E-301, E-304, E-308, E- 330, E-340 Elmer's Slide-All E-450 Elmer's Sno-Drift Paste E-505 Elmer's Waterproof Glue E-231, E-232, E-233, E-241, E-242, E-955 image: ------- 93 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Brouk Company Breunig Rendering Works, Inc. 131 East 3rd Street Wahoo NE 68066 BLEACHABLE FANCY TALLOW Brookfield Chemical Co., Inc. 16185 Fernwood Lane Brookfield WI 53005 BC or U all products BC 1 through 1000 with A to Z BC-400 to 450 zinc & iron phosphates BC-500 spray alkaline cleaners BC-600 alkaline soak cleaners BC-650 acid soak cleaners BC-700 alkaline electrocleaners BC-800 plating specialities BC-900 metalworking coolants cmpds. U ali utility products 1 - 300 Brooks Glue Corp. 875 Washington St. Canton MA 02021 BOOK-TEX 1-2 thru 1-99 BROOK-FLEX BROOK-REZ BROOK-TTEX Pad-Lok BROOK-TEX #15 BROOK-TEX #77 Caseal BROOK-TEX H-999 and H-999L BROOK-TEX L-2 BROOK-TEX LL-1 A to Z thru LL-999 A to Z BROOK-TEX LL-1 Thru LL-999 BROOK-TEX M-31 BROOK-TEX White Caseal BROOK-TEX 1-2A to Z thru 1-99 A to Z BROOK-TEX 2-10 A to Z thru 2-999 A to Z BROOK-TEX 2-10 Thru 2-999 BROOK-TEX 2F-23 BROOK-TEX 77-800 BROOK-TEX 94 BROOK-TEX 950 BROOK-TEX 1033A BROOK-TEX 1700 BROOK-TEX 1892 BROOK-TEX 1960-2 A to Z thru 1960-99 A to Z BROOK-TEX 1960-2 thru 1960-99 BROOK-TEX 1961-2 A to Z thru 1961-99 A to Z BROOK-TEX 1961-2 thru 1961-99 BROOK-TEX 1962-2 A to Z thru 1962-99 A to Z BROOK-TEX 1962-2 thru 1962-99 BROOK-TEX 1968-2 A to Z thru 1968-99 A to Z BROOK-TEX 1969-2 A to Z thru 1969-99 A to Z BROOK-TEX 1969-2 Thru 1969-99 BROOKE-TEX 1968-2 thru 1968-99 Brouk Company 1367 South Kingshighway Blvd. Saint Louis MO 63110 All-Weather Crete Botanical Garden (All Products) Casta-Crete Castocell Char-Base Kut-Flowr Base Ladletop Mica-Perl Micafil (All Products) Oil-Up Perlite Peat Permalite (All Products) Pool Base (All Products) San-Finish Soak-Up Therm-0-Deck Therm-0-Dirt Twin-Perm image: ------- Brown Company 94 Brown Company 243 E. Paterson Street Kalamazoo MI 49007 ACS Cure and Hard Cure and Seal (all grades) Magic-Kote (all grades) Quad Cure (all grades) RICH-COTE Selectacel (all grades) SOLKA-FLOC (all grades) Buckman Laboratories, Inc. 1256 N. McLean Blvd. Memphis TN 38108 ANNI 1 BL-4420 BUALTA Bubond 60 Bubond 63 Bubond 64 Bubond 65 Bufloc Al Bufloc N4 Bufloc 30 Bufloc 32 Bufloc 43 Busan 11-M1 Busan 41 Busan 42 Busan 44 Bus]>erse 36 Busperse 38 Busperse 46 Busperse 47 Busperse 48 Busperse 49 Busperse 49CT Busperse 53 Busperse 53P Busperse 54C Busperse 55 Busperse 55C Busperse 56 Busperse 57 Busperse 58 Busperse 59 Busperse 59-LO Busperse 61 Butrol 26 Butrol 28 Butrol 29 Butrol 33 Butrol 34 Butrol 35 Butrol 37 Butrol 38 CASI 1 CASI 2 CASI 3 CASI 4 CASI 773 CASI 773Zn DEVIS DMA DMAD BAG Ester 20 Ester 80 HICAT 1 HIMAN 32 HIMAN 43 HMWCP KLENIT MAID MAME NONI 4 NOSI PHOS SADA SASE SDMBT Sodium 2-MBT-50 Sol 75 SPAD STD TAPA WSCP WSCP 2 Budd Chemical Company P.O. Box 488 Pennsville-Auburn Road Carney's Point NJ 08069 BUDD 200 through 360 image: ------- 95 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Bulkley Dunton & Company Budd Company Franklin & Grant STS Phoenixville PA 19460 .006" Kraft .010" Kraft .016" Kraft .032" Kraft .045" Kraft American Cyanamid Vigrozine American Polymers 880 Ethocel BORDEN #E4081 Continental Fiber Fibre .016" Diamond Ins. Continental Fiber Fibre .025" Choc. & Olive Continental Fiber Fibre .031" Gray 2-1/2 Sheets Continental Fiber Fibre .050" Gray 2-1/2 Sheets Cut Olive Green Cut While Twill DuPont Merpentine DuPont Zelac Exxon Mineral Seal Oil Fiberite Co. FM 300 Fiberite E-3585 Fiberite E-7459 Fiberite F-2068 Fiber: ce FM 1982 Fiberite FM-81BO Fiberite FM-1996 Fiberite FM-9294 Fiberite b510-2315 Fiberite 4030-190 FULLER #C-1973 G. E. Co. Lexan 145 GAF Corp. Sudan Red Hercules Abalyn Hodag F-2 Hooker 16274 Hooker 18975 Monsanto Excel - 530 Monsanto RF-7316 Monsanto Santicizer 160 Olive Green Ctgs. Phillips Petroleum TR-880/PE PIB Ins. Plastic Eng. Plenco 466 Plenco 118 Plenco 343 Plenco 709 Plenco 711 Plenco 801 Plenco 4443 Plenco 4443 Black Raybestos RPD-110 Raybestos RPD-150 Raybestos RPD-150 Felt Reichhold #23-055 Reichhold #90-005 Reichhold 5013 Sun Oil Toluol U. C. #BLSA-2680 Uniglass 108/38 Glass Fabric Uniglass 1583/44 Glass Fabric Uniglass 7626/38 Glass Fabric Uniglass 7781/44 Glass Fabric UPACO #955-449 UPACO #955-454 UPACO #970-458 White Twill Ctgs. Buffalo Equipment & Chemical Co. 160 Van Rensselaer Street Buffalo NY 14210 Allcoat Epoxy Thinner #1 Allcoat Epoxy Thinner #1-A Allcoat Epoxy Thinner #2 Lacquer Thinner #1 Bulkley Dunton & Company 285 Madison Avenue New York NY 10017 HOWFLEX CP TIONA G TIONA VB TIONA VN TIONA WD TIONA WDB X-247 image: ------- Bullen Chemical Co. Midwest, Inc. Bullen Chemical Co. Midwest, Inc. 1415 W. 37th Street Chicago IL 60609 BULLEN ACS ACTIV VIII (ENTIRE LINE) Burgess Pigment Company P.O. Box 349 Sandersville GA 31082 Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess B-22-KD B-22-KE B-22-OD B-22-OE B-40-KD B-40-KE B-40-OD B-40-OE BPF CB HC-77 HC-78 Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess ICEBERG ICECAP-K KD KE Meta-K No. 10 No. 10E No. 20 No. 30 No. 40 No. 60 No. 80 Burgess No. 90 Burgess OE Burgess OPE Burgess OPTIWHITE Burgess OPTIWHITE-P Burgess Polyclay Burgess Thermo Glace HE Burgess Thermo Glace-H Burgess TISYN Burgess SOP Burlington Chemical Co., Inc. Huffman Mill Road P.O. Box 111 Burlington NC 27215 BURCENES (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCO (ALL PRODUCTS)(Dyestuffs) BURCO ACID (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dyestuffs) BURCO CARRIER (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dye- stuffs) BURCO DIRECT (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dye- stuffs) BURCO LEVELS (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCO NYLON (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dye- stuffs) BURCO PL (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCO SCOURS (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCO SOFTENERS (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCOCRYL (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dyestuffs) BURCODYE (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dyestuffs) BURCOFIX (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCOFLUOR (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCOLEVS(ALL PRODUCTS) BURCOLUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) BURCONYL (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dyestuffs) Burcosperse (all products) (Dyestuffs) BURCOVAT (ALL PRODUCTS) (Dyestuffs) BURCOVELS (ALL PRODUCTS) Burns & Russell Company, The P. 0. Box 6063 Baltimore MD 21231 A/C ACOUSTI-GLAZE Compound & Units NR 25-14E A/R 29 Product Series NR 25-15 A/R 50 NR 25-50T A/R 65 S/G Compound BRD 1235 S/G Sand MPG-100 S/G Silica Sand MTG-100 S/G 84 Additive NR 25-14 S/G 84 B-14 SG Color SG Monomer SPECTRA-GLAZE Compound and Units SPECTRA-GLAZE II Compound & Units SPECTRA-WAL Compound & Units SR 25 VARI-TONE Colored Ceramics VARI-TONE Series Compound and Units image: ------- 97 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION C. H. Patrick & Co., Inc. Burtonite Co Inc., The 49 Franklin Ave Nutley NJ 07110 BURTONITE (Series 7) Burtonite (Series 44) Bush Boake Allen Inc - NJ 475 Walnut Street Norwood NJ 07648 Bentalol Benteine Bergamenyl Acetate Cephrol Hydronal Lindenol Mellol Meraneine Meranol Osyrol Pentoxyl 'M' Phanteine Phantol Rosone Valanone 'B' Verarome Vernol Byk-Mallinckrodt, Chem. Produkte 734 Walt Whitman Road Melville NY 11746 Anti-Terra-A Anti-Terra-Nitro Anti-Terra-P Anti-Terra-U Anti-Terra-U-80 Byk-ES-72 Byk-ES-80 Byk-H-36 Byk-NP-1100 Byk-NP-1103 Byk-NP-2610 Byk-0 Byk-P-104 Byk-P-104 S Byk-Powder-Flow-3 Byk-SL Byk-VP-052 Byk-VP-060 Byk-VP-109 Byk-VP-130 Byk-VP-141 Byk-VP-304 Byk-VP-320 Byk-VP-344 Byk-VP-351 Byk-VP-352-P Byk-VP-900 Byk-VP-905 Byk-W Byk-069 Byk-073 Byk-300 Byk-301 Bykanol -N Byketol-HS Byketol-OK Byketol-R Byktone Bykumen Bykumen WS Disperbyk Disperplast-I Disperplast-P Lactimon Lactimon WS C. H. Patrick & Co., Inc. P. 0. Box 2526 Greenville SC 29602 CATALYST P-C CATALYST 10-C CATIONIC BASE CHP-3300 CONGAREE BLACK GXOO CONC. 200% Congaree Carbide Fast Black G Ext. Cone Supra CONGAREE FAST YELLOW WB CONC. 125% CONGAREE GREEN WT 200% EHO ESTER EMULSIFIER C-779 FABRITONE C-4 FABRITONE C-763 FABRITONE C-7346 FABRITONE CAO FABRITONE MC-25 FABRITONE PE FABRITONE PE-22 FABRITONE PES FABRITONE RM-1 FABRITONE SL FABRITONE 5L FABRITONE 5R FABRITONE 23 BASE FABRITONE 23 PASTE FABRITONE 25 PASTE FABRITONE 64 FABRITONE 95 IBO ESTER INTERMEDIATE OT LUBETEX NP LUBETEX NP-25 LUBETEX 35-S LUBETEX 35-SD NAPPING COMPOUND EP-61 OC-500 PASTE PATCO ANTIFOAM S-10 PATCO ANTIFOAM SA PATCO CRYL RED GRL PATCO DEFOAMER DR PATCO LIGHT YELLOW 2G PATCO SPERSE BLACK F LIQUID PATCO SPERSE CERISE GNB PATCO SPERSE RUBINE ORB PASTE PATCO SUPER AMIDE PATCO VAT GOLDEN ORANGE RRT PASTE PATCO WAX A PATCO WEIGHTER 35 PATCO WEIGHTER 50 PATCOCEL BLUE CRS PATCOCEL YELLOW 2GC PATCOCRYL BASIC BRILLIANT RED B PATCOCRYL BASIC BRILLIANT RED 2B PATCOCRYL BASIC ORANGE G PATCOCRYL BASIC YELLOW R PATCOMID C-7412 PATCONYL ORANGE E-RGL PATCONYL RED 2BS PATCONYL YELLOW SLW PATCONYLON BLACK GX PATCOREZ 10-A PATCOSPERSE BRILLIANT ORANGE 2L PATCOSPERSE GOLDEN YELLOW RL PATCOSPERSE NAVY PM 50% LIQ. PATCOSYN BLACK SK PATCOSYN DARE BROWN F W PATCOSYN PRINTING OLIVE WD PATCOSYN RED DJB PATCOSYN YELLOW DDE PATCOSYN YELLOW JPS image: ------- C. H. Patrick & Co., Inc. 98 C. H. Patrick & Co., Inc.ócont'd PATCOSYN YELLOW 2GL CONC. PATCOSYN YELLOW 3R PATCOVAT BLACK BB DOUBLE PASTE PATCOVAT BLACK SN DOUBLE PASTE PATCOVAT BLUE BCF PASTE PATCOVAT BLUE 1446 PASTE PATCOVAT BRILLIANT BLUE D PASTE 50% PATCOVAT BROWN ARN DOUBLE PASTE PATCOVAT BROWN WB PASTE PATCOVAT GOLDEN ORANGE RF DP PATCOVAT GRAY ZGNL-E DOUBLE PASTE PATCOVAT GREEN DOUBLE PASTE PATCOVAT NAVY 2383 PASTE PATCOVAT NAVY 6224 PASTE PATCOVAT OLIVE GREEN B PASTE PATCOVAT OLIVE R DOUBLE PASTE PATCOVAT OLIVE T PASTE PATCOVAT ORANGE GR PASTE PATCOVAT ORANGE RRT DOUBLE POW- DER PATCOVAT VIOLET GRD PASTE PATCOVAT YELLOW GC PASTE PATCOVAT YELLOW 3GL PASTE SPEC. PATCOVAT YELLOW 5GLL PASTE POLYMER OT SANAID BER SANAID DB SANAID F SANAID PVS SANTEE DIRECT BROWN RL SANTEE FAST ORANGE GNL SANTEE FAST RED 8 BLN SANTEE FAST SCARLET 4BICA SANTEE GREEN 3LB SANTEE YELLOW 3LG SULFONATED R-OIL (70%) TEA DIESTER TERGON C-744 TERGON JS-30 TERGON SOLVENT SCOUR H TERGON SP TERGON TEC UNIDYE AC-60 UNIDYE BCO UNIDYE C-748 UNIDYE FC WETAID AM-505 WETAID EHO WETAID P-10 WETAID P-100 WETAID P-100 ACID WETAID PO WETAID R NEW WETAID SR CONC. WETAID 35-B C. Itoh & Co. (America), Inc. 270 Park Avenue New York NY 10017 AMILAN ECSAINE ECSAINE ROYAL HISOFY JOYSUEDE LUNAFLEX NYLEX SILKIJOY TETREX TORAYLON C. L. McGuire Company, Inc. 203 Browns Lane Louisville KY 40207 DCC 1012 Medium Chrome Yellow DCC 1084 ED Zinc Chromate DCC 1607 Molybdale Orange DCC 2254 E. D. Toluidine Red DCC 6002 Bon Maroon C. Lever Company 736 Dunks Ferry Road Cornwells Heights PA 19020 Cyleo Blue BMB Liquid Cylco Blue LVX Powder Cylco Blue 2AL Liquid Cylco Blue 2AL Powder Cylco Green G Liquid Cylco Green G Powder image: ------- 99 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION C.E. Refractories C. P. Hall Company, The 7300 S. Central Avenue Chicago IL 60638 Aktar Band Slip Stick Blad-0-Sil Stick CaO Wax Devil A Sulphur Devil AA Sulphur Dicam DMG Emulvis EZ Cure EZ Mix (all products) EZ Zinc Glycerized Lube, (all products) Hall Clay Hall Tar Hallcarb 440 & 880 Hallco (all products) Hallco C-100-1073, C-7000-7092 Hallco Cable Oil M-4039, Y-4039 Hallco CaOP Hallco CP-90-2 Hallco CP-95 Hallco CPH 1 - 399 Hallco CS-50/50 30/70 etc. Hallco DF defoamers (all products) Hallco DFS #5635 Hallco DFS, defoamers (all products) Hallco EZ Cadox Hallco Innerlube Hallco Intire Spray (all products) Hallco Lube Dip (all products) Hallco Master Batch Color (all) Hallco Mold Release NS and 5075 Hallco Pine Tar Oil Hallco Polymeric Polyesters Hallco Reclaim Oil (all products) Hallco RX-all numbers Hallco SAS 20, 27, 35 Hallco Slab Dip (all products) Hallco SR Hallco SR (all products) Hallco Wax Hallco Zinc Oxide Hallco ZS 50/50 Hallco 50/50 30/70 Hallcolite Hallcomid (all products) Hallcoset (all products) Halifax Inner Lube C-928 Intire Spray (all products) Kalkote, Kalkote G., etc. LA-3937 defoamer Lanahall 16-18, 20, 1620, 1620 HT, LCA 20 Lanahall 18 USP, 16 N.F. Lube Dip H-300 H-400 Mule Brand Sulphur Orbi Lube (all products) Outire Spray (all products) Para-Flux (all products) Para-Lube (all products Para-Resin (all products) Petrolatum SR-172 Pine Tar Oil 5645 Pine Tar 5542 Plasthall (all products) Plasthall Soleflex Plusbond 50, 75 Plusplice 80-100, 150 etc. Pro-Mag (all products) Reclaim Oil 4039Y-4039M- 1906 Red Wing Sulphur Sililease Mold Release Silmax 100-400 Slip Talc 66 Soleflex Spider Brand Sulphur Sponge EASE (all products) Sponge Eaz (all products) Stabiwhite Anti Oxidants (all products) Star Sulphur Stop "0" Super Celtone 333 Super Micronized Urea Syntor Tack 10 TegMeR (all products) Plasticizer Unilease Mold Release RX-752 C.E. Cast Industrial Products 4401 Creekside Avenue Toledo OH 43612 #480 Pearl Parting Arco Lite 100 through 999 Arco Lube Arco Part 50 through 100 Arco Paste 100 through 999 Arco Perm 100 through 999 Arco Slik 100 through 999 Arco Sol 100 through 999 Arco Spray 100 through 999 Arcote 100 through 999 Kold Set Facing Kold Set ZGW Kold Set ZW C.E. Refractories Division of Combustion Eng. P.O. Box 828 Valley Forge PA 19482 CE Cast (all products) CE Cast #18 CE Cast 711 CE Cast 5010 CER -cle CER #4 CER AR 153 CER AR 400 CER AR-70 CER Azure Ram CER BF Castable CER BF 60 G CER BF 90 G CER BF85 G CER Black Ram (all products) CER Block Stick CER Blu Ram (all products) CER Bond CER Bond 40 CER Bond 66 CER Bubble Alumina Castable CER Cast Sil CER Cast Tite CER Chemal Mortar (all products) CER Chrome Cast CER Chrome Ram CER Coat CER Decrete 40 CER Emerald Ram (all products) CER FC-101 CER Fractocast (all products) CER Fractocrete (all products) CER Graf Ram 55 CER Graflok (all products) CER Graphite Ram CER Gun #66 CER Gun #90 CER Gun Mix G 8 CER Gun Ram (all products) CER H & B Castable (all products) CER Hi Alumina Mortar CER Induction Cast (all products) CER K-ll Fortified A CER Kemram CER Ladesso #18 CER Ladle Seal CER LB-1 Cement CER Lins 50 CER Lite (all products) CER Lite Wate (all products) CER Lo Ram 114 CER LW Castable (all products) CER Matic (all products) CER Metalok CER Moldcast CER Moldit (all products) CER Mort Airset image: ------- C.E. Refractories 100 C.E. Refractoriesócont'd CER Mortar Mix CER Mulcoa Mortar CER Mullitex Fireclay CER Patch #6 CER Pavecast (all products) CER Pitlo Cement CER Plastic Chrome CER Plastic Furnace Lining CER Pourable Insulation CER Pyroscat CER Ram 77 CER Ram 88 CER Ram 99 CER Ram 99 I CER Ricast CER RP #157 CER RP 160 CER SD Castable (all products) CER Silica Cement CER Spray Frac (all products) CER Steeltite CER Stic-Tite CER Super Castable 32 CER Super Moldit CER Super 20 Mort CER Super 21 Sure CER Super 24 Steel CER Super 33 CER Super 88 CER Super 711 CER Super 3000 CER Surebond CER Tarton Ram CER TBW Gun Mix CER Therm-X CER Tuff Ram CER Utility Finish Cement CER Wai Ram 70 CER Wasp (all products) CER X Hi Tab CER Zir-0-Ram CER Zircon Cement #131 CER Zircon Ram 66 CER Zircon Ramming Mix CER 55 Airset CER 55 Heat Set CER 66 Airset CER 66 Plastic CER 75 TR CER 77 Plastic CER 80 Ram CER 83 Ram CER 85 Ram (all products) CER 87-40 Plastic CER 88 Air Set CER 88 Plastic CER 90 Ram (all products) CER 99 Plastic CER 141 A Castable CER 5010 CER-Wool Gun #88 Ramtite (all products) CJ. Patterson Co 3947 Broadway Kansas City MO 64111 PATCOTE 100-101 C.P.8. Chemical Company-NJ P.O. Box 162 Old Bridge NJ 08857 Ageflex FA-1 Ageflex FA-2 Ageflex FA-2Q Ageflex FM-1 Ageflex FM-1Q Ageflex FM-2 Ageflex FM4 Elastex 50B C-E Cast Industrial Products Mine Hill Road Muse PA 15350 Ceco Set CO #3 Oil Core Oil I-XII Core Oil SF Core Oil SFT Core Oil 27F Hevi Kote (All products) Hot Kure (All products) Hot Kure Activator (All products) Kern Kure (All products) Kern Kure Accelerator (All products) Kem Kure Activator (All products) Kleaning Solution Kold Kote (All products) Kold Kure (All products) Kold Kure Activator (All products) Kold Set (All products) Konserver Kwik Kure (All products) Mica Kote Mica Kote Thinner Moroc (All products) Quic Seal (All products) Quic Slip Rex Water Base Slagrip Won Kote (All products) Yellow Jack image: ------- 101 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Cal Chemical Corporation C-E Minerals 901 East 8th Avenue King Of Prussia PA 19406 C-E Calcined Bauxite (all products) C-E Calcined Kaolin (all products) C-E Cristobalite (all products) C-E Fused Aluminum Silicate C-E Fused AZS (all products) C-E Fused Cordierite (all products) C-E Fused Magnesia/Zirconia (all products) C-E Fused MgO (all products) C-E Fused MgO/Chrome Ore (all products) C-E Fused MgOAl(2)0(3) Spinel C-E Fused Silica (all products) C-E Fused Zircon (all products) C-E Fused Zirconia (all products) C-E Mullite (all products) Mulcoa (all products) Mulgrain (all products) Shelgrain (all products) Tecosil (all products) Cadence Chemical Resources, Inc. P 0 Box 315 Michigan City IN 46360 CHEM-FUEL BLEND # 5 CHEM-FUEL LACTOL BLEND CHEM-FUEL 1010 CHEM-FUEL 1020 CHEM-FUEL 1030 CHEM-FUEL 1040 CHEM-FUEL 5065 CHEM-FUEL 6050 Caig Laboratories, Inc 1175-0 Industrial Ave PO 64 Escondido CA 92025 CAEON SOLVENT 27 CAEON SOLVENT 28 CRAMOLIN FL CRAMOLIN PASTE CRAMOLIN PASTE 200 CRAMOLIN PASTE 200/OK CRAMOLIN SPECIAL CRAMOLIN SPRAY B CRAMOLIN SPRAY MR CRAMOLIN SPRAY PC CRAMOLIN SPRAY PLASTIK CRAMOLIN SPRAY R Cal Chemical Corporation 616 Washington Street Coventry RI 02816 Aquex 1-50 Bay Wash Cal A-Z Cal Adhesive Cal Base A - Z Cal Base 1 - 1000 Cal Catalyst 1 - 500 Cal Defoamer Cal Desizer DM Cal Dyeassist P Cal Ease Cal EFA #2 Cal Emulsifier Cal Emulsions Cal K-2 (K-3) Cal Lace Scour Cal Re-dox Cal Reson UC#1 Cal Retarder Cal Tolutriazole Cal 1 - 10,000 Cal-Drez Calassist Calbond 1 - 500 Calcar P Calcat Caldac A - Z Caldac S Calene Calfix Calite Calmel Calon Galop A-Z Calox (RG, 300, 385) Calpel Calpent CO-600-S Calpon Calquat Calquest Calrez Calscour Calseal Calset Calsil Calsize Calsoft Calsol Calsperse 1 - 1000 Calsprol LP Calstar Calstat Calterge Caltrol Calube A-Z Calwet Inhibitor C 1 - 50 Metal Cleaner CR Metalizer Perassist image: ------- Calgon Corporation 102 Calgon Corporation P.O. Box 1346 Pittsburgh PA 15230 AFC (Brand Activated Carbon) APL (Brand Activated Carbon) BL (Brand Activated Carbon) BPL (Brand Activated Carbon) BPX (Brand Activated Carbon) Burolock P.P. (Polyphosphate) Burolock V (Polyphosphate) Buromin (Polyphosphate) Buromin - Glass Plates (Polyphosphate) Buromin - Powder (Polyphosphate) C (Brand Activated Carbon) C-39 Corrosion Inhibitor CAL (Brand Activated Carbon) Calgon - Crushed Calgon - Powdered Calgon - Regular Calgon - Unadjusted Glass Cat-Floe (Polymer) Cat-Floe A (Polymer) Cat-Floe B (Polymer) Cat-Floe C (Polymer) Cat-Floe LV (Polymer) Cat-Floe T (Polymer) Cat-Floe T-l (Polymer) Cat-Floe T-l Concentrate (Polymer) Cat-Floe WT (Polymer) Cat-Floe 21 (Polymer) Cat-Floe 21-C (Polymer) Cat-Floe 121 (Polymer) CL-65 Silt Control Treatment CL-75 Silt Control Treatment CL-85 Silt Control Treatment CL-659 Silt Control Treatment Clay-Sta (Polymer) Coagulant Aid 233 Coagulant Aid 243 Coagulant Aid 253 Coagulant Aid 2300 Coagulant 2254 Coagulant 2263 Coagulant 2270 CP-200 Flocculant CP-315 Flocculant CP-335 Flocculant CPG (Brand Activated Carbon) CSP-15RJ (Polyphosphate) CSP-37P (Polyphosphate) E-301 (Polymer) E-505-3 (Polymer) E-603-32 (Polymer) E-604-2 (Polymer) E-718 (Polymer) E-719 (Polymer) EB-4100 (Polymer) EB-4200 (Polymer) EB-4300 (Polymer) EB-4400 (Polymer) EB-4500 (Polymer) EB-4600 (Polymer) EB-5100 (Polymer) FCA (Brand Activated Carbon) Filtrasorb 100 (Brand Activated Carbon) Filtrasorb 200 (Brand Activated Carbon) Filtrasorb 300 (Brand Activated Carbon) Filtrasorb 400 (Brand Activated Carbon) FR-20 (Polymer) Fracturing Phosphate 29L GT-4 (Polyphosphate) GW (Brand Activated Carbon) Gypban L-29 (Polyphosphate) Gypban L-35 (Polyphosphate) Hydraid 771 (Polymer) Hydraid 776 (Polymer) Hydraid 777 (Polymer) Hydraid 777-PG (Polymer) Hydraid 778 (Polymer) Hydraid 778-HV (Polymer) Hydraid 779 (Polymer) Hydraid 780 (Polymer) Hydraid 7300C (Polymer) Lectrapel (Polymer) LP-209 Boiler Treatment Merquat 100 (Polymer) Merquat 550 (Polymer) Metasol Z Metasol 57 Metasol 57 Catalyst Micromet Crystals Micromet Plates Micromet 6R OL (Brand Activated Carbon) P-2 (polyphosphate) P-3 (polyphosphate) PCB (Brand Activated Carbon) PCB-D (Brand Activated Carbon) PGL (Brand Activated Carbon) Polymer E-207L Polymer E-207L Indianapolis Polymer E-849 Polymer L-650 Polymer L-670 Polymer 1^690 Polymer M-500 Polymer M-502 Polymer M-503 Polymer M-504 Polymer M-512 Polymer M-515 Polymer M-540 Polymer M-570 Polymer M-577 Polymer M-580 Polymer M-590 Polymer M-600 Polymer M-5030 Polymer M-5400 Polymer WC-500 Polymer X-271.4 Polymer 0-001 Polymer 0-002 Polymer 0-003 Polymer 0-004 Polymer 0-005 Polymer 0-007 Polymer 0-008 Polymer 0-009 Polymer 261 Polymer 261LV Polymer 261RV Polymer 340 Polymer 454 Polymer 815 Polymer 825 Polymer 835 PWA (Brand Activated Carbon) PWA-C (Brand Activated Carbon) PXC (Brand Activated Carbon) Quaternium 40 (Polymer) Quaternium 41 (Polymer) RB (Brand Activated Carbon) RC (Brand Activated Carbon) RD (Brand Activated Carbon) RMB-203 (Polymer) RMB-205 (Polymer) RMB-206 (Polymer) RMB-207 (Polymer) RMB-209 (Polymer) RMB-210 (Polymer) S-93S Scale Inhibitor SCP-2 (Polyphosphate) SCP-4A (Polyphosphate) SEASONTREAT SGL (Brand Activated Carbon) SP-171 (Polyphosphate) SSPP #2 SSPP #5 T, Calgon Composition TG-10, Calgon Composition TG, Calgon Composition TRO-375 (Polymer) TRO-466B (Polymer) WCI^601A-L (Polymer) WCL-4096 (Polymer) WCL-4097 (Polymer) WD Polymer WT-1402 (Polymer) WT-2570 (Polymer) WT-2575 (Polymer) WT-2580 (Polymer) WT-2635 (Polymer) WT-2640 (Polymer) WT-2700 (Polymer) WT-2820 (Polymer) WT-2830 (Polymer) WT-2860 (Polymer) WT-2870 (Polymer) WT-2900 (Polymer) WT-3000 (Polymer) WTS-682 Phosphate 20G X-2 Fracturing Phosphate X-33 Oxygen Corrosion Inhibitor 141 20J 21J 22J 241 30K image: ------- 103 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Carey Industries Inc Canton Lubricants Company 9221 Freeland Avenue Detroit MI 48228 CANCOOL COOLANTS (All Products) CANGRIND COOLANTS (All Products) CANKUT COMPOUNDS (All Products) CANQUENCH COMPOUNDS (All Products) CANROLL COMPOUNDS (All Products) CANSAW #300 CANSOL #261CG CANSTAMP #808 through #810 CANT-RUST COMPOUNDS (All Prod.) CANTAP (All Products) CUT-OFF BLADE COMPOUND EJECTEZE (All Products) EJECTROL (All Products) MACHINERY CLEANER #10 to #15 PIERCING COMPOUND #824 PLUNGER TIP COMPOUND #1112-#1115 ROLL FILM & DRAW COMP. #950 to #960 ROLL FILM COMPOUND #970 to #980 W-8 WETTING AGENT Capital City Products Co. 525 West First Ave Columbus OH 43201 CAPITAL (All Products) CAPLUBE (8330,8365,8370,8408,and CAPMUL 8210 CAPROL 3GO, 10G40 CAPTEX 200,300, 350 Pureco 76 Sterotex STEROTEX (All Products) Sterotex HM Sterotex K 8440) Cardinal Chemical Company 2010 S. Beltline Blvd. P 0 Box 345 Columbia SC 29202 AYA 1 - 20 Cardinal Clear 1-10,000 CBE CCS 250 - 285 CDA 1 - 200 CS 1 - 1,000 IOTG SL 1 - 5,000 Carey Industries Inc 190 1/2 White Street Danbury CT Fair-field CARSOL CARSPERSE CARVAT MIVI NAVICET NAVICTIVE NAVIFAST NAVILENE NAVINON SAMACRYL image: ------- Caribbean Gulf Refining Corporation 104 Caribbean Gulf Refining Corporation G.P.O. Box 1988 San Juan PR 00-136-7606 Polymerized Tung Oil (product) Tungseed Oil (product) VarStain (line of Latex products) FULE 85/100 ASPHALT GULF COMMERCIAL BUTANE GULF COMMERCIAL PROPANE GULF KEROSENE GULF NO. 2 FUEL OIL GULF NO. 2 HEATING OIL GULF NO. 5 FUEL OIL GULF NO. 6 FUEL OIL GULF RC-250 ASPHALT GULF REFINERY GAS GULF 48-52 DIESEL GULF 91 RON UNLEADED GASOLINE GULF 94 RON LEADED GASOLINE GULF 96 RON LEADED GASOLINE Carolina Color & Chemical CO P 0 Box 5642 618 Anderson Street Charlotte NC 28225 Caracid Dyes Caracryl Dyes Caralan Dyes Carochrome Dyes Carodirect Dyes Carofix Dyes Carosperse Dyes Carovat Dyes Carter Bell Mfg. Co., The At Briant Park Lake Springfield NJ 07081 #1 White #2-D Brown #2-E Brown #2-L Brown #2H-1 Brown #2H-2 Brown #3-L Brown #4 Brown #5-L Brown #6-L Brown #7 Brown #20 Brown #25-AB White #26 White #30 Brown #31-B White #31 Brown #31 White #50-B White #50 White #56 White #60-B White #74 Brown #155 White #175-WS White #210 Brown #214 White #218 White #219 White #241 White #242 White #300 Brown #350 Brown #600 Brown #2608 White #3365 White Car-Bel-Ex A Car-Bel-Ex M19 Car-Bel-Ex M19C Car-Bel-Ex R22 Car-Bel-Ex 20 Car-Bel-Ex 50 Car-Bel-Ex 55 Car-Bel-Ex 224 Car-Bel-Ex 251 Car-Bel-Lite #1 Car-Bel-Rez C Sp. French #1 White Sp. French #30 White Sp. French #32 White Sp. French White Sp. French XXX White VULCANIZED VEGETABLE OILS 1 FOR- MULATIONS: image: ------- 105 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Cationics, Inc., Div. of Columbia Organic Chemicals Co. Caswell Industries Inc. 11460 North Shore Whitmore Lake MI 48189 LUBRICIDE OS LUBRICIDE WS MICROCIDE R TEFLUBE 132 Catalyst Development Company 59 Industrial Avenue Little Ferry NJ 07643 SynDan Catalyst SynDox Catalyst Catawba Color & Chemical Co., Inc. 2020 First Avenue, NW Hickory NC 28601 ANTI-MILDEW CATAWET NF NYLON WHITE BLEACHING POWDER CATOPEN 200 PINE PENETRANT BLUE CLEANER CATOWET D43T POWDER SCOUR CATAGLO L CHLORITE BUFFER SOFTENER OB CATAGLO RAK HAND DISH WASH SOAP SOFTENER PNS CATALON V HISOFT AC UNIBATH XP CATASCOUR MACHINE DISH WASH SOAP UNILEVEL TX CATASOFT AC MIGRALEVEL #2 UNILEVEL XP Catawba-Charlab, Incorporated P. 0. Box 948 5046 Old Pineville Road Charlotte NC 28231 CATACID CATASPERSE IMPRIMENT CATAFAST CATAVAT CATAFIX CHARLAB Cationics, Inc., Div. of Columbia Organic Chemicals Co. 912 Drake Street P.O. Box 9096 Columbia SC 29209 Magic Acid 25% Magic Acid 100% image: ------- Cato Oil & Grease Co. Cato Oil & Grease Co. P. 0. Box 26868 Oklahoma City OK 73126 Castle Lubricant Grease Cato-Gel Filmoil (Okla.) Hybrid Comb. Lub JT-6 Lubricating Grease Kant-Stik Concrete Spray (TX) Limpid Lube Lith-Flex Merit Montex Mystik-Lube Mystik Mystik Additive for ATF Mystik Additive for Crankcase Oil Mystik Additive for gasoline & Mystik Lighter Fluid & Dressing Mystik Livestock & Dairy Spray Mystik Lub. Grease Mystik Outboard Motor Oil Mystik Penetrating Oil Penntroleum (Okla.) SST Stretch 106 Thrif-T-Lith Viscidlub Wanda Gear Lubricants Wanda Greases Wanda Lubrication Oils Wanda Oil Field Drilling Lub. Wanda Transformer Oils Wanda Transmission Oils Wetseal Cedar Fiber Co Inc Box 127 Junction TX 76849 Aspa Gel Cedar Wood Oil Cedrine Cedrol Thujopsene Chemical blend of Lime & fatty acid Cejer Company 2545 Tweedy Blvd South Gate CA CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER #127 #1340 #1345 #1350 #1475 ABC APC C-R-C C-T-S CON COREX GEL-S GO-3 GO-66 CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER CEJER GS-40 HY-MAC I-C-E KC-80 L-S-C LC-90 LISTEX LISTEX-B LISTEX-C MAG MI-20 MINUSOL MS-25 ODOKON-K CEJER ODOKON-16 CEJER PhD CEJER PISTON CLEANER CEJER RIG 100 CEJER SC-80 CEJER SOX CEJER STRIP 5-C CEJER SULOX CEJER TAR SOLVENT #1 CEJER WA-72 image: ------- 107 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Cello Chemical Co Celanese Corporation 1211 Ave of the Americas New York NY 10036 ARNEL triacetate CELANAR polyester film CELANESE acetate CELANESE nylon (fiber) CELANESE nylon (resin) CELANEX thermoplastic polyester CELANNA acetate linings CELCON acetal copolymer CELGARD microporous polyethylene film CELGARD microporous polypropylene film CELION carbon fiber/graphite fiber CYTREL tobacco supplement FORMCEL FORTREL PCP producer colored polyester FORTREL polyester FORTREL 7 polyester fiberfill HMI hexamethyleneimine LAMBDA polyester yarn LANESE acetate and polyester yarn METLBOND adhesives MIRAFI ground stabilization and drainage fabric MORAN COAT coated seeds MORAN seeds NARMCO prepegs and syntatic foam NUTRI-KOTE coating agricultural seeds PEL KOTE coated seeds PERMA-PEL coated seeds PETPAC polyethylene terephthalate resin POLAR DREAM polyester fiberfill POLARGUARD polyester fiberfill RHIZO-KOTE coating agricultural seeds RIDGIDITE carbon fiber prepregs TRICOCEL tricot fabrics ULTRA-COAT coated seeds WONDERFEEL polyester yarn Celex Services Inc. P.O. Box 2412 T & P Lane 180 Abilene TX 79604 #1 Acid #1 Surfactant B-35 C-l thru 10 C-21 C-24-A Thru Z C-2100 Corrosion Inhibitor D-5 Thru 10 D-8 EB- & TBC Emulsion Breaker Paraffin Control SP-50 SP-50-W SP-60 Cello Chemical Co 1354 Old Post Road Harve De Grace MD 21078 Cello Clear Acrylic Floor Finish Cello Co-Polymer 1500 Cello Gladiator Floor Finish Cello Seal Cello Transaid Cello 20 Plus Floor Finish Cello 1800 Cellobrate Floor Finish Cellocryl S-801 Cellocryl T-280 Cellocryl T-282 Cellocryl T-285 Cellocryl 300 Celloplex 660 Celloplex 680 Celloplex 681 Celloplex 686 Celloplex 689 Celloplex 690 Celloplex 695 Cellosperse P-203 Cellosperse S-737 Cellosperse 705 Cellosperse 905 Cellothane Commander Floor Finish Conquistador Floor Finish Gro-Fac Terrazzo Seal Tigmar 190 Umbrella 18 Veltone Hand Soap Victory Floor Finish 40% Coconut Oil Soap image: ------- Cellulo Company, The 108 Cellulo Company, The PO Box 686 1321 First St. Sandusky OH 44870 BLITZ-BLANK (ALL GRADES) CARBAC (ALL GRADES) CELLU-FLO (ALL GRADES) CELLU-STACK (ALL GRADES) CELLUPORE (ALL GRADES) CHRYSOLITE (ALL GRADES) CRYSTAL WHITE (ALL GRADES) UNI-BLEND (ALL GRADES) ZETA-CEL (ALL GRADES) Cempro, Inc. R.D. #2 Keystone Road Box 2665 Bethlehem PA 18001 AGGREGATE V 1 EXP GROUT AGGREGATE 697-AO Centflor Manufacturing Co. 507 E. 56 St. New York NY 10019 Bouvardine Cestratone Ebrone Lavalift Lidemusk 60 Musk Vamco Resinol CertainTeed Corporation P. 0. Box 860 Valley Forge PA 19482 CertainTeed A/C Storm Drain Pipe CertainTeed CertainTeed A/C Well Casing Pipe CertainTeed CertainTeed Aluminum Roof Coating CertainTeed CertainTeed Amberlite Insulation CertainTeed CertainTeed Asbestos Roof Coating CertainTeed CertainTeed Asphalt Emulsion, Fibrated CertainTeed CertainTeed Asphalt Emulsion, not fibrated CertainTeed CertainTeed Asphalt Primer CercainTeed CertainTeed Asphalt Roof Coating CertainTeed CertainTeed Blind Nailing Cement CertainTeed CertainTeed Certaflex CertainTeed CertainTeed Certain Seal CertainTeed CertainTeed Classic Sealdon Shingle CertainTeed CertainTeed Coated Duct Board Liner CertainTeed CertainTeed Cold Process Cement CertainTeed CertainTeed Countrycut Shingle CertainTeed CertainTeed Custom Sealdon Shingle CertainTeed CertainTeed Epoxy Repair Kits CertainTeed CertainTeed Fiber Glass Blowing Wool CertainTeed CertainTeed Fiber Glass Building Insulation CertainTeed CertainTeed Fiber Glass Twin Pack CertainTeed CertainTeed Flex Duct Blanket Insulation CertainTeed CertainTeed Flexible Round Air Ducts CertainTeed CertainTeed Fluid-Tite A/C Bitumen Lin Pipe Pipes CertainTeed Fluid-Tite A/C Epoxy Lined Pipe CertainTeed Fluid-Tite A/C Irrigation Pipe CertainTeed Fluid-Tite A/C Pressure Pipe CertainTeed Fluid-Tite A/C Sewer Pipe CertainTeed Fluid-Tite PVC Pipe CertainTeed Foundation Roof Coating CertainTeed Glass Flex Flexible Ducts CertainTeed Glasscraft Shingle CertainTeed Glassguard Shingle CertainTeed Glasstex Shingle CertainTeed Hallmark Shangle CertainTeed Independence Shangle CertainTeed Industrial Board Insulation CertainTeed Industrial Resilient Blanket Certainteed Insul-Safe Blowing Insulation CertainTeed Lap Cement CertainTeed Marine Insulation Products CertainTeed Mobilite CertainTeed Pipe Joint Lubricant CertainTeed Plastic Cement CertainTeed PVC Drain Waste Vent Pipe CertainTeed PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe CertainTeed PVC Irrigation Pipe CertainTeed PVC Potable Water Pressure CertainTeed CertainTeed PVC Silo Pipe CertainTeed Sealdon Shingle Sealdon Tab Cement Sealguard Shingle Snap'Wrap Snap-Form Fitting Insulation Snap-On Pipe Insulation Solid Vinyl Siding Standard Duct Wrap Ultra* Liner Ultra'Duct Board UltraAcoustic Insulation Ultracheck Ultralite Insulation UltraQuiete Blanket Ultratherm Blanket Insulation Universal Blanket Vinyl Fascia Vinyl Iron Pipe Vinyl Soffit Vulcanite Roofing Felt Wet Seal Cement Woodtex Shingle Yelomine Mine Pipe 27 Solvent Cement 850 Board Insulation image: ------- 109 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Certified Laboratories Div. of USAchem Inc. Certified Laboratories Div. of USAchem Inc. 1300 E. Northgate Dr. Irving TX 75062 #842 Industrial Cleaner Accel Aerosol Aero-Clen Aerosol Aero-Strip Aerosol Aero-Tak Aerosol AF-99 Aid Aerosol Air San Aerosol Air San Liquid ALB 12 Algacide Algon X All-Safe 75 Alpha Aerosol Altex 200 Aluminum Coating Ambassador Appeal Aptrex Aqua-Sol Aquatate ARD-34 AS-655 Weed Killer Bandolero Banzil Battleship Gray Bayside Beta-Sect Bexane A & B Bio-Last Black Bolt-Off Aerosol Bondsman Breed-Check Mosquito Larvacide Brilliant Bug-X Aerosol Bulwark C. A. N. F. C-Solve C-Treat (formerly Cement Seal) C-W Concentrate C-106 C-300 Weed Killer C-400 Crab Grass Killer C-795 Weed Killer CA-47 Cameo White Car-Shine Care Aerosol CCL-24 CCL-500 CCL-600 CCX-77 CE-27 Rust Stripper Cer-Tect Cer-Tile Cercon Cert-0-Lan Cert-0-Matic Certalex Certamate Certi-Buff Aerosol Certi-Chlor Concentrate Certi-Chlor Regular Certi-CM Certi-Etch Certi-Fil Certi-Fog Certi-Kote 500 Certi-Kote 500 Primer Certi-Kote 500 White Enamel Certi-Kote 1100 Enamel Certi-Magic Certi-Mark - White Certi-Mark - Yellow Certi-Mist Certi-Pel Aerosol Certi-Phene Certi-Sect Certi-Zyme Certicide Certifen Certified 909 Certistrip Certisuds Certite NF-1168 Certite 334, Disc 9/76 Certite 340 Certop Gear Oil SAE 80W-90 Certop Gear Oil SAE 85W-140 Certraz Chalkboard Aerosol Chek-Turf CL-66 Clean Sweep Clear Diamond Seal Clear Gloss Clear Gloss Wax Cleareen Aerosol Cleareen Liquid Clearex Aerosol Cold-Off Com-Gro Corn-Kill Corn-Pen Com-Trol Cond-X Aerosol Cool Saver COURIER Crystal Glow Darathene Aerosol Darathene Liquid Dark Gray Dax De-Mark Aerosol De-Stat De-Stat Aerosol Deep Lustre DEEP PENETRANT Defy Aerosol Defy Liquid Deolite Desk Shield DF-270 Di-Floc 75 Di-Floc 90 Discard DP-70 Dri-Lube Aerosol Duotrex Dylek Aerosol Dysh Emex Emulside Ever-Green Everlast Wax Exacto Aerosol Eze-Sheen FAREWELL Fil-Fly Five-Flo Flite Aerosol Fom-Brite Forest Green Free Aerosol Friction Free Top-Lube Fuel-Life Fuel-Mate 500 G-R-R-R GAIN GAIN-PLUS Gala Yellow Galva-Tek Aerosol Germa-Cert GG-100 Giant Air Freshner Glad Glaze Aerosol Gly San Aerosol (New) Gly San Liquid (New) Gone Gray Green Handy-Clean HC-200 Hi-Seas Hi-T-3500 (formerly Hi-T) Hi-Top High Point Gym Finish Hold-Fast Aerosol Ice Pellets Imsol Jix Aerosol K.D.O. Concentrate Kattle-Sect KDS-73 Kiltrol-74 Kingsolv Kolor-Traction Kool-Spra Aerosol Kustom L.T.F. Lana-Suds Last-0-Fill Last-0-Sheen Lawn-Green Lendex LHN-32 Light Gray Liqua-Dysh Liqua-Sect Lok-Cease Aerosol Lok-Cease Brush Top Lok-Cease Bulk Long Life Coolant Long Life HD-91 Coolant Long Life 6100 Coolant LPO Lube-Trac Aerosol Luxury CPC Maroon Red MB-12 Meadow Green Metal Gray Micro Pel Aerosol Micro Pel Liquid MILE-HI Mint-A-Lene Mitt Grit Moly-Plus image: ------- Certified Laboratories Div. of USAchem Inc. 110 Certified Laboratories Div. of USAchem Inc. Multi-Suds Multicide II Multoil 5W20 Multoil 10W40 N-0 Slip A, B, & C Neutra-Plus NF-1000 Ni-Tri NM-Gel NM-40 NM-50 No Dust Aerosol No Frost Aerosol No. CK-5 Thinner No. 72 Hot Tank Cleaner No. 77 Steam Cleaner No-More-Ice NOW Aerosol Nu Bowl Nu-Gro Nu-Meter Nutri-Zyme Nuzair Oderine 10 On-The-Job Orange Orbit OSHA Green OSHA Orange Over-Coat Liquid P-47 Aerosol Packing House Cleaner Parisian Aqua Pebble Beige Peel-It (Blue Dye) Pen-Lube Aerosol Penta Seal Peratene Blocks Perform-All Pinealene Platene Aerosol Pre-Weed Primer Pro-Tect PUNCH Purene Blocks Qwik-Start Aerosol Radi-Prep Rain Fresh Aerosol Ream Reason Red Redi-Seal Refinish Aluminum Aerosol Refinish Brass Aerosol Resolve Aerosol Rinse Out RIPPLE BLOCKS RIPPLE ROUND RIPPLE SNAP-ON Romaire-B Romaire-M Sabre Aerosol Sabrecide Concentrate Saf-Sol Aerosol (with 360) Saf-Sol Liquid Sani-Foam Satin Cement Seal Sav-H Aerosol Scat Seal Tite SHIMMER Shine-M-Up Aerosol Slip Aerosol Sno-Go So-Soft Soil-I-Ron Soil-Plus Soil-Ster Sparkle Spice Island Spot-Trate Aerosol SPR-50 Spray-Sect Spring SSC-14 Aerosol Steam Off Sting-X Aerosol Stisect Stop-Foam Stop-0 Street Marking Paint Sunshine Disinfectant Sur-Smooth Sure-Flow Sure-Fom Sure-Saf Aerosol Synthex Systosect T-A-T T-Crete T-Lube Aerosol Tackle Tar-X Task Tensene Tetrol (Disc 9-76) Thal-0-Nil Thru-N-Thru Tile Green Tile Red Tivoli Top Groom, Disc 9/76 Top-Guard Towerzine Trax Triana Triple XXX Tritan V TS-1 Turf-Edge TWIN LUBE Ultra K Aerosol Ultra K Concentrate Vast Velva-Treat Liquid Viabac A & B Visi View Aerosol Vos-Ban Vysol WAS-16 Aerosol Watermatic Watrex WC Alum. 3-C Brightner WC Germ. Food Plant Cleaner WC 3-C Chemical Degrease WC 3-C Cone. Car Wash Granules WC 3-C Heavy Duty Cleaner WC 3-C Liquid Car Wash WC 3-C Super-X Cleaner WELL-DONE Whisk White WP-455 Aerosol WT-11 WT-21 WT-31 WT-33 WT-41 WT-44 WT-51 WT-61 WT-88 WT-125 WTA-600 WTM-191 (Disc 12-76) WTM-967 (Disc 12-76) X-433 Aerosol Yellow ZEAL Zenith Blue Zymex 3-D Odor Control 76 Heavy Duty Cleaner 106C Cleaner image: ------- Ill REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. Champion Mfg. Co. Inc. P. 0. Box 18623 425 W. 32nd St. Charlotte NC 28218 Champ Book Back Glue Champ High Speed Glue Champ Library Glue Champ Tipping Glue Champ Wood Glue ChamPADco Padding Cement CP100 Padding Cement Printer's Choice Padding Cement Printer's Top Padding Cement Champion Ventures Inc 69 Elmwood Leonard MI CA 47A CG 11 HG 676 JC 10 JC 10 C JC 159 JC 2257 JC 2257A JC 2307 Charles L. D'Ooge P.O. Box 426 Placerville CA 95667 TNR-38 Chattem Drug & Chemical Co 1715 West 38th Street Chattanooga TN 37409 AHLT-LW AHLT-L11 AHLT-L21 AIE 57M 43D AIE-M AIP AIP-B AIP-SS AISE ALA Alkoxide 320 AMC-8 AMSC-3 AMSC-4 AMSC-10 AMSC-60 ANA ASB ASB-.4S through ASB-.55S AT-288 ATA ATE CW 342 DAA DASC DASC-2 HMA-S MIG OAO R-l ThixAL TSG Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. 43 Forest Avenue Jamestown NY 14701 AC Series (1 thru 500) AC Stripper (All Products) Acid Additive Acid Salt Type Q Additive (All Letters & Numbers) AL Series (All Products) AL Stripper (All Products) AM-100 Stripper B-14 Burnish Compound Base Salt Type Q BB-70 Compound BC Series (All Products) Black Oxide C-544 Compound C-720 Compound C-1250 Carbo #14A Carbo #41B Carbo 4R Carbo 22C Carbo 23C CC-2000 Cleaner Additive "B" Copper Bright Copper Kleen #1 Copper Special - S Crescent LFC CS-84 CTC-100 CTR-150 D.A.S. D.A.S. - 1 D.C. Special Descaler' Detergent (All Letters) Die Cast SS DM-100 Dryac EB-400 Electro - B Special Emul (All Products) ET-Special Etchant (All Letters) EXP-100 F-100 FR-82 Compound GE Sped-.! GP Cleaner GPS Cleaner HW Cleaner K-700 Compound K-700M Compound K-7000 Key X L.S. 100 L-3 Wetting Agent L-100 LF-880 Lt. Burnish M SPECIAL M-ll M44 N Strip image: ------- Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. 112 Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc.ó cont'd N-72 NC Silver Strip Neutralizer Nickel Stripper 112 NP Series (All Products) P Series (All Products) PB Bright PSN QC Series (All Products) QS Die Cast Cleaner R-400 R-500 Burnishing Compound Rinse Aid (All Products) S Rinse Additive SC-100 Sesqui Silver Strip SL-1000 Soaker (All Products) Special Cleaner Special H Spray Kleen (All Products) SS Special Steam Cleaning Compound Strand Special S-l Stripper (All Letters) Stripper Additive Stryp Lac A Super Scale Away Super Zuds-M Sylv. Strip #10 T-50 T-278-C TB-250 TN-95 TR Special TS Special WC-100 Whirley Wash X-400 Laundry Compound Z-500 Chavalit, Inc. 42 West Street Red Bank NJ 07701 Clayette (School Grade Plasteline) CM-50 Hard Styling Clay CM-70 Hard Styling Clay De-Aired H-525 Hard Styling Clay De-Aired J525E5NCB Hard Styling Clay De-Aired Type J Hard Styling Clay H-525 Hard Styling Clay J Soft Hard Styling Clay J90 Hard Styling Clay J525E5NCB Hard Styling Clay J525 Hard Styling Clay Non-Sulfinated Plasteline Professional Plasteline Special Sculptors' Plasteline Type J Hard Styling Clay Type 0 Hard Styling Clay Chem RE Pro & All Divisions 1760 Campbell #43 Houston TX 77080 CEW 1 - CEW - 200 CLEANER A - 1 - A - 300 CLEANER B - 1 - B - 300 CLEANER 1 - 300 D.F.I. 1 - 200 D.F.O. 1 - D70 200 DEO 1 - DEO 100 Formula R-9-S Formula 10 Formula 20 Formula 22 Formula 55 Formula 65 Formula 99 N 701 - N 999 OSCO - OSC 200 P - 1 - P - 100 P-66 R.R. 200 - 299 R-I #100 R-I #200 R-I #220 R-I #240 R-I #260 R-I #280 R-I #300 R-I #310 R-I #325 R-I #350 R-I #375 R-I #400 R-I #410 R-I #420 R-I #430 R-I #440 S.C. 1 - 99 Strip A 200 - A - 400 Strip B 400 - B - 700 TD-103 V 1000 - 1099 WSC 1 - W.S.C. 200 image: ------- 113 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Chemaster Corporation Chem-Lig International, Inc. Conn. 15 Fire Hill Lane Redding CT 06896 BORREBOND LIGNOSOL PB-92 BORRECHEL LIGNOSOL PC-811 BORRESPERSE N LIGNOSOL SF BORRESPERSE NA LIGNOSOL SFL BORREWELL C LIGNOSOL SFX BORREWELL FC LIGNOSOL SFX-65 LIGNOSOL AXD LIGNOSOL TSD LIGNOSOL B LIGNOSOL TSF LIGNOSOL BD LIGNOSOL TX LIGNOSOL DXD LIGNOSOL WT LIGNOSOL FG LIGNOSOL X LIGNOSOL FTZ LIGNOSOL XD LIGNOSOL LC LIGNOSOL XD-65 LIGNOSOL X2U35 PELTEX UFOXANE 2 ULTRAZINE CA ULTRAZINE NA VANICELL VANISPERSE A VANISPERSE CB VANISPERSE CNH Chem-Mark, Inc. 11 Factory Lane Middlesex NJ 08846 BINDER (All Products) BRIGHTENER (All Products) CATALYST (All Products) CHEMCLEAN (All Products) CHEMFIRM (All Products) CHEMTEX (All Products) CHEMWELD (All Products) DILEV (All Products) DYFAST (All Products) EFA (All Products) EMULSIFIER (All Products) FABSOFT (All Products) GREASE (All Products) KANTSTIK (All Products) LUBRICANT (All Products) MACRYLIC (All Products) MAQUEST (All Products) MARKARRY (All Products) MARKLUBE (All Products) MARKPEL (All Products) MARKSCOUR (All Products) MARKSOFT (All Products) MARKWET (All Products) NEEDLE OIL (All Products) NODOR (All Products) NOFOAM (All Products) NOSTAT (All Products) PLASTICIZER (All Products) PRECHEM (All Products) PRODUCT (All Products) PVA (All Products) REACTEX (All Products) REACTMEL (All Products) REACTOFIX (All Products) REACTOFUME (All Products) REACTOSOFT (All Products) REGANE (All Products) REPELLENT (All Products) STRIP AID (All Products) SUPERSOFT (All Products) Chemaster Corporation 24-64 45th Street Long Island City NY 11103 BERMOCOLL BEROL CST ETHULOSE image: ------- Chembond Corporation 114 Chembond Corporation P. 0. Box 270 Springfield OR 97477 AF(With Product Identification Numbers) Cerac(With Product Identification Numbers) CPX(With Product Identification Numbers) Chemfax Inc PO Box 1390 Gulfport MS 39501 Chemprene Pentaprene Stygene Chemform Corporation P. 0. Box 1475 West Memphis AR 72301 Chemamine T-15 thru 25 Chemanate C - 70 B Chemcol BD-7 Chemcol CD-010 Chemcoi CO-28 thru 200 Chemcol DA-40 thru 90 Chemcol JL-30 thru 60 Chemcol NPE - 40 thru 500 Chemcol PE-15 thru 20 Chemcol PE-34 Chemcol PEG-300 thru 400 Chemcol Surf - 121 Chemcol Surf - 17 Chemcol Surf 1 SA- 800 Chemical Corp. of America 2 Carlton Avenue East Rutherford NJ 07073 Chemalene Chemcor Dispersion Chemcor Emulsion Chemcor Granules Chemcor Opacifier Chemcor OR Chemcor PEN Chemcor Poly Emulsion Chemcor Softener Chemcor Softener CO Chemcor Softener 2100 Chemcor Softener 7000 Chemcor Wax 100G Chemcor Wax 2100 Chemcor Wax 7000 Chemisoft Chemlan Chemscour Chemslip Chemstat Chemterge Woolsoft Chemical Division - UOP Inc. Route 17 East Rutherford NJ 07073 ADJUTAN (ALL PRODUCTS) RA (ALL PRODUCTS) RP BRIGHTNER SUSTANE BHA UV - 15 image: ------- 115 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Chemloid Chemical, Inc Chemical Exchange Co., Inc. P.O. Box 812 Houston TX 77001 GA 100-1,000 Grinding Aid M-813 Resin Intermediate Resin Oil RO-8 Resin Oil RO-10 RI-300 Resin Intermediate RI-1116 Resin Intermediate RI-2227 Resin Intermediate Chemical Processing of GA P.O. Box 1365 Coronet Drive Dalton GA 30720 CHEMCO ANTIFOAM (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMCOGEN (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMCOLOFT (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMCOLOX (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMCOPEN (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMCRYL (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMKAR (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMLON (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMPRO ANTISTAT (ALL PRODUCTS) CHEMSOL (ALL PRODUCTS) DALON (ALL PRODUCTS) EMULSIFIER (ALL PRODUCTS) FINISH (ALL PRODUCTS) FOAMEX (ALL PRODUCTS) FOAMOUT (ALL PRODUCTS) KWAEGARD (ALL PRODUCTS) POLIFINE (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGACYL (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGADIN (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGAFIX (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGALAN (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGALID (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGALOFT (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGALUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGASOL (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGASTAT (ALL PRODUCTS) PROGAWET (ALL PRODUCTS) Chemical Products Corp. P. 0. Box 449 Cartersville GA 30120 Aqua-Flo Chem-Silate 41A Chem-Silate 42A Chem-Silate 46/16 Chem-Silate 47/29 Chem-Silate 50/20 Chem-Silate 52/24 Micro-Flo Tex-Sil 42BP Chemloid Chemical, Inc 9500 Railroad Avenue North Bergen NJ 07047 CHEMLOID ADDITIVE 1208 CHEMLOID ADHESIVE #50 CHEMLOID ADHESIVE 50R CHEMLOID GUM HT8800 CHEMLOID GUM 2208 CHEMLOID GUM 2210 CHEMLOID GUM 2212 CHEMLOID GUM 2235 CHEMLOID GUM 2255 CHEMLOID GUM 6208 CHEMLOID GUM 6210 CHEMLOID GUM 6212 CHEMLOID GUM 6307 CHEMLOID GUM 6309 CHEMLOID GUM 6710 CHEMLOID GUM 6712 CHEMLOID SCREEN RELEASE CHEMLOID SOFTENER NL image: ------- Chemplex Company 116 Chemplex Company 3100 Golf Road Rolling Meadows IL 60008 CHEMPLEX HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYL- ENE CHEMPLEX LOW DENSITY POLYETHYL- ENE CHEMPLEX POLYETHYLENE PLEXAR Chemstar Products Company Inc Box 19086 Minneapolis MN 55419 CHARSTAR CHEMSTAR CORSTAR DRILSTAR FIBERSTAR STARFLOC STARLOSE Chemtan Company, Inc. Hampton Road Exter NH 03833 Bavon D Chembark ARC Chembark OS Chembark OS Cone. Chembark U-l Chemol 21 Chemol 44 Chemol 45 Chemol 59 Chemol 61 Chemol 66 Chemol 69 Chemo! 70 Chemol 74 Chemol 75 Chemol 87 Chemol 100 Chemol 103 Chemol 108 Chemol 111A Chemol 118 Chemol 118A Chemol 119 Chemol 1131-2 Chemol 1566 Chemol 5004-1 Chemtan A-35 Chemtan A-55 Chemtan A-55 100% New Chemtan A-60 Chemtan C Chemtan D Chemtan DN Chemtan E-17 Chemtan E-19 Chemtan E-19M Chemtan E-29 Chemtan E-32 Chemtan E-33 Chemtan Extract CW Chemtan Extract 181 Chemtan Extract 184 Chemtan Filler LF Chemtan Filler 1340-8 Chemtan M-2 Chemtan M-28 Chemtan Ordinary Sumac Chemtan R-9 Chemtan R-13 Chemtan R-19 Chemtan R-42 Chemtan R-43-D Chemtan R-45 Chemtan R-46 Chemtan T-13 Chemtan T-13A Chemtan T-13 g Chemtan T-13 gg Chemtan T-15 Chemtan T-15A Chemtan 1345-1 Dival A Dival U 'Chembark 179 Fustic Supermorine Hematine 1 Hematine 2 Hematine 2D Hypernic YF image: ------- 117 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Chemurgy Products Chemurgy Products Box 5370 101 Woods Lake Road Greenville SC 29606 All Purpose Degreaser Aluminum Brightener Aluminum Brightner Cone. Aluminum Brightner G Antistat FS Antistat N Antistat TW-7 Antistatic oil Auto wash 108 Blue Magic Carpet Cleaner Brick Cleaner A-100 Brick Cleaner A-200 C-Problitz E C-Probond #34 C-Probond 9E C-Probond 90 C-Prochem 356 C-Proclean DC 100 Special C-Proclean GE C-Proclean TT C-Prodye ATM C-Prodye BF C-Prodye CD5L C-Prodye CD65W C-Prodye Extra C-Prodye J C-Prodye MNJ6 C-Prodye PCE C-Prodye PKG C-Prodye T Extra C-Prodye TM C-Proglide SYN C-Prolevela AP C-Prolevela L C-Prolevela LW C-Prolevela ME C-Prolube ACM C-Prolube AF C-Prolube AMP C-Prolube BWR C-Prolube C-51 C-Prolube F-100 C-Prolube GP-100 C-Prolube N C-Prolube N-7 C-Prolube N-7-RTU C-Prolube PY C-Prolube P4 C-Prolube RM-100 C-Prolube S C-Prolube SD C-Prolube SW C-Prolube TG C-Prolube 007-AF-RTU C-Prolube 20 C-Prolube 34DS C-Prolube 77 C-Prolube 200 C-Prolube 715 C-Prolube 720 C-Prolube 1056 C-Pronol - HCW C-Pronol HCS C-Pronol HCW C-Pronol NA C-Pronol ND C-Pronol S-78 C-Pronol 76 C-Propentrant 101 C-Prosist LYN C-Prosoft #4 C-Prosoft AL C-Prosoft CAT C-Prosoft NU C-Prosol Cone. C-Prosolv C-Prostat C C-Prostat C-50 C-Prostat K C-Prostat S C-Prostat 007 C-Prostat 45K C-Prostat 414-A C-Protard AC C-Protex FK C-Protex Special C-Protex VC C-Protex 75 C-Protint Apple green C-Protint Apple green RA C-Protint Apple green SA C-Protint Apple green WL C-Protint Blue Cone. C-Protint Blue RA C-Protint Blue SA C-Protint Blue WL C-Protint Cone, (all colors) C-Protint Cone, all colors C-Protint Green Cone. C-Protint Green RA C-Protint Green SA C-Protint Green WL C-Protint Orange Cone. C-Protint Orange RA C-Protint Orange SA C-Protint Orange WL C-Protint RA (all colors) C-Protint RA all colors C-Protint Red Concentrate C-Protint Red RA C-Protint Red SA C-Protint Red WL C-Protint SA (all colors) C-Protint SA all colors C-Protint WL (all colors) C-Protint WL all colors C-Protint Yellow Cone. C-Protint Yellow RA C-Protint Yellow SA C-Protint Yellow WL C-Prowax 100 Carpet & Fabric Cleaner Case Seal C Case Seal Cone. Case Seal L Case Seal M Case Seal M-3 Case Seal Q Case Seal 100 Case Seal 150 Clean all BA Clean all 202 Clean-all 76 Clean-all 101 Cleaner HC#1 Cleaner MP Cleaner MSA Collating Adhesive CQ-Prolube 710 Defoamer CO Defoamer NS Defoamer NSD Detergent Cleaner Reg. Detergent Impervious Detergent JPS#1 Disokleen Floor Cleaner Cone. Glytex S Glytex-S Grease Rid CS Grease Rid HM Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Hydro Foam 400 lol #11 REV KB-200 Kleen all Plus Kleen-all K Kleen-all WB Label Glue EBF Lap Clean Lap Pin Lubricant Leveling Salt Leveling Salt DP-150 Liquid Hand Soap 44 Little Squits Loom Kleen Loom N Reed Cleaner Loom Shine Cleaner Lubrastat WM Machine Cleaner Methyl Napthalene C Motor Block Cleaner New Penetrant #399 Nomofome CO Nomofome NS Oil #11 Oil 11 Oil 41 Oil 641 Pentex 40 Pentex-40 Pentrant Detergent Pentrant 40 Pentrasan Pine Cleaner Pine Oil Detergent Pine Oil Disinfectant Poly Pro Size Poly Prosize Polylube Orange Polylube Purple Polylube Red Polylube Tint (all colors) Polylube Yellow Powder Hand Soap Reed Cleaner Roll Cleaner #2 Roll Cleaner #3 Roll Cleaner Special SLIX Slix RTU Speed Glue Staple oil S Steam Cleaner #1 Steam Cleaner #2 Steam Cleaner #3 Stripper Extra image: ------- Chemurgy Products 118 Chemurgy Productsóconl'd Tex-wet 1104 Tiger Paw Concrete Cleaner Truck wash Vat Stripper R Cone. Vat Stripper RS Wall Cleaner #1 Winding Lubricant HT Winding lubricant PP Wool Cleaner 300W Yarn lubricant RM-33 101 Auto Scrub Chesapeake Corp. of VA West Point VA 23181 Forto-Pulp OXY-BRITE Super Water Finish SWF Chloride Incorporated Mallard Lane North Haven CT 06473 ALCAD Chromalloy American Corporation 120 S. Central St. Louis MS 63107 LIGNOSOL F-20 N-GAUGE (LIGNOSOL SXKD) TRILEX CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 444 Saw Mill River Road 444 Saw Mill River Road Ardsley NY 10502 ACCELERATOR DY 064 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR DY 067 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR DY 068 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR DY 069 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR 062 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR 065 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR 066 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR 100 AIRKEM ACCELERATOR 260 X AIRKEM ACID BLACK BHD AIRKEM ACID ORANGE GG CRYSTALS AIRKEM ACID ORANGE R EXTRA AIRKEM ACID PRINTING BROWN RL AIRKEM ACID VIOLET TCP NO. 2 AIRKEM ACID YELLOW T SUPRA AIRKEM ADHESIVE NB 12 AIRKEM AEROLAM 110 AIRKEM AEROLAM 111 AIRKEM AEROLAM 120 AIRKEM AEROLAM 150 AIRKEM AIRFRESH CONC CITRUS AIRKEM AIRFRESH CONC HOLLYBERRY AIRKEM AIRFRESH CONC NATURAL AIRKEM AIRKEM A-125 DRY AIRKEM AIRKEM A-125 LIQUID AIRKEM AIRKEM AQUATOC AIRKEM AIRKEM BRAWN LIME REMOVER AIRKEM AIRKEM BUFF BUDDY AIRKEM AIRKEM CBC AIRKEM AIRKEM CBC PLUS AIRKEM AIRKEM CBC REDI MIX AIRKEM AIRKEM DEDTERGE AIRKEM AIRKEM FOAM-TEX RUG SHAMPOO AIRKEM FRESH GUARD FRESH RARE GOLD LABEL LIQUID GOLD LABEL SOLIDAIRE GOLD MIST AEROSOL GREEN LABEL LIQUID GREEN LABEL SOLIDAIRE KAGE KARE LIBERTY FLOOR STRIPPER MENTHOL MUSKETEER JR MENTHOL SOLIDAIRE MINUETEMAN SOLID MUSKETEER JR CITRUS MUSKETEER JR GOLD MUSKETEER JR SPEARMINT NEUTROS 100 NEUTROS 103 NEUTROS 105 NEUTROS 122 NEUTROS 140 NEUTROS 149 NEUTROS 188 NEUTROS 191 NEUTROS 198 NEUTROS 470 NEUTROS 615 NEUTROS 626 NEUTROS 636 NEUTROS 675 NEUTROS 685 PRO-TEX RUG SHAMPOO RED LABEL LIQUID RED SOLIDAIRE AIRKEM SENTRY LIQUID AIRKEM SENTRY SOLID AIRKEM SILVER LABEL SOLIDAIRE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE BLUE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE CITRUS AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE PLUS COPPER AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE PLUS ORANGE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE PLUS PURPLE AIRKEM SOLIDAIRE SPEARMINT AIRKEM SPEC 6061 AIRKEM SPEC 6521 AIRKEM SPICE WICK AIRKEM SPRITZ AIRKEM TIME-AIRE ORIENTAL AIRKEM TIME-AIRE SPICE AIRKEM TIME-AIRE WILD BLOSSOM AIRKEM VITA FLOOR ARREST AIRKEM VITA FLOOR CLINCH AIRKEM VITA FLOOR DEFIANCE AIRKEM VITA FLOOR DEFIANCE W AIRKEM VITA FLOOR ESCAPE AIRKEM VITA FLOOR PADLOCK AIRKEM VIVID GLASS CLEANER AIRWICK CARPET FRESH AIRWICK LIQUID APRIL FRESH AIRWICK LIQUID LEMON AIRWICK LIQUID NATURAL AIRWICK LIQUID ROSE AIRWICK SOLID HONEYSUCKLE AIRWICK SOLID LEMON AIRWICK SOLID NATURAL AIRWICK SOLID ROSE AIRWICK SOLID SPEARMINT image: ------- 119 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CIBA-GEIGY Corporation CIBA-GEIGY Corporation-cont'd ARALDITE GP 9516 AIRWICK SOLID SPRING MEADOW ARALDITE GT 7074 AIRWICK STICK-UPS EVERGREEN ARALDITE GT 9454 AIRWICK STICK-UPS FRESH LEMON ARALDITE GT 9521 AIRWICK STICK-UPS POWDER PUFF ARALDITE GT 9524 AIRWICK STICK-UPS SUMMERGARDEN ARALDITE GT 9539 AIRWICK STICKUPS SPRING FOREST ARALDITE GT 9542 AIRWICK TWINS HERBAL BOUQUET ARALDITE GT 9555 AIRWICK TWINS SEA PINE ARALDITE GT 9562 AIRWICK TWINS SUNNY CITRUS ARALDITE GT 9563 ALBATEX BDF ARALDITE GY 9447 ALBATEX OR ARALDITE GY 9479 ALBATEX POK ARALDITE GY 9501 ALBEGAL A ARALDITE GY 9510 ALBEGAL B ARALDITE GY 9513 ALBEGAL BMD ARALDITE GY 9518 ALBEGAL C ARALDITE GY 9522 ALBEGAL FFD ARALDITE GY 9527 ALBEGAL FFD 50% ARALDITE GY 9531 ALBEGAL FFD 50% B ARALDITE GY 9532 ALBEGAL FFD 50% C ARALDITE GY 9533 ALBEGAL SW ARALDITE GY 9535 ALBEGAL SW PURE ARALDITE GY 9549 ALBEGAL 4021 (FFD) ARALDITE GY 9554 ALBEGAL 4021-50 ARALDITE GY 9556 ALBEGAL 4022 ARALDITE GZ 7071 C-75 ALBEGAL 4122 ARALDITE GZ 9368 ALFOL 12 ARALDITE GZ 9419 ALFOL 1216 ARALDITE GZ 9525 ALFONIC 1012-6 ARALDITE GZ 9529 ALFONIC 1412-4 ARALDITE GZ 9530 ALFONIC 1412-60 ARALDITE GZ 9543 ALROMINE RA ARALDITE GZ 9544 ALROSOL B ARALDITE GZ 9553 ALROSOL C ARALDITE GZ 9559 ALROSOL CONC ARALDITE GZ 9561 ALROSOL CS ARALDITE LT 8049 ALROSOL 0 ARALDITE LT 8052 ALROSOL S ARALDITE LY 8061 ALROSPERSE IIP FLAKE ARALDITE LZ 9316 ALROSPERSE 100 ARALDITE LZ 9508 ALROWET D-65 ARALDITE LZ 9515 ALROWET D-65 0/H DRUM ARALDITE LZ 9560 AMINE C ARALDITE MT 9523 AMINE 0 ARALDITE MY 720 AMINE S ARALDITE MY 9507 AMINE T ARALDITE MY 9512 ANTHRAQUINONE DISPERSION ARALDITE PR 805 ANTHRAQUINONE POWDER ARALDITE PR 808 ANTIMIGRANT DLX 74224 A ARALDITE PR 9497 ANTISTICK 320-71 ARALDITE PR 9520 AQUACET BLACK WA ARALDITE PT 810 AQUACET BLUE BLACK B ARALDITE PY 9349 AQUACET BLUE 2G ARALDITE RD-1 AQUACET ORANGE G 185% ARALDITE RD-2 AQUACET ORANGE II ARALDITE 465 A-75 AQUACET SCARLET MOO ARALDITE 465 A-80 AQUACET YELLOW VS ARALDITE 465 AK-70 AQUASCAN ANALYZER ARALDITE 465 K-75 ARALDITE CW 9551 ARALDITE 471 X-75 ARALDITE CW 9557 ARALDITE 485 E-50 ARALDITE CW 9566 ARALDITE 488 E-32 ARALDITE CY 175 ARALDITE 488 N-40 ARALDITE CY 178 ARALDITE 497 C-55 ARALDITE CY 179 ARALDITE 502 ARALDITE CY 182 ARALDITE 506 ARALDITE CY 183 ARALDITE 507 ARALDITE CY 185 ARALDITE 508 ARALDITE CY 192 ARALDITE 509 ARALDITE CY 207 ARALDITE 540 C-90 ARALDITE CY 225 ARALDITE 540 X-90 ARALDITE DP 431B ARALDITE 571 CX-80 ARALDITE DY 023 ARALDITE 571 KX-75 ARALDITE DY 026 ARALDITE 571 T-75 ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE ARALDITE 597 ET-55 597 EX-55 597 KT-55 6004 6005 6010 6020 6060 6084 6097 6099 7013 7014 7071 7072 7097 7098 8011 8011 A-75 8011 A-80 8011 K-75 8011 K-80 8011 N-80 8047 9005 9057 9094 9110 9126 9132 9135 9150 9221 9249 9255 9258 9259 9288 9301 9302 9318 9324 9329 9338 9351 9356 9357 9361 9364 9366 9369 9379 9381 9382 9389 9394 9402 9403 9405 9407 9412 9414 9417 9430 9436 9440 9449 9452 9455 9456 9463 9467 9470 9473 image: ------- CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 120 CIBA-GEIGY Corporation-cont'd ARALDITE 9474 ARALDITE 9486 ARALDITE 9487 ARALDITE 9489 ARALDITE 9496 ARTIFICAL SILK BLACK G SUPRA ARTIFICIAL SILK BLACK G 143% AVILON BLACK B AVILON BROWN GL-W AVILON BROWN RL AVILON DARK BROWN BRL-W AVILON DARK BROWN BRL-W 125% AVILON GOLDEN YELLOW R 250% AVILON ORANGE P-2R AVILON ORANGE P-2R 200% AVILON SCARLET 2R AVIVAN FG AZOLON B CORD COMPOUND B PREPURGE COMPOUND BASIC BLACK GN BASIC BLACK N BASIC BLACK P-SR BASIC MAGENTA AB BELCLENE 200 BELGARD EV BELGARD 883 BENGAL BLUE R 125% BINA COBA 3001 BIOBATE BIOFAX G 70 BIOFAX HAS 100 BIOFAX P BIOFAX P 35 BIOFAX P 35 ACID BISMARK BROWN GX BLUE LF3GL BOND BLUE BPN BOND BLUE NTS BOTTOM BLACK #27894 BRIGHTENER 12 EXPORT BRIGHTENER 19 BRIGHTENER 19 BULK BRILL ACID BLUE G2L BRILL BOND BLUE G2L BRILLIANT ACID BLUE G2LU BROWN AT BROWN AT CONC BROWN AT EXTRA BUTYLACRYLAMIDE BUTYLACRYLAMIDE PASTE C FLOODING COMPOUND CATALYST RB CC4 LIQUID CC4 LIQUID BULK CG 1300 CG 1301 CG 1302 CG 1303 CG 1304 CHEL CD CHEL DE CHEL DM ACID CHEL DM NA3 CHEL DM 41 CHEL DM-41 BULK CHEL DM-41 600# 0/H DRUM CHEL DP CHEL DTPA CHEL DTPA-41 CHEL DTPA-41 BULK CHEL DTPA-41 600# 0/H DRUM CHEL MG-DTPA CHEL NA3 NTA CHEL 180 CHEL 242PN CHEL 330 CHINOLINE YELLOW P CONC CHLOR LIGHT ORANGE 3GLL CHLOR LIGHT ORANGE 3GLL CONC CHRYSOIDINE G CHRYSOIDINE GN EXTRA CONC NEW CHRYSOIDINE R CONC CHRYSOIDINE Y CHRYSOIDINE Y EXTRA CONC CHRYSOPHENINE HIGH CONC CIBA GEIGY EPOXY RESIN 3794 CIBA-GEIGY EPOXY RESIN 0100 CIBA-GEIGY EPOXY RESIN 0163 CIBA-GEIGY EPOXY RESIN 0500 CIBA-GEIGY EPOXY RESIN 0510 CIBACET BLACK HQ CIBACET BLACK LCH CIBACET BLACK QB CIBACET BLUE BN CIBACET BLUE CRS CIBACET BLUE GLA CIBACET BLUE GLS CIBACET BLUE RF CIBACET BRILL BLUE RBL CIBACET BRILL PINK RF CIBACET CERISE GNB CIBACET ORANGE 2R CIBACET RED 2G CIBACET RED 3B CIBACET SCARLET BRN CIBACET SCARLET GN CIBACET TURQ BLUE G CIBACET TURQ BLUE G PASTE 50% CIBACET TURQ BLUE 4G CIBACET TURQ BLUE 4G PASTE 50% CIBACET VIOLET 2RB 200% CIBACET YELLOW GLF CIBACET YELLOW GLF PASTE 50% CIBACET YELLOW 2GC CIBACETE BLUE FMU 100% CIBACETE BLUE FMU 147% CIBACROLAN BLUE 8G CIBACRON BLACK GR-D CIBACRON BLACK 2PD Cibacron Blue F-R CIBACRON BLUE TRE CIBACRON BLUE 2R-A CIBACRON BLUE 3GA CIBACRON BRIL ORANGE 2GE CIBACRON BRIL RED BE CIBACRON BRIL YELLOW GE CIBACRON BRIL YELLOW T2GE CIBACRON BRIL YELLOW 3GE CIBACRON BRILL BLUE BR-P CIBACRON BRILL GREEN T3G-E CIBACRON BRILL GREEN 4G-A CIBACRON BRILL RED 3B-A CIBACRON BRILL YELLOW 3G-P CIBACRON BRILL. ORANGE G-P CIBACRON BRILL. RED 4G-E CIBACRON BRILLIANT BLUE BR-P CIBACRON BRILLIANT BLUE 3R-P CIBACRON BRILLIANT RED B-D CIBACRON BRILLIANT RED 3B-P CIBACRON BRILLIANT YELL 6G-P CIBACRON BROWN 4GR-A CIBACRON BROWN 5RE CIBACRON GOLD YELLOW 2R-A CIBACRON GOLDEN YELLOW RE CIBACRON NAVY BLUE GE CIBACRON NAVY BLUE RE CIBACRON NAVY BLUE TGRE CIBACRON NAVY BLUE T2RP CIBACRON NAVY BLUE 2R-D CIBACRON NAVY BLUE 2RE Cibacron Navy F-G Cibacron Navy F-2R CIBACRON OLIVE G-P CIBACRON FRONT BLUE 3R CIBACRON FRONT BLUE 5R CIBACRON FRONT GOLD YELL 2R CIBACRON FRONT GREY 2B CIBACRON FRONT NAVY BLUE 2R CIBACRON FRONT ORANGE 3R CIBACRON FRONT RED G CIBACRON FRONT RED 2B CIBACRON FRONT SCARLET 3R CIBACRON FRONT TURQUOISE G CIBACRON FRONT YELLOW 6G Cibacron Red F-B Cibacron Scarlet F-3G CIBACRON SCARLET RP CIBACRON SCARLET 2G-E CIBACRON SCARLET 4G-P CIBACRON TURQ BLUE GE CIBACRON TURQUOISE BLUE GR-D CIBACRON TURQUOISE BLUE TGE CIBACRON VIOLET S-RL CIBACRON VIOLET TR-E CIBACRON VIOLET 2R-P Cibacron Yellow F-G Cibacron Yellow F-3R CIBACRON YELLOW GA CIBACRON YELLOW R-A CIBALAN SALT N CIBANONE BLACK DM DOUBLE PST CIBANONE BLACK 2BN CONC PASTE CIBANONE BLACK 2BN DOUBLE PST CIBANONE BLACK 2BN PRESSCAKE CIBANONE BLUE GF DEL PST CIBANONE BLUE GF PASTE CIBANONE BORDEAUX 2R PRESSCAKE CIBANONE BRILL GREEN BFD PDR CIBANONE BRILL GREEN BFDDOUBLE PASTE CIBANONE BRILL GREEN BFDPRESS CAKE CIBANONE BRILL ORANGE GR PASTE CIBANONE BROWN BG PST CIBANONE BROWN BGN PASTE CIBANONE BROWN BR CAKE 556% CIBANONE BROWN BR CAKE 654% CIBANONE BROWN BR PASTE CIBANONE BROWN GR DOUBLE PASTE CIBANONE BROWN HRR PST CIBANONE BROWN 2BR MD LIQUID CIBANONE BROWN 2BR MD PST 50% CIBANONE DARK BLUE BO PASTE CIBANONE DARK BLUE POPRESS CAKE CIBANONE GOLD ORANGE G CRUDE CIBANONE GOLD ORANGE G DEL PST CIBANONE GOLD ORANGE 2R PST CIBANONE GOLD ORANGE 5GDOUBLE PASTE CIBANONE GREEN 6G MD LIQUID CIBANONE GREY P2R DOUBLE PASTE CIBANONE GREY 2GR MDLIQUID CIBANONE NAVY BLUE RA DEL PST CIBANONE NAVY BLUE RA 475%CAKE CIBANONE NAVY BLUE 2B DEL PST CIBANONE OLIVE OG PST CIBANONE OLIVE S PST CIBANONE OLIVE S 551% CAKE CIBANONE OLIVE 2B DEL PST CIBANONE OLIVE 2B 321% image: ------- 121 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CIBA-GEIGY Corporation CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd CIBANONE OLIVE 2RM DEL PST CIBANONE RED BROWN RRF PASTE CIBANONE RED BROWN RRPPRESS CAKE CIBANONE RED 6B PST CIBANONE VIOLET BNA DEL PST CIBANONE VIOLET 4R DEL PST CIBANONE VIOLET 6B PASTE CIBANONE YELLOW BROWN 3RPRESS CAKE CIBANONE YELLOW GC PASTE CIBANONE YELLOW NRK CIBANONE YELLOW P2GA PASTE CIBANONE YELLOW 2G PASTE CIBAPHASOL AS CIBAPHASOL B CIBATEX PA CLOR SHIELD CYA TEST KIT COFFEE BROWN MV COLOR COMPOUND DF 5 COLORING PASTE DW 0116 COPPER SULFATE IND. COPRANTEX B CPS BLUE CONC CODE XM-1462 CROCEINE SCARLET MOO CONC CROMOPHTAL BLUE A3R CROMOPHTAL BROWN 5R CROMOPHTAL ORANGE AGR PASTE CROMOPHTAL ORANGE 2G CROMOPHTAL ORANGE 4R CROMOPHTAL ORANGE 4R MD PASTE CROMOPHTAL RED BR CROMOPHTAL RED BR C-20 LAKE CROMOPHTAL RED G CROMOPHTAL RED 2B CROMOPHTAL RED 3B CROMOPHTAL RED 3B C-20 LAKE CROMOPHTAL SCARLET R CROMOPHTAL YELLOW GR CROMOPHTAL YELLOW 3G CROMOPHTAL YELLOW 3G C-20 LAKE CROMOPHTAL YELLOW 6G CROWN GOLD CZ NO. 7 CROWN GOLD NO. 9 CROWN LIME 0136-P CROWN LIME 1570-B CROWN TISSUE LIME PTL CST ANTI STICK CST 10 CUPROPHENYL BLACK BWL 270% CUPROPHENYL BLACK GWL 200% CUPROPHENYL BLACK RL 200% CUPROPHENYL BLACK RL 370% CUPROPHENYL BLUE 3GL CUPROPHENYL BRIL BL 2BL 380% CUPROPHENYL BRILL BLUE 2BL CUPROPHENYL BROWN GL CUPROPHENYL BROWN GL 270% CUPROPHENYL BROWN 2RL CUPROPHENYL GREEN 2BL CUPROPHENYL GREY GRL 250% CUPROPHENYL NAVY BLUE BL 200% CUPROPHENYL NAVY BLUE RL 200% CUPROPHENYL NAVY BLUE RL 280% CUPROPHENYL ORANGE 3GL CUPROPHENYL RED BL CUPROPHENYL RED BL 130% CUPROPHENYL RED FGL CUPROPHENYL RED FGLN CUPROPHENYL RUBINE RL CUPROPHENYL RUBINE RL 250% CUPROPHENYL VIOLET 3RL CUPROPHENYL YELL BROWN RGL200% CUPROPHENYL YELLOW BROWN RGL400% CUPROPHENYL YELLOW RL EXTRA CUPROPHENYL YELLOW RL 250% CUPROPHENYL YELLOW 3GL CUPROPHENYL YELLOW 3GL 220% CW 9551 CYCLODUR XB2964 D 58 REN-FLEX D 62 REN-FLEX D 63 REN-FLEX D 150 REN-FLEX DA 184-72 DA 185-72 DA 199-74 DA 509-1 DA 509-2 DA 509-3 DA 509-4 DA 509-5 DA 509-8 DA 509-13 DA 531-1 DA 532 DA 547-1 DA 547-4 DA 552-1 DA 552-1 RESIN DA 552-2 DA 552-3 DA 552-4 DA 552-7 DA 552-15 DA 556 DA 561-2 DA 561-5 DA 561-6 DA 562-2 DA 563-2 DA 563-9 DA 563-10 DA 563-11 DC 128-68 DC 135-69 DC 161-71 DC 198-74 DC 1688 DC 1688-5 DC 1688 E DC 1691-1 DC 1700-1 DC 1969-1 DC-1688-5 RESIN DECOFORM DECOGARD DECOLAM DECOLAR DECOTRIM DENIMSET CATALYST DENIMSET 40 DENIMSET 40 D 1 DF 210-75 DF 211-75 DF 213-75 DH 21-62 DIAZOPHENYL BLACK AW SUPRA DIAZOPHENYL BLACK BW DIAZOPHENYL BLUE BP CONC 125% DIAZOPHENYL BLUE GL DIAZOPHENYL BLUE GL 220% DIAZOPHENYL BRILLIANT GREEN G DIAZOPHENYL GREEN GLN DIAZOPHENYL GREEN 2GL DIAZOPHENYL GREEN 2GL 350% DIAZOPHENYL ORANGE R SUPRA II DIAZOPHENYL ORANGE R SUPRA200% DIAZOPHENYL RED S4B DIAZOPHENYL RED S5B DIAZOPHENYL SCARLET FL DIAZOPHENYL SCARLET FL 200% DICRYLAN 325 50 DICRYLAN 394 DIDP DIPHENYL BLACK ETN DIPHENYL BLACK ETN CONC DIPHENYL BLACK FG DIPHENYL BLACK G SUPRA DIPHENYL BLACK GN 250% DIPHENYL BLUE 3B EXTRA CONC. DIPHENYL BRILL BLUE FF SUPRA I DIPHENYL BRILL FLAVINE 7GFF DIPHENYL BRILL GREEN G DIPHENYL BRILL GREEN G 330% DIPHENYL BRILL. PINK B 100% DIPHENYL BRILL. PINK B 145% DIPHENYL FAST YELLOW C5GL DIPHENYL GOLDEN YELLOW RP DIPHENYL GREEN BBN 150% DIPHENYL ORANGE LF DIPHENYL ORANGE SE SUPRA DIPHENYL ORANGE WS DIPHENYL ORANGE 3RS DIPHENYL ORANGE 3RSP DIPHENYL ORANGE 4G CONC DIPHENYL ORANGE 4G CONC 125% DIPHENYL PAPER ORANGE 2R DIPHENYL PAPER YELLOW PN DIPHENYL SCARLET RS 150% DIPHENYL SCARLET 4BNAD DIPHENYL SCARLET 4BSW 167% DIPHENYL SCARLET 4SWN DIPHENYL YELLOW CH 300% DIPHENYL YELLOW G EXTRA DIPHENYL YELLOW G LIQUID DIPHENYL YELLOW GP DIPHENYL YELLOW GPXS DIPHENYL YELLOW PEL DIPHENYL YELLOW P2R DIPHENYL YELLOW RLSW SUPRA DIPHENYL YELLOW 4GP DIPHENYL YELLOW 4GP 200% DIRECT BLUE 189 DIRECT BRILL SKY BLUE6B EXCONC DIRECT FAST BLACK AA DIRECT FAST GREEN 2GL DIRECT FAST GREY 2G 200% DIRECT GOLD SHII DIRECT LIME PTL DIRECT PAPER BLACK CP DIRECT PAPER BROWN BRL DIRECT PAPER BROWN PR-R DIRECT PAPER BROWN 3GT DIRECT PAPER TURQUOISE AC SUPRA DIRECT PAPER YELLOW KCN DIRECT YELLOW CF DIRECT YELLOW 6 G DISPERSANT IPV-2 BULK DL 43-63 DL 62-64 DL 141-69 DL 161-71 DL 162-71 DL 195-73 DLX 75250A DLX 75164 DLX 75195 DLX 75232 UVITEX WG DLX 75295 A image: ------- CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 122 CIBA-GEIGY Corporationóconi'd DP 137-69 DRAIN POWER DS 17-62 DS 727-1 DS 727-2 DT 113 DT 148-1 DT 148-2 DT 200-75 DU 902-1 DU 903-2 DU 905-1 DUR-0-CRYL 246 DUR-0-CRYL 620 AN DUR-0-CRYL 638 DUR-0-SET SBX DURA SANI DUROBOND PC-18 DUROBOND 427 DUROCOTE ABS FR DUROCOTE ABS US DUROCOTE ABS 1 DUROCOTE ABS 2 DUROCOTE ABS-IS DUROCOTE APC DUROCOTE BC 105 DUROCOTE CF DUROCOTE CF-l-HV DUROCOTE CR Fl DUROCOTE CR 58 DUROCOTE CR 70 A DUROCOTE CR 70 A-l DUROCOTE CR 80 A DUROCOTE CR 80B DUROCOTE CR 80 Bl DUROCOTE CR 90 A DUROCOTE CR 90 A-l DUROCOTE CRF 1-B DUROCOTE DF DUROCOTE DF 2 DUROCOTE DF 40 HS DUROCOTE DF 60 HS DUROCOTE DF 86 HS DUROCOTE DF 86 HS A DUROCOTE DF 87 HS DUROCOTE DF 87 LS DUROCOTE DF 87 LT DUROCOTE DF 90 HS DUROCOTE DF 91 HS A DUROCOTE DFR 100 DUROCOTE DFR 100 A DUROCOTE DS 1 DUROCOTE HMC DUROCOTE HMC 2 DUROCOTE LF 11 DUROCOTE MFC 114 DUROCOTE MFC 114 LV DUROCOTE MFC 116 DUROCOTE MFC 116A DUROCOTE MFC 116 R DUROCOTE MFC 118 A DUROCOTE MFC 119 DUROCOTE MFC 119A DUROCOTE MFC 119 B DUROCOTE MFC 135 DUROCOTE MFL 2 DUROCOTE MFL 3A DUROCOTE SK 15 DUROCOTE SKC 11 DUROCOTE SKC 19 DUROCOTE SKC 20 DUROCOTE TBC 1 DUROCOTE UBC 212 DUROCOTE UBC 214 DUROCOTE UBC 214 A DUROCOTE UBC 236 DUROCOTE UBC 246 FR DUROCOTE UBC 247 FR DUROCOTE UBC 248 A DUROCOTE UBC 554 FR DUROCRYL C 201 DUROCRYL 245 DUROCRYL 330 DUROCRYL 338-20 A DUROCRYL 350 DUROCRYL 351 DUROCRYL 360 DUROCRYL 361 DUROCRYL 361A DUROCRYL 366A DUROCRYL 367 DUROCRYL 420 DUROCRYL 490 DUROCRYL 520 DUROCRYL 525 DUROCRYL 527X DUROCRYL 620 DUROCRYL 636 DUROCRYL 640 DUROCRYL 720 DUROCRYL 720 A DUROCRYL 820 DUROFLOCK BFA 304 DUROFLOCK BFA 305 DUROFLOCK BFA 400B DUROFLOCK BFA 400 C DUROFLOCK GT A DUROFLOCK GTC DUROGARD FF 5 DUROGARD FF 5 SPECIAL DUROPRESS 200 DUROSET E-200 DUROSET E-220 DUROSET E-250 DUROSET E-251 DUROSET E-270 DUROSET H-100 DUROSET H-lll DUROSET NCF DUROSET R217M DUROSET SB 211 DUROSET SB-321 DUROSET SBP DUROSET 861 DUROSET 861-A DUROSET 861-S DUROSET 861 T A DUROSET 862 DUROSET 862 A DUROSET 862 A 1 DUROTRON AB DUROTRON AN 1 DUROTRON AN 1 LA DUROTRON AN 2 DUROTRON AN 3 A DUROTRON AP 3 DUROTRON EBA DUROTRON EBA 1 DUROTRON FC 1 DUROTRON KF DUROTRON SLC DUROTRON VP 2 DUROTRON VP 2 M DUROTRON VP 6 DUROTRON VP 8 DUROTRON 303 DUROWHITE SL 1 DUROWHITE SL 1A DUROWHITE SL 2 DW 0111 DW 0112 DW 0113 DW 0114 DW 0115 DW 0116 DW 0117 ECN 1235 ECN 1273 ECN 1280 ECN 1280 T-50 ECN 1299 ECN 9224 ECN 9420 ECN 9458 ECN 9459 ECN 9460 ECN 9461 ECN 9480 ECN 9488 ECN 9491 ECN 9495 ECN 9511 ECN 9534 ECN 9564 EDSINE BN ELOXAN SALT EMULSIFIER MS CONC. EMULSION CL 100A EMULSION CL-100 EMULSION CL-100 A-l EMULSION H 25 B EMULSION H-25 EMULSION H-30 EMULSION H-30 A EMULSION H-30 A 1 EMULSION H-30 A2 EMULSION NHP EMULSION PE 25 B ENFLOC A EP 100 EPN 1138 EPN 1138 A-85 EPN 1139 EPORAL EPOXIDE N0.7 EPOXIDE N0.8 ERE 1359 ERIO ACID RED XB ERIO ACID RED XB 400% ERIO ACID RED XB 415% ERIO BLACK J ERIO BLUE GRL ERIO BLUE GRL 167% ERIO BROWN 5R ERIO BROWN 5R 150% ERIO CYANINE S CONC ERIO CYANINE S 150% ERIO FAST CYANINE S 190% ERIO FLOXINE BL 167% ERIO FLOXINE KL 220% ERIO FLOXINE 2GN ERIO GREEN B CONC ERIO GREEN B SUPRA ERIO GREEN ET EXTRA ERIO GREEN ET SUPRA ERIO JASMINE G ERIO LIGHT RED 2GB ERIO METANIL YELLOW U ERIO NAVY BLUE 2RN ERIO ORANGE AS ' ERIO ORANGE II image: ------- 123 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CIBA-GEIGY Corporation CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd ERIO ORANGE R ERIO RUBINE GP ERIO RUBINE 3GP ERIO RUBINE 3GP 185% ERIO SCARLET B ERIO TARTRAZINE T SUPRA ERIO YELLOW T SUPRA ERIO YELLOW 2G ERIO YELLOW 2G 133% ERIO YELLOW 2GLN ERIOCHROME BLACK T SUPRA ERIOCHROME BLUEBLACK RSS ERIOCHROME BROWN R SUPRA ERIOCHROME ORANGE G CONG ERIOCLARITE B ERIOGLAUCINE A SUPRA ERIONAL AR LIQUID ERIONAL NW LIQUID ERIONAL NW POWDER ERIONAL PA ERIONYL BLACK GD ERIONYL BLACK GRP ERIONYL BLACK J ERIONYL BLACK NS ERIONYL BLACK R ERIONYL BLUE E-3G ERIONYL BLUE FBL ERIONYL BLUE GLF ERIONYL BLUE GW ERIONYL BLUE NGB ERIONYL BLUE P-2R ERIONYL BRILL BLUE RL 200% ERIONYL BRILL BLUE 7GS ERIONYL BRILL RED 3BN ERIONYL BRILL RED 3BN 140% ERIONYL BROWN RS ERIONYL BROWN RXL ERIONYL GREEN GNL ERIONYL JASMINE G 200% ERIONYL MAROON V ERIONYL MAROON V 120% ERIONYL NAVY BLUE G 200% ERIONYL ORANGE G ERIONYL ORANGE 2GR ERIONYL PRINTING BLACK R ERIONYL RED B ERIONYL RED B LIQUID 40% ERIONYL RED B 175% ERIONYL RED BB 154% ERIONYL RED BG ERIONYL RED BW ERIONYL RED BW LIQUID 40% ERIONYL RED BW LIQUID 40% BULK ERIONYL RED B2B ERIONYL RED P2GA ERIONYL RED RS ERIONYL RED RS 125% ERIONYL RED 2B 154% ERIONYL RUBINE E 3GP ERIONYL RUBINE E-3GP 185% ERIONYL RUBINE GP ERIONYL RUBINE 5BLF ERIONYL RUBINE 5BLF 200% ERIONYL YELLOW P3R ERIONYL YELLOW 2RA ERIONYL YELLOW 3G ERIONYL YELLOW 3G 133% ERIONYL YELLOW 5GL ERIOPON H ERIOSIN BLACK 2B ERIOSIN BLACK 2B CONG ERIOSIN BLACK 2BF ERIOSIN BLACK 2BFU ERIOSIN BLUE B ERIOSIN BLUE RFF 150% ERIOSIN BLUE RFF 200% ERIOSIN BLUE 3G ERIOSIN BLUE 8G ERIOSIN BLUEBLACK B ERIOSIN BRILL BLUE FR 200% ERIOSIN BRILL CYANINE 6B ERIOSIN BRILL CYANINE 6B 350% ERIOSIN GREEN GNL ERIOSIN RED GR ERIOSIN VIOLET 3B ETHYL AMYL HYDANTOIN (EAH) EZ CLOR ALKALINITY UP EZ CLOR CALCIUM ELEVATOR EZ CLOR CLOR SAVE EZ CLOR METAL MAGNET EZ CLOR PH DOWN EZ CLOR PH UP EZ CLOR TESTRIPS EZ CLOR WASH N WIPE FAST LIGHT YELLOW 2G FAST TABLE BLACK HJB FAST WELD #10 FIBERLAM TYPE X-l FIBERLAM TYPE 1 #4 FIBERLAM TYPE 1 #5 FIBERLAM TYPE 2 #9 FILAMID BORDEAUX 2690 FILAMID RED 841 FILAMID RED 2925 FILAMID SCARLET 2225 FILAMID YELLOW 2732 FILAMID YELLOW 4610 FILESTER RED 2973 FILESTER RED 3222 FILESTER YELLOW 2648-A FILESTER YELLOW 4610 FORMAL FAST BLACK G SUPRA CONC FORMAL FAST BLACK G SUPRAI 150% FUNGITEX B FUNGITEX R G 525 JEL-E-PAK G 900 G 1011 KIT G 2364 B-CORD RELEASE G 2428 KLEAR-N-KAP GLAMORENE DRY RUG CLEANER GLAMORENE LIQUID RUG CLEANER GLAMORENE SPRAY'N VAC GLAMORENE UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOO GRASOL FAST ORANGE 2R GRASOL YELLOW GL GY 9501 GYCO PRINT ASSIST A GYCOFIX SOLUTION GYCOFIX 67 GYCOFIX 100 GYCOLAN BROWN BBL GYCOLAN BROWN GEL GYCOTAN BLO H 15 H 930 H 953 H 956 H 957 H 994 H 997 H 998 HARDENER HT 939 HARDENER HT 2833 HARDENER HT 2922 HARDENER HT 9490 HARDENER HT 9506 HARDENER HT 9537 HARDENER HW 9552 HARDENER HW 9558 HARDENER HW 9567 HARDENER HY 225 HARDENER HY 227 HARDENER HY 837 HARDENER HY 920 HARDENER HY 925 HARDENER HY 940 HARDENER HY 2964 HARDENER HY 9130 HARDENER HY 9395 HARDENER HY 9441 HARDENER HY 9475 HARDENER HY 9498 HARDENER HY 9514 HARDENER HY 9517 HARDENER HZ 838 HARDENER HZ 949 U HARDENER 820 HARDENER 830 HARDENER 835 HARDENER 850 HARDENER 906 HARDENER 907 HARDENER 917 HARDENER 932 HARDENER 950 HARDENER 951 HARDENER 955 HARDENER 956 HARDENER 963 HARDENER 964 HARDENER 972 HMS 20 P/GL SKIN 1/4-3 HMS 20 P/GL SKIN 1/84 HMX MC PART 1/8-1 HMX MC PART 1/8-3 HMX P/ALUM SKIN 3/16-4 HMX P/GL SKIN 1/4-1 HMX P/GL SKIN 1/4-3 HMX P/GL SKIN 1/8-1 HMX P/GL SKIN 1/8-3 HMX P/GL SKIN 1/8-4 HMX P/GL 3/164 HMX 1/2-1.5 HMX 1/2-7 HMX 1/4-OX-3.0 HMX 1/4-0X4.5 HMX 1/4-1 HMX 1/4-1.5 HMX 1/4-2 HMX 1/4-3 HMX 1/4-3.1 HMX 1/44.0 HMX 1/8-1 HMX 1/8-1.8 HMX 1/8-2 HMX 1/8-3 HMX 1/84 HMX 1/8-5.0 HMX 1/8-6 HMX 1/8-8 HMX 1/8-9.0 HMX 3/4-1 HMX 3/4-1.5 HMX 3/8-1.5 HMX 3/8-2.0 HMX 3/8-3.0 HMX 3/16-OX-l HMX 3/16-OX-1.8 HMX 3/16-OX-3 HMX 3/16-1 image: ------- CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 124 CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd HMX 3/16-2 HMX 3/16-3.0 HMX 3/16-4 HMX 3/16-5.5 HMX 3/16-6 HMX 5/32-1.8 HMX 20 P/GL SKIN 1/4-2 HMX 20 P/GL 3/16-4 HMX 20 P/GL 3/16-6 HMX 20 1/4-OX-7 HMX 20 1/4-2 HMX 20 1/8-3 HMX 20 1/8-4 HMX 20 3/16-5 HMX 3116-OX-5 HMX-20 1/4-1 HTP P/GL SKIN 3/16-5 HTP 1/4-OX-4.5 HTP 1/4-OX-6.0 HTP 1/4-OX-8.0 HTP 1/4-3.0 HTP 1/4-3.5 HTP 1/4-4.0 HTP 1/4-4.5 HTP 1/4-6 HTP 1/4-6.5 HTP 1/4-8.5 HTP 3/4-1.9 HTP 3/8-OX-3 HTP 3/8-OX-3.1 HTP 3/8-OX-5.5 HTP 3/8-OX-8.5 HTP 3/8-2.2 HTP 3/8-3 HTP 3/8-3/2 HTP 3/8-4 HTP 3/8-4.5 HTP 3/8-6.0 HTP 3/8-8.0 HTP 3/1&4 HTP 3/16-4.5 HTP 3/16-5 HTP 3/16-5.5 HTP 3/16-6 HTP 3/16-7.0 HTP 3/16-7.2 HTP 3/16-8 HTP 3/16-9 HTP 3/16-12.0 HTP 14-OX-7.0 HW 9552 INVADERM A INVADERM A 025 INVADERM P INVADINE VB IRGACARRIER NCF IRGACARRIER OFD IRGACARRIER OFD 0/H DRUM IRGACARRIER OSD IRGACARRIER OSD-M IRGACARRIER PEC IRGACARRIER RDS IRGACARRIER RP IRGACARRIER RP LIQUID IRGACARRIER SDS IRGACURE 651 IRGADERM BLACK GL LIQ IRGADERM BLUE RL LIQ IRGADERM BROWN GRL LIQ IRGADERM BROWN 2GL LIQ IRGADERM BROWN 2RL LIQ IRGADERM BROWN 4GL LIQ IRGADERM NAVY BLUE BL LIQ IRGADERM OLIVE GL LIQ IRGADERM RED RL LIQ IRGADERM SCARLET 2GL LIQ IRGADERM YELLOW GL LIQ IRGAFOMAL S2E IRGAFOS BU3P IRGALAN BLACK BGL IRGALAN BLACK BGL 150% IRGALAN BLACK BGL 200% IRGALAN BLACK GBL IRGALAN BLACK GBL 200% IRGALAN BLACK RBL 100% IRGALAN BLACK RBL 200% IRGALAN BLUE BRL 200% IRGALAN BLUE FBL IRGALAN BLUE FBL 200% IRGALAN BLUE 3GL 100% IRGALAN BLUE 3GL 200% IRGALAN BORDEAUX EL IRGALAN BORDEAUX GRL 200% IRGALAN BROWN BL IRGALAN BROWN BL 300% IRGALAN BROWN CA IRGALAN BROWN GRL 100% IRGALAN BROWN GRL 260% IRGALAN BROWN 2GL IRGALAN BROWN 2GLC 100% IRGALAN BROWN 2GLC 300% IRGALAN BROWN 2GLCN IRGALAN BROWN 2GLN IRGALAN BROWN 2RL IRGALAN BROWN 2RL 250% IRGALAN BROWN 2RLP IRGALAN BROWN 3BL IRGALAN BROWN 3BL 300% IRGALAN BROWN 3BLN IRGALAN GREY BL IRGALAN GREY BL 250% IRGALAN GREY BLN IRGALAN GREY BRLA IRGALAN GREY BRLA 200% IRGALAN NAVY BLUE B IRGALAN OLIVE BGL 100% IRGALAN OLIVE BGLN IRGALAN OLIVE 3BL 133% IRGALAN ORANGE RL IRGALAN ORANGE RL 250% IRGALAN ORANGE RLN IRGALAN ORANGE 2RL IRGALAN ORANGE 2RL 200% IRGALAN RED BROWN RL IRGALAN RED BROWN RL 200% IRGALAN RED 2GL 100% IRGALAN RED 4GL IRGALAN RED 4GL 330% IRGALAN RUBINE RL IRGALAN YELLOW DRL IRGALAN YELLOW DRL 250% IRGALAN YELLOW FGL IRGALAN YELLOW FGL 200% IRGALAN YELLOW GL IRGALAN YELLOW GRL IRGALAN YELLOW GRL 200% IRGALAN YELLOW 2BRL 100% IRGALAN YELLOW 2BRL 250% IRGALAN YELLOW 2BRLN IRGALAN YELLOW 2GL EXTRA IRGALAN YELLOW 2GL 220% IRGALAN YELLOW 2GL 400% IRGALAN YELLOW 2GL 500% IRGALAN YELLOW 2RL 270% IRGALAN YELLOW 2RLN IRGALEV PBF IRGALEV PBF-OH IRGALEV TC IRGALEV TCM IRGALITE BLUE LGLD IRGALITE ORANGE MR IRGALITE RUBINE L4BD IRGALITE YELLOW GO IRGALITE YELLOW GS IRGALITE YELLOW LBAW IRGALITE YELLOW MS IRGAMINE AL IRGAMINE RU-100 NEW IRGAMINE SFC IRGAMINE SFC 100 IRGANAL YELLOW 2RL IRGANOL BRILL BLUE RLS 200% IRGANOL BRILL BLUE 7GS 100% IRGANOL BRILL BLUE 7GS 200% IRGANOL BRILL RED BL IRGANOL BRILL VIOLET FLS IRGANOL BRILL VIOLET FLS 240% IRGANOL BRILL YELLOW 3GLS IRGANOL BRILL YELLOW 3GLS 133% IRGANOL BRILLIANT BLUE RLS IRGANOL ORANGE GRLS IRGANOL ORANGE GRLS 200% IRGANOL RED RLS 100% IRGANOL RED RLS 160% IRGANOL YELLOW 3G 133% IRGANOX LO-6 IRGANOX L109 IRGANOX MD 1024 IRGANOX 259 IRGANOX 1010 IRGANOX 1035 IRGANOX 1076 IRGANOX 1093 IRGANOX 1098 IRGANOX 1222 IRGANOX 1300 IRGAPADOL AM IRGAPADOL ASM IRGAPADOL CJ IRGAPADOL FFD IRGAPADOL P IRGAPADOL PFL IRGAPADOL 4023 IRGAPADOL 4128 IRGAPEL V IRGAPRINT KA IRGAPRINT PA IRGASAN CF3 IRGASAN DP 300 IRGASOL DA LIQUID IRGASOL DA POWDER IRGASOL DAM IRGASOL DAM LIQUID IRGASOL HTW IRGASOL NA IRGASOL NA SUPRA IRGASOL NJ IRGASOL SW IRGASOL SWA IRGASOLVENT PAC IRGASOLVENT Q IRGASTAB 2002 IRGATAN F LIQUID IRGATAN LV GRANULES IRGATAN 4030 IRGATAN 4033 IRGAZIN BLUE 3GT IRGAZIN RED BPT IRGAZIN YELLOW 2GLT IRGAZIN YELLOW 2GLTE IRGAZIN YELLOW 2GLTN image: ------- 125 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CIBA-GEIGY Corporation CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd IRGAZIN YELLOW 2RLT IRGAZIN YELLOW 3RLT IRGAZIN YELLOW 3RLT C-20 LAKE IRGAZIN YELLOW 3RLTN IRGAZIN YELLOW 5GT IRGAZIN YELLOW 2623 IRGAZIN YELLOW 5768 KITO KNITEX 3990 LANACRON BLACK S-B LIQUID LANACRON DARK BROWN BRL LANACRON DARK BROWN S-GR LANACRON NAVY BLUE S-G LANACRON OLIVE S-G LANACRON ORANGE S-2R LANACRON RED BROWN S-R LANACRON RED S-G LANACRON SCARLET S-2G LANACRON YELLOW S-R LANACRON YELLOW S-2G LANASOL BLUE 3G LANASOL BLUE 3R LANASOL ORANGE G LANASOL ORANGE R LANASOL RED B LANASOL RED G LANASOL RED 2G LANASOL RED 5B LANASOL RED 6G LANASOL SCARLET 2R LANASOL SCARLET 3G LANASOL YELLOW 4G LANCAST A LANDCRON DARK BROWN S-GR LEATHER BASIC BLACK TN 125% LEATHER BLACK BRH LEATHER BLACK R LEATHER BOTTOM BROWN LHS NEW LEATHER BROWN RD EXTRA LEATHER BROWN RU LEATHER BROWN Y LEATHER OLIVE BROWN G LEATHER RED BROWN ST2 NEW LEATHER TAN TC NEW LO STAT 105 LO STAT 110 LODYNE HS-300 LODYNE S 130 LODYNE S-100 LODYNE S-105 LODYNE S-112 LODYNE T 15 LODYNE T 21 LODYNE T 32P LODYNE T 33 LODYNE T-31P LODYNE T-32 LOSTAT 105 LOSTAT 110 LSU 534 LSU 574 LSU 643 LUBRITONE BF 4 LUBRITONE IA LUBRITONE RW 3 LYOFIX CHN LYOFIX CHN A LYOFIX EW SOLUTION LYOFIX R LYOFIX 3993 LYOPRINT DDP LYOPRINT EV LYOPRINT HTP LYOPRINT JC MALACHITE GREEN CRYSTALS CONG MAXILON BLUE B MAXILON BLUE GRL 320% MAXILON BLUE GRLA MAXILON BLUE GRLA 300% MAXILON BLUE GRLA 900% MAXILON BLUE K MAXILON BLUE M-2G MAXILON BLUE RBL MAXILON BLUE RBL 300% MAXILON BLUE RBL 500% MAXILON BLUE 3RL MAXILON BLUE 5G MAXILON BLUE 5G CONC MAXILON BLUE 5G 20Q% MAXILON BR FLAVINE 10GFF 300% MAXILON BRILL FLAVINE 10GFF MAXILON BRILL FLAVINE 10GFF100% MAXILON BRILL FLAVINE 10GFF300% MAXILON BRILL PINK DY CONC MAXILON BRILL PINK 2B CONC MAXILON BRILL RED 2B MAXILON BRILL RED 4G MAXILON BRILL RED 4G 300% MAXILON BRILL YELLOW 7GLA MAXILON BRILLIANT RED RB MAXILON DARK BLUE 2R MAXILON DARK BROWN BA MAXILON GOLDEN YELLOW GL MAXILON NAVY BLUE MBM MAXILON ORANGE GA MAXILON RED BL MAXILON RED BL LIQ 100% MAXILON RED BL 160% MAXILON RED GRL 100% MAXILON RED GRL 180% MAXILON RED M-RL MAXILON RED M-4GL 100% MAXILON RED 2GL MAXILON RED 3GL MAXILON SUPER BLACK OLN MAXILON YELLOW BROWN 2GLLIQUID 50% MAXILON YELLOW ET MAXILON YELLOW GL MAXILON YELLOW M-3RL MAXILON YELLOW M^GL MAXILON YELLOW M3RL MAXILON YELLOW 2RL MAXILON YELLOW 2RL 100% MAXILON YELLOW 3GLA MAXILON YELLOW 5GL MAYPRO-CAL. AL-D METANIL YELLOW VS CONC METHYL VIOLET LIQUID METHYL VIOLET 2B LIQUID METHYL VIOLET 2B SUPRA METHYLENE BLUE D CONC METHYLENE BLUE 2B CONC MICRACET BLUE R MICRACETE BLACK B MICRACETE BLUE G MICRACETE BROWN 2R MICRACETE RED BR MICRACETE YELLOW A2R MICROLITH BLACK B-N MICROLITH BLACK C-A MICROLITH BLACK C-K MICROLITH BLACK C-T MICROLITH BLUE A3R-K MICROLITH BLUE 4G-K MICROLITH BLUE 4G-T MICROLITH BORDEAUX R-A MICROLITH BORDEAUX R-K MICROLITH BORDEAUX R-T MICROLITH BROWN 2R-A MICROLITH BROWN 2R-K MICROLITH BROWN 5R-K MICROLITH BROWN 5R-T MICROLITH GOLD G-T MICROLITH GREEN G-A MICROLITH GREEN G-K MICROLITH GREEN G-T MICROLITH MAGENTA G-K MICROLITH ORANGE 3R-K MICROLITH RED BR-K MICROLITH RED BR-T MICROLITH SCARLET R-K MICROLITH SCARLET R-T MICROLITH VIOLET B-A MICROLITH VIOLET B-K MICROLITH WHITE R-A MICROLITH WHITE R-K MICROLITH YELLOW 2G-T MICROLITH YELLOW 2R-A MICROLITH YELLOW 2R-K MICROLITH YELLOW 3G-K MICROLITH YELLOW 3G-T MICROLITH YELLOW 3R-K MICROLITH YELLOW 3R-T MICROLITH YELLOW 4G-A MICROSOL BRILLIANT BLUE 4G PAS MICROSOL BROWN 2R PASTE MICROSOL VIOLET 2R PASTE MIGATEX 3605 MITIN FF HIGH CONC MOLD RELEASE AGENT QZ 13 NEOCHROME NEOLAN BLACK WA NEOLAN BLACK WA EXTRA CONC NEOLAN BLUE 2G 250% NEOLAN BORDEAUX RM 133% NEOLAN BORDEAUX RM 200% NEOLAN BROWN BBL NEOLAN BROWN GEL NEOLAN DARK GREEN B NEOLAN ORANGE G NEOLAN YELLOW BE 200% NEOLAN YELLOW GR NEOLAN YELLOW GR 175% NEOPOLAR BRILL RED B NEOVADINE AN CONC NEOVADINE AN HIGH CONC NEOVADINE AN 025 NEUTRAL BROWN RX NEUTRAL FAST GREEN G CONC NEUTRAL FAST ORANGE G CONC NIGROSINE BBS CONC CRYSTALS NIGROSINE WSN CONC NONISOL 210 NONISOL 300 NUCHROME NYLON PRINTING YELLOW 4G 200% ON GUARD CHEMTECH OPYSAT FX ORACET ORANGE G ORACET PINK RF ORACET RED 3B ORACET VIOLET 2R ORASOL BLACK BA ORASOL BLACK CN ORASOL BLACK RL ORASOL BLUE GN ORASOL BLUE 2GLN ORASOL BROWN GR ORASOL BROWN 2GL ORASOL BROWN 2RG image: ------- CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 126 CIBA-GEIGY Corporationóeont'd ORASOL BROWN 2RL ORASOL BROWN 5R ORASOL BROWN 6RL ORASOL NAVY BLUE 2RB ORASOL ORANGE G ORASOL ORANGE GNG ORASOL ORANGE RLN ORASOL PINK 5BLG ORASOL RED B ORASOL RED G ORASOL RED 2B ORASOL RED 2BL ORASOL RED 3GL ORASOL SCARLET GLN ORASOL VIOLET RN ORASOL YELLOW 2GL ORASOL YELLOW 2GLN ORASOL YELLOW 2RLN ORASOL YELLOW 3GLG ORASOL YELLOW 3GW ORASOL YELLOW 3R OSMIX EOF (24) OSMIX 21 OSMIX 22 OSMIX 23 OSMIX 25 OSMIX 27 P T STARCH A P 13N VARNISH PAPER BLACK TP-A PAPER BLUE BN PAPER BLUE RN PAPER DIR TURQUOISE AC SUPRA PAPER DIRECT BROWN NPC NEW PAPER FAST RED R-4G PAPER SAP BROWN PAPER TINTING BLUE BPB PAPER VIOLET 4R PAPER YELLOW CB CONC 125% PERGACID BLACK WAL EXTRA PERGACID BLUEBLACK B PERGACID BOND BLUE G PERGACID BOND BLUE G CONC PERGACID BRILL BLUE G PERGACID BRILL BLUE G2LU PERGACID BROWN G CONC PERGACID BROWN R CONC PERGACID CYANINE S CONC PERGACID FLOXINE 2GN PERGACID GLAUCINE A SUPRA PERGACID ORANGE II PERGACID ORANGE LJR PERGACID ORANGE 3R PERGACID ORANGE 5G PERGACID ORANGE 5R PERGACID RED 2G CONC PERGACID SCARLET FL PERGACID TARTRAZINE CONC PERGACID VIOLET 2B PERGACID YELLOW P CONC PERGACID YELLOW VS CONC PERGACID YELLOW 4GAL PERGAPAK M PERGASCRIPT OLIVE I-G PERGASCRIPT RED I-6B PERGASCRIPT TURQ. S-2G PERGASCRIPT VIOLET I-R PERGASOL BLACK CP PERGASOL BLACK G SUPRA PERGASOL BLUE GA CONC PERGASOL BLUE GA SUPRA PERGASOL BLUE 2RL PERGASOL BLUE 2RLXS PERGASOL BLUE 3B CONC PERGASOL BLUE 4RAL PERGASOL BLUE 4RALXS PERGASOL BLUE 8GLP PERGASOL BLUE 8GLP LIQUID PERGASOL BRILL ORANGE 5RA PERGASOL BRILL ORANGE 5RA 125% PERGASOL FAST ORANGE 2R 167% PERGASOL GOLDEN YELLOW RP PERGASOL GREEN RBN 150% PERGASOL ORANGE 3RSP PERGASOL RED 3BA PERGASOL RED 6BF PERGASOL SCARLET 4BNAD PERGASOL SCARLET 4SWN PERGASOL TINTING BLUE 3RLP PERGASOL TURQ BLUE GAL EXTRA PERGASOL TURQ BLUE GAL SUPRA PERGASOL TURQ BLUE GL EXTRA PERGASOL TURQ BLUE GL SUPRA PERGASOL TURQ BLUE GRL 250% PERGASOL YELLOW CB CONC PERGASOL YELLOW G EXTRA PERGASOL YELLOW G LIQUID PERGASOL YELLOW G SUPRA PERGASOL YELLOW GP PERGASOL YELLOW GPXS PERGASOL YELLOW KAL PERGASOL YELLOW PEL PERGASOL YELLOW PN PERGASOL YELLOW P2R PERGASOL YELLOW P2R CONC PERGASOL YELLOW RB PERGASOL YELLOW RB CONC. PERGASOL YELLOW RB LIQUID PERGASOL YELLOW 2GAL PERGASOL YELLOW 2GAL CONC PERGASOL YELLOW 4GP PERGASOL YELLOW 4GP CONC PERGASOL YELLOW 4GP-XS PERGASOL YELLOW 5GL CONC PERGASOL YELLOW 5RA EXTRA PERGASOL YELLOW 5RA LIQUID PERGASOL YELLOW 5RA SUPRA PERGASOL YELLOW 6G PERGASOL YELLOW 8GA PHENIDONE A PHENIDONE B PHENOLENE SUPRA PHOBOTEX CATALYST RBN PHOBOTEX FTC NEW PHOBOTEX 4089 POLAR ACID BOIL OUT POLAR ACID FELT WASH POLAR ALKALINE BOIL OUT POLAR ALKALINE FELT WASH POLAR BLEACH POLAR BRILL BLUE GAW CRUDE POLAR BRILL BLUE GAW 180% POLAR BRILL BLUE GAW 194% POLAR BRILL BLUE GAW-U 235% POLAR BRILL BLUE RAW POLAR BRILL BLUE RAWL POLAR BRILL BLUE RAWL 150% POLAR BRILL RED B POLAR BRILL RED B 125% POLAR BRILL RED 3BN POLAR BRILL RED 3BN 140% POLAR BRILL RED 10B POLAR BRILL RED 10B 140% POLAR BROWN RXL POLAR FOAMER POLAR GENERAL CLEANER POLAR GREY CBL POLAR GREY 2RL POLAR MAROON V CONC POLAR MAROON V 120% POLAR MELT POLAR RED B POLAR RED BROWN V POLAR RED BROWN V 120% POLAR RED RS POLAR RED RS CONC 125% POLAR YELLOW 5G POLAR YELLOW 5GL CONC POLAR YELLOW 5GL 178% POLARSOL 5 POLY FLOC POLY AMIDE 800 CX-60 POLYAMIDE 800 IT-60 POLYAMIDE 815 POLYAMIDE 815 C-70 POLYAMIDE 815 T-70 POLYAMIDE 815 X-70 POLYAMIDE 825 POLYAMIDE 840 POLYCOR DARK BROWN CB POLYCOR DARK BROWN CR POLYC">R DARK BROWN GRC POL\ Ą .. OLIVE GREEN G POLYCOR ORANGE G POLYCOR RED BROWN R POLYPHENYL FAST ORANGE 2R 167% POLYSENE AA POLYSENE KB POLYSENE S POLYSENE ST POLYSENE T POLYSENE 80 B POLYSENE 110 POLYTAN 120 PREPARATION 9890 PRINTAN G PT 5 STARCH PYROVATEX CP PYROVATEX PE PYROVATEX 3887 PYROVATEX 3887 PM 3 PYROVATEX 3887 PM 4 PYROVATEX 3887 PM 5 PYROVATEX 3887 PM 6 QUATERNARY 0 RD-4 REGINAL NS RELIABOND CIP II PRIMER RELIABOND HME 11270-14 RELIABOND R 10 RELIABOND R 47 RELIABOND R 47 G RBLIABOND R 150 RELIABOND R 151 PFR RELIABOND R 211 RELIABOND R 212 RELIABOND R 350 RELIABOND R 370 RELIABOND R 370 B RELIABOND R 370 BNC RELIABOND R 370 D RELIABOND R 371 RELIABOND R 373 RELIABOND R 380 RELIABOND R 380/6 RELIABOND R 382 RELIABOND R 382-1 RELIABOND R 382-4 RELIABOND R 382/7 RELIABOND R 382 B RELIABOND R 382 BCS image: ------- 127 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CIBA-GEIGY Corporation CIBA-GEIGY RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABQND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND Corporationócont'd R 382 BL R 382 CS R 382 HC R 382 HCOD R 382 LC R 382 S R 382 U R 382 USC R 382 2U R 383 C R 391 R 391-1 R 391-1 CS R 391-1 E R 391-1 EHC R 391E R 391 HC R 393 R 393-1 R 393-1S R 394 R 394/1 R 398 R 398-1 R 398-420 R 398/5 R 398 II PRIMER R 398 U R 399 SM R 500 PRIMER R 504 R 714 R 7112 R 7114 R 7114 HC R 7115 R 7115/1 R 7115 BG R 7115 G R 7115 HC R 7115 U R 7116 R 7117 U R 7118 R 7118 CS R 7118 HC R 7119 R-7 PRIMER R-8 PRIMER RAC 6250 RAC 6350 RAC 6351 RAC 6353 RAC 6500 RAC 6501 RAC 6502 RAC 6503 RAC 6504 RAC 6516 RAC 6701 RAC 6725 RAC 6750 RAC 6752 RAC 6902 RAC 6903 RAC 6925 RAC 6925.3 RAC 6926 RAC 6927 RAC 6935 RAC 6936 RAC 7250 RAC 7252 RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIABOND RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RELIAPREG RAC 7253 RAC 7254 RAC 7305 RAC 7350 RAC 7351 RAC 7502 RAC 7504 RAC 9121 RAC 9240 RAC 9250 RAC 9252 RAC 9258 RAC 9350 RAC 9351 RD-1 RGB 7116 RGM 7116 RHR 600 RX 102275 01976 9354 R 900 R 900 U R 923 R 924 R 1200 R 1206 R 1226 R 1226 CD R 1227 R 1300 R 1305 R 1306 R 1309 R 1310 R 1500 R 1500 B R 1500 E R 1500 T R 1502 R 1503 R 1505 R 1509 R 1510 R 1514 R 1532 R 1540 R 1582 R 1589 R 1589 U R 1600 R 1601 R 1602 R 1603 R 1604 R 1605 R 1613 R 1717 R 1802 R 2500 R 2500 HFR R 2505 R 2518 R 2519 R 2540 R 3700 R 8002 R 8003 R 8005 R 8006 RGB 1309 RGB 1505 RGB 1509 RN 1604 RELIAPREG RNP 1505 RELIAPREG RNP 1603 RELIAPREG RNP 1605 RELIAPREG RPL 1200 RELIATHANE RCP 5001 RELIATHANE RCP 5002 RELIATHANE RCP 5003 RELIATHANE RCP 5004 RELIATHANE RCP 5005 RELIATHANE RCP 5006 RELIATHANE RCP 5007 RELIATHANE RCP 5008 RELIATHANE RCP 5009 RELIATHANE RCP 5201 RELIATHANE RCP 5202 RELIATHANE RCP 5203 RELIATHANE RCP 5204 RELIATHANE RCP 5300 RELIATHANE RCP 5301 RELIATHANE RCP 5303 RELIATHANE RCP 5305 RELIATHANE RCP 5305/1 RELIATHANE RCP 5305/2 RELIATHANE RCP 5351 RELIATHANE RCP 5401 RELIATHANE RCP 5402 RELIATHANE RCP 5500 RELIATHANE RCP 5501 RELIATHANE RCP 5502 RELIATHANE RCP 5503 RELIATHANE RCP 5504 RELIATHANE RCP 5800 REN FLEX D-38 REN FLEX D-48 REN FLEX D-140 REN FLEX E-300 REN FLEX E-600 REN FLEX E-1000 REN FLEX E-1500 REN FLEX E-2000 REN FLEX SA-175 REN LEASE 11B REN LEASE 35 REN RAPID DA 557 REN-CELL REOLUBE CI 4 REOLUBE TPPT REOMET SET 75 REOMET 2BT REOMET 38 REOMET 41 RESERVE SALT FLAKE RESORCINE BROWN B RESORCINE BROWN G RESORCINETOROWN G CONC 125% RESORCINE BROWN R RESORCINE BROWN R 100% RESORCINE BROWN R 133% RESORCINE BROWN RD EXTRA RETARDER A CIBA RHODAMINE B 500% RIP OFF RP 35 RP 37 RP 38 RP 39 RP 40 RP 42 RP 43 RP 56 RP 57 RP 70 RP 78 RP 106 image: ------- CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 128 CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd RP 134 RP 136 RP 142 RP 144 RP 225 RP 229 RP 301-1 REN-SHAPE RP 306 RP 309 RP 569-1 RP 569-2 RP 571 RP 801 RP 802 RP 803 RP 804 RP 870 RP 1117 RP 1118 RP 1120 RP 1121 RP 1123 RP 1125 RP 1126 RP 1135 RP 1220 RP 1225 RP 1250 RP 1253 RP 1257 RP 1258 REN-WELD RP 1259 RP 1260 RP 1273 RP 1340 RP 1360 RP 1700 RP 1710 RP 1774 RP 2151 RP 2888 RP 2900 RP 3209-1 RP 3209-2 RP 3215-1 RP 3215-2 RP 3215-3 RP 3253 RP 3254 RP 3260 RP 3261 RP 3262 RP 3265 FASTOOL RP 3266 % RP 3269 RP 3270 RP 4002 RP 4012 RP 4015 RP 4022 RP 4024 RP 4025 RP 4032 RP 4033 RP 6000 RP 6001 RP 6002 RP 6003 RP 6004 RP 6005 RP 6007N RP 6008 RP 6009 RP 6011 RP 6012 JEL-E-KLEEN RP 6014 RP 6015 RP 6018 RP 6020 TELE-WELD RP 6021 RP 6025 FAST-WELD RP 6041 RP 6041-1 RP 6042 RP 6400 REN:C:0-THANE RP 6401 REN:C:0-THANE RP 6402 REN:C:0-THANE RP 6403 REN:C:0-THANE RP 6404 REN:C:0-THANE RP 6405 REN:C:0-THANE RP 6409 REN:C:0-THANE RP 6414 REN:C:0-THANE RP-4015 HARDENER RP-6000 RESIN RP-6404 RESIN RP-6409 RESIN RP-6414 RESIN SAF T SOL C SAF T SOLV SAPAMINE AL SAPAMINE C SAPAMINE COB ST SAPAMINE OC SAPAMINE OC BASE 500% SAPAMINE OC FLAKE 400 SAPAMINE P SAPAMINE P BASE SAPAMINE P NEW SAPAMINE WL SAPAMINE WL BASE SAPAMINE WL 400 BASE SAPOMINE OC BASE SARKOSYL L SARKOSYL LC SARKOSYL NL 97 SARKOSYL NL-30 SARKOSYL NL-30 BULK SARKOSYL 0 SCINTILLATOR BBOT SCINTILLATOR BUTYL PBD SCINTILLATOR PBBD SEBACOL SELLA ACID BROWN G 250% SELLA ACID ORANGE II 150% SELLA CHROME ORANGE R SELLA FAST BLACK FC SELLA FAST BROWN CB SELLA FAST BROWN CR SELLA FAST BROWN DGR SELLA FAST BROWN DR SELLA FAST BROWN DS 150% SELLA FAST BROWN HC SELLA FAST BROWN HE 130% SELLA FAST BROWN HG SELLA FAST BROWN HH 150% SELLA FAST BROWN HL SELLA FAST BROWN HR SELLA FAST BROWN HR 200% SELLA FAST BROWN MW SELLA FAST BROWN MW 120% SELLA FAST BROWN 0 SELLA FAST BROWN OM SELLA FAST ORANGE 2GC 100% SELLA FAST RED C SELLA FAST RED F 140% SELLA FAST RED RS SELLA FAST RED RS 125% SELLA FAST RED V SELLA FAST YELLOW G SELLA OLIVE BROWN G SELLACOL P SELLASOL CR SELLASOL HF PASTE SELLASOL HL SEQUESTRENE AA SEQUESTRENE CU SEQUESTRENE LIQUID MN SEQUESTRENE LIQUID ZINC SEQUESTRENE MN SEQUESTRENE NAFE 13% FE SEQUESTRENE NA2 SEQUESTRENE Na2Ca Edetate USP SEQUESTRENE NA2 CU SEQUESTRENE NA2 EDETATE USP SEQUESTRENE NA3 SEQUESTRENE NA4 SEQUESTRENE NA4 50# CARTON SEQUESTRENE NH4FE SEQUESTRENE ST SEQUESTRENE ZINC SEQUESTRENE 2.5% MG BULK SEQUESTRENE 5% MN BULK SEQUESTRENE 6% ZINC BULK SEQUESTRENE 9% CU BULK SEQUESTRENE 9% ZN BULK SEQUESTRENE 26% AQUA AMMONIA SEQUESTRENE 30A SEQUESTRENE 30A BULK SEQUESTRENE 30A 300 # DRUM SEQUESTRENE 30A 600# 0/H DRUM SEQUESTRENE 50K3 SEQUESTRENE 50K3 BULK SEQUESTRENE 138 FE SEQUESTRENE 330 FE SETAFIL YELLOW 3G SETAREX YELLOW GLF SETAROLEN YELLOW GLF SETARON NAVY BLUE RM PST 100% SETATEX YELLOW 3G SILK RED B SILVATOL LF SILVATOL SO SILVATOL 100 SODIUM SARCOSINE SOLUTION SODIUM SARCOSINE SOLUTION BULK SOFTENER BASE CT SOFTENER PE 20 SOFTENER PE-25 SOLOASE SOLOPHENYL BLUE FGL SOLOPHENYL BLUE NCW SOLOPHENYL BLUE RBL SOLOPHENYL BLUE 2BGLD 50% SOLOPHENYL BLUE 2RL SOLOPHENYL BLUE 2RL 200% SOLOPHENYL BLUE 2RLXS SOLOPHENYL BLUE 3GL 200% SOLOPHENYL BLUE 8GL SOLOPHENYL BLUE 8GL 200% SOLOPHENYL BLUE 8GLP SOLOPHENYL BLUEGREEN BL SOLOPHENYL BORDEAUX A2BL 100% SOLOPHENYL BORDEAUX A2BL 160% SOLOPHENYL BORDEAUX 2BL SOLOPHENYL BRIL BLUE BL 200% SOLOPHENYL BRILL BLUE BL SOLOPHENYL BRILL BLUE FALL SOLOPHENYL BRILLIANT GREEN 5GL SOLOPHENYL BRONZE BLN 200% SOLOPHENYL BROWN AGL CONC NEW SOLOPHENYL BROWN AGL NEW image: ------- 129 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CIBA-GEIGY Corporation CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd SOLOPHENYL BROWN BL SOLOPHENYL BROWN GL CONC NEW SOLOPHENYL BROWN GRLN SOLOPHENYL BROWN RL 130% SOLOPHENYL FAST BLUEGREENBL SOLOPHENYL GREEN A2GL SOLOPHENYL GREEN A2GL 300% SOLOPHENYL GREEN BL 155% SOLOPHENYL GREEN 5BL SOLOPHENYL GREEN 5BL 200% SOLOPHENYL GREY 4GL SOLOPHENYL GREY 4GL 300% SOLOPHENYL GROWN RL SOLOPHENYL KHAKI GL SOLOPHENYL OLIVE GL SOLOPHENYL ORANGE ARL SOLOPHENYL ORANGE ARL 220% SOLOPHENYL ORANGE LF SOLOPHENYL ORANGE TGL 150% SOLOPHENYL RED 3BL SOLOPHENYL RED 6BL SOLOPHENYL RED 6BL 160% SOLOPHENYL SCARLET BNL SOLOPHENYL SCARLET BNL 200% SOLOPHENYL TURQ BLUE GL SUPRA SOLOPHENYL TURQ BLUE GRL 360% SOLOPHENYL TURQUOISE BLUE GHL SOLOPHENYL TURQUOISE BLUE GLC 222% SOLOPHENYL TURQUOISE BLUE GLEX- TRA SOLOPHENYL TURQUOISE BLUEGRL 250% SOLOPHENYL VIOLET A2RL SOLOPHENYL VIOLET 4BL SOLOPHENYL YELLOW AFFGL SUPRA SOLOPHENYL YELLOW AFFGL 100% SOLOPHENYL YELLOW AFFGL 300% SOLOPHENYL YELLOW AFGL SOLOPHENYL YELLOW ARL CONC SOLOPHENYL YELLOW AUF CONC SOLOPHENYL YELLOW AUF-B SOLOPHENYL YELLOW A2GL SOLOPHENYL YELLOW 2GL SOLOPHENYL YELLOW 5GL SOLOPHENYL YELLOW 5GL 200% SORBIT P STABILIZER FC STABILIZER 35 STABILIZER 50 STEINEX STEROZOL SUEDE BLACK GK NEW SUEDE BLUE GV NEW SULFUR BLACK R SUN YELLOW 3G EXTRA SUN YELLOW 3G SUPRA SUPRAGUM 250 SUPRAGUM 300 SYNALUBE C SYNOLUBE BL SYNOLUBE BT SYNOLUBE BT 1 SYNOLUBE BW SYNOLUBE BW 1 SYNOLUBE BW-2 SYNOLUBE C SYNOLUBE CN-1 SYNOLUBE E 700 SYNOLUBE NH SYNOLUBE Q 20 SYNOLUBE TW 155 SYNObUBE TW 155 1 TANACLEAR AA TANACLEAR 10 TANACLEAR 11 TANACLEAR 11 A TANACLEAR 12 A TANACLEAR 20 A TANACLEAR 30 B 1 TANACLEAR 30 B 3 TANACLEAR 40 TANADET 8070 TANAFIX SM TANAGUM AT TANAGUM CS TANASIST BD TANASIST FR TANASIZE TANASIZE AS 4 TANASIZE RP 4 TANASOFT N 100 TANASOFT N-100A TANASOLVE 20 TANASOLVE 20 B TANAWET LFW TANAWET LFW CONC TANAWET WAQE TANAWET 028 27 TANAWET 205 TANA WHITE GP TANCOPEL TANNESCO H LIQUID TANNESCO HH TANOLIN TANOTARD BU TANOTARD CG TANOTARD F 105 50% TANOTARD UFR 10 TANOTARD 35 TANOTARD 105 TANOTARD 220 TANOTARD 552 TEAM TDA 509-14 TDA 509-15 TDA 509-16 TDA 509-17 TDA 509-26 TDA 509-28 TDA 546-1 TDA 549-8 TDA 549-16 TDA 552-11 TDA 552-15 TDA 552-16 TDA 552-17 TDA 552-18 TDA 554-2 TDA 554-3 TDA 560-4 TDA 561-2 TDA 561-4 TDA 561-8 TDA 561-15 TDA 561-17 TDA 561-18 TDA 562-3 TDA 562-5 TDA 563-6 TDA 564-5 TDA 564-6 TDA 1040 TDA-564-6 HARDENER TOO 809-1 TOO 809-2 TDS 721-3 TDS 721-6 TDS 721-7 TDS 721-8 TDS 724-1 TDS 724-2 TDS 725-4 TDS 725-6 TDS 725-7 TDS 725-8 TDS 725-9 TDS 725-13 TDS 725-18 TDS 725-19 TDS 726-19 TDS 726-32 TDS 726-34 TDS 726-42 TDS 726-47 TDS 726-48 TDS 72fr49 TDS 726-50 TDS 728-18 TDS 729-1 TDS 729-1 HARDENER TDS 735-5 TDS 735-6 TDS 735-8 TDS 735-9 TDS 735-10 TDS 735-11 TDS 735-12 TDS 735-13 TDS 735-14 TDS 735-15 TDS 735-16 TDS 735-17 TDS 735-18 TDS 735-19 TDS 736-7 TDS 737-4 TDS 737-5 TDS 738-2 TDS 738-3 TDS 738-4 TDS 738-5 TDS 738-6 TDS 738-7 TDS 738-8 TDS 738-9 TDS 738-10 TDS 738-11 TDS 738-13 TDS 738-14 TDS 738-15 TDS 738-16 TDS 738-17 TDS 738-18 TDS 738-19 TDS 743-2 TDS 744-1 TDT 148-2 TDT 148-3 TDT 159-4 TDT 160-3 TDT 161-1 TDT 161-10 TDT 161-11 TDT 164-4 TDU 903-1 TECTILON BLACK GD TECTILON BLUE B 125% TECTILON BLUE BGS TECTILON BLUE GREEN B TECTILON BLUE GREEN B 200% TECTILON BLUE GRL image: ------- CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 130 CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd TECTILON BLUE GRL 167% TECTILON BLUE 3G TECTILON BLUE 4G 200% TECTILON BLUE 4R TECTILON BLUE 4R KWL TECTILON BLUE 4R 200% TECTILON BLUE 5GS TECTILON BLUE 6G KWL 200% TECTILON BLUE 6G 200% TECTILON BR RED 10B 140% TECTILON BRILL BLUE FR 200% TECTILON BROWN 5R TECTILON BROWN 5R 150% TECTILON FLOXINE KL 220% TECTILON ORANGE 3G TECTILON ORANGE 3G-KWL TECTILON ORANGE 3R TECTILON ORANGE 4R TECTILON RED B TECTILON RED BG TECTILON RED GN TECTILON RED GR TECTILON RED 2B 100% TECTILON RED 2B-KWL TECTILON RED 3B TECTILON RED 3B LIQUID 50% TECTILON SCARLET B TECTILON YELLOW 2G TECTILON YELLOW 4R LIQUID 50% TECTILON YELLOW 4R 250% TECTILON YELLOW 4R-KWL 250% TEK HIBIT TEK HIBIT HAX ACID CLEANER TEK KLOR TEK SOLV TEK SPERSE TEK-AD TEK-CHROME TEK-FIL TEK-FLOC TEK-KLEAN TEK-SET TEK-TAN TEK-WET TERACOTON BLUE #1 TERAFIX BLACK JS TERAFIX BLUE 2G LIQUID TERAFIX FLA VINE 8G LIQUID TERAFIX GOLDEN YELLOW R LIQUID TERAFIX NAVY BLUE 2R LIQUID TERAFIX ORANGE 2R LIQUID TERAFIX PINK 2G LIQUID TERAFIX RED 3G LIQUID TERAFIX SCARLET GR LIQUID TERAFIX VIOLET B LIQUID TERAFIX YELLOW 2G LIQUID TERAFIX YELLOW 3G LIQUID TERAPRINT BLACK ML TERAPRINT BLACK 2R LIQ TERAPRINT BLUE R LIQUID TERAPRINT BLUE 2R LIQ TERAPRINT BLUE 5R LIQ TERAPRINT RED 3G LIQ TERAPRINT RED 6B LIQ TERAPRINT YELLOW 2G LIQ TERAPRINT YELLOW 8G LIQ TERASIL BLACK BL TERASIL BLACK BL PASTE 50% TERASIL BLACK BM TERASIL BLACK BM PASTE 50% TERASIL BLACK PR TERASIL BLACK SRL LIQUID 50% TERASIL BLUE SHR TERASIL BLUE 4R TERASIL BRIL FLA VINE 2GF TERASIL BRIL VIOLET BL LIQ TERASIL BRIL YELLOW 6G TERASIL BRILL BLUE SRL TERASIL BRILL FLAVINE BGFFLIQUID TERASIL BRILL FLAVINE 8GFF TERASIL BRILL GREEN 7G TERASIL BRILL ORANGE 2RL TERASIL BRILL PINK FG TERASIL BRILL PINK 2GLA TERASIL BRILL PINK 2GLAPASTE 50% TERASIL BRILL PINK 3G TERASIL BRILL RED FB TERASIL BRILL RED 4G TERASIL BRILL RED 4G LIQUID50% TERASIL BRILL VIOLET BL LIQUID TERASIL BRILL YELLOW 6G PASTE TERASIL BROWN 3R TERASIL BROWN 3R PASTE 50% TERASIL DARK BLUE PT TERASIL DARK BLUE RB TERASIL DARK BLUE RB CONC TERASIL DARK BLUE RB PASTE 50% TERASIL GOLD YELL RL 100% TERASIL GOLD YELLOW RL PASTE50% TERASIL GOLDEN YEL CB 253LIQ TERASIL NAVY BLUE BGL TERASIL NAVY BLUE BGL LIQ TERASIL NAVY BLUE SGL TERASIL NAVY BLUE SGL LQD 50% TERASIL ORANGE CB285 LIQUID125% TERASIL ORANGE GFA TERASIL ORANGE GFA PASTE TERASIL ORANGE R TERASIL ORANGE R PST 50% TERASIL ORANGE 2GR TERASIL ORANGE SRL TERASIL ORANGE SRL TERASIL ORANGE SRL PST 50% TERASIL PRINT BLACK P-ENPASTE 80% TERASIL PRINT BLK P-R PST 50% TERASIL PRINT BRN P-M PST 50% TERASIL RED BL TERASIL RED MG TERASIL RED MI TERASIL RED VGA 50% PASTE TERASIL RED 2GL PST 50% TERASIL RED 3BL TERASIL RED 3BL PASTE 50% TERASIL RED 5G TERASIL RUBINE 2RSL TERASIL SCARLET B TERASIL SCARLET CB 266 LIQUID150% TERASIL SCARLET GR TERASIL SCARLET GR LIQ TERASIL SCARLET 2GH TERASIL SCARLET 5G TERASIL VIOLET 2BN TERASIL YELLOW BROWN 2RFL TERASIL YELLOW BROWN 2RFLPASTE 100% TERASIL YELLOW GWL TERASIL YELLOW GWL PASTE 50% TERASIL YELLOW T3GL PST TERASIL YELLOW 2GL TERASIL YELLOW 2GL PST 50% TERASIL YELLOW 2GW TERASIL YELLOW 4G TERASIL YELLOW 5R CONC TINDREX f C 30 TINEGAL ALM TINEGAL APC TINEGAL MG TINEGAL MR 50% TINEGAL NA TINEGAL NA LIQUID TINEGAL NA LIQUID A TINEGAL PM TINEGAL PNKD TINEGAL RWI TINEGAL RWI TINEGAL TP TINEGAL W TINEGAL W PURE TINOFIL LW TINOFIX A LIQUID 150% TINOFIX EW CONC TINOFIX EW SOLUTION TINOFIX EWP TINOFIX LW TINOFIX QF LIQUID TINOFIX QF LIQUID BULK TINOLITE BRILL BLUE GL 23 DISP TINOLITE BRILL BLUE RL-21DISPERSION TINOLITE GREEN 2G 46 DISPERS TINOLITE ORANGE RG-55 TINOLITE PADDING ADDITIVE 419 TINOLITE PADDING BINDER 422 TINOLITE PADDING BINDER 507 TINOLITE PADDING BRILL BLUE TINOLITE PADDING BRILL BLUE GL23 Tinolite Padding Brill Blue RL TINOLITE PADDING GREEN 2G 46 TINOLITE PADDING ORANGE RG 55 TINOLITE PADDING RED G 62 TINOLITE PADDING YELLOW F 93 TINOLITE RED G 62 DISPERSION TINOLITE YELLOW F93 DISPERSION TINOLITE YELLOW GN-97DISPERSION TINON NAVY BLUE 2BND DEL PST TINOPAL AMS TINOPAL AMS PURE TINOPAL AP LIQUID TINOPAL CBS-X TINOPAL DMS PURE TINOPAL DMS-X HIGH CONC TINOPAL GS CONC TINOPAL LIQUID REDUCED TINOPAL LPW TINOPAL PCR TINOPAL PT LIQ 250# DRUMS DUP TINOPAL PT LIQ 500# DRUMS DUP TINOPAL PT LIQUID TINOPAL PT LIQUID BULK TINOPAL PTM LIQUID TINOPAL PTM LIQUID BULK TINOPAL PTM-CK LIQUID TINOPAL RA 16 TINOPAL RB-110 TINOPAL RBS TECHNICAL EXPORT TINOPAL RBS 200% TINOPAL RBS 200% EXPORT TINOPAL SFG TINOPAL SFP TINOPAL SWN CONC TINOPAL UNPA TINOPAL UNPA LIQUID TINOPAL UNPL TINOPAL 2B PURE TINOPAL 4BM CONC TINOPAL 4BM 154% TINOPAL 5BM TINOPAL 5BM EXTRA CONC TINOPAL 5BMS CONC TINOPAL 3894 (BHS) TINTING BLACK FO TINUVETIN JUA image: ------- 131 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CBBA-GEIGY Corporation CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd TINUVETIN NRA TINUVIN P TINUVIN P FINE GRIND TINUVIN P PASTE TINUVIN P POWDER TINUVIN 120 TINUVIN 144 TINUVIN 320 TINUVIN 326 TINUVIN 326 PASTE TINUVIN 327 TINUVIN 328 TINUVIN 770 TOILEASE TWA 1004 TWA 1006 TWA 1008 TWA 1024 TWA 1039 TWA 1040 TWA 1070 TWA 1077 TWA 1085 TWA 1086 TWA 1089 TWA 1092 TWA 1096 TWA 1097 TWA 1098 TWA 1111 TWA 1115 TWA 1119 TWA 1120 TWA 1122 TWA 1127 TWA 1130 TWA 1133 TWA 1142 TWA 1145 TWA 1146 TWA 1148 TWA 1153 TWA 1154 TWA 1157 TWA 1158 TWC 1030 TWC 1036 TWC 1045 TWC 1046 TWC 1054 TWC 1055 TWC 1087 TWC 1088 TWC 1093 TWC 1097 TWC 1107 TWC 1113 TWC 1114 TWC 1118 TWC 1124 TWC 1125 TWC 1126 TWC 1132 TWC 1150 TWC 1152 TWC 1155 TWC 1156 TWC- 1132 RESIN TWT 1019 TWT 1057 TWT 1072 TWT 1078 TWT 1090 TWT 1091 TWT 1116 TWT 1117 TWT 1128 TWT 1137 TWT 1138 TWT 1139 TWT 1140 TWT 1141 TWT 91117 ULTRAHOLD 8 UNISPERSE BLACK C PASTE UNISPERSE RED 41211 UNISPERSE SCARLET R-E UNISPERSE YELLOW GR PASTE UNISPERSE YELLOW 2RLT-E UVITEX ACA LIQUID UVITEX AT UVITEX BAC UVITEX BFTA LIQUID UVITEX BHT LIQUID UVITEX BST UVITEX BVA UVITEX CF LIQUID NEW UVITEX EBF UVITEX EN UVITEX ERN UVITEX ERN 250% UVITEX ERN-P 100% UVITEX ERN-P 250% UVITEX K UVITEX MD UVITEX MST 300% UVITEX NFW UVITEX NFW 350% UVITEX OB UVITEX RAC UVITEX RBNAD UVITEX RBNAD LIQUID UVITEX SOF UVITEX SWN CONG UVITEX WGS UVITEX WGS CONG LIQUID UVITEX WGS LIQUID UVITEX WGS-N LIQUID UVITEX WGSN UVITEX WNA HIGH CONC UVITEX 2B 200% UVITEX 3BSA UVITEX 3BSA LIQUID UVITEX 4BMA LIQUID UVITEX 551 UVITEX 3957 UVITEX 4086 VERSENE 100 VERSENEX 80 VERSENOL 120 VIDENE L WEIGHTER 42 WHALE CONDITIONER WW 17-316 WW 79-289 WW 81-289 WW 93-289 WW 207 289 WW 215 289 WW 236 316 X 149-360 XA 14-328 XA 16-280 XA 26-298 XA 43-312 XA 50-353 XA 54-230 XA 76-305 XA 183-157 XB 111-143 XB 2610 XB 2615 XB 2731 XB 2764 XB 2793 XB 2812 XB 2818 XB 2826 XB 2852 XB 2869 XB 2888 XB 2900 XB 2948 XB 2968 XB157/104 XB157/129 XB157/133 XB157/150 XC 44-154-1 XC 68-272 XD 580 XD 596 XH 79-289 XL 15-313 XL 28-280 XL 49-272 XL 103-359 XR 4-280 XR 57-289 XR 100-317 XR 160-363 XR 200 316 XU 83-375 XU 88 314 XU 109 XU 161 XU 164 XU 168 XU 174 XU 178 XU 183 XU 193 XU 194 XU 195 XU 200 XU 203 XU 204 XU 205 XU 207 XU 208 XU 209 XU 210 XU 211A XU 212 XU 213 XU 214 XU 215 XU 216 XU 217 XU 218 XU 219 XU 220 XU 221 XU 222 XU 223 XU 224 XU 225 XU 228 XU 229 XU 230 XU 231 image: ------- CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 132 CIBA-GEIGY Corporationócont'd XYLOK CATALYST 101 XYLOK HARDENER 231 N-90 XYLOK HARDENER 236 XYLOK HARDENER 237 XYLOK RESIN 231 NK-60 XYLOK RESIN 236 XYLOK RESIN 237 XYLOK 209 XYLOK 209 C-55 XYLOK 210 XYLOK 210 NY-60 XYLOK 211 XYLOK 212 XYLOK 214 XYLOK 214 N-55 XYLOK 225 XYLOK 231 XYLOK 234C XYLOK 235C XYLOK 235 NK-75 XYLOK 240 XYLOK 241 XYLOK 242 XYLOK 243 XYLOK 244 XYLOK 9540 XYLOK 9541 X183/2551 ZEROSTAT C ZEROSTAT 6000 21 Dispersion 9315 Cincinnati Milacron Chem. Inc. West Street Reading OH 45215 ADVASTAB all inclusive, except for suffix (C). ADVA WAX all inclusive, except for suffix (C). AMBIDEX all inclusive, except for suffix (C). BASE ML all inclusive, except for suffix (C). BETA-CHLOR all inclusive, except for suffix (C). BMU all inclusive, except for suffix (C). CAR-A-VAN all inclusive, except for suffix (C). CARDENE all inclusive, except for suffix (C). CARSTAB all inclusive, except for suffix (C). CARSTAN all inclusive, except for suffix (C). CELLU-BRITE all inclusive, except for suffix (C). MDAC all inclusive, except for suffix (C). MERCAPTATE all inclusive, except for suffix (C). PAVE all inclusive, except for suffix (C). PAVE-BOND all inclusive, except for suffix (C). SULCHLOR all inclusive, except for suffix (C). Cincinnati Milacron/Products Division 4701 Marburg Ave. Cincinnati OH 45209 Cincinnati Milacron "Cimflex" Grinding Wheels Cincinnati Milacron "Cimform" Grinding Wheels Cincinnati Milacron "PD" Cincinnati Milacron "Super Cimform" Grinding Wheels Cincinnati Milacron Grinding Wheels Cincinnati Milacron Regulating Wheels Cincinnati Cincinnati Milacron Resinoid Bonded Cubic Cincinnati Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels Cincinnati Cincinnati Milacron Resinoid Bonded Diamond Boron Grinding Wheels Cincinnati Cincinnati Milacron Resinoid Bonded Grinding ments Wheels Cincinnati Cincinnati Milacron Resinoid Bonded Segments Cincinnati Milacron Resinoid Honing Stones Milacron Resinoid Mounted Points Milacron Vitrified Bonded Cubic Nitride Grinding Wheels Milacron Vitrified Bonded Seg- Milacron Vitrified Honing Stones Milacron Vitrified Mounted Points Cincinnati Milacron, Inc. Mr. 3.3. Grotty 4701 Marburg Avenue Cincinnati OH 45209 Additive (all products) Antifoam Center Saver CIMCLEAN (all products) CIMCOOL (all products) CIMCOOL Blue Dye CIMCOOL Green Dye CIMCOOL Pink Dye CIMFLO (all products) CIMFREE (all products) CIMGUARD (all products) CIMPERIAL (all products) CIMPLUS (all products) CIMTAP (all products) Cleaning Agent (all products) CX-1 through 100 Filter Aid 1 Foam Depressant Inhibitor (all products) Lubricant (all products) Odorant B PDQ-2 Settling Aid (all products) Water Conditioner V WC-10C 2Y1 through 700 9DR8 ll-S-64 ll-S-88 ll-S-90 20GY6 24RA 37EX-5 image: ------- 133 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Cities Service Company Circle Chemical Company, Inc. P. 0. Box 1184 Hinckley IL 60520 Cleaner #174 Cleaner H-8 Cleaner K-50 Cleaner LA #45 Dev-Kote (All Products) ELECTROLESS NICKEL PLATING SOLU- TION CONCENTRATION Final Rinse #1 Mag Mist MI-GLOW #12 MI-GLOW POWDER (All Products) MI-GLOW WETTING AGENT (All Products) N-5 NEUTRALIZER Neutralizer #6 SIR CHEM MAGNETIC DUSTING POWDER (All Products) SIR CHEM TESTING SOLUTION (All Prod- ucts) SIRKOTE (All Products) UW #1 Magnetic Particles Cities Service Company P. 0. Box 300 P. 0. Box 300 Tulsa OK 74102 Allegheny-Ludlum Grinding Oil AM 3761601 American Motors All Seasons Motor Oil American Motors ATF American Motors ATF Dexron American Motors 3756966 Arrow Two Cycle Racing Oil Asiatic Codes 69704 & 69609 Bethlehem Steel Special 2100 Oil Bethlehem Steel Special 2400 Oil Blend-Kote 431 Wax Blend-Kote 433 Wax Blend-Kote 450 Wax Blend-Kote 460 Wax Blend-Kote 463 Wax Blend-Kote 467 Wax Blend-Kote 522 Wax Blend-Kote 532 Wax Blend-Kote 543 Wax Blend-Kote 555 Wax Bucar 1000 Bucar 5000 Bucar 5214 Bucar 5245 Bucar 6000 C&F Wax Carus Wax CGA-27 Chevrolet 5695183 Grease Chevron ATF Dexron II Chevron Custom Motor Oil 10W-40 Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil Chevron Gear Oil Chevron Glycol FR-20 Fluid Chevron OC Turbine Oil 46 & 48 Chevron Special Motor Oil Chevron Torque Converter Fluid 120 Chevron Torque Fluid 5 Chevron Universal Gear Lubricant Chevron Zerolene GP Oil 10W Chevron Zerolene GP Oil 30 Chevron Zerolene GP Oil 40 Chrysler MS 4228 Chrysler Outboard Gear Oil Chrysler 50-1 Outboard Motor Oil CITCO Solvent 26 CITCOP 4E CITCOP 6E Citex BC-26 Citex BC-48 Citex BC-612 Citex BCL-462 Citex BN-21 Citex BN-451 Citex BT-93 Citfoam II Citfoam III CITGO #2 Fuel Oil CITGO A/W Hydraulic Oils - All Grades CITGO Agricultural Spray Base Oil CITGO All Season Multigrade Motor Oil - All Grades CITGO Amplex 07 & 10 CITGO Amplex 15 CITGO Amplex 20, 30 & 75 CITGO Amplex 32 CITGO Amplex 46 CITGO Amplex 65 CITGO Amplex 68 CITGO Amplex 150 CITGO Antifreeze & Coolant CITGO AP Grease CITGO API Thread Compound CITGO Automatic Transmission Fluid CITGO Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F CITGO C-300 Motor Oils - All Grades CITGO C-500 Motor Oils, All Grades CITGO C-515W-40 Motor Oils CITGO C-600 Motor Oils - All Grades CITGO Concrete Form Oil CITGO Crude 650-0 Wax CITGO Crude 650 wax CITGO Cutting Oil - All Grades (110, 120, 130, 140) CITGO Cutting- Oil 215 CITGO Cutting Oil 220 CITGO Cutting Oil 400 CITGO Cutting Oil 410 CITGO Cutting Oil 425 CITGO Cutting Oils 205, 210 CITGO CVR Form Oil CITGO Cylinder Oil 63-5 CITGO Cylinder Oil 100-5 CITGO Cylinder Oil 140-5 CITGO Cylinder Oil 150-7 CITGO Cylinder Oil 460-5 CITGO Cylinder Oil 680-7 CITGO Diesel Fuel Citgo EP Compound CITGO EP Compound 150 CITGO EP Compound 460 CITGO EP Compounds 55, 65, 75, 90, 110, 130 CITGO EP Compounds 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 CITGO EP-100 Greases - All Grades CITGO EP-200 Greases CITGO Extra Duty Circulating Oils - All Grades CITGO Extra Range Grease CITGO Extra Range Motor Oils - All Grades CITGO Extra Range Snowmobile Oil CITGO Extra Range Two-Cycle Engine Oil CITGO Gas Engine Oil 600 CITGO Gear and Chain Oils CITGO Glycol FR-40 XD CITGO Heavy Duty Detergent Motor Oil - All Grades CITGO HEP Grease CITGO HI218 Wax CITGO HI618 Wax CITGO Invert FR Fluid CITGO IP-2 Wax CITGO IPS-1 Wax CITGO L-7A CITGO LA Compounds - LSA, L1A CITGO LS Compounds CITGO Microwax 222 CITGO Microwax 240 CITGO Microwax 820 CITGO Microwax 840 CITGO Milemaster Motor Oils CITGO Neptune 100A CITGO NGL Gas Engine Oil CITGO No Lead Gasoline CITGO No. 9089 CITGO No. 93734 Motor Oil CITGO Non-Detergent Motor Oils - All Grades CITGO Open Gear Compound 4A CITGO Open Gear Compounds 2 & 5 CITGO P Grease CITGO Pacemaker GEO 800 CITGO Pacemaker GEO 900 CITGO Pacemaker GEO 1000 CITGO Pacemaker GEO 1100 CITGO Pacemaker H-T Oils - All Grades CITGO Pacemaker HV 35 CITGO Pacemaker HV 68 CITGO Pacemaker Oils - All Grades CITGO Pacemaker Synthetic FR Fluid All Grades CITGO Pacemaker T Oils - All Grades Citgo Pacemaker Wax 50 CITGO Pacemaker XD Oils - All Grades CITGO Pacemaker-27 Wax CITGO Pacemaker-30 Wax CITGO Pacemaker-32 Wax CITGO Paeemaker-35 Wax CITGO Pacemaker-37 Wax CITGO Pacemaker-40 Wax CITGO Pacemaker-42MF Wax CITGO Pacemaker-42 Wax image: ------- Cities Service Company 134 Cities Service Companyócont'd CITGO Pacemaker-45 Wax CITGO Pacemaker-53 Wax CITGO Parting Oil CITGO Premium Aviation Oils CITGO Premium Gasoline CITGO Premium Gear Oil (MP) - All Grades CITGO Premium Lithium Greases - All Grades CITGO Premium Motor Oils - All Grades CITGO Premium Outboard Motor Oil CITGO Premium Wire Rope Compound CITGO Quench Oil 2 CITGO Quench Oil 22 CITGO Railroad Car Journal Oil #9 CITGO Railroad Compressor Oil 68 CITGO Railroad Curve Grease CITGO Railroad Filter Film CITGO Railroad RD-Series - All Grades CITGO Railroad 104-L Gear Lube CITGO Railroad 104-S Gear Lube CITGO Refrigeration Oil 30 CITGO Regular Aviation Oil 22851 CITGO Regular Aviation Oils CITGO Regular Gasoline CITGO Regular Gear Oil - All Grades CITGO Regular Motor Oils - All Grades CITGO RP 14435 Wax CITGO Sentry 10, 15, 20, 35 & 70 Citgo Sentry 19 CITGO Sentry 22, 32, 46 & 68 Citgo Sentry 39 CITGO Sentry 60, 95, 115 & 130 Citgo Sentry 69 CITGO Sentry 110, 150, 220, 320 & 400 Citgo Sentry 129 CITGO Sentry 150 CITGO SEP Greases - All Grades CITGO SlideRite Oils - All Grades Citgo Soft Wax 100 CITGO Spindle Grease CITGO Standard Gear Oil (MP) - All Grades CITGO Summer Black Citgo Torque Converter Fluid 120 CITGO Torque Converter Fluid 250 CITGO Tractor Hydraulic Fluid CITGO Turbine A CITGO Turbine A - Jet Fuel CITGO Wire Rope BL CITGO Zinc-50 Tool Joint Compound CITGO 103 Wax Citgo 114 wax Citgo 116 CITGO 116 Wax CITGO 208 Wax Citgo 220 Microwax CITGO 220 Wax CITGO 222 Wax CITGO 223 Wax CITGO 224 Wax CITGO 252 Wax CITGO 304 Wax CITGO 313 Wax CITGO 314 Wax CITGO 317 Wax CITGO 378 Wax CITGO 451 Wax CITGO 454 Wax CITGO 2757 Hi-Lead Thread Compound CITGO 9082 CITGO 9083 CITGO 9084 CITGO 9085 CITGO 9088 CITGO 9090 CITGO 9091 CITGO 9092 CITGO 93699 Two Cycle Engine Oil CITGO 93735 Two Cycle Engine Oil CITGO 93773 Two Cycle Engine Oil Clark Equipment Company CL-32 Columbia Gulf GEO 70 Conoco FC Fluid Continental Motors, CMS50-RP Crowley Chemical 500 Delta 510 Aviation Oil Base DEXRON -II Type Drummond SE-CD Oil, SAE-50 EC-474 EC-476 EC-478 ECA-478 EF-301 EF-301 BE EF-301 KE EF-305 KR EF-306 KR EF-310 BH EF-310 KM EF-311 BJ EF-401 EF-401 BE EF-401 KE EF-402 EF-402 BK EF-404 EF-406 EF-406 BK EF-409 BP EF-409 KJ EF-410 BB EF-410 BK EF-410 BT EF-410 KF EF-410 KR EF-415 EF-415 BD EF-415 KD EF-415 KP EF-416 BR EF-416 HA EF-435 BQ EF-435 BT EF-436 BQ EF-731 BF EF-731 BQ EF-731 GB EF-732 CW EF-735 BI EH-490 EH-497 EH-498 EH-795 EH-796 EM-147 EM-447 AB EM-460 EM-460 AB EX-248 EX-257 EX-261 EX-262 EX-263 Excelsior EY-010 All Grades EZ-002 All Grades Ferri-Floc Firestone RP-10975 Frye A-l Wax Frye M-4 Wax GGG #1 Wax Gibraltar Compressor Oil A-105 GM Part No. 9985252 Gold Eagle Power Steering Fluid Gulf ATF Dexron II Gulf ATF Type F HB-73 Wax Hydra-matic NP 26 Hydra-Matic NP 377 Hydramatic NP 377 IH 2643010R1 ATF IHC PMS-B21-0002 IHC 10W-30LA Spec B-21 IHC 251 HEP IPS #3 Wax IPS #5 Wax IPS #6 Wax IPS #7 Wax KACC Engine Oil-64 Kawasaki Four Cycle Engine Oil Kawasaki Two Cycle Engine Oil Koldpruf Antifreeze & Coolant Leach Packmaster Hydraulic Oil Lt. Int. Soft Wax Lub-0-Seal 1258 Mapico Black Mapico Black C Mapico BP-1 Mapico BPSL Mapico Brown 422 Mapico Brown 444 Mapico CG-2 Mapico CG-8 Mapico CG-10 Mapico Copperas Red 297 Mapico Copperas Red 347 Mapico Copperas Red 387 Mapico Copperas Red 477 Mapico Copperas Red 567 Mapico Copperas Red 617 Mapico Crimson 88 Mapico Crimson 98 Mapico Crimson 108 Mapico Red 300 Mapico Red 400 P Mapico Red 516 Dark Mapico Red 516 Medium Mapico R110-2 Mapico Tan 10 Mapico Tan 15 Mapico Tan 20 Mapico Yellow 300 Mapico Yellow 400 Cr Mapico Yellow 700 Cr Mapico Yellow 1000 Mapico Yellow 1000 Cr Mapico Yellow 1050 Mapico Yellow 1050A Mapico Yellow 1075 Mapico Yellow 1100 Mapico Yellow 1150 Mapico Yellow 1150A Mapico Yellow 2100 Mapico Yellow 2150 Mapico Yellow 2150A Mapico Yellow 3100 Mapico Yellow 4100 McGlaughlin Mac Oil 200 Mercury Marine Quicksilver Engine Coolant Mercury Marine Quicksilver Formula 50 Mercury Marine Quicksilver Formula 50D Mercury Marine Quicksilver Formula 50L image: ------- 135 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Claremont Polychemical Corp. Cities Service Companyócont'd Micro Soft Wax Mobil Nyvac FR 200 Fluid Mountain Blue Stone Neo AG Neo II Neo III Neo IV Neo Spectra Beads Neo Spectra Beads AG Neo Spectra Mark II Neo Spectra Mark III Neo Spectra Powder AG Neo 1 NU-IRON NW-1028 NW-1216 NW-1414 Wax Oliver Car Journal Oil OMC Hi-Vis Gear Lube OMC Premium Blend Gearcase Lubricant OMC Stern Drive Motor Oil OMC Stern Drive Oil, SAE 30 OMC 417 Motor Oil OMC 734 Motor Oil OMC 950A Motor Oil OMC 909103 BTOO Owens-Corning Oven Conveyor Oil P 45-5 Wax P 45-25 Wax Pioneer Bar and Chain Oil Plasticrude 3114 Prodco-Safe 720-WG PT-286 PTI Rubber Process Oil R.P.S. Antifreeze Raven 5750 RE-PRO-CO 901 Republic Steel 90201 Repubiic Steel 90202 Royal Spectra Santa Fe 920-G Compound SDC-3 Seminole Black SSG 5109 Grease Standard Steel HD-33 Grease Statex 120 SUL-FON-ATE AA9 SUL-FON-ATE AA10 SUL-FON-ATE OA-5 SUL-FON-ATE OA-5-III SUL-FON-ATE OA-5-R SUL-FON-ATE OA-5-S SUL-FON-ATE OA-5-U SUL-FON-ATE OE-500 Sulfonic 800 Sulfonic 864 Super Spectra Supurha Black Special Transco 65 USS HD 1500 Oil USS HD 3200 USS Moly EP Gear Oil USS Tiger Lube USS 300 Hydraulic Oil USS 815-1 Roll Spray USS 816-4 Roll Spray Warren Petroleum Gas Engine Oil SAE 30 Washington Steel Anti-Mist Roll Oil Washington Steel Grinding Oil Welch Special Vacuum Pump Oil Wynn Snowmobile Oil Base Blend Yamalube Four Cycle Engine Oil Yamalube R Two Cycle Racing Oil Yamalube Two Cycle Engine Oil Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil Racing Oil Youngtown 300 Oil 999 Citrus & Allied Ess Ltd 65 South Tyson Ave Floral Park NY 11001 Desensital Ethylene Dodecanylate Longifolene Nonisyl Acetate Vetivane Whisky Lactone Zestoril Claremont Polychemical Corp- 501 Winding Road Old Bethpage NY 11804 Aquabrite Clar/escent Clarechem Claremont Claribrite Duragold Instamid Instavin Lo-Tox Maxiprint Poly-Alcol Printbrite Qwikmil Vynaprint image: ------- Cleanite Products, Inc. 136 Cleanite Products, Inc. 6027 Cannon Hill Road 6027 Cannon Hill Road Fort Washington PA 19034 Cleanite (all products) CLEANITE (Followed by a number 1 to 150 and occasionally letters of the alphabet) Cliff Co. 5330 W. Pershing Rd. Cicero IL 60650 Arnold Lubricants (all products) Clifco (all products) Cliff Arnold (all products) Cliff Co. (all products) Clintwood Chemical Company 4342 South Wolcott Avenue Chicago IL 60609 CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL CLINDROL SDG SEG Superamide 100C Superamide 100CG Superamide 100L Superamide 100LM 100MC 101CG 101LI 200-0 200CG 200CGN 200HC 200L 200MS 200RC 200S 201CGN 202CGN 203CG CLINDROL 204CG CLINDROL 204CGN CLINDROL 206CGN CLINDROL 207CGN CLINDROL 208CGN CLINDROL 209CGN CLINDROL 210 CGN CLINDROL 868 PRODUCT D-3M-19 Product DG-19 PRODUCT DPC 1-13-2 Product EG-19 PRODUCT LC 12-69 Product LT 1-7 PRODUCT LT 4-75-6 PRODUCT LT 7-56-5 PRODUCT LT 9-13-2 PRODUCT LT 10-8-1 PRODUCT LT 10-45-1 PRODUCT LT l(M5-2 PRODUCT LT 14-8 PRODUCT LT 14-69 PRODUCT LT 14-69-2 PRODUCT LT 15-73-1 PRODUCT LT 15-73-6 PRODUCT LT 16-48-1 PRODUCT LT 16-48-3 Product RM 1-35 Product l-DR-3 Product 2-D-19 Product 2-DH-3 Product 2-DR-3 Product 2-DS-12 Product 2-M-19 RODEA Ricinoleic diethanolamide Sanamid 29-b Cloroben Chemical Corporation 1035 Belleville Turnpike Kearny NJ 07032 BLUE SEAL BOILER CLEANER BLUE SEAL BOILER LIQUID BLUE SEAL B200 PIPE JOINT CEMENT BLUE SEAL CUTTING OIL BLUE SEAL PIPE JOINT CEMENT BLUE SEAL ROOT RAIDER CLOROBEN CLOROBEN BLUE SEAL BACTA-LIFE CLOROBEN BLUE SEAL DRAIN PIPE DRAIN PURGE SOLVENT DRAIN SNAKE CLOROBEN BLUE SEAL ROOT RAIDER EM-ZENE CLOROBEN BLUE SEAL SPETIC TANKS GREASTROL CESS POOLS CLEANER CLOROBEN PT CPM DE image: ------- 137 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Cochran Chemical Company CNC Chemical Corp. 12 Dudley St Providence RI 02901 Antifoam A 107 Antifoam 60 Aridry B Aridry C Aridry Q Aridry SH Arikromes Base TD Base 500 A Catalyst CC Catalyst DAP 40 Catalyst PM Catalyst Z-430 Detergent E Dispersant WB Cone. Dispersion PE Fix. Cone. G. M. S. Gel Cone. Leveler GQ Lube 80 Lubricant SI Mel SOP Pal 100 Rez K Rez 300 Rez 550 Rezset C.I. Soft I G Soft S Sol 75 N Wet CP Cone. Coatings For Industry, Inc. P.O. Box 27097 1000 E. Mermaid Lane Philadelphia PA 19118 ALSEAL ALTEX URETHABOND WEARCOAT Coca-Cola Co., The Poods Division P. 0. Box 2079 Houston TX 77001 1808 1809 1829 1830 1833 1834 1835 1836 1837 1838 1843 1846 1861 1873 1879 4504 4509 94401V Cochran Chemical Company Drawer 1341 Wewoka OK 74884 A-#l A-#8 BK-#5 BK-#110 CT-#31 (GR-#5-HV) CT-#32 (TA-#1) CT-#34 (GR-#9-HV) DP-#6 ER-#100 THROUGH #205 GR-#5-HV GR-#5-HVB GR-#9-HVD GR-#10 THROUGH #566 GR-#5000-HV GR-D-#1 THROUGH #5 GR-DP-#10 GR-L-#2 THROUGH #10 GR-9-HV JCB-#5050 K-#200 LAB-#301 LL-#1 MS-#4 OT-#1 (100-#15) OT-#1-PD OT-#4 (LC-#3) OT-#5 (LC-#4) OT-#6 (LC-#5) OT-#6-PD (LD-#5-DP-#2) OT-#8 (LC-#8) OT-#9- PDX OT-#11 (LD-#3) OT-#11-PD (LD-#3 & DP-#2) OT-#12 (LD-#4) OT-#25 (GR-#100) PD-#60 PD-#61 PT-#28 (GR-#66) PT-#35 (DP-#2) PT-#57 (LL-#1-A) SO-#100 (GR-#75) ST-#2 ST-#22 WB-#1 WB-#9 WR-#89 WT-#36 (WB-#1) WT-#51 (CO-#10-S) WT-#52 (TA-#1-X) WT-#64 (GR-#79) WT-#90 (GR-#33) image: ------- Colgate Palmolive Company 138 Colgate Palmolive Company 300 Park Avenue New York NY 10022 Action Bleach Add'n Spray Cleaners Ajax All-Purpose Cleaners Ajax Cleansers Ajax Detergents Ajax Liquid Detergents Ajax Window Cleaners Artie Syntex Detergents Away Air Fresheners Axion Pre-Soak Baggies Plastic Bags Bucket of Suds Carefree Detergent Cashmere Bouquet Soap Challenge Detergent Cold Power Detergent Coleo Lab Glassware Cleaner Coleo Soap Colgate Lotion Detergent Colgate Low Foam Detergent Spray Colgate Quick-0-Matic Colgate Soap Crystal White Detergent Crystal White Liquid Detergent Dei-massage Liquid Detergent Dermassage Soap Dynamo Liquid Detergent Experience Soap Fab Detergent Fresh Start Detergent Guardsman Polishes Handi-Wipes Heaven Scent Soap Honey Bee Soap Irish Spring Soap Jasmin Soap Kirkman Soap Octagon Liquid Detergent Octagon Soap Palmolive Crystal Clear Palmolive Gold Soap Palmolive Liquid Detergent Palmolive Soap Punch Detergent Quik-Solv Spray Cleaner Satin Power Scouring Creme Soflan Liquid Detergent Spree Soap Sterno Canned Heat Sterno Charcoal Lighter Gel Sterno Liquid Fuels Sterno Logs Super Ben Hur Super Edisonite Super Suds Detergent Vel Liquid Detergent Wipe'n Glow Polish Wipe'n Shine Towellette Wite-N Toilet Bowl Cleaner Woodcrafter Polish Colloid Chemical Inc 225 Cedar Knolls Rd. Cedar Knolls NJ 07927 Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Collan Polymer 1170 Polymer 1180 Polymer 1220 Polymer 7000 10A 55A 75A 75F 111 116 160 205 701 808 1010 1014 1020 1075 1752 1758 1765 1950 2130 2140 Collan 2216 Collan 2680 Collan 2840 Collan 3750 Collan 4750 Collan 4755 Collan 4760 Collan 4762 Collan 5400 Collan 5405 Collan 5406 Collan 5408 Collan 5410 Collan 5430 Collan 5435 Collan 5438 Collan 5440 Collan 5442 Collan 5443 Collan 5450 Collan 5455 Collan 5466 Collan 5480 Collan 5490 Collan 5494 Collan 5750 Collan 6201 Collan 6211 Collan 6242 Collan 6245 Collan 6250 Collan 6548 Collan 7519 Collan 9600 Colloid Resin 1266 Colloid Resin 6548 Colloid Resin 6566 Colloid Resin 8440 Colloid Resin 8444 Colloid Resin 8460 Colloid Resin 9300 Colloid Resin 9312 Colloid Resin 9320 Colloid Resin 9330 image: ------- 139 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Colloids, Inc. Colloids, Inc. 394 Frelinghuysen Avenue Newark NJ 07114 Anti-Bloc QP Aquazset 808 Bavon A to Z Bevaloid 35/1 Blandite 31 and 32 Britegel 105 and 106 BW 105 BW-800 BWCL-3 C-ll C-40 C-48 Catloid 453/3 Ceraloid 222 to 287 Ceraloid 353 to 370 Ceraloid 469 Ceraloid 515 to 550 Ceraloid 734 Ceraloid 903 Ceraloid 939 and 940 Ceraloid 1259 Ceraloid 1263 Cerol 47 Cheloid 30 Code 159 Code 185 R Colloid Act. Cpd. 913 Colloid Aluminum Brightener 662 Colloid Aluminum Etchant 660-660V Colloid Booth Compounds 315-316 Colloid Burnishing Compound 663-A Colloid Burnishing Compound 664 Colloid Burnishing Compounds Colloid Deburring Compounds Colloid Deoxidizer 661 to 661-B Colloid Drawing Compound 657 to 659 Colloid Drawing Compound 665 Colloid Electro-cleaner 300 to 305 Colloid Emulsion Cleaner 313-313-A Colloid Inhibitors Colloid PAA 1 to 25 Colloid Phosphate 912 to 918 Colloid Soak Cleaner 307 to 327 Colloid Spray Cleaner 310 to 320 Colloid Stripper 650 to 659 Colloid Tint 1100 to 1200 Colloid 1 to 99 Colloid 101 to 199 Colloid 117/40 Colloid 117/50 Colloid 200 to 299 Colloid 300 to 399 Colloid 400 to 499 Colloid 500 to 599 Colloid 511-DD Colloid 513-DD Colloid 514-DD Colloid 600 to 699 Colloid 677-DD Colloid 700 to 799 Colloid 711-DD Colloid 711-DDP Colloid 770-DD Colloid 776-DD Colloid 777-DD Colloid 778-DD Colloid 800 to 899 Colloid 810D Colloid 900 to 999 Colloid 1126 Colloid 1273 Colloid 1289-S Colloid 3000 to 3999 Colloid 7186 Coolant 927 Corrosorb Defoamer PVA Delectrol 370 to 380 Dispersal 188 Dispersal 889 Dispersal 989 to 999 Drawax 930 A to S Drawax 932 to 936 Drigel 90 and 90F Drigel 200 to 212 Drisize 90T to 240 Drisize 144 to 156 Duller 404 Dulloid 414 Duralcon Duralube Duralube HP Duroslip 14 P Duroslip 1410 Durosoft Emulsified Tallow Emulsified Wax Filabond 16 to 200 Fleetar WX Fleetar-X Fleetbrokade Fleetbrokade 100 to 200 Fleetbrokade 120 Fleetbrokade 500 Fleetbrokade 9704 Fleetbrokade 9948 B-2 Fleetco Felt Wash 5B Fleetco Felt Wash 6C Fleetco FW-34 Fleetco WL-24 Fleetco 12-S Fleetco 9380 Fleeteo 9890 Fleetco 9910 Fleetco-AFW Fleetcol 11 to 22 Fleetcol 95 Fleetcol 108 to 110 Fleetcol 244K Fleetcol 307 to 385 Fleetcol 787 Fleetcol 790 Fleetcol 9100 to 9199 Fleetcol 9785 Fleetenade BP Fleetfelt-CW Fleetflow EW Fleetlife WL-3 Fleetoil B Fleetolin Fleetone DK Fleetone 16X Fleetone 9704 Fleetowet BK-783 Fleetquest CX Fleetquest LD Fleetquest MB Fleetquest TM-135 Fleetquest 9000 to 9010 Fleetquest 9061 Fleetquest-AL Fleetscour RS Fleetscour SC Fleetscour WC Fleetscour 428 Fleetscour 622 Fleetscour-AK Fleetsolv MC Fleetsolv TNU Fleetsperse Fleetsperse 9025 Fleetwood F-51 Concentrate Fleetwood F-655 Floorscour 34 Florate RW Floricel 68 Floricel 9622 Floricide Floricide CB-33 Floricide CB-36 Floricide CB-42 Floricide CB-55 to 60 Floricide LS Floricide LS-20 Floritol PMT Foam Ban 200 to 299 Foamex 190 Foamex 580 Foamicide 190 Foamicide 596 FP-63 G-10 Germex 186 Grease Rite H-5 H-ll Heddlescour 34 Hydrol 54 Hydrolac 333 to 336 Hygrola 63 to 95 Hygrola 753G Hygrolized Oil 220 and 221 Kemloid 131 to 138 Kleergel A Kleergel A to C Klensol 228 Laminoid 1001 to 1007 LB-73 LB-686 LPO 200 to 299 LPO 1 to 99 LW 13G LW-13 Millwax #1 Mulsoid 360 Mulsoid 368 A to W Mulsoid 710 to 720 Mulsoid 815D Mulsoid 815M Mulsoid 815S Neosyn Neosyn N Neosyn 30 to 33 Newtonia Nofset 562T to 565 T Nofset 592 Nojel 269 Non-Shed E 217 Non-Shed 217 Non-Slip 411 image: ------- Colloids, Inc. 140 Colloids, Inc.ócont'd Norplax L Norpol AA 30 DM Norpol AA-30 Norpol K-10 Norpol K-22 Norpol K-22-C Norpol SLW Norpol 1 to 99 Norpol 32 DM Norpol 300 to 399 Norpol 354 North Binder North Binder A North Foam Ban 101 North Thickeners 1500/13 North Thickeners 1541/13 North Thickeners 1551/13 North 150 North 2200 to 2299 Northal Northbond 7300 to 7399 Northlube F 1 to 99 Northlube 7300 to 7399 Northsize B&B Northsize C-80 Northsize CM1 Northsize D-2 Northsize JE-32 Northsize S-3B Northsize S-3 SP Northsize S-5 Northsize SD Northsize S4 Northsize S4MD Northsize S4 SP Northsize V-ll-B Northsize V11LV Northsize 1 to 99 Northsize 5DG Northsize 100 Northsize 245 Northsize 800 to 899 Northsize 7200 to 7299 Northsperse 700 to 799 Northstat 1 to 99 Nyloid 1 to 100 Pentex 1 to 99 Pentex 1299 Permaloid 155 to 199 Permaloid 1260 to 1300 Pickle 328 and 328-A Pine Cleaner Plastex #2 Plastic Bond 925 Plastoid 831 to 890 Raygel 91/4 Raygel 121 to 169 Rayoil 55 Resiloid B Resiloid 239 to 265 Resiloid 557 Resiloid 835 Rust Preventative 923 and 923-A Sealer 919 Sequestroid 30 Size Box Cleaner Size Box Cleaner 3 Softex 217 Softex 222 Spots-Rite Spunsize 136 to 175 Starch Binder Starch Size Starch Size D-2 Starch Thinner Sulfonate 1240 Superior Wax A to Z Superior Wax WD Superior Wax 1 to 100 Superior Wax 200 to 299 Superior Wax 600 to 699 Superior Wax 7000 to 7099 Synterge 486 to 499 Synterge 750 Tanloid 280 Tanloid 889 Terget Tergex 455 Tergex 777 Tramsize 93 Versasize Vicol 87 Vicol 170E55 Vicol 170 to 175 Vicol 170V20 Vicol 170V30 Vicol 175/10 Vicol 175/12 Vicol 270 Vicol 400 Vicol 420 Vicol 1257S Vicol 1260 to 1299 Viscol 50-ANI Warpol 2 to 10 Wax Well 201 Wax Well 201-47 to 210-47 Wax Well 300 to 350 Wax Well 7445 CND Wax Well 7796 Wax Well 7797 Weave Well B-24 - 24C Weave Well 1 to 99 Weave Well 300 to 399 Weave Well 317-5MT Weave Well 415D Weave Well 600 to 699 Colonial Printing Ink Company 180 East Union Avenue Bast Rutherford NJ 07073 AB Sensitizer Alcoset Photo Emulsion Alcotex Photo Emulsion Alkatex Screen Inks Aquatex Inks Arkapak 316 Azocol (Type "S") Azocol (Types "R" & "T") Azocol Combicoat Azocol Emulsion Remover Azocol G Col-Stat Drykil Spray E-Z Transparent Base ER Series Printed Circuit Resists ET Series Reducers Foto Prep Galaxy Fluorescent Vinyl Ink GW Photo Emulsion Hardener "T" Image CF Direct Photo Emulsion Lithotex Offset Inks Mecodur 258 Plasticol Blade Pregan C-4 Pregan Paste SM 200 Series Economy Poster Ink SR Sensitizer ST Series Additives Texsol Hardener #76 Texsol 45 Photo Emulsion Texsol 206 Photo Emulsion VI Tan Rubber Blade Vi-Lac Photo Emulsion VL Reducers 81E Series W.O.W. 96-T Series Cool-Set "T" 101 Photo Emulsion 580-85A Drycol Adhesive 988 Mirro Overprint Clear 1100 Series Comet 1200 Series Fill-In Lacquer 1900 Series PMF Vinyl Ink 2200 Series Vividry 2500 Series Nylon Ink 2800 Series Super Gloss 2900 Series Satin Vinyl Ink 3200 Series Vivisatin 3500 Series Perma Print 3600 Series Aquacol 3800 Series Hydro-Tex 3900 Series Flat Vinyl Ink 4200 Series Vivisheen 4500 Series Poly Print Ink 4800 Series Poxicol 4900 Series Gloss Vinyl 5100 Series Flexible Lacquers 5300 Series V.I.P. 5500 Series Denim 5800 Series Dekor-Gloss 5900 Series Fast Dry Flat Vinyl Ink 6100 Series Trans-Fab 6300 Series Texdye 6500A Series Stretch Ink 6700 Series Vivigloss 6900 Series Vinyl Flock Adhesive 7200 Series Polytone Inks 7200 Series Vacuum Forming 7500 Series Stretch-Lone 7900 Series Vinyl Half Tone 8000 Series Plastisol Transfer Backing 8100 Series Mul-T-Print 8200 Series Nylon Mesh E-Z Print 8300 Series Industrial Lacquer 8400 Series Plastisol Flock Adhesive 8500 Series Stretch-Cote 8800 Series Texlac 8900 Series Vinyl Fluorescent 9100 Series Monocat 9300 Series Rapidry 9600 Series Cool-Set image: ------- 141 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Commercial Cleanser Co. Colonial Printing Ink Companyócont'd 9800 Series Poly-Cat Colorado Chemical Specialties, Inc. 4295 Mclntyre Street Golden CO 80401 RICON 100 EICON 102 RICON 104 RICON 109 RICON 150 RICON 154 RICON 155 RICON 157 RICON 159 RICON 160 RICON 170 RICON 429 RICON 431 RICON 500 RICON 2056 Colt Ind., Crucible Inc. Magnetics Division Route #2 Elizabethtown KY 42701 Ferrimag 1 (Barium Ferrite) Ferrimag 5 (Barium Ferrite) Ferrimag 7 (Strontium Ferrite) Ferrimag 8 (Strontium Ferrite) Columbia Chemical Corp. 5850 Broadway Cleveland OH Cuyahoga Colbrite W. A. Colbrite 771 Colglo Additive 5000 Colglo HCD Additive Colglo HP-Zn Colglo HP-44 Colglo Superglo Colglo Superglo-Special Colglo 441 Colglo 450 Colglo 450-S Colglo 555 Additive Colglo 560 Colglo 560-M Colglo 747 Colglo 801 Colgloss 109 Colsid C Colsid C-M.U. Colsid C-Special Colsid C-Special M.U. Colsid NA Coltin Coltin M. U. Colzinc HP-NC Colzinc NC Colzinc NC Additive Colzinc NC Compound Colzinc NC Purifier Colzinc NC-M Colzinc NCN Colzinc NCN-HCD Commercial Cleanser Co. 3920 Wesley Terrace Schiller Park IL 60176 Commercial Cleanser's Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Shampoo Commercial Cleanser's Shampoo Commercial Cleanser's dorant Commercial Cleanser's Hand Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Deodorant Commercial Cleanser's Assure Germicidal Bowl Aid Plus Bowl Aid Porcelain Carpet Bragger Liquid Carpet Bragger Powder Clear-Air Room Deo- Creme Clean Liquid DeLuxe Cleanser DeLuxe Soap Powder Disinfectant Doam Disinfectant Spray & Drain Pipe Solvent Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's dered Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's dered Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's dered Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Lemon Oil Commercial Cleanser's er Commercial Cleanser's Hand Soap Floor Glo Concrete Seal Fly & Mosquito Spray Formula C-25 Powdered Formula MP-5 Pow- Formula MP-10 Pow- Formula PS-20 Pow- Formula WF Powdered Formula 101 Cleaner Foundation Floor Seal Furniture Polish with Glisten Foaming Clean- Green-Lite Powdered Commercial Cleanser's Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's washing Compound Commercial Cleanser's per Commercial Cleanser's Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Absorbent Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Commercial Cleanser's Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's Gri-Mof Powdered Liquid No-Wipe Dish- Max Heavy Duty Strip- No. 125 Garage Floor No-Spot Carpet Spot No-Wipe Detergent Nox-Grime Heavy Duty 0-No + se The Great One-For-AIl Cleaner Pine-0-Lite Cleaner Pumasope Powdered Quick Rinse image: ------- Commercial Cleanser Co. 142 Commercial Cleanser Co,ócont'd Commercial Cleanser's Quick Strip Commercial Cleanser's Residual Insecticide Commercial Cleanser's Resolve Laundry Deter- gent Commercial Cleanser's Rout Waterless Hand Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Sani-Guard Germicidal Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's School Days Floor Fin- ish Commercial Cleanser's Sof-Sope Liquid Hand Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Spotless Detergent Commercial Cleanser's Spray Polish Commercial Cleanser's Standard Dishwashing Compound Commercial Cleanser's Steadfast Floor Finish Commercial Cleanser's Stride Floor Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Velvet Touch Liquid Hand Cleaner Commercial Cleanser's Velvet Touch Powdered Hand Soap Commercial Cleanser's Window Spray Compagnie Parento Westerly Road Ossining NY 10562 Corps AE-10 Corps E 8 A Concord Chemical Co., Inc. & Harley Chemicals Div. 17th & Federal Sts. 17th & Federal Sts. Camden NJ 08105 Activated Pine Type Disinfectant Alcoat EM-15% Alcoat SE 12-12% Alcoat SE 12-16% Alcoat 36 Alocat N-16 Alocoat C-20 Blue Vision Window Cleaner Borax Powdered Hand Soap Con-Sen All Purpose Cleaner Concord #1600 Liquid Concord Aircraft Wax #1600 Concord Co-Wax Concord Custom Wax Concord Custom Wax 16% Concord Emulso-Seal Concord Green Antiseptic Soap Concord High Gloss 40% Concord Kleen & Lube Oil Concord Microcrystalline Wax #112M Concord Mold Release Agent Concord Penetrating Seal -26% Concord Pipe Lubricant Concord Safe Glo Concord Safe Glo 16% Concord SE Premium Wax Concord Terrazo Seal Concord Water White Seal Concord Wax #1600 Concord Wax #5000 Concord Wax N' Kleen Concord Wax Remover 100 Concord Wax Stripper Concord Wax WS-1027 Concord Waxsol Concord Wondro Creamedic Hand Cleaner & Lotion Dishtergent Hand Dishwash Drummond Powdered & Flake Soap Drummond Powdered Soap Type D Durapol Floor Finish - 16% Ease On Pipe Lubricant Enhance Floor Finish - 21% Espee Floor Wax - 12% Green Satin Glove Borax Powdered Green Soap N.F. Grit Hand Soap Harco Ammoniated Stripper Harco Drive Driveway Cleaner Harco Greas-Off Harco Liquid Steam Cleaner Harco 15% Coconut Harco 35A Harco 40% Coconut Harco 91 Harco 95-1-A Harco 96 Paint Remover Harco 104 Harco 104-2 Harco 121 ColdDip Stripper Harco 141 Gas Path Cleaner Harco 162B Steam Cleaner Harco 164B Harco 169 Harco 171 Harco 177 Rust Remover-Hot Dip Harco 190 Harco 204 Harco 208 Harco 210 Harco 212 Harco 214 Harco 269 Harco 271 Harco 401 Harco 405-B Harco 615 Harco 806 Harco-Solv Safety Solvent Harmony Powdered & Flake Soap Harmony Special Powdered & Flake Soap In-Depth Rug Shampoo Industrial Creamedic Karagami Waxkleen Karpex Cleaner(For Water Extraction Mach) L.F.D. 100 Coconut Oil Amide Lemonee-8 Disinfectant Lotemp Powdered & Flake Soap Lotemp Special Powdered & Flake Soap Nurez Nurez B Ov-n-Kleen Oven & Grill Cleaner Pine Jelly Soap Pine Oil Disinfectant Pine Oil Scrub Soap Pink Lotion Soap Powdered Karagami Wax Refined Concord Wax #159 Refined Concord Wax #190 Refined Concord Wax #407 Refined Karagami Wax Rinz-Free Non-Alkaline Cleaner Scourge Grease Trap Solvent Odor Controller Shene Shene 16% Sope-Off Lime Soap Remover Tincture of Green Soap Titeseal Floor Sealer Velvo 37% Concentrate Wax-Off-Ez Wet-R-Dri Waterless Hand Cleaner Winta-Dis Disinfectant 3-D Butyl Cleaner 40% Oil Paste Soap image: ------- 143 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Continental Aromatics Consos, Inc. P.O. Box 973 Charlotte NC 28231 Arite (all products) Carosolve (all products) Carostrip (all products) Consamine (all products) Consobind (all products) Consofix (all products) Consofluor (all products) Consoft (all products) Consofume (all products) Consolevel (all products) Consolube (all products) Consoryl (all products) Consopen (all products) Consoplast (all products) Consos (all products) Consoscour (all products) Consoset (all products) Consosist (all products) Consosperse (all products) Consostat (all products) Consotard (all products) Consotex (all products) Consotrene (all products) Consowet (all products) Hedislide (all products) Humiclean (all products) Pinamine (all products) Unisol (all products) Continental Aromatics I Thomas Road South Hawthorne NJ 07507 African Violet 1-100215 Almond 1-100346 Amber 20% 1-100352 Anise 1-100622 Aramis 20% 1-100616 Arpege 20% 1-100298 Baby Diaper 1-100304 Banana 073-501 Bayberry 1-100216 Bayberry 073-031 Bois de Rose 1-100703 Cannon 20% 1-100363 Cedarleaf Synth. 074-520 Cedarwood 1-100115 Chanel #5 20% 1-100153 Cherry 1-100021 Cherry 073-063 Christmas Pine 1-100381 Chuckie 1-100811 Cinnamon 1-100118 Cinnamon 1-100702 Citronella Oil 1-100902 Clove 1-100116 Coconut 073-500 Controlled Suds Frag. 1-100682 Dishwash 1-100259 Dishwashing CPB-12 Floral Fabric Softener 073-019 Floral 1-100674 Floral 1-100738 Floral 073-036 Floral 073-045 Fragrance JE 1-100495 Fragrance 1-100207 Fragrance 1-100255 Frangipanni 1-100121 Frankincense 1-100120 Frankincense 073-502 Ginseng Root 1-100139 Herbal 1-100016 Herbal 1-100019 Herbal 1-100125 Herbal 1-100206 Honey 1-100050 Honeysuckle 1-100319 Honeysuckle 1-100699 Honeysuckle 073-465 Honeysuckle 073-503 Jasmin 1-100117 Jasmin 1-100700 Jasmin 1-100705 Jasmin 20% 1-100602 Jasmin 073-504 L'Air du Temps 20% 1-100263 Lavender 1-100104 Lavender 1-100180 Lavender 072-002 Lavender 077-495 Lemon 1-100069 Lemon 1-100072 Lemon 1-100637 Lemon 1-100673 Lemon 073-038 Lemon 073-053 Lemon 073-494 Lemon 073-516 Lime 073-035 Lotus 1-100051 Mahal 1-100774 Marcal Frag. IL 1-100656 Musk Type 20% 1-100492 Musk 1-100112 Musk 073-1-474 Musk 073^97 Myrrh 1-100217 Orange Blossom 1-100236 Orange Blossom 1-100525 Orange 1-100082 Osheana 073488 Parigata Flower 1-100225 Patchouli 1-10014 Patchouly 073-493 Peach 1-100643 Peach 073-498 Pege 1-100688 Perfume #51 1-100083 Perfume 1-100423 Perfume 072-009 Pimplex 1-100423 Pine Cedar 074-521 Pine 1-100057 Potpourri 073-432 Powderoom 1-100536 Raspberry 1-100214 Regular Dish Frag. 1-100743 Rose Novo 1-100285 Rose Para 074-522 Rose Perfume CL-17 Rose 1-100111 Rose 1-100440 Rose 1-100645 Rose 1-100701 Rose 073-495 Roxul 073-094 Roxul 074-519 Sandalwood 1-100113 Sandalwood 073-436 Sandalwood 073-499 Scuba #23 Frag. 1-100178 Shalimar 20% 1-100229 Shampoo Frag. 1-100455 Soluble Frag. MSG 1-100903 Spearmint Synth. 073-227-A Spice Deodorant 073-408 Strawberry Essence 073-515 Strawberry 1-100110 Strawberry 1-100248 Strawberry 073-435 Vanilla 1-100114 Vent Vert 20% 1-100312 Violet 1-100698 Water Sol. Diaper Liner 073-021 Woodruff 1-100213 Woolwash 072-009 Youth Dew 20% 1-100228 4711 20% 1-100615 image: ------- Continental Carbon Company 144 Continental Carbon Company P. 0. Box 22085 Houston TX 77027 CONTINEX Carbon Blacks Continental Oil Company High Ridge Park Box 1050 Stamford CT 06904 Alfol Alcohols from 4 to 22qnd Blends thereof Alfonic Alcohol Ether Sulfate 1412-A, 1412-S Alfonic Alcohol Ethoxylates Catapal-SB-Alumina Conoco A-390 Conoco A-4060 Conoco DPA Conoco LAS Slurries (C 550, 560, 660) Conoco LMR-5 & 6 Conoco N-B-D Conoco Normal Paraffins Conoco SNB Conoco Solvent LPA, 13K, 350 Conoco Sulfonic Acids (SA 597, 697) Conoco 615 through 630 Conoflex EP Conoflex EP Secondary Plasticizer Nalkylene (500 to 600) OFA-6 Pitt Consol Cresol 110 through 180 Pitt Consol Cresylic Acid 450 through 562 Pitt Consol Xylenol 215 through 490 Pitt-Consol BA-15 Pitt-Consol M-24 Pitt-Consol M-26 Pitt-Consol M-42 Pitt-Consol M-56 Pitt-Consol M-62 Pitt-Consol TMP 680 Pitt-Consol 555 Polar Start DN-600 Base Oil Continental Products of Texas 100 Industrial P O Box 3627 J.D. Crawford V. President Odessa TX 79760 Antipol Chromine Conomerse Corbex Corless Corrate De Ox Depol Falbron Hyehrome Hydro Hydrochem Hydrocide Hymol Polymeen Quest Toxsene Triad Continental Turpentine & Rosin Corp. Shamrock Florida (No Post Office) PO Box QQ Cross City FL 32628 CODE 10-30 CODE 2038 CODE 2040 CODE 2082 CONTISO 18-531 CONTISO 60 CONTO FF WOOD ROSIN CONTO FF WOOD ROSIN 164 CONTO FF 113 CONTO HMS CONTO S CONTO TRU TAG CONTO 9-81 CONTO 10- 30 SOLUTION CONTO 180-196 CONTO 202-220 CONTO 212 M CONTO 246 CONTO 275F CONTO 280CH CONTO 285 PH CONTO 654 P CONTO 824 P LX 6-281-2 CONTOSOL 20 FRS 15230 GLOSS OIL IN VM&P GLOSS OIL MS LX 9- 232 LX 11-44 LX 11-77 LX 260 MASTER BATCH OAKON 23 ROSIN RESIDUE SOLUTIONS FF 113 SOLUTIONS HMS SOLUTIONS 9-83 SOLUTIONS 9-150 SOLUTIONS 9-1180 SOLUTIONS 10-214 SOLUTIONS 11-55 SUB TAR HEAVY SUB TAR MEDIUM TRAC TAG WILCOX ESTER image: ------- 145 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Copolymer Rubber & Chem. Corp Cook Paint & Varnish Co. 1412 Knox North Kansas City MO 64116 Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin A-69 A-620 A-624 A-727 A-879 A-1536 A-1744 A-1745 A-1892 A-2098 A-2115 A-2500 A-2588 A-2678 A-3007 B-24 B-3908 B-7445 B-7918 B-8661 B-9496 CS-327 L-26 L-50 L-53 Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin L-59 L-99 M-14 M-132 M-281 M-506 M-8784 N-8 N-25 N-90 N-705 R-481 R-638 R-770 R-846 R-848 R-892 RC-162 RC-360 RC-772 RL-73 RL-359 RL-610 RS-683 RS-4233 Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Coroc Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin Resin RT-65 RT-244 RT-646 RZ-243 S-15 S-42 S-47 S-66 S-157 S-557 S-1190 S-4300 S-5078 SL-7 SL-708 T-l T-68 T-571 T-1070 T-8332 U-4834 U-5185 Z-1055 Z-2055 Coopers Creek Chemical Corp River Road West Conshohocken PA 19428 Asphaltic Oil AB 286 C-4 Brand Black Creosote Coopercide ADC Coopersote Creosote Oil Cresylic Disinfectant Decaysnot Clear Wood Preserver Mainline Weed Killer NEORES (All Products) Neutral Oil Pitch (All Products) Processing tar (All Products) Shingle Stain Oil Specification Tars (All Products) Tree Wound Dressing Vehicles 100 through 10,000 Zip Phenolic Disinfectant Copolymer Rubber & Chem. Corp P.O. Box 2591 Baton Rouge LA 70821 CARBOMIX (SBR masterbatch-all types) COPO (SBR-all types) EPsyn (EPDM & EPM - all types) NYsyTn (NBR~all types) NYsyn (NBR masterbatch-all types) image: ------- Cordova Chemical Company 146 Cordova Chemical Company P. 0. Box 13400 Highway 50 at Hazel Ave. Sacramento CA 95813 CORCAT P-145 CORCAT P-150 CORCAT P-180 Cordova Accelerator AMC-2 Cordova Accelerator ATC-3 POLYCOR EH Polymer 2MB XAMA-2 XAMA-4 XAMA-7 Core-Lube, Inc. PO Box 811 Danville IL 61832 INSTA-DRAW Resins Cosan Chemical Corporation 481 River Road Clifton NJ 07014 C-FLOC-18 COATE Ca COATE Co COATE Mr, COATE Pb COATE Zn COATE Zr COCURE Y,YT COCURE 5, 10, 11 COCURE 20 COCURE 22, 23, 2350 COCURE 27, 29 COCURE 30, 31, 32, 3050 COCURE 40, 44 COFOAM 1, 2, + COILBAC COQUAT COSAN BBL COSAN LECITHIN COSAN P COSAN PCMC COSAN PMA-30, PMA-100, JTA-20 COSAN PMO-30 COSAN S COSAN 158 COSAN 171-S COSAN 234 COSAN 265 COSAN 340 COSAN 635-W, 635, JTA-635 COSAN 1850 COSKIN B, M COSPERSE 70, 72 COTIN 200, 201, 221-3, 227-9 COTIN 300, 310 COTIN 420, 430, 440, 450, 460 COTROL Cosmo Plastics Company 3239 West 14th Street Cleveland OH 44109 FLAMEX 66 FLAMEX 6630 CP Chemicals, Inc. Arbor Street P.O. Box 158 Sewaren NJ 07001 (Bronze) Plating Additive(s) & Concentrates & Solution(S) #10, #20, #24 Additives: CP-8, C-l, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 4A; Case Cs-3, K65, 65-X, 550. CF-1, 1A; C-30H; CHS-30; CP - Solder Strip 752,763,851,862: Solder Strippers CP "Liqui-Crystal" CP Aluminum Stripper CP Anti-Pit agent CP Brite-Brass 51,52: Brite Brass Addition Agents CP Carbonate Remover CP Chemical CP Co-Ad, Super Co-Ad CP Copper Strikes: CP Copper Stripper CP Corrective (s) #1, & #2 CP Electroless CP Etch - 71,72,73: Stabilized H202 Etch for PC Boards CP Fast Strip L/D, CP Grain-Refining CP Heat Treating Salts: CP Liquid Copper Sulfate CP Liquid Copper Sulfate EC-1 CP Liquid Nickel Chloride CP Liquid Nickel Chloride EN-2 CP Liquid Nickel Sulfate EN-1 CP Nickel Sulfamate CP Oxydine Salts 1 & 2 CP Oxydine 3,4,5: Solder Strippers CP Plastic Strip 61,62: For Stripping Nickel from plastics CP Ready-Etch 121 CP Solder Strippers CP Stress Reducer CP Super-Sol CP TL - 4,5,7: Tin-Lead Bath Addition Agents CP Tru Strip A & B CP Tru Strip C- Catalyst CP True Brite Brass Maintenance CP True Brite Hi-Speed Brass CP True Brite Nickel Brightener CP True Brite Richlow Brass CP-AL-P-431 CP-ALS-461 CP-CS 647 CP-Cu-P-Vert-810 & 753 image: ------- 147 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Crowley Tar Products Company, Inc. CP Chemicals, Inc.ócont'd CP-CuBrite 20,21: For bright Acid copper plating CP-Ni 12,13,14,15: Nickel Brighteners-Tank CP-PACO #1, 2, 3 CP-PC-CU 31,32,33: PC Thru-hole Brighteners CP-SS-731, 846-A CP-True Brite Brass Plating CP-Zn Chlor 41,42,43,44: Bright Acid Zinc Chloride Addition Agent CPF - 51: Strike for Zn Die Cast (non-Cya- nide- 'CPF-C, P Plating Solution(s) CPF-1, 1A, 2, 4, 5, 8, 118, CPL-525 CPT - 9,10: Tin Bath Addition Agents CPT-2 CPTL-1 CPTL-203 EC-1,-2 EN-1,-2,-3,-4 For Metal Stripping FSL, FSD, Alkaline Stripper Nickel Carbonate Nickel Chloride, Nickel Stripper(s) Nickel Sulfate Plating Additive(s) & Plating Salts Solution(s) Solutions Solutions & Compounds STFL-CM, ECP, Throw-Power 128 Plating Solution(s) CP Chemicals, Inc. (Georgia) P.O. Box 25 4080 Industrial Road Powder Springs GA 30073 AA-65 (Ammonium Acetate) Nutri-Rhap Foliar Nutri-Rhap Foliar Plus Nutri-Rhap General Crop Mix Nutri-Rhap-C For Citrus Nutri-Rhap-CN For Corn Nutri-Rhap-Cu7 Copper Nutri-Rhap-SB For Soybeans Nutri-Rhap-Zn7 Zinc Crosby Chemicals, Inc. Box 460 Picayune MS 39466 Crosby Calbrite Crosby CRO Crosby Crodym (all products) Crosby Crofatol (all products) Crosby Cromon (all products) Crosby Cropine (all products) Crosby Croplas EH Crosby Cropolamids (all products) Crosby Crosdim Crosby Croturez (all products) Crosby Elsix M Crosby Eplex 15 & 16 Crosby Ester Gum (all products) Crosby Forsize (all products) Crosby Gloss Oils (all products) Crosby Grease Sett 928 N Pale Crosby Hydros (all products) Crosby L-755 Crosby Lacros (all products) Crosby LP MP 45 Crosby Mirares Crosby ML45 Crosby Pitch (all products) Crosby Polros (all products) Crosby Resin No. 7 Crosby Resin No. 9 & No. 11 Crosby Resin Sizes (all products) Crosby Resin 116 Crosby Resin 721 Crosby Terpineol No. 214 Crosby Top - L - (all products) Crosby Valros (all products) Crosby 68-F Crosby 68-FH Crosby 68F-L45 Crosby 700M Crosby 730M Crosby 730 ML65 Crosby 800M Crosby 800MF Crosby 800MP Crosby 900M Crosby 1015 Resin Crosby 1417 Resin Crosby 2035 Crowley Tar Products Company, Inc. 261 Madison Avenue 261 Madison Avenue New York NY 10016 ARMOR-KOTE AROMATIC OIL (CT series) AROMATIC OIL (CT 1005) AROMATIC SOLVENT K BIOMART CNA 150 CNA 190 COAL TAR PITCH (250-15) CROWTHERM CROWTHERM HEAT TRANSFER OIL 400 CYCLO-FLO DIPANOL ENGINE-KLEEN FLO-AID HIPOL (series) HITAC 300 HY PEEL (CT 1005) HY-PEEL HY-PEEL (X-C) HY-POL (series) IMPERVOTAR INHIBITOR G INHIBITOR J LC-76 RECLAIMING OIL LIMPID OIL 2190 METHYL NAPHTHALENE GRADE LG METHYL NAPHTHALENE LG 3 METHYL NAPHTHALENE NO. 2 MK II MK II (CT 1005) PEPTREX PETROPOL PETROREZ (series) PLASTICIZER 410 POLY C4M POLY-FIN (series) POLYAMPROLENE POLYMER C POLYPET POLYPOL 19 POLYREZ POLYTAC POLYTAC R-500 POLYTAC S PRESERVO-0-SOTE PROCESS OIL (CT series) PYRBASE RESIN C ROSINAL ROSINTENE SAF-T-SOL SATURSEAL SOLVENT K SPRA-KLEEN SUPERTAC SYN-FAB DC-1 SYNTHENE image: ------- Crowley Tar Products Company, Inc. 148 Crowley Tar Products Company, Inc.ó cont'd TERPANOL TERPINOXO VANADABAN VIPLEX (series) XYLO-SOLV Crown Chemical Company Inc. 515 South Harmon Street Indianapolis IN 46225 Coppercrown #1 Coppercrown #2 Crown #45 Crown #46 Special Crown #47 Crown #47X Crown #48 Special Crown #60 Special Crown "HF" Indicator Crown "HF" Titrating Solution Crown AA#2 Lime Additive Crown Acid Aid #3 Crown Acid Aid #3X Crown Acid Aid #5L Crown Acid Aid X Crown Acid Aid 5LXS Crown Anti-Foam Concentrate Crown Buffer #100 Crown Clean #1 Crown Clean #2 Crown Clean Concentrate Crown Foamer #10 Crown Foamer #20 Crown Foamer #20X Crown Foamer #50 Crown Fumetrol Crown L-X Special Acid Additive Crown L-50 Crown L-50SS Crown L-60B Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown Crown L-60BW L-1011 L-1011A L-1011X Quench Salt Reagent #1 Rinse Aid #48 Scale-Prep Special X ZP-1 Make-Up ZP-2 Replenisher ZP-81 Make-Up ZP-82 Replenisher 6-60BA 6-60X Crown Zellerbach Chem Prod Div 849 NW 7th 349 NW 7th Camas WA 98607 EXACT-S GREENZ 26 ORZAN (all products) SWP TANZ VIZ-THIN ZEE-MILL ZEECON (all products) Crystal Soap & Chemical Co. 8th Street & Moyers Road Lansdale PA 19446 #50 Mold Soap Aftertreat Cone. WNR Albalene SF Antifoam PD Base "C" Crystalene FL CS-41 CS-065 CS-103 CS-105 CS-107 CS-112-40 CS-116 CS-117 CS-118 CS-129 CS-150 CS-199 CS-200 CS-204 CS-210 CS-245 CS-609 CS-622 CS-634 CS-635 CS-637 CS-638 CS-644 CS-645 CS-646 CS-651 CS-652 CS-653 CS-2013 CS-2027 CS-2028 CS-2034 CS-2037 CS-2040 CS-2042 CS-2043 CS-10019 CS-10032 CS-10044 CS-10060 CSL-57 Folicote H-35 H-493-T H-507 H-524 K-215 Nylon Size SF Polyethylene "N" Powell Scrub R-9 R-16 Scour KB V-36 - MGF Xll-37 X12-77 image: ------- 149 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION CVC Products, Inc. Culligan International One Culligan Parkway Northbrook IL 60062 AQUA-CLEER CONDITIONING SOLUTION (All Products) AQUA-CLEER MODULES (All Products) CULLAR (All Products) CULLCITE CULLEX (All Products) CULLIGAN CHEMICAL TREATMENT (All Products) CULLIGAN CLEANERS (All Products) CULLIGAN MINERAL REACTIVATOR CULLIGAN RECLAIM DETERGENT (All Products) CULLIGAN SILICONE LUBRICANT CULLIGAN SLATE BLUE CULLIGAN TEST KIT POWDERS (All Prod- ucts) CULLIGAN TEST KIT REAGENTS (All Products) CULLIGAN TEST KIT SOLUTIONS (All Products) CULLITE CULLNEU (All Products) CULLSAN (All Products) CULLSORB (All Products) FER SUL HI CAP CULLITE HUMISORB HYDROSORB RINSE 'N SHINE RUST-GARD CRYSTALS SOFNER-GARD Cutting & Grinding Fluids 1111 S. Alpine Road Rockford IL 61108 CG 350 CG 500 CG 510 CG 516 CG 650 CG 900 CG 910 CG 1010 CG 3210 CG 4230 CG 4240 CG 5200 CG 5210 CG 5300 CG 5310 CG 5400 CG 5460 CG 5480 CG 5500 CG-EP CG-450 CG-605 CG-608 CG-700 CG-700NN CG-800 CG-850 CG-4450 RC-30 Cuyahoga Consolidated, Inc. 808 Denison Ave. Cleveland OH 44109 BLEACHABLE FANCY TALLOW CUYAHOGA WHITE TALLOW FANCY TALLOW Yellow Grease CVC Products, Inc. 525 Lee Road PO Box 1886 Rochester NY 14603 Celvacene Light, Medium and Heavy Celvaseal Convalex-10 Convalube (all products) Convoil (all Products) Octoil (all products) image: ------- CY/RO Industries 150 CY/RO Industries Berdan Avenue Wayne NJ 07470 ACRYLITE acrylic sheet (all types) ACRYLITE molding and extrusion compounds (all grades) ACRYLITE SDP* acrylic sheet CYRODUR sheet (all types) CYROLITE polymer (all types) CYROLON SDP polycarbonate sheet XT polymer (all types) D. L. Auld Co., The 1209 N. Fifth St. Columbus OH Franklin 00-428-1341 VITROLUX (All Products) D.A. Stuart Oil Co., of America 2727 So. Troy Street Chicago IL 60623 ASTRAL CODOL COLLINS DASCO DASCO ARC DASCO BOND DASCO EW DASCO IFR DASCO KLEEN DASCO PA DASCO PS DASCO RINSE DASCO RP DASCO SM GLASS DASCO STRIP DASCO WIL DASCOATE DASCOCIDE DASCOLENE DASCOLUBE DASCOOL DRAWSOL DURO DURON EXCELENE HI-D KLEENSOL KUTAID POLYSOL A ROL KLEEN SOL FLUSH SOLVOL SPEEDKUT STUART'S STUARTEX STURACO SUPERITE SUPERKOOL THERMEX THREDKLEER THREDKUT THREDROLL YUCATAN D-R Chemical Company 19114 W McNichols Detroit MI 48219 DCC 1000 Med. Chrome Yellow DCC 1001 Med. Chrome Yellow DCC 1012 E.D. Med Chrome Yellow DCC 1019 Med. Chrome Yellow DCC 1021 Traffic Yellow DCC 1026 Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC 1034 Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC 1035 Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC 1036 E.D. Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC 1075 Primrose Chrome Yellow DCC 1084 E.D. Zinc Chromate DCC 1091 Shading Yellow DCC 1202 Yellow AAOT DCC 1606 Molybdate Orange DCC 1607 Molybdate Orange DCC 1610 E.D. Molybdate Orange DCC 2215 Toluidine Red DCC 2227 Toluidine Red DCC 2254 E.D. Toluidine Red DCC 3200 Iron Blue DCC-6002 BON Maroon image: ------- 151 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Davies-Young Company, The Dacar Chemical Company 1007 McCartney Street Pittsburgh PA 15220 BOIL FLOG BOIL OUT BOIL-0 BOILERENE- all types BOILZEEN CALCORENE- All Types CELTHANE - all types CHEMTREAT COGAD -all types COTIMENE - all types DACAR CONCRETE SEALER DACAR-KLEEN DACARCIDE- all types DACARCOTE - all types DACARENE- all types DACAROL - All Types DALCORENE- all types DALSPERSE- all types DARCRETE DARMOLD-all types DARO -all types DAROLENE DARSOL- All Types DAXCEL -all types DAXKOTE - all types DAXSEALANT- all types DRAINFRE - all types FERRO PLAST - all types FOAMGRAB FOAMGUARD KLEEN CHEK LANCE KOTE MELTAWAY NUTRITE - all types OXIGO - all types OXY-LIQUI- all types OXZEEN - all types PENETRO SCA-GO VELVETY 230 VOLERENE - all types ZIP - all types ZODINE - all types Daubert Chemical Company 1200 Jorie Blvd. Oak Brook IL Du Page 00-174-7393 Alumitex Coppertex Daubrite Protek Wrap Silver Saver Uniwrap Vapor Wrapper Davies-Young Company, The 2700 Wagner Place Maryland Heights MO St. Louis 07-713-2280 Buckeye Acid Brite Buckeye Auto Brush Wash Buckeye Auto Wash Buckeye Automotive Spray Wax Buckeye Blue Buckeye Bol-Clean Buckeye Bug-M Buckeye Cert Lotion Cleaner Buckeye Cirene Buckeye Clarion Buckeye Cold Tank Solvent Buckeye Concrete Cleaner Buckeye Concrete Seal Buckeye Confidence Buckeye Confidence Natraspray Buckeye Corona Buckeye CR - Cirene Remover Buckeye Crystal Dry Buckeye D-Solv Buckeye Defoam Buckeye Dets Buckeye Down & Out Drain Cleaner Buckeye Dy-Chlor Buckeye Dy-Dust Buckeye Dy-Phase Buckeye Dyodyne Buckeye Dysh Buckeye Dyshamatic Buckeye EDC Buckeye Facet Buckeye Facet Natraspray Buckeye Formula 201 Buckeye G. P. Steam Cleaner Buckeye Gard Buckeye General Steam Cleaner Buckeye Glad Lath'r Buckeye Glass and Window Cleaner Buckeye Glint Buckeye Glint Natraspray Buckeye Golden Strip Buckeye Gone Buckeye H. D. Steam Cleaner Buckeye H.D. Triple Concentrate Buckeye H.D.W. Buckeye Heavy Duty Wax Buckeye Hello Buckeye Hello Natraspray Buckeye Hot Tank Cleaner Buckeye Interior-Exterior Cleaner Buckeye Jet Stream Buckeye Liberate Buckeye Liquid Hand Soap 5000 Buckeye Liquid Swatter Buckeye Maintenol Buckeye Manual Car Wash Buckeye Mop Treet Buckeye Nap-Bac Buckeye Penetrate Buckeye Platter Perfect Buckeye Pow'r Strip Buckeye Pressure Wash Buckeye Ram Natraspray Buckeye Road Runner Buckeye Safety Solvent Degreaser Buckeye Sani-Q Buckeye Sanicare Buckeye Silk Lotion Buckeye Silva Brite Buckeye Sparkle Buckeye Spiff Buckeye Spray Buff & Cleaner Buckeye Spray Clean Buckeye Spray Solvent Degreaser Buckeye Status Buckeye Status Natraspray Buckeye Super Gard Buckeye Swath Buckeye Tar & Asphalt Remover Buckeye Terrazzo Seal Buckeye Touch & Go Buckeye Whitewall Cleaner Buckeye XL-100 Buckeye 1st Down Buckeye 1844 image: ------- Day Glo Color Corp 152 Day Glo Color Corp 4732 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland OH Cuyahoga 00-419-7257 Alberta Yellow Colorado Yellow Columbia Blue Day-Glo Filteray Hudson Yellow Kennebec Yellow Mohawk Yellow Roanoke Yellow Sunbonded Yukon Yellow De Mills Chemical Corp. 103 Fairmount Ave. Jersey City NJ Hudson 06-751-6070 Additive P Amide DE Amide DM Special Amide RP Carbamyl 15 Carbamyl 20 Carbamyl 28 Carbamyl 86 Carbamyl 87 Cior Amide C Cior Amide HC Cior Amide L Cior Amide S Cior Amide T Cior Amide U Demafor Estomil P Gum CML Local 100 Masolene DM Masolene KL Masolene MAL Masolene PO-6 Masolene PO-20 MEAB Milapon Milidin TI-10 Milidin X-2 My Bath P-10-P P-10-P-1 Polycat 2 Prodet C Product GX-3 Product MAL Product MEL Product X-3 Product 20 Product 28 Product 2662 Product 3002 Prolamine B Prolamine NA Synorlube 1 Synorlube 2 Synorlube 100 Tacnor Tacnor DE Tacnorene Dearborn Chemical (U.S.) 300 Genesee St. Lake Zurich IL 60047 ALKAFILM ALKAMEEN ALKATROL AQUA-FLOC 401 through 431 AQUA-SERV A-101 through A-116 AQUA-SERV B-202 through B-272 AQUA-SERV BC-45 through 88 AQUA-SERV C-312 through C-375 AQUA-SERV DSR AQUA-SERV F.O.T. AQUA-SERV KOOL-TREET 311 AQUA-SERV LSR AQUA-SERV PIL - 4 AQUA-SERV Resin Cleaner 223 BW-51 through BW-85 CW-43 through CW-79 DEARBORN 17 through 8010 DEARCIDE 705 through 732 DEARFLOC 4890 through 4996 DEARMATE 4970 DEARMEEN DEAROX 4870 through 4876 DEARSOL 45 through 144 DEARTROL 496 through 4849 DF-73 DUSCO 8200 through 8234 ECOGARD 4524 through 4527 ECOMEEN ELBO-TREET ENDCOR L ENDCOR NP ENDCOR 4520 through 8220 ENDCORFILM 4950 through 4960 ENDCORMEEN 4910 through 4930 EXFOAM 440 through 4992 FIREMATE 1 through 813 FLOTHRU HEX-A-GONE KLAR-AID 19 through 120 LIME-TREET MB-110 MET - 50 MICROBIOTREAT 321 through 6261 OIL-PERGE PHLOW POLYCARB POLYMATE 158 through 928 POLYPHOS 67 POLYQUEST POLYTEC AA through AF POLYTEC BA through BP POLYTEC CA through CI POLYTEC CJ through CK POLYTEC DC through DR POLYTEC FT POLYTEC LC through LR POLYTEC RA through RD POLYTROL RL-70 SC-42 through SC-72 SCALE-CLEEN SEPOL 433 SLUDGTROL 600 STOP-PIT SUPER FILMEEN 10 through 24 SUPER FLOTHRU SUPER FLOTHRU RX TURBINE DEFOULANT WATCHGUARD BW-502 WATER-TEC RA-188 through RA-193 WATER-TEC RB-260 through RB-290 WATER-TEC RC-379 through RC-390 WATER-TEC RD-96 WATER-TEC RF-550 WATER-TEC RL-621 WATER-TEC RS-480 through RS-491 ZEOQUEST 102 image: ------- 153 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Detrex Chemical Industries Inc. Degussa Corporation Route 46 at Hollister Road Teterboro NJ 07608 AEROSIL all grades AEROSIL COK all grades AEROSIL Dispersion DCF and K AEROSIL MOX all grades AEROSIL OX-50 and TT 600 AEROSIL R all grades Aluminium oxide, all grades Aluminosilicic acid-sodium salt, HAB All Grades Aluminumsilicate P-820 Anoxan B 111 M B 112 CF B 113 B 113 M Builder 01 Cadmium Orange Cadmium Red CALSIL Carb.Bl.Chips EFWEKO all grades Carb.Bl.Masterb.COLCOLOR all grad. Carbon Black CK 3, LT and LTD Carbon Black Paste TACK all grad. COFILL all grades Color Black FW all grades Color Black S all grades Color Black SS all grades Contex CORASOL A,B,AB,C all grades CORAX all grades CORAX N all grades Deborox P17 NT Degalan V 26 Degulor Polishing Bath Deguvest HFG Deguvest L DERUSSOL A through Z DERUSSOL Special Duralit DUREX 0 beads and powder DUROSIL E 39 H E 190 R EXTRUSIL Flatting Agent HK all grades Flatting Agent OK all grades Flatting Agent TS all grades Granuform HN 3032 Inter all grades Intergarant all grades Isolit Lamp Black all grades Molecular Sieve HAB all grades MONOSET T 1 (TRICOSAL) Neacid Oxynon Pasilex Plastodent POC All Grades POC HS 0010 POC HS 2020 POC HS 5060 POC HS 65120 POC OS 0010 POC OS 2020 POC OS 2020F POC OS 5060 POC OS 5060F POC OS 65120 POC-Iodophore concentrate Polishing Paste, green Polishing Paste, yellow PRINTEX all grades Proventin 7 Reinforcing Additive Si all grades Reinforcing Additive X 50-S Satessa all grades Separating Agent B-20 and B-22 Sident all grades Silica FK all grades Silica K all grades Silteg AS and all grades Simacoll all grades Sipernat all grades Special Black 1 through 100 Supersorbon WS IV h T-Flux TD paste for gravure inks THICKENING 301 EXTRA RF Toned Black G and all grades Transpafill ULTRASIL VN all grades Uniflux Veriflux VOSSEN BLUE VOSSEN BLUE PASTE VOSSEN RESINATED PIGMENT Wax Compound all grades Waxit WESSALON all grades Dermi-Klene Company, The 306 Oak Place Brea CA 92621 Dermi-Klene Detrex Chemical Industries Inc. P.O. Box 501 Detroit MI 48232 Detrex #10 thru 1200 Detrex Detrex AE thru Z Detrex Detrex BOOTH COTE all products Detrex Detrex BOOTH PURGE all products Detrex Detrex BOOTH TROL all products Detrex Detrex CEH concentrate Detrex Detrex COOLANT ADDITIVE all products Detrex Detrex CP all products Detrex Detrex CUT all products Detrex Detrex DRAW all products Detrex Detrex DREXFOAM Detrex ETTRUDULUBE all products EXTRUDICOTE all products HYDROLUBE HYDROSEAL MICROBOND all products NA-13820 concentrate PAINTBOND all products PERK PERM OIL all products PERM-A-CLOR NA PERM-ETHANE DG Detrex PERMCOTE all products Detrex PERMCOTE MN All number Detrex REXOLENE all products Detrex RINSE AID Detrex SONI CLEANER all products Detrex STAD all products Detrex TRIAD DG Detrex VINCOTE all products Detrez GRIND all products image: ------- Dexter Chemical Corporation 154 Dexter Chemical Corporation 845 Edgewater Road New York NY 10474 AMPITOL ATOLENE BARISOL CLAVANOL CLAVODENE DEKOPAN DELVAN DELVENE DEXENE DEXOPAL DEXTRACLEAN DEXTRAFIX DEXTRAJET DEXTRALUBE DEXTRASCOUR DEXTRASET DEXTRASOL DEXTRASPERSE DEXTROL DYPENOL KOPANE KOPANEX LAKOL LAMEPRINT's LEKTROSTAT MAXILENE MAXITOL PROTONOC REXAN SANFODEX STRODEX TELKANOL THICKENING FAS Dexter Corporation, The Hysol Division 211 Franklin Street Clean NY 14760 Hysol (all products) Wornow (all products) Diamond Shamrock Corporation River Road 1100 Superior Avenue Cleveland OH 77536 A-43 Additive 56/35 Alk 177 Alk-166 Alk-166-l-NP Amer Ind Special Alkali Aqua Wet Atravel BDH 377 BDH-666 Blacosolv Bleach Brite Bleach Laundry Org Chlo BLS - 170 BLS 477 BLS-170-1 NP Bluetint Bontex Borax 5 Mol Borax 10 Mol Bright-white B Brite White Sour BTS - 168 BTS 277 BTS-168-1 NP Budget Sour C 44 Petoclean C 63 A C 68 Carbobrite CDS Special Detergent Celite 503 Celite 545 Ceramanox CF 426 CH 100 CH 101 CH 102 Chem Tronics Brick Chem Tronics Det Chem Tronics Sour Chlorowax LV Chlorowax 20 Chlorowax 39 - 80 Chlorowax 40 Chlorowax 40 - 65 Chlorowax 42 - 170 Chlorowax 43 - 150 Chlorowax 48 - 265 Chlorowax 50 Chlorowax 51 - 225 Chlorowax 59 - 60 Chlorowax 69 - 400 Chlorowax 70 Chlorowax 70 L Chlorowax 70 S Chlorowax 100 Chlorowax 500 C CH102FBC Clipper Cleaner Clipper Foam Colorant Compounder Caustic Cool Phos L Cool Phos NB Corn Pearl Starch Crib Special Mix CT Mix D-25 Wash Oil Dacotex B-275 Dacotex Dry Sizing Dacotex Dry Vol Spotter Dacotex Dual Spotter Dacotex Flexsize Dacotex Paint Rem Spot Dacotex Spray Spotter Dacovin DKE-NC-001 Dacovin FL 614 DACOVIN MS-600 DACOVIN MS-610 DACOVIN MS-617 DACOVIN MS-625 DACOVIN MS-639 DACOVIN MS-640 DACOVIN MS-641 DACOVIN MS-652 DACOVIN MS-668 DACOVIN MS-669 DACOVIN MS-670 Dacovin Poly Tuff 200 DACOVIN RF-608 DACOVIN RP-638 DACOVIN RP-683 Dacovin SR 642 Dacovin SR 643 Dacovin SR 644 DACOVIN SS-627 DACOVIN SS-634 DACOVIN SS-646 DACOVIN SS-647 Dacovin WE 534 Daeovin WE 536 Dacovin WE 644 Dacovin WE 646A Dacovin 2133 Dacovin 2135 Dacovin 2141 Dacovin 2172 Dacovin 2192 Dacovin 2251 Dacovin 2262 Dacovin 2301 Dacovin 3132 Dacovin 4033 Dacovin 4051 Dacovin 4072 Dacovin 4133 Dacovin 4141 Dacovin 4151 Dacovin 4401 image: ------- 155 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Diamond Shamrock Corporation Diamond Shamrock Corporationócont'd Dacovin 4508 Dacovin 4555 Dacovin 4579 Dacovin 4609 Dacovin 4618 DACOVIN 5171-W, Y, GR DACOVIN 5181-W-GR DACOVIN 5191-W, GR DACOVIN 5211-W, GR DACOVIN 5241-W DACOVIN 5611-W DACOVIN 5691-W DACOVIN 5731-W Dacovin 6706 Dacovin 6787 Dacovin 7432 Dacovin 7660-90-1A Dacovin 7660-94-2A Dacovin 8125-101-1 Dacovin 8205-102-2A Dacovin 8205-109-2A Dacovin 8540-81-1A DACOVIN 8599-38-1 Dacovin 8610-34A Dacovin 8620-27-5 Dacovin 8620-27-10A Dacovin 8620-39-1A Dacovin 8620-45-1A Dacovin 8620-46-2A Dacovin 8620-96-3A Dacovin 8785-82-1 Dacovin 8868-94-3 Dacovin 9157-24A Dacovin 9157-35-4A DACOVIN 52702-GR Del vet 65 Detergent No 68 Di-Aqua Dia Crys Caustic Soda Dm Hitest Alkali #3 Diablo 700 X Dialec L-100 through L-900 Dialec P-100 through P-900 Dialec S-100 through S-900 Double Duty Sour Dri Rinse Dri Soft Dry Cleaning Det S Dry Cleaning Detergent Duolite A-1A through A-900Z Duolite ARA-300A though ARA-3999Z Duolite ARC-300A through ARC-3999Z Duolite ARM-300A through ARM-3999Z Duolite C-1A through C-900Z Duolite CS-100A through CS-900Z Duolite ES-1A through ES-900Z Duolite GPA-300A through GPA-3999Z Duolite GPC-300A through GPC-3999Z Duolite GPM-300A through GPM-3999Z Duolite Polybeads 800-899 Duolite S-100A through S-900Z Dynalite D12000/E80 FLAKE Econo Sour Emsco Blea Sp ETHYLAN C12 ETHYLAN 77 Exchlor SC F.R. #1 F.R. #2 F.R. #5L F.R. #6 F.R. #7C Fab Freshner Fab Soft Flextex 200 Formula H Liquid Fresh 'N Clean Gino Safe Chlor Blch GSA Type III Laund Blue Hexaphos Plates Hi Brite Blue Sour Hi Carb Hi Ratio Silicate Hilite Hyflo Super Cel ILF Bacstat Softener ILF Bleach Soap ILF Detergent #9 ILF Detergent #11 ILF Detergent #14 ILF Detergent #15 ILF Fabric Softener San ILF Oxalic Acid ILF Soft Sanitizer Cone. ILF Solvent ILF Special Mop Oil ILF 20 ILF 27B 1-NP ILF 50 Quat Indaco Detergent Indaco Lubricant Indaco Odor Control Indaco Sizing S-85 Industrial Mix #23 Industrial Mix #27B Industrial Mix #27T Industrial Mix #77 Industrial Mix #88 Instutnal Det Ironer Lube Ironer Oil Kamex Kin-Klor Kinlube Kinsoft Kinstrach LANKROFLEX DTDP LANKROFLEX ED6 LANKROPLAST 0124 LANKROPOL WN LANKROSTAT QAT Laund Sour & Blue CLS 1 Laund Sour & Blue CLS 2 Laund Sour & Blue CLS 3 LEVELAN P 316 Lindalite Linen Supply B Liqui-Sour Liquid Blue G Liquid Blue R Liquid Stripper Liquid Tex Spec w/Sour Liquid Tex Special M & D Clear S. E. M & D Concentrate Dyed M & D Dyed S. E. M-Clene D M-Clene S Mahogany Dye Manganese Dioxide Natural B-55, C-52, Types M, D, HP, HPX, HPM, VHP Manganese Nitrate VHP Grades - 70%, 61% Manganese Sulfate - CP Grade Manganous - Manganic Oxide, Types HPM, HPX Manganous Oxide Manganous Oxide Types HP, HPX, Grade #640, 60%, 62%, 65% Mangasoil Mat Compound S. E. Mat Compound S. E. Cone Mat Det #577 Mat Detergent #2 Mat Detergent #3 Mat Detergent #675 Maxidet Meansco MSC-100 Meansco Spt 200 Meansco SSD-200 W Meansco SSD-300 P Merclene Mineral Seal Oil Mn(3)0(4) Hausmannite MnO - C.P. MONOLAN P 100 Mop Yellow MS 60 PI New Safe Dry Bleach NL 300 Novalin Nu-Fluo Nu-Fluo with Brightener Ortho-B Orthobrite ORTHODET Paralate S Perclene Perclene D Perclene Dry Cleaning Perl Brite Oil Permalite Poly Mix Poly Mix B Poly Stat #3 Premix Pro-Tex 100 Pro-Tex-200 Prodet PROPAMINE A PROPYLAN M 111 PROPYLAN SF 60 Purgovin QUADROLAN AT Radiant Hi Test Redi Instant Starch Remtex Rinse Additive Paste FM Royal Blend Royal Blend Syndet Royal Blue Bleach Royal Finish Royal Polybrite Royal Rinse Rust Solv Sour Rust-E-Lim Rust-Muver Safe Dry Bleach Safety Line Sour Safety-Chlor Bleach Septo Sour Shop Towel Brown Shop Towel Green Shop Towel Navy Shop Towel Orange Shop Towel Red Shop Towel Scarlet Shop Towel Violet Shop Towel Yellow Silv Nitrate Stain Rem Slarry Powder image: ------- Diamond Shamrock Corporation 156 Diamond Shamrock Corporationócont'd So White Soap High Titer Soap Mix 26B Sodium Meta Mod Sorbocel Sour Laundry Fluoridat Special Fabric Softener Spray-on Duster Oil Squid Sta Brite Alk Stericlean Straight Base Striptex Sulframin 40 Gran Sunshine Bleach Superclear Supreme Sour B Sure-Fluo Ironer Wax Tar Aid Tex Fl w/B-S 200 W/Sour Tex Special Tex-Fluff w/Bac-Stat 200 Tex-Fluff w/Bac-Stat 400 Textrol Textrol With Sour Tri Liqui Sour Tri-Basic Manganese Sulfate Triclene Triclene D Trimanox U P Base Oil UNIFLOW Vinylin Water Repellent Sizing Water Wash C Wondaco Zipper Lube 35% Ta-100 Diaz Chemical Corporation 40 Jackson Street P.O. Box Holley NY 14470 194 DIAZENE (40-200) Disco Incorporated Mrs. F. Fletcher 1010 Greenwood Lake Tpk Ringwood NJ 07456 DISCO Dispersed Colors MOLDBRITE Mold Releases POLY-PROSS Process Aids Diversified Chemicals Corp. Glenn E. MacRill 8100 Electric Ave. Stanton CA 90680 Calla (All Products) DI-CHEM (All Products) Diversified Chems. & Props. Co. 1301 W. 22nd St., Suite 415 Oak Brook IL 60521 Aeron 17 through Aeron 108 image: ------- 157 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Douglas Industries, Inc. Dober Chemical Corporation 14461 S. Waverly Avenue Midlothian IL 60445 Dober Acidic Descaling Compounds Dober Dober Acidic Rust Removers Dober Dober Acidic Steam Cleaning Cmpds. Dober Dober Aklaine Water Wash Cmpds. Dober Dober Alkaline Aluminum Cleaners Dober Dober Alkaline Electro Cleaners Dober Dober Alkaline Etching Compounds Dober Dober Alkaline Soak Cleaners Dober Dober Alkaline Spray Cleaners Dober Dober Alkaline Steam Cleaning Compounds Dober Dober Anti-Weld Spatter Compounds Dober Dober Biocides Dober Dober Brass Bnghteners Dober Dober Burnishing Compounds Dober Dober Car Washing Compounds Dober Dober Carburetor Cleaners Dober Dober Concrete Floor Cleaners Dober Dober Coolants Dober Defoamers Deoxidizers Emulsifiable Lubricants General Purpose Cleaners Iron Phosphating Compounds Laundry Detergents Liquid Alkaline Hot Strippers Liquid Hand Soaps Manganese Phosphating Cmpds. Paintable Mold Releases Peelable Paint Booth Coating Phosphate Coating Additives Photo Resist Strippers Powdered Alkaline Hot Strippers Powdered Hand Soaps Radiator Cleaners Rust Inhibitors Rust Preventives Dober Safety Solvents Dober Scrapeable Paint Booth Ctgs. Dober Semi-Synthetic Lubricants Dober Silk Screen Washes Dober Solvent Based Cold Strippers Dober Solvent Emulsion Cleaners Dober Synthetic Lubricants Dober Toilet Cleaners Dober Ultrasonic Cleaners Dober Vanishing Oils Dober Water Removeable Paint Booth Coat- ings Dober Water Treatment Compounds Dober Zinc Phosphating Compounds Dooley Chemical Company 2400 East 24th St. P 0 Box 1951 Chattanooga TN 37407 Antifoam 45 Antistat 102 Crock Out 100 D-C Tex 211P Defoamer SKM Defoamer 151 Doocobond Doocolev Doocopen Doocoscour Doocosoft Doocosolv Doocostat Doocovel Doocowet Doolex Doolon Duller A Nap Scour Penetrant D Penetrant PX5-B Penscour Pine Solvent XX Retarder DL-232 Retarder RS-59 Scour D-3 Scour D-5 Scour DL Tri Dye Assist Weighter B Weighter SK Douglas Industries, Inc. 8906 Rosehill Road Lenexa KS 66215 Annumune PAN Trimune image: ------- Dow Corning Corporation 158 Dow Corning Corporation P.O. Box 1592 Midland MI 48640 DOW CORNING A-12A Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-14 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-16 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-23 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-28 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-32 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-34 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-36 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-48 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-54 Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-4005 Adhesive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING A-4040 Primer DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Additive A-3 DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam A Compound DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam AP Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam B Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam C Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam FG-10 Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam H-10 Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam OC-2 Compound DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Antifoam Y-30 Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-23 Base Resin DOW CORNING B-35 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-52 Base Resin DOW CORNING B-55 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-75 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-247 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-745 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-746 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-747 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-748 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-955 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-1603 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-1604 Base uid DOW CORNING B-1625 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-2326 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-2327 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-5503 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-5505 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING B-5507 Base DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Catalyst 5 DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Catalyst 15 DOW CORNING DOW CORNING CF-3340 Powder pound DOW CORNING CF4-0466 DOW CORNING DOW CORNING CF9-3110C Ablative Material DOW CORNING DOW CORNING C2-0563 Repellent DOW CORNING DOW CORNING C4-2109 Release Additive Blue DOW CORNING C4-2117 Fast Cure Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING C4-2123 Fast Cure Additive DOW CORNING DOW CORNING C4-2132 Controlled Release DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DB-31 Antifoam Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DB-100 Antifoam Compound DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DB-110A Antifoam Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DMC-742 Intermediate DOW CORNING DOW CORNING EF4-3629A Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING ET-4327 Emulsion DOW CORNING DOW CORNING ETS-900 DOW CORNING DOW CORNING El-8000 DOW CORNING DOW CORNING E2-1059 PAPX DOW CORNING DOW CORNING F Catalyst DOW CORNING DOW CORNING FF-400 Fiber Finish DOW CORNING DOW CORNING FS-1265 Fluid DOW CORNING DOW CORNING FS-1292 Grease DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Fl-1630 Fluid DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Fl-3505 Dielectric Gel DOW CORNING DOW CORNING Fl-3523 Dielectric Gel DOW CORNING DOW CORNING GP-77 NP Varnish DOW CORNING DOW CORNING High Vacuum Grease 970V DOW CORNING DOW CORNING High Vacuum Grease 971V DOW CORNING DOW CORNING High Vacuum Grease 976V DOW CORNING HV-490 Emulsion 11-1367 11-8004 16-3444 Litharge W-30 M9-1121 Molding Compound Platinum No. 2 QCF2-1075 Fluid QCF2-1112 Fluid QCF2-1188 Fluid QCF3-7047 Silicone RTV QF1-3593A Fluid QR4-3136 Binder Resin QR4-3157 Solventless Resin Ql-2529 Resin Ql-2538 Release Coating Ql-2552 Varnish Ql-2568 Solventless Resin Ql-2579 Intermediate Ql-3563 Fluid Ql-4913 Junction Coating Ql-4933 Junction Coating Ql-4982 Intermediate Ql-6011 Silane Ql-7002 Q2-1052 Linears Q2-1058 Fluid Dispersion Q2-1062 Silicone Brake Fluid Q2-1096 Fluid Q2-1117 Fluid Q2-1132 Heat Transfer Liq- Q2-1141 Silicone Brake Fluid Q2-3067 Optical Couplant Q2-3092 Fluid Q2-3107 Fluid Q2-3137 Thread Finish Q2-3154 BPL Concentrate Q2-3179 Bouncing Putty Q2-3180A Antifoam Com- Q2-3182 BPL Dispersion Q2-3190 BPL Concentrate Q2-3191A Bouncing Putty Q2-4013 Q2-5033 Q2-5043 Q2-5067 Q2-5095 Q2-5097 Q2-5098 Q2-5103 Q2-7044 Q2-7045 Q2-7069 Q2-7091 Q2-7105 Q2-7112 Q2-7113 Q3-3307 Q3-6060 Q3-6527 Q3-6535 Q3-6593 Q3-7044 Q3-8008 Q3-8012 Emulsion Surfactant Surfactant Intermediate Surfactant Fluid Surfactant Surfactant Paper Coating Catalyst Paper Coating Catalyst Paper Coating Adhesive Adhesive Primer A&B Dielectric Gel A&B Dielectric Gel L.S. Rubber A&B Textile RTV RTV Rubber RTV Catalyst DOW CORNING Q3-8012 RTV Encapsulant DOW CORNING Q3-9003 RTV DOW CORNING Q3-9590 DOW CORNING Q4-0096A Thread Finish DOW CORNING Q4-2737 Fluid DOW CORNING Q4-2764 Intermediate DOW CORNING Q4-2900 DOW CORNING Q4-3159 Coating DOW CORNING Q4-3667 Fluid DOW CORNING Q5-0158A Silicone Wax DOW CORNING Q6-2230 Resin DOW CORNING Q6-3817 Resin DOW CORNING Q8-5479 Silane DOW CORNING Q9-4529-8 Fluorosilicone Sealant DOW CORNING Q9-6300 Silane DOW CORNING Q9-6312 Abrasion Resistant Coat DOW CORNING Q9-6313 Abrasion Resistant Coat DOW CORNING Q9-6315 Abrasion Resistant Coat DOW CORNING R-752 Resin DOW CORNING R-6100 Junction Coating DOW CORNING R-6101 Junction Coating DOW CORNING R-6102 Junction Coating DOW CORNING R-6103 Junction Coating DOW CORNING R-6104 Junction Coating DOW CORNING R-7501 Resin DOW CORNING R-7521 Resin DOW CORNING R4-3117 Conformal Coating DOW CORNING R6-0916 Hydrolysate DOW CORNING R6-1016 Resin DOW CORNING R6-1072 DOW CORNING R6-2044 Resin DOW CORNING R9-0702 Resin DOW CORNING R9-0711 Junction Coating DOW CORNING R9-0716 Junction Coating DOW CORNING R9-0720 Junction Coating DOW CORNING S-2260 Primer DOW CORNING S-9711 Rubber DOW CORNING SFD-1 DOW CORNING SFD-5 DOW CORNING SFD-12 DOW CORNING SFD-27 Fluid DOW CORNING SFD-117 DOW CORNING SFD-119 DOW CORNING SGM-3 DOW CORNING SGM-11 DOW CORNING SGM-18 DOW CORNING SGM-24 DOW CORNING SGM-26 DOW CORNING SGM-35 DOW CORNING SGM-900 DOW CORNING SGM-903 DOW CORNING SGM-905 DOW CORNING Silicone Lubricant 8685 DOW CORNING Silicone Rubber ETC 8640 DOW CORNING Silicone Rubber Sealant PNTBL 8644 DOW CORNING Silicone Windshield Sealant 575 DOW CORNING T-5032 Fiber Treatment DOW CORNING TF-521 Thread Finish DOW CORNING T3-0569 Emulsifier DOW CORNING T4-0118A Fluid DOW CORNING T4-0119 Fluid DOW CORNING T4-0149 Silane DOW CORNING XC2-0125 Compound DOW CORNING XC2-2124 Compound image: ------- 159 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Dow Corning Corporation Dow Corning Corporationócont'd DOW CORNING XEY-142 Catalyst DOW CORNING XEY-182A Catalyst DOW CORNING XF-4700 Fluid DOW CORNING XF1-0048 Fluid DOW CORNING XF1-0049 Fluid DOW CORNING XF1-3755 Fluid DOW CORNING XR6-3445 DOW CORNING XR6-3570 DOW CORNING XY-170 Catalyst DOW CORNING XY-173 Catalyst DOW CORNING XY-176 Catalyst DOW CORNING XZ-406 A-4000 Grade DOW CORNING XZ-406 Adhesive Grade DOW CORNING Xl-2900 Resin DOW CORNING X2-8024 Fluid DOW CORNING Y-177 Catalyst DOW CORNING Z-1211 Silane DOW CORNING Z-1212 Silane DOW CORNING Z-1213 Silane DOW CORNING Z-1216 Silane DOW CORNING Z-1219 Silane DOW CORNING Z-1221 Silane DOW CORNING Z-1224 Silane DOW CORNING Z-5456 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6005 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6018 Intermediate DOW CORNING Z-6020 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6026 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6030 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6031 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6032 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6040 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6050 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6062 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6070 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6075 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6076 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6079 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6082 Silane DOW CORNING Z-6188 Intermediate DOW CORNING 1-2531 Release Coating DOW CORNING 1-4916 Back Impregnating Resin DOW CORNING 1-5021 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 1 Catalyst DOW CORNING 2-0078 Sealant DOW CORNING 2-1076 Fluid DOW CORNING 2-1077 Fluid DOW CORNING 2 Compound DOW CORNING 3-5000 Construction Coating DOW CORNING 3-6512 A&B Elastomer DOW CORNING 3-6548 RTV Foam A&B DOW CORNING 3-6550 Dispersion DOW CORNING 3-7008 Fluid DOW CORNING 3 Compound DOW CORNING 3 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 4 Catalyst DOW CORNING 4 Compound DOW CORNING 5-7104 DOW CORNING 5 Compound DOW CORNING 6-1104 C V Sealant DOW CORNING 6-2047 Resin DOW CORNING 7 Compound DOW CORNING 7 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 8 Emulsion DOW CORNING 9-0714 Junction Coating Res- in DOW CORNING 9-0721 Junction Coating Res- in DOW CORNING 9-1099 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 9-2023 Primer DOW CORNING 9-3076-2 Sealant DOW CORNING 9-3104 Ablative DOW CORNING 9-3500 Space Grade Encapsu- lant DOW CORNING 9-4002 Sealant DOW CORNING 9-4003 Dispersion Coating DOW CORNING 9-4031 Channel Sealant DOW CORNING 9-5079 Building Sealant DOW CORNING 9-6081 RTV Adhesive Seal- ant DOW CORNING 9-6082 A&B Encapsulant DOW CORNING 9-6083 Silicone Adhesive DOW CORNING 11 Compound DOW CORNING 11 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 14 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 16 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 20 Release Coating DOW CORNING 21 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 22A Catalyst DOW CORNING 23A Catalyst DOW CORNING 23C Catalyst DOW CORNING 24 Emulsion DOW CORNING 34 Emulsion DOW CORNING 36 Emulsion DOW CORNING 40C Adhesive DOW CORNING 56 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 57 Paint Additive DOW CORNING 62 Catalyst DOW CORNING 75 Emulsion DOW CORNING 108 Emulsion DOW CORNING 164 Catalyst DOW CORNING 190 Surfactant DOW CORNING 191 Surfactant DOW CORNING 193 Surfactant DOW CORNING 196 Surfactant DOW CORNING 197 Surfactant DOW CORNING 198 Surfactant DOW CORNING 200 Dielectric Fluid DOW CORNING 200 Fluid DOW CORNING 203 Fluid DOW CORNING 210H Fluid DOW CORNING 211 Fluid DOW CORNING 225 Fluid DOW CORNING 230 Fluid DOW CORNING 231 Emulsion DOW CORNING 233A Release Fluid DOW CORNING 280-A Adhesive DOW CORNING 281 Adhesive DOW CORNING 282 Adhesive DOW CORNING 284 Adhesive DOW CORNING 290 Paintable Release Agent DOW CORNING 302 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 304 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 305 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 306 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 307 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 308 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 325 Ablative Material DOW CORNING 330 Fluid DOW CORNING 340 Heat Sink Compound DOW CORNING 342 Heat Transfer Com- pound DOW CORNING 344 Fluid DOW CORNING 345 Fluid DOW CORNING 346 Emulsion DOW CORNING 347 Emulsion DOW CORNING 470A Fluid DOW CORNING 477 Resin DOW CORNING 478 Fluid DOW CORNING 480 Molding Compound DOW CORNING 510 Fluid DOW CORNING 531 Fluid DOW CORNING 536 Fluid DOW CORNING 544 Antifoam Compound DOW CORNING 550 Fluid DOW CORNING 556 Cosmetic Grade Fluid DOW CORNING Liquid DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING ant DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING DOW CORNING 561 Silicone Transformer 631 Molding Compound 643 Junction Coating Resin 647 Junction Coating 648 Junction Coating 649 Junction Coating 680 Bathtub Caulk 682 Bathtub Caulk 684 Sealer 684 Silicone Rubber Sealant 686 Sealer 686 Silicone Sealant 687 Aquarium Sealer 688 Aquarium Sealer 689 Sealer 694 Marine Sealant 697 Silicone Sealer 698 Adhesive 702 Diffusion Pump Fluid 704 Diffusion Pump Fluid 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid 710 fluid 730 RTV Fluorosilicone Seal- 732 Black Pigment 772 Water Repellent 780 Building Sealant 780 White Pigment 781 Building Sealant 784 Interior Sealant 790 Building Sealant 803 Resin 804 Resin 805 Resin 806A Resin 808 Resin 840 Resin 888 Highway Joint Sealant 920A Emulsion 922A Emulsion 929 Cationic Emulsion 935 Varnish 991 Varnish 993 Varnish 994 Varnish 996 Varnish 997 Varnish 1107 Fluid 1109 Resin 1111 Emulsion 1171A Catalyst 1200 RTV Prime Coat 1201 RTV Primer 1204 Primer 1205 Primer 1248 Fluid 1250 Surfactant 1251 Surfactant 1252 Surfactant 1312 Surfactant 1315 Surfactant 1326 BPL Dispersion 1328 BPL Dispersion 1890 Protective Sealer 2103 Resin 2104 Resin 2105A Resin 2106 Resin 3011 Antifoam Chemical 3037 Intermediate 3099 H.V.I.C. Compound 3110 RTV Silicone Rubber 3112 RTV Silicone Rubber image: ------- Dow Corning Corporation 160 Dow Corning Corporationócont'd DOW CORNING 3120 RTV Encapsulant DOW CORNING 3140 RTV Coating DOW CORNING 3145 RTV Adhesive Sealant DOW CORNING 3400A Bonded Lube DOW CORNING 7048 Crosslinker DOW CORNING 8662 Urethane Bond DOW CORNING 8663 Silicone Rubber Coating DOW CORNING 8750 Hobby & Craft SLCN Adhesive DOW CORNING 8751 Hobby & Craft SLCN Adhesive DRI-SIL 73 Water Repellent FABRIGLIDE 314 Lubricant MOLYKOTE A Dispersion MOLYKOTE BR-2 Plus Grease MOLYKOTE BR2-S Grease MOLYKOTE C-40 Hi Temp Chain Lube MOLYKOTE FS-3451 Grease MOLYKOTE FS-3452 Valve Lubrican MOLYKOTE G Rapid Spray MOLYKOTE G-N Paste MOLYKOTE M Gearguard MOLYKOTE M-77 Paste MOLYKOTE Metal Protector MOLYKOTE QCF5-0178 Oil MOLYKOTE Q4-3600 Oil MOLYKOTE Q5-0100 Grease MOLYKOTE Q5-0120 Grease MOLYKOTE Q5-0161 Oil MOLYKOTE Q5-7325 Grease MOLYKOTE VN 2461C MOLYKOTE 4X Lubricant MOLYKOTE 33 Grease MOLYKOTE 41 Grease MOLYKOTE 44 Grease MOLYKOTE 55M Grease MOLYKOTE 106 Bonded Lub MOLYKOTE 111 Compound MOLYKOTE 321R Bonded Lubricant MOLYKOTE 505 Paste MOLYKOTE 557 Lube MOLYKOTE 710G Fluid MOLYKOTE 710R Fluid MOLYKOTE 1121 Grease MOLYKOTE 3402 Bonded Lubricant SILASTIC CF-129U Rubber SILASTIC CF-136 Rubber SILASTIC CF-156 Rubber SILASTIC CF-208U Rubber SILASTIC CF-216U Rubber SILASTIC CF-221U Rubber SILASTIC CF-224 Rubber SILASTIC CF-247 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC CF-256 Rubber SILASTIC CF-260U Rubber SILASTIC CF-262 Rubber SILASTIC CF-406 Rubber SILASTIC CF-1034U Rubber SILASTIC CF-1051 Rubber SILASTIC CF-1069U Rubber SILASTIC CF-1085U Rubber SILASTIC CF-1651 Rubber SILASTIC CF-1652A Rubber SILASTIC CF-2134 Rubber SILASTIC CF-2137U Rubber SILASTIC CF-3310 Rubber SILASTIC CF-5313 Rubber SILASTIC CF-3316U Rubber SILASTIC CF-3324 Rubber SILASTIC CF-3331U Rubber SILASTIC CFM-2820 Rubber SILASTIC E RTV Silicone Rubber SILASTIC FR-1 Modifier SILASTIC FR-2 Modifier SILASTIC GP-30J Rubber SILASTIC GP-30 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC GP-45J Rubber SILASTIC GP-45 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC GP-70 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC GP-437 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC HA-1 Modifier SILASTIC HA-2 Modifier SILASTIC HE-26 Rubber SILASTIC HGS-70 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC HS-30 Rubber SILASTIC HS-50 Rubber SILASTIC HS-70 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC HT-1 Modifier SILASTIC J RTV Silicone Rubber SILASTIC L RTV Silicone Rubber SILASTIC LCS-740 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC LS-40 Fluoro Rubber SILASTIC LS-53U Rubber SILASTIC LS-63U Rubber SILASTIC LS-70 Fluoro Rubber SILASTIC L&420 Gum SILASTIC LS-422 Base SILASTIC LS-2249U Rubber SILASTIC LS-2311U Rubber SILASTIC LS-2323 Base SILASTIC LS-2332U Rubber SILASTIC LS-2380U Rubber SILASTIC LT-40 Rubber SILASTIC LT-50 Rubber SILASTIC MR-1 Modifier SILASTIC NPC-40 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC NPC-80 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC QCF4-0468 Rubber SILASTIC QCF4-2768 Rubber SILASTIC Q4-2564 Rubber SILASTIC Q4-2657 SILASTIC Q4-2665 Rubber SILASTIC Q4-2712 Rubber SILASTIC Q4-2735 Rubber SILASTIC Q4-2738 Dispersion SILASTIC Q4-2744AU Rubber Base SILASTIC S-2000U Rubber SILASTIC S-2027 Rubber SILASTIC S-2096U Rubber SILASTIC S-2097U Rubber SILASTIC S-2229 Softener SILASTIC S-2270 Rubber SILASTIC S-2288 Dispersion SILASTIC S-2310 Rubber SILASTIC S-2351U Rubber SILASTIC S-2376U Rubber SILASTIC S-2381 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC S-6508U Rubber SILASTIC S-6531 Gum SILASTIC S-6557U Rubber SILASTIC S-6587 Base SILASTIC SPG-30 Rubber SILASTIC SS-70 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC TR-55 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC TR-70 Silastic Rubber SILASTIC WC-65 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC WC-70 Silicone Rubber SILASTIC 4-0633 Rubber SILASTIC 4-2736 Rubber SILASTIC 35U Rubber SILASTIC 52U Rubber SILASTIC 55U Rubber SILASTIC 75U Rubber SILASTIC 132U Rubber SILASTIC 139U R ubber SILASTIC 140 RTV Adhesive SILASTIC 400 Gum SILASTIC 410 Gum SILASTIC 432 Base SILASTIC 433 Base SILASTIC 434 Base SILASTIC 436 Base SILASTIC 437 Base SILASTIC 445 Base SILASTIC 651U Rubber SILASTIC 675U Rubber SILASTIC 731 RTV Sealant SILASTIC 732 RTV Sealant SILASTIC 733 RTV Rubber SILASTIC 734 RTV Sealant SILASTIC 738 RTV Sealant SILASTIC 740 Base SILASTIC 741 Base SILASTIC 745U Rubber SILASTIC 747U Rubber SILASTIC 748U Rubber SILASTIC 955U Rubber SILASTIC 1125U Rubber SILASTIC 1603 SILASTIC 1603U Rubber SILASTIC 1604 CV SILASTIC 1604U Rubber SILASTIC 1620 Dispersion SILASTIC 1625 HAV SILASTIC 2557U Rubber SILASTIC 4504U Rubber SILASTIC 4508U Rubber SILASTIC 4515U Rubber SILASTIC 4600 Rubber SILASTIC 4671 Rubber SLIPICONE Brand 300 Release SLIPICONE Brand 310 Release SLIPICONE 306 Lubricant SLIPICONE 316 Spray SYL-OFF 22 Paper Coating SYL-OFF 23 Paper Coating SYL-OFF 27 Paper Coating SYL-OFF 291 Paper Coating SYL-OFF 292 Paper Coating SYL-OFF 294 Paper Coating SYL-OFF 297 Anchorage Additive SYL-OFF 1107 Emulsion SYL-OFF 1171 Paper Coating SYLGARD 170 A&B Elastomer SYLGARD 182 Resin and Curing Agent SYLGARD 184 Resin and Curing Agent SYLGARD 185 Resin and Curing Agent SYLGARD 186 Resin and Curing Agent image: ------- 161 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Dresser Industries, Inc. Dragoco, Incorporated Gordon Drive - P.O. Box 261 Totowa NJ 07511 Agrumate 3/010435 Agrumenal 0/076038 Agrunitril 3/010405 Aldron 3/010991 Ambrofix 0/018650 Ambropur N-4 0/098654 Ambropur 0/098650 Animalone 0/210210 Bergamot FFC - DS'C 1/024102 Bigaradia 0/076600 Bulgariol 0/015570 Centrylate 3/019431 Chamomile Syn. 1/023778 Citryl Acetate 3/022401 Conifal 0/101010 Drago-Jasimia 3/027425 Dragoco Perfume (All Products) Eglanex 0/103330 Fraisal 9/013730 Gamma Turiol 3/939060 Gamma Turyl Acetate 3/039065 Geranium African RCO 1/013291 Geranium Bourbon RCO 1/013280 Greenyl Acetate 3/040368 Greenyl Formate 3/040367 Greenyl Propionate 3/040369 Indolal 3/043401 Iso Bergamate 3/043711 Iso Damascene 3/044050 Jasmador 0/210100 Jasmonon Light 0/014605 Lactoscatone 3/048141 Lavender Fortifier 56 0/019630 Lavender Fragrance 0/064480 Mahagonate 3/053401 Melonate 3/054221 Muscarol 0/017170 Muscogene 3/015181 Nerolyol 0/016080 Oncidal 3/060251 Pitylal 0/035780 Prunal 0/139011 Resedyl Acetal 3/068305 Rosa A 0/020750 Tonkavert 3/076301 Vertilal 0/030390 Vetikone 0/08505 Vetival 3/980601 Ylamone 3/080700 Dresser Industries, Inc. Magcobar Division P. 0. Box 718 Dallas TX 75221 Ajax 1A08 Ajax 1A72 Alamo Alamo (Mix 100) Alamo B Alamo S Alamo S DOT Alamo T Alcophos C Alcor Alkacast Alloy Iron Anchor Altec CT-117-A Altec 102 Altec 102-F Altec 103 Altec 103-F Altec 104-F Alusa Alusa Castable Alusa Castable G Alusa Gun Mix Alusa TI Alusite Alusite D Alusite D TI American Fireclay Anchor Anchor Dash Anchor Dash Mix 248CN Ankorite Ankorite 65 Apache Plastic Apache Plastic (w) Apache Plastic CS Apache Plastic CS (W) Apachite Plastic Apachite Plastic (W) AR-2 Bench Marked High Duty Benezet Benezet BF Benezet OHC Bison BIT LUBE Black Patch Black Patch (Dry) Black Patch (W) Black Patch Ladle Hash Boone Boone S C. 0. Silica FC C-22-Z Calamo R-70 Calamo 10^48 Calamo 20 Calamo 20-50 Calamo 22 Calamo 22-S Calamo 35 Calamo 35 S Calamo 41-56 CB Calamo 50 Calamo 60 Calamo 80 Calamo 85 Calamo 100 Calamo 200 Calamo 210 Calcined Flint A Calcined Rough Flint Calcined SD Flint Cape May DB Magnesite C Grade Carbon Steel Cast Foam Castable 820-1 Castable 820T Castable 840-1 Castolast Castolast G Castolast GC CEASCAL CEASTOP CELLOSEAL Cement Liquid Component Cement Premixed Wet Cement Premixed Wet (W) Cement Thinner CHEM-TRETE CHIPSEAL Chrome-Nickle Anchor Chromepak G Chromeset Chromex Chromex B Chromex BG Chromex BJ Chromex S Clayburn Coral BP Coral BP (MIX 33-71) Coral BP TI Coral BP TIB Coral P Coral P (MIX 15-72) Coral P-75 Coral Plastic Coral Plastic Fine Coral Ramming Mix Coral bond Coralbond Mastic Coralite Coralite Bond Coralite Bond (Dry) Coralite D Coralite Plastic Coralite Plastic (W) Coralite Ramming Mix Coralite SC Coralite XD Coralite XD TI Coralith Corson Covercast Corson ES Covercast Corson Fire Clay CRD-8025 Custom Calcining 2500 Degrees Custom Calcining 2700 Degrees D-D Dan M Dean Dean S image: ------- Dresser Industries, Inc. 162 Dresser Industries, Inc.ócont'd Dean SR Detrick Castings Diatherm 17 Dirlite Dirlite DOT Dirlite 18 Dry Cement DUOVIS Duro Duro DOT Duro L Duro S Durocrete DV-22 DV-33 Exkase Alusite D Exkase Guidon Exkase Guidon SR Exkase H-W 2-73 Exkase H-W 2-73 XXP Exkase H-W 10-75 Exkase H-W 12-75 Exkase H-W 31-73 Exkase Harklase Exkase Magnex Exkase Magnex H Exkase Magnex H XXP Exkase Magnex OHR XXP Exkase Nucon Exkase Nucon 50 Exkase Nucon 60 Exkase Nucon 80 FC Brick Bats Fibrous Adhesive Firebond FLOXIT Foam 30 Foam 50 Forsterite L Forsterite Mortar Mix 185-HS Franklin Crown GEOGEL GG-1 GG-2 GG-4-10 GG-10-20 GG-20-50 GG-50-100 GG-111 GP-1 GP-2 GP-3M GP-3T GP-4T GP-8C GP-12C GP-31 GP-71 GP-111 GP-131 GP-151 GP-872 Guidon Guidon Ramming Mix Guidon SR Gum Patch MK 6128 H-W H-W Ala BF H-W Alkabond H-W Baffle Mix H-W Block Insulation H-W Block Stick H-W C-Mix H-W Calc. Silica H-W Calcined Duro Fireclay H-W Calcined High Duty Fire Clay H-W Calcined MO Flint Clay H-W Calcined PA Flint Clay H-W Calcined SA Bauxite 150 H-W Calcined SR Bauxite 1604 H-W CC LT HT Castable H-W Chrome H-W Chrome Castable H-W Chrome Castable Mix 736-n H-W Chrome Fill H-W Chrome Mortar H-W Chrompeak H-W Clay Coke Oven Shapes H-W Copur H-W Copurbond H-W Corundum H-W Corundum Bond H-W Cristobalite 43-63 H-W Cristobalite 43-63-C-3 H-W Cristobalite 47-68 H-W Crown H-W Crude PA Flint Clay H-W E S Castable H-W ES Castable C H-W ES Castable LI H-W ES Castable LI Coarse H-W Finishing Cement H-W Flint Mull Grain GG-2 H-W Flintgrain Flour 150 H-W Flintgrain Flour 200 H-W Flintgrain 803 H-W Flintgrain 1604 H-W Flintgrain 1805 H-W Flintgrain 2007 H-W Flintgrain 4020 H-W Foundry Clay H-W Furnace Magnesite Mix 730 H-W Furnace Magnesite Mix 730- H-W GR Quartzite H-W GR Silica Brick H-W Ground Chrome Ore Mix 707A H-W Ground Chrome Ore Mix 707B H-W Ground Chrome Ore Mix 708 H-W Hard Face Block Insulation H-W High Alumina Castable H-W High Alumina Castable 770 H-W High Duty Fire Clay H-W Insulmortar H-W Lightweight Castable ES H-W Lightweight Castable Low 1 H-W Lightweight Castable 10 H-W Lightweight Castable 20 H-W Lightweight Castable 22 H-W Lightweight Castable 26 H-W Lightweight Castable 28 H-W Lightweight Castable 30 H-W Lightweight Castable 33 H-W Lightweight Gun Mix 22 H-W Loose Mineral Wool H-W LT WT Gun Mix 16 H-W LT WT Gun Mix 20 H-W Ludington DB Magnesite 96A H-W Ludington DS Mag Grain 98 H-W Magnesite H-W Mineral Fiber Coating H-W Mix 686-P H-W MO H-W MO BF H-W MO BF Dash H-W Mullite Calcines H-W Mullite Flour 150 H-W Mullite Flour 200 H-W Mullite Grain 803 H-W Mullite Grain 1805 H-W Mullite Grain 4020 H-W Mullite Plastic H-W Mullite Plastic (W) H-W Mullite Plastic CS H-W Mullite Ramming Mix H-W Mullite Ramming Mix (W) H-W Nozzle 1 H-W Nozzle 2 H-W Nozzle 2/Magnex B Insert H-W Nozzle 2 TIB H-W Nozzle 3 H-W Nozzle 3/KXD Insert H-W Peribond H-W Periklase H-W Periklase Grain C Grade H-W Periklase Grain 94 H-W Periklase Grain 98 H-W Perimix H-W Pipe H-W Pipe-GARD H-W RC Castable H-W Reighley Clay H-W Rollboard-Pieces H-W Rollboard-Rolls H-W Sagger Clay H-W Special H-W Special Mortar H-W Special Mortar Mix 209B H-W Standard Castable H-W Standard Plastic H-W Standard Plastic (W) H-W Standard Plastic CS H-W Stove H-W Stove Checker H-W Subex H-W Super Castable H-W Super Duty Mortar H-W Super Duty Reighley Clay H-W Super Gun Clay H-W Super Plastic H-W Super Plastic (W) H-W Super Plastic CS H-W Super Plastic CS (W) H-W TI H-W TIB H-W Weathered Bond B Clay H-W Zircon H-W Zircon Bond H-W Zircon Ramming Mix H-W 1-64 Mortar H-W 1-71 Gun Mix H-W 1-74 Mortar H-W 1-75 Ramming Mix H-W 2-68 H-W 2-68 (W) H-W 2-72 Plastic H-W 2-73 H-W 2-74 Gunning Mix H-W 2-76 H-W 2-77 Castable H-W 3-70 Mortar H-W 3-73 Mortar H-W 3-75 H-W 3-76 H-W 3-77 Castable H-W 4-64 H-W 4-67 H-W 4-74 Castable H-W 4-75 Joint Mix H-W 4-77 Mortar H-W 5-50 Bonding Mortar H-W 5-71 Lighweight Castable image: ------- 163 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Dresser Industries, Inc. Dresser Industries, Inc.ócont'd H-W 5-73 Castable H-W 5-74 Castable H-W 5-75 Binder H-W 5-76 Ramming Mix H-W 5-77 H-W 6-74 H-W 6-74 TIB H-W 6-75 Castable H-W 6-77 Ramming Mix H-W 7-68 Gunning Mix H-W 7-73 H-W 8-56 Periklase Grain H-W 8-65 H-W 8-68 H-W 8-71 Plastic H-W 8-76 Ramming Mix H-W 8-77 Plastic H-W 9-61 H-W 9-75 Plastic H-W 9-76 H-W 10-61 Ramming Mix H-W 10-64 H-W 10-74 H-W 10-75 H-W 10-76 H-W 11-62 Castable H-W 11-69 Castable H-W 11-70 H-W 11-76 Castable H-W 11-77 Ramming Mix H-W 12-68 H-W 12-72 Plastic H-W 12-72 Plastic (W) H-W 12-75 H-W 12-76 Ramming Mix H-W 13-61 Lightweight Castable H-W 13-66 Gunning Mix H-W 13-67 Ramming Mix H-W 13-74 Taphole Mix H-W 13-75 LT HT Castable H-W 13-77 H-W 15-76 Cold Patching Mix H-W 16-20 LI H-W 16-73 Mortar H-W 16-77 Ramming Mix H-W 17-76 H-W 17-77 Ramming Mix H-W 18-66 Periklase Grain H-W 18-73 Ramming Mix H-W 18-76 H-W 18 MO H-W 18 PA H-W 19-75 Castable H-W 19-76 Gunning Mix H-W 20-73 H-W 20 LI H-W 21-69 Castable H-W 21-74 H-W 21-76 H-W 21-76 XXP H-W 22-63 H-W 22-72 H-W 22-74 H-W 23-70 H-W 23-72 H-W 23-72 XXP H-W 23-73 Castable H-W 23-74 H-W 23-75 Plastic H-W 23 LI H-W 24-71 Castable H-W 24-75 H-W 25-74 Ramming Mix H-W 25-76 H-W 26 H-W 26-71 Ramming Mix H-W 26-74 Ramming Mix H-W 26-75 Gunning Mix H-W 26-76 Tap Hole Mix H-W 27-70 Gunning Mix H-W 27-73 Gunning Mix H-W 27-75 Gunning Mix H-W 28-73 Plastic H-W 28 LI H-W 29-58 Bonding Mortar H-W 29-63 Gun Clay H-W 29-70 Coating Mix H-W 30 H-W 30-69 Mortar H-W 30-73 H-W 30 AM H-W 30 LI H-W 31-65 H-W 31-70 Gun Mix H-W 31-72 H-W 31-72 Dry H-W 31-73 H-W 32-58 H-W 32-71 Castable H-W 32-73 H-W 33-68 H-W 33 LI H-W 35-65 H-W 35-65 TI H-W 35-66 Ramming Mix H-W 35-67 Ramming Mix H-W 35-71 Plastic H-W 36-73 Cold Patching Mix H-W 39-73 Gunning Mix H-W 40-64 H-W 40-64 Castable H-W 40-69 H-W 40-72 Magnesite H-W 41-69 Castable H-W 42-62 Magnesite H-W 42-68 H-W 43-66 H-W 44-72 Castable H-W 45-68 H-W 47-62 H-W 48-63 H-W 49-62 H-W 50-66 H-W 50-68 H-W 50-68 TI H-W 50-68 TIB H-W 50-72 Castable H-W 51-63 Magnesite Grain (BS) H-W 51-63 Periklase Grain H-W 51-68 H-W 52-68 Mortar H-W 52-72 Plastic H-W 53-68 Mortar H-W 54-67 H-W 55-67 Ramming Mix H-W 56-67 Mortar H-W 61-61 H-W 61-65 H-W 61-65 TI H-W 64-63 Castable H-W 65-61 Castable H-W 67-59 Lightweight Castable H-W 68-64 Periklase Grain H-W 75-63 Plastic H-W 88-62 Ramming Mix HA Anchors Harbide Harbide Mortar Harcast Harcast BF Harcast C Harcast ES Harchrome Castable Harchrome G Hargun Harklase Harklase TI Harmix AL Harmix CU (Dry) Harmix CU (Wet) Harmix FE Harmix FEP Hartile KXD Harwaco Bond Harwaco Bond (Dry) Harwaco Bond Mix 18-49 Harwaco Mastic Harwaco Mastic (Dry) Hellite Mortar Inconel Inconel 601 JM-20 Kaolin 60 Kaowool Bulk Kilncast-23 Kilncast-26 KLEEN UP Korundal Korundal Bond Korundal DOT Korundal Gun Mix Korundal Mortar Korundal Plastic Korundal Plastic Fine Korundal Ramming Mix (Coarse) Korundal Ramming Mix (Fine) Korundal Ramming Mix (Wet) Korundal XD Korundal XD TI Krometec Krosil Plastic KWIK THIK KX Fines KX Medium KX 50 KXL LO LOSS LO WATE M-W 27-76 Tap Hole Mix MAGCO CMC MAGCO INHIBITOR A101 MAGCO INHIBITOR A202 MAGCO INHIBITOR A303 MAGCO-POLY-SAL MAGCOBAR MAGCOGEL MAGCOLUBE MAGCOMICA MAGCONATE MAGCONOL MAGCOPHOS Magnafrit Cement Magnamix 85 Magnamix 363 Magnamix 363-S Magnecon Magnel Magnex Magnex B Magnex OHR Magnex OHR XXP MS image: ------- Dresser Industries, Inc. 164 Dresser Industries, Inc.ócont'd Magnex S Mars Masrock Mix 101 Masrock Mix 102 Masrock Mix 103 Masrock Mix 104 Masrock Mix 105 Masrock Mix 106 Masrock Mix 107 Masrock Mix 117 Masrock Mix 609 McQUEBRACHO Metalkase Chromex B Metalkase Chromex B (Reintjes) Metalkase Chromex BG Metalkase Chromex XXP (MTSKI) Metalkase Guidon Metalkase Guidon SR Metalkase H-W 2-73 Metalkase H-W 10-75 Metalkase H-W 12-75 Metalkase H-W 21-76 Metalkase H-W 21-76 XXP Metalkase H-W 31-73 Metalkase H-W 43-66 Metalkase H-W 43-66 XXP Metalkase H-W 48-64 Metalkase Harklase Metalkase Magnex Metalkase Magnex H Metalkase Magnex H XXP Metalkase Magnex OHR Metalkase Magnex OHR (Meta) Metalkase Magnex OHR (Reintjes) Metalkase Magnex OHR XXP Metalkase Nucon Metalkase Nucon 50 Metalkase Nucon 50 (REINTJES) Metalkase Nucon 60 Metalkase Nucon 60 (RNTJS) Metalkase Nucon 80 Metalkase 43-66 XXP (Metals) Mild Steel MIXICAL MTKSG H-W 14-77 XXP Mullite Ramming Mix (Dry) Mullite XD Mullite XD (MIX 3070) Mullite XD TI MY-LO-JEL MY-LO-JEL PRESERVATIVE Nagnex H Nucon Nucon 50 Nucon 60 Nucon 60/H-W/Ufala Nucon 60/H1 Duty Nucon 80 OILFAZE OS-1 OS-l-L OX Magnifrit CRL Oxibak H Oxibond Oxiline B Oxiline CL Oxiline KL Oxiline KL XXP Oxiline LV Penseal Pipe Benezet PIPE LAX Plastic Thermolith Batch Plastic Thermolith Batch Mix 7 Plastic Thermolith Batch 4 SLA POLY BRINE Presseal RAPIDRIL RESINEX Roto therm Ruby Ruby Plastic Ruby Plastic Fine Salamander SALINEX SALT GEL SD Anchors SE-11 Sealer A Shaw-Key Shelrock Mix 301 SI-1000 Silica Brick Bats Siltec 202 Siltec 208 Siltec 213 Siltec 214 Skagit Fireclay Slurry SPERSENE ST Silica FC STABILHOLE Star Star Bond Star Dash Star Dash Tile Star Silica Coke Oven M-M-C -3 Star Silica Coke Oven M-M-C 3 Star Silica Coke Oven M-M-C+3 Super D Super Harbond Super Harbond (Dry) Superex 2000 Block Insulation Superex-M Surface Binder SURFAK E SURFAK M Tabexkase Magnes OHR XXP Tabexkase Nucon Tabexkase Nucon 50 Tabexkase Nucon 60 Tabkase Magnex OHR Tabkase Nucon 60 TANNATHIN Temple Thermag Thermal Florox Thermolith Thermolith - Hot Set Topex S Type 304 SS Type 309 SS Type 310 SS Type 316 SS Type 330 SS Type 446 SS Ucal 50 Ucal 60 Ucal 70 Ufala Ufala Plastic Ufala Plastic (W) Ufala TI Ufala/Star Dash Varnon Varnon B Varnon B Dash Varnon BF Varnon BF Dash Varnon BF Dash Coke Oven Varnon BF Dash TI Varnon D Varnon S Varnon T Vega Vega Bond Vega HP Vega Mix 70-65 Vegalite Venus VERTOIL VG-69 VG-70 Vipak 85 Visil Visil Castable Visil Grain Visil Grain - 6 Mes Incl. Fines Visil Grain - 28 Mesh Vitreous Silica Grain (Unground) Walsh Walsh D Walsh T Walsh XX Webster Woodland Woodland DOT Woodland M Woodland M DOT Woodland T Woodland X XP-20 XPK-2000 Zeus D 2A10 2A30 320 Castable image: ------- 165 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Drew Chemical Corporation Dresser Minerals Division Dresser Industries, Inc. P. 0. Box 6504 Houston TX 77005 Dresser Activall Dresser Activall 800 Dresser Aggregate Dresser Arrowhead Granular Dresser Arrowhead Gl Dresser Arrowhead G2 Dresser Arrowhead G3 Dresser Arrowhead 200 Dresser Autobond 200 Dresser Barite Dresser Bell Tex Dresser Bentonite Dresser Bianco-Bar Dresser BM95 Dresser C-White 05 Dresser C-White 6 Dresser C-White 25 Dresser Caustalig Dresser CC Dresser Chrome Lignite Dresser Copper Concentrate Dresser Crude Barite Dresser Custom Fill - 6 Dresser DF Dresser Dubberly Sand Dresser Durabond DC Dresser Filler Grade #85 Barite Dresser Filler Sand Dresser FLUX STONE Dresser Glass Sand Dresser Glassmaker Barite Dresser Glassmaker's Fines Dresser Glassmaker's Limestone Dresser HY-FILL Dresser HY-KAL-A Dresser HY-KAL-B Dresser HY-KAL-C Dresser IOP Bentonite Dresser IOP Taconite Dresser K-O-Flow AN B Dresser K-O-Flow AN P Dresser K-O-Flow B Dresser K-O-Flow P Dresser K-O-Flow PP1 Dresser K-O-Flow PP3 Dresser K-O-Flow PP5 Dresser K-O-Flow PP7 Dresser K-O-Flow PP10 Dresser K-50 PF Dresser K-51 BF Dresser K-52 P Dresser K-53 B Dresser K-70 PF Dresser K-71 BF Dresser K-72 P Dresser K-73 B Dresser KAL Tex Dresser Kaolin Dresser Kaolin B Dresser Kaolin BF Dresser Kaolin P Dresser Kaolin PF Dresser Kwik Thik Dresser Lead Concentrate Dresser Limestone Dresser Limestone Damon Dresser Limestone Fines Dresser Limestone Nolanville Dresser Magcobar Dresser Magcogel Dresser MC Quebracho Dresser PS-1 Dresser PS-2 Dresser PS-6 Dresser PS-12 Dresser PS-20 Dresser PS-25 Dresser PS-40 Dresser Pulverized Sand Dresser Quebracho Dresser Refine Lead Dresser Sand Dresser SNOWTex 45 Dresser SNOWTex 65 Dresser STAR Tex Dresser Super Lig Dresser Super Wate Dresser Superbar Dresser SuperBen Dresser Tannathin Dresser Tex KB Dresser Tex KP Dresser Tractite - dry ballast Dresser Tractite - led ballast Dresser UF Dresser X-38 Dresser XP-20 Dresser Yellowstone 200 Dresser Zinc Concentrate Dresser 6X Drew Chemical Corporation One Drew Chemical Plaza Boonton NJ 07005 Adjunct B Amerzine 15 Antistat II Biosperse 289 BWT 1122 Catalyzed Sulfite CWT AF-140 Drewsperse 10-051 Liquid Coag AF Organic U14L OCSM PHR Steamfilm FG Sulfite Sp. Gr. SLCC-X ACC-9 Acid Cresol Red Adjunct B AGK-100 Amerclean 12 Amerclean 14 Amerclean 20 Amerclean 22 Amerclean 24 Amerclean 26 Amerel 1500 Ameret Amerfloc 265 Amerfloc 275 Amerfloc 307 Amerfloc 430 Amerfloc 435 Amerfloc 440 Amerfloc 445 Amerfloc 485 Amerfloc 490 Amerfloc 2265 Amergy 5000 Amergy 5000 Plus Amergy 5100 Amergy 5200 Amergy 5300 Amergy 5400 Amergy 5400 Plus Ameroid Amerzine Ameroyal Amerscent 86 Amersep 618 Amersperse 280 Amersperse 734 Amersperse 741 Amersperse 1100 Amersperse 1200 Amerstat WB Amerstat 233 Amerstat 272 Amerstat 274 Amerstat 282 Amerstat 294 Amerstat 295 Amertrol C Reagent #1 Amertrol C Reagent #2 Amertrol C Reagent #3 Amertrol C Reagent #4 Amertrol C Reagent #5 Amertrol C Reagent #6 Amerzine Reagent A Amerzine Reagent B Ammonium Molybdate Solution Barium Chloride 10% Reagent Biocide 285 BOC Bromcresol Green Bromcresol Purple Bromphenol Blue Bromthymol Blue Calcium Indicator Chlorine Titrating Solution Chlorphenol Red Chromate Indicator Chromate Indicator Solution image: ------- Drew Chemical Corporation 166 Drew Chemical Corporationócont'd CIL Cresol Red CWT 102 CWT 110 CWT 110 Reagent #1 CWT 110 Reagent #2 CWT 111 Defoamer ED 101 Defoamer ED 700 Defoamer ED 710 Defoamer ED 720 Defoamer ED 740 Defoamer ED 760 Defoamer ED 770 Defoamer ED 790 Defoamer L-113 Defoamer L-123 Defoamer L-138 Defoamer L-169A Defoamer L-170 Defoamer L-206 Defoamer L-401 Defoamer L-405 Defoamer L-417 Defoamer L-418 Defoamer L-419 Defoamer L-447 Defoamer L-451 Defoamer L-474 Defoamer L-475 Defoamer L-481 Defoamer L-493 Defoamer L-523 Defoamer L-532 Defoamer L-570 Defoamer L-574 Defoamer L-622 Defoamer L-630 Defoamer L-635 Defoamer L-650 Defoamer L-870 Defoamer L-880 Defoamer L-900 Defoamer L-917B Defoamer L-940 Defoamer L-950 Defoamer L-963 Defoamer L-980 Defoamer M-lll Defoamer P-200 Defoamer P-218 Defoamer P-226 Defoamer Y-125 Defoamer Y-166 Defoamer Y-200 Defoamer Y-250 Defoamer Y-261 Defoamer Y-280 Defoamer Y-281 Defoamer Y-300 Defoamer Y-305 Defoamer Y-360 Defoamer Y-365 Defoamer Y-381 Defoamer Y-384 Defoamer Y-431 Defoamer Y-485 Defoamer Y-530 Defoamer Y-601 Defoamer Y-629 Defoamer 623D Defoamer 970L Deionized Water DEWT-L DEWT-NC DEWT-NC #1 Reagent DEWT-NC #2 Reagent Disolved Oxygen Replacement Keag. Drew Ameroid Carbon Remover Drew Ameroid FOT Drew Ameroid Oil and Grease Remover Drew Ameroid Rust Stripper Drew Ameroid Saf-Aeid Drew Ameroid Soot Release Drew Ameroid Soot Sticks Drew Electric Drewfax G-110 Drewfax G-131 Drewfax G-507 Drewfax R-122 Drewfax 0007 Drewfax 208 Drewfax 335 Drewfax 338 Drewfax 735 Drewfax 747 Drewfloc 1 Drewfloc 3 Drewfloc 4 Drewfloc 10 Drewfloc 260 Drewfloc 270 Drewfloc 280 Drewfloc 306 Drewfloc 410 Drewfloc 2270 Drewfloc 2306 Drewgard 11-121 Drewgard 100 Drewgard 100 Titration Reagent A Drewgard 100 Titration Reagent B Drewgard 100 Titration Reagent C Drewgard 120 Drewgard 180 Drewgard 185 Drewgard 187 Drewgard 187 Reagent #1 Drewgard 187 Reagent #2 Drewgard 187 Reagent #3 Drewgard 187 Reagent #4 Drewgard 191 Drewgard 193 Drewgard 432 Drewsperse G-140 Drewsperse 734 Drewsperse 735 Drewsperse 736 Drewsperse 738 Drewsperse 741 Drewsperse 747 Drewsperse 780 Dry Stannous Chloride Dry Total Hardness Buffer Dry Total Hardness Indicator Ecologic Purple Ecologic Sulfo Orange Ecologic Violet Ecologic Yellow Flourescein Dye Reagent FST 6000 Gallic Acid Powder GC Hardness Buffer Hardness Indicator HDE-777 Hydrazine Reagent A Hydrazine Reagent B Isoquest HT Reagent #1 Isoquest HT Reagent #2 Isoquest HT Reagent #3 LAC Liquid Coagulant Mark II Mark IV Meta Cresol Purple Meta Cresol Purple Solution Methyl Red Metonate Mixed Chloride Indicator Molybdate Reagent Nessler Reagent Oleo Red B OSD/LT OSE No. 1 pH 4.0 Buffer Solution pH 7.0 Buffer Solution pH 10.0 Buffer Solution Phenol Red Phenolphthalein Indicator Phenophthalein Reagent Phosphate Reagent #1 Phosphate Reagent #2 Phthalein Red Solution Poly CDS 804 Potassium Chromate Reagent Potassium Iodide Crystals Potassium lodide-Iodate Reagent Residual Chlorine Reagent #1 Residual Chlorine Reagent #2 Silica Reagent #1 Silica Reagent #2 Silica Reagent #3 Silica Reagent #4 Silver Nirtate N/10 Reagent Silver Nitrate N/50 Reagent SLCC-A Sodium Hydroxide Solution, IN Sodium Sulfite Reagent Sodium Sulfite, 23% Sodium Thiosulfate, N/10 Standard Conductivity Solution (3,000 mmhos) Standard Conductivity Solution (10,000 mmhos) Standard Conductivity Solution (500 mmhos) Stannous Chloride Reagent, Dry Starch Acid Indicator Starch Solution Steamfilm Indicator Sucrofloc 275 Sulfuric Acid N/10 Reagent Sulfuric Acid N/50 Reagent Taylor Concentrated Stannous Chloride Taylor Hydrazine Reagent A Taylor Hydrazine Reagent B Taylor Molybdate Reagent Taylor Reversion Acid Taylor Reversion Neutralizer TC #4 Thymol Blue Tolyl Red Solution Total Alkalinity Indicator Versenate Solution Wide Range Indicator Wide Range pH Indicator (for Drew Wide Range pH Test) Zinc Reagent A Zinc Reagent B Zinc Reagent C Zinc Reagent D Zinc Replacement Reagenta image: ------- 167 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Du-Tone Corporation DSC Incorporated 50 Business Parkway Suite A Richardson TX 75080 D.O.S. TORKease DSM-USA 5775-A Glenridge Drive Suite 165 Atlanta GA Fulton Akypamid Akypo Akypogene Akypomine Akypopress Akypoquat Akyporox Akyposal Akyposept Gatarol Lessagene Letocil Salfax Du-Tone Corporation 1208 Greenfield Ave Waukegan IL 60085 Du Aletch 515 Du Aletch 515 Additive Du Aletch 516 Du Aletch 517 NC Du Aletch 517 NCL Du Aletch 518 NCL Du Brass 88 Du Cad Anode Corrodant Du Cad CDH Du Cad CDL Du Cad Electrolyte Du Cad LCN-B Du Cad LCN-B No Wetter Du Cad SB-1 Du Cad SB-1 No Nickel Du Cad SB-1 No Wetter Du Cad SB-2 Du Cad 160 Cad Electrolyte Du Chrome #1 Du Chrome ASA 100 Du Chrome ASA 150 Du Chrome ASA 400 Du Chrome ASA 500 Du Chrome BKD Du Chrome Black Du Chrome Black Catalyst Du Chrome D Du Chrome DC-1 Du Chrome DC-2 Du Chrome LSL Du Chrome LSP Du Chrome MG Du Chrome 0 Du Chrome PL Du Chrome R-26-L Du Chrome R-26-L Extender Du Chrome S-10-L Du Chrome S-10-P Du Chrome Super Blue Du Chrome Super Blue 9P Du Chrome T-IZ-L Du Chrome T-IZ-P Du Chrome T-20-DL Du Chrome Zinc Black Du Chrome Zinc Black C Du Chrome 101-P Du Chrome 102-P Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome 104-P 105-P 106-P 107-L 109-L 110-P 112-AM 112-L 112-P 112-PN 113-P 115-P 118-L 136-P 137-C 137-LN 137-P 138-LN 138-LN Concentrate 138-L2 138-L2R 138-P 138-PD 139-P 140-L2 140-P 141-P 143-P 144-B 144-PSC 147-L 149-P 150-P 152-P 152-PT 154-L 154-P 155-P 157-P 158-P 252-P 254-L 307-P 310-P 311-P 320-L 320-L Activator Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Chrome Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner Du Cleaner 320-P 321-L 321-L Activator 330-P 354-L 400 451-L 451-L Stabilizer 454-P 514-P 554-L Acid Cleaner A ADS #1 Anti Stain Anti Stain 353 BN-20 101 AE 101 AX 101 E 101 EX 101 S 101 SX 218 S 220-SM 300-LS 300 LE 301-E 301-S 302-NSP 304-E 304-EP 304-LE 305 Spray 306-E 307-E 307-NP 309-E 310-HD 310-H2 311-SE 314-E 320 320 NSP 335 Spray 345 Spray 346 Spray 352 image: ------- Du-Tone Corporation 168 Du-Tone Corporationócont'd Du Cleaner 355 Du Cleaner 355-A Du Cleaner 356 Du Cleaner 414 ELX Du Cleaner 501-E Du Cleaner 501-EX Du Cleaner 501-S Du Cleaner 501-SX Du Cleaner 502-NS Du Cleaner 504-E Du Cleaner 504-EX Du Cleaner 505 Du Cleaner 506-E Du Cleaner 507-E Du Cleaner 507-EX Du Cleaner 508 Du Cleaner 509-E Du Cleaner 510-APS Du Cleaner 510-EX Du Cleaner 510-HD Du Cleaner 511-SE Du Cleaner 511-SX Du Cleaner 514-E Du Cleaner 514-EX Du Cleaner 520 Du Cleaner 521 Du Copper ACS Du Copper Bright Dip Du Copper Bright Dip Additive Du Copper CRS Du Copper P Du Copper 75 W Du Copper 76W Du Copper 77 Du Copper 78 Du Dry Acid Pickle Salts PSM Du Phos Black Du Phos Black L Du Phos Blue Coat #1 Du Phos FE #1 Du Phos Polycoat #17 Blue Du Phos Polycoat #17 Clear Du Phos Polycoat #17 Extra Blue Du Phos Polycoat #17 Regular Du Scale #1 Du Strip Nickel Ni-C Du Strip Nickel Ni-S Du Strip Nickel S Du Tone Acid Addition Agent 113 Du Tone Acid Additive #3 Du Tone Acid Additive #7 Du Tone Acid Additive C-l Du Tone Acid Additive C-10 Du Tone Acid Pickle Inhibitor (API) Du Tone Acid Pickle Salts #1 Du Tone Acid Pickle Salts #3 Du Tone AD-2M Du Tone ADM-2M Du Tone ADM-40 Du Tone ADM-40X Du Tone ADM-60 Du Tone ADM-60X Du Tone Anti Foam 100 Du Tone Antox Du Tone BAL Dye Solution Du Tone Blue Dye #1 Du Tone Blue Dye #2 Du Tone Blue Dye Solution #2 Du Tone BOO-3 Du Tone BOO-3D Du Tone BOO-3D Maintainance Du Tone BOO-3 Maintainance Du Tone BOO-3S Du Tone BOO-4 Du Tone BOO-7 Du Tone Chromate Black Dye #2 Du Tone Chrome All Salts Du Tone Chrome Fume Suppressor B Du Tone Chrome Fume Suppressor 100 Du Tone Chrome Rinse Aid Du Tone Chrome Stain Remover #63 Du Tone Cl Blue Du Tone Control Leach C Du Tone Control Leach 100 Du Tone Desmutter Du Tone Du Black Cu Du Tone Du Black Fe Du Tone Du Black NI-BFN Du Tone Du Black NI-BFN #2 Du Tone Du Black NI-BFN #10 Du Tone Du Black SS Du Tone Du Black ZB Du Tone Du Brass Electrolyte Salts Du Tone Du Cad Make Up Salts Du Tone Du Coat #50 Du Tone Du Dry #2 Du Tone Du Lac #3 Du Tone Du Lac #3Cr Du Tone Du Lac #3D Du Tone Du Lac #3DCr Du Tone Du Lac #5 Du Tone Du Lac #5Cr Du Tone Du Lac #34 Du Tone Du Lac #34Cr Du Tone Du Lac Hofman Special Du Tone Du Lube 300 Du Tone Du Nickel #1 Du Tone Du Nickel #2 Du Tone Du Nickel Acitvate Salts Du Tone Du Nickel 97C1 Du Tone Du Oil DS Du Tone Du Oil DS 72 Du Tone Du Oil MPH Du Tone Du Oil 34 Du Tone Du Oil 511C Du Tone Du Oil 2728-H Du Tone Du Oil 4214 Du Tone Du Phos 4B Du Tone Du Phos 101-B Du Tone Du Phos 103 Du Tone Du Phos 201-M Du Tone Du Phos 201-R Du Tone Du Phos 302 Du Tone Du Phos 303 Du Tone Du Phos 404-MU Du Tone Du Phos 404-R Du Tone Du Phos 503 Du Tone Du Phos 504 Du Tone Du Phos 551 Du Tone Du Phos 560 Du Tone Du Phos 601 Du Tone Du Phos 601-L Du Tone Du Phos 602 Du Tone Du Phos 701 Du Tone Du Rinse Du Tone Du Seal #1 Du Tone Du Shed 522 Du Tone Du Wax 14D Du Tone Du Wax 14D Black Du Tone Du Zinc Carrier Liquid Du Tone Du Zinc Carrier P-100 Du Tone Du Zinc Carrier Powder Du Tone Electrolytic Stripper Du Tone NCN Sequestrant Du Tone Nickel Stripper Du Tone Nitric Acid Pickle Salts Du Tone PSM Salts Du Tone Salt Spray Solution Du Tone Sequestrant P Du Tone Sequestrant P4 Du Tone Super Cupromax III Du Tone Torquoise Green Dye Du Tone ZD Acid 80 Du Tone ZD Bright Dip Du Tone ZD Pickle Du Tone Zinc Purifier Du Tone Zinc Purifier #2 Du Tone Zinc Purifier 100 Du Tone Zinc Stripper Du Tone Zinc Stripper Additive Du Wetter #1 Du Wetter #3 Du Wetter #8 Du Wetter #11 Du Zinc #7 Paste Du Zinc #9 Du Zinc #9C Du Zinc ACL Solubilizer Du Zinc ACL-AA25 Du Zinc ACL-HK Du Zinc ACL-H60 Du Zinc ACL-H70 Du Zinc ACL-LK Du Zinc ACL-L3 Du Zinc ACL-L11 Du Zinc ACL-L11-1 Du Zinc ACL-L12 Du Zinc ACL-N Du Zinc ACL-NL Du Zinc ACL-7 Du Zinc AZ-505 Du Zinc AZ-505C Du Zinc B Additive Du Zinc B-ll-P Du Zinc B-12-P Du Zinc B-12-P Special Du Zinc B-12-P 2L Du Zinc B-12-P 2L Special Du Zinc B-12-P 2LN Du Zinc B-15-P Du Zinc B-21-L Du Zinc B-21-P Du Zinc B-21-P Special Du Zinc B-30-L Du Zinc B-33-L Du Zinc B-33-LS Du Zinc B-33-LSA Du Zinc B-33-LSR Du Zinc B-33-LZ Du Zinc B-40-L Du Zinc B-55-L Du Zinc B-55-L Special Du Zinc B-55-LT Du Zinc B-56-L Du Zinc B-65-L Du Zinc BP-4 Du Zinc BP-5 Du Zinc BP-10 Du Zinc BP-100 Du Zinc BP-200 Du Zinc BP-8010 Du Zinc BP-8020 Du Zinc BP-8030 Du Zinc BP-8030 Additive Du Zinc BR^4-L Du Zinc BR-44-LW Du Zinc BR-45-L Du Zinc BR-45-LL Du Zinc C Du Zinc Chloride Electrolyte Du Zinc C2X image: ------- 169 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION DuBois Chemicals Du-Tone Corporationócont'd Du Zinc C2X Modified Du Zinc C4X Du Zinc C4XB Du Zinc C4XBW Du Zinc GM Special Du Zinc GM-HC Du Zinc Intermediate Du Zinc Intermediate S Du Zinc KCL Electrolyte Du Zinc KCL-A1 Du Zinc KCL-M1 Du Zinc LB 15S Du Zinc LCN Electrolyte Du Zinc LQC Du Zinc LQ2 Du Zinc M Special Du Zinc M-HC Du Zinc MH-4-L Du Zinc NB-HC Du Zinc NCN Du Brite Du Zinc NCN Du Brite Kicker Du Zinc NCN Electrolyte Du Zinc NCN Maintainance Du Zinc NCN-R Du Zinc NCN-RX Du Zinc NLC Du Zinc NP-1 Du Zinc NP-2 Du Zinc NP-6 Du Zinc NP-30 Du Zinc NP-655 Du Zinc NP-655J Du Zinc RB-31-L Du Zinc RB-41-L Du Zinc RP-803L Du Zinc RP-888L Du Zinc SB-HC Du Zinc SB-15-L Du Zinc SB-17-L Du Zinc SB-18-L Du Zinc SB-22-LC Du Zinc SB-25-L Du Zinc SB-26-L Du Zinc SB-26-76 Additive Du Zinc SB-27-LS Du Zinc SB-28-LS Du Zinc SB-76-L Du Zinc Super HC Du Zinc Super 76 Du Zinc XP-HC Du Zinc 32-HC Du Zinc 32-VLC Du Zinc 199 Electrolyte Du Zinc 199 Electrolyte Salts Du Zinc 223 Du Zinc 1000X Du Zinc 1030X DuBois Chemicals 3630 E. Kemper Road Sharonville OH 45241 A-612 ABC CLEANER ACG-2 ACRYL-OFF ACRYLIFT ACTEX ACTIVATE ACTUSOL ACTUSOL OS ACTUSOL T-776 ADDITIVE 12 ADDITIVE 73B ADVANCE AE-3003 AERO STEAM 20 AERO-CARB AEROSOL BELT DRESSING AEROSOL DuPRO AEROSOL ENVIRO LIFT AWAY AEROSOL LECTRO SAF AEROSOL MPG-2 AEROSOL OGG-H AEROSOL T.O.P. AGAIN AHEAD ALBERS FINESSE ALCHLOR ALKON ALKONOS ALKONS ALLIED CLEANER #1 ALUM-S-SAF ALUMINUM ASBESTOS ROOF CEMENT ALUMINUM ASBESTOS ROOF COAT ALUMINUM ROOF PRIMER/RESATURANT AMMONIATED ALL PURPOSE CLEANER AR STRIPPER ARREST ASBESTOS ASPHALT ROOF COAT ASPHALT EMULSION PAVEMENT PRIM- ER ASPHALT ROOF PRIME/RESATURANT AUTO KLEEN AUTO-GLAZE AUTO-GLO B-R 5727 B-R5512 B-R5512-S B-R5512-SD B-R5512-SD-BIO B-R5512 P BACTO-LOOB BACTO-WASH BGC-3 BLAST BLAST OS BOAST BOL BOY BULK GLASS CLEANER BUOYANT C-1102 C-1102 A C-1102 B C-1102 FB-10 C-1440 C-1575-A CAB WASH CAB-3-LTN CAN RINSE CAR BREAK CARBUREX CARPET SHAMPOO CBW CBW-4-FT CCL-16-SP CCL-20-SP CCL-22-FT CCL-25-FT CCL-25X CCL-27-SP CDL-2848 CF ACID CF-2-TWB CF-3-GPC CHERRY MIST DEODORANT BLOCKS CITRU-SAN CL-9 CL-5350 CLEAN PLUS CLEAN-OUT CO-50 COAL TAR EMULSION PAVEMENT SEAL- ER COAL-N-RICH COLD PROCESS ADHESIVE COMBAT CONTROL CURE CUT AWAY CWT-l-FT CYCLE D-DUST D-FLATE D-PART D-SECT D-SMUT D-SMUT-X-TRA D-SPERSE-X D-TARNISH D-TROL D-TROL P DEAD LEVEL ASPHALT COATING DEEP CRYSTAL DEPRESS #131 DEPRESS E DEPRESS S DEPRESS 14 DEPRESS 100 DICA DICATRETE DIFFERENTIATED KLARIFIANT DK SOLVENT DRAIN CLEANER DRI-IT DRI-IT C DRI-IT NF DRY CHLORINE BLEACH DRY CHLORINE BLEACH PLUS DT-167 Du Bois ATC Du Bois OUTDOOR INSECTICIDE EMULSI- FIER CONCENTRATE Du Bois 15-3 Du Bois 317 Du Bois 422 Du Bois 422 M Du Bois 910 Du Bois 915 Du Cide #1 Du Dri Du FIX image: ------- DuBois Chemicals 170 DuBois Chemicalsócont'd Du FOME Du Gu Du Hesive Spray Du Hesive 300 Du Hesive 740 Du Hesive 785 Du KLOR Du MAID Du PAN Du PAN OH Du RAZE Du SAN Du STRYPP Du-X-TRA DuBois Cement Patch DuBois Concrete Seal anti-spall DuBOIS SCALD ADDITIVE DuBois S02 RI DuBois 15-3 NF DuBois 40-60 DuBois 211 DuBois 306 DuBois 422 OS DuBois 422 PPG DuBois 501 PW DuBois 910NT DuDri PLUS DuFOME WCS DuIN 24 Duln 70 DuJET DuJet RW DuPRO DURA Gard DURA GARD AL Dura GARD AM DURA GARD BLU DURA GARD LIQUID DURA GARD NF DURA GARD NF-NB DURA GARD SOKE DURA GARD STEAM DURA GARD SWL DURA GARD 25 DURA GARD 40 DURA LOOB DURAGARD 124 DuSLIP DuSTRYPP NF DuSUDS DuZYME DYNA BRITE DYNA SPREX DYNA SPREX DD Dyna SPREX F-6 DYNA SPREX L-21 DYNA SPREX R-6 E-314 ECONO DIP II ECONO DIP PLUS ECONO-DIP EDGE II EGG BRITE EGGSTOLL EGO-75/90 EGO-80/90 EGO-90/140 EMD CLEANER EMSOL ENDURE ENKLAR H S.A ENKLAR H.S.B ENTICE FURNITURE POLISH ENVIRO BRITE ENVIRO CLEAN 110 ENVIRO COMBAT ENVIRO DYNA BRITE ENVIRO FERRO TERJ ENVIRO FILM FREE PLUS ENVIRO LAUNDRY DETERGENT ENVIRO LAUNDRY DETERGENT PLUS ENVIRO LAUNDRY LIQUID BREAK ENVIRO LIFT AWAY ENVIRO LIQUID DETERGENT ENVIRO MIR-A-KLOR-X ENVIRO TERJ AL ENVIRO TERJ JD ENVIRO VAC EZE EX-9A-91 EX-11A-115 EX-11B-53A EX-20D-23 EX-116 EXPEDITE EXTEND 2 EXTRACT EZE OUT =5 EZE OUT ~60 FAB-l-LT FABRIC SOFTENER FAST FOME FBK-8-LT FBK-10-FT FEATHERSOUR FERRO TERJ PM FERRO-KLEEX FERRO-TERJ FEW-T-SP FEW-5A-LTX FFC-IC FFC-3A-SP FFD-5-FT FFW-10-FT FGG-EXTRA HIGH TEMPERATURE FGG-Z FGG-0 FHC-^SP FILM FREE PLUS FILMITE CLEAR FILMITE PEEL FILMITE PIGMEXTED FILMITE X-21 FIXAL FIXISH SS FIRST BASESS FLC-5-SP FLC-11-SP FLC-17-FT FLC-22-FT FLC-23-SP FLOCULITE 532 FLOCULITE .534 FLOCULITE 535 FLOCULITE 540 FLOCULITE .545 FLOCULITE 550 FLOCULITE 551 FLOCULITE 600 FLOCULITE 601 FLOW FOME ADD FORTY-SEVEN PLUS FPC-20-SP FPC-22-SP FRW-1B-LT FSC-l-LT FSC-2-SP FSD-4 FSD-34-FT FSD-39-FT FUEL-N-RICH LITE FUEL-N-RICH-PREMIUM FUEL-N-RICH-SUPREME G.E. ADDITIVE 243 G.E. STRIPPER 243 G.S.C. GAL-2 GAL-3 GALVA KLEEN GARD IT GAX-10 GAX-21 GDS-2 GEB-1E-LT GEB-2-FT GLASS CLEANER GLASS FIBERED ASPHALT ROOF CE- MENT GLASS FIBERED ASPHALT ROOF COAT GOLDEN ESSENCE GOLDEN SHINE GOM-3 GOOD LUBE II GWP-18F-LT GWT-3-SP GWT-6A-LT GWT-16 GWT-20-FT GWT-23 HAD-12-LTN HALT HAN-LAN HAND MAGIC HDA-7 HFC-5B HFP-3-FT HHD-19 HI-ALK HLD-22B-SP HLD-28B HLD-33 HLD-34B-FT HLD-35-FT HLD-39-FT HMD-34-LTN HMD-38-LTN HMD-46-LC HTG-3048 HUFF DRAW Hy Pow-R-D IAD-3-FT IAL-1A-SP IBA-2-SP ICF-6B-LT ICF-11-SP ICF-17-LT ICF-20-LT ICF-22-LT ICF-23-TL-SP ICF-23E-FT ICF-24-FT ICF-25C-FT ICF-27A-FT ICF-29-FT ICF-29D-FT ICF-31-RO ICF-31A-FT ICF-31C-FT ICF-31E IDEAL IFC-5-SP IFK-2U-SP image: ------- 171 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION DuBois Chemicals DuBois Chemicalsócont'd IFK-7-FT IFK-9B-SP IFK-12-SP IGA-1A-FT IGA-3C-LT IGG-2-SP IGG-2C-SP IGG-3A-FT IGG-4-SP IHA-1A IHA-1B-SP IHA-2-LTN IHT-18-FT ILC-11-LT ILD-1 ILP-2-FT ILP-3-FT ILP-7-SP ILS-3-SP IMA-8-FT IMF-2-CDV IMF-2G-SP IMF-3-59 IMF-4-SP IMP-11A-FT IMPROVED WONDRA WAX IMR-1-MOD IMR-1B-SP IMR-6A-SP IMX-11 IMX-15 IMX-18-FT IMX-19- INHIBITED SUPER MUL INHIBITED TERJ INHIBITREX INK KLEEN IODET ION KOTE IPB-1A IPB-5A-SP IPB-6 IPB-8H-LT IPB-10A-SP IPB-11A-FT IPH-ZZ IPH-5A IPH-11A-SP IPH-15-LT IPH-18-SP IPH-20-LT IPH-23 IPI-9A-LT IPI-10-LT IPI-14-SP IPI-14A-LT IPI-17D-FT IPI-18B-FT IPI-21E-LT IPI-22-FT IPK-1B-LT IPM-13A-FT IPS-2 IPS-12D-LT IPZ-7A-FT IPZ-7B-FT IRA-6A-SP IRA-7A-SP IRP-5A-FT IRR-ION ISA-2A ISA-3B-LT ISC-19-FT ISL-l-LT ISL-4B-LT ISO CARD ISOCAL ISODEX ISOMINE ISOTRETE ISP-4-SP ISW-9A-LT ISW-13A-LT ISW-14-SP ITC-1C IVC-12C-LT IVC-17A-LT IVC-18-SP IWT-4B JAO-6 JAO-6 bulk JAO-17 JAO-37A JAO-43 JEL ADD JEL-N-KLEEN(GE Llant) JET LOOB JET LOOB X KLARIFIANT KLARIFIANT NT KLEAR DRI KLORO KOL KLORO KOL SPECIAL KLORO KOL WCS KLORO SPREX KOL SUPREME KOL SUPREME WCS KOOL DURA CARD KTS L/S/R L/S/R OH L/S/R WCS LA-315 LATEX LUBE AR LATEX LUBE GR LAUNDRY BREAK LAUNDRY DETERGENT KLOR-X-TRA LAUNDRY DETERGENT PD-245-C LAUNDRY DETERGENT PLUS LAUNDRY SOFT/SOUR LAUNDRY SOUR LAUNDRY SPOTTER LECTRO SAF LEMON OVEN CLEANER LG-9 LICKETY STRYPP LIFT AWAY OS LIFT AWAY RI LIQU-A-KLOR LIQUA SAFE LIQUA-AGAIN LIQUA-FORCE LIQUA-X-TRA LIQUI-LUBE LIQUI-LUBE A-100 LIQUI-LUBE NF LIQUI-SUP LIQUID B-R5512-EL LIQUID B-R5512-S LIQUID BLAST LIQUID D-TARNISH LIQUID DICA LIQUID DuPAN LIQUID DURA CARD NT LIQUID KLORO SPREX LIQUID LAWN FERTILIZER LIQUID SPREX AC LIQUID 422 LJ-2E LOOB LOOBASE LOTIONZED D-LITE LOW TEMPERATURE TERJ LT-2 LUBRICLEANER 950 LUBRICOOLANT 28 LUBRICOOLANT 925 LUBRICOOLANT 926 LUBRICOOLANT 930 MAGNATREX MAGNATREX PLUS MANDRELL LUBE #2 MASK IT MIR-A-FORCE MIR-A-KLOR-X MIR-A-KOL MIR-A-MASTER MIR-A-SAF MIR-A-TASK MONITREX MONITREX PLUS MONITREX 26 MPG-2 MPO-30 NILATE NiLATE PLUS NON-SKID COATING Nu Strypp Nu Ware OGG-H OMP-15 ORBIT ORBIT NF ORNAMENTAL FERTILIZER OS-664 OS-1132A OVEN CLEANER OXIDET PA-110-LT PA-120-LT PA-600-LT PAR PC-5 PD-245-C TYPE 1 PELLET LUBE PELLET LUBE N PERFORM PERJ PERSIST PETRO SAF PH-100-LT PH-400-LT PH-800-LT PIPE SEALAND PJ-2 POLY-SLIP POLYDRAW 747C POLYDRAW 847M POLYDUR MOTOR OIL POLYDUR 5W20 POLYDUR 15W40 POLYMER DRIVEWAY PATCH POLYMER GILSONITE ASPHALT DRIVE- WAY COAT POST EMERGENCE CRABGRASS CON- TROLLER POURABLE CRACK FILLER POV-500 PPG-32W PRE-EMERGENCE CRABGRASS KILLER PREPARE image: ------- DuBois Chemicals 172 DuBois Chemicalsócont'd PRESTIGE SS PRIME PRO-KLEEN PS-100 PS-200 PS-300 PS-400 PS-500 PW-1 QD-4 QM-1 QUICK DRI QUICK FOAM QUICK SHINE QUICK SPREX QUICKLEEN R-38 R-94 R-1010 R-2134 R-2134A R-2633 R-5107 R-6000 RACEA RACES RADI-AZE RADIORI RAM JET RAPID KLEEN RATANGLE REIGN RELATE C RELATE SS RELEASE RELEASE DSP REMPKE SPECIAL RENOWN RETRIEVE RIP RIP OS RP-100 RP-101 RP-102 RUBARS RW-2 RW-4-DS SAP #8 SAL-2840 SCL-635-EP SCURRY SD-1000-C SEMI FLUID C.H. GREASE SEQUEL SERVE SHAPE UP SILICONE SPRAY LUBRICANT SLURI TECH SM-250 SPECIAL LENS CLEANER SPIRIT SPLIT SPRA JEL SPRA TEMP SPREX SPREX AC SPREX AC 3 SPREX AC 6 SPREX AC-OS SPREX AN9 SPREX OS SPRINT SPW-2 SR-4000 SR-5000 SR-6000 STAINLESS STEEL POLISH STRIKE STRYPP STRYPP AWAY STRYPPNF SUDS SUMMA RECIP SUMMA ROTAR SUPER BRITE SUPER CHARGE SUPER DICA SUPER Du SUPER KLEEN SUPER KLOR SUPER LOOB SUPER LOOB 134 SUPER LOOB 186 SUPER MUL Super petro SUPER SAF SUPER SAF AF-2 SUPER SAF LF SUPER STRONG SUPER STRYPP SUPER STRYPP OS SUPER TERJ SURE POWER SUSPEND T.O.P. T-KAL T-KAL LF T-743-FLT T-743-S TAB-5-FT TAC-6B TAC-6C TAR ASBESTOS ROOF CEMENT TAR ASBESTOS ROOF COAT TART TCC-3C-LT TEMP TERJ TERJ NT TERJ 2T THERMO SHEAR THERMO SPREX THERMO SPREX OS THRIFTY FOAM THT-16-SP THT-19-SP TK TOM BOY TPG TPT-13A-LT TRAY-GLIDE TREAD LUBE TREAD LUBER TRETE TREX TRIPE WITE TROUNCE TSC-13-LT TSC-18A-LT TSC-18E-SP TTC-3B-LT TTC-3X-SP TUC-33-FT TURF WEED WAIPPER TVC-25-LT TVC-26-LT TVC-31A-FT TW BOOTH COAT U.P. RADIOR VAC EZE VAC EZE II VIBRA GLO WATER/LAND HERBICIDE WELDERS ANTI-SPATTER WITE CARD X-E-CUTE X-E-CUTE, bulk X-PEL ZEPAYROID ZINC LUBE ZINK ON ZINK ON 3 ZINK ON 5 ZIP IT ZIP IT HV ZIP IT SW ZOLV ZT RINSE image: ------- 173 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Dura Commodities Corporation Duffy Company, Inc., The 3890 Industrial Avenue Rolling Meadows IL Cook 04-901-72% CONDURSAL N523 CONDURSAL P362 CONDURSAL THINNER CONDURSAL 0090 CONDURSAL 710 CONDURSAL 710 THINNER Dura Commodities Corporation 111 Calvert Street, P.O. Box 618 Harrison NY 10528 #3 NC Filt. Fatty Corn. Cam. Wax Filt. Lt. Ref. Patty (MJB) Cam. Wax Filt. Solv. Extr. Fatty (JJA) Carnauba # 3 Super Extra LT Carnauba Wax Centrif. Fatty Carnauba Wax DB Centrif. Fatty Carnauba Wax Extr. Lt. Ref. Fatty (MCB) Carnauba Wax Filtered Fatty (FBA) DK 1042 DK 1043 DURACHEM ESPARTO DURACHEM WAX DURMONT Durmont 500 DURON Duron M-165 Duron Microwax 163/173-28 Duron Microwax 170/180(0187) Duron Microwax 170/180(0423) Duron Microwax 185-J(0436) DURON OZOKERITE Duron Ozokerite 71/74 Duron White 195-D Duron 180-D Duron 195-D Duron 195 F DUROXON Duroxon B-60 Duroxon B-120 Duroxon C-60 Duroxon E-421 R Duroxon H-lll Duroxon J-324 Duroxon R 21 EFTON Efton D Super (C-20) Efton UC Reg. Efton UC Super (C-460) EXMOLD FO-6009 173/178-18 FO-6010 195/100-7 FO-6093 167/172-27 FO-7071 187/193-7 FP 7106-150/165-58 Friction DM FT Wax (0190) FT-WAX FT-Wax 150 FT-Wax 200 FT-Wax 300 GS-Wax 42/1-1 Microwax W/1PC HARDWAX E-DM I 148/153 S.R. LACER LACER "ALFA" LACER "MAX" LACER MAX LACER WAX LEATH-R-MAGIC LEVOL LIQUAX Liquax VK 433 LW Ozokerite 4350 (0142) Micro P/P (Lanco PP 1362D) MICROCAST Microcast Q 27 57/58C Microcast Q 31 59C/59C-4 Microcast Q 1544 89/89-3 MICROFINE Microfine 2 Microfine 2 F Microfine 2 FX Microfine 6 Microfine 6 F Microfine 6 FS Microfine 6 FX Microfine 8 F Extra Microfine 8F Gold Microfine 8 FN Microthene FA520-D:0.962 Microthene FF532-D:0.928 Microthene FN500-D:0.915 Microthene FN510-D:0.924 Mil-W-20553C Desensit. Wax FO 7157 MITON Miw 153/158 Montan Wax (Crude Russian) MYCROX Mycrox Wax K 21 Mycrox Wax K 22 Mycrox Wax K 24 Mycrox Waxes K 20 Mycrox Waxes K 114 OKERIN Okerin 100 B 74/78C-23 Okerin 119-FDA/CHWG GM Okerin 124-190/195-7 Okerin 237 Laminatg. Micro 140/150F-25 Okerin 238-155 Okerin 239-185/190-13 Okerin 1970-170/175-27 Okerin 1976-200/205-6 Oxidized A-415 (VB LTR 4/4/73) Ozokerite Fine Pdr. 160/165 PALKENA Pattern Wax VK 33/1 Pattern Wax VK 221/1 PHARMA-PALKENA Ref. Paraffin Type S 56/58 Ref. Paraffin 130/132F-12 Ref. Paraffin 136/140 F-15 RUB-R-MAGIC Stickwax VK-56 Veba - N P E Veba APP S 66 Veba VP S 77 Veba VP S 77-20 Veba Wax A 560 Veba Wax A-310 VEBAFINE Vebawax A-227 Vebawax A-235 Vebawax A-415 Vebawax A-616 Vebawax A-616 Vebafme 155/160 image: ------- Dural Co Inc. 174 Dural Co Inc. 5724 W. Florist Ave Milwaukee WI 53218 DURA-SAFE CONTACT CEMENT Durr Marketing Associates, Inc. 133 Jefferson Road Pittsburgh PA 15235 DCC-1000 Med. Chrome Yellow DCC-1202 DCC-1001 Med. Chrome Yellow DCC-1230 DCC-1012 E. D. Medium Chrome Yellow DCC-1231 DCC-1016 Medium Chrome Yellow DCC-1301 DCC-1019 Med. Chrome Yellow DCC-1606 DCC-1021 Traffic Marking Yellow DCC-1607 DCC-1025 Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC-1610 DCC-1026 Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC-1620 DCC-1032 Light Chrome Green DCC-1623 DCC-1034 Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC-1625 DCC-1036 E. D. Lemon Chrome Yellow DCC-2215 DCC-1077 Primrose Yellow DCC-2217 DCC-1080 Primrose Yellow DCC-2222 DCC-1084 E. D. Zinc Chromate DCC-2225 DCC-1091 Shading Yellow DCC-2227 DCC-1104 Yellow G DCC-2303 Yellow AAOT Yellow AAMX E. D. Yellow AAMX Yellow AAOA Molybdate Orange Molybdate Orange E. D. Molybdate Orange Molybdate Orange Molybdate Orange Molybdate Orange Toluidine Red Deep Toluidine Red E. D. Toluidine Red Toluidine Red Toluidine Red Deep Lithol DCC-2309 Lithol Red DCC-2318 Lithol Red DCC-2507 Red Lake C DCC-2512 Red Lake C DCC-2514 Red Lake C DCC-2515 Red Lake C DCC-2739 Lithol Rubine DCC-2741 Red 2 B DCC-2746 Red 2 b DCC-2747 Red 2 B DCC-3200 Iron Blue DCC-4900 Medium Chrome Green DCC-4975 Deep Chrome Green No. 114 Ferrite Brown No. 118 Ferrite Brown No. 132 Ferrite Brown Duval Corporation P. 0. Box 511 Carlsbad NM Eddy 00-793-1249 Iron-Sul K-Mag Dylon Industries, Inc. 5201 Denison Avenue Cleveland OH 44102 Dylon AA through XX Dylon Cements C-l through C-92 Dylon Graphites GP-1 through GP-50 Dylon Insulators HT-1 through HT-30 Dylon Leak Detectors (All) Dylon Powders DGA through DGZ Dylonag (All Products) Dylonaid (All Products) Dylonap (All Products) Dylonar (All Products) Dylonel (All Products) Dylonet (All Products) Dylonew (All Products) Dylonex (All Products) Dylonite (All Products) Dylonix (All Products) Dylonode (All Products) image: ------- 175 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION E. & F. King & Co., Inc. Dyna Systems Div. of PartsMaster Inc. 1300 E. Northgate Dr. Irving TX 75062 Acrashield AS-201 Aerosol AS-201 Bulk (Brush Top Cans) AS-201 Bulk (2# Cans) BC-117 Aerosol Big Molly Aerosol BP-118 Aerosol CB-15 Grease Clean 'N' Dry Aerosol Down & Out Aerosol Draynamite Dura-Lube Aerosol Dyna Mend Dyna Pak Dyna Patch Dyna Purge Dyna Seal Dyna Tuf A & B E-Z Cut Aerosol E-Z Cut Bulk FP-116 Aerosol GA-119 (Disc.) Giv-Way Aerosol Grease-B-Gone GRIT AWAY HYD 10/30 Jobsolve Aerosol Link Lube Aerosol MARK OFF MB-10 Moly Grease MD-113 Aerosol Mira-Gard Aerosol Mo-Ban Aerosol MP-43 Gear Oil No Rust Paints Gray No Rust Paints Green No Rust Paints Orange No Rust Paints Primer No Rust Paints White OG-32 Gear Oil (Bulk) OG-32 Grease Cartridges PN-105 Aerosol PR-120 Aerosol Relief Aerosol Results Aerosol RW-96 Rig Wash Safe-Tred Shynee Aerosol Sta-Ded Aerosol Tac-N-Hold Aerosol Tect-95 Aerosol Termi-Kleen Aerosol Voltasol Aerosol Dynaloy, Inc. Great Meadow Lane Hanover NJ 07936 DECAP DYNALOY 300 DYNALOY 312 DYNALOY 320 DYNALOY 325 DYNALOY 326 DYNALOY 335 DYNALOY 336 DYNALOY 340 DYNALOY 350 DYNALOY 370 DYNALOY 375 DYNALOY 412 DYNALOY 479 DYNALOY 489 DYNALOY 495 DYNASOLVE MP DYNASOLVE MP-500 DYNASOLVE 100 DYNASOLVE 160 DYNASOLVE 170 DYNASOLVE 180 DYNASOLVE 190 DYNASOLVE 200 DYNASTRIP 400 REMOVE-A-PAD TYPE AW REMOVE-A-PAD TYPE CFXI URESOLVE BLUE URESOLVE HF URESOLVE PLUS URESOLVE PLUS SG URESOLVE PLUS 500 URESOLVE 411 E. & F. King & Co., Inc. 640 Pleasant St. Norwood MA 02062 Excelerator Solution King Etch King Klean (all products) King Pickling Acid Kingtan (all products) Kleerwater Miraelene Puretan (all products) Purkrome Syn-de-pen (all products) Winterking Permanent Anti-freeze image: ------- E. F. Houghton & Co. 176 E. F. Houghton & Co. 303 West Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia PA 19133 Absorbed Oil (all) Acitrol (all) All Purpose Base Anti Static Agent 575 Aqua Quench (all) Aqua Quench Inhibitor (all) Aqua Rapid (all) ASO Blow Out Preventive 681 Brick Mould Oil 2 Cerfa Kleen (all) Cerfak (all) Cindepol (all) Cindol (all) Coolant Base (all) Cosmoline (all) Cosmolube (all) Cosmolubric (all) Counter and Clock Oil 16-R Cut-Max (all) Cut-Max Base (all) Cyl-Tal (all) DeAirex (all) Defoamer 4406 Dispersant (all) Draw Temp (all) Emulsifier 466A Glass Mould Aid 1 Gum Solvent GSC Hi-Temp (all) Hi-Ten Core Oil (all) Hocut (all) Honing Oil (all) Hot Forging Agent (all) Houghto Black (all) Houghto Clean (all) Houghto Draw (all) Houghto Grind (all) Houghto Kote (all) Houghto Phos (all) Houghto Quench (all) Houghto-Safe (all) Houghto-Size (all) Houghto-Solv (all) Hydra-Cut (all) Hydraulic Oil (all) Hydro-Drive (all) Hydrolubric (all) Lanolubric (all) Lapping Base (all) Liquid Heat (all) M.P. Gear Oil (all) Machine Tool Cleaner (all) Mar Temp (all) Mouldlubric (all) Needle Rust Preventive Perlitex (all) Perliton (all) Permasol (all) Porcelain Mould Oil L Quenching Oil (all) Refrigerant Base (all) Release Coating (all) Rezosol (all) Rust Remover 3503 Rust Veto (all) Salt Bath Rectifier (all) Slimex (all) Solcut (all) Soluble Cutting Fluid (all) Soluble Oil SP 71 Soluble Quenching Oil (all) Special Heading Oil (all) Sta-Put (all) Stainless Oil (all) Sulfol (all) Surfax (all) Tandemol (all) Tandemol Additive (all) Tempering Oil (all) Tenac (all) Tubol (all) Union Special M-89 Vital (all) Vital Hydraulic Fluid (all) E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 1007 Market Street Wilmington DE 19898 "Abcite" Abrasion-Resistant Coating "Acetamine" Scarlet B "Acetamine" Scarlet B Crude Dry "Acetamine" Yellow CG "Acetamine" Yellow CG Crude Ground "Acetamine" Yellow CG Grains "Acetamine" Yellow CG-L Grains "Acudet" Delay Cap "Adiprene" "Afflair" NF-103-D "Afflair" NF-104-D "Afflair" NF-108-D "Afflair" NF-109-D "Afflair" NF-134-D "Afflair" NF-135-D "Afflair" NF-137-D "Afflair" NF-138-D "Afflair" NF-139-D "Afflair" NF-140-D "Afflair" NF-142-D "Afflair" NF-143-D "Afflair" NF-144-D "Afflair" NF-146-D "Afflair" NF-148-D "Afflair" NF-152-D "Afflair" NF-154-D "Afflair" NF-155-D "Afflair" NF-157-D "Afflair" NF-158-D "Alathon" Polyethylene Resins "Albone" 30 "Albone" 35 "Albone" 35 CG "Albone" 50 "Aquarex'! "Albone" 50 CG "Armalon "Albone" 50 DS "Armalon' "Albone" 50M "Avitex" "Albone" 70 "Avitex" "Albone" 70 CG "Avitex" "Albone" 70 DG "Avitex" "Aldyl" Polyethylene Piping Systems "Avitex" "Alkanol" A-CN Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" BG Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" CA Surfactant "Avitex" "Alkanol" CD Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" CNR Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" DOA Polymeric Dispersant "Avitex" "Alkanol" DW Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" FG Concentrated Surface Active "Avitex" Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" H Surfactant "Avitex" "Alkanol" KE Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" ND Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" NRT Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" S Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" TD Dyeing Assistant "Avitex" "Alkanol" WXN Surface Active Agent "Avitex" "Alkanol" XC Surface Active Agent "Avitone" "Alkanol" 189-S Surface Active Agent "Avitone" "Alkanol" 1009-B Surface Active Agent "Avitone' "Alkanol" 1009-C Surface Active Agent "Avitone' "Alkanol" 1009 Surface Active Agent "Avitone'1 "Aluvite" Aluminized Nitrocarbonate "Bakcar" "Antox" "Bakcar" "Antox" Special "Bakcar" "Antron" Nylon Fiber "Bakcar" " Felt Coated Fabric " Pressure Sensitive Tape C Softener CH-203 Softener DN Antistat DNR Antistat DS Softener E Antistat H Antistat K Durable Softener LCP Surface Active Agent LN Surface Active Agent ML Softener NA Softener PC Softener Q Softener R Softener Retarder WTK Y Softener Z Surfactant 2153 Surfactant 2645 Cationic Retarder 4665-C Antistat ' A Softener " AL Softener " F Dyeing Assistant " PR Softening Agent " T Dyeing Assistant Blue CB Paste Deep Red COR Paste Red CRN Paste Yellow CY image: ------- 177 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd "Budium" Can Coating "Butacite" Polyvinyl Butyral Resin Sheeting "Cantrece" Nylon Fiber "Capracyl" Leveling Salt "Capracyl" Orange R "Capracyl" Red B "Capracyl" Red B 200% "Capracyl" Red BN Liquid "Capracyl" Yellow NW "Capracyl" Yellow NW Cone. 250% "Capracyl" Yellow NW Crude Ground "Capracyl" Yellow NWN Liquid "Capracyl" Yellow 3RD "Capracyl" Yellow 3RD Liquid "Cavalite" Coated Fabric "Cavalon" Primers and Enamels "Caytur" "Celanthrene" Brilliant Blue FFS "Celanthrene" Fast Pink 3B "Centari" Paint and Coatings "Cinquasia" B RT-796-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BL-288-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-284-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-295-P "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-416-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-449-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-450-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-464-P "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-484-P "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-491-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BT-494-D "Cinquasia" Blue B BW-372-P "Cinquasia" Blue B BW-431-P "Cinquasia" Blue BF BL-282-D "Cinquasia" Blue BF BT-413-D "Cinquasia" Blue BF BT-425-D "Cinquasia" Blue BF BT-455-P "Cinquasia" Blue BT-297-D "Cinquasia" Blue BT-383-D "Cinquasia" Blue BT-414-D "Cinquasia" Blue BT-418-D "Cinquasia" Blue BT-476-D "Cinquasia" Blue C BT-443-D "Cinquasia" Blue C BT-490-D "Cinquasia" Blue G BT-436-P "Cinquasia" Blue G BT-473-D "Cinquasia" Blue G BT-482-P "Cinquasia" Blue G BT-487-P "Cinquasia" Blue GF BL-426-D "Cinquasia" Blue GF BT-417-D "Cinquasia" Blue GF BT-434-D "Cinquasia" Blue GF BT-465-D "Cinquasia" Blue GT BT-463-P "Cinquasia" Blue R BT-391-D "Cinquasia" Blue R BT-401-P "Cinquasia" Blue R BT-483-P "Cinquasia" Blue R BT-501-P "Cinquasia" Blue R BT-502-P "Cinquasia" Blue RF BT-427-D "Cinquasia" Blue RF BT-442-P "Cinquasia" Blue RF BT-498-D "Cinquasia" Deep Gold YT-815-D "Cinquasia" Gold YT-823-D "Cinquasia" Green B GL-754-D "Cinquasia" Green B GT-793-D "Cinquasia" Green B GT-799-D "Cinquasia" Green B GT-811-P "Cinquasia" Green B GW-749-P "Cinquasia" Green B GW-828-P "Cinquasia" Green G GT-751-D "Cinquasia" Green G GT-792-P "Cinquasia" Green G GT-822-P "Cinquasia" Green G GT-826-P "Cinquasia" Green G GT-829-D "Cinquasia" Green G GT-900-D "Cinquasia" Green G GT-922-P "Cinquasia" Green GF GL-761-D "Cinquasia" Green Y GT-805-D "Cinquasia" Green Y Gt-830-D "Cinquasia" Magenta RT-203-D "Cinquasia" Magenta RT-235-D "Cinquasia" Maroon B RT-229-D "Cinquasia" Maroon RT-209-D "Cinquasia" Maroon RT-792-D "Cinquasia" Maroon RT-851-P "Cinquasia" Orange YT-800-D "Cinquasia" Orange YT-807-D "Cinquasia" Red A RT-879-D "Cinquasia" Red B RT-231-D "Cinquasia" Red B RT-250-D "Cinquasia" Red B RT-742-D "Cinquasia" Red B RT-763-P "Cinquasia" Red B RT-790-D "Cinquasia" Red Y RT-236-D "Cinquasia" Red Y RT-238-D "Cinquasia" Red Y RT-759-D "Cinquasia" Red Y RT-785-P "Cinquasia" Red Y RT-798-P "Cinquasia" Red Y RW-768-P "Cinquasia" Scarlet RT-249-P "Cinquasia" Scarlet RT-787-D "Cinquasia" Scarlet RW-252-P "Cinquasia" Scarlet TR-802-P "Cinquasia" Transparent Red B RT-233-D "Cinquasia" Transparent Red B RT-246-P "Cinquasia" Transparent Red Y RT-218-D "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-201-D "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-205-P "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-733-D "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-770-P "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-791-D "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-795-D "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-887-D "Cinquasia" Violet R RT-899-D "Cinquasia" Violet R RW-767-P "Clysar" Shrink Films "Cordura" Nylon Fiber "Corian" Building Materials Slab Sheet "Corian" Non-Structural Building Materials "Corian" Slab-Stock-Construction "Corian" Vanity-Top-Bowl-Unit "Corlar" Epoxy Finishes "Corlar" Prepreg and Laminates "Crofon" Light Guides "Crofon" Optical Fibers "Crolux" Photopolymer Reproduction Films "Crolyn" Magnetic Tapes "Cromalin" Photopolymer Films "Cromalin" Toners "Crona-Lite" Photopolymer Litho System "Cronaflex" Drafting Films "Cronaflex" Films "Cronaflex" Processing Solutions "Cronalar" Films "Cronalar" Processing Solutions "Cronalith" Processing Solutions "Cronapaque" Films "Cronapress" CCF-2 Densifier "Cronapress" CCF-2 Sealer "Cronapress" CCF-2 Stabilizer "Cronapress" Conversion Films "Cronar" Films "Cronar" Photographic Films "Cronar" Polyester Base "Cronar" Polyester Films "Cronatone" Processing Solutions "Cronavure" Films "Cronex" Antifoam AF-200 "Cronex" Antifoam AF-300 "Cronex" Antistatic "Cronex" Intensifying Screens "Cronex" Medical and Industrial X-Ray Films "Cronex" Photographic Films "Cronex" Processing Solutions "Cronex" Screen Cleaner "Cronex" X-Ray Screens "Crovex" Designer Films "Crovex" Films "Crovex" Paper "Crovex" Processing Solutions "Cyanegg" "Cyanobrik" "Cyanogran" "Cyrel" II Photopolymer Flexographic Print- ing Plates "Dacron" Polyester Fiber "Dacron" Polyester Monofilament "Dalamar" Yellow R YT-820-D "Dalamar" Yellow R YT-821-D "Dalamar" Yellow YT-717-D "Dalamar" Yellow YT-762-P "Dalamar" Yellow YT-808-D "Dalamar" Yellow YT-810-P "Dalamar" Yellow YT-839-P "Dalamar" Yellow YT-840 "Dalamar" Yellow YT-858-D "Dalamar" Yellow YT-868-D "Dalamar" Yellow YT-888-D "Dalamar" Yellow YW-718-P "Dalamar" Yellow YW-731-P "Dalamar" Yellow YW-811-P "Dalamar" Yellow YW-822-P "Dalamar" Yellow YW-834-P "Decalin" Solvent "Delrin" Acetal Resins "Detaflex" Flexible High Explosives "Detaprime" High Explosives "Detasheet" Flexible Explosives "Dexlar" Paint-Coatings-Automotive "Du Pont" Anthraquinone Blue GSS "Du Pont" Anthraquinone Blue Sky Base "Du Pont" Anthraquinone Milling Blue BL "Du Pont" Anthraquinone Milling Blue BL Crude Ground "Du Pont" Basic Black M Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Blue BO Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Blue Z Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Blue Z Liquid 80% "Du Pont" Basic Brown BR "Du Pont" Basic Brown M Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Brown SB Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Brown 2R Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Orange Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Violet M Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Yellow BL Liquid "Du Pont" Basic Yellow RC Liquid "Du Pont" Brilliant Bond Blue A "Du Pont" Brilliant Bond Blue A Crude Ground "Du Pont" Brilliant Bond Blue A Liquid "Du Pont" Brilliant Crocein FL "Du Pont" Brilliant Green Crystals "Du Pont" Brilliant Paper Yellow "Du Pont" Brilliant Paper Yellow Liquid "TJu Pont" Chrysoidine GN "Du Pont" Chrysoidine GN Liquid "Du Pont" Crocein Scarlet N Presscake "Du Pont" Crystal Violet AB "Du Pont" Crystal Violet DH "Du Pont" Crystal Violet Extra Pure APN "Du Pont" Crystal Violet FC image: ------- E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 178 E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd "Du Pont" Crystal Violet NA "Du Pont" Crystal Violet NL "Du Pont" Crystal Violet Presscake "Du Pont" Ethyl Violet "Du Pont" Milling Red SWB "Du Pont" Oil Brown N "Du Pont" Orange RO "Du Pont" Paper Blue R Liquid "Du Pont" Paper Red P Liquid "Du Pont" Paper Turquoise BF Liquid "Du Pont" Paper White SP Solution "Du Pont" Retarder LAN "Du Pont" Retarder EDS "Du Pont" Rhodamine B Extra "Du Pont" Rhodamine B Extra Presscake "Du Pont" Rhodamine B Liquid "Du Pont" Rhodamine BI Base "Du Pont" Rhodamine WT Liquid "Du Pont" Rhodamine 5GDIC "Du Pont" Rhodamine 5GDN Base Crude "Du Pont" Rhodamine 5GLD "Du Pont" Rhodamine 5GLD Presscake "Du Pont" Rhodamine 6GDN Base "Du Pont" Safranine T Extra "Du Pont" Safranine TW Extra "Du Pont" Spirit Black CR "Du Pont" Spirit Red CG "Du Pont" Stilbene Yellow GX "Du Pont" Stilbene Yellow GXG Liquid "Du Pont" Stilbene Yellow 3G Liquid "Du Pont" Thioflavine TCN "Du Pont" Victoria Blue B "Du Pont" Victoria Blue B Base "Du Pont" Victoria Blue BD Base "Du Pont" Victoria Green Liquid "Du Pont" Victoria Pure Blue BO "Du Pont" Victoria Pure Blue BO Crystals "Du Pont" Victoria Pure Blue BOC "Du Pont" Victoria Pure Blue BOP Liquid "Du-Lite" Ready-Mixed-Paint "Duco" Adhesive Cement "Duco" Lacquer-Paint- Enamel-Finishes "Dulux" Enamels "Dulux" Filler-Varnish-Paint-Thinner-Enamel "Dulux" Finishes-Paint-Enamel-Thinner "Dulux" Plus Paint Additives "Duol" Carmine RT-443-D "Duozinc" 100 Brightener "Duozinc" 101 Brightener "Duozinc" 102 Brightener "Duozinc" 103 Brightener "Duozinc" 121 Brightener "Duponol" B Surfactant "Duponol" C Sodium Lauryl Sulfate USP "Duponol" CSP Surfactant "Duponol" D Surface Active Agent "Duponol" EP Surfactant "Duponol" FAB Foaming Agent "Duponol" FAS Foaming Agent "Duponol" FAW Foaming Agent "Duponol" G Surfactant "Duponol" GD Surface Active Agent "Duponol" L-144 WDG "Duponol" LS Surface Active Agent "Duponol" ME Dry Surfactant "Duponol" NPS "Duponol" OS Surfactant "Duponol" QC Surfactant "Duponol" RA Surfactant "Duponol" RE Surface Active Agent "Duponol" S Surface Active Agent "Duponol" SN Surface Active Agent "Duponol" SP Surface Active Agent "Duponol" ST Surface Active Agent "Duponol" W Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WA Dry Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WA Paste Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WAQ Surfactant "Duponol" WAQ-N Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WAQA Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WAQD Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WAQE Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WAQE-N Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WAQM Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WAT Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WN Surface Active Agent "Duponol" WS Surface Active Agent "Duponol" XL Surface Active Agent "Duponol" XLJ Surface Active Agent "Duponol" 80 Surface Active Agent "Dybln" Blue Green 2G Paste "Dybln" Blue R Paste "Dybln" Blue 2R Paste "Dybln" Brilliant Blue G Paste "Dybln" Brilliant Blue GN "Dybln" Brilliant Blue GN Paste "Dybln" Brown MB Paste "Dybln" Brown Y Paste "Dybln" Green B Paste "Dybln" Navy 2R Paste "Dybln" Orange BR Paste "Dybln" Orange R Paste "Dybln" P Special Fixing Agent "Dybln" Pink B Paste "Dybln" Printing Black 2G Paste "Dybln" Printing Black 2GN Paste "Dybln" Printing Navy RN Paste "Dybln" Printing Navy 3R Paste "Dybln" Red BBR Paste "Dybln" Red Y Paste "Dybln" RN "Dybln" Scarlet G Paste "Dybln" Violet R Paste "Dybln" Yellow G Paste "Dybln" Yellow R Paste "Dybln" Yellow 3RE Paste "Dycril" Photopolymer Printing Plates "Dylux" Imaging Solutions "Dylux" Instant Image Papers "Dylux" Orange Filter "Dylux" Proofing Papers "Dymetrol" Continuous Precision Forms "Dymetrol" Nylon Monofilaments "Dytel" Leak Detective "Dyvax" Polyester Resin "Econo-Chrome" BK Chromium Plating Com- pound "Econo-Chrome" Chromium Plating Compound Regular "Econo-Chrome" Chromium Plating Compound S "Econo-Chrome" Chromium Plating Compound SM "Econo-Chrome" Chromium Plating Compound SS "Econo-Chrome" Chromium Plating Compound 40 "Econo-Chrome" Chromium Plating Compound 300 "Econo-Treat" AC Anode Cleaner "Econo-Treat" NA Nickel Activator "Eldep" Paint, Coating "Elvace" Acetate/Ethylene Resins "Elvacite" Acrylic Resins "Elvaloy" Resin Modifiers "Elvamide" Nylon Resins "Elvanol" Polvinyl Alcohol "Elvax" Ethylene Copolymer Resins "Fairprene" Elastomer Cement Coatings "Fairprene" Plastic Coated Fabric and Lami- nate "Fairprene" Synthetic Rubber Composition Sheeting "Fasloc" Resin-Catalyst Cartridges "Felor" Nylon Filaments "Flintflex" Enamel Varnish Surfacer Putty "Flintflex" Paint-Like Powder Coating "Flow Kote" Ready Mixed Paints "Freon-C318" "Freon" C51-52 "Freon" E-l "Freon" E-2 "Freon" E-3 "Freon" E-4 "Freon" E-5 "Freon" E-6 "Freon" E-7 "Freon" E-8 "Freon" E-9 "Freon" Food Freezant "Freon" HE "Freon" HV-2 "Freon" HV-3 "Freon" MF "Freon" PCA "Freon" T-B1 "Freon" T-DA 5 "Freon" T-E 10 "Freon" T-E 35 "Freon" T-WD "Freon" TA "Freon" TC "Freon" TC-7 "Freon" TE "Freon" TES "Freon" TF "Freon" TMC "Freon" TMS "Freon" TP "Freon" TP-35 "Freon" 11 "Freon" 11A "Freon" 11B "Freon" 11H "Freon" US "Freon" 12 "Freon" 13 "Freon" 13B1 "Freon" 14 "Freon" 22 "Freon" 23 "Freon" 113 "Freon" 114 "Freon" 115 "Freon" 116 "Freon" 116/N20 Dielectric Gas "Freon" 500 "Freon" 502 "Freon" 503 "Fybex" D "Fybex" L "Ganicin" Primer-Paint "Halopont" Blue RNM "Halopont" Blue RNM Liquid "Halopont" Pink 2BM "Halopont" Pink 2BM Liquid "Halopont" Violet NM "Halopont" Violet NM Liquid "Heliozone" "Herox" Nylon Filaments "Hi-Skor" Smokeless Powder image: ------- 179 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd "Latyl" "High Speed" "Latyl" "HITEC" "Latyl" "Hotbac" Synthetic Resins "Latyl" "Hydraphtal" Textile Processing Agent "Latyl" "Hylene" "Latyl" "Hypalon" Synthetic Rubber "Latyl" "Hytrel" Polyester Elastomers "Latyl" "Imlar" Enamel "Latyl" "Imron" Floor Paint "Latyl" "Imron" Paint Coatings "Latyl" "Insonite" Dye Fixing Agent "Latyl" "lolon" lonomer Films "Latyl" "K" Cellophane "Latyl" "Kalrez" "Latyl" "Kapton" Polyimide Film "Latyl" "Kastone" 41 "Latyl" "Kastone" 41-A "Latyl" "Kevlar" Aramid Fiber "Latyl" "Kleanrol" "Latyl" "Krolor" Orange KO-904-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Orange KO-906-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Orange R KO-786-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Orange Y KO-789-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Primrose KY-790-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Red KR-980-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Yellow KY-910-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Yellow Light KY-781-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Yellow Light KY-788-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Yellow Light KY-908-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Yellow Medium KY-787-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Yellow Medium KY-795-D "Latyl" "Krolor" Yellow Medium KY-907-D "Latyl" "Krytox" 143AA Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 143AB Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 143AC Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 143AD Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 143AX Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 143AY Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 143AZ Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 143CZ Fluorinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 157 Fluroinated Oil "Latyl" "Krytox" 240AB Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 240AC Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 240AD Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 240AZ Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 240CZ Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 250AC Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 260AC Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 280AA Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 280AB Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 280AC Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 280AY Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 280CZ Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 283AC Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 340AC Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 340AD Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Krytox" 383AC Fluorinated Grease "Latyl" "Latly" Carrier LF "Latyl" "Latyl" Assistant CTP "Latyl" "Latyl" Black AH Paste "Latyl" "Latyl" Black DP Paste "Latyl" "Latyl" Black DPN Paste "Latyl" "Latyl" Black PR Paste "Latyl" "Latyl" Black T Paste "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue BCN "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue BCN 50% Paste "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue BCNK "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue GFE "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue GFE Crude Ground "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue GFE Grains "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue GFE Paste "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue LS "Latyl" "Latyl" Blue LS 50% Paste "Latyl" Blue 2R Blue 4GFS Blue 4GFS 50% Paste Blue 4R Blue 4R Crude Ground Blue 5GFS 50% Paste Bordeaux B Bordeaux B Crude Ground Bordeaux B Grains Bordeaux B 50% Paste Brick Red EV Brick Red EV Grains Brick Red EV 50% Paste Brick Red EVK Bright Red GRFS Bright Red GRFS Paste Bright Red 3GFS Paste Bright Yellow 6GFS Bright Yellow 6GFS Grains Bright Yellow 6GFS Grains 200% Bright Yellow 6GFS Presscake Bright Yellow 6GFS 50% Paste Brilliant Blue BG Brilliant Blue BG Grains Brilliant Blue BG Grains 200% Brilliant Blue BG 5% Paste Brilliant Blue EGA Brilliant Blue EGA Crude Ground Brilliant Blue EGA Grains Brilliant Blue EGA Grains 200% Brilliant Blue EGA 50% Paste Brilliant Blue BGF Brilliant Blue BGK 50% Paste Brilliant Blue BGN Brilliant Blue BGN Crude Ground Brilliant Blue BGN Grains Brilliant Blue BGN Grains 200% Brilliant Blue BGN Presscake Brilliant Blue BGN 50% Paste Brilliant Blue BGR Brilliant Blue TP Crude Ground Brown RS 50% Paste Brown YFS Double Powder Brown YFS Paste Brown 8RFS Brown 8RFS 50% Paste Carrier A Carrier JB-100 Carrier Q Cerise B Cerise B Crude Ground Cerise B 50% Paste Cerise BK Cerise NSK Cerise NSN Cerise NSN Crude Dry Int. Cerise NSN Crude Ground Cerise NSN Grains Cerise NSN Grains 200% Cerise NSN Paste Cerise YLN Cerise YLN Grains Cerise YLN Grains 200% Cerise YLN 50% Paste Navy Blue 9GFS 50% Paste Navy EFS 50% Paste Navy EFSN Navy EFSN Presscake Navy EFSN 50% Paste Navy RST Paste Orange G Orange NST Orange NST Crude Orange NST Crude Ground "Latyl" Orange NST Grains "Latyl" Orange NST 50% Paste "Latyl" Orange R Crude Ground "Latyl" Orange 2GFS "Latyl" Orange 2GFS Grains "Latyl" Orange 2GFST 50% Paste "Latyl" Orange 2GFSTK 50% Paste "Latyl" Orange 3YFS "Latyl" Orange 3YFS Crude Ground "Latyl" Orange 3YFS Grains "Latyl" Orange 3YFS 50% Paste "Latyl" Orange 4RFS "Latyl" Orange 4RFS 50% Paste "Latyl" Red B Crude Ground "Latyl" Rubine BFS "Latyl" Ruby Red BRFS "Latyl" Ruby Red BRFS Crude Ground "Latyl" Ruby Red BRFS 50% Paste "Latyl" Scarlet BFSW "Latyl" Scarlet BFSW Presscake "Latyl" Scarlet BRSW Grains "Latyl" Scarlet BRSW Paste "Latyl" Violet BN "Latyl" Violet BN Crude "Latyl" Violet BN Crude Ground "Latyl" Violet BN 50% Paste "Latyl" Violet 2R "Latyl" Violet 2R Crude Ground "Latyl" Violet 2R 50% Paste "Latyl" Yellow GFSW "Latyl" Yellow GFSW Crude Ground "Latyl" Yellow GFSW Grains "Latyl" Yellow GFSW Grains 200% "Latyl" Yellow GFSW Paste "Latyl" Yellow RS "Latyl" Yellow YLW "Latyl" Yellow YLW Presscake "Latyl" Yellow YLWK "Latyl" Yellow YLWK Paste "Latyl" Yellow 3G "Latyl" Yellow 3G Cone. 150% "Latyl" Yellow 3G Crude Ground "Latyl" Yellow 3G Grains "Latyl" Yellow 3G Grains 200% "Latyl" Yellow 3G Presscake "Latyl" Yellow 3G 50% Paste "Latyl" Yellow 3GB "Latyl" Yellow 3GB Cone. 200% "Latyl" Yellow 3GB Grains "Latyl" Yellow 3GB Grains 200% "Latyl" Yellow 3GB Paste "Latyl" Yellow 3GB Presscake "Latyl" Yellow 3GK "Latyl" Yellow 3GK Grains "Latyl" Yellow 4RL "Latyl" Yellow 4RL Crude Ground "Latyl" Yellow 4RL 50% Paste "Latyl" Yellow 5R "Latyl" Yellow 5R Crude Ground "Latyl" Yellow 5R Grains "Latyl" Yellow 5R Grains 200% "Latyl" Yellow 5R 50% Paste "Latyl" Yellow 5RK "Latyl" Yellow 5RK 50% Paste "Latyl" YLW Paste "Lecton" Coated Fabric Laminate "Lecton" Coating "Lithosol" Acid PCO-P "Lithosol" Acid PCO-P Presscake "Lithosol" Acid VT "Lithosol" Acid VT Presscake "Lithosol" Fast Blue BCS Paste "Lithosol" Fast Scarlet RMM Paste "Lithoso!" Fast Scarlet RMM Presscake image: ------- E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 180 E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd "Lithosol" Fast Violet 4RNL Paste "Lithosol" Red 2B Acid "Lithosol" Red 2B Acid Presscake "Lithosol" Red 2B Acid Tech D "Lithosol" Red 4B Acid "Lithosol" Red 4B Acid Presscake "Lithosol" Red 4B Acid Tech D "Lithosol" Yellow 3-4 "Lithosol" Yellow 3-4 Presscake "Lithosol" Yellow 5-2 "Lithosol" Yellow 5-2 Presscake "Lucite" Abrasion Resistant Sheet "Lucite" Acrylic House Paint "Lucite" Acrylic Lacquers "Lucite" Acrylic Resins "Lucite" Acrylic Sirup "Lucite" Cast Acrylic Sheet "Lucite" Enamels "Lucite" Synthetic Finishes "Lucite" Wall Paints "Ludox" AM Colloidal Silica "Ludox" AS Colloidal Silica "Ludox" AS-40 Colloidal Silica "Ludox" CL-X Colloidal Silica "Ludox" HS-30 Colloidal Silica "Ludox" HS-40 Colloidal Silica "Ludox" LS Colloidal Silica "Ludox" Polysilicate 48 "Ludox" SM Colloidal Silica "Ludox" TM Colloidal Silica "Ludox" WP Colloidal Silica "Luxol" Fast Blue ARN "Luxol" Fast Blue ARN Liquid "Luxol" Fast Blue MBSN "Luxol" Fast Blue MBSN Liquid "Luxol" Fast Brown G "Luxol" Fast Brown K "Luxol" Fast Orange GRL "Luxol" Fast Orange GRL Liquid "Luxol" Fast Red B "Luxol" Fast Scarlet C "Luxol" Fast Yellow TN "Lycra" Spandex Fiber "Lydel" Automatic Developer, LDAP, ED-22 "Lydel" Deletion Fluid "Lydel" Finishing Solution "Lydel" Hand and Tankered Developer, ED- 21, LDHT "Lydel" Photopolymer Lithographic Printing Plates "Merpacyl" Blue SW "Merpacyl" Blue SW Liquid "Merpacyl" Blue SW 150% "Merpacyl" Blue 2GA "Merpacyl" Blue 2GA Liquid "Merpacyl" Brilliant Orange Y "Merpacyl" Orange R "Merpacyl" Orange R Liquid "Merpacyl" Orange R 200% "Merpacyl" Orange RAR Liquid "Merpacyl" Red B "Merpacyl" Red B Liquid "Merpacyl" Red ENC "Merpacyl" Red ENC Liquid "Merpacyl" Red G "Merpacyl" Red G Liquid "Merpacyl" Red G 200% "Merpacyl" Red L "Merpacyl" Red L Liquid "Merpacyl" Red LN Liquid "Merpacyl" Red LOG Liquid "Merpacyl" Red PSD "Merpacyl" Yellow AR Cone. 200% "Merpacyl" Yellow SL "Merpacyl" Yellow SL Liquid "Merpacyl" Yellow SL 200% "Merpacyl" Yellow 4G "Merpacyl" Yellow 4G Liquid "Merpacyl" Yellow 4GN Liquid "Merpacyl" Yellow 9G "Merpacyl" Yellow 9G Liquid "Merpacyl" Yellow 9G Liquid 125% "Merpentine" Surface Active Agent "Merpol" C Surface Active Agent "Merpol" CH-196 Surface Active Agent "Merpol" CH-224 Surface Active Agent "Merpol" CP Surface Active Agent "Merpol" DA Surface Active Agent "Merpol" HC Surface Active Agent "Merpol" HCM Surface Active Agent "Merpol" HCS Surface Active Agent "Merpol" HCW Surface Active Agent "Merpol" KD Surface Active Agent "Merpol" LCS Surfactant "Merpol" LF-H Surface Active Agent "Merpol" OE Surface Active Agent "Merpol" OJ Surface Active Agent "Merpol" OJS Surface Active Agent "Merpol" OPP 2660 Surfactant "Merpol" SE Surface Active Agent "Merpol" SH Surface Active Agent "Merpol" ST Surface Active Agent "Merpol" TE Surface Active Agent "Merpol" TEA Surface Active Agent "Merpol" WC Surface Active Agent "Merpol" WF Wetting Agent "Merpol" 1452 Surfactant "Merpol" 1681 Surface Active Agent "Merpol" 1830 Surfactant "Merpol" 4282 Surfactant "Merpol" 4481 Lubricant "Merprint" AP Dyeing Assistant "Minion" Engineering Thermoplastic Resins "Moca" "Monastral" Fast Blue RDC Paste "Mylar" Polyester Film "Nafion" Perfluorosulfonic Acid Products "Nalan" GN Durable Water Repellent "Nalan" HR Durable Water Repellent "Nalan" LS Repellent "Nalan" NWE Repellent "Nalan" NWR Repellent "Nalan" W Durable Water Repellent "Nalan" WK Durable Water Repellent "Naphthanil" Red Dark RM-545-D "Naphthanil" Red Dark RT-539-D "Naphthanil" Red Light RT-160-P "Naphthanil" Red Light RT-531-D "Napthanil" Red Dark RW-706-P "Neomerpin" N Surface Active Agent "Nomex" Aramid Fiber "Nomex" Aramid Paper "Nordel" Hydrocarbon Rubber "Orel" Polyester Filaments "Orion" Acrylic Fiber "Ovalite" Enamel Undercoat Paint "Oxone" "Permalux" "Permaphase" AAX "Permaphase" ABX "Permaphase" ETH "Permaphase" ODS "Permasep" Permeators "Perone" 30 "Perone" 35 "Perone" 50 "Perone" 70 "Petrowet" R Surface Active Agent "Petrowet" RH Surface Active Agent "Plastacele" Cellulose Acetate "Polyac" "Ponolith" Fast Black P Liquid "Ponolith" Fast Blue C Liquid "Ponolith" Fast Blue PT Liquid "Ponolith" Fast Violet 4RN Liquid "Ponsol" Black GV Double Paste "Ponsol" Blue 3G Paste "Ponsol" Brilliant Orange GR Paste "Ponsol" Brilliant Orange 4RL Paste "Ponsol" Brilliant Red BD Paste "Ponsol" Brilliant Violet 4RND Paste "Ponsol" Brown A Paste "Ponsol" Brown RBT Paste "Ponsol" Brown RBTDK Paste "Ponsol" Direct Black 3G Double Paste "Ponsol" Direct Gray PC Double Paste "Ponsol" Golden Orange GD Double Paste "Ponsol" Golden Orange RRTD Paste "Ponsol" Golden Orange 2BG Double Paste "Ponsol" Gray RL Paste "Ponsol" Green 2BL Dry Crude Ground "Ponsol" Green 2BLD Paste "Ponsol" Green 2BLDK Paste "Ponsol" Jade Green Double Paste for Dyeing "Ponsol" Jade Green Slurry "Ponsol" Jade Green Supra D Double Paste "Ponsol" Jade Green Supra DK Double Paste "Ponsol" Khaki 2G Paste "Ponsol" Navy Blue DK Paste "Ponsol" Olive AR Dry Crude Ground "Ponsol" Olive AR Presscake "Ponsol" Olive ARD Paste "Ponsol" Olive ARDK Paste "Ponsol" Olive TD Paste "Ponsol" Olive TDK Paste "Ponsol" Olive TDR Paste "Ponsol" Red FBB Double Paste "Ponsol" Red FGD 50% Paste "Ponsol" Red RLD 50% Paste "Ponsol" Red 2B Paste "Ponsol" Red 2BD Paste "Ponsol" Scarlet RX Paste "Ponsol" Yellow 5GLL Dry Crude Ground "Ponsol" Yellow 5GLL Paste "Ponsol" Yellow 5GLL Presscake "Ponsol" Yellow 5GLLK Paste "Pontacyl" Carmine 2G Cone. "Pontacyl" Carmine 2G Liquid "Pontacyl" GLAS Red ES Liquid "Pontamine Fast Orange W "Pontamine" Black SP Liquid "Pontamine" Blue AB Liquid "Pontamine" Blue AX "Pontamine" Blue RL Liquid "Pontamine" Blue SP Liquid "Pontamine" Blue WE Liquid "Pontamine" Bond Blue B "Pontamine" Bond Blue B Liquid "Pontamine" Bond Blue FS Liquid "Pontamine" Bond Yellow C Liquid "Pontamine" Bond Yellow 3G "Pontamine" Bond Yellow 303 Liquid "Pontamine" Bordeaux 8B Liquid "Pontamine" Brilliant Flavine 6G Liquid "Pontamine" Brilliant Violet B "Pontamine" Brilliant Violet BN "Pontamine" Brilliant Violet BR Liquid "Pontamine" Brilliant Yellow 5G "Pontamine" Brilliant Yellow 5GA Liquid "Pontamine" Diazo Blue BR "Pontamine" Diazo Blue 3G image: ------- 181 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd "Pontamine" Diazo Brown R "Pontamine" Diazo Green BL "Pontamine" Diazo Orange G "Pontamine" Diazo Orange WD "Pontamine" Diazo Orange 2R "Pontamine" Diazo Red 7BL "Pontamine" Fast Blue RPR Liquid 10% "Pontamine" Fast Blue 3RLP "Pontamine" Fast Blue 7GLN "Pontamine" Fast Green PG "Pontamine" Fast Orange EGL "Pontamine" Fast Orange W Liquid "Pontamine" Fast Orange WS "Pontamine" Fast Orange 2GL "Pontamine" Fast Orange 6RN "Pontamine" Fast Red 8BF Liquid "Pontamine" Fast Red 8BLX "Pontamine" Fast Red 8BLX Liquid "Pontamine" Fast Scarlet 4B "Pontamine" Fast Scarlet 4B Liquid "Pontamine" Fast Scarlet 4B 150% "Pontamine" Fast Scarlet 4BA "Pontamine" Fast Turquoise 8GL "Pontamine" Fast Turquoise 8GL Liquid "Pontamine" Fast Turquoise 8GLP "Pontamine" Fast Yellow NNL "Pontamine" Fast Yellow NNLWH "Pontamine" Fast Yellow 2R Liquid "Pontamine" Fast Yellow 4GL Liquid "Pontamine" Fast Yellow 4GLN "Pontamine" GLAS Red F Liquid "Pontamine" Golden Yellow RB "Pontamine" Golden Yellow RB Liquid "Pontamine" Green 2B "Pontamine" Kraft Orange A Liquid "Pontamine" Rast Scarlet 4BSP "Pontamine" Retention Agent A "Pontamine" Sky Blue M Liquid "Pontamine" Sky Blue 6BX "Pontamine" White SP Solution "Pontamine" Yellow CHP "Pontamine" Yellow G Liquid "Pontamine" Yellow GS Liquid "Pontamine" Yellow RA Liquid "Pontamine" Yellow RS Liquid "Pontamine" Yellow SXP "Pontamine" Yellow SXR "Pontamine" Yellow S3G "Pontamine" Yellow TS Liquid "Pontamine" Yellow 711 Liquid "Pourvex" Blasting Agent "Preparakote" Undercoater "Pro-Tek" Protective Skin Cream "Pyralin" Adhesive Solution Insulation "Pyralin" Coated Fabric Laminate "Pyralux" Fluorescent Enamel "Pyre-M.L." Coated Fabric Laminated Insula- tion "Pyre-M.L." Enamels, Varnishes "Qiana" Nylon "Quilon" C "Quilon" H "Quilon" L "Quilon" M "Quilon" S "Rain Dance" Auto Wax "Rally" Auto Polish and Glass Cleaner "Rally" Automotive Vinyl Protective Coating "Rally" Water Pump Lubricant "Recron" Films "Recron" Processing Solutions "Reemay" Spunbonded Polyester "Riston" AC-500 Cleaner "Riston" II Developer 2000 "Riston" PMF Developer "Riston" Soldermask "Riston" Stripper 1000 "Riston" Stripper 1000X "Riston" Stripper 1100X "Riston" Surface Conditioner 1-B (10X) "Riston" Type I Photopolymer Film Resist "Riston" Type II Photopolymer Film Resist "Rulan" Flame Retardant Plastic "Rylex" D UV Absorber "Rylex" H UV Absorber "Rylex" L UV Absorber "Rylex" NBC Stabilizer "Rylex" Q UV Absorber "Rynite" Modified PET Thermoplastic Polyes- ter Resins "Sevron" Blue ACN "Sevron" Blue ACN Cone. 200% "Sevron" Blue B "Sevron" Blue B Cone. 200% "Sevron" Blue BGL "Sevron" Blue DH "Sevron" Blue ER "Sevron" Blue ER Cone. 200% "Sevron" Blue ER Crude Ground "Sevron" Blue ER Solution "Sevron" Blue GBR "Sevron" Blue HL "Sevron" Blue HLN "Sevron" Blue NCN Solution "Sevron" Blue NF "Sevron" Blue NFN "Sevron" Blue 2G "Sevron" Blue 2G Crude "Sevron" Blue 5G "Sevron" Blue 5G Crude Dry "Sevron" Blue 5G Solution "Sevron" Blue 5G Solution 80% "Sevron" Blue 5GCF Solution "Sevron" Blue 5GMF "Sevron" Blue 5GMF Cone. 200% "Sevron" Blue 5GX "Sevron" Blue 5GXMF "Sevron" Bordeaux G "Sevron" Brilliant Red B "Sevron" Brilliant Red B Cone. 200% "Sevron" Brilliant Red B Solution "Sevron" Brilliant Red BN "Sevron" Brilliant Red D "Sevron" Brilliant Red 2B "Sevron" Brilliant Red 2B Crude Ground "Sevron" Brilliant Red 2B Solution "Sevron" Brilliant Red 3B "Sevron" Brilliant Red 3B Crude Dry "Sevron" Brilliant Red 4G "Sevron" Brilliant Red 4G Cone. 200% "Sevron" Brilliant Red 4G Crude Dry "Sevron" Brilliant Red 4G Solution 200% "Sevron" Brilliant Red 4G 50% Solution "Sevron" Brown YL "Sevron" Brown 2YL "Sevron" Carrier CP "Sevron" Golden Yellow RL "Sevron" Orange CL "Sevron" Orange G "Sevron" Orange G Cone. 200% "Sevron" Orange L "Sevron" Printing Black E Solution "Sevron" Pure Blue 4G "Sevron" Red GBL "Sevron" Ręd GBL 50% "Sevron" Red GL į "Sevron" Red L "Sevron" Red LMF "Sevron" Red LMF 50% "Sevron" Red YCN "Sevron" Red YCN 50% Solution "Sevron" Royal Blue W "Sevron" Violet B "Sevron" Yellow CP "Sevron" Yellow CPN "Sevron" Yellow DGL Solution "Sevron" Yellow L "Sevron" Yellow L Cone 200% "Sevron" Yellow L Crude Ground "Sevron" Yellow MFW "Sevron" Yellow R "Sevron" Yellow R Cone. 200% "Sevron" Yellow R-CN "Sevron" Yellow R-CN Solution "Sevron" Yellow RCK "Sevron" Yellow 3RL "Sevron" Yellow 3RL Cone 200% "Sevron" Yellow 5RL "Sevron" Yellow 6DL "Sevron" Yellow 6DL Cone. 200% "Sevron" Yellow 6DL Crude Ground "Sevron" Yellow 6DL Solution "Sevron" Yellow 6DLK "Sevron" Yellow 6DLX "Sevron" Yellow 8GMF "Sevron" Yellow 8GMF Cone. 200% "Sevron" Yellow 8GMF Solution "Silverstone" Cookware Non-Stick Coating "Sitol" Flakes Oxidizing Agent "Slipspray" Dry Lubricant "Sontara" Spunlaced Fabric "Stren" Monofilament Fishing Line "Strip-Det" Delay Cap "Stylacyl" Blue RP "Stylacyl" Red RB "Stylacyl" Red RY "Stylacyl" Yellow RG "Surlyn" Coating for Flexible Substrates "Surlyn" lonomer Powder and Resins "T-Seal" Transmission Sealer "Tedlar" PVF Film "Teflon-E" Paint Additives "Teflon-P" Powder Coatings "Teflon-S" Stratified Non-Stick Coatings "Teflon" CL Carpet Protector "Teflon" Coatings, Paints, Varnishes "Teflon" CSF Carpet Protector "Teflon" Fibre, Filament, Yarns, Threads "Teflon" Fluorocarbon Fiber "Teflon" Fluorocarbon Film "Teflon" Fluorocarbon Resins "Teflon" MF Carpet Protector "Teflon" PE Carpet Protector "Teflon" Resin, Paint, Coatings "Tefzel" ETFE Fluoropolymer Resins "Templex" Photopolymer Sensitized Plastic Material "Teracol" TE "Teracol" 650 Polyether Glycol "Teracol" 1000 Polyether Glycol "Teracol" 1050 Polyether Glycol "Teracol" 1800 Polyether Glycol "Teracol" 2000 Polyether Glycol "Teracol" 2900 Polyether Glycol "Tetralin" Solvent "Tetramix" Antiknocks "Tetramix" 50 Special Antiknock "Tetrone" A "Ti-Pure" LOCR "Ti-Pure" LW "Ti-Pure" LWS image: ------- E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 182 E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R 221 "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R-090 "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R-094 "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R-095 "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R-099 "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R-100 "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R-101 "Vydax" "Ti-Pure" R-201 "Vyloc" "Ti-Pure" R-211 "Vyloc" "Ti-Pure" R-335 "Vyloc" "Ti-Pure" R-900 "Vylor" "Ti-Pure" R-901 "Zaclon" "Ti-Pure" R-902 "Zaclon' "Ti-Pure" R-915 "Zaclon" "Ti-Pure" R-920 "Zaclon" "Ti-Pure" R-931 "Zaclon" "Ti-Pure" R-933 "Zaclon" "Ti-Pure" R-940 "Zaclon' "Ti-Pure" R-941 "Zaclon' "Ti-Pure" R-942 "Zaclon' "Ti-Pure" R-943 "Zaclon" "Ti-Pure" R-945 "Zaclon" "Ti-Pure" R-946 "Zalba" "Ti-Pure" R-950 "Zelan" "Ti-Pure" R-960 "Zelcon' "Ti-Pure" R-961 "Zelcon" "Ti-Pure" R-991 "Zelcon" "Ti-Pure" R-994 "Zelcon" "Ti-Pure" RPS "Zelcon' "Ti-Pure" SLIP "Zelcon' "Torvex" Alumina "Zelec" "Torvex" Catalytic Reactor Systems "Zelec" "Torvex" Ceramic Honeycomb "Zelec" "Torvex" Mullite "Zelec" "Torvex" Mullite, Wash-Coated "Zelec" "Torvex" Supported Catalysts "Zelec" "Tovan" "Zelec" "Tovex" Blasting Agent "Zelec" "Tovex" Extra Blasting Agent "Zelec" "Tynex" Nylon Filaments "Zelec" "Typar" Spunbonded Polypropylene "Zelec" "Tysul" WW 35 "Zelec" "Tyvek" Spunbonded Olefin "Zelec" "Tyzor" AA Organic Titanate "Zelec" "Tyzor" DC Organic Titanate "Zelec" "Tyzor" GP Organic Titanate "Zelec" "Tyzor" LA Organic Titanate "Zepar" "Tyzor" LAE Organic Titanate "Zepar" "Tyzor" OG Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" PB Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" RR Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" TBT Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" TE Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" TOT Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" TPT Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" TST Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Tyzor" WR Organic Titanate "Zepel" "Valclene" PDF "Zepel" "Valclene" 1 Drycleaning Fluid "Zepel" "Vamac" "Zepel" "Varilour" Papers "Zepel" "Variprime" Primer, Paint "Zepel" "Vazo" 33 "Zepel" "Vazo" 52 "Zepel" "Vazo" 64 "Zepel" "Velour Black" Papers "Zepel" "Vespel" Fabricated Parts "Zepel" "Vexar" Plastic Netting "Zepel" "Viton" "Zepel" "Volan" "Zepel" "Volan"F "Zepel" "Volan"L "Zepel" "Vydax" AR Fluorotelomer Dispersion "Zepel" GSR Fluorotelomer Dispersion WD Fluorotelomer Dispersion 78U Fluorotelomer Powder 201G Fluorotelomer Dispersion 525 Fluorotelomer Dispersion 550 Fluorotelomer Dispersion 1000 Fluorotelomer Dispersion 5100 Fluorotelomer Dispersion Binder Powder Stipple Nylon Filaments A AF " C " CS " F " F-2 " HV " K " K-2 " W " ZN Special S Durable Water Repellent FC Fabric Conditioner ' FCC Fabric Conditioner " TGF Fabric Conditioner " 4780 Fabric Conditioner ' 4887 Fabric Conditioner ' 4951 DP Antistatic Agent DX Durable Antistatic Agent NE Antistatic Agent NF Non-Durable Antistatic Agent NK Antistatic Agent TD Dispersant TY Antistat UN Release Agent UT Antistatic Agent 1256-B Antistatic Agent 2441-B Antistat 2441 Antistat 2457-E Antistat 2457-F Antistatic Agent 2825 Antistat 3337 Non-Durable Antistatic Agent " BP Reducing Agent T Reducing Agent Additive 3432A B Fabric Fluoridizer C Carpet Protector CSF Carpet Protector D Fabric Fluoridizer DA Fabric Fluoridizer DA-24-M Fabric Fluoridizer DA-24 Fabric Fluoridizer DA-79 Fabric Fluoridizer DR Fabric Fluoridizer K Fabric Fluoridizer MA Fabric Fluoridizer MF Carpet Protector N-30 Fabric Fluoridizer PCL Carpet Protector PE-C Carpet Protector RN Fabric Fluoridizer RS Fabric Fluoridizer RT Fabric Fluoridizer VP Fabric Fluoridizer VPN Fabric Fluoridizer 2373-B Fabric Fluoridizer 2952 Fabric Fluoridizer 3356 Fabric Fluoridizer 3432 Fabric Fluoridizer "Zepel" 3600 Fabric Fluoridizer "Zepel" 3667 Fabric Fluoridizer "Zepel" 3854 Fabric Fluoridizer "Zepel" 4485 Fabric Fluoridizer "Zephron" Refrigeration Oil "Zipax" "Zipax" ANH "Zipax" BOP "Zipax" CWT "Zipax" HCP "Zipax" PAM "Zipax" SAX "Zipax" SCX "Zipax" TMG "Zipax" WAX "Zonyl" A Surface Active Agent "Zonyl" BA Fluorochemical "Zonyl" BLA Fluorochemical "Zonyl" FSA Fluorosurfactant "Zonyl" FSB Flurosurfactant "Zonyl" FSC Flurosurfactant "Zonyl" FSE Flurosurfactant "Zonyl" FSH Flurosurfactant "Zonyl" FSJ Flurosurfactant "Zonyl" FSN Fluorosurfactant "Zonyl" FSP Fluorosurfactant "Zonyl" NF Paper Fluoridizer "Zonyl" NWA Repellent "Zonyl" NWB Repellent "Zonyl" NWF Repellent "Zonyl" NWG Repellent "Zonyl" NWJ Repellent "Zonyl" NWK Repellent "Zonyl" NWL Fluorosurfactant "Zonyl" NWT Oil and Water Repellent "Zonyl" PCC Fluoropolymer "Zonyl" RFA Fluoroacids "Zonyl" RP Paper Fluoridizer "Zonyl" TBC Fluorosurfactant "Zonyl" TELA Telomer "Zonyl" TELAL Telomer "Zonyl" TELB Telomer "Zonyl" TELBL Telomer "Zonyl" TM Fluoromonomer "Zonyl" TML Fluoromonomer' "Zonyl" UR Fluorosurfactant "Zorbax" CN "Zorbax" C8 "Zorbax" ODS "Zorbax" SE-100 "Zorbax" SE-1000 "Zorbax" SE-4000 "Zoron" Leather, Paper, Finishing Agents "Zytel" Nylon Resins "7" Waxes and Polishes "808" Accelerator "833" Accelerator Acid Red LN-L Liquid Acid Yellow NW Cone, 250%-L Acid Yellow NW-L Acid Yellow NWN-L Liquid Acid Yellow 9G Crude.Wet AE 1010 Coating Solution Anthraquinone Violet 3R Base Aridex WP Repellent Auric Brown F-113-D Avitex" AD Surface Active Agent Basic Blue C-9307 Basic Orange G-L Cone. 200% Basic Red L-L Basic Yellow R-L Basic Yellow 3RL-L Basic Yellow 6DL-L Belle Brown 7 Liquid image: ------- 183 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd BH-20 Bon Maroon Light RT-533-D Bon Red Light RT-565-D Bright Light Films Bright Light Papers Brilliant Paper Yellow C Liquid Canary Yellow Y Carbon Black A-143-D Carbon Black A-148-D Carbon Black A-149-D Carbon Black A-150-D CDM-HABI 3214 Cellophane Chlorostain OR Liquid Chlorostain WH Liquid Chrome Yellow Light Y-433-D Chrome Yellow Medium Y-469-D Chrome Yellow Y-434-D Chromium Plating Addition Agent 63 Chromium Plating Addition Agent 66 Chromium Plating Addition Agent 310 Chromium Plating Master Catalyst BK CM Flame Retardant Compound No. 8- Alpha Compound No. 8S Copper Plating Addition Agent 500 Copper Plating Addition Agent 510 Copper Plating Addition Agent 1393 Copper Plating Addition Agent 1396 Crylcon Methacrylate Bonding Agents C3, C5, C7, Fluoroalcohol Mixed C5 Fluoroalcohol Tech. C7 Fluoroalcohol Tech. C9 Fluoroalcohol Tech. Cll Fluoroalcohol Tech. DBEAAC 3299 Detergent 3820 Detergent 4159 Detergent 4250 Detergent 4287 Detergent/Repellent 3819B Detergent/Repellent 3822B Direct Bond Blue B-L Liquid Direct Bond Yellow CL Direct Brilliant Flavine 6G-L Liquid Direct Brown MGBA Direct Fast Yellow BB Direct Green BT Liquid Direct Green CZA Direct Green WC Liquid Disperse Black C-9144 Powder Disperse Black DPN-L Disperse Black Paste C-9144 Disperse Blue L-S 50% Paste Disperse Bright Yellow 6GFS-L Disperse Brilliant Blue BG-L Disperse Brown C-9305 Paste Disperse Navy C Paste Disperse Navy CX Paste Disperse Navy 3R-L Paste Disperse Olive R Paste Disperse Orange C-9291 Disperse Orange C-9291 50% Paste Disperse Yellow GFSW-L Disperse Yellow RS-L Disperse Yellow 5R-L Grains DKE Acrylic/PVC Resins Drive and Clean Gasoline Additive Du Pont "Certi-Fired" Thick Film Resistor Compositions Du Pont "Fodel" Photoprintable Compositions Du Pont "Formon" Solder and Braze Composi- tions Du Pont "Nicy!" Optoelectronic Display Com- positions Du Pont "Prinar" Screen Printing Aids Du Pont "Starblast" Abrasive Du Pont Coarse Staurolite Sand Du Pont Conductive Powders Du Pont Electronic Composition Thinner Du Pont Ferric Chloride Solution Du Pont Fiber Identification Stain No. 4 Du Pont Florida Biasill Sand Du Pont Florida Premium 15 Zircon Sand Du Pont Florida Zircon M Sand Du Pont Florida Zircon Sand Du Pont Florida Zircon-T Sand Du Pont Fuel Oil Additive No. 2 Du Pont Georgia Zircon Sand Du Pont Halon 1301 Du Pont Hydrosulfite Cone. Du Pont Ink Black A Liquid Du Pont Ink Red GN Du Pont Kraft Brown ES Liquid Du Pont Lubricant SD Du Pont Metanil Yellow Du Pont Metanil Yellow Liquid Du Pont Metanil Yellow WS Du Pont Milling Blue BL Base Du Pont Milling Blue BL Base Dispersion 10% Du Pont Milling Blue BL Base IPA Du Pont Milling Blue BL Base Presscake Du Pont Multilayer Capacitor Electrode Com- positions Du Pont Multilayer Capacitor Termination Compositions Du Pont Series 17 Resistor Compositions Du Pont Staurolite Du Pont Thick Film Conductor Compositions Du Pont Thick Film Dielectric Compositions Du Pont Thick Film Resistor Compositions Du Pont Zircore Foundry Sand Du Pont 760 Luminescence Biometer Enzyme Substrate Du Pont 760 Luminescene Biometer Buffer Salt DuPont "Birox" Thick Film Resistor Composi- tions DuPont Nylon Fiber Easy Care Paint Electropolishing Solution Elveron Resins EP 76 Brightener EP 76 Wetter EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Res- ins Every-Flow Reducer Fast Rubine RP-293-D Film Fortifier A-133-D Finish 3514 Flair Squares Decorative Wall Panels Fluoromonomer 1837 Fluoromonomer 3158 Fluoropolymer 2739F Fluoropolymer 2739G Fluoropolymer 2739H Fluorowet El Gas Guard Gasoline Dryer GBS Gravure Fixer Green Gold YT-809-D Green-Gold YT-562-D Green-Gold YT-675-D Green-Gold YT-714-D Green-Gold YT-772-P Green-Gold YW-613-P Halon 122 Halon 1301 Haloqen Tin Addition Agent 20 High and Variable Contrast Projection Paper Image Control Solution Indanthrone Blue BP-242-D Indanthrone Blue BP-258-D Inverse Transfer Pan Negative Film Inverse Transfer Pan Negative Paper Kinston Lavender TCD Kinston Orange TCD Kinston Salmon TCD Lacquer DPS LB-8 3203 Lino-Flex Photorecording Film Lino-Writ Photorecording Paper Lino-Writ Processing Solutions Lo-Temp Thinner LP-1 3205 LVL-1 LY-1 3204 M-Nitrobenzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt M-Nitrobenzene Sulfonic Acid Solution Mechanic's Choice Lubricant Methacrol LB Resin Methacrol LBM Resin Methacrol Lubricant K Methacrol Lubricant R Methacrol NH Resin Dispersion Methacrol NS Resin Dispersion Methacrol PH Resin Methacrol PRC Extender Methacrol RB Resin Methacrol Z Softener Methacrol 1799 Polymer Solution Methacrol 2138-F Polymer Solution Methacrol 2390-D Polymer Solution Methacrol 2462-B Polymer Solution Methacrol 2809-B Polymer Microfoam Mid-Temp Thinner Molybdate Orange YE421-D Molybdate Orange YE-637-D Molybdate Orange YE-698-D Molybdate Orange YE-735-D Molybdate Orange YE-779-D Molybdate Red YE-721-D Monastral Blue B BL-288-D Monastral Blue B BT-284-D Monastral Blue B BT-295-P Monastral Blue B BT416-D Monastral Blue B BT449-D Monastral Blue B BT450-D Monastral Blue B BT^464-P Monastral Blue B BT^84-P Monastral Blue B BT-491-D Monastral Blue B BT494-D Monastral Blue B BW-372-P Monastral Blue B BW-431-P Monastral Blue BF BL-282-D Monastral Blue BF BT-413-D Monastral Blue BF BT-425-D Monastral Blue BF BT-455-P Monastral Blue BT-297-D Monastral Blue BT-305-P Monastral Blue BT-383-D Monastral Blue BT-414-D Monastral Blue BT^18-D Monastral Blue BT-476-D Monastral Blue BT-487-P Monastral Blue C BT-443-D Monastral Blue C BT-490-D Monastral Blue G BT436-P Monastral Blue G BT^73-D Monastral Blue G BT482-P image: ------- E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 184 E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd Monastral Blue G BT-487-P Monastral Blue GF BL-426-D Monastral Blue GF BT-417-D Monastral Blue GF BT-434-D Monastral Blue GF BT-463-P Monastral Blue GF BT-465-D Monastral Blue R BT-391-D Monastral Blue R BT-401-P Monastral Blue R BTM83-P Monastral Blue R BT-501-P Monastral Blue R BT-502-P Monastral Blue RF BT-427-D Monastral Blue RF BT-442-P Monastral Blue RF BT-498-D Monastral Deep Gold YT-815-D Monastral Gold YT-823-D Monastral Green B GT-793-D Monastral Green B GT-799-D Monastral Green B GT-811-P Monastral Green B GW-749-P Monastral Green B GW-828-P Monastral Green G GL-754-D Monastral Green G GT-751-D Monastral Green G GT-792-P Monastral Green G GT-822-P Monastral Green G GT-826-P Monastral Green G GT-829-D Monastral Green G GT-900-D Monastral Green G GT-922-P Monastral Green GF GL-761-D Monastral Green Y GT-805-D Monastral Green Y GT-830-D Monastral Magenta RT-203-D Monastral Magenta RT-235-D Monastral Magenta RT-243-D Monastral Maroon B RT-229-D Monastral Maroon RT-209-D Monastral Maroon RT-792-D Monastral Maroon RT-851-P Monastral Orange YT-800-D Monastral Orange YT-807-D Monastral Red A RT-879-D Monastral Red B RT-231-D Monastral Red B RT-250-D Monastral Red B RT-742-D Monastral Red B RT-763-P Monastral Red B RT-790-D Monastral Red B RT-796-D Monastral Red Y RT-236-D Monastral Red Y RT-238-D Monastral Red Y RT-759-D Monastral Red Y RT-785-P Monastral Red Y RT-798-P Monastral Red Y RW-768-P Monastral Scarlet RT-249-P Monastral Scarlet RT-787-D Monastral Scarlet RT-802-P Monastral Scarlet RW-252-P Monastral Transparent Red B RT-233-D Monastral Transparent Red B RT-246-P Monastral Transparent^ Red Y RT-218-D Monastral Violet R RT-201-D Monastral Violet R RT-205-P Monastral Violet R RT-733-D Monastral Violet R RT-770-P Monastral Violet R RT-791-D Monastral Violet R RT-795-D Monastral Violet R RT-887-D Monastral Violet R RT-899-D Monastral Violet R RW-767-P Monomer 2818 PGE Monomer 3661-E Monomer 3661-F NR- Polyimide Precursor Solutions 0-CL-HABI 3215 Parachlor Red RT427-D Parachlor Red RW-738-P PFX-P Fiber Optic Cable PFX-PIR Fiber Optic Cable PFX-S Fiber Optic Cable PHQ 3207 Photodeactivator Platinum Violet BL-333-D PM Antiknocks Polysulfide 86 Prep-Sol Solvent Prespotter TA Primrose Yellow Y-758-D Product BCN Surfactant Product BCO Surface Active Agent Product BD Surface Active Agent Product EDO Surface Active Agent Product DDN Product HDN Product LD-071 Product OB Product ODN Product UDN Product 2370-C Surfactant PYQ 3208 Photodeactivator Pyralux Coated and Laminated Flexible Com- posites Rally Sponge Ramapo Blue BF BP-366-D Ramapo Blue BF BT-479-D Ramapo Green B GP-501-D Ramapo Green B GT-674-D Ramapo Green B GT-680-P Ramapo Green B GT-710-D Rapid Process Recording Films Rapid Process Recording Paper Rapid Processing ^Solutions Red 3B Aldehyde Rhodamine B RT-330-D Rhodamine Y RT-612-D Rhodamine Y RT-816-D RT-695-D Bon Red Dark Seismo-Writ Photorecording Paper Special Yellow MFM Crude Ground Speedy Reducer Spot 'n Glaze Putty SSS Seismic Blasting Cap Stabilizer 3860 TAOBN TEATA 3206 TEL Aviation Antiknock TEL Motor Antiknock Telomer B Stearate 2967 TLA-454 3202 TLA-1725A Basic Black Solution TLA-1775X Sevron Dark Brown Solution TLA-1816 Sevron Gray Solution TLA-1857 Sevron Red Fox Solution TLA-1858A Sevron Light Beige Solution TLF-2282-B Dyeing Assistant TLF-2373-B Fabric Fluoridizer TLF-2457-E TLF-2587 Fluorochemical TLF-2704 Carrier TLF-2791 Dyeing Assistant TLF-2825 Antistat TLF-2980 Softener TLF-3069 Durabilizer TLF-3147 Antistat TLF-3148 Antistat TLF-3167 Antistat TLF-3193-C Retarder TLF-3209 Photosensitizer TLF-3303 Surfactant TLF-3390-B Surface Active Agent TLF-3473-B TLF-3559 Electroplating Agent TLF-3597-C TLF-3597-C Amino Polymer TLF-3631 Stain Repellent TLF-3661-D Monomer TLF-3661-E Monomer TLF-3661-F TLF-3661 Monomer TLF-3684 Fabric Fluoridizer TLF-3693 Retarder TLF-3801 Dyeing Assistant TLF-3811 Surface Active Agent TLF-4082 Antistat TLF-4087-C Velvet Protector TLF-4113-B Carpet Protector TLF-4188 Softener TLF-4206 Carpet Protector TLF-4214 Dyeing Assistant TLF-4319 Carpet Protector TLF-4342 Repellent TLF-4410 Colorforming Mixture TLF-4430 Plasticizer TLF-4457-D Carpet Protector TLF-4465 Adhesive TLF-4514 Fabric Fluoridizer TLF-4515 Repellent TLF-4665-C Antistat TLF-4665 Antistat TLF-4780 Fabric Conditioner TLF-4791 Surfactant TLF-4793 Repellent TLF-4844-B Carpet Protector TLF-4872 TLF-4887 TLF-4888 Softener TLF-4951 TLF-4951B TLF-4959 TML Motor Antiknock TNMP Antiozonant Toluidine Red RW-704-P Toluidine Yellow YW-672-P Toluidine Yellow 10G YT-828-D Treban Electrical Insulating Resins Tufcote Paint VAT OG 107 Double Paste Victoria Blue BT-264-D Watchung Maroon RT-710-D Watchung Maroon RT-847-P Watchung Red B RT-139-P Watchung Red B RT-251-D Watchung Red B RT-U7-D Watchung Red B RT-428-D Watchung Red B RT-455-D Watchung Red B RT-654-P Watchung Red B RT-698-D Watchung Red B RT-761-D Watchung Red B RT-838-D Watchung Red B RT-867-D Watchung Red B RT-870-D Watchung Red B RT-880-D Watchung Red B RW-635-P Watchung Red Y RT-618-D Watchung Red Y RT-657-P Watchung Red Y RT-662-D Watchung Red Y RT-841-D Wax Wash Polishing Compound Well-Logging Film X-12 Flame Retardant X-22 Flame Retardant X-25 Flame Retardant image: ------- 185 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION East Shore Chemical Company, Inc. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.ócont'd Zorbax SIL Zinc Plating Addition Agent 34 1-2-3 Paint Zinc Plating Addition Agent 76 7 Cleaning Agents Zinc Plating Addition Agent 147 16D Developer Zinc Yellow Y-539-D 18F Fixer Zorbax SE-60 21D Developer Zorbax SE-500 23D Developer 23F Fixer 24D Developers 53D Developer E/M Lubricants P. 0. Box 2200 West Lafayette IN 47906 Blue-Mite Ecoalube Esnalube Ever-Slik Everlox Everlube Everseal Form Kote Freflash Inlox Kilnkarlube Kronaplate Kronasyn Kronogold Kronokote Microseal No Swab Perma Slik Slik-Jel Slik-Puff Synite Synitex Tef-Jel Tef-Puff Tempa Dot Tilco Ultracam Eagle-Picher Ind., Inc. Colado DRAWER A Lovelock NV 89419 Celatom Sand-Aid Eagle-Picher Ind., Inc, Clark FOB 1869 Reno NV 89505 Celatom Dialoam Floordry East Shore Chemical Company, Inc. 1221 E. Barney Avenue Muskegon MI 49443 ESCOAT (All Products) image: ------- Easterday Supply Company 186 Easterday Supply Company 901 E 61st Street Los Angeles CA 90001 COE 64 COLENA EASTERDAY FIRST STERILE STERILE AIDE SUPERL TILE KLENZ Eastern Ind. Oil Div. Henkel, Inc. 222 Central Street Saugus MA 01906 Alcord All Products Aquistuff All Products Aversin All Products Avirol All Products Belfasin All Products Bisoft All Products CA All Products Coratyl All Products CSW All products Culminol All Products Drasil All Products E.S. Special All Products Easperol All Products Eastopol All Products Effectone All Products Emullo All Products Fillsol All Products Flexene All Products Fondo All Products Foryl All Products Genelco All Products Glove Oil All Products Grassan All Products Kepeco All Products Kepetone All Products Kepolac All Products Koolcote All Products Leatherolinor All Products Leveltone All Products Lusterol All Products Maxatase All Products Olinor All Products Pellan All Products Pellucet All Products Pellutax All Products Peramit All Products Perbon All Products Perdol All Products Pressagum All Products Royaltone All Products Sirial All Products Solana All Products Surlyn All Products Tonalac All Products Trianol All Products Eastern Mohair & Trading Co 58-65 56 St. Maspeth New York NY 11378 BULB Wax DR-3 thru 6 Ouricury Substitute DR-59 thru 75 Polish Base DR-65 Modeling Wax DR-200 thru 216 Beeswax Substitute DR-500 Hyd. Caster Oil Substitute DR-2000 thru 3000 Wax Compound EM 1-B thru F Beeswax Substitute EM-1A Japan Wax Substitute EM-1C Japan Wax Substitute EM-1 Japan Wax Composition EM-1 Japan Wax Substitute EM-1 thru 3 Technical Carnauba Wax EM-2 Japan Wax Substitute EM-5 thru 10 Spermaceti Substitute EM-12 thru 18 Synthetic Spermaceti EM-13 thru 180 Modeling Waxes EM-25 thru 40 Adhesive Wax EM-27 thru 100 Synthetic Beeswax EM-50 thru 788 Commercial Beeswax EM-100 thru 210 Beeswax Substitute EM-105A Acid Resist Wax EM-105 Acid Resist Wax EM-120 Lub-Wax EM-130 thru 187 Ceresine Wax EM-165 thru 1583 Casting Waxes EM-189 Carnauba Substitute EM-190 Carnauba Substitute EM-210 Wax Compound EM-1130 thru 1191 Ozokerite Wax EM-3530 thru 3548 Polishing Wax EM-4317 Wax Compound EM-5880 Lub-Wax image: ------- 187 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Eastman Kodak Company Eastman Kodak Company 343 State Street Rochester NY 14650 ARILOFT Synthetic Yarn AUTOPOSITIVE Photographic Chemicals BIMAT Photographic Chemicals C-A-P Cellulose Acetate Phthalate CHROMOGRAM Chromatographic Products CHROMSPUN Acetate Yarn DACOMATIC Photographic Chemicals DEKTOL Photographic Chemicals DIMEZONE Photographic Chemicals DUOMAT Photographic Chemicals DURAFIN Photographic Chemicals EASTACRYL Dyes EASTMAN Agricultural Chemicals EASTMAN Antioxidants EASTMAN Cable Filler EASTMAN Cellulose Esters EASTMAN Cements EASTMAN Chlorinated Polyolefins EASTMAN Dyes EASTMAN Industrial Chemicals EASTMAN Inhibitors EASTMAN Laboratory Chemicals EASTMAN Optical Brightener EASTMAN Organic Chemicals EASTMAN Photographic Chemicals EASTMAN Plasticizers EASTMAN Plastics EASTMAN Polymers EASTMAN Polyolefin Twine EASTMAN Resin H EASTMAN Resins EASTMAN SAIB EASTMAN Solvents EASTMAN Stabilizers EASTMAN Staple Fiber EASTMAN Textile Binders EASTMAN Textile Chemicals EASTMAN Textile Size Products EASTMAN Thinners EASTMAN Waxes EASTMAN Yarn EASTMAN 910 Adhesives EASTMAN 910 Surface Activators EASTOBOND Adhesives EASTOBRITE Optical Brightener EASTONE Dyes EKTACHROME Photographic Chemicals EKTACOLOR Photographic Chemicals EKTAFLO Photographic Chemicals EKTALINE Photographic Chemicals EKTAMATIC Photographic Chemicals EKTANOL Photographic Chemicals EKTAPRINT Photographic Chemicals EKTAR Synthetic Plastic Resins EKTASOLVE Glycol Ether Esters EKTASOLVE Glycol Ethers EKTRON Photographic Chemicals ELON Photographic Chemical EPOLENE Polyolefin Resins EPOLENE Polyolefin Waxes ESTROBOND Plasticizers ESTRON Acetate Tow ESTRON Acetate Yarn ESTRON Filter Rods FLEXICOLOR Photographic Chemicals FLOMATIC Photographic Chemicals HC-110 Photographic Chemicals HI-MATIC Photographic Chemicals HRP Photographic Chemicals INDUSTREX Photographic Chemicals KODACEL Plastic Film KODACEL Plastic Sheeting KODACHROME Photographic Chemicals KODAFIX Photographic Chemicals KODAFLAT Photographic Chemicals KODAFLEX Plasticizers KODAGRAPH Photographic Chemicals KODAK Chemical Products KODALITH Photographic Chemicals KODAPAK Synthetic Plastic Resins KODAR Synthetic Plastic Resins KODEL Polyester Staple Fiber KODEL Polyester Yarn LINAGRAPH Photographic Chemicals LOFTURA Synthetic Yarn METHELON Photographic Chemicals MICRO-NEC Photographic Chemicals MICRODOL-X Photographic Chemicals MINICARD Photographic Chemicals MYVACET Acetylated Monoglycerides MYVEROL Emulsifiers MYVEROL Monoesters MYVEROL Monoglycerides MYVEROL Stabilizers NPG Glycol PERMATEX Photographic Chemicals PHOTO-FLO Photographic Chemicals PMT Photographic Chemicals POLYDOL Photographic Chemicals POLYMATIC Photographic Chemicals POLYTONER Photographic Chemicals PROSTAR Photographic Chemicals RECORDAK Photographic Chemicals ROYALPRINT Photographic Chemicals SELECTOL Photographic Chemicals SELECTOMAT Photographic Chemicals SLR Acetate Yarn SUPERMATIC Photographic Chemicals TECMANGAM Agricultural Chemicals TECMANGAM Fertilizer Compound TECMANGAM Industrial Chemicals TECQUINOL Antioxidant TECQUINOL Hydroquinone TECQUINOL Inhibitor TECSOL Alcohols TECSOL Solvents TENITE Plastic Materials TENOX Antioxidants TENOX Grain Preservatives TENOX Inhibitors TEXANOL Ester Alcohol TMPD Glycol TRIMMATE Photographic Chemicals UVEX Plastic Sheeting VEREL Modacrylic Staple Fiber VERICOLOR Photographic Chemicals VERILITH Photographic Chemicals VERSAFLO Photographic Chemicals VERSAMAT Photographic Chemicals VERSATOL Photographic Chemicals VERSATONE Photographic Chemicals VISCOMAT Photographic Chemicals image: ------- Echo Laboratories 188 Echo Laboratories P.O. Box 552 (R.D. #4) Lewistown PA 17044 Echogel II Echonox Echowet Gel 3000 Pyrogel Sonotrace Ultragel II Economics Laboratory, Inc. Osborn Building 370 Wabasha St. St. Paul MN 55102 DAIRY-MATE (all products) ECO-LINE (all products) EL WATER SCIENCES (all products) GUARDIAN (all products) KLENZADE (all products) MAGNUS (all products) MARITEC (all products) SOILAX (all products) TRI-STAR (all products) TYKOR (all products) Edward I Chalmers 1499 Quailwoods Road Gastonia NC 28052 Acid Levelling Red 2G 200% Airedale Black FB Airedale Blue NLGD Airedale Blue 2BN Airedale Blue 2GND 200% Airedale Brilliant Red BD 150% Airedale Brown DS Airedale Brown EG Airedale Brown ER Airedale Brown F3G Airedale Brown GF 200% Airedale Brown GGL 250% Airedale Brown GT 140% Airedale Brown RBL Airedale Brown RGL Airedale Brown ROC Airedale Brown 2BL Airedale Brown 2DS Airedale Brown 2G Airedale Brown 2RB Airedale Brown 3RG Airedale Brown 5RM Airedale Orange AGO 125% Airedale Orange FRL Airedale Rubine FBL Airedale Rubine 2BLLD Airedale Violet 5BLLD Airedale Yellow FY Alizarine Brilliant Blue B 160% Benzanil Black VN 200% Benzanil Fast Yellow GC 150% Benzanil Supra Orange AGS 125% Benzanil Supra Orange ER Benzanil Supra Rubine 2BLL Benzanil Supra Yellow SL Benzanil Supra Yellow 2RLN Novanyl Blue F-BL Novanyl Blue L-B Novanyl Blue L-FG Novanyl Navy Blue F-3R Novanyl Orange F-RL Novanyl Red Brown F-BV Novanyl Red FR Novanyl Red L-3GP 200% Novanyl Rubine F-BL Novanyl Scarlet L-M Novanyl Yellow F-GRX Novanyl Yellow F-4G Novanyl Yellow L-R Novanyl Yellow L-RP Novanyl Yellow L-2GP Serilene Blue CB-LS Serilene Blue G-TPL printing liquid Serilene Blue RL Serilene Blue 3RLN Serilene Brilliant Blue 2G Serilene Brilliant Orange G-LS Serilene Brilliant Pink R-LS Serilene Dark Blue BLR 150% Serilene Dark Blue BN Serilene Dark Blue G Serilene Dark Blue GN Serilene Dark Red CR Serilene Dark Red FL Serilene Golden Yellow T-FS Serilene Golden Yellow 2R-LS Serilene Navy Blue G-LS Serilene Navy Blue 2G-LS Serilene Navy Blue 3R-FS Serilene Orange BLW Serilene Orange 2RL conc.200% Serilene Orange 5R cone 200 Serilene Red Brown R-FS Serilene Red R-LS Serilene Red 3B-LS Serilene Rubine 2B-LS Serilene Rubine 4B-LS Serilene Scarlet G-LS Serilene Scarlet 2R-LS Serilene Violet R-LS Serilene Yellow Brown G-LS Serilene Yellow Brown R-LS Serilene Yellow Brown 2RL Serilene Yellow YGL Serilene Yellow 2G-LS Serilene Yellow 3GL cone 150 Serilene Yellow 3GL cone. 150% Serilene Yellow 5GN Serilene Yellow 5R Serimet Fast Yellow G dye liq. 50. Serisol Blue RD cone 200 Serisol Brilliant Blue BGN cone 300 Serisol Brilliant Blue BGN conc.300% Serisol Brilliant Orange RGL Serisol Brilliant Yellow 6GL Serisol Diazo Black 3G Serisol Fast Blue BL Serisol Fast Blue FGL Serisol Fast Blue Green BW Serisol Fast Pink RFL cone 150 Serisol Fast Red BRD Serisol Fast REd GRL Serisol Fast Scarlet BD conc.200% Serisol Fast Scarlet BD conc200% Serisol Fast Yellow GD Serisol Fast Yellow GGL Serisol Fast Yellow GWD Serisol Fast Yellow PL cone. 150% Serisol Fast Yellow 4RGL Sulphonol Fast Orange PO Sulphonol Fast Yellow P Yoracryl Blue BL Yoracryl Blue G liq.150 Yoracryl Blue RGL Yoracryl Blue 3RL Yoracryl Blue 3RL liq.50 Yoracryl Blue 5G 100% Yoracryl Blue 5R Yoracryl Brilliant Blue R Yoracryl Brilliant Red B Yoracryl Brilliant Red B liquid. 100 Yoracryl Brilliant Red 4G Yoracryl Brilliant Red 4G liq. 200 Yoracryl Orange G Yoracryl Red Brown 2R Yoracryl Red RL Yoracryl Red 2G liq. 85 Yoracryl Red 2G 200% Yoracryl Rubine R image: ------- 189 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Edwin Cooper, Inc. Edward I Chalmersóeont'd Yoracryl Rubine R liq.50 Yoracryl Yellow Brown G Yoracryl Yellow RL Yoracryl Yellow 4G Yoracryl Yellow 7G liquid. 100 Yoracryl Yellow 8G Edwin Cooper, Inc. 1525 South Broadway St. Louis MO 63104 Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Edwin Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Inc. M-5351 Inc. M-5418MC Inc. M-5652 Inc. M-5945 Inc. M-5963 Inc. M-5965 Inc. M-5966 Inc. M-5996 Inc. M-5997 Inc. M-6045 Inc. M-6109 Inc. M-6129 Inc. M-6175 Inc. M-6177 Inc. M-6182 Inc. M-6199 Inc. M-6248 Inc. M-6300 Inc. M-6301 Inc. M-6303 Inc. M-6312 Inc. M-6350 Inc. M-6351 Inc. M-6352 Inc. M-6360 Inc. M-6365 Inc. M-6367 Inc. M-6380 Inc. M-6381 Inc. M-6385 Inc. M-6388 Inc. M-6700 Inc. M-6705 Inc. M-6710 Inc. M-6712 Inc. M-6717 Inc. M-6718 Inc. M-6740 Inc. M-6747 Inc. M-6748 Inc. M-6760 Inc. M-6762 Inc. M-6763 Inc. M-6770 Inc. M-6783 Inc. M-6796 Inc. M-6797 Inc. M-6800 Inc. M-6805 Inc. M-6806 Inc. M-6815 Inc. M-6816 Inc. M-6818 Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Edwin Cooper, Hitec E-029 Hitec E-050 Hitec E-051 Hitec E-151 Hitec E-152 Hitec E-312 Hitec E-317 Hitec E-320 Hitec E-333 Hitec E-336 Hitec E-503 Hitec E-514 Hitec E-515 Hitec E-522 Hitec E-523 Hitec E-534 Hitec E-536 Hitec E-552 Hitec E-555 Hitec E-556 Hitec E-570 Hitec E-571 Hitec E-572 Hitec E-573 Hitec E-574 Hitec E-580 Hitec E-603 Inc. M-6828 Inc. M-6830 Inc. M-6838 Inc. M-6843 Inc. M-6845 Inc. M-6856 Inc. M-6857 Inc. M-6858 Inc. M-6861 Inc. M-6868 Inc. M-6879 Inc. M-6880 Inc. M-6895 Inc. M-6912 Inc. M-6924 Inc. M-6925 Inc. M-6936 Inc. M-6979 Inc. M-7008 Inc. M-7599 Inc. M-8001 Inc. M-9320 Inc. M-9333 Inc.M-5409 Inc.M-5661 Inc.M-5925 Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitee Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec Hitec E-611 E-611-M E-614 E-626 E-631 E-635 E-638 E-640 E-643 E-644 E-649 E-653 E-655 E-656 E-657 E-668 E-671 E-672 E-679 E-682 E-686 E-703 E-710 E-719 E-750 E-761 E-763 E-788 E-790 E-791 E-792 E-794 E-795 E-804 E-810 E-819 E-844 E-1248 E-1351 E-1740 E-1804 E-1830 E-2031 E-2300 E-2317 E-2500 E-2501 E-2502 E-2503 E-2619 E-2720 E-2805 E-4002 image: ------- Electro-Chem. Inc. 190 Electro-Chem. Inc. P.O. Box 79234 Fort Worth TX 76179 All Electro-Chem Products Electrochemicals 751 Elm Street Youngstown OH 40502 #C-25 Brightner #SP-648 Liquid #1 - CA Brightner #1 - CB Brightner #2-P Powder #2 Powder #8 and #9 Brightner #10 - CA Brightner #10 - CB Brightner #11-A Brightener #14-CA Brightner #14 Brightner #25-M Brightner #26 Brightner #102 Powder #108 Powder #180 Powder #190 Powder #303 Acid Salts #304 Acid Salts #400 Cleaner #401 Cleaner #402 Cleaner #402 Special #404-M Cleaner #404-M Wetter #404 Cleaner #415 Neutralizer #420 Spray Cleaner #430 Alkaline Deoxidizer #440 Cleaner #444 Cleaner #450 Cleaner #451 Cleaner #502-A Black Liquid #502-B Black Liquid #504 Powder #600-M Liquid #600-R Liquid #649 Liquid #650 Liquid Acid Cleaner #2A Acid Cleaner #2A Anti-Foam Acid Cleaner #3A Acid Cleaner Compound Acid Cleaner Concentrate Acid Cleaner SK Acid Cleaner/Conditioner Aluma-Sol ALZ Powder or Liquid Blue I Dye BPX-I BPX-IA BPX-II BPX-IIA Brass Brightner Brass Plating Solution Brass Stabilizer Brass Wetter Bright Pickle Wetter C-150 Powder C-300 Powder CA Brown Cadmium Wetting Agent Catalyst - 5 CB-71 Brightner CB-71 Concentrate CB-71D Brightner CB-71 N/N CHrome Reducer CLZ-X CLZ-52 and 53 CO-BRA ETCH CO-BRA-ETCH Inhibitor CO-BRA-SOL II CO-BRA-SOL III Copper Brass Bright Dip Copper Inhibitor LD CPX-II CPX-IIA CPX-III CZ Liquid CZ Solid CZ-110 Powder Dicoblitz A-8 Dicoblitz Anti- Foam #2 Dicoblitz E-l Dicoblitz E-4 Dicoblitz E-5 Dicoblitz K-2 Dicoblitz K-7 Dicoblitz S-3 Dicoblitz S-3 Concentrate Dicoblitz S-12 Dicoblitz Z-l Dicoblitz Z-2 Dicoblitz Z-3 Dicoblitz Z-4 Dicoblitz Z-5 Dicoblitz Z-6 Dicoblitz Z-7 Dicoblitz Z-8 Dicoduran pH Corrector Dicoduran Replenisher Dicoduran Starter E - Black Powder Electro-Brite (all products) Emulsicool HCD Liquid Inhibitor - M Inhibitor - S Inhibitor CB Inhibitor D LCD Compound LCD-1 Compound Level-Best L-101 Level-Best L-101B Level-Best L-101 Concentrate Level-Best L-304 N-l Nickel N-2 Nickel N-5 Nickel NAZ-32-C Brightner NAZ-32 Brightner NAZ-33 Wetter NB Brightner NB-5 Brightner NCZ-45 Liquid NCZ-46-R Liquid No Flash Powder No Mist NZ-120 Powder OD-85 Powder PERMA-ETCH PERMA-ETCH Final Cleaner pH Neutralizer Post Treatment #900N Q-Brite RAB-C Regeneration Compound Rinse Acid RP-5 Brightner RP-10 Brightner RP-12 Brightner RP-15 Brightner Rust Inhibitor #470 S-22 Brightner S-23 Wetter SD Concentrate Solder Brite Dip SPX Stabilizer Stripper Z-S SYNPRO (all products) SYNPRO Aluminum Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO Barium Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO Cadmium Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO Calcium Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO Lithium Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO LUBE (all products) SYNPRO Magnesium Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO Sodium Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO Stannous Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO STEARATE (all products) SYNPRO Strontium Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO Tin Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO WAX (all products) SYNPRO Zinc Stearate (all Types) SYNPRO ZINCLIC SYNPRO ZINCLOID SYNPRO ZOPHAR SYNPRON (all products) SYNPRON STABILIZER (all products) SYNPRON 1 through SYNPRON 100 SYNPRON 101 through SYNPRON 1599 Wetting Agent AX Wetting Agent AX-II Z-200 Powder Z-225 Concentrate Z-225 Liquid Z-225 Modified Z-226 Concentrate Z-230 Powder Z-235 Powder image: ------- 191 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Emery Industries, Inc. Electrochemicalsócont'd Z-240 Liquid Z-240 Powder Zinc Plating Solution (Cyanide) Zinc Purifier Zinc Salt #4X ZWA-202 Wetting Agent 499A & B Copper Treatment 720-C Nickel 720-D Nickel 720-M Nickel 720-R Nickel 720-RL Nickel 740-M Nickel 747-M Nickel 747-R Nickel 747-WA Wetting Agent 747-WM Wetting Agent Eletron Inc. 11 Progress Ave. Nashua NH 03060 ELTROCURE R Elico Corporation, The 1000 Beltline Road Cleveland OH 44109 ELCO - #2 thru #461 ELCO - SCL (all products) Elliott Company 1809 Sheridan Ave. Springfield OH 45505 Tube Roller Lubricant Emery Industries, Inc. F. 0. Barrett 4900 Este Avenue Cincinnati OH 45232 Acetol Acidlan 20 Clearlan Common Degras 'Y' Deodorized Lanfrax Emerest 2127 Emerest 2300 through 2302 Emerest 2305 through 2311 Emerest 2314 through 2316 Emerest 2320 through 2322 Emerest 2324 through 2328 Emerest 2350 Emerest 2355 Emerest 2358-A Emerest 2379-U Emerest 2380 and 2381 Emerest 2384 Emerest 2387 through 2389 Emerest 2400 through 2404 Emerest 2406 through 2408-A Emerest 2410 Emerest 2420 Emerest 2421 Emerest 2423 through 2425 Emerest 2427; 2429-U Emerest 2431-U Emerest 2440 and 2441 Emerest 2450 through 2452 Emerest 2602-A Emerest 2613 and 2614 Emerest 2616 through 2618-A Emerest 2620 Emerest 2622 and 2623 Emerest 2626-U Emerest 2636 Emerest 2641; 2642; 2647 and 2648 Emerest 2651-A and 2652 Emerest 2654 and 2655-U Emerest 2660 Emerest 2663-A Emerest 2665 Emerez 1500 through 1514 liquid polyamide Emerez 1518-U liquid polyamide resin Emerez 1520 and 1521 polyamide resin Emerez 1523-A Emerez 1530 and 1531 Emerez 1533 through 1538 Emerez 1540 Emerez 1541 and 1542 Emerez 1543 through 1547 Emerez 1550 through 1560 Emerez 1562-A Emerez 1563-A Emerez 1565 Emerez 1568-A through 1571-A Emerez 1573-A Emerez 1590-A through 1593-A Emerez 1595-A Emerlube 2634 Emerlube 7421 and 7422 Emerlube 7423-A Emerlube 7424 through 7427 Emerlube 7429 and 7430 Emerlube 7431-A; 7432-A; 7433-A; 7434-A Emerlube 7440 Emerlube 7445-A Emįrlube 7456 through 7458 Emerlube 7460-A Emerlube 7465-A Emerlube 7474-D and 7476-A Emerlube 7477 through 7483 Emerlube 7484-A; 7485-A Emerlube 7488 Emerlube 7624 Emerlube 7650 through 7652 Emerlube 7653-C Emerlube 7659-U Emerlube 7660-A Emerlube 7661 and 7662 Emerlube 7663-U Emerlube 7664 through 7676 Emerlube 7677-A; 7678-A; 7679-A Emerlube 7680-E Emerlube 7682-A Emerlube 7683 Emerlube 7690; 7691; 7692-A; 7693-A Emerlube 7694-A Emerlube 7695 Emerlube 7696-A and 7697 Emerlube 7698-C; 7699-A Emerox 1110 Azelaic acid Emerox 1133 Emerox 1144 Emersal 6400 Emersal 6402 and 6403 Emersal 6410 Emersal 6415 Emersal 6418 Emersal 6430 Emersal 6434; 6435-U Emersal 6437 Emersal 6440 and 6441 image: ------- Emery Industries, Inc. 192 Emery Industries, Inc.ócont'd Emersal 6452 through 6454-A Emersal 6460 Emersal 6462 Emersal 6464 and 6465 Emersist 5953 Emersist 7201-A; 7202-A; 7203-D Emersist 7205 Emersist 7206-A; 7207-A; 7208-A; 7209-B Emersist 7210-A Emersist 7211 CDA Emersist 7220 through 7223 Emersist 7230 through 7233 Emersist 7234-B; 7235-B; 7236; 7251; 7252 Emersist 7282-B; 7283-A; 7284-A Emersoft 7700 through 7703 Emersoft 7706 Emersoft 7707-A Emersoft 7709 Emersoft 7715 Emersoft 7720 through 7723 Emersoft 7724-B Emersoft 7725-A and 7726-A Emersoft 7729-A and 7730-A Emersoft 7777 Emersol oleic acids Emersol Palmitic acids Emersol stearic acids Emersol 110 and 103 Emersol 111 Emersol 115 Emersol 120 Emersol 125 Emersol 132 Emersol 140 Emersol 142 Emersol 143 Emersol 144 Emersol 146 Emersol 147-A Emersol 150 stearic acid; Emersol 151 Emersol 152 stearic acid Emersol 153 stearic acid Emersol 200 Emersol 202 Emersol 205 Emersol 206 Emersol 210, 211, 212, and 213 Emersol 215-V Emersol 220 Emersol 221 Emersol 222-V Emersol 226-V Emersol 227, 228, 229 Emersol 233 Emersol 260 Emersol 267-V, and 268-V Emersol 305 Emersol 306-V Emersol 310 Emersol 315 Emersol 871 Emersol 875 Emersol 6313; 6321; 6333 oleic acid Emersol 6320; 6331; 6332 stearic acid Emersol 6334; 6336; 6349 stearic acid Emersol 6343; 6344 palmitic acid Emersol 6351 stearic Emersol 6353 stearic acid Emersol 6357 caprylic acid Emersol 6362 coconut fatty acid Emerstab 9829-A vinyl stabilizer Emerstab 9891-A Emerstab 9893-A Emerstab 9895-A; 9896-A; 9897-A Emerstat 6664 quaternary Emerstat 6665 quaternary Emerstat 7450 thru 7452 fiber lubricant Emerstat 7459 fiber lubricant Emerwax 1246-U Emerwax 1248-A Emerwax 1253 Emerwax 1254-A Emerwax 1257 Emerwax 1258-A Emerwax 1259-A Emerwax 1265 Emery 400 stearic acid Emery 401 stearic acid Emery 404 stearic acid Emery 407-U Stearic Acid Emery 408-V Stearic Acid Emery 410 stearic acid Emery 414 stearic acid Emery 420 stearic acid Emery 421 stearic acid Emery 422 stearic acid Emery 430 hydrog. fish fat acid Emery 442 Emery 500-X fatty acid Emery 500-XM fatty acid Emery 500 fatty acid; Emery 500M Emery 502 fatty acid Emery 503 fatty acid Emery 505, 506, and 507 fatty acids Emery 515 fatty acid Emery 516-V fatty acid Emery 529-M fatty acid Emery 529-XM fatty acid Emery 531 fatty acid; Emery 529 Emery 540 fatty acid Emery 542-V fatty acid Emery 543-V fatty acid Emery 544-V fatty acid Emery 600 fatty acid Emery 610 soya fatty acid Emery 612 fatty acid Emery 614 soya fatty acid Emery 621 through 629 coconut fatty acid Emery 650 lauric acid Emery 651 - 653 lauric acid Emery 654 and 657 caprylic acid Emery 655, myristic acid Emery 656, caproic acid Emery 658 caprylic-capric acid Emery 659 capric acid Emery 865-A HMW acid Emery 880 fatty acid Emery 889 fatty acid Emery 894 fatty acid Emery 896 fatty acid Emery 900 pitch Emery 909-V Emery 910 through 916 glycerine Emery 922-V fatty acid and 920 Emery 929-V fatty acid Emery 930-V fatty acid Emery 933-A fatty acid Emery 934-V fatty acid and 936 Emery 937 fatty acid and 938 Emery 970 partially hydrolyzed fat Emery 972 through 974 Emery 976 partially hydrolyzed fat Emery 978 fatty acid Emery 985-V through 988-V fatty acid Emery 994 Emery 1100-U Emery 1101-U Emery 1102-U Emery 1148-U Brassylic acid Emery 1150 Ethylene Brassylate Emery 1200-U pelargonic acid Emery 1201-U fatty acid Emery 1202 pelargonic acid Emery 1205 fatty acid Emery 1207 fatty acid Emery 1210 fatty acid Emery 1215-U fatty acid Emery 1216-U fatty acid Emery 1230-U diglycerol Emery 1231-U, 1234-U. polglycerols Emery 1317-U Emery 1651, 1653, & 1654 lanolins Emery 1781-U lanolin acids Emery 1788 isostearyl alcohol Emery 1803 through 1805 fatty acid Emery 1812 through 1814 fatty acid Emery 1845-U methyl ester Emery 1850 fatty acid Emery 1858 fatty acid Emery 1860-V and 1861-V methyl ester Emery 1865 fatty acid Emery 1873 fatty acid Emery 1891 fatty acid Emery 1897 Emery 1899-V fatty acid Emery 2100 and 2104 lard oil Emery 2110 and 2111 tallow oil, acidless Emery 2120 hydrogenated tallow Emery 2130 hydrogenated fish oil Emery 2142 hydrogenated castor oil Emery 2200 through 2204 methyl ester Emery 2206 methyl caproate Emery 2208 through 2210 methyl ester Emery 2214 methyl ester Emery 2216 through 2221 methyl ester Emery 2242 methyl ester Emery 2253 methyl ester Emery 2270 methyl ester Emery 2280 methyl ester Emery 2290 methyl ester Emery 2296 methyl ester Emery 2318-U isopropyl ester Emery 2340 dimethyl ester Emery 2341 methyl ester Emery 2345 methyl ester Emery 2427 ester Emery 2432-U ester Emery 2443-U Emery 2485-U tetraester Emery 2600-U DMPA ester Emery 2601-U ester Emery 2677 Emery 2873-U syn. lube base Emery 2880 compressor lube Emery 2881 chain lubr. Emery 2883-A Emery 2884 syn. lubr. Emery 2885-B syn. coolant Emery 2886 syn. lubr. base Emery 2890 compressor lubr. Emery 2898 syn. lubr. base Emery 2900; 2901-A 2902-B lube base stocks Emery 2903; 2904-A protective oil Emery 2905; 2906-A; 2907-A; 2908 lube base Emery 2910; 2911 syn. lube base Emery 2917-A base stock Emery 2920-A; B; 2921; 2922-A,B; 2923-U Emery 2925-U LOW-40 Emery 2926 syn. hi be, and 2934 Emery 2937; 2938-A; 2939 Emery 2940 LOW 40 SE image: ------- 193 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Emery Industries, Inc. Emery Industries, Inc.ócont'd Emery Emery 2941 SAE-30, 2942, 2943, 2944, 2945 Emery Emery 2952 lube Emery Emery 2953 lube base stock Emery Emery 2954-A; 2955-A syn. lube Emery Emery 2957; 2958 base stock Emery Emery 2959-U base stock Emery Emery 2960 syn. lubr. base stock Emery Emery 2965 syn. lubr. base stock Emery Emery 2967-A lubr. Emery Emery 2968-A LOW 40 SE-CC Emery Emery 2970; 2971 syn. lubr. base stock Emery Emery 2972-U syn. lubr. base stock Emery Emery 2974 Frigid-Go Emery Emery 2975 Lube APG # 1 Emery Emery 2977 thru 2979 lubes Emery Emery 2980 artic oil Emery Emery 2981-B; 2983 Emery Emery 2984 syn. gear oil Emery Emery 2985 syn. lubr. Emery Emery 2987 gear lubr. Emery Emery 2989 syn. lubr. base stock Emery Emery 2990-A rotary vane lubr. Emery Emery 2991-B chain lubr. Emery Emery 2993-B compr. lubr. Emery Emery 2994-A lubr. Emery Emery 2995 syn. lubr. base stock Emery Emery 2996-U syn. lubr. base stock Emery Emery 2997; 2998-A lubr. Emery Emery 5550 Emery Emery 5551 Emery Emery 5601-U Emery Emery 5602-U Emery Emery 5617 chloroaniline derivative Emery Emery 5618 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5619 toluidine derivative Emery Emery 5620 chloroaniline derivative Emery Emery 5622 toluidine derivative Emery Emery 5623 chloroaniline derivative Emery Emery 5624 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5626 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5628 toluidine derivative Emery Emery 5629 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5630 toluidine derivative Emery Emery 5637 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5640-U Emery Emery 5642-U Emery Emery 5645-U Emery Emery 5661-U and 5662-U ethoxylates Emery Emery 5663-U monoglyceride Emery Emery 5665 modified CMS Emery Emery 5667-U Emery Emery 5667-U PEG 200 Emery Emery 5668 through 5674-U ethoxylated alco- Emery hols Emery Emery 5675-U Emery Emery 5676-U ethoxylate Emery Emery 5679-U ethoxylate Emery Emery 5681-U ethoxylate Emery Emery 5688-U maleate ester Emery Emery 5690-U amine mix Emery Emery 5692-U Emery Emery 5694-U ethoxylate Emery Emery 5695-U ethoxylate Emery Emery 5696-U acetylated alcohol Emery Emery 5697-U acetylated alcohol Emery Emery 5698 anisole derivative Emery Emery 5700 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5702 through 5707 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5709 through 5714 toluidine derivative Emery Emery 5715; 5717 chloroaniline derivative Emery Emery 5719; 5720 chloroaniline derivative Emery Emery 5722 through 5727 aniline derivative Emery Emery 5728, 5729 toluidine derivative Emery 5731 aniline derivative 5732; 5733 chloroaniline derivative 5734; 5735 aniline derivative 5736; 5737 anisole derivative 5740 anisole derivative 5743 nitrophenol derivative 5749-U aniline derivative 5751 through 5753 anisole derivative 5757; 5758 aniline derivative 5761 aniline derivative 5764 aniline derivative 5766 a-napthol derivative 5770 aniline derivative 5775-U Resorcinol derivative 5791 mercapto derivative 5969 ethoxylated alcohol 5970 5978 6158-U 6340 palmitic acid 6342 palmitic acid 6350 stearic acid 6354 lauric acid 6435-U 6550 amide 6669-U amide 6670-U amide ester 6701 triester 6705 ethoxylate 6706 ethoxylate 6709-U PEG 6714 amine sulfonate 6717 imine condensate 6718-U 6723 6727 aniline derivative 6731; 6736 modified alkanolamide 6743-U solfonic acid salt 6744-U softener 6748-A amphoteric 6752 amphoteric 6756-U ethoxylate 6757-U 6760-U 6761-U fabric softener 6762; 6763 esters 6764-U ethoxylate 6767-A 6770 ester 6801-A plastic additive 6815; 6816 6818-U 6819 through 6823 6829 6830 6832 6833-A 6839-A nonionic 6840-A fabric softner 6844 6845-B foaming agent 6846-A 6847-U detergent blend 6849 linear POE alcohol 6852-A 6853-A 6857-A 6858-A; 6859 6860-D asphalt antistrip agents 6861-U asphalt antistrip agents 6864-U 6865-U emulsifiable solvent 6867-A 6870 6871-U detergent blen.i Emery 6872 Emery 6881 through 6884 asphalt antistrip agents Emery 7280-A fiber aid Emery 9301-A extrusion aid Emery 9310-A polyester processing aid Emery 9351-A flame retardant Emery 9353-A flame retardant Emery 9357-A flame retardant Emery 9360-A BHED Emery 9362-A BHEZ Emery 9364-A DMZ Emery 9370-A antistat Emery 9373-A antistat Emery 9800-U lube additive Emery 9801-U Emery 9803-U stearine Emery 9804-U stearine Emery 9805-U stearine Emery 9817-U lube additive Emery 9830-U ethoxylate Emery 9844 sulphurized sperm oil subst. Emery 9850-U sulphurized sperm oil subst. Emery 9851-A plastic additive Emery 9853-U plastic additive Emery 9857-V Emery 9860-U betaine Emery 9862-U fatty acid Emery 9863-U fatty acid Emery 9865-U monooleate Emery 9867-U fatty alkanol amide Emery 9868-U detergent intermediate Emery 9869-U fatty acid Emery 9871 DPA Emery 9872-A PAPA Emery 9874-U fatty acid Emery 9875-U fatty acid Emery 9876-U fatty acid Emery 9877-U fatty acid Emery 9879-U corrosion inhibiter additive Emery 9880-U through 9885-U detergent in- termediate Emery 9886-A plastic additive Emery 9890-U epoxy curing agent Emery 9894-U plastic additive Emery 17065 (E-6868-A) Emgard 2038-U Emgard 2051 Emgard 2052-U Emgard 2061 Buffered Adjuvant Emgard 2064, and 2066 Emgard 2067 Emgard 2068-U Emgard 2069 Emgard 2649 Nonionic Emgard 2805 SAE 30 SE-CC-CD Emgard 2924-A 50W SE-CD Emid 6510 through 6515; Emid 6517-U Emid 6519 through 6522-U Emid 6530 and 6531 Emid 6533 and 6534 Emid 6536 through 6538 Emid 6540 through 6547-A Emid 6549-A Emid 6550 Emid 6551 Empol 1003-A dimer acid Empol 1004 dimer acid Empol 1010, 1011, 1012 Empol 1014 through 1018 Empol 1022 Empol 1024 Empol 1028-U image: ------- Emery Industries, Inc. 194 Emery Industries, Inc.ó cont'd Empol 1031-U and 1034 Empol 1040 trimer acid Empol 1041 Empol 1046-U Empol 1047-U Empol 1049 Empol 1051-U Empol 1054-A Empol 1055-U Empol 1056-A Emrite 6005 through 6011-A Emrite 6013 and Emrite 6003 CMS Emrite 6016 Emrite 6070 Emrite 6072 and 6073 Emrite 6080 and 6081 Emrite 6091 Emrite 6104-U Emrite 6105 Emrite 6106 Emrite 6120 and 6121 Emrite 6125 Emrite 6126 through 6128 Emrite 6152 through 6156 Emrite 6159-U through 6162-U Emsorb 2500 through 2505 Emsorb 2507 Emsorb 2510 Emsorb 2515 through 2517-A Emsorb 2519 Emsorb 2522-A Emsorb 6900 through 6921-A Emtall 705 Emtall 729 Emtall 730 Emtall 731 Emtall 743 Emtall 745 Emtall 749-A Emtal! 751-U Emtall 753-U Emtall 758-U Emtall 786 pitch Emulsilan ENSA-6 Esterlan Ethoxgel 50 Ethoxygel 100 Ethoxylan 50 Ethoxylan 100 Ethoxyol 5 Ethoxyol 16 Ethoxyol 16R Ethoxyol 40 Glossylan Hydrous Lanolin Juniorlan Lanacid Lanfrax WS-55 Lanfrax, and Lanfrax WS-55 Lanolin Oil 1670 Lantrol Lantrol Ester Blend 1679-U Lantrol Low Odor Neutral #2 Nodorlan Plastolein 9051; 9053-U; 9054 Plastolein 9056-V; 9058 Plastolein 9061-B Plastolein 9065; 9066 Plastolein 9069-U Plastolein 9071-U Plastolein 9086-U Plastolein 9088-U Plastolein 9215 Plastolein 9232 Plastolein 9250 Plastolein 9404 TOP Plastolein 9716-A Plastolein 9717 Plastolein 9720 Plastolein 9721-U; 9722 Plastolein 9724-U Plastolein 9727-U; 9728-A; 9729-U Plastolein 9730; 9731; 9732 Plastolein 9734; 9735 Plastolein 9741 Plastolein 9743 Plastolein 9745-U; 9746 Plastolein 9750; 9751-U Plastolein 9761 Plastolein 9765 Plastolein 9772; 9773-A Plastolein 9775-A; 9776; 9777 Plastolein 9780 Plastolein 9783; 9784-A Plastolein 9789; 9790; 9791-A Plastolein 9797-U Plastolein 9798-U Powdertrol Sparklelan Trisolan Trisolan L.P. Trisolan 0430 Trycol CE Trycol DA-4 Trycol DA-6 Trycol DA-9 Trycol DA-14 Trycol DA-69 Trycol DNP 150/50 Trycol DNP-8 Trycol DNP-150 Trycol DP^ Trycol DP-6 Trycol DP-10 Trycol HCS Trycol LAL-4 Trycol LAL-4S Trycol LAL-4SJ Trycol LAL-8 Trycol LAL-12 Trycol LAL-16 Trycol LAL-23 Trycol MC-24 Trycol NP-1 Trycol NP-4 Trycol NP-4.4 Trycol NP-6 Trycol NP-7 Trycol NP-9 Trycol NP-10 Trycol NP-11 Trycol NP-12 Trycol NP-15 Trycol NP-20 Trycol NP-30 Trycol NP-50 Trycol NP-307 Trycol NP-407 Trycol NP-408 Trycol NP-507 Trycol NP-1005 Trycol NP-1007 Trycol OAL-7 Trycol OAL-20 Trycol OAL-2G Trycol OP-9 Trycol OP-307 Trycol OP-407 Trycol OP-705 Trycol SAL-2 Trycol SAL-5 Trycol SAL-10 Trycol SAL-15 Trycol TDA-3 Trycol TDA-6 Trycol TDA-8 Trycol TDA-9 Trycol TDA-11 Trycol TDA-12 Trycol TDA-13 Trycol TDA-13/70 Trycol TDA-14 Trycol TDA-15 Trycol TDA-18 Trycol TDA-29 Trycol TDA-29/60 Trycol TP-2 Trycol TP-6 Trycol 453 Trycol 5871-A Trycol 5872-A Trycol 5873 Trycol 5876 Trycol 5951 nonionic alcohol Trycol 5957-U Trycol 5958-U Trycol 5959 Trycol 5979-A Trycol 5984-A Trycol 5987-A Trycol 5988-U Trycol 5989-U Trycol 5992-U Trycol 5993-A Trycol 5996-A Trycol 5997 Trycol 5998-U Trycol 5999-U Trycol 6703 Trycol 6704 Trycol 6715; 6720 Trycol 6720, LF-1 Trycol 6766 Trycol 6959 Trycol 6987 Trydet ISA-4 Trydet ISA-9 Trydet ISA-14 Trydet LA-4 Trydet LA-7 Trydet LA-9 Trydet LA-14 Trydet OA-5 Trydet OA-7 Trydet OA-9 Trydet OA-10 Trydet SA-5 Trydet SA-8 Trydet SA-9 Trydet SA-14 Trydet SA-23 Trydet SA-40 Trydet SA-50/30 Trydet TFA-10 Trydet TFA-11 Trydet 19 Trydet 20 Trydet 22 Trydet 26, image: ------- 195 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Emser Industries Inc. Emery Industries, Inc.ó cont'd Trydet 2677 Trydet 2689-A Trydet 2690-A Trydet 2691-A Tryfac HWD Tryfac 325-A Tryfac 525-A Tryfac 525-K and Tryfac 525-T Tryfac 610-A and 610-K Tryfac 910-K Tryfac 5555 complex; and Tryfac 5564 Tryfac 5566-U Tryfac 5567-A Tryfac 5569-A Tryfac 5570 Tryfac 5571 Trylon DC-8 Trylon DC-12 Trylon EW Nonionic ether Trylon 20S Trylon 21 Trylon 31 Trylon 36 Trylon 45 Trylon 61 Trylon 2688-U Trylon 3300 Trylon 6713-U Trylon 6732-A Trylon 6733 Trylon 6735 Trylon 6737-U through 6740 Trylon 6750-U Trylon 6751-A Trylon 6755-U Trylon 6768 Trylon 6828 Trylon 6841 through 6843; and 6846 Trylon 6850-A Trylon 6862-U Trylon 6863-A Trylon 6866 Trylon 6869 Trylox CO-5 Trylox CO-10 Trylox CO-16 Trylox CO-25 Trylox CO-27 Trylox CO-30 Trylox CO-36 Trylox CO-40 Trylox CO-80 Trylox CO-200 Trylox CO-200/50 Trylox HCO (5939) Trylox HCO-5 Trylox HCO-16 Trylox HCO-25 Trylox HCO-40 Trylox HCO-200 Trylox HCO-200/50 Trylox SS-20 Trylox S&40 Trylox SS-60 Trylox 1086 Trylox 1186 Trylox 5905 Trylox 5938-U Trylox 6747 Trylox 6765 Trylube 7600 thru 7602 fiber finish Trylube 7604 & 7605 fiber finish Trylube 7607 fiber finish Trylube 7610 thru 7616 fiber finish Trylube 7620 fiber finish Trylube 7625 thru 7627 fiber finish Trylube 7630 fiber finish Trymeen ADL-30 Trymeen CAM-2 Trymeen CAM-5 Trymeen CAM-10 Trymeen CAM-15 Trymeen HTA-12 Trymeen 0AM 30/80 Trymeen OAM-30 Trymeen SAM-2 Trymeen SAM-5 Trymeen SAM-10 Trymeen SAM-50 Trymeen SAM-100 Trymeen TAM-6 Trymeen TAM-8 Trymeen TAM-15 Trymeen TAM-20 Trymeen TAM-25 Trymeen TAM-25/80 Trymeen TAM-40 Trymeen 62 Trymeen 6619 Trymeen 6620 Trymeen 6624-A Trymeen 6639-U Trymeen 6640-A Trymeen 6652-U Trymeen 6654-A Trymeen 6661-B Trymeen 6663-A Trymeen 6668-A Twitchell 6811 deduster Twitchell 7232 deduster and 7231 Twitchell 7240 deduster Twitchell 7410 deduster Twitchell 7420 deduster Twitchell 7685 deduster Twitchell 7687 deduster Twitchell 8130 NEO Kontact Twitehell 8261-U base Twitchell 8262 base Twitchell 8263 base Twitchell 8265 and 8266 base Twitchell 8910 base Twitchell 8911-U base Twitchell 8955 base Velvalan Wool Grease Fatty Acid (Emery) 1778 Emser Industries Inc. 1229 Kensington Road Teaneck NJ 07666 AMIDEL TN DELUSTRANT 91021 GRIL-TEX D483 GRIL-TEX D513 GRIL-TEX V860 GRIL-TEX 1 GRIL-TEX 2 GRIL-TEX 4 GRIL-TEX 5 GRIL-TEX 330 G GRILAMID LKN-5H GRILAMID LV-3H GRILAMID L20G GRILAMID L20GM GRILAMID L20W20 GRILAMID L20W40 GRILAMID L20X GRILAMID L22G GRILAMID L25H GRILAMID L25 N 150 GRILAMID L25W10 GRILAMID L25W40 GRILAMID L25W40H GRILAMID TR 55 GRILAMID-ES-POWDER GRILAMID-PRIMER HV-WE3 GRILAMID-PRIMER-DILUENT GRILAMID-WS-POWDER GRILOMELT V742G GRILON A23GM GRILON A25VO GRILON CA 6EH GKILON CR8 GRILON CR9 GRILON F40 GRILON F47 GRILON K115 GRILON K140 GRILON R40N38 GRILON R45EH GRILON R50EH GRILON R70S GRILONIT G13.02 GRILONIT G13.04 GRILONIT-HARDENER 89062 GRILONIT-HARDERNER 89074 image: ------- Engelhard Industries 1% Engelhard Industries A Division of Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corp. 2655 U.S. Route 22 Union NJ 07083 ACID A ACID B ACID K ACID L ACID X ADDITION AGENT AD 555 ATOMEX ATOMEX II BRIGHTENER A BRIGHTENER B BRIGHTENER C BRIGHTENER D BRIGHTENER E-3 BRIGHTENER G BRIGHTENER H BRIGHTENER K BRIGHTENER M BRIGHTENER X CAPASTIC CONDUCTING SALTS A CONDUCTING SALTS B CONDUCTING SALTS C CONDUCTING SALTS D CONDUCTING SALTS EAS CONDUCTING SALTS ESP CONDUCTING SALTS F CONDUCTING SALTS G CONDUCTING SALTS K CONDUCTING SALTS M CONDUCTING SALTS Q CONDUCTING SALTS S CONDUCTING SALTS T CONDUCTING SALTS X CROWNCLAD DN BRIGHTENER CROWNCLAD DN GOLD SALTS CROWNCLAD 2N-1 BRIGHTENER CROWNCLAD 2N-1 GOLD SALTS CROWNCLAD 2N-2 BRIGHTENER CROWNCLAD 2N-2 GOLD SALTS CROWNCLAD 2N-3 BRIGHTENER CROWNCLAD 2N-3 GOLD SALTS CROWNCLAD 2N-4 BRIGHTENER CROWNCLAD 2N-4 GOLD SALTS CROWNCLAD 2N-5 BRIGHTENER CROWNCLAD 2N-5 GOLD SALTS E-41 GOLD SALTS E-55 GOLD SALTS E-56 GOLD SALTS E-58 E-59 GOLD SALTS E-70 GOLD SALTS E-71 GOLD SALTS E-73 GOLD SALTS E-74 GOLD SALTS E-75 GOLD SLATS E-80 E-81 GOLD SALTS E-90 GOLD SALTS E-94 GOLD SALTS E-100 GOLD SALTS E-120 GOLD SALTS E-314 GOLD SALTS E-316 GOLD SALTS E-318 GOLD SALTS E-501 PALLADIUM E-505 PALLADIUM EAS GOLD SALTS ECF 61 ECF 62 ECF 63 EHS ELECTROLESS GOLD ENGILD AVON - CONDUCTING SALTS ENGILD AVON - PRIMARY BRIGHTENER ENGILD AVON - REPLENISHING BRIGHT- ENER ENGILD AVON GOLD SALTS ESP GOLD SALTS ESP-400 GOLD SALTS PALLNIC 50 PALLNIC 80 PLATINUM BLACK PLATINUM E-401 PLATINUM 208 REPLENISHER PLATINUM 209 REDUCER RHODIUM 217 RHODIUM 219 RHODIUM 221 RHODIUM 225 RHODIUM 226 RU - 7 SILVABRITE SILVABRITE REPLENISHER STRESS REDUCER 50% GOLD-SILVER - REPLENISHING SALTS 50% GOLD-SILVER BRIGHTENER 50% GOLD-SILVER GOLD SALTS ENTHONE, INC. Frontage Road West Haven CT 06516 Actane AAA Actane Inhibitor 8 Actane Inhibitor 9 Actane Inhibitor 11 Actane L-25 Actane L-59 Actane Q-533 Actane 32 Actane 36 Actane 44 Actane 70 Actane 73 Actane 82 Actane 82-1 Actane 82 NF Actane 83 Actane 85 Actane 86 Actane 93 Actane 97 A Actane 97 B Actane 97 C Actane 01198 Actane 01237 Additive 05143 Alumon Alumon D Liquid Alumon D Powder Brass Activator Chromekill 4A Chromekill 6A Compound B-102 Compound Q-506 Compound Q-507 Compound Q-510 Compound Q-579 Compound T-91 Compound 63 Compound 01163 Compound 03248 Compound 06128 Compound 07282 Compound 08033 Compound 09113 Ebonol Additive S Ebonol Additive 304 Ebonol C Ebonol C Special Ebonol C-50 Ebonol C-115 Ebonol S Ebonol S-30 Ebonol S-34 Ebonol SS-48 Ebonol SS-52 Ebonol Z Ebonol Z-80 Ebonol 03257 En thol 210 Enbond Additive Enbond Brass Cleaner Enbond Cold Action Cleaner Enbond E Enbond E-14 Enbond E-14NF Enbond E-24 Enbond NE-6 Enbond NE-33 Enbond NS-35 Enbond Q-527 Enbond Q-538 Enbond Q-546 Enbond Q-547 Enbond Q-554 Enbond Q-559 Enbond Q-584 Enbond Q-586 Enbond Q-586 NF Enbond Q-587 Enbond Q-590 Enbond Q-599 Enbond S-61 Enbond S-61 NF Enbond S-,64 image: ------- 197 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION ENTHONE, INC. ENTHONE, BVC.-cont'd Enbond S-74 Enbond S-87 Enbond S-101 Enbond Z-20 Enbond Z-21 Enbond Z-23 Enbond Z-72 Enbond 27 Enbond 69 NF Enbond 69S Enbond 69SN Enbond 77 Enbond 94 Enbond 98 Enbond 100 Enbond 160 Enbond 160NF Enbond 808 Enbond 07235 Enbond 08297 Endox L-76 Endox Q-576 Endox 109 Endox 114 Endox 117 Endox 134 Endox 156 Endox 209 Endox 214 Endox 260 A Endox 260 B Endox 281 Endox 12217 Enplate Activator Test Solution Enplate Activator 440 Enplate Activator 440 Additive Enplate Activator 440M Enplate Activator 442 Enplate Activator 442 Additive Enplate Activator 442 Replenisher Enplate Activator 443 Enplate Activator 443 Additive Enplate Activator 06015 Enplate Activator 11035 Enplate AD-480 Enplate AD-481 Enplate AD-482 Enplate AD-483 Enplate AD-485 Enplate AD-487 Enplate Additive 02278 Enplate Additive 11023 Enplate Conditioner 470 Enplate Conditioner 470 Additive Enplate Conditioner 472 Enplate Conditioner 473 Enplate Conditioner 474 Enplate /Conditioner 474 NF Enplate Conditioner 06158 Enplate Conditioner 12024 Enplate Cu 07297 Enplate Cu 08126 Enplate Cu 09217 Enplate Cu 11017 Enplate Cu-400A Enplate Cu-400B Enplate Cu^02A Enplate Cu-402B Enplate Cu-402C Enplate Cu-403A Enplate Cu-403B Enplate Cu-403C Enplate Cu^l04A Enplate Cu404E Enplate Cu-404C Enplate Cu-405A Enplate Cu-405B Enplate Cu-405C Enplate Cu-700A Enplate Cu-700B Enplate Cu-700C Enplate Cu-701A Enplate Cu-701B Enplate Cu-701C Enplate Cu-750A Enplate Cu-750B Enplate Cu-750C Enplate Cu-10225 Enplate HT-1 Enplate HT-2 Enplate HT-3 Enplate Indicator Solution Enplate MB 08025 Enplate Ni 410 A Enplate Ni 410 B Enplate Ni 414A Enplate Ni 414B Enplate Ni 415A Enplate Ni 415B Enplate Ni 415C Enplate Ni 416 Enplate Ni 416M Enplate Ni 416R Enplate Ni 416S Enplate Ni 417A Enplate Ni 417B Enplate Ni 417C Enplate Ni 417D Enplate Ni 418A Enplate Ni 418B Enplate Ni 418C Enplate Ni 02148 Enplate Ni 03038 Enplate Ni 05247 Enplate Ni 07287 Enplate PA 02018 Enplate PA-490 Enplate PA-491 Enplate PC 03287 Enplate PC 04108 Enplate PC 11236 Enplate PC-451 Enplate PC-452 Enplate PC-453 Enplate PC-455 Enplate Post Conditioner 05216 Enplate Q-509A Enplate Q-509B Enplate Q-519 Enplate Q-522A Enplate Q-522B Enplate Q-522C Enplate Q-523 Enplate Q-524A Enplate Q-524B Enplate Q-524C Enplate Q-525A Enplate Q-525B Enplate Q-525C Enplate Q-526A Enplate Q-526B Enplate Q-526C Enplate Reducer Enplate SB-486 Enplate Sensitizer 432 Enplate Sensitizer 432 Additive Enplate Stabilizer Enplate Tin 409 Enplate Tin 421A Enplate Tin 421A Special Enplate Tin 421B Enplate Tin 421B Special Enplate 02178 Enplate 02238 Enplate 02276 Enplate 03018 Enplate 03086 Enplate 03177 Enplate 03228 Enplate 05048 Enplate 05248 Enplate 07277 Enplate 08307 Enplate 09043 Enplate 09286 Enplate 10287 Enplate 10287 Additive Enplate 11046 Enplate 11105 Enplate 11296 Enplate 12044 Enplate 12072 Enplate 50104 Enstrip A Enstrip Additive 05303R Enstrip AU-78 Enstrip C Enstrip DZ-1 Enstrip DZ-2 Enstrip L-88 Enstrip L-90 Enstrip L-90 Additive Enstrip N-122A Enstrip N-122B Enstrip N-170A Enstrip N-170B Enstrip NP Additive 08075 Enstrip NP-Additive Enstrip NP-1 Enstrip NP-2 Enstrip NP-3 Enstrip Q-504 Enstrip Q-512 Enstrip Q-516 Enstrip Q-532 Enstrip S Enstrip S-60 Enstrip S-180A Enstrip S-180 Additive Enstrip S-180B Enstrip T Enstrip TL Concentrate Enstrip TL-105 Enstrip TL-106 Enstrip TL-107 Enstrip Z Enstrip 89 Enstrip 92 Enstrip 103 Enstrip 108 Enstrip 165S Enstrip 03087 Enstrip 03116 Enstrip 04235 Enstrip 06291 Enstrip 09116 Enstrip 12245 Entek AC-J6 Entek Cu-55 Entek Cu-56 Entek Ex-Laq image: ------- ENTHONE, INC. 198 ENTHONE, ZZVC.-cont'd Entek NR-28 Entek NR-31 Entek NR-37 Entek NR-40 Entek NR-40 NF Entek Q-591 Entek RPO-12 Entek RPO-22 Entek RSO Entek Wax 18 Entek Wax 19 Entek 45 Entek 47 Enthobirte NCZ Liquid Enthobrite Cad-900 Enthobrite Cad-902 Enthobrite Cad-903 Enthobrite Cad-904M Enthobrite Cad-904R Enthobrite Cadmium Concentrate Enthobrite CLZ Additive Enthobrite CLZ Liquid Enthobrite CLZ 934A Enthobrite CLZ 934B Enthobrite CLZ 934M Enthobrite CLZ 936M Enthobrite CLZ 936R Enthobrite CLZ 936S Enthobrite CLZ 01248 Enthobrite Cu 10256 Enthobrite Cu-942H Enthobrite CU-942M Enthobrite CU-942R Enthobrite CU-942S Enthobrite NCZ Purifier Enthobrite NCZ 09067 Enthobrite NCZ-915 Enthobrite NCZ-918 Enthobrite NCZ-922B Enthobrite NCZ-923 Enthobrite NCZ-924 Enthobrite NCZ-925 Enthobrite NCZ-926 Enthobrite NCZ-927A Enthobrite NCZ-927M Enthobrite NCZ-927S Enthobrite NCZ-928A Enthobrite NCZ-928B Enthobrite NCZ-928M Enthobrite Purifier Enthobrite Q-511 Enthobrite Q-511-3X Enthobrite Q-518 Enthobrite Q-540 Enthobrite Q-544 Enthobrite Q-565 Enthobrite Q-588 Enthobrite WAZ Enthobrite Z 909 Special Enthobrite Z-914 Enthobrite Z-919 Enthobrite Z-920 Enthobrite Z-921 Enthobrite Zinc Concentrate Enthobrite 01057 Enthobrite 02097 Enthobrite 03251M Enthobrite 08135 Enthobrite 09263 Enthobrite 10165 Enthol V-240 Enthol 62 Enthol 62 Concentrate Enthol 75 Enthol 75 Concentrate Enthol 200 Enthol 230 Enthox AL-990 Enthox Cad-983 Enthox Q-550 Enthox Q-552 Enthox Q-589 Enthox S-962 Enthox S-963 Enthox Z-984 Enthox Z-985 Enthox Z-986 Enthox Z-987 Enthox Z-988 Enthox Z-989 Enthox Z-993 Enthox Z-994 Enthox ZB-992A Enthox ZB-992B Enthox 980 Enthox 980 Liquid Enthox 982 Enthox 10314 Flowbrite #1 Solvent Q-574 Solvent 120 Sprean Z-71 Sprean 65 Sprean 66 Sprean 67 Sprean 68 Sprean 09227 Stripper A-143 Stripper A-150 Stripper K Stripper Q-560 Stripper Q-564 Stripper Q-564 Additive Stripper Q-571 Stripper R Stripper S-15 Stripper S-16 Stripper S-17 Stripper S-18 Stripper S-18T Stripper S-19 Stripper S-26 Stripper S-49 Stripper S-300 Water Displacing Liquid #1 Water Displacing Liquid #1 Concentrate Water Displacing Liquid Q-531 Weldal Enting Water Conditioning Co 3249 Dryden Road Dayton OH 45439 IMAC (all products) image: ------- 199 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Erico Products, Inc. Environmental Control Systems, Inc. 409 Washington Avenue P. 0. Box 10040 Baltimore MD 21204 Antiseptic Hand Soap ECS NDR 15 Floor Polish Home Run Dry Creme Cleanser ECS Tremendous Industrial "99" D'Animate ECS 120 Neutral Cleaner Dyna Drops End Run OBC B.C. Granules Enviro Plus People Care E.C.S. Solidbar (Red, Green, Citrus F.E.P. Steri Card ECS DR 18 Floor Polish Floral, Spearmint) Steri Plus II ECS Dust Mop Treatment Fresh Kill Steri Plus 128 ECS Floor Sealer Glass & Utility (Aerosol) Steri Plus 256 ECS Floor Stripper-Ammoniated Glass & Utility (liquid) ECS Floor Stripper-Non-Ammoniated Home Run Epoxylite Corporation, The 1265 No Kraemer Blvd Anaheim CA 92806 Epoxylite ERCO Industries Limited 2 Gibbs Road Islington ON M9B 1R1 ALDIP KALIPOL PHOSBRITE PLIABRAC PROBAN R2 SOLUTION R3 SOLUTION Erico Products, Inc. 34600 Solon Road Cleveland (Solon) OH 44139 CADWELD ERICO image: ------- Essential Chemicals Corp. 200 Essential Chemicals Corp. 28391 Essential Rd. Merton WI 53056 ECCONOL B ECCONOL 61 ECCONOL 66 ECCONOL 488 ECCONOL 489 ECCONOL 490 ECCONOL 606 ECCONOL 628 ECCONOL 2066 ECCONOL 2357 ECCONOL 3050B SUPERBASE COLOR SOLUTIONS TRUST WETTEX E1114 103S SUPERBASE 280 SUPERBASE 282 SUPERBASE 287 SUPERBASE 289 SUPERBASE 316 SUPERBASE 400 SUPERBASE 401 SUPERBASE 402 SUPERBASE 404 SUPERBASE 406 SUPERBASE 410 SUPERBASE 411 SUPERBASE 413 SUPERBASE 419 SUPERBASE 421 SUPERBASE 422 SUPERBASE 440 SUPERBASE 459 SUPERBASE 466 SUPERBASE 619 SUPERBASE 2024 SUPERBASE 2033 SUPERBASE 2050 SUPERBASE 2315 SUPERBASE 2330 SUPERBASE 2924 SUPERBASE Essex Chemical Corporation Clifton Office, I. Zonis, VP 1401 Broad Street Clifton NJ 07015 Metafos Quadrafos Ethyl Corporation 451 Florida Baton Rouge LA 70801 EHTYL 9160 Compound Ethyl -733 White No. 1 Ethyl CI-2-Solvent 46 Ethyl CI-2-Solvent 62 Ethyl DFA 14 Ethyl DFA 16 Ethyl DFA 23 Ethyl DFA 26 Ethyl DFA 28 Ethyl DFA 31 Ethyl DFA 34 Ethyl DFA 36 Ethyl DFA 37 Ethyl DFA 38 Ethyl DFA 40 Ethyl DFA 42 Ethyl DFA 45 Ethyl DFA 51 Ethyl DFA 53 Ethyl DFA 57 Ethyl DFA 59 Ethyl DFA 62 Ethyl DFA 200 Ethyl DFA 201 Ethyl DFA 202 Ethyl DFA 300 Ethyl DFA 301 Ethyl DFA 302 Ethyl DFA 303 Ethyl ECA-4232 Ethyl EDA-2 Ethyl EDA-3B Ethyl EH-218 PVC Ethyl EH-219 PVC Ethyl EH-231 PVC Ethyl EH-232 PVC Ethyl EH-235 PVC Ethyl EH-255PVC Ethyl EX-100VI Ethyl EX-115VO Ethyl EX-120VI Ethyl EX-125 HB Ethyl EXF-90VO Ethyl EXG-140HB Ethyl EX90VO Ethyl GA 103 Ethyl GA 108 Ethyl GA 109 Ethyl GA 110 Ethyl GA 112 Ethyl GA 113 Ethyl GA 114 Ethyl GA 115 Ethyl GA 116 Ethyl HOA-22 Ethyl HOA-44 Ethyl MDA-50 Ethyl MDA-80 Ethyl MLA Motor Mixes Ethyl MLA 500 Mixes Ethyl MMT Ethyl MMT-LP46 Ethyl MMT-LP62 Ethyl MPA-D Ethyl MPA-447R Ethyl MPA-447RB Ethyl MPA-147RJ Ethyl MPA-448 Ethyl MPA-450 Ethyl SB-205 PVC Ethyl SM-185 PVC Ethyl SM-225 PVC Ethyl SM-250 PVC Ethyl TEL Aviation Mixes Ethyl TEL Motor Mixes Ethyl TELMEL Motor Mixes Ethyl TML Motor Mix Ethyl 701-TOL 75 Ethyl 728-Oil Mix 30 Ethyl 728/Mobil 500 Oil Ethyl 733-MDA 50 Ethyl 733-MDA 67 Ethyl 733-MDA 80 Ethyl 733-PDA 25 Ethyl 733-PDA 50 Ethyl 733-PDA 75 Ethyl 733-PDA-D 50 Ethyl 733 -PDA-D 75 Ethyl 733-PDA-H 50 Ethyl 733-PDA-H 75 Ethyl 733-PDA-H-25 Ethyl 733-TOL 60 Ethyl 733-TOL 75 Ethyl 733-TOL 80 Ethyl 733-TOL 90 Ethyl 733-TOL-80 Ethyl 733-TOL-90 Ethyl 733 MDA 75 Ethyl 735-TOL 75 Ethyl 5006 Compound Ethyl 5009 Compound Ethyl 5025 Compound Ethyl 5026 Compound Ethyl 6017 Compound Ethyl 7008 Compound Ethyl 7020 Compound Ethyl 7025 Compound Ethyl 7042 Compound Ethyl 7045 Compound Ethyl 7053 Compound Ethyl 7054 Compound image: ------- 201 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Everpure, Inc. Ethyl Coiporotton-cont'd Ethyl 8247 Compound Ethyl 9252 Compound Ethyl 7055 Compound Ethyl 9105 Compound Ethyl 9275 Compound Ethyl 8237 Compound Ethyl 9110 Compound Ethyl 8240 Compound Ethyl 9112 Compound Euclid Chemical Company 19218 Redwood Road Cleveland OH 44110 DAM-IT #818532 FIRMIX GROUT #818990 SURFHARD #819356 DELAZ 823850 FLEX-CON #821414 SURFLEX #821413 EUCO #821432 MUREX #821735 WATER PELLER #537346 EUCO POLY-PATCH #961858 REZ-SEAL #818158 EUCONWR 819357 SATURDAY PATCH #821433 Evans Adhesive Corporation 925 West Henderson Road Columbus OH 43220 Banner Eagles' Claw Evans' School Gluey Evans' Welsh Pads-It Quick Stick Evans Manufacturing, Inc. 4049 Otis Warren, Michigan MI 48091 PEEL-COAT Everpure, Inc. 660 N. Blackhawk Drive Westmont IL 60559 ARIDSORB EVERPURE BROMINATING CARTRIDGE PROTECT ARIDSORB (all products) EVERPURE Test Kit Reagents (all products) S.O.P. ARIDZONE MICROPURE S-l ARIDZONE (all products) NEUTRALITE DPD POLYBROMIDE RESIN image: ------- Exciton Chemical Company, Inc 202 Exciton Chemical Company, Inc 400 Linden Avenue Dayton OH 45403 OXAZINE 750 Perchlorate Exolon Company, The 1000 E. Niagara Street Tonawanda NY 14150 Carbolith Carbolon Carborex Exoblast Exolith Exolon Fastblast Exxon Chemical Company USA P. 0. Box 3272 Houston TX 77001 BREAXIT (All Products) CALORIA 40M COREXIT (All Products) ECA (All Products) ECO (All Products) ENJ (All Products) ESCOREZ RESINS ESCOWELD (All Products) JAYFLEX (All Products) PARABAR (All Products) PARADYNE (All Products) PARAFLOW (All Products) PARAFLOW DEWAXING AIDS PARANOX (All Products) PARAPOID (All Products) PARATAC PARATONE (All Products) TRADLON FILMS VAN CALORIA 40M VISTANEX LM VISTONE 3 EXXON Company, U.S.A. P.O. Box 2180 Houston TX 77001 ACTO Sulfonate (All Grades) ACTOL Automatic Transmission Fluid ALERT M 275 Grease ANDOK Grease (All Grades) AQUAGLIDE Marine Oil ARACAR 55 Railroad Oil ARAPEN RB 320 Grease AROX Lubricating Oil (All Grades) BAYOL Technical White Mineral Oil (All Grades) BEACON Grease (All Grades) CALORIA HT 43 Heat Transfer Fluid CAMBAR M 356 Grease CANTHUS Lubricating Oil (All Grades) CARUM 330 Grease CASTAN XXX Grease CAZAR Grease (All Grades) CORAY Lubricating- Oil (All Grades) CYLESSTIC Lubricating Oil (All Grades) DE-MAR MDX Marine Oil DIOL RDX Railroad Oil DORTAN Metalworking Product (All Grades) DRAW-EX Metalworking Product (All Grades) DRUID EP 275 Grease ENCO EXTRA Gasoline ENCO EXTRA Motor Oil ENCO Gasoline ENCO Motor Oil (All Grades) ENCO Unleaded Gasoline ENMIST Lubricating Oil (All Grades) ENNJAY Asphalt (All Grades) EPIC Grease (All Grades) ESCAID 200 Solvent ESSO EXTRA Motor Oil ESSTIC Lubricating Oil (All Grades) ESTAN Grease (All Grades) ESTOR Lubricating Oil (All Grades) EXXON Absorber Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Aromatic Solvent (All Grades) EXXON Asphalt Saturants (All Grades) EXXON Asphalt, Cement (All Grades) EXXON Asphalt, Cutback Grades EXXON Asphalt, Emulsions (All Grades) EXXON Asphalt, Flux (All Grades) EXXON Asphalt, Penetration Grades EXXON Asphalt, Quick Dry Grades EXXON Asphalt, Roofing Grades EXXON Asphalt, Softening Point Grades EXXON ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid EXXON Automatic Transmission Fluid (Num- bered Grades) EXXON Aviation Gasoline (All Grades) EXXON Aviation Oil (All Grades) EXXON Black Oil (All Grades) EXXON Bright Stock (Numbered Grades) EXXON Bunker Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Butane (All Grades) EXXON Butane-Propane Mixture (All Grades) EXXON Circulating Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Coastal Pale Oil (All Grades) EXXON Compressor Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Cutback Naphtha EXXON Cutting Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Diesel Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Diesel Lubricating Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Distillate Fuel Oil (All Grades) EXXON Drawing Compound (Numbered Grades) EXXON Electrical Insulating Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON EXTRA Gasoline EXXON EXTRA Motor Oil EXXON Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil (Num- bered Grades) EXXON FLEET HD Motor Oil (All Grades) EXXON FLEET HDX Motor Oil (All Grades) EXXON Freezer Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Fuel Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Gas Turbine Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Gasoline EXXON Gear Oil (All Grades) EXXON Grease (Numbered Grades) EXXON Grinding Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Handy Oil EXXON HDX PLUS Motor Oil (All Grades) EXXON Heating Oil (All Grades) EXXON Heavy Aromatic Naphtha EXXON Heavy Blend Stock (Numbered Grades) EXXON Heavy Fuel Oil (All Grades) EXXON Heptane Solvent EXXON Hexane Solvent EXXON Hydraulic Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Hydraulic Oil Base (Numbered Grades) EXXON Impregnating Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Industrial Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Instrument Oil (All Grades) image: ------- 203 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION EXXON Company, U.S.A. EXXON Company, K£Aócont'd EXXON Intermediate Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Jet Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Kerosene EXXON Low Odor Paraffin Solvent (LOPS) EXXON LPG (All Grades) EXXON Lube Base Stock (Numbered Grades) EXXON Lube Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Lubricating Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Marine Diesel Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Marine Diesel Lube Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Marine Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Marine Gas Oil (All Grades) EXXON Mineral Seal Oil (All Grades) EXXON Mineral Spirits (Numbered Grades) EXXON Mist Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Motor Oil (All Grades) EXXON Multi-Purpose Grease (All Grades) EXXON Naphtha (All Grades) EXXON Naphthenic Oil (All Grades) EXXON Oil (Numbered grades) EXXON Pale Paraffin Oil (All Grades) EXXON Paper Machine Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Petrolatum (Numbered Grades) EXXON Petroleum Distillate EXXON Picker Spindle Grease EXXON Plus Motor Oil (All Grades) EXXON Power Steering Fluid (Numbered Grades) EXXON Process Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Railroad Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Reaction Solvent (Numbered Grades) EXXON Refined Wax (Numbered Grades) EXXON Roll Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Rust Preventive (Numbered Grades) EXXON Scale Wax (Numbered Grades) EXXON Slack Wax (Numbered Grades) EXXON SNG Feed Stock EXXON Soluble Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Solvent (Numbered Grades) EXXON Solvent Extracted Coastal Pale Oil (All Grades) EXXON Solvent Extracted Naphthenic Oil (All Grades) EXXON Solvent Extracted Neutral Oil (All Grades) EXXON Solvent No. 5 EXXON Sulfonate (Numbered Grades) EXXON Sulfonate Base (Numbered Grades) EXXON Technical White Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Toluene Solvent EXXON Torque Fluid (Numbered Grades) EXXON Track Roller Grease (All Grades) EXXON Transformer Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Transformer Oil Base (All Grades) EXXON Transmission Fluid (Numbered Grades) EXXON Turbine Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Turbine Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Turbo Fuel (All Grades) EXXON Turbo Oil (All Grades) EXXON Two-Cycle Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON Unleaded Gasoline EXXON VM&P Naphtha EXXON Wax (Numbered Grades) EXXON White Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON X-Ray Oil (Numbered Grades) EXXON XD-3 EXTRA Motor Oil (All Grades) EXXON XD-3 Motor Oil (All Grades) EXXON Xylene Solvent FANOX N 33 Metalworking Product FAXAM Lubricating Oil (All Grades) FEBIS Lubricating Oil (All Grades) FENSO Metalworking Product (All Grades) FIBRAX Grease (All Grades) FLEXON Process Oil (All Grades) FLIT MLO Mosquito Larvicide FRACTOL Fluid (All Grades) GLIDE Automatic Transmission Fluid HAN Solvent ISOPAR Solvent (AH Grades) JAYFLEX 210 Process Oil KLIX Charcoal Lighter Fluid KUTWELL Metalworking Product (All Grades) LADEX Grease (All Grades) LAKTANE Solvent LECTOR 45 Metalworking Product LIDOK Grease (All Grades) LUSTAN 55 Glass Mold Oil MARCOL Light Mineral Oil.NF (All Grades) MARMAX Marine Oil (All Grades) MENTOR Mineral Seal Oil (All Grades) MILLCOT K 220 Lubricating Oil NATOR Engine Oil (All Grades) NEBULA Grease (All Grades) NECTON Lube Base Stock (All Grades) NORPAR Solvent NORVA Grease (All Grades) NUSO Process Oil (All Grades) NUTO Lubricating Oil (All Grades) OILEX Motor Oil 30 ORCHEX 796W Spray Oil OVALAN Scale Wax (All Grades) PARVAN Refined Wax (All Grades) PEN-0-LED Grease PENNEX Metalworking Product (All Grades) Premium Gasoline (EXXON) PRIMOL White Mineral Oil, USP (All Grades) Regular Gasoline (EXXON) ROLUBRICANT Grease (All Grades) RONEX MP Grease RUST-BAN Rust Preventive (All Grades) SEALITE Wax (All Grades) SNO-GLIDE Automotive Oil SOMENTOR Roll Oil (All Grades) SPARTAN Lubricating Oil (All Grades) SPINESSTIC Lubricating Oil (All Grades) STER-MAR 220 Marine Oil SURETT Grease (All Grease) SYNESSTIC Lubricating Oil (All Grades) TELURA Process Oil (All Grades) TERESSTIC Lubricating Oil (All Grades) THREDKOTE Lubricant (All Grades) TRO-MAR Marine Oil (All Grades) UNIFLO Motor Oil UNIREX Grease (All Grades) UNIVIS Lubricating Oil (All Grades) UNIVOLT Insulating Oil (All Grades) VAN ESTAN Grease (All Grades) VAN TALGAR Grease (All Grades) VARSOL Solvent (All Grades) ZERICE Lubricating Oil (All Grades) ZERO-MAR Marine Oil (All Grades) image: ------- F. Raniville Company 204 F. Raniville Company 241 Pearl Street, NW Grand Rapids MI 49503 Nite Dress Rainweld Cement Raniville Amber Belt Wax Raniville Blak-Baar Belt Wax Raniville Star Brand Leather Belting Cement F. W. Myers & Co. Inc. Myers Building 1 Rouses Point NY 12979 ATOMET Iron Powders ATOMET Iron Premixes Fabritec International 4900 Este Avenue Cincinnati OH 46232 Add Vantage (8777) Apparel Master (8802) Apparel Master (8803) Apparel Master (8804) Apparel Master Water Phase Detergent (8806) Aquadol (8733) Care Coat Water Repellent (Stamford) 8761 Crisp (8722) Emerbrite Additive (7500) Emerbrite Additive 7527 Emerbrite Detergent 7523-A, 7524, 7525 Emerbrite Detergent 7526 Emerbrite Detergent 7529-B, 7530 Emerbrite Fulling Agent (7519-A) Emerbrite Hand Modifier (7513) Emerbrite Hand Modifier (7514-U) Emerbrite Optical Brightener (7505) Emerbrite Sofcat (7517) Emerbrite Soft-A-Cide (7518) Emerbrite Textile Softener (7512-A) Emerbrite Water Activator (7501) Emerbrite Water Phase Detergent (7528-A) Emerbrite Water Phase Softener (7516) Emerbrite 7502-A, 7503-A, 7504-A Emerbrite 7506-U Emerbrite 7510-B Process & Fin. Aid Flik (8747) Flobrite P (8701) Flobrite S (8700) Levelol (8734) Lintrol (8799) Martin-Glo Detergent (8791) Martin-GIo Neutral Lub (8794) Martin-Glo P.O.G. (8793) Martin-Glo Prespotter (8792) Martin-Glo Protein Remover (8795) Martin-Glo Soluble Sizing (8797) Martin-Glo Tannin Stain (8796) Martin-Glo Water Repellent (8790) Odex (8770) Opalite 100 (8707) POG (8738) Pre-Touch (8737) Proteen (8736) Sanitone Custom Set (8851) Sanitone Detergent (8870) Sanitone Detergent (8877) Sanitone Detergent (8890) Sanitone Detergent (8896) Sanitone Detergent/Sizing (8805) Sanitone Industrial Detergent (8878-A) Sanitone Levelling Agent (8813) Sanitone Liquid Mothproof (8847) Sanitone Mothproofer (8845) Sanitone Neutral Lubricant (8830) Sanitone Optical Brightener (8807) Sanitone Plastic Paint Remover (8818) Sanitone PLGR (8817) Sanitone Pre-Spotter (8857-U Sanitone Prespotter (8837) Sanitone Prespotter (8838) Sanitone Prespotter (8892) Sanitone Protein Spotter (8832) Sanitone Sampler Kit (8849-U) Sanitone Smoke & Odor Remover (8835) Sanitone Smoke & Odor Remover (8840) Sanitone Soft-N-Dry Water Repl (8822) Sanitone Soft-N-Dry Water Repl (8823) Sanitone Soft-N-Dry Water Repl (8824) Sanitone Solvent Condition (8842) Sanitone Solvent Conditioner (8820) Sanitone Spray Sizing (8855) Sanitone Still Rag Deodorizer (8895) Sanitone Style Set Dry Sizing (8850) Sanitone Synergizer (8867) Sanitone Synergizer (8891) Sanitone Synfactant (8808) Sanitone Synfactant Plus (8875) Sanitone Tannin Spotter (8831) Sanitone Volatile Spotter (8815) Sanitone Water Phase Detergent (8860-A) Sanitone 8811 Ink and Lipstick Remover Sanitone 8861 Soft Suede (Stamford) (8771) SSS (8745) Stamford C-Brite (8712) Stamford C-21 Test Kit (8788) Stamford Carbon (8767) Stamford Chem. Stain Remover (8773) Stamford Chem. Stain Remover (8774) Stamford Coa Cast Spray Sizing (8721) Stamford ESP (8757) Stamford Fat Acid Test Kit (8789) Stamford Flameproof (8758) Stamford Liquid Mothproof (8763) Stamford Liquid Mothproof PET (8765) Stamford Pre-Clean Additive (8716) Supercondrol (8714) Superlite 100 (8704) Trik (8735) Uni-Brite (8706) Vivi Spray Spotter (8746) Vivi-Dry (8756) Vivibeads (8723) Vivibrite (8705) Vividol (8710) Viviguard (8760) Vivisize (8720) Vivisize C (8750) Vivitex 100 Plus (8755) Vol (8748) image: ------- 205 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Fermco Biochemics Inc Fairmount Chemical Co. Inc. ATTN: R. W. Theobald 117 Blanchard Street Newark NJ 07105 Azocel Deoxy-Sol Dispercel H-Series Fluxes Far East Mercantile Corp. 330 Madison Avenue New York NY 10017 TORAYCA Farm & Industrial Chemical Co. 134 Phelps Road S.E. Dalton Ga 30720 Mayoquest (100 thru 200) Mayosperse (All Products) Mayostrip HP Screen Kleen 50 and 52 Fermco Biochemics Inc 2638 Delta Lane Elk Grove Village IL 60007 CBB FUNGAL LIPASE 3060 SHINAD COROLASE GOC VERON DEGOMMA LIPASE 2212C VERON AC DEGOMMA HB 50 MELIOVIN VERON AV DEGOMMA PN OVAZYME VERON F EXTRACTASE ROHAMENT VERON HE FERMCOLASE ROHAMENT P VERON P FERMCOZYME ROHAPECT VERON PS FERMCOZYME BG ROHAPECT C 653 AM FERMCOZYME CBB ROHAPECT D 952 DM FERMCOZYME 1307 ROHAPECT D5L FERMVERTASE S.F.G. image: ------- Ferro Corporation 206 Ferro Corporation Ferro Chemical Division 7050 Krick Road Bedford OH 44146 CATA-CHEK Catalysts Ferro CATALOX Paint Driers Ferro Co-BOND R Adhesion Promoters Ferro DYNA-CHEK Coupling Agents Ferro Ferro Color Concentrates D - Series Ferro Ferro Compounds CN-500-A & CH-501 Ferro Ferro Compounds GB-950 thru GB-2000A Ferro Ferro Compounds HO-400 thru HO-500 Ferro Ferro Dry Colors FC-001 thru FC-16900 Ferro Ferro Forehearth Colors CP-1000 thru 1099 Ferro Ferro Forehearth Colors EM-800 thru 899 Ferro Ferro Forehearth Colors HC-300 thru 399 Ferro Ferro Forehearth Colors HR-1 thru HR-1000 Ferro Ferro Frit A-5068-B Ferro Ferro Frit B-402 Ferro Ferro Frit G-26 Ferro Ferro Frit GE-1 & GE-2 Ferro Ferro Frit GY-800 Ferro Ferro Frit XZ-5 Ferro Ferro Frit 70H Ferro Ferro Frit 208 Ferro Frit 5210 Frit 5301 Frits AL-1 thru AL-100 Frits CB-550 thur CB-699 Frits CC-250 thur CC 399 Frits CLnJOO thru CL-549 Frits CM-850 thru CM-999 Frits CS-700 thru CS-849 Frits CZ-100 thru CZ-249 Frits DM-104 thru DM-127 Frits FB-145-G thru FB-300-Z Frits PF-27 thru PF 98 Frits XC-1 thru XC-200 Frits XD-1 thru XD-100 Frits XF-1 thru XF-200 Frits XG-1 thru XG-1000 Frits XL-100 thru XL-200 Frits XM-1 thru XM-100 Frits XS-1 thru XS-100 Frits XT 1000 thru XT-1400 Frits XT-1 thru XT-200 Ferro Frits 221-206 thru 221-231 Ferro Frits 501A and 501B Ferro Frits 1000 thru 2600 Ferro Frits 3100 thru 3999 Ferro Gel Coats FC-001 thru FC-16900 Ferro Gel Coats N-001 thru N-16900 Ferro Paste Colors LC - Series Ferro PERC PC 1 thru PC-200 Ferro PERC PG-1 thru PG-200 Ferro Silk Paint Anti-silking Agent Ferro Vedoc VA-100 thru VA-999 Ferro Vedoc VE-100 thru VE-999 Ferro Vedoc VP-100 thru VP-999 PERMYL Light Stabilizer PLAS-CHEK Epoxy Plasticizers POLY-CHEK Heat Stabilizers PYRO-CHEK Flame Retardants Skinfoil KE Paint Anti-skinning Agents THERM-CHEK Heat Stabilizers UV-CHEK Light Stabilizers Viscotrol A Paint Thickening Agent Ferro Corporation Color Division 4150 E. 56 Street 4150 E. 56 Street Cleveland OH 44105 Ferro A-1332 Brown Ferro A-1474 Brown Ferro A-1526 Brown Ferro A-2107 Blue Ferro A-2515 Blue Ferro A-3274 Black Ferro A-3357 Black Ferro A-3417 Black FERRO B-0500 White FERRO B-0800 White FERRO B-1107 Brown FERRO B-1809 Brown FERRO B-1833 Brown FERRO B-1848 Brown FERRO B-1883 Brown FERRO B-2101 Blue FERRO B-2104 Blue FERRO B-2105 Blue FERRO B-2109 Blue FERRO B-2112 Blue FERRO B-2132 Blue FERRO B-2144 Blue FERRO B-2185 Blue FERRO B-2424 Blue FERRO B-2775 Blue FERRO B-2802 Blue FERRO B-2808 Blue FERRO B-2815 Blue FERRO B-2826 Blue FERRO B-2844 Blue FERRO B-2862 Blue FERRO B-2886 Blue FERRO B-2888 Blue FERRO B-2923 Blue FERRO B-2926 Blue FERRO B-3103 Black FERRO B-3804 Black FERRO B-4101 Yellow FERRO B-4104 Yellow FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO FERRO Yellow B-4358 Yellow B-4503 Yellow B-452S Yellow B^803 Yellow B-4828 Yellow B-4837 Yellow B-4851 Yellow B-6105 Green B-6108 Green B-6110 Green B-6122 Green B-6546 Green B-6551 Green B-6816 Green B-6817 Green B-6823 Green B-6827 Green B-6831 Green B-6850 Green B-6853 Green B-6863 Green B-6895 Green B-8100 Red B-8102 Red B-8103 Red B-8107 Red B-8108 Red B-8109 Red B-8110 Red B-8121 Red B-8122 Red B-8123 Red B-8142 Red B-8513 Red B-8521 Red B-8529 Red B-8555 Red B-8747 Red FERRO B-8801 Red FERRO B-8807 Red FERRO B-8813 Red FERRO B-8820 Red FERRO B-8855 Red FERRO B-8890 Red FERRO B-8897 Red FERRO B-8922 Red FERRO B-9102 Orange FERRO B-9103 Orange FERRO B-9105 Orange FERRO B-9107 Orange FERRO B-9129 Orange FERRO B-9508 Orange FERRO B-9577 Orange FERRO B-9808 Orange FERRO B-9820 Orange FERRO B-9832 Orange FERRO B-9877 Orange Ferro C 138 Brown Ferro C 160 Black Ferro C 162 Brown Ferro C 198 Light Brown Ferro C 200 Blue Ferro C 202 Blue Ferro C 251 Blue Ferro C 252 Blue Ferro C 256 Blue Ferro C 263 Blue Ferro C 264 Blue Ferro C 280 Blue Ferro C 283 Blue Ferro C 409 Tin Vanadium Yellow Ferro C 411 Yellow Ferro C 412 Yellow Ferro C 414 Yellow Ferro C 416 Yellow Ferro C 417 Yellow Ferro C 420 Yellow image: ------- 207 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Ferro Corporation Color Division Ferro Corporation Color Divisionócont'd Ferro C 438 Yellow #41 Ferro C 440 Yellow Ferro C 442 Yellow Ferro C 452 Yellow Ferro C 453 Yellow Ferro C 454 Yellow Ferro C 466 Yellow Ferro C 468 Yellow Ferro C 480 Yellow Ferro C 484 Yellow Ferro C 485 Yellow Ferro C 488 Yellow Ferro C 490 Yellow Ferro C 495 Yellow Ferro C 496 Yellow Ferro C 497 Yellow Ferro C 499 Yellow Ferro C 620 Green Ferro C 662 Green Ferro C 699 Green Ferro C 717 Gray Ferro C 721 Gray Ferro C 724 Black Ferro C 726 Gray Ferro C 730 Black Ferro C 734 Gray Ferro C 740 Black Ferro C 742 Black Ferro C 745 Gray Ferro C 750 Black Ferro C 780 Gray Ferro C 790 Gray Ferro C 800 Orange Ferro C 802 Lt. Red Ferro C 809 Light Red Ferro C 810 Medium Red Ferro C 823 Red Ferro C 830 Peach Ferro C 834 Peach Ferro C 837 Pink Ferro C 847 Red Ferro C 848 Peach Ferro C 850 Peach Ferro C 856 Chrome Tin Pink Ferro C 880 Peach Ferro C 888 Dark Red Ferro C 890 Peach Ferro C 1126 Buff Ferro C 1687 Green Ferro C 1810 Red Ferro C 1820 Red Ferro C 1840 Red Ferro C 2222 Blue Ferro C 6066 Cadmium Stabilizer FERRO C-0101 White FERRO C-0129 White FERRO C-0133 White FERRO C-0135 White FERRO C-2105 Blue FERRO C-2134 Blue FERRO C-2181 Blue FERRO C-2641 Blue FERRO C-3103 Black FERRO C-3109 Black FERRO C-4106 Yellow FERRO C-4107 Yellow FERRO C-4112 Yellow FERRO C-4113 Yellow FERRO C-4328 Yellow FERRO C-6102 Green FERRO C-6109 Green FERRO C-6260 Green FERRO C-6264 Green FERRO C-7109 Pink FERRO C-8100 Red FERRO C-8106 Red FERRO C-8107 Red FERRO C-8109 Red FERRO C-8113 Red FERRO C-8625 Red Ferro F 106 Brown Ferro F 202 Blue Ferro F 307 Black Ferro F 464 Yellow Ferro F 508 Yellow Ferro F 820 Pink Ferro F 1335 Black Ferro F 1846 Pink Ferro F 1866 Chrome Tin Pink Ferro F 1875 Pink Ferro F 1876 Yellow Ferro F 1942 Yellow Ferro F 1969 Yellow Ferro F 2184 Brown Ferro F 2302 Black Ferro F 2535 Red Ferro F 2753 Gray Ferro F 2834 Pink Ferro F 2932 Yellow Ferro F 3128 Yellow Brown Ferro F 3131 Red Brown Ferro F 3203 Blue Ferro F 3209 Blue Ferro F 3225 Blue Ferro F 3247 Blue Ferro F 3453 Yellow Ferro F 3630 Green Ferro F 3645 Green Ferro F 3683 Green Ferro F 3704 Gray Ferro F 3706 Gray Ferro F 3708 Gray Ferro F 3786 Black Ferro F 3791 Black Ferro F 3794 Black Ferro F 3832 Orchid Ferro F 4072 Pink Ferro F 4310 Brown Ferro F 5272 Blue Ferro F 5274 Blue Ferro F 5278 Blue Ferro F 5686 Turquoise Ferro F 5687 Green Ferro F 5897 Cadmium Yellow Ferro F 6066 White Cadmium Stabilizer Ferro F 6109 Brown Ferro F 6111 Medium Brown Ferro F 6112 Red Brown Ferro F 6113 Deep Red Brown Ferro F 6114 Brown Ferro F 6115 Buff Ferro F 6140 Brown Ferro F 6150 Brown Ferro F 6176 Brown Ferro F 6279 Dark Red Blue Ferro F 6300 Black Ferro F 6330 Black Ferro F 6331 Black Ferro F 6333 Black Ferro F 6340 Black Ferro F 6682 Green Ferro F 6683 Green Ferro F 6703 Black Ferro F 6710 Black Ferro F 6922 Yellow Ferro F 7195 Brown Ferro F 7646 Green Ferro F 7900 Yellow #41 Ferro F 7901 Yellow Ferro F 7902 Yellow Ferro F 7926 Yellow Ferro F 8106 Tan Ferro F 8296 Blue Ferro F 8831 Pink Ferro F 10134 Brown Ferro F 10191 Brown Ferro F 10203 Blue Ferro F 10568 Brown Ferro F 10592 Pink Ferro F 10866 Red Ferro F 11550 Pink Ferro F 11565 Gold Pink Ferro F 12111 Brown Ferro F 12560 Yellow Ferro F 12806 Dk. Red Ferro F 12808 Lt. Red Ferro F 12809 Yellow Ferro F 12860 Chrome Tin Pink Ferro F 13116 Brown Ferro F 13264 Blue Ferro F 14164 Buff Ferro F 14211 Blue Ferro F 14852 Yellow Ferro F 14853 Orange Ferro F 14854 Orange Red Ferro F 14855 Red Ferro F 14856 Red Ferro F 14857 Maroon Ferro F 15100 Medium Brown Ferro F 15126 Buff Ferro F 16132 Brown Ferro F 16200 Blue Ferro F 16202 Blue Ferro F 17126 Buff Ferro F 17127 Light Yellow Brown Ferro F 17129 Medium Brown Ferro F 17130 Red Brown Ferro F 17131 Dark Yellow Brown Ferro F 18202 Blue Ferro F 18209 Dark Blue Ferro F 18221 Blue Ferro F 18600 Turquoise Ferro F 20622 Yellow Green Ferro F 20629 Blue Green Ferro F 20630 Green Ferro F 20645 Yellow Green FERRO F^OOO White FERRO G-0070 White FERRO G-1033 Brown FERRO G-1105 Brown FERRO G-1690 Brown FERRO G-2145 Blue FERRO G-2287 Blue FERRO G-3149 Black FERRO G-4662 Yellow FERRO G-6057 Green FERRO G-6379 Green Ferro K 100 Brown Ferro K 110 Maple Ferro K 225 Blue Ferro K 230 Blue Ferro K 272 Blue Ferro K 292 Blue Ferro K 294 Blue Ferro K 311 Black Ferro K 370 Gray Ferro K 382 Black Ferro K 384 Black Ferro K 438 Yellow Ferro K 507 Yellow Ferro K 558 Sunflower Yellow image: ------- Ferro Corporation Color Division 208 Ferro Corporation Color Divisionócont'd Ferro K 560 Gold Pink Ferro K 620 Green Ferro K 630 Blue-Green Ferro K 637 Forest Green Ferro K 638 Green Ferro K 639 Leaf Green Heavy Metal Free Ferro K 640 Light Green Ferro K 641 Green Ferro K 642 Green Ferro K 647 Green Ferro K 648 Green Ferro K 649 Green Ferro K 653 Lawn Green Ferro K 803 Turquoise Ferro K 816 Pink Ferro K 821 Yellow Ferro K 822 Yellow Ferro K 825 Orange Ferro K 826 Light Red Ferro K 827 Medium Red Ferro K 830 Red Ferro K 853 Gold Pink Ferro K 861 Gold Pink Ferro K 880 Gold Pink Ferro K 882 Yellow Ferro K 883 Pink Ferro K 885 Orange Ferro K 886 Red Ferro K 887 Red Ferro K 888 Red Ferro K 890 Red Ferro K 892 Red Ferro K 894 Red Ferro K 895 Light Red Ferro K 897 Yellow Ferro K 900 Yellow Ferro K 901 Yellow Ferro K 910 Yellow Ferro K 925 Yellow Ferro K 962 Heavy Metal Free Ferro K 969 Yellow Ferro K 1106 Maple Ferro K 1152 Buff Ferro K 1172 Mexican Sand Ferro K 1174 Brown Ferro K 1180 Maple Heavy Metal Free Ferro K 1205 Tinting Blue Ferro K 1607 IR Green Ferro K 1630 Green Ferro K 1805 Pink Ferro K 1831 Gold Pink Ferro K 1832 Gold Pink Ferro K 1834 Peach FERRO K-9 White FERRO K-22 White FERRO K-33 White FERRO K-46 White FERRO K-63 White FERRO K-279 Blue FERRO K-351 Black FERRO K-352 Black FERRO K-365 Black FERRO K-366 Black FERRO K-367 Black FERRO K-371 Black FERRO K-372 Black FERRO K-373 Black FERRO K-376 Black FERRO K-378 Black FERRO K-379 Black FERRO K-692 Green FERRO K-746 Gray FERRO K-917 Yellow FERRO K-918 Yellow FERRO K-945 Yellow FERRO K-949 Yellow FERRO K-951 Yellow FERRO K-953 Yellow FERRO K-956 Yellow FERRO K-971 Yellow FERRO K-972 Yellow FERRO K-973 Yellow FERRO K-1102 Brown FERRO K-1119 Brown FERRO K-1148 Brown FERRO K-1155 Brown FERRO K-1156 Brown FERRO K-1171 Brown FERRO K-1173 Brown FERRO K-1176 Brown FERRO K-1178 Brown FERRO K-1184 Brown FERRO K-1185 Brown FERRO K-1186 Brown FERRO K-1187 Brown FERRO K-1188 Brown FERRO K-1189 Brown FERRO K-1191 Brown FERRO K-1192 Brown FERRO K-1193 Brown FERRO K-1208 Blue FERRO K-1600 Green FERRO K-1625 Green FERRO K-1628 Green FERRO K-1813 Red FERRO K-1815 Orange FERRO K-1820 Red FERRO K-1840 Red FERRO K-1841 Red FERRO K-1844 Red FERRO K-1845 Red FERRO K-1846 Red FERRO K-1847 Red Ferro L-0105 White Ferro L-0106 White Ferro L-0107 White Ferro L-0111 White Ferro L-0113 White Ferro L-0114 White Ferro L-0116 White Ferro L-0121 White Ferro L-0122 White Ferro L-0125 White Ferro L-0129 White Ferro L-0147 White Ferro L-0210 White Ferro L-0222 White Ferro L-0234 White Ferro L-0249 White Ferro L-0281 White Ferro L-0513 White Ferro L-0523 White Ferro L-1100 Brown Ferro L-1101 Brown Ferro L-1105 Brown Ferro L-1112 Brown Ferro L-1114 Brown Ferro L-1116 Brown Ferro L-1119 Brown Ferro L-1121 Brown Ferro L-1122 Brown Ferro L-1198 Brown Ferro L-1201 Brown Ferro L-1204 Brown Ferro L-1206 Brown Ferro L-1209 Brown Ferro L-1211 Brown Ferro L-1502 Brown Ferro L-1513 Brown Ferro L-1518 Brown Ferro L-1522 Brown Ferro L-1625 Brown Ferro L-1630 Brown Ferro L-1632 Brown Ferro L-1635 Brown Ferro L-1644 Brown Ferro L-1645 Brown Ferro L-1650 Brown Ferro L-2104 Blue Ferro L-2106 Blue Ferro L-2109 Blue Ferro L-2116 Blue Ferro L-2122 Blue Ferro L-2199 Blue Ferro L-2201 Blue Ferro L-2206 Blue Ferro L-2210 Blue Ferro L-2212 Blue Ferro L-2214 Blue Ferro L-2216 Blue Ferro L-2219 Blue Ferro L-2512 Blue Ferro L-2516 Blue Ferro L-3104 Black Ferro L-3107 Black Ferro L-3118 Black Ferro L-4104 Yellow Ferro L-4109 Yellow Ferro L-4111 Yellow Ferro L-4112 Yellow Ferro L4123 Yellow Ferro L-4196 Yellow Ferro L4200 Yellow Ferro L-4216 Yellow Ferro L4230 Yellow Ferro Lr4650 Yellow Ferro L-6104 Green Ferro L-6107 Green Ferro L-6112 Green Ferro L-6117 Green Ferro L-6118 Green Ferro L-6123 Green Ferro L-6204 Green Ferro L-6214 Green Ferro L-6215 Green Ferro L-6217 Green Ferro L-6333 Green Ferro L-6335 Green Ferro L-6457 Green Ferro L-6466 Green Ferro L-6473 Green Ferro L-6502 Green Ferro L-7103 Pink Ferro L-7110 Pink Ferro L-7117 Pink Ferro L-7120 Pink Ferro L-7122 Pink Ferro L-7636 Pink Ferro L-7638 Pink Ferro L-7639 Pink Ferro L-7645 Pink Ferro L-8108 Red Ferro L-8109 Red Ferro L-8112 Red Ferro L-8115 Red Ferro L-8216 Red Ferro L-8624 Red Ferro L-8640 Red Ferro L-9101 Orange Ferro L-9119 Orange Ferro M 791 Black Gray image: ------- 209 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Ferro Corporation Color Division Ferro Corporation Color Divisionócont'd Ferro M 1000 White Ferro M 1001 Brown Ferro M 1002 Deep Tan Ferro M 1003 White Ferro M-0103 White Ferro M-0106 White Ferro M-0108 White Ferro M-0132 White Ferro M-0137 White Ferro M-0141 White Ferro M-0152 White Ferro M-0157 White Ferro M-0158 White Ferro M-0160 White Ferro M-0162 White Ferro M-0163 White Ferro M-0164 White Ferro M-0165 White Ferro M-0177 White Ferro M-0178 White Ferro M-0182 White Ferro M-0541 White Ferro M-0981 White Ferro M-1105 Brown Ferro M-llll Brown Ferro M-1113 Brown Ferro M-1148 Brown Ferro M-1171 Brown Ferro M-1174 Brown Ferro M-1179 Brown Ferro M-1195 Brown Ferro M-1316 Brown Ferro M-1330 Brown Ferro M-1337 Brown Ferro M-1446 Brown Ferro M-1447 Brown Ferro M-1448 Brown Ferro M-1451 Brown Ferro M-1452 Brown Ferro M-1453 Brown Ferro M-1457 Brown Ferro M-1542 Brown Ferro M-1543 Brown Ferro M-1998 Brown Ferro M-2105 Blue Ferro M-2106 Blue Ferro M-2110 Blue Ferro M-2114 Blue Ferro M-2123 Blue Ferro M-2124 Blue Ferro M-2155 Blue Ferro M-2205 Blue Ferro M-2275 Blue Ferro M-2276 Blue Ferro M-2277 Blue Ferro M-2279 Blue Ferro M-2280 Blue Ferro M-2281 Blue Ferro M-2285 Blue Ferro M-2288 Blue Ferro M-2290 Blue Ferro M-2292 Blue Ferro M-2418 Blue Ferro M-2565 Blue Ferro M-3100 Black Ferro M-3108 Black Ferro M-3115 Black Ferro M-3127 Black Ferro M-3146 Black Ferro M-3162 Black Ferro M-3172 Black Ferro M-3176 Black Ferro M-3178 Black Ferro M-3182 Black Ferro M-3184 Black Ferro M-3189 Black Ferro M-3194 Black Ferro M-3201 Black Ferro M-3228 Black Ferro M-3234 Black Ferro M-3237 Black Ferro M-3524 Black Ferro M-3529 Black Ferro M-3535 Black Ferro M-3620 Black Ferro M-3984 Black Ferro M-3997 Black Ferro M-4106 Yellow Ferro M-4108 Yellow Ferro M-4110 Yellow Ferro M-4116 Yellow Ferro M-4125 Yellow Ferro M4141 Yellow Ferro M-4146 Yellow Ferro M-4153 Yellow Ferro M-4158 Yellow Ferro M-4160 Yellow Ferro M-4204 Yellow Ferro M-4217 Yellow Ferro M-4243 Yellow Ferro M-4295 Yellow Ferro M-4296 Yellow Ferro M4310 Yellow Ferro M-4530 Yellow Ferro M-4535 Yellow Ferro M-4820 Yellow Ferro M-4862 Yellow Ferro M4999 Yellow Ferro M-6105 Green Ferro M-6118 Green Ferro M-6136 Green Ferro M-6225 Green Ferro M-6227 Green Ferro M-6231 Green Ferro M-6235 Green Ferro M-6338 Green Ferro M-6339 Green Ferro M-6340 Green Ferro M-6346 Green Ferro M-6349 Green Ferro M-6350 Green Ferro M-6351 Green Ferro M-6551 Green Ferro M-6556 Green Ferro M-6560 Green Ferro M-6986 Green Ferro M-6988 Green Ferro M-7100 Pink Ferro M-7101 Pink Ferro M-7118 Pink Ferro M-7529 Pink Ferro M-8101 Red Ferro M-8105 Red Ferro M-8106 Red Ferro M-8121 Red Ferro M-8127 Red Ferro M-8129 Red Ferro M-8142 Red Ferro M-8154 Red Ferro M-8181 Red Ferro M-8182 Red Ferro M-8183 Red Ferro M-8188 Red Ferro M-8193 Red Ferro M-8194 Red Ferro M-8206 Red Ferro M-8215 Red Ferro M-8529 Red Ferro M-8534 Red Ferro M-9108 Orange Ferro M-9111 Orange Ferro M-9129 Orange Ferro M-9131 Orange Ferro M-9134 Orange Ferro M-9136 Orange Ferro M-9141 Orange Ferro M-9999 Orange FERRO SP-4501 FERRO SP-4506 FERRO SP4508 FERRO SP-5001 FERRO SP-5003 FERRO SP-5005 FERRO SP-5009 FERRO SP-5012 FERRO SP-5016 FERRO SP-5117 FERRO SP-5118 FERRO SP-5119 FERRO SP-5175 FERRO SP-5367 FERRO ST-0100 White FERRO ST-2500 Blue FERRO ST-3100 Black FERRO ST-4600 Yellow FERRO ST-4612 Yellow FERRO ST-6100 Green FERRO ST-6300 Green FERRO ST-6310 Green FERRO ST-6318 Green FERRO ST-8100 Red FERRO ST-8101 Red FERRO ST-8200 Red FERRO ST-8300 Red FERRO ST-8403 Red FERRO ST-9100 Orange FERRO T-0101 White FERRO T-0102 White FERRO T-0109 White FERRO T-0111 White FERRO T-0112 White FERRO T-0262 White FERRO T-0351 White FERRO T-0410 White FERRO T-0413 White FERRO T-0600 White FERRO T-0663 White FERRO T-1102 Brown FERRO T-1112 Brown FERRO T-1118 Brown FERRO T-1222 Brown FERRO T-1239 Brown FERRO T-1316 Brown FERRO T-1323 Brown FERRO T-1331 Brown FERRO T-2111 Blue FERRO T-2118 Blue FERRO T-2120 Blue FERRO T-2129 Blue FERRO T-2141 Blue FERRO T-2152 Blue FERRO T-2156 Blue FERRO T-2233 Blue FERRO T-2330 Blue FERRO T-2379 Blue FERRO T-2651 Blue FERRO T-2652 Blue FERRO T-2657 Blue FERRO T-3100 Black FERRO T-3104 Black FERRO T-3108 Black image: ------- Ferro Corporation Color Division 210 Ferro Corporation Color Divisionócont'd FERRO T-3200 Black FERRO T-3203 Black FERRO T-4102 Yellow FERRO T-4129 Yellow FERRO T4131 Yellow FERRO T-4142 Yellow FERRO T-4211 Yellow FERRO T-4316 Yellow FERRO T-4418 Yellow FERRO T-6101 Green FERRO T-6115 Green FERRO T-6122 Green FERRO T-6130 Green FERRO T-6131 Green FERRO T-6148 Green FERRO T-6152 Green FERRO T-6263 Green FERRO T-6264 Green FERRO T-6305 Green FERRO T-6322 Green FERRO T-6444 Green FERRO T-6472 Green FERRO T-6627 Green FERRO T-6635 Green FERRO T-6753 Green FERRO T-7109 Pink FERRO T-7212 Pink FERRO T-8100 Red FERRO T-8101 Red FERRO T-8104 Red FERRO T-8107 Red FERRO T-8117 Red FERRO T-8229 Red FERRO T-8233 Red FERRO T-8236 Red FERRO T-8365 Red FERRO T-8372 Red FERRO T-8377 Red FERRO T-8404 Red FERRO T-8410 Red FERRO T-8418 Red FERRO T-8421 Red FERRO T-9100 Orange FERRO T-9102 Orange FERRO T-9110 Orange FERRO T-9118 Orange FERRO T-9119 Orange FERRO T-9121 Orange FERRO T-9123 Orange FERRO TCR-1020 FERRO TCR-1025 FERRO TCR-1125 FERRO TCR-4170 FERRO TCR-5015 FERRO TCR-5110 FERRO TCR-8004 Ferro V 302 Black Ferro V 717 Black Ferro V 3285 Blue Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 5100 Brown Ferro V 5101 Light Brown Ferro V 5102 Medium Brown Ferro V 5183 Brown Ferro V 5200 Blue Ferro V 5201 Dark Blue Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 6250 Violet Ferro V 6260 Strawberry Ferro V 6270 Blue Ferro V 6730 Black Ferro V 6746 Gray Ferro V 6781 Black Ferro V 6783 Black Ferro V 6785 Gray Ferro V 6954 Yellow Ferro V 6956 Yellow Ferro V 6958 Yellow Ferro V 6963 Bronze Ferro V 7150 Buff Ferro V 7292 Blue Ferro V 7610 Green Ferro V 7687 Green Ferro V 8287 Blue Ferro V 8290 Raspberry Ferro V 8291 Purple Ferro V 8294 Blue Ferro V 8295 Raspberry Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 8520 Light Red Ferro V 8530 Medium Red Ferro V 8540 Dark Red Ferro V 8560 Maroon Ferro V 8561 Maroon Ferro V 8590 Red Ferro V 8810 Orange Ferro V 8815 Orange Ferro V 8820 Light Red Ferro V 8825 Light Red Ferro V 8830 Medium Red Ferro V 8832 Medium Red Ferro V 8835 Medium Red Ferro V 8838 Red Ferro V 8840 Dark Red Ferro V 8845 Dark Red Ferro V 8850 Red Ferro V 8860 Maroon Ferro V 8865 Maroon Ferro V 9106 Brown Ferro V 9112 Golden Yellow Ferro V 9113 Sun Yellow Ferro V 9114 Brown Ferro V 9115 Buff Ferro V 9116 Brown Ferro V 9117 Deep Tan Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 9118 Bright Golden Yellow Ferro V 9119 Tan Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 9120 Buff Ferro V 9121 Deep Tan Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 9123 Beige Ferro V 9125 Brown Ferro V 9126 Buff Ferro V 9127 Brown Ferro V 9128 Brown Ferro V 9130 Sand Yellow Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 9131 Brown Ferro V 9134 Brown Ferro V 9135 Brown Ferro V 9140 Bright Golden Yellow Ferro V 9223 Blue Ferro V 9225 Blue Ferro V 9227 Blue Ferro V 9229 Blue Ferro V 9230 Blue Ferro V 9400 Nickel Titanate Yellow Ferro V 9401 Yellow Ferro V 9405 Yellow Ferro V 9420 Yellow Ferro V 9440 Yellow Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 9450 Yellow Ferro V 9460 Buff Ferro V 9510 Primrose Yellow Ferro V 9520 Lemon Yellow Ferro V 9530 Golden Yellow Ferro V 9540 Orange Yellow Ferro V 9810 Cadmium Yellow Ferro V 9812 Yellow Ferro V 9820 Lemon Yellow Ferro V 9830 Golden Yellow Ferro V 9840 Deep Yellow Ferro V 10814 Red 45 Ferro V 11633 Kelly Green Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 11635 Green Ferro V 11637 Green Ferro V 11641 Infrared Green Ferro V 11645 Green Camouflage Ferro V 11649 Green Heavy Metal Free Ferro V 11651 Infrared Reflecting Green Ferro V 11654 Green Ferro V 11655 Infrared Reflecting Green Ferro V 11656 Infrared Reflecting Green Ferro V 11657 Green Ferro V 11663 Camouflage Green Ferro V 12840 Red Ferro V 12851 Yellow Ferro V 12856 Red Ferro V 12857 Pink FERRO VEHICLE C-2 FERRO VEHICLE C-4 FERRO VEHICLE C-5 FERRO VEHICLE C-6 FERRO VEHICLE C-7 FERRO VEHICLE C-8 FERRO VEHICLE C-9 FERRO VEHICLE C-14 FERRO VEHICLE C-15 FERRO VEHICLE C-16 FERRO VEHICLE C-17 FERRO VEHICLE C-18 FERRO VEHICLE C-22 FERRO VEHICLE C-23 FERRO VEHICLE C-30 FERRO VEHICLE C-35 FERRO VEHICLE C-38 FERRO VEHICLE C-52 FERRO VEHICLE C-56 FERRO VEHICLE C-61 FERRO VEHICLE C-80 FERRO VEHICLE C-87 FERRO VEHICLE C-117 FERRO VEHICLE C-118 FERRO VEHICLE C-120 FERRO VEHICLE C-218 FERRO VEHICLE C-646 FERRO VEHICLE H-2 FERRO VEHICLE H-3 FERRO VEHICLE H-4 FERRO VEHICLE H-5 FERRO VEHICLE H-6 FERRO VEHICLE H-7 FERRO VEHICLE H-8 FERRO VEHICLE H-9 FERRO VEHICLE H-016 FERRO VEHICLE H-25 FERRO VEHICLE H-38 FERRO VEHICLE H-40 FERRO VEHICLE H-44 FERRO VEHICLE H-046 FERRO VEHICLE H-50 FERRO VEHICLE H-072 FERRO VEHICLE H-081 FERRO VEHICLE H-82 FERRO VEHICLE H-083 FERRO VEHICLE H-093 FERRO VEHICLE H-094 FERRO VEHICLE H-96 FERRO VEHICLE H-100 FERRO VEHICLE H-251 FERRO VEHICLE H-252 FERRO VEHICLE S-20 FERRO VEHICLE S-21 FERRO VEHICLE S-22 FERRO VEHICLE S-23 FERRO VEHICLE S-24 image: ------- 211 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Fiberite Corporation Ferro Corporation Color Divisionócont'd FERRO VEHICLE S-25 FERRO VEHICLE S-26 FERRO VEHICLE S-29 FERRO VEHICLE S-48 FERRO VEHICLE S-49 FERRO VEHICLE S-51 FERRO VEHICLE S-52 FERRO VEHICLE S-59 FERRO VEHICLE S-62 FERRO VEHICLE S-63 FERRO VEHICLE S-81 FERRO VEHICLE S-97 FERRO VEHICLE S-426 FERRO VEHICLE S-523 FERRO VEHICLE S-747 FERRO VEHICLE S-777 FERRO VEHICLE V-22 FERRO VEHICLE V-35 FERRO VEHICLE V-38 FERRO VEHICLE V-70 FERRO VEHICLE V-74 FERRO 11019 White FERRO 11026 White FERRO 13011 Blue FERRO 13012 Blue FERRO 13024-W Blue FERRO 13119-S Blue FERRO 15013 Black FERRO 15058 Black FERRO 15059 Black FERRO 15081 Black FERRO 17027 Pink FERRO 17070-A Pink FERRO 18036-L Pink FERRO 18040-E Pink FERRO 21006-C Brown FERRO 22002 Brown FERRO 22004 Brown FERRO 22005 Brown FERRO 22007 Brown FERRO 22012 Brown FERRO 31023 Yellow FERRO 31024 Yellow FERRO 31025 Yellow FERRO 31026-D Yellow FERRO 31111 Yellow FERRO 50112-M Yellow FERRO 51113 Yellow FERRO 51114 Orange FERRO 51115 Red FERRO 51117 Red FERRO 51121 Red FERRO 51129 Red FERRO 51144 Red FERRO 51145-S Red FERRO 51149 Red FERRO 76013-B Green FERRO 76067 Green FERRO 76068 Green FERRO 76072 Green FERRO 76073 Green FERRO 76114 Green FERRO 76161 Green FERRO 76165-B Green FERRO 91041 White FERRO 91043 White FERRO 91130-S White GV 30166 Brown Polyester Gel Coat GV 30253 Blue Polyester Gel Coat GV 30759 Grey Polyester Gel Coat GV 30849 Mahogany Polyester Gel Coat GV 40273 Blue Polyester Gel Coat GV 40788 Grey Polyester Gel Coat GV 40903 Gold Polyester Gel Coat GV 41069 White Polyester Gel Coat GV 41834 Red Polyester Gel Coat V-52 White Silicone Paste V-1232 Blue Silicone Paste V-1936 Yellow Silicone Paste V-2014 White Polyester Gel Coat V-2608 Green Silicone Paste V-2876 Red Silicone Paste V-3016 White Polyester Gel Coat V-3036 White Polyester Gel Coat V-30011 White Polyester Gel Coat V-31160 Buff Polyester Paste V-31770 Black Polyester Paste V-31835 Red Polyester Paste V-31840 Red Polyester Paste V-31841 Red Polyester Paste V-31910 Yellow Polyester Paste V-31930 Gold Polyester Paste V-32200 Blue Polyester Paste V-32288 Blue Polyester Gel Coat V-32640 Green Polyester Paste V-32650 Green Polyester Paste V-32753 Black Polyester Gel Coat V-33020 White Polyester Gel Coat V-33149 Sand Polyester Gel Coat V-33808 Tangerine Polyester Gel Coat V-33855 Red Epoxy Paste V-33860 Orange Epoxy Paste V-33910 Gold Polyester Gel Coat V-33946 Yellow Polyester Paste V-33950 Yellow Epoxy Paste V-34025 Clear Polyester Gel Coat V-34030 White Polyester Paste V-34050 White Polyester Gel Coat V-34060 Parchment Polyester Gel Coat V-34111 Expresso Polyester Gel Coat V-34200 Blue Polyester Gel Coat V-34245 Blue Epoxy Paste V-34670 Avocado Polyester Gel Coat V-35000 White Epoxy Paste V-36600 Green Epoxy Paste V-36612 Green Polyester Gel Coat VF 997 Yellow Polyester Gel Coat VF 1817 Tangerine Polyester Gel Coat VF 2689 Green Polyester Gel Coat VF 4138 Brown Polyester Gel Coat VF 4823 Red Polyester Gel Coat VF 5048 White Polyester Gel Coat VF 6287 Blue Polyester Gel Coat Fiberite Corporation 501 West Third Street Winona MN 55987 Fiberite E-100 through E-30,000 Fiberite Flexwrap 1000-6000 Fiberite FM-100 through FM-30,000 Fiberite Gripite 1000-2000 Fiberite hm-F (all products) Fiberite hy-E (all products) Fiberite hy-MAT (all products) Fiberite KARBON 300-999 Fiberite M-100 through M-30,000 Fiberite MX 1000-3000 Fiberite MXA through MXZ 5000-9999 Fiberite MXA 10-600 Fiberite MXB 10-600 Fiberite MXBE 10-600 Fiberite MXC 10-600 Fiberite MXCE 10-600 Fiberite MXG 10-600 Fiberite MXGE 10-600 Fiberite MXK 10-600 Fiberite MXQ 10-600 Fiberite MXR 10-600 Fiberite MXS 10-600 Fiberite MXSE 10-600 Fiberite PI-100 through PI-30,000 Fiberite RAP-1001 Fiberite RTP-100 through RTP-30,000 Fiberite S-100 through S-30,000 Fiberite SI-100 through SI-30,000 image: ------- Fidelity Chemical Products Corp. 212 Fidelity Chemical Products Corp. Subsidiary of Auric Corp. 470 Frelinghuysen Ave. Newark NJ 07114 Fidelity #1 through 999 Fidelity #1000 through 1999 Fidelity #2000 through 2999 Fidelity #3000 through 3999 Fidelity #4000 through 4999 Filon/Silmar Division Vistron Corporation Midland Building Cleveland OH 44115 FILON Fiberglass Panel Accessories FILON Fiberglass Panels SILMAR Polyester Resins SILMAR Resin Additives SILMAR Resins all grades Filter Materials, Inc. P.O. Box 329 1401 Ware St. Waupaca WI 54981 BLITZ BLANK (All grades) FILMAT (All grades) NESTLETS SHRED-A-BED WHITE STAR Filter-Media Inc. 1616 West Loop S. #103 Houston TX 77027 FEMCO H-R Filter Aid FEMCO H-X Filter Acid FEMCO H-X Filter Aid FEMCO H-l Filter Aid FEMCO H-2 Filter Aid FEMCO H-4 Filter Aid FEMCO H-5 Filter Aid FEMCO H-5S Filter Aid FEMCO H-9 Filter Aid FEMCO V-30R Filter Aid FEMCO V^04 Filter Aid FEMCO V-409 Filter Aid FEMCO V-501 Filter Aid FEMCO V-502 Filter Aid FEMCO V-505 Filter Aid FEMCO V-505S Filter Aid FEMCO V3X-1 Filter Aid MICAFIL I Vermiculite MICAFIL II Vermiculite MICAFIL III Vermiculite MICAFIL IV Vermiculite MICAFIL VI Vermiculite PERLITE KING +12 PERLITE KING IN 2300 PERLITE KING IN-8 PERLITE KING IN-72 PERLITE KING IN-91 PERLITE KING RD-32 PERLITE KING SRD-32 PRAESTOL A751 Flocculant PRAESTOL 411K Flocculant PRAESTOL 423K Flocculant PRAESTOL 433K Flocculant PRAESTOL 434K Flocculant PRAESTOL 444K Flocculant PRAESTOL 2810/73 PRAESTOL 2830/73 PRAESTOL 2900/73 PRAESTOL 2935/73 PRAESTOL 3000/73 PRODUKT C3812 STOKOPOL C3744 Polyelectrolyte STOKOPOL C3777 Polyelectrolyte STOKOPOL C3837 Polyelectrolyte STOKOPOL D2068 Polyelectrolyte STOKOPOL D2624 Polyelectrolyte STOKOPOL D2640 Polyelectrolyte image: ------- 213 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Firestone Foam Products Co. Filtrol Corporation 5959 W Century Blvd Los Angeles CA 90045 Desiccite 25 Piltrol Filtrol Adsorbents Piltrol FCC Catalysts Filtrol HDS Catalysts Neutrol Retrol Findley Adhesives, Inc. 3033 W. Pemberton Ave. Milwaukee WI 53210 Pindley Stack-Tite Adhesives Nip-Weld Adhesives Finetex Inc. P.O. Box 216 418 Falmouth Avenue Elmwood Park NJ ACCELERIT (all products) ACRILEV (all products) ALBON (all products) AMINOL (all products) AMPHINE (all products) ANTIFUME (all products) BIND AL (all products) BONDEX (all products) CLARAMINE (all products) CLAROGENT (all products) CORDEX (all products) CORDON (all products) CREAMTEX (all products) DETERSOL (all products) DURACET (all products) DY FAS (all products) EMOLEX (all products) 07407 FINAGAL (all products) FINAMINES (all products) FINAPALS (all products) PINAPON (all products) FINAZOLINES (all products) FINDETS (all products) FINEGUM (all products) PINELUBE (all products) PINETERG (all products) FINEZYME (all products) PINSCROOP (all products) FINSIST (all products) FINSOFT (all products) PIZUL (all products) GEMTEX (all products) KAMAR (all products) LUSTERLAC (all products) NO FORM (all products) PARANOL (all products) PROTEX (all products) RESIBOND (all products) RESIN (all products) RUETERG (all products) SCOUR (all products) SPRAYSET (all products) SPRAYWAX (all products) SPRAYZENE (all products) SURFINE (all products) TAMAR (all products) TAURANOL (all products) Firestone Foam Products Co. 823 Waterman Avenue East Providence RI 02914 CARPET MATE FOAMETTES FOAMEX image: ------- Firestone Plastics Company 214 Firestone Plastics Company P. 0. Box 699 Pottstown PA 19464 BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE BUTAPRENE FPC A20B FPC XR-128 FPC XR-4419 FPC XR-4423 FPC XR-4428 FPC XR-4438 FPC XR-6379 FPC XR-6422 FL-3142 PL-14 PL-% PL-96PP PL-3131 PL-3132 PL-3133 PL-3141 PL-3147 SL-900 SL-983 SL-983A SL-987 SL-988 SL-990 SL-993 XR-3116 FPC XR-6433 FPC XR-6436 FPC XR-6805 FPC XR-6854 FPC XR-6866 FPC 419A FPC 450 FPC 454 FPC 461 FPC 470 FPC 471 FPC 481 FPC 497 FPC 605 FPC 654 FPC 654H FPC 965 FPC 4296 FPC 4301 FPC 4301R FPC 4311 FPC 4311A FPC 4311B FPC 4311C FPC 4311D FPC 4311E FPC 4414 FPC 4435 FPC 6337 FPC 6338 FPC 6366 FPC 6410 FPC 6411 FPC 6411 NF FPC 6420 FPC 6420S FPC 6427 FPC 6430 FPC 9269A FPC 9275 FPC 9282 FPC 9290 FPC 9300 FPC 9326 FPC 9339 FPC 9386 FPC 9418 FPC 9437 Firestone Syn Fibers Co P. 0. Box 450 Hopewell VA 23860 NYLOFT NYTELLE SPANDELLE Firestone Syn Rubber & Latex Co. 381 West Wilbeth Road Akron OH 44301 DIENE (ALL TYPES) DURADENE (ALL TYPES) FR-N (ALL TYPES) FR-S (ALL TYPES) HARTEX (ALL TYPES) MASTER MIX (ALL TYPES) STEREON (ALL TYPES) image: ------- 215 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Fiske Brothers Refining Co. Firestone Tire & Rubber Co 1200 Firestone Parkway Akron OH 44317 APN PNF Fisher Scientific Company P.O. Box 375 One Reagent Lane Fair Lawn NJ 07410 Alumina, Polishing, Gamal (Gamal Polishing Alumina) Cello Grease Cello Seal Cement Pyseal (Pyseal) Cement Stick Detergent FL-70 Flaminox Metab Rexyn 1-300 (H-OH), beads Rexyn 101 (H), Beads Rexyn 101 (Na), Beads Rexyn 102 (H), Beads Rexyn 201 (Cl), Beads Rexyn 201 (Cl-SO) (4), Beads Rexyn 201 (OH), Beads Rexyn 202 (Cl-SO) (4), Beads Rexyn 203 (OH), Beads Rexyn 206 (OH), Beads Rexyn 300 (H-OH), Beads ScintiDiox Scintigest Scintilene Scintimix, 1-4 Scintiprep 1 Scintiprep 2 Scintiprep 3 Scintiprep 4 Scintiverse Sparkleen Stopcock Grease, Nonaq THAM Fiske Brothers Refining Co. 129 Lockwood Street Newark NJ 07105 FISKE "Q" Oil No. 4 FISKE FISKE A.M. Pressure Lubricant FISKE FISKE A-150 Trans. Oil GM4591-M FISKE FISKE A-415 Hot Die Lubricant FISKE FISKE ACB-5A FISKE FISKE ACB-5A-V FISKE FISKE Air Compressor Oil FISKE FISKE Al-Temp No. 1 FISKE FISKE All Purpose Oil No. 150 FISKE FISKE All Purpose Oil No. 200 FISKE FISKE All Purpose Oil No. 300 FISKE FISKE All Purpose Oil No. 500 FISKE FISKE All Purpose Oil No. 800 FISKE FISKE All Purpose Oil No. 1100 FISKE FISKE Alphe-1 FISKE FISKE ALS Soluble Oil FISKE FISKE Art & MIL Grease FISKE FISKE Auto Trans. Fluid Type A FISKE FISKE Auto Trans. Fluid Type C-2 FISKE FISKE Auto. Trans. Fluid Ford FISKE FISKE B Cylinder Oil FISKE FISKE B Water Pump Lubricant FISKE FISKE B. D. Graphite Grease FISKE FISKE B.M.I. Hot Die Lubricant No. 4 FISKE FISKE Blue Wire Rope Lubt. FISKE FISKE BP All Purpose Gear SAE 90 FISKE FISKE BP All Purpose Gear SAE 140 FISKE FISKE BR Bearing Oil FISKE FISKE Bri Altemp Lubt. No. 1 FISKE FISKE Bri Altemp Lubt. No. 2 FISKE FISKE Bri-Altemp Heavy FISKE FISKE Bright Stock FISKE FISKE C Trans Gear Lubt. SAE 90 FISKE FISKE C. S. Roll Oil FISKE FISKE C-2767 FISKE FISKE Clor-N-Cool FISKE FISKE Cloroil Concentrate FISKE FISKE Cloroil 5 FISKE FISKE Cloroil 6 FISKE FISKE Cloroil 8 FISKE Clorsul Cutting Oil No. 2 FISKE CNEP-00 (Special) FISKE Compressor Oil AO-0 FISKE Compressor Oil AO-1 FISKE Compressor Oil AO-2 FISKE Compressor Oil AO-2A FISKE Compressor Oil AO-3 FISKE Compressor Oil AO-4 FISKE Crystal TR Lubricant No. 2 FISKE CSA No. 2 Cutting Oil FISKE Cut-N-Cool FISKE Cutting Compound FISKE Cutting Fluid Type II Grade D FISKE Dark Green Petrolatum FISKE Darl Concentrate FISKE Darl Cutting Oil No. 2 FISKE Dexron Auto Trans. Fluid FISKE Dexron II Auto. Trans. Fluid FISKE E.W.R. No. 1 FISKE Empire Oil No. 20 FISKE Empire Oil No. 30 FISKE ESB M-1C-163A FISKE Evap Oil FISKE F-658 Mist Oil FISKE Ferrol Economizer A FISKE Ferrol Economizer B FISKE Ferry Slip Grease FISKE Flokool Cutting Oil FISKE Flokool XX Cutting Oil FISKE G.P. Oil SAE 30 FISKE Gear and Pinion Light FISKE Gear Shield No. 1 FISKE Gear Shield No. 4 FISKE Glass Machine Oil 051 FISKE Glass Machine Oil 053 FISKE Gradix No. 430 Grease FISKE Grease Automotive Chassis FISKE Grease No. 744 FISKE H.D. Motor Oil SAE 10 FISKE H.D. Motor Oil SAE 20 FISKE H.D. Motor Oil SAE 30 H.D. Motor Oil SAE 40 H.D. Motor Oil SAE 50 Hair Car Lubricant Hand Brake Cable Lubricant HD Cutting Oil HD Cutting Oil No. 2 HD Motor Oil S-l SAE 30 HD Motor Oil S-3 SAE 30 Heat Barrier High EP Lubricant No. 1 High EP Lubricant No. 2 High EP Lubt. No. 00 Honing Oil HP-76 HTW Gear Lubt. Hydraulic Oil AO-0 Hydraulic Oil AO-1 Hydraulic Oil AO-2 Hydraulic Oil AO-2A Hydraulic Oil AO-3 Hydraulic Oil AO-4 Hydraulic Oil AO-5 Hydraulic Oil No. 15 K.A. Soluble Oil K.A. Soluble Oil No. 1 L.S. Drawing Compound L.S. Header Oil Lapping Oil Lard Oil under 2% Launching Grease Slip Coat LB 5433 Lubricant Grade 0 LC Wheel Bearing Lubricant Litho Base No. 0 Litho Base No. 1 Litho Base No. 2 Long Life 10W-40 LonT Life 20-20W Low Med T Lt. Graphite Cable Grease image: ------- Fiske Brothers Refining Co. 216 Fiske Brothers Refining Co.ócont'd FISKE Lubricant M4 FISKE Lubricant No. 25 FISKE Lubricant 501 FISKE Lubricant 502 FISKE Lubricant 503 FISKE Lubricant 504 FISKE Lubricant 505 FISKE Lubricant 506 FISKE Lubroleine White Oil FISKE Lubroleine White Oil Heavy FISKE M.A.C. Soluble Oil FISKE M.C.S. Drawing Oil FISKE Machine Oil FISKE Magic BB Lubricant No. 2 FISKE Magic Compound Fi3KE Magic Paste Compound FISKE Magic Soluble Oil Special FISKE Main Bearing Sealer FISKE Majestic Soluble Oil No. 101 FISKE Metsol FISKE Millube 10924-A FISKE Minlar No. 1 FISKE Minlar No. 2 FISKE Minlar No. 4 FISKE Mod. API Hi Press Thread Comp FISKE Moly Fluid Gear AW FISKE Moly Litho No. 2 FISKE Moly Litho No. 25 FISKE Moly MP Gear SAE 90 FISKE Moly MP Gear SAE 140 FISKE Moly Multi-Purpose Gear 90 FISKE Motor Oil S-3 SAE 30 FISKE MP Oil FISKE MPG Plus FISKE MS-MP-75-01 FISKE MS-10924 FISKE Multi-Purpose Gear Oil SAE 80 FISKE Multi-Purpose Gear Oil SAE 80-90 FISKE Multi-Purpose Gear Oil SAE 90 FISKE Multi-Purpose Gear Oil SAE 140 FISKE Multi-Purpose Gear Oil SAE 250 FISKE Multi-Purpose Gear SAE 75 FISKE Multi-Purpose Grease No. 2 FISKE Multi-Purpose Lubricant No. 2 FISKE Multi-Purpose No. 25 FISKE Multi-Vise Motor Oil 10W-30 FISKE Multi-Vise Motor Oil 10W-40 FISKE Multi-Vise Motor Oil 20W-40 FISKE Neptune Launching Base Coat FISKE No. 0 Fluid Superior Lubt. FISKE No. 1 Ink Oil FISKE No. 3 Soluble Oil FISKE No. 4 Fibre Grease FISKE No. 4 Lapping COMPOUND FISKE No. 406-D-6 Hot Die Lubricant FISKE No. 410 Lubricant FISKE No. 0433 Hi-Temp Lubricant FISKE No. 716 Grade No. 1 FISKE No. 1329 Lubricant FISKE No. 8614 Base Oil FISKE Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE 30 FISKE Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE 40 FISKE P-No Mineral Compound FISKE Parker Hydraulic Hoist Oil FISKE PE-714-2 Lubricant FISKE R & 0 10 FISKE R-7024-C FISKE Regular Motor Oil SAE 20 FISKE Regular Motor Oil SAE 30 FISKE Regular Motor Oil SAE 40 FISKE Regular Motor Oil SAE 50 FISKE S. A. Lubricant FISKE S.K.C. Grease FISKE S.W.D. Drawing Oil FISKE S-166 Special Grease FISKE S-293 Compound FISKE Shieldoil FISKE Spec. S-391 Silver wire Rope Lubt. FISKE Special Thread-Ezy Dark Cutting Oil FISKE Spindle Oil FISKE Stabilube Heavy FISKE Stabilube Light FISKE Stamping Oil 7 FISKE Stampit FISKE Steel Mill 5807 Grease No. 0 FISKE Steel Mill 5807 Grease No. 1 FISKE Superior Lubricant No. 1 FISKE Superior Lubricant No. 2 FISKE Tacky Pressure Lubt. No. 1 FISKE Tacky Pressure Lubt. No. 2 FISKE Thread-Ezy Clear Cutting Oil FISKE Thread-Ezy Dark Cutting Oil FISKE TPM-22 Grease FISKE Tractor Hydraulic Fluid FISKE VH Chassis Lubricant S FISKE VH Chassis Lubricant W FISKE Waterproof Chain Lubricant FISKE Whirl Draw Drawing Oil FISKE Wool Yarn Elastic Repl. FISKE WS 265 FISKE 1-X Pipe Thread Compound FISKE 01/2 Crystal TR Lubricant FISKE 3-C Graphite Grease FISKE 3 Curve Grease FISKE 004 Gradix Grease FISKE 0007 Gradix Grease FISKE 10R Rock Drill Oil FISKE 15-X Wheel Bearing Lubricant FISKE 015 Gradix Grease FISKE 019 Graphite Grease FISKE 21/2 Extra K Lubricant FISKE 30R Rock Drill Oil FISKE 31/2 300 Fibre Grease FISKE 35 Soluble Oil FISKE 41 Darl Cutting Oil FISKE 41 Series Fluid Gear SAE 90 FISKE 45 Thread Cutting Oil FISKE 50R Rock Drill Oil FISKE 51 Series Fluid Gear SAE 90 FISKE 51 Series Fluid Gear SAE 140 FISKE 61 Series Fluid Gear SAE 250 FISKE 66F Cutting Oil FISKE 75 Cutting Oil FISKE 122 Rope Dressing FISKE 145 Tapping Compound FISKE 0180W Cylinder Oil FISKE 189 Drawing Compound FISKE 220 Shearer Lubricant FISKE 231 Die Casting Compound FISKE 300 Dark Lubricating Oil FISKE 304 Gradix Grease FISKE 347 Drawing Oil FISKE 377 Cutting Oil FISKE 377 Cutting Oil Heavy FISKE 400 Class B FISKE 405-15 Cutting Oil FISKE 405 Cutting Oil FISKE 410 LCG Wheel Bearing Lubricant FISKE 456 Fluid Die Lubricant FISKE 470 Wire Drawing Compound FISKE 475-10-DS Lubricant FISKE 493-A Lubricant FISKE 514-A Hot Die Lubricant FISKE 514-C Froging Lubricant FISKE 604-A Hot Die Lubricant FISKE 604-D Hot Die Lubricant FISKE 604-D Mod. Hot Die FISKE 604 Hot Die Lubricant FISKE 610 Wire Rope Coating FISKE 656 Cylinder Oil FISKE 682 Graphite Grease FISKE 683 Plunger Lubricant FISKE 684 Mill Grease No. 0 FISKE 684 Mill Grease No. 1 FISKE 685 Cold Test Oil FISKE 698 DF Extruding Compound FISKE 701 Hot Die Lubricant FISKE 713 COB Grease FISKE 722 Oil FISKE 728 Drawing Oil FISKE 734 Soluble Oil FISKE 743 Solvent FISKE 748B Water Soluble Compound FISKE 749 Oil FISKE 756 Oil FISKE 758 Base Oil FISKE 759-RP Base Concentrate FISKE 762 Cutting Oil FISKE 768 Lubricant FISKE 1129 Lubricant FISKE 1230 Cutting Oil FISKE 1440 Concentrate FISKE 2104-C Motor Oil SAE 30 FISKE 4050 Cutting Oil FISKE 6080 Cutting Oil LUBRIPLATE Aero LUBRIPLATE Aerosol Gear Shield Extra Heavy LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC-0 LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC-1 LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC-2 LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC-2A LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC-3 LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC-3V LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC4 LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oil AC-5 LUBRIPLATE Air Tool Lubricant LUBRIPLATE All Purpose Household Oil LUBRIPLATE AM 4001 Spec. LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 LUBRIPLATE APG-75 LUBRIPLATE APG-80 LUBRIPLATE APG-80-90 GL6 LUBRIPLATE APG-90 LUBRIPLATE APG-140 LUBRIPLATE APG-250 LUBRIPLATE Auto Guard LUBRIPLATE Auto-Lube "A" LUBRIPLATE Auto-Marine Guard LUBRIPLATE Automatic Transmission Fluid Type A LUBRIPLATE Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F LUBRIPLATE Ball Bearing LUBRIPLATE Ball Bearing Heavy LUBRIPLATE Bar & Chain Oil No. 10-R LUBRIPLATE Bar & Chain Oil No. 30-R LUBRIPLATE Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing LUBRIPLATE Brake Cable LUBRIPLATE Brick Grease LUBRIPLATE C Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing LUBRIPLATE C Portable Tool Grease LUBRIPLATE C-Auto-105 LUBRIPLATE C-75 LUBRIPLATE C-80 LUBRIPLATE C-90 LUBRIPLATE C-105 LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable Fluid LUBRIPLATE Dexron II A. T. Fluid LUBRIPLATE Dexron R A. T. Fluid LUBRIPLATE Drum Cable image: ------- 217 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Fiske Brothers Refining Co. Fiske Brothers Refining Co.-cont'd LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE DS-ES Lubricant LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE EMB Grease LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FC-50 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FC-200 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Fishing Reel Lubricant LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FMO-85 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FMO-350 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FMO-500 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FMO-500-L LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FMO-500 CCH LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FMO-900 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Fork Oil LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE FS-1325 Spec. LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Gear Shield LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Gear Shield Heavy LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE GearShield Extra Heavy LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE GR-132 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Heat Transfer Oil LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Heat Transfer Oil Heavy LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hi Speed Clutch Lubt. LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE High Temp LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Household Oil LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE HSC-814 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Jack Oil LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Oil HO-0 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Oil HO-1 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Oil HO-2 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Oil HO-2A LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Oil HO-3 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Oil HO-4 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Oil HO-5 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hydraulic Trans Fluid Type C- LUBRIPLATE 2 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Hypoid 90 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Jack Oil LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Low Pour HDS Motor Oil LUBRIPLATE SAE 10W LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Low Pour HDS Motor Oil LUBRIPLATE SAE 20-20W LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Low Pour HDS Motor Oil LUBRIPLATE SAE 30 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Low Temp Curve Grease LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Low-Temp LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Low-Temp Gear Shield LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE LS-90 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE MAG-00 10W LUBRIPLATE MAG-1 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Marine Guard 20-20W LUBRIPLATE Marine-Lube "A" LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE MH Oil 30 LUBRIPLATE Mist Oil LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Mo-Lith No. 2 40 LUBRIPLATE Mol-Tex No. 800 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Mole Bull Gear Lubricant 50 LUBRIPLATE Moly Low Temp LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Motorcycle Chain Lubt. LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE MS 2342 Spec. LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE Multi-Lube "A" LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 0 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 1 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 2 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 3 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 3-V LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 4 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 8 LUBRIPLATE LUBRIPLATE No. 20 LUBRIPLATE No. 22 No. 25 No. 30 No. 70 No. 70-A No. 72C Peeler Oil No. 72 Oil No. 72 Peeler Oil No. 78 Oil No. 100 No. 100 B No. 105 No. 105-V No. 107 No. 110 No. 115 No. 130-A No. 130-AA No. 130-AAA No. 142 No. 184 No. 310 No. 315 No. 443-A No. 630-A No. 630-AA No. 630-AA-W No. 630-AAA No. 630-AAA-W No. 630-2 No. 630-2W No. 707 No. 777 No. 905 No. 907 No. 910 No. 930-A No. 930-AA No. 930-AAA No. 930-AAA-S No. 930-2 No. 1200-2 No. 1242 No. 3392-G No. 5555 Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE Oven Chain Lubricant Oven Chain-AA PM-500 Reel & Gun Oil RH-OCL Rigging Cable Fluid Rock Drill Oil No. 10-R Rock Drill Oil No. 30-R Rock Drill Oil No. 50-R Series 3 Motor Oil SAE 10W Series 3 Motor Oil SAE 30 Series 3 Motor Oil SAE 40 LUBRIPLATE SMP LUBRIPLATE Snowmobile Grease LUBRIPLATE Solvent LUBRIPLATE Special Conveyor Lubt. LUBRIPLATE Special Low Pour Hydraulic Oil LUBRIPLATE Special Low Pour Oil Rock Drill LUBRIPLATE Spray Cable Fluid LUBRIPLATE Spray-Lube "A" LUBRIPLATE STM-80 LUBRIPLATE STM-90 LUBRIPLATE STM-140 LUBRIPLATE STM-250 LUBRIPLATE STO-3 LUBRIPLATE Super FML-0 LUBRIPLATE Super FML-1 LUBRIPLATE Super FML-2 LUBRIPLATE Super GPO-10 LUBRIPLATE Super GPO-20 LUBRIPLATE Super GPO-30 LUBRIPLATE Super GPO-40 LUBRIPLATE Super HDS Motor Oil SAE 10W LUBRIPLATE Super HDS Motor Oil SAE 20- 20W LUBRIPLATE Super HDS Motor Oil SAE 30 LUBRIPLATE Super HDS Motor Oil SAE 40 LUBRIPLATE Super HDS Motor Oil SAE 50 LUBRIPLATE Super Lo-Hi-Vis Motor Oil 10W-30 LUBRIPLATE Super Lo-Hi-Vis Motor Oil 20W-40 LUBRIPLATE Super Motorcycle Oil LUBRIPLATE Super Racing Motor Oil SAE 20-20W LUBRIPLATE Super Racing Motor Oil SAE 20W-40 LUBRIPLATE Super Racing Motor Oil SAE 30 LUBRIPLATE Super Racing Motor Oil SAE 40 LUBRIPLATE Super Racing Motor Oil SAE 50 LUBRIPLATE Super Snowmobile Motor Oil LUBRIPLATE Super Vacuum Pump Oil LUBRIPLATE Super 2-C Outboard Motor Oil LUBRIPLATE TCL Heavy LUBRIPLATE TPD LUBRIPLATE Track Roll LUBRIPLATE UTF LUBRIPLATE Wheel Bearing LUBRIPLATE White Sewing Machine Oil LUBRIPLATE 50-to-One Super Premium Out- board Motor Oil LUBRIPLATE 110 Brake Lube LUBRIPLATE 115 Water Pump Lubricant LUBRIPLATE 136 Needle Oil LUBRIPLATE 140 Needle Oil LUBRIPLATE 141 Needle Oil LUBRIPLATE 914 Oven Chain Lubricant LUBRIPLATE 914 Synthetic Fluid LUBRIPLATE 5555 Summer image: ------- Flambeau Paper Company 218 Flambeau Paper Company 200 North First Avenue Park Falls WI 54552 DAIRY BOOSTER FLAMBINDER FLAMCO CA NO. 57 FLAMSPERSE Flint Ink Corporation 25111 Glendale Detroit MI 48239 Aquavure Arroweb Arrowetch Arrowflex Arrowglo Arrowhead Arrowlith Arrowlum Arrowmulsion Arrowtone Flint 80 Flintex Flintglo Flintkore Flintone Flintrez Flintset Instalith Instaprint Lestack Miracle V-2020 Miracle V-2020 Super Concentrate Snapset Sprayset Ultraglo Zip Flo Kern Products 19402 Susana Rd Compton CA 90221 CLEAN AIRE DEODORIZER CLEANER FLO-KEM (all products) FLO-KLEEN BOWL CLEANER FLO-OUT DRAIN OPENER FLORAL DEODORANT ROOM SPRAY FRESCO DEODORANT ROOM SPRAY HONEYMIST DEODORANT ROOM SPRAY KONTAC CARBURETOR CLEANER LIQUICHLOR MACHINE DISHWASH LIQUIKEM MACHINE DISHWASH OLD SPICE DEODORANT ROOM SPRAY OVEN BRITE OVEN CLEANER QUEST 20 FLOOR FINISH ROYAL FLUSH BOWL CLEANER SUPER GLOSS FLOOR FINISH TRIPLE-2 GERMICIDAL CLEANER UNIFLO CARPET CLEANER 9-90 CONCENTRATED FOGGING INSECTI- CIDE 9-95 ANT AND ROACH SPRAY 999 CONCENTRATED INSECTICIDE SPRAY FMC Corporation 2000 Market Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Avicel Avicel PH Avicel RC Aviloid Avistrap Avistrap P Avistrap R CDB Bleaching Agent CDB Clearon Stabilized Dry Chlorine Com- pound CDB 90 Dry Chlorinated Compound Clearon Stabilized Dry Chlorine Compound Dapon M Resin Dapon 35 Resin Durad 105, 110, 125, 150, 220, 220X, 300, & 600 Triaryl Phosphate Lubricant Additive Gelcarin Gelloid Glass H Glass H Glassy Phosphate Glassy Sodium Phosphate Hexaphos Hexaphos Glassy Phosphate HI Per-15 Sodium Perborate Monohydrate Hy-Brite Hydrogen Peroxide KP-140 Plasticizer Kronitex TCP Tricresyl Phosphate Kronitex Triaryl Phosphate Kronitex TXP Trixylenyl Phosphate Kronitex 50, 100, 200, and 300 Triaryl Phos- phate Kronitex SOB, 100B, 200B, and 300B Triaryl Phosphate Monosorb Monosorb Monosodium Phosphate Anhydrous Nutricol Phosphatic Feed Solution PFS-F (75%) Phosphatic Feed Solution PFS-F (108%) Phosphatic Fertilizer Solution PFS-A (75%) Phosphatic Fertilizer Solution PFS-A (105%) Phosphatic Fertilizer Solution PFS-A (108%) SeaGel Seakem SeaPlaque SeaSep Seaspen Sodaphos Sodaphos Glassy Phosphate Viscarin XP-4 XP-4 Feed Supplement image: ------- 219 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION FOSECO Inc. Foote Mineral Company Route 100 Exton PA 19341 ALSIFER CALSIFER CG ALLOY CSF#10 ELECTROMANGANESE ELECTROSLAG FLUX FEROVAN FOOTESPAR GRAINAL GRAPHIDOX HMS-CHROME HS-CHROME-50 INOCULOY MINI-PIGS NITRELMANG NODULOY SOLUMANG THERMOCOL THERMOSIL V-5 FOUNDRY ALLOY FOSECO Inc. 20200 Sheldon Road Brookpark OH 44142 ACTIVATOR (all products) ALBRAL (all products) ANISCOL 11 (all products) ASHFRAC 8A BONARIL BRIX (all products) BRIXIL (all products) CARSET (all products) CARSIL (all products) CERAMOL (all products) CERAMOL THINNER (all products) CHROMBRAL 4 COAG (all products) COLITE CORFIX (all grades) CORSEAL (all products) COVERAL (all products) CSR FURAN RESIN (all products) CUPREX (all products) CUPRIT (all products) DEGASER (all products) DEOXIDISING TUBES (all products) DESULFEX (all products) DEXIL (all products) DYCASTAL 1 DYCOTE (all products) ELIMINAL (all products) ESRAKON 100 FEEDEX (all products) FEEDEX SLEEVES (all products) FEEDOL (all products) FERINAX 150 FERROGEN (all products) FERRUX (all products) FERRUX APC FIRIT 4 FRACTON (all products) GARNEX GARPAK GRINDOL (all products) HARDCOTE 5 HOLDTITE HY-PEEL INOCULIN (all products) INOTAB (all products) INSURAL IRON ADAL (all products) KADOL KALBEND K KALBEND P KALBORD KALFAX SLEEVES KALKOR KALMEX (all products) KALMIN SLEEVES (all products) KALMINEX SLEEVES KALOREX KALTOP KAPEX KORON (all products) KORPAD LADELLOY (all products) LITHIUM TUBES LOGAS 50 LUBIX (all products) MANGANESE CUPOLLOY MIXAD (all products) MOLDCOTE (all products) MOLDCOTE THINNER (all products) MOLDIT NALOK NAPAC No. 18 Flux NOZOLEX NUCLEANT 2 PLATOL POROTEC PROCAL PRODOL PROFAX PROFLEX PROTOL (all products) RADEX (all products) RECUPEX (all products) REDUX (all products) REFCOTE REFKON (all products) REGENERATOR (all products) REVERBAGUN SELEK (all products) SEPAROL (all products) SLAX (all products) SOLOSIL (all products) SPRAYMIX SPUNCOTE (all products) STANNEX (all products) STELOGEN (all products) STELOREX (all products) STELORIT (all products) STELOTOL (all products) STRANDOL STRIM (all products) STRIPCOTE (all products) TAK 101 TEEBRIX TELLURIT 2 TERRACOTE (all products) TERRAPAINT (all products) THERMOTECT THERMOTEX TILITE (all products) TUNDAK TX FURAN RESIN (all products) ZECOL (all products) ZENATIL (all products) ZENDOX (all products) ZEROTHERM (all products) ZEROTHERM THINNER (all products) ZINC COVERAL (all products) image: ------- FR Chemicals 220 FR Chemicals Div. of Cine Mag. 16 Gordon Place Yonkers NY 10703 Agueois Ammonia-300-301-302 All Pro Dev/Rep All Pro Fix/Rep Ammonia Absorber-303-304-305-306-402-404-405- 450 Anhydrois Ammonia-Cylinder Refills Dupont XMD Dev/Rep-521 Fisher-Fax Chemicals FR Acetic Acid, glacial-230 FR CHEM-MIX FIXER Hardner-662 FR CHEM-MIX Microfilm Dev/Rep-551 FR CHEM-MIX Microfilm Fixer-661 FR CHEM-MIX X-Ray Dev/Rep-501 FR CHEM-MIX X-Ray Fix/Rep-601 FR Dental X-Ray Dev-925-924 FR Dental X-Ray Fixer-924-926 FR Fixol FR Hypo Neutralizer-224 FR Lubricating Sol. For Film FR Paper Developer FR Rapid Fixol FR Reversal Film Processing Chemicals FR Sound Track Developer FR Vitaclean Systems Cleaner-871 FR Vitamatic Dev/Rep-771 FR Vitamatic Fix/Rep-798 FR X-100 Film Developer Hardner For VitaFix-683 Itek Activator/Stabilizer Itek Positive Plate Chemicals Itek TransFlo Chemicals Kodak X-omat Dev/Rep-511 LogE Developer-Fixer Manual X-Ray Dev/Rep-700-706 Manual X-Ray Fix/Rep-703-707 Pen Pro Developer Pen Pro Fixer Rapid Process Microfilm Dev/Rep-646-246-672- 546 VitaFix Fixer-670-682-370-470 Vitamat B Dev/Rep-205-859-861-862-863-864 Vitamatic Microfilm Developer-247 Vitamatic Microfilm Fixer-254 3M-Hypo Neutralizer 3M-Systems Cleaner Franchem Corporation 367 West Erie Street Chicago Chicago IL 60610 Corr-0-Stop Corr-0-Stop CR Fanchem LFA Fanchem MBD Fanchem SL Fanchem WFA Fancol EOA-20 Fancol HL Fancol LA Fancol LAO Fancol OA Fancol OAS Fancol OCA Fancol WWA Fancol WWAR Hydroxylan Lan-Aqua-Sol 50 and 100 Lanowax Lec-A-Lan Phosphalan Sorbolan 40 Vigilan Vigilan AWS Frank B Ross Co Inc. 6 Ash Street Jersey City NJ 07304 Ross Amber Ceresine Wax #22 Ross Amber Ceresine Wax 1154/2 Ross Backing Wax 2371 Ross Beeswax Substitute #CM1 Ross Beeswax Substitute #CM3 Ross Beeswax Substitute #R440/24S Ross Beeswax Substitute #R450/24S Ross Beeswax Substitute #11 Ross Beeswax Substitute #30 Ross Beeswax Substitute #95 Ross Beeswax Substitute #176W Ross Beeswax Substitute #191 Ross Beeswax Substitute #305 Ross Beeswax Substitute #501 Ross Beeswax Substitute #619 Ross Beeswax Substitute #627 Ross Beeswax Substitute #628/5 Ross Beeswax Substitute #662 Ross Beeswax Substitute #663 Ross Beeswax Substitute #776 Ross Beeswax Substitute #909C Ross Beeswax Substitute #909W Ross Beeswax Substitute #1017 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1184/2 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1207/1 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1435/1 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1461 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1595 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1619 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1623W Ross Beeswax Substitute #1637A Ross Beeswax Substitute #1645 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1702 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1710 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1710W Ross Beeswax Substitute #1713/2 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1759 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1892 Ross Beeswax Substitute #1959 Ross Beeswax Substitute #2021A Ross Beeswax Substitute #2647-2 Ross Beeswax Substitute #2652 Ross Beeswax Substitute #9094 Ross Black Micro Ross Bleached Montan Substitute #574 Ross Bleached Montan Wax 1162 Ross Brown Micro Ross Candelilla Wax #9% Ross Candelilla Wax Substitute #1012 Ross Candelilla Wax Substitute #1107/8 Ross Candelilla Wax Substitute #1438GE Ross Candelilla Wax Substitute #1438 OT Ross Candelilla/Ouricury Blend 1617 Ross Candle Wax 1551 Ross Carbocera 1191 Ross Carbon Paper Backing Wax 1231/4 ivuss Carbon Paper Backing Wax 1393/2 Ross Carbon Paper Backing Wax 1685 Ross Carbon Paper Backing Wax 1686 Ross Carnauba Wax Substitute #D1493 Ross Carnauba Wax Substitute #580 Ross Ceresine Blend #180 Ross Ceresine Wax #558 Ross Ceresine Wax #901 Ross Ceresine Wax #2326 Ross Ceresine Wax 801Y Ross Ceresine Wax 901B Ross Ceresine Wax 2353 Ross Ceresine Wax 2572 Ross Ceroflex 1701 Ross Chembee Wax Ross Chucking Wax B Ross Chucking Wax 4112 Ross Copy Backing Wax 1494 Ross Durawax 772 Ross Embedding Wax #1599 Ross Fan Wax 1756 Ross Film Coating Wax 1418 Ross Gloss Coating Wax 1641 Ross Hair Remover Wax 439 Ross High Gloss Carbon Paper Wax #1687 Ross Inkowax 1226 Ross Ironing Wax 1165/4 Ross Japan Wax Substitute #187 Ross Japan Wax Substitute #525 Ross Japan Wax Substitute #883A Ross Japan Wax Substitute #1528/3 image: ------- 221 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Frank B Ross Co Inc. Frank B Ross Co Inc.ó cont'd Ross Japan Wax Substitute #1708/2 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 180 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 670 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 749 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 752 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 753 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 883AX Ross Japan Wax Substitute 930 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 1693 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 1705 Ross Japan Wax Substitute 3282/1 Ross Laundry Wax 827 Ross Lemon Ceresine Wax #20 Ross Light Brown Ceresine Wax #1741 Ross Lilly Ceresine Wax 1660 Ross Molding Wax 583 Ross Molding Wax 602 Ross Molding Wax 832 Ross Molding Wax 1679 Ross Montan Substitute #506 Ross Montan Substitute #1387/4 Ross Nipocera Wax 966 Ross Nipocera Wax 979 Ross Nipocera Wax 2576 Ross Orange Ceresine Wax #15 Ross Orange Ceresine Wax 1757 Ross Over Cast Wax 337 Ross Ozokerite Wax #1981 Ross Ozokerite Wax #2458 Ross Ozokerite Wax 1094/5 Ross Ozokerite Wax 1823 Ross Ozokerite Wax 2318 Ross Ozokerite Wax 2321 Ross Ozokerite Wax 2332 Ross Ozokerite Wax 2458 Ross Ozokerite Wax 2525 Ross Palm Wax 2 Ross Palm Wax 693 Ross Palm Wax 757 Ross Palm Wax 765 Ross Palm Wax 767 Ross Palm Wax 1399/1 Ross Palm Wax 1475 Ross Palm Wax 1475/5C Ross Palm Wax 1476 Ross Palm Wax 1498/5P Ross Palm Wax 1561 Ross Palm Wax 1577 Ross Palm Wax 1581 Ross Potting Compound #291 Ross Shattering Link Wax 157D Ross Spirit Super Coat 1688 Ross Spirit Super Coat 1689 Ross Spirit Super Coat 1697 Ross Stencil Paper Wax 1628/7 Ross Stitching Wax #4 Ross Stitching Wax 1312/2 Ross Tan Ceresine Wax #530 Ross Tan Ceresine Wax #533T Ross Thread Wax 117 Ross Vegeco Wax V3 Ross Vegeco Wax V5 Ross Vegeco Wax 5B Ross Wax #4 Ross Wax #6 Ross Wax #70 Ross Wax #140 Ross Wax #145 Ross Wax #165 Ross Wax #263 Ross Wax #585 Ross Wax #1653 Ross Wax #1681/2 Ross Wax #1694 Ross Wax #1715 Ross Wax CFJ-17 Ross Wax R26 Ross Wax 7 Ross Wax 15-1 Ross Wax 64-0614 Ross Wax 64-2478 Ross Wax 65-2478/2 Ross Wax 78-1674 Ross Wax 140M Ross Wax 211 Ross Wax 217 Ross Wax 244A Ross Wax 244B Ross Wax 260 Ross Wax 304 Ross Wax 343 Ross Wax 383 Ross Wax 394 Ross Wax 411 Ross Wax 445 Ross Wax 466 Ross Wax 472 Ross Wax 473 Ross Wax 478/2 Ross Wax 498 Ross Wax 523 Ross Wax 571 Ross Wax 611 Ross Wax 626 Ross Wax 630 Ross Wax 647 Ross Wax 651 Ross Wax 1267/2 Ross Wax 1423/1 Ross Wax 1423/3 Ross Wax 1423/6 Ross Wax 1497/2 Ross Wax 1628/8 Ross Wax 1662 Ross Wax 1742/1 Ross Wax 1745 Ross Wax 1750 Ross White Ceresine K Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax Ross White Ceresine Wax #101 #527W #608 #608R 145/150 252 265 375 1154/4 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1160/7 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1304/1 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1502 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1530 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1532/3 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1556 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1573/1 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1573/2 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1574 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1583 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1619 Ross White Ceresine Wax 1670 Ross White Ceresine 608 Ross White Ceresine 927 Ross White Ceresine 929 Ross White Ceresine 932 Ross White Ceresine 933 Ross White Ozokerite Wax 64W Ross White Ozokerite Wax 71W Ross White Ozokerite Wax 77W Ross White Ozokerite Wax 155/160 Ross White Ozokerite Wax 160/165 Ross White Ozokerite Wax 363L Ross White Ozokerite Wax 1543W Ross White Ozokerite Wax 1544W Ross White Ozokerite Wax 1545W Ross White Wax C298 Ross White Wax C480 Ross White Wax C905 Ross White Wax C957 Ross White Wax 9330 Ross White Wax 9460 Ross White Wax 9560 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #101Y Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #522Y Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #609 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #934 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #936 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #938 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #939 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax #1431/1 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 138/140 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1135/7R Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1135/8S Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1135/13S Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1135/14S Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1188/7 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1188/10 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1472 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1529 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1529/2 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1532/2 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1532/3 Ross Yellow Ceresine Wax 1541/1 Ross Yellow Ozokerite Wax #64Y Ross Yellow Ozokerite Wax #71Y Ross Yellow Ozokerite Wax #77Y Ross Yellow Ozokerite Wax 165 Ross Yellow Ozokerite Wax 1543Y Ross Yellow Ozokerite Wax 1544Y Ross Yellow Ozokerite Wax 1545Y Ross Zipper Wax #234 Rosswax #1725 Rosswax 115 image: ------- Frederick Gumm Chemical Company, Inc. 222 Frederick Gumm Chemical Company, Inc. John F. Laragy 538 Forest Street Kearny NJ 07032 Adherite Compounds Alcorite Compounds An-0-Strip L An-T-stain Compounds Buffex Compounds Burr-Form Burreen Chrome Reducer Clep-A-Laq Clep-Etch "A" Clcpo Compounds Clepox Compounds Cold Dip B Duxbak Compounds Even Etch Compounds Gumm Off Hy-Sheen Ink Off Lo Foam Nickel Strip Compounds Nixalox B Pickle Aid Compounds Plus 6 Plux 5 Rinsade Compounds Sat-N-Mask Sheddar A Sonic Soak Compounds Spee-D-Burr Stero Compounds Ultrastrip Compounds Freeman Chemical Corporation P.O. Box 247 Port Washington WI 53074 Acpol 42-2671 Acpol 42-2672 Acpol 42-2673 Acpol 42-2674 Acpol 42-2675 Acpol 42-2677 Acpol 42-2680 Acpol 42-2681 Acpol 42-2685 APA 002 APA 005 APA 179 APA 239 APB 469 BLP 031 BLP 228 Chcmpol 10-0020 Chempol 10-0066 Chempol 10-0067 Chempol 10-0500 Chempol 10-0501 Chempol 10-0502 Chempol 10-0506 Chempol 10-1300 Chempol 11-1105 Chempol 11-1111 Chempol 11-1700 Chempol 11-1906 Chempol 11-2426 Chempol 11-2459 Chempol 11-2470 Chempol 11-2473 Chempol 11-2497 Chempol 11-2498 Chempol 11-2507 Chempol 11-2509 Chempol 11-2542 Chempol 11-2605 Chempol 11-2618 Chempol 11-2805 Chempol 11-2810 Chempol 11-2924 Chempol 11-2925 Chempol 11-2928 Chempol 11-3011 Chempol 11-3016 Chempol 11-3021 Chempol 11-3037 Chempol 11-3040 Chempol 11-3045 Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol 11-3063 11-3066 11-3068 11-3069 11-3115 11-3119 11-3126 11-3250 11-3251 11-3252 11-3253 11-3254 11-3310 11-3314 11-3336 11-3342 11-3343 11-3344 11-3346 11-3400 11-3407 11-3412 11-3511 11-3514 11-3515 11-3543 11-3545 11-3548 11-3572 11-3576 11-3577 11-3580 11-3581 11-3583 11-3600 11-3613 11-3709 11-3712 11-3716 11-3819 11-3820 11-3821 11-3823 11-3827 11-3830 11-3846 11-3910 11-3912 11-3915 11-3916 Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol 11-3923 11-3924 11-3926 11-3931 11-3933 11-3938 11-3939 11-3940 11-3941 11-3947 11-4042 11-4053 11-4119 11-4123 11-4132 11-1165 11-4170 11-4172 11-4173 11-4179 11-1180 11-4217 11-4218 11-4231 11-4262 11-4265 11-4266 11-4300 11-4317 11-4321 11-4338 11-4349 11-4351 11-4366 11-4368 11-4369 11-4370 11-4386 11-4389 11-4395 11-4423 11-4424 11-4428 114436 114513 11-4710 11-5100 11-5400 11-8323 11-8345 image: ------- 223 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Freeman Chemical Corporation Freeman Chemical Corporationó cont'd Chempol 11-8351 Chempol 11-8360 Chempol 11-8410 Chempol 11-8518 Chempol 11-8890 Chempol 11-8918 Chempol 11-9001 Chempol 11-9002 Chempol 11-9003 Chempol 11-9005 Chempol 11-9006 Chempol 11-9007 Chempol 11-9010 Chempol 11-9011 Chempol 11-9012 Chempol 11-9013 Chempol 11-9014 Chempol 11-9015 Chempol 11-9016 Chempol 11-9017 Chempol 11-9018 Chempol 11-9019 Chempol 11-9020 Chempol 11-9022 Chempol 11-9023 Chempol 11-9024 Chempol 11-9025 Chempol 11-9026 Chempol 11-9027 Chempol 11-9028 Chempol 11-9029 Chempol 11-9030 Chempol 11-9041 Chempol 12-0905 Chempol 12-1809 Chempol 12-1951 Chempol 12-2002 Chempol 12-2005 Chempol 12-2101 Chempol 12-2105 Chempol 12-2302 Chempol 12-2409 Chempol 12-2410 Chempol 12-2601 Chempol 12-2602 Chempol 12-2703 Chempol 12-2708 Chempol 12-2714 Chempol 12-2802 Chempol 12-2811 Chempol 12-2904 Chempol 12-3009 Chempol 12-3026 Chempol 12-3109 Chempol 12-3206 Chempol 12-3207 Chempol 12-3503 Chempol 12-4008 Chempol 12-4012 Chempol 12-4014 Chempol 12-4017 Chempol 12-4102 Chempol 12-4107 Chempol 12-4114 Chempol 12-4115 Chempol 12-4122 Chempol 12-4124 Chempol 12-4126 Chempol 12-4200 Chempol 12-4305 ipol 12-4306 pol 12-4308 pol 12-8200 Chempol 12-8401 Chempol 12-8815 Chempol 13-0130 Chempol 13-0131 Chempol 13-0134 Chempol 13-1214 Chempol 13-1217 Chempol 13-1221 Chempol 13-1225 Chempol 13-1305 Chempol 13-1402 Chempol 13-1501 Chempol 13-1502 Chempol 13-1509 Chempol 13-1511 Chempol 13-1515 Chempol 13-1802 Chempol 13-1817 Chempol 13-1823 Chempol 13-1843 Chempol 13-1844 Chempol 13-1905 Chempol 13-1909 Chempol 13-1915 Chempol 13-1927 Chempol 13-1932 Chempol 13-1935 Chempol 13-2020 Chempol 13-2021 Chempol 13-2025 Chempol 13-2026 Chempol 13-2202 Chempol 13-2211 Chempol 13-2228 Chempol 13-2229 Chempol 13-2232 Chempol 13-2239 Chempol 13-2242 Chempol 13-2245 Chempol 13-2246 Chempol 13-2247 Chempol 13-2248 Chempol 13-2249 Chempol 13-2312 Chempol 13-2313 Chempol 13-2401 Chempol 13-2403 Chempol 13-2425 Chempol 13-2444 Chempol 13-2445 Chempol 13-2468 Chempol 13-2502 Chempol 13-2506 Chempol 13-2510 Chempol 13-2533 Chempol 13-2543 Chempol 13-2561 Chempol 13-2600 Chempol 13-2604 Chempol 13-2611 Chempol 13-5003 Chempol 13-9031 Chempol 13-9032 Chempol 13-9035 Chempol 14-0059 Chempol 14-0128 Chempol 14-0141 Chempol 14-6001 Chempol 14-6009 Chempol 14-8504 Chempol 15-0111 Chempol 15-0113 Chempol 15-1504 Chempol 15-2509 Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempo) Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol Chempol 15-2518 15-2544 15-2548 16-0001 16-0088 16-0095 16-0105 16-0108 16-0109 16-0112 16-8015 16-9061 16-9062 17-3109 17-3114 17-3117 17-3210 17-3211 18-0019 18-0022 18-0066 18-0071 18-0072 18-0074 18-0077 18-0089 18-2222 18-8001 18-8022 18-8058 18-8059 18-8062 18-8144 18-8225 18-8246 18-8373 18-8427 18-8455 18-8467 18-8880 194804 19-4806 19-4815 19-4825 19-4827 19-4831 19-4832 19-4836 19-4840 30-1301 30-1302 30-1319 30-1322 30-1324 30-1325 30-1328 30-1342 30-1352 30-1358 30-1363 30-1407 30-1426 30-1428 30-1463 30-1465 30-1477 30-1505 30-1525 30-1537 30-1566 30-1574 30-1579 30-1583 30-1625 image: ------- Freeman Chemical Corporation 224 Freeman Chemical Corporationó cont'd Chempol 30-1637 Chempol 30-1666 Chempol 30-1673 Chempol 30-1677 Chempol 30-1682 Chempol 30-1732 Chempol 30-1774 Chempol 30-1921 Chempol 30-1922 Chempol 30-1934 Chempol 30-1940 Chempol 30-1944 Chempol 30-1947 Chempol 30-1948 Chempol 30-1949 Chempol 30-1951 Chempol 30-1952 Chempol 30-1954 Chempol 30-1961 Chempol 30-1966 Chempol 30-1970 Chempol 30-1971 Chempol 30-1972 Chempol 30-1973 Chempol 30-1975 Chempol 30-1976 Chempol 30-1977 Chempol 30-1979 Chempol 30-1980 Chempol 30-1982 Chempol 30-1983 Chempol 30-1985 Chempol 30-1986 Chempol 30-1987 Chempol 30-1988 Chempol 30-1989 Chempol 30-1990 Chempol 30-1991 Chempol 30-1992 Chempol 30-1993 Chempol 30-1994 Chempol 30-1996 Chempol 30-1997 Chempol 30-1998 Chempol 30-1999 Chempol 30-2001 Chempol 30-2004 Chempol 30-2006 Chempol 30-2013 Chempol 30-2016 Chempol 30-2019 Chempol 30-2020 Chempol 30-2023 Chempol 30-2025 Chempol 30-2029 Chempol 30-2030 Chempol 30-2031 Chempol 30-2032 Chempol 30-2033 Chempol 30-2034 Chempol 30-2036 Chempol 30-2037 Chempol 30-2039 Chempol 30-2041 Chempol 30-2042 Chempol 30-2043 Chempol 30-2100 Chempol 30-2101 Chempol 30-2102 Chempol 30-2103 Chempol 30-2104 Chempol 30-2105 Chempol 30-2106 Chempol 30-2108 Chempol 30-2109 Chempol 30-2111 Chempol 30-2112 Chempol 30-2113 Chempol 30-2114 Chempol 30-2115 Chempol 30-2116 Chempol 30-2117 Chempol 30-2118 Chempol 30-2121 Chempol 30-2122 Chempol 30-2123 Chempol 30-2125 Chempol 30-2126 Chempol 30-2128 Chempol 30-2130 Chempol 30-2301 Chempol 30-2302 Chempol 30-2303 Chempol 30-2304 Chempol 30-2305 Chempol 30-2306 Chempol 30-2307 Chempol 30-2308 Chempol 30-2309 Chempol 30-2310 Chempol 30-2311 Chempol 30-2312 Chempol 30-2313 Chempol 30-2314 Chempol 30-2316 Chempol 30-2400 Chempol 30-2401 Chempol 30-2402 Chempol 30-2403 Chempol 30-2404 Chempol 30-2405 Chempol 30-2406 Chempol 30-2409 Chempol 30-4142 Chempol 30-4195 Chempol 30-4196 Chempol 30-4197 Chempol 30-5021 Chempol 30-5074 Chempol 30-5097 Chempol 30-5099 Chempol 30-5600 Chempol 31-0004 Chempol 31-0020 Chempol 31-0023 Chempol 31-0030 Chempol 31-0038 Chempol 31-0040 Chempol 31-0041 Chempol 31-3502 Chempol 32-1601 Chempol 32-1603 Chempol 32-1612 Chempol 32-1613 Chempol 32-1730 Chempol 32-1733 Chempol 32-1734 Chempol 32-1760 Chempol 32-1761 Chempol 32-1762 Chempol 32-1766 Chempol 32-1767 Chempol 32-1769 Chempol 32-1770 Chempol 32-1771 Chempol 32-1772 Chempol 32-1773 Chempol 32-1774 Chempol 32-1775 Chempol 32-1776 Chempol 32-1777 Chempol 32-1778 Chempol 32-1779 Chempol 32-1780 Chempol 32-1781 Chempol 32-1782 Chempol 32-1783 Chempol 32-1784 Chempol 32-1785 Chempol 32-1786 Chempol 32-1787 Chempol 32-1788 Chempol 32-1789 Chempol 32-1790 Chempol 32-1791 Chempol 32-1792 Chempol 32-1793 Chempol 32-1794 Chempol 32-1795 Chempol 32-1796 Chempol 33-3100 Chempol 33-3102 Chempol 33-3200 Chempol 33-3202 Chempol 34-4142 Chempol 34-4195 Chempol 34-4196 Chempol 344197 Chempol 34-5074 Chempol 34-5097 Chempol 34-5099 Chempol 34-5600 Chempol 35-0002 Chempol 35-0003 Chempol 35-0005 Chempol 35-0006 Chempol 35-0007 Chempol 35-0009 Chempol 35-0011 Chempol 35-0013 Chempol 35-0016 Chempol 35-0020 Chempol 35-1010 Chempol 35-1022 Chempol 35-1025 Chempol 35-1028 Chempol 35-1097 Chempol 51-3845 Chempol 51-4055 CTB 002 CTB 469 EPT 492 EST 396 EST 546 FQA 111 FQA 589 FQB 023 FQB 070 HRA 590 HRB 440 HRB 472 HRB 490 MCR 150 MCR 325 MCR 520 MCT 625 NSE 013 Nupol 46-4004 Nupol 46-4005 Nupol 46-4008 Nupol 46-4013 image: ------- 225 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Freeman Chemical Corporation Freeman Chemical Coiporationó cont'd Nupol 46-4017 Nupol 46-4018 Nupol 46-4020 Nupol 46-4076 Nupol 46-4250 Nupol 46-4440 Nupol 46-4461 Nupol 46-4633 Nupol 48-0073 Nupol 48-7005 RBA 508 RBA 509 RBA 559 RBA 576 RBA 579 RBA 596 RBB 341 RBB 343 RBB 415 RBB 442 RBB 454 RBB 494 RBB 503 RFB 237 RFB 455 RPA 130 RPA 181 RPA 521 RPB 002 RPB Oil RPB 012 RPB 231 RPB 238 RPB 254 RPB 262 RPB 273 RPB 282 RPB 370 RPB 372 RPB 393 RPB 449 RPB 473 RPB 475 RPB 499 RPB 500 RPB 508 RSB 147 RSB 182 RSB 332 RSB 347 RSB 460 RSB 462 RSB 464 RSB 467 RSB 524 RUA 559 RUA 579 RUB 302 RUB 349 RUB 415 RUB 494 RUB 503 SCA 106 SCA 543 SCA 553 SCA 578 Stypol 40-0004 Stypol 40-0005 Stypol 40-0011 Stypol 40-0021 Stypol 40-0023 Stypol 40-0026 Stypol 40-0037 Stypol 40-0042 Stypol 40-0043 Stypol 40-0045 Stypol 40-0048 Stypol 40-0051 Stypol 40-0052 Stypol 40-0053 Stypol 40-0056 Stypol 40-0061 Stypol 40-0063 Stypol 40-0064 Stypol 40-0065 Stypol 40-0066 Stypol 40-0067 Stypol 40-0068 Stypol 40-0070 Stypol 40-0071 Stypol 40-0074 Stypol 40-0077 Stypol 40-0081 Stypol 40-0086 Stypol 40-0088 Stypol 40-0091 Stypol 40-0202 Stypol 40-0800 Stypol 40-0801 Stypol 40-0805 Stypol 40-0806 Stypol 40-0807 Stypol 40-0808 Stypol 40-0809 Stypol 40-0810 Stypol 40-0811 Stypol 40-0813 Stypol 40-1021 Stypol 40-1029 Stypol 40-1030 Stypol 40-1035 Stypol 40-1037 Stypol 40-1041 Stypol 40-1045 Stypol 40-1097 Stypol 40-1101 Stypol 40-1102 Stypol 40-1103 Stypol 40-1107 Stypol 40-1108 Stypol 40-1117 Stypol 40-1124 Stypol 40-1190 Stypol 40-1207 Stypol 40-1302 Stypol 40-1507 Stypol 40-1602 Stypol 40-1603 Stypol 40-1743 Stypol 40-2004 Stypol 40-2005 Stypol 40-2012 Stypol 40-2025 Stypol 40-2026 Stypol 40-2028 Stypol 40-2032 Stypol 40-2040 Stypol 40-2045 Stypol 40-2057 Stypol 40-2058 Stypol 40-2059 Stypol 40-2082 Stypol 40-2092 Stypol 40-2156 Stypol 40-2166 Stypol 40-2183 Stypol 40-2186 Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol Stypol 40-2187 40-2188 40-2198 40-2199 40-2209 40-2217 40-2224 40-2237 40-2257 40-2259 40-2263 40-2264 40-2265 40-2266 40-2271 40-2275 40-2277 40-2286 40-2289 40-2304 40-2314 40-2319 40-2323 40-2324 40-2340 40-2353 40-2359 40-2364 40-2369 40-2399 40-2405 40-2407 40-2417 40-2422 40-2425 40-2436 40-2448 40-2462 40-2464 40-2465 40-2478 40-2499 40-2508 40-2523 40-2524 40-2530 40-2548 40-2549 40-2584 40-2588 40-2590 40-2598 40-2609 40-2612 40-2702 40-2703 40-2711 40-2722 40-2780 40-2801 40-2806 40-2812 40-2817 40-2819 40-2828 40-2833 40-2836 40-2837 40-2839 40-2841 40-2842 40-2844 40-2850 40-2851 image: ------- Freeman Chemical Corporation 226 Freeman Chemical Corporationócont'd Stypol 40-3411 Stypol 40-2852 Stypol 40-3417 Stypol 40-2853 Stypol 40-3419 Stypol 40-2855 Stypol 40-3422 Stypol 40-2856 Stypol 40-3424 Stypol 40-2861 Stypol 40-3508 Stypol 40-2873 Stypol 40-3510 Stypol 40-2890 Stypol 40-3518 Stypol 40-2902 Stypol 40-3519 Stypol 40-2911 Stypol 40-3520 Stypol 40-2919 Stypol 40-3610 Stypol 40-2955 Stypol 40-3622 Stypol 40-2959 Stypol 40-3700 Stypol 40-2965 Stypol 40-3701 Stypol 40-2967 Stypol 40-3702 Stypol 40-2974 Stypol 40-3704 Stypol 40-2977 Stypol 40-3705 Stypol 40-2978 Stypol 40-3707 Stypol 40-2982 Stypol 40-3710 Stypol 40-2983 Stypol 40-3730 Stypol 40-2987 Stypol 40-3732 Stypol 40-2988 Stypol 40-3900 Stypol 40-2989 Stypol 40-3901 Stypol 40-2990 Stypol 40-3902 Stypol 40-2995 Stypol 40-3904 Stypol 40-3003 Stypol 40-3905 Stypol 40-3096 Stypol 40-3906 Stypol 40-3098 Stypol 40-3907 Stypol 40-3103 Stypol 40-3908 Stypol 40-3108 Stypol 40-3910 Stypol 40-3109 Stypol 40-3911 Stypol 40-3112 Stypol 40-4008 Stypol 40-3115 Stypol 40-4011 Stypol 40-3116 Stypol 40-4014 Stypol 40-3126 Stypol 40-4024 Stypol 40-3129 Stypol 40-4028 Stypol 40-3130 Stypol 40-4034 Stypol 40-3132 Stypol 404051 Stypol 40-3176 Stypol 40-4052 Stypol 40-3177 Stypol 40-4053 Stypol 40-3178 Stypol 40-4055 Stypol 40-3179 Stypol 40-4056 Stypol 40-3181 Stypol 40-4091 Stypol 40-3182 Stypol 40-4095 Stypol 40-3184 Stypol 40-4099 Stypol 40-3185 Stypol 40-4401 Stypol 40-3187 Stypol 40-4402 Stypol 40-3192 Stypol 40-4406 Stypol 40-3193 Stypol 40-4407 Stypol 40-3194 Stypol 40-4408 Stypol 40-3199 Stypol 40-4410 Stypol 40-3205 Stypol 40-4411 Stypol 40-3208 Stypol 40-4413 Stypol 40-3221 Stypol 40-4414 Stypol 40-3226 Stypol 40-4415 Stypol 40-3245 Stypol 40-4416 Stypol 40-3259 Stypol 404417 Stypol 40-3264 Stypol 404420 Stypol 40-3266 Stypol 404900 Stypol 40-3267 Stypol 40-5005 Stypol 40-3270 Stypol 40-5013 Stypol 40-3278 Stypol 40-5014 Stypol 40-3281 Stypol 40-5018 Stypol 40-3298 Stypol 40-5020 Stypol 40-3302 Stypol 40-5024 Stypol 40-3303 Stypol 40-5026 Stypol 40-3305 Stypol 40-5045 Stypol 40-3310 Stypol 40-5400 Stypol 40-3323 Stypol 40-5700 Stypol 40-3324 Stypol 40-5701 Stypol 40-3404 Stypol 40-5702 Stypol 40-3407 Stypol 40-5703 Stypol 40-3408 Stypol 40-5704 Stypol 40-3410 Stypol 40-5705 Stypol 40-5706 Stypol 40-5707 Stypol 40-5710 Stypol 40-5711 Stypol 40-5712 Stypol 40-5715 Stypol 40-5717 Stypol 40-5718 Stypol 40-5719 Stypol 40-5720 Stypol 40-5725 Stypol 40-7000 Stypol 40-7001 Stypol 40-7008 Stypol 40-7016 Stypol 40-7018 Stypol 40-7019 Stypol 40-7020 Stypol 40-7023 Stypol 40-7024 Stypol 40-7100 Stypol 40-7250 Stypol 40-7254 Stypol 40-7257 Stypol 40-7258 Stypol 40-7259 Stypol 40-7502 Stypol 40-7505 Stypol 40-7601 Stypol 40-8005 Stypol 40-8008 Stypol 40-8010 Stypol 40-8014 Stypol 40-8020 Stypol 40-8401 Stypol 40-8405 Stypol 40-9300 Stypol 40-9302 Stypol 40-9500 Stypol 40-9501 Stypol 40-9502 Stypol 40-9505 Stypol 40-9509 Stypol 40-9512 Stypol 40-9514 Stypol 40-9516 Stypol 40-9975 Stypol 40-9976 Stypol 40-9983 Stypol 40-9984 Stypol 40-9985 Stypol 40-9996 Stypol 43-2186 Stypol 43-2198 Stypol 43-2199 Stypol 43-2277 Stypol 43-2286 Stypol 43-2323 Stypol 43-2500 Stypol 43-2770 Stypol 43-2771 Stypol 43-2773 Stypol 43-2774 Stypol 43-2836 Stypol 43-3023 Stypol 43-3026 Stypol 43-3027 Stypol 43-3030 Stypol 43-3034 Stypol 43-3040 Stypol 43-3041 Stypol 43-3042 Stypol 43-3408 Stypol 43-3417 image: ------- 227 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Freiborne Industries, Inc. Freeman Chemical Corporationócont'd Stypol 76-4226 Stypol 43-4033 Stypol 76-4227 Stypol 43-9003 Stypol 76-4228 Stypol 43-9004 Stypol 76-4229 Stypol 43-9006 Stypol 76-4230 Stypol 43-9009 Stypol 76-4232 Stypol 43-9010 Stypol 76-4240 Stypol 43-9011 Stypol 76-4260 Stypol 45-0008 Stypol 76-4261 Stypol 45-0022 Stypol 764262 Stypol 73-6010 Stypol 76-4263 Stypol 73-8000 Stypol 764301 Stypol 73-8030 Stypol 764302 Stypol 73-8040 Stypol 76-4303 Stypol 73-9000 Stypol 764304 Stypol 764200 Stypol 764305 Stypol 764201 Stypol 764306 Stypol 764202 Stypol 764307 Stypol 764203 Stypol 764308 Stypol 764204 Stypol 764309 Stypol 764207 Stypol 764310 Stypol 764208 Stypol 764311 Stypol 764211 Stypol 764312 Stypol 764212 Stypol 764313 Stypol 764213 Stypol 764314 Stypol 764216 Stypol 764315 Stypol 764217 Stypol 764317 Stypol 764219 Stypol 764318 StypoJ 764221 Stypol 764319 Stypol 764222 Stypol 764320 Stypol 764223 Stypol 764321 Stypol 764322 Stypol 764401 Stypol 764402 Stypol 764403 Stypol 764404 Stypol 764405 Stypol 764802 Stypol 764803 Stypol 764806 Stypol 80-1103 Stypol 80-1114 Stypol 80-1117 Stypol 80-1120 Stypol 80-1122 Stypol 80-1123 Stypol 80-1125 Stypol 80-3295 Stypol 82-1000 Stypol 82-1010 Stypol 84-2083 TCA 215 TCB 386 TCB 447 VPB 486 VPB 809 VPL 210 VPM 805 Freeport Kaolin Company P. 0. Box 337 Gordon GA 31031 Al-Sil-Ate (all products) Buca Catalpo Columbia Coating Delfkao Gordon (all products) Hi-Opaque Lustra No. 100 Nuclay Nugloss Nuopaque Nusheen (all products) OX (all products) Savannah Coating SP-33 Translink (all products) White tex Freiborne Industries, Inc. 1212 E. Maple Rd. Troy MI 48084 Copperform 1A and IB Freiborne Copperform 2A and 2B Freiborne Formcoats SSA, B, and C Freiborne Formcoats SS1A and SS1B Freiborne Formcoats 1A and IB through Formcoats 12A Freiborne and 12B Freiborne Formlubes 1 through 14 Freiborne Freibonds 1 through D20 Freiborne Freiborne Additive 1 Freiborne Freiborne Additive 2 Freiborne Freiborne Additive 3 Freiborne Freiborne Additive 4 Freiborne Freiborne Additive 5 Freiborne Additive 6 Additive 7 Additive 8 Additive 9 Additive 10 Additive 11 Additive 12 Additive 13 Additive 14 Additive 15 Conditioner 1 through 8 Etchant 1 and 2 Neutralizer 1 through 15 Freiborne Oils 1 through 3 Freiborne Pickle 1 and 2 Freiborne Stripper CS-1 Freiborne Stripper 1 through 4 Freibornite HZ through HZ4 Freibornite M.I.P. Freibornite M.P. Freicleans 1 through 50 Freidox 1 through 10 image: ------- Frekote, Incorporated 228 Frekote, Incorporated 2300 North Emerson Avenue Indianapolis IN 46218 FEE KOTE 11 THROUGH 29 Fremont Industries Inc Valley Industrial Park Shakopee MN 55379 Fremont 1 through 10,000 Friendly Systems, Div. of USAchem, Inc. 1330 E. Northgate Drive Irving TX 75062 Armour Guard Assist Avenger Bath-Maid BP-1 Break-Thru Carpet Treat Charade Chuck Full Cide Way Aerosol Clenforize Coil Armor Crown Touch D.O.A. Aerosol Desdesan Aerosol Double Fisted Downspout Fas-Foam Fas-Hand Fine-Style Aerosol Friendly Doctor Aerosol Greenrich ICE MELTING PELLETS Let-Go Aerosol Lineman Mark-Away Moist-Out (Bulk) Moist-Out Aerosol Move-On Muscle Naturalizer No-Scrub Aerosol Old Faithful PATCH MAGIC PC-400 Aerosol Pine-Point Please-Air Problem Solver (Bulk) Problem Solver Aerosol Right Spot Aerosol Sani-Breeze (Bulk) Sani-Breeze Aerosol SEWER MAGIC Sharpshooter Shear Glo (Bulk) Shear Glo Aerosol Single-Step Stalwart Star-Glo Steam Chisel STEP SURE STEP SURE - Gray STEP SURE - Green STEP SURE - Red Strike-Out Submit Super Strip (Bulk) Super Strip Aerosol Trail Blazer Aerosol Trol-I-Tron Undercoat Up-Lift Aerosol Wood-Aid Aerosol Frit Industries, Inc. P.O. Box 850 Jodie Parker Road Ozark AL 36360 B 1 - 100 BR 1 - 100 Croplex D.B. 1 - 10000 F 100 - 999 FAS FC 1 - 999 Frit Chelate Frit 100 - 999 Frit-SUL-ate FX 1 - 999 L.S. 1 - 999 MC 1 - 100 Mem 1000 - 9999 Multilizer Newday Nitra Zinc Rice PrePlant T 1 - 999 Tern 1 - 1000 Trigger Zincelizer image: ------- 229 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION GAF Corporation Future Chemicals Inc. 2872 Canterbury Road Westlake OH 44145 FUTURE CHEMICALS (All Products) G. Whitfield Richards Company 4202-10 Main Street Philadelphia PA 19127 "GWR" (ALL PRODUCTS) "GWR" OILS (ALL PRODUCTS) "GWR" WIRE DRAWING POWDER (ALL PRODUCTS) "NAL" OILS (ALL PRODUCTS) BRITE-WIRE GREASE (ALL PRODUCTS) DRAW-WELL (ALL PRODUCTS) FORGE-WELL (ALL PRODUCTS) FRIGIDOL (ALL PRODUCTS) GRIND-WELL (ALL PRODUCTS) LUBE-A-DIE (ALL PRODUCTS) LUBE-A-TUBE (ALL PRODUCTS) LUBE-WELL (ALL PRODUCTS) LUBRIC (ALL PRODUCTS) LUBRO (ALL PRODUCTS) NEAR-A-LARD (ALL PRODUCTS) NEUTROX (ALL PRODUCTS) NONE-SUCH (ALL PRODUCTS) OLD ENGLISH FINE WIRE DRAWING COMPOUND OLD ENGLISH SUPERFINE WIRE DRAW- ING COMP. OLD ENGLISH WIRE DRAWING POWDER (ALL PROD.) ORPINE PASTE VASTOLEIN PERFECTED LUBE-WELL (ALL PROD- UCTS) QUENCHWELL (ALL PRODUCTS) ROLL KLEAN (ALL PRODUCTS) SEMI-FLUID PERFECTED LUBE-WELL "X" COMP. SEMI-FLUID VASTOLEIN (ALL PROD- UCTS) UNISTEP (ALL PRODUCTS) GAF Corporation 140 West 51st Street New York NY 10020 Absorber 892-400 Cleaning Solution 260-370 Conditioning Fluid 3480 Dry Absorber 892-500 Film Cleaner 890-050 Imager II 3407 Masking Agent 892-101 Toner Concentrate 3482 Transparentizer 899-800 ACRYLOFT CODE 85X ACRYLOFT CONC CODE 85-XDS AGENT AT-548; 606; 651; 653; 665; 666 AGENT AT-667; 668; 695; 715; 717; 723 AGENT AT-739; 746; 747; 751; 752; 758 AGENT AT-759; 760; 764; 765; 776; 778 AGENT AT-780; 782; 793; 796; 798; 800 AGENT AT-801; 802; 803; 805; 806; 807 AGENT AT-810; 811; 812; 814; 816; 818 AGENT AT-819; 820; 821; 827; 831; 836 AGENT AT-839; 840; 844; 849; 850; 854 AGENT AT-855; 866; 867; 870; 871; 873 AGENT AT-876; 877; 878; 887; 888; 895 AGENT AT-901; 902; 903; 904; 908 AGENT CD-213 AGENT TC-102, 118; 132; 160 Cone; 165; AGENT TC-182; 202; 222 ALIPAL AB-436 ALIPAL CA-420 ALIPAL CD-128 ALIPAL CI-460 ALIPAL CO-433, CO-436 ALIPAL EP-110, EP-115, EP-120 ALIPAL SE-463 ALKAPEN EC-101 ANTARA DMS ANTARA LB-200, LB-400, LB-700 ANTARA LE-500, LE-600, LE-700 ANTARA LF-200 ANTARA LK-500 ANTARA LM-400, LM-600 ANTARA LP-700 ANTARA LS-500 ANTARON FC-34 ANTARON MC-44 ANTARON PC-37 ANTAROX BL-225, BL-240, BL-330, BL-344 ANTAROX G-200 ANTAROX LF-330, LF-344 ANTIFOAM PD-508 BIOPAL VRO-20, NR-20 BLACKOUT 11 BLANCOL; BLANCOL N BLO Brite Bond Floor Finish Brite Bond Seamweld BURKEM 288 BUTOXYNE 497 CARBONYL IRON POWDER C; CG; E; GQ- 4; CHEELOX B-13; BF-12; BF-13 CHEELOX BF-78; BF-88 CHEELOX FE-12; HE-24 CHEELOX NTA-14; NTA-NA3 CODE 325 Contico Asbestos Asphalt Coating- Contico Asphalt Roof Coating Contico Cold Application Cement Contico Foundation Coating Contico Plastic Cement COPOLYMER 982 CUTL-SS 50 DECROLINE D DEVELOPER 2A DIAZOPON AN; SS-837 DOOCOSOFT D-161-AR DUOWET-MER-186; SD-164 EMULPHOGENE BC-420; BC-610 EMULrilOGFNE BC-630, BC-720 EMULPHOGENE BC-730; BC-840 EMULPHOGENE DA-530; DA-630 EMULPHOGENE DA-639; TB-970 EMULPHOR AM-650; EL-620 EMULPHOR EL-719, EL-719G EMULPHOR EL-980; ON-870 EMULPHOR ON-877; VN-430 EMULPHOR VT-650 Fast Patch FB-1 Multipurpose Adhesive FB-10 Cove Base Adhesive FB-20 Roll-on Translucent Adhesive FB-40 Asphalt Emulsion Adhesive FB-50 Asphalt Cut-back Adhesive FB-200 Latex Flooring Adhesive FB-300 Dark Linoleum Paste FB-400 White Linoleum Paste FB-500 Foam Back Adhesive FINISH 78N FIRE RETARDANT RCA Floor Fix GAF Cold Method Cement GAF Concrete Primer GAF Driveway Sealer GAF Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating GAF Flashtite Cement GAF Floor Cleaner GAF Floor Finish GAF Jetblak Ail-Weather Plastic Cement GAF Jetblak Asphalt Coating GAF Jetblak Fibered Asphalt Coating GAF Jetblak Foundation Coating GAF Jetblak Plastic Cement GAF Lap Cement GAF LATEX, all numbers GAF Mica Weatherguard Coating GAF Mineral Shield Mastic GAF Shinglestik and Joint Sealer GAF Tar Base Foundation Coating GAF Tar Base Plastic Cement GAF Waterproof Flooring Adhesive GAF Weather Coat Emulsion image: ------- GAF Corporation 230 GAF Corporationócont'd GAFAC BH-650; BI-729; BI-750 GAFAC GB-520; LO-529 GAFAC MC-470; MC-470B GAFAC PE-510; RA-600 GAFAC RB-520B; RL-210 GAFAC RD-510; RE-410 GAFAC RE-610; RE-870; RE-960 GAFAC RM-410; RM-510; RM-710 GAFAC RO-310; RO-660 GAFAC RP-710; RS-410 GAFAC RS-610; RS-710 GAFAMIDE CDD-518 GAFCOTE SERIES F; SERIES R GAFITE, all numbers GAFQUAT 734; 755; 734M; 1-734 GAFSTAT AD-510; AE-610 GAFSTAT AS-610; AS-710 GAFSTAT NS; S; S-100 GAFTERGE LF-120; PW GAFTERGE S-lll GAFTERGE 317; AW-123 GAFTEX BH; CD-169; CDL GAFTEX CK-160; C-196 Antifoam GAFTEX COM-154; DN-159 GAFTEX KF; LN-110; LP-124 GAFTEX PC-150; PD-128 GAFTEX PD-504; PT; RA-195 GAFTEX RMS; RETARDER L GAFTEX SPN-187; TC-177 GAFTEX 317; 177A; 501 GANEX P-904; V-216 GANEX V-516; V-220 GANTREZ AN-119; AN-129 GANTREZ AN-139; AN-149 GANTREZ AN-169; AN-179 GANTREZ AN-901; AN-903 GANTREZ AN-8194; M-154 GANTREZ ES-225; ES-335 GANTREZ ES-425; ES-435 GANTREZ M-555; M-556 GANTREZ M-574; S-95 GANTREZ S-97 GANTRON S-860 GSB; HP; J; JX; KRM; KX; L; Met-1; HEXOL Q HYPEL GP-4 IGEPAL CA-210 to 950 IGEPAL CI-460 IGEPAL CO-130 to 997 IGEPAL CTA-639 IGEPAL DM 210 to 970 IGEPAL OD-410 IGEPAL RC-230 to 890 IGEPON AM-78; AC-78 IGEPON CN-42; T-33; T-43 IGEPON T-51; T-77; TC-42 IGEPON TE-42; TK-32; TM-42 IGEPON TM-43; TN-74 KATANOL-ATM-163; 387S; CD-5W; JC; JSC- 136 KATAPOL PN-430; PN-530 KATAPOL PN-810; VP-532 KATAPONE VV-328 KEMPLEX 100 WT KINGSOLVE SPA KNIGHTSET ACCETM-4; EM-3 KOLIMA 35; 55; 75 Latex Underlayment LUDIGOL F; 60 M-PYROL MONOPOL OIL 48; 75 MR; N Special; SF; SF-40; SF Special; NEKAL BX-78; BA-77; NF NEKAL WS-25; WT-27 NEUTRIGAN NMP PAWN BINDER PPE 511 5014 PEEM-122 Cone; 397; 410 PEREGAL D; 0; OK; ST PLASDONE CW; C-15; C-30 PLASDONE K-25; K-26/28; K-29/32; K-90 POLECTRON 130; 430 POLYCLAR AT; ATF; ATR; L; L Special POLYPLASDONE xl; inf PRESTABIT OIL V PREVENTOL I PVP IODINE PVP K-15; K-30; K-30LC: K-50 Solution; PVP K-60 solution; k-77; k-85; k-90 PVP K-90 Solution; k-100 PVP/VA E-335; E-535; E-635; E-735; S630 PVP/VA 235; 1-235; 1-335; 1-535; 1-735 SOLIDOGEN LT-13; AN-165 SOLVOFEN HM SOROMINEAT; CAZ-75 TANIGAN B TEXOL CONC GAFTEX 237 TH; THX; W THICKENER L; LN UVI-NOX 1494; 3100 UVINUL MS-40; N-35; N-539; T-348 UVINUL 490; D-49; DS-50; M-40; V-Pyrol Vinylweld II 2-PYROL Gardinier, Inc. P.O. Box 3269 Tampa FL 33601 Di-Mon Mon-A-Mon Gasflux Company, The 32 Hawthorne Street Elyria OH 44035 FLAMEFLUX GASFLUX image: ------- 231 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Color & Chemical Co., Inc. GCA Chemical Corporation 1058 Hope Street Stamford CT 06907 all "BORCHIGEN's" all "SUMIKACOAT's" all "SUMIKAPRINT's" all "SUMIPERSE's" all "SUMIPLAST's" all SCADOPLAST's all URAD's all URAFLOW's all URALAC's all URAPLAST's BORCHIGEN PB 60 BORCHIGEN STL BORCHIGEN 76 SCADOPLAST N77 SCADOPLAST N83 SCADOPLAST N90 SUMIKACOAT SC WHITE URAD 2468 SUMIKACOAT SC YELLOW RM SPECIAL URAD 2579 SUMIKACOAT SC YELLOW SRM URAFLOW B SUMIPLAST ORANGE HRP URALAC P1001 SUMIPLAST RED HFG URALAC P2127 SUMIPLAST RED HFG GP URALAC P2159 SUMIPLAST RED HFG-81 URALAC P2228 SUMIPLAST RED HF4G URALAC P2230 SUMIPLAST RED HF4G-GP URALAC P2347 SUMIPLAST RED HF4G-81 URALAC P2400 SUMIPLAST RED HL2B URALAC P2450 SUMIPLAST RED HL2B-GP URALAC P2610 SUMIPLAST RED HL2B-81 URALAC 235 SUMIPLAST YELLOW HGN URALAC 240 SUMIPLAST YELLOW HLR URALAC 245 SUMIPLAST YELLOW HL2R URAPLAST N83 General Color & Chemical Co., Inc. Rear Valley Street Rear Valley Street Minerva OH 44657 GC-102 GC-HO GC-112 GC-116 GC-118 GC-138 GC-140 GC-144 GC-200 GC-202 GC-204 GC-206 GC-210 GC-212 GC-214 GC-216 GC-300 GC-302 GC-304 GC-314 GC-318 GC-320 GC-322 GC-324 GC-336 GC-340 GC-400 GC-402 GC-404 GC-406 GC-408 GC-410 GC-412 Blue Olivine Blue Spinel Blue Olivine Blue Spinel Blue Spinel Blue Spinel Blue Olivine Blue Spine] Black Spinel Black Spinel Black Spinel Black Spinel Black Spinel Black Spinel Black Spinel Black Spinel Grey Spinel Grey Periclase Grey Periclase Grey Spinel Grey Classiterite Grey Classiterite Grey Cassiterite Grey Cassiterite Grey Cassiterite Grey Rutile Green Spinel Green Spinel Green Spinel Green Garnet Green Garnet Green Spinel Green Spinel GC-414 GC-416 GC-422 GC-442 GC-444 GC-446 GC-448 GC-452 GC-462 GC-502 GC-506 GC-510 GC-512 GC-514 GC-518 GC-528 GC-530 GC-544 GC-546 GC-548 GC-600 GC-602 GC-606 GC-608 GC-610 GC-612 GC-614 GC-616 GC-622 GC-626 GC-642 GC-644 GC-648 Bluegreen Spinel Bluegreen Spinel Green Garnet Green Spinel Green Spinel Bluegreen Spinel Bluegreen Spinel Bluegreen Spinel Green Garnet Baddeleyite Yellow Rutile Yellow Baddeleyite Yellow Cassiterite Buff Rutile Yellow Cassiterite Yellow Baddeleyite Yellow Rutile Yellow Pyrochlore Yellow Pyrochlore Yellow Cassiterite Pink Sphene Pink Sphene Pink Spinel Pink Sphene Pink Spinel Pink Sphene Pink Sphene Pink Sphene Pink Spinel Pink Sphene Pink Sphene Pink Sphene Pink Corundum GC-670 Pink Sphene GC-674 Pink Corundum GC-700 Brown Spinel GC-702 Brown Spinel GC-704 Brown Spinel GC-706 Brown Spinel GC-708 Brown Spinel GC-710 Brown Spinel GC-712 Brown Spinel GC-714 Brown Spinel GC-716 Brown Spinel GC-724 Brown Spinel GC-726 Brown Spinel GC-728 Brown Spinel GC-736 Brown Spinel GC-738 Brown Spinel GC-742 Brown Spinel GC-744 Brown Spinel GC-748 Brown Spinel GC-750 Brown Spinel GC-752 Brown Spinel GC-754 Brown Spinel GC-756 Brown Spinel GC-760 Brown Spinel GC-762 Brown Spinel GC-766 Brown Spinel GC-768 Brown Spinel GC-780 Brown Spinel GO4006 Green Spinel image: ------- General Electric Company 232 General Electric Company Silicone Products Department 1 Campbell Road Waterford NY 12188 AF60 CF1106 AF64 CF1110 AF66 CF1111 AF70 CF1142 AF72 CF1162 AF75 CF1172 AF90 CF1173 AF93 CF1184 Arnox CG311 ASST-LUBE CG320 ASST-SEAL CG321 AUTO-SEAL CG627 BETA1 CG628 BETA2 CG629 BETA4 CG675 BETAS CM620 Blensil CM2052 BORAZON(R) CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) CM2056 Carboloy Resin Capsules: CM2058 CC3566 CM2106 CE43 Copel resins CE45 CRTC6412 CE63 CRTV70 CE64 CRTV70B CE92 CRTV71 CE430 CRTV124G CE442 CRTV617 CE444 CRTV639 CE454 CRTV639C CE481 CRTV639D CE515 CRTV639E CE518 CRTV760 CE530 CRTV1048 CE902 CRTV1049 CE920 CRTV1078 CE1013 CRTV1412 CE1050A CRTV1413 CE1050U CRTV1419 CE1060 CRTV1423 CE1061SU CRTV1433 CE1061SU1 CRTV1450 CE1069-1 CRTV1458 CE1069-6 CRTV1470 CE1106 CRTV1471 CE1151 ' CRTV1474 CE3725U CRTV1476 CE3726U CRTV1478 CE3727U CRTV5103 CE3802UT CRTV5104 CE3808S CRTV5107 CE3812 CRTV5110 CE4016U CRTV5111 CE4018U CRTV5113 CE4019U CRTV5120 CE4033U CRTV5125 CE4304 CRTV5132 CE4405U CRTV5138 CE4417 CRTV5140 CE4512 CRTV5157 CE5010 CRTV5158 CE5302-2U CRTV5202 CE5552U CRTV5206 CE5630U CRTV5208A CE9025P CRTV5208B CE9046A CRTV6152 CE9087P CRTV6153 CE9089W CRTV6155 CF05 CRTV6156 CF09 CRTV6157 CRTV6157B CRTV6192 CRTV6192B CRTV6193 CRTV6194 CRTV6302 CRTV6405 CRTV6407 CRTV6408 CRTV6415 CRTV6416 CRTV6422 CRTV6424 CRTV6425 CRTV6501 CRTV6501B CRTV6622 CR105 CR134 CR154 CR166 CR197 CR201 CR212 CR225 CR228 CR465 CR495 CR523 CR524A CR524B CR525A CR525B CR526B CR544 CR563 CR568 CR623 CR625 CS4094 CS4095 CS4134 CS4152 CS4205 CS4257 DBT DF88 DF103 DF104 DF144 DF581 DF1040 Dielektrol I Dielektrol II Dri-Film Dura-mir mirrors EJCR121 EJC261 Electrisil FRV6440 FSE2120 FSE2620U F50 G 2224 G 2230 G 2236 G 2242 G 2248 G 2824 image: ------- 233 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Electric Company General Electric Companyócont'd G 2830 G 2836 G 3224 G 3230 G 3236 G.E. ADCLAD G.E. ADFR2 Laminate G.E. ADFE4 Laminate G.E. Decorative Surfacing G.E. FR-45 Laminate G.E. GEPEG Laminate G.E. HPM-78 Laminate G.E. PC-75 Laminate G.E. PC-75N Laminate G.E. PC-75Q Laminate G.E. PC-75V Laminate G.E. Perma-Kleen Floor Tile G.E. Perma-Lane Bowling Surface G.E. QCFR-4 Laminate G.E. Textolite ADFR2 G.E. Textolite ADFR4 G.E. Textolite Decorative Surfacing G.E. Textolite FR-45 G.E. Textolite GEPEG G.E. Textolite HPM-78 G.E. Textolite PC-75 G.E. Textolite PC-75N G.E. Textolite PC-75Q G.E. Textolite PC-75V G.E. Textolite QCFR-4 G.E. Textolite 113 G.E. Textolite 114 G.E. Textolite 115 G.E. Textolite 1841 G.E. Textolite 1846X G.E. Textolite 1848 G.E. Textolite 2001 G.E. Textolite 2008 G.E. Textolite 2013 G.E. Textolite 2029 G.E. Textolite 11387 G.E. Textolite 11388 G.E. Textolite 11389 G.E. Textolite 11390 G.E. Textolite 11508 G.E. Textolite 11512 G.E. Textolite 11546 G.E. Textolite 11548 G.E. Textolite 11549 G.E. Textolite 11556 G.E. Textolite 11558 G.E. Textolite 11559 G.E. Textolite 11571 G.E. Textolite 11572 G.E. Textolite 11574 G.E. Textolite 11577 G.E. Textolite 11602 G.E. Textolite 11628 G.E. Textolite 11635 G.E. Textolite 11637 G.E. Textolite 11641 G.E. Textolite 11660 G.E. Textolite 11673 G.E. Textolite 11676 G.E. Textolite 11680 G.E. Textolite 11681 G.E. Textolite 11692 G.E. Textolite 11695 G.E. Textolite 11702 G.E. Textolite 11710 G.E. Textolite 11730 G.E. Textolite 11800 G.E. Vertitex Decorative Surfacing G.E. 113 Laminate G.E. 114 Laminate G.E. 115 Laminate G.E. 1841 Laminate G.E. 1846X Laminate G.E. 1848 Laminate G.E. 2001 Laminate G.E. 2008 Laminate G.E. 2013 Laminate G.E. 2029 Laminate G.E. 11387 Laminate G.E. 11388 Laminate G.E. 11389 Laminate G.E. 11390 Laminate G.E. 11508 Laminate G.E. 11512 Laminate G.E. 11546 Laminate G.E. 11548 Laminate G.E. 11549 Laminate G.E. 11556 Laminate G.E. 11558 Laminate G.E. 11559 Laminate G.E. 11571 Laminate G.E. 11572 Laminate G.E. 11574 Laminate G.E. 11577 Laminate G.E. 11602 Laminate G.E. 11628 Laminate G.E. 11635 Laminate G.E. 11637 Laminate G.E. 11641 Laminate G.E. 11660 Laminate G.E. 11673 Laminate G.E. 11676 Laminate G.E. 11680 Laminate G.E. 11681 Laminate G.E. 11692 Laminate G.E. 11695 Laminate G.E. 11702 Laminate G.E. 11710 Laminate G.E. 11730 Laminate G.E. 11800 Laminate G.E. 12304 Resin G.E. 12336 Resin G.E. 12340 Resin G.E. 13122 Resin G.E. 13128 Resin G.E. 13178 Resin G.E. 13183 Resin G.E. 13184 Resin G.E. 13196 Resin G.E. 13197 Resin G.E. 13198 Resin G.E. 13300 Resin G.E. 13301 Resin G.E. 13302 Resin G.E. 13305 Resin G.E. 13307 Resin G.E. 13309 Adhesive G.E. 13310 Resin G.E. 13312 Resin G.E. 13313 Resin G.E. 13314 Resin G.E. 13315 Resin G.E. 13317 Resin G.E. 13330 Resin G.E. 13336 Adhesive G.E. 13340 Resin G.E. 13341 Resin G.E. 13342 Resin G.E. 13343 Resin G.E. 13345 Resin G.E. 13347 Resin G.E. 13349 Resin G.E. 13350 Resin G.E. 13352 Resin G.E. 13353 Resin G.E. 13354 Resin G.KTextolite 11695 GCSE 30 GE AI-620 GE AI-630 GE AW-1 GE C-1004 GE C-1017 GE C-1018 GE C-1023 GE C-1031 GE C-1032 GE C-1033 GE C-1034 GE C-1035 GE C-1036 GE C-1037 GE C-1038 GE C-1040 GE C-1041 GE C-1042 GE C-1049 GE C-1051 GE C-1052 GE C-1055 GE C-1056 GE C-1057 GE C-1059 GE C-1068 GE C-1076 GE C-1082 GE C-1083 GE C-1095 GE C-1103 GE C-1110 GE C-llll GE C-1112 GE C-1113 GE C-1117 GE C-1118 GE C-1119 GE C-1120 GE C-1122 GE C-1123 GE C-1125 GE C-1126 GE C-1134 GE C-1135 GE C-1141 GE C-1143 GE C-1144 GE C-1145 GE C-1146 GE C-1147 GE C-1148 GE C-1160 GE C-1160A GE C-1160B GE C-1164 GE C-1168 GE C-1169 GE C-1170 GE C-1172 GE C-1173 GE C-1174 GE C-1175 GE C-1176 GE C-1178 GE C-1180 GE C-1181 GE C-1182 image: ------- General Electric Company 234 General Electric Companyócont'd GE C-1185 GE C-1187 GE C-1188 GE C-1190 GE C-1191 GE C-1313 GE C-1316 GE C-1317 GE C-1318 GE C-1318A GE C-1318B GE C-1319 GE C-1321 GE C-1321A GE C-1321B GE C-1322 GE C-1323 GE C-1324 GE C-1325 GE C-1326 GE C-1327 GE C-1331 GE C-1332 GE C-1333 GE CE-237 GE CE-387 GE CE-420 GE CE-453 GE CE-491 GE CE-514 GE CE-528 GE CE-707A GE CE-709 GE CE-731 GE CE-744 GE CE-745 GE CE-758 GE CE-777 GE CE-798 GE CE-799 GE CE-807 GE CE-849 GE CE-871 GE CE-910 GE CE-911 GE CE-912 GE CE-927 GE CE-928 GE CE-968 GE CE-969 GE CE-971 GE CE-989 GE CE-991 GE CE-991C GE CE-992 GE CE-994 GE CL-106 GE Penants 64COXX-X GE Penants 65BO86-X GE Penants 65C02X-X GE S-1193 GE S-1194 GE S-1195 GE S-1199 GE S-1300 GE Termi-Kit XT-XX-X GE Uni-Kits SS-X-X GE Uni-Kits TS-X-X GE ZV 3577 GE 68A044-001 GE 71A058-001 GE 111-153 GE 111-167 GE 111-170 GE 111-171 GE 111-172 GE 111-174 GE 111-177 GE 111-178 GE 111-181 GE 113-057 GE 113-058 GE 113-059 GE 113-060 GE 131 GE 201 GE 202 GE 210 GE 271 GE 462 GE 505 GE510 GE 634 GE 701-A GE 701-B GE 702-A GE 702-B GE 702-C GE 704-A GE 704-B GE 707-A GE 707-B GE 708-A GE 708-B GE 775 GE 776 GE 777-A GE 777-B GE 777-C GE 880 GE 991 GE 992 GE 1153 GE 1156 GE 1201 GE 1201A GE 1201B GE 1202 GE 1209 GE 1211 GE 1212 GE 1248 GE 1272 GE 1276 GE 1286 GE 1500 GE 1511-F GE 1511-M GE 1514 GE 1553 GE 1557 GE 1559 GE 1630 GE 1631 GE 1636 GE 1640 GE 1786 GE 1822-XS GE 1842-XS GE 1859-XS GE 1868-XS GE 1871-XS GE 1881-XS GE 1882-XS GE 1885-XS GE 1890-XS GE 1891-XS GE 1893-XS GE 1895-XS GE 1897-XS GE 1900-XS GE 1902-XS GE 1904-XS GE 1905-XS GE 1906-XS GE 1907-XS GE 1908-XS GE 1909-XS GE 2142-GN GE 2458 GE 2600 GE 2704A GE 2707 GE 2851 GE 2864 GE 2867 GE 3255 GE 3285 GE 3330 GE 3332 GE 3405 GE 3575 GE 5268 GE 5550 GE 6010 GE 6028 GE 6077 GE 6161 GE 6176 GE 6197 GE 6206 GE 6217 GE 6262 GE 6272 GE 6274 GE 6278 GE 6323 GE 6352 GE 6358 GE 6366 GE 6408 GE 6447 GE 6524 GE 6527 GE 6537 GE 6538 GE 6576 GE 6603 GE 6622 GE 6623 GE 6632 GE 6638 GE 6652 GE6683 GE 6700 GE 6707 GE 6710 GE 6755 GE 6756 GE 7002 GE 7031 GE 7056 GE 7057 GE 7059 GE 7061 GE 7201 GE 7202 GE 7204 GE 7225 GE 7226 GE 7228 image: ------- 235 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Electric Company General Electric Companyócont'd GE 7251 GE 7254 GE 7351 GE 7496 GE 7526-F GE 7529 GE 7710 GE 7710R GE 7711 GE 7815 GE 7871 GE 7920 GE 7931 GE 7951 GE 7958 GE 7988 GE 8001 GE 8012 GE 8112 GE 8135 GE 8162B GE 8380 GE 8501 GE 8525 GE 8527 GE 8528 GE 8531 GE 8532 GE 8704 GE 8705 GE 8710 GE 8718 GE 8735 GE 8740 GE 8741 GE 8742 GE 8743 GE 8744 GE 8745 GE 8746 GE 8747 GE 8803A GE 8805K GE 8807B GE 8808GLF GE 8809L GE 8810C GE 8811D GE 8814E GE 8845F GE 88721 GE 8887H GE 8895J GE 8912 GE 8974 GE 8975 GE 8982 GE 9077 GE 9399A GE 9401 GE 9402 GE 9424 GE 9428 GE 9504A GE 9515 GE 9516 GE 9517 GE 9519 GE 9522 GE 9620 GE 9621 GE 9632 GE 9637 GE 9637-AP GE 9921 GE 9922 GE 18235 GE 42003 GE 42004 GE 42005 GE 42007 GE 42013 GE 42031 GE 42075 GE 73021 GE 73027 GE 73029 GE 73034 GE 73039 GE 73041 GE 73042 GE 73043 GE 73044 GE 73101 GE 73102 GE 73103 GE 73112 GE 73114 GE 73115 GE 73116 GE 73117 GE 73118 GE 73119 GE 73120 GE 73121 GE 73122 GE 73123 GE 73124 GE 73125 GE 73126 GE 73127 GE 73151 GE 73154 GE 73156 GE 73160 GE 73161 GE 73162 GE 73163 GE 73164 GE 73505 GE 73514 GE 73517 GE 73517-C GE 73517-D GE 73522 GE 73523-A GE 73523-B GE 73524 GE 73526-A GE 73526-B GE 73527 GE 73528 GE 73529-A GE 73529-B GE 73534 GE 74000-A GE 74001 GE 74004 GE 74006 GE 74007-A GE 74008-A GE 74010 GE 74011 GE 74012 GE 74015 GE 74018 GE 74019 GE 74021 GE 74023 GE 74024 GE 74026 GE 74027 GE 74028 GE 74100 GE 74101 GE 74106 GE 74107 GE 74108 GE 74109 GE 74110 GE 75024 GE 75025 GE 75029 GE 75030 GE 75516 GE 76003 GE 76027 GE 76029 GE 76400 GE 76400H GE 76401 GE 76401H GE 76402 GE 76402H GE 76403 GE 76403H GE 76404 GE 76404H GE 76405 GE 76410 GE 76411 GE 76412 GE 76413 GE 76414 GE 76496 GE 76497 GE 76498 GE 76499 GE 76502 GE 76502R GE 76504 GE 76504P GE 76505 GE 76505R GE 76506 GE 76507 GE 76508 GE 76509 GE 76511A GE 76512 GE 76512R GE 76519 GE 76520 GE 76528 GE 76532P GE 76535 GE 76537 GE 76538 GE 76539 GE 76565 GE 76566 GE 76567 GE 76570 GE 76571 GE 76574 GE 76576 GE 76578 GE 76585 GE 76590 GE 76590P GE 76591 image: ------- General Electric Company 236 General Electric Companyócont'd GE 76591P GE 76592 GE 76592P GE 76593 GE 76594 GE 76596 GE 76596P GE 76598 GE 76599 GE 76601 GE 76710 GE 76830 GE 76831 GE 76832 GE 76835 GE 76841 GE 76842 GE 76843 GE 76844 GE 76845 GE 76850 GE 76851 GE 76852 GE 76853 GE 76854 GE 76854R GE 76855 GE 76855R GE 76856 GE 76857 GE 76857R GE 76858 GE 76858R GE 77011 GE 77012 GE 77013 GE 77014 GE 77015 GE 77017 GE 77019 GE 77107 GE 77109 GE 77112 GE 77200 GE 77305A GE 77307 GE 77308 GE 77309 GE 77310 GE 77352 GE 77354 GE 77504 GE 77520 GE 77521 GE 77522 GE 77523 GE 77595R GE 77808 GE 77810 GE 77811 GE 77826 GE 77828 GE 77829 GE 77830 GE 77851 GE 77862 GE 77863 GE 77865 GE 77866 GE 77869 GE 77870 GE 77876 GE 77878 GE 77879 GE 77880 GE 77887 GE 77888 GE 77891 GE 77902 GE 77903 GE 77904 GE 77906 GE 77910 GE 77911R GE 77912 GE 77915 GE 77916 GE 77917 GE 77918 GE 77919 GE 77920 GE 77921 GE 77922 GE 77923 GE 77924 GE 77926 GE 77927 GE 77928 GE 77929 GE 77930 GE 77931 GE 77932 GE 77933 GE 77934 GE 77935 GE 77937 GE 77938 GE 77940 GE 77941 GE 77942 GE 77943 GE 77946 GE 77947 GE 77948 GE 77949 GE 77955R GE 77956R GE 77958 GE 78017 GE 78025 GE 78052 GE 78053 GE 78054 GE 78067 GE 78300 GE 78303 GE 81062 GE 86009 GE 86700 GE 86701 GE 91201 GE 43005654 GE 43005676 GE 43005692 GE-146E GE-701 GE-702 GE-704 GE-707 GE-6050 GE-6337 GE-6647 GE-74010-A GE-76003-P GE-76500 GE-76501 GE-76502-R GE-76503 GE-76599-A GE-76599-B GE-76599-F GE-76599D GE-77353 GE-77820 GE-77828-R GE-77830-R GE-77855 GE-77887-R GE-77903-R GE-77915-R GE-77917-R GE-77920-R GE-77925 GE-77931-R GE-77939 GE-77955 GE-77956 Geconol GEC1AH08 GEC5AB06 GEC5AC13 GEC5AE06 GEC5AP08 GEC5MR40 GEC12C03 GEC12L03 GEC12L12 GEC14AOCP GEC14A01P GEC14A03P GEC14C03 GEC14L03 GEC14L12 GEC54H15 GEC54W03 GEC55H03 GEC55H15 GEC740S1 GEC740S3 GEC1182 GEC1183 GEC1184 GEC1189 GEC12007 GEC12008 GEC12016 GEC12032 GEC14055 GEC52003 GEC53003 GEC54003 GEC55003 GEC55055 GEC56002 Genal resins Gensil Glaza-Lex GLUE-1 GLUE-2 Grabber chairmats GROUT G250 G300 G305M G322L G330M G341F G341L G341M G351 G351M image: ------- 237 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Electric Company General Electric Companyócont'd G392 G620 G622 G623 G624 G635 G641 G642 G643 G651 G661 G662 G671 G685 G687 G692 G697 HFM14 HFM14B HFM34 HFM45 HFM45A HFM45B IGS3103 IGS3109 IGS3204 IGS3204A IGS3204B Lexa-Pane Lexan FiJm Lexan FL C95 foaming concentrate Lexan FL resins Lexan LS resins Lexan ML resins Lexan PKG resins Lexan resins Lexan RL resins Lexan Sheet Lexgard BR laminates Lexgrip Adhesive LR resins LUBE-PEN L24 Man-Made (T) Diamond MC383BK1 MC550BK1 MC550BK2 MC550GY1 MC550GY2 MC550WH1 MC554BK1 Methylon coating resins MR10 MR20 MR30 MR40 MR50 MR60 Noryl EN resins Noryl FN C20 foaming concentrate Noryl FN resins Noryl FX resins Noryl GFN resins Noryl N resins Noryl PN resins Noryl PX resins Noryl resins Noryl RN resins PDOX foaming agent PF42G150 PF43G150 PF52G150 Polyblast PPO resins Protect-a-glaze sheet PSE710A01 PSE720A PSE720A02 PSE720A03 PSE720A11 PSE720L PSE720L01 PSE720L02 PSE720L03 PSE720L11 PSE720N PSE720N01 PSE720N02 PSE720N03 PSE720N11 PSE780A PSE780A01 PSE780A02 PSE780A03 PSE780A05 PSE780A07 PSE780A19 PSE780L PSE780L01 PSE780L02 PSE780L03 PSE780L05 PSE780L07 PSE780L11 PSE780L19 PSE780L20 PSE780L23 PSE780L24 PSE780L27 PSE780N PSE780N01 PSE780N02 PSE780N03 PSE780R PSE780R01 PSE780R02 PSE780R03 PSE780R05 PSE785A PSE785A01 PSE785A02 PSE785A05 PSE785L PSE785L01 PSE785L02 PSE785L03 PSE785L05 PSE785L07 PSE785L11 PSE785L13 PSE785L16 PSE785L19 PSE785L23 PSE785P19 PSE785R PSE785R01 PSE785R02 PSE785R03 PSE785R05 PSE785R07 PSE785R11 PSE785R13 PSE785R16 PSE785R18 PSE785R19 PSE785R20 PSE785R23 PSE786L01 PSE786L11 PSE786L13 PSE790A02 PSE790A03 PSE790A11 PSE790L01 PSE790L02 PSE790L03 PSE790L19 PSE792A PSE792N PSE792N01 PSE7805A03 RTV7 RTV11 RTV21 RTV24 RTV26 RTV26B RTV28 RTV28B RTV31 RTV41 RTV60 RTV77 RTV88 RTV90 RTV102 RTV103 RTV106 RTV108 RTV109 RTV112 RTV116 RTV118 RTV124 RTV133 RTV142 RTV147 RTV148 RTV154 RTV156 RTV157 RTV158 RTV159 RTV162 RTV174 RTV222 RTV222A RTV222B RTV224 RTV226 RTV228 RTV232 RTV233 RTV237 RTV511 RTV560 RTV566 RTV567 RTV577 RTV602 RTV615 RTV615B RTV616 RTV616B RTV619 RTV619B RTV627 RTV627A RTV627B RTV630 image: ------- General Electric Company 238 General Electric CompanyócorA'A RTV630B RTV632 RTV632B RTV634 RTV634B RTV652 RTV652B RTV655 RTV655B RTV662 RTV662B RTV664 RTV664B RTV668 RTV668B RTV670 RTV678 RTV678B RTV680 RTV680B RTV700 RTV910 RTV921 RTV1012 RTV1016 RTV1029 RTV1033 RTV1038 RTV1041 RTV1100 RTV1473 RTV1476 RTV6425 RTV7134 RTV7328 RTV7362 RTV8018 RTV8111 RTV8112 RTV8268 RTV9803 RTV9811 RTV9858 RTV9891 RTV9910 RTV9910LV RTV9930 RTV9930LV RTV9950 RTV9950LV S 2224 S 2230 S 2236 S 2242 S 2248 S 2824 S 2830 S 2836 S 3224 S 3230 S 3236 SCM501C SCM3007C SCM3304 SCM3308 SCM3504 SCM3551 SCM3553 SCM3554 SCM3556 SCM3557 SCM3558 SCP3150 SCP3153 SCP3154 SCP3155 SCP3158 SCP3159 SCS1201 SCS1201G SCS1201R SCS1201S SCS1201W SCS1203 SCS1203G SCS1203R SCS1203S SCS1203W SCS1204 SCS1204G SCS1204S SCS1204W SCS1209 SCS1209G SCS1209W SCS1228 SCS1228W SCS1262 SCS1262W SCS1293 SCS1293W SCS1297 SCS1297W SCS1702 SCS1752 SCS1803 SCS1809 SCS1820 SCS1897 SCS2003 SCS2003F SCS2004 SCS2004F SCS2009 SCS2009F SCS2020 SCS2020F SCS2040 SCS2097 SCS2097F SCS2106 SCS2110 SCS2116 SCS2125 SCS2153 SCS2201R SCT1534 SCT1535 SCT1536 SCT1594 SCT1595 SCT1596 SC3001 SC3002 SC3636 SC3700 SC3705 SC3900 SC3922 SC3923 SC3933 SE30 SE32 SE33 SE36 SE44U SE62 SE54 SE76 SE88U SE100SU SE100U SE1010U SE105 SE107 SE116 SE117 SE400 SE400U-8 SE404 SE404E SE406 SE407 SE412 SE415 SE421 SE435 SE436U SE444 SE450 SE452U SE453 SE456U SE458U-8 SE463 SE465 SE469 SE472U SE475 SE476U SE476U-8 SE478 SE479 SE480 SE481 SE482U SE484 SE501U SE503 SE505 SE510 SE517 SE525U SE546U SE547U SE550 SE550U SE555U SE556U SE557U SE565U SE567SU SE567U SE701U SE722A SE722A01 SE722A02 SE722A03 SE722A04 SE722A05 SE722A06 SE722A07 SE722A08 SE722A09 SE722A11 SE722A12 SE722A13 SE722A23 SE722D SE722D01 SE722N image: ------- 239 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Electric Company General Electric Companyócont'd SE722N01 SE722N11 SE722U SE725A SE725A01 SE725A02 SE725A03 SE725A11 SE725A13 SE725L SE725L01 SE725L02 SE725L03 SE725L11 SE725N SE725N01 SE725N02 SE725N03 SE725N07 SE725N11 SE725P SE725P01 SE725R01 SE725R02 SE725R03 SE725R11 SE725R13 SE725U SE725W SE725W01 SE758A SE758A01 SE758A02 SE758A03 SE758A08 SE758A11 SE758A15 SE758A17 SE758L SE758L01 SE758L17 SE758N01 SE758R17 SE758U SE780U SE780U01 SE785U SE900 SE903 SE904 SE975A SE975N SE975U SE1019U SE1032U SE1064U SE1067U SE1082 SE1170U SE1175 SE1175N03 SE1175N02 SE1175N08 SE1175N16 SE1176 SE1177U SE1403 SE3509U SE3604U SE3614 SE3614U SE3618U SE3701U SE3704U SE3709U SE3715U SE3723U SE3724U SE3802U SE3802UN SE3803C SE3803N SE3803U SE3804U SE3808B SE3808BW SE3808C SE3808N SE3808S SE3808U SE3813U SE3827P SE3827U SE3830 SE3832 SE4011U SE4204LV SE4204U SE4207 SE4208U SE4209U SE4210U SE4214C SE4215 SE4224C SE4304U SE4305A SE4305U SE4306-2U SE4401U SE4404U SE4404U-8 SE4410U SE4412 SE4419U SE4420U SE4425U SE4511U SE4523U SE4524U SE4539U SE4540U SE4542U SE4550U SE4552C SE4552K SE4556C SE4556K SE4594U SE4611U SE4614U SE4624U SE4627U SE4629U SE4633U SE4661U SE4669U SE4710C SE4710K SE4711U SE4770U SE4772C SE4772K SE4776C SE4776K SE4811U SE4815U SE4825U SE5002U SE5206U SE5211U SE5218U SE5401U SE5406U SE5504U SE5527U SE5540U SE5548U SE5549U SE5553U SE5554U SE5559A SE5559AH SE5559L SE5559LH SE5559PH SE5559U SE5560U SE5563U SE5601U SE5701U SE5702U SE5759U SE7501U SE7550U SE7600C SE7600CW SE7600CX SE7600K SE7600KW SE7600KX SE7600U SE7602U SE7603U SE9008A SE9008D SE9008N SE9011A SE9011A01 SE9011A02 SE9011A03 SE9011D SE9011N SE9011N01 SE9011P SE9011U SE9014A03 SE9016-1A SE9016-1U SE9021A SE9022-1A SE9022A SE9022C SE9022C01 SE9022C02 SE9022C03 SE9022N SE9022P SE9022U SE9022W SE9025U SE9028A SE9028A01 SE9028A02 SE9028A03 SE9028N SE9028U SE9031W SE9032U SE9034 SE9034A image: ------- General Electric Company 240 General Electric Companyócont'd SE9034HC SE9034N SE9034N25 SE9034N45 SE9034N75 SE9034V SE9034V25 SE9034V45 SE9034V75 SE9035A SE9035A01 SE9035A02 SE9085A03 SE9035A07 SE9035A09 SE9035A11 SE9035A13 SE9035L01 SE9035L02 SE9035L03 SE9035L09 SE9035L10 SE9035L11 SE9035N SE9035N01 SE9035P SE9035P01 SE9035P02 SE9035P07 SE9035U SE9042 SE9044A SE9044A02 SE9044A03 SE9044A11 SE9044U SE9046A SE9046U SE9057U SE9058A SE9058N SE9058U SE9070A SE9073A SE9073A04 SE9073A13 SE9073V SE9073V13 SE9084A SE9084A01 SE9084A03 SE9084A04 SE9084A11 SE9084A16 SE9084U SE9084W SE9084W03 SE9084W04 SE9087A SE9087A11 SE9087L SE9087L11 SE9087N SE9087N11 SE9087P SE9087R01 SE9087U SE9089A SE9089A03 SE9089N SE9089U SE9089W SE9089W01 SE9090A SE9090A01 SE9090A02 SE9090A03 SE9090A04 SE9090A05 SE9090A06 SE9090A08 SE9090A15 SE9090N SE9090N01 SE9090N02 SE9090N03 SE9090N11 SE9090P SE9090P01 SE9090P02 SE9090P03 SE9090U SE9090W SE9090W01 SE9090W02 SE9090W03 SE9090W04 SE9090W11 SE9091X05 SE9093U SE9093X SE9095 SE9095A01 SE9095A02 SE9095A03 SE9095A04 SE9095A05 SE9095A06 SE9095A07 SE9095A11 SE9095A12 SE9095A13 SE9095A18 SE9095A20 SE9095L SE9095L01 SE9095L02 SE9095L03 SE9095N SE9095N01 SE9095N02 SE9095N03 SE9095R SE9095R01 SE9095R02 SE9095R03 SE9095R11 SE9095R13 SE9095U SE9096A SE9096A01 SE9096A02 SE9096A03 SE9096A04 SE9096A05 SE9096A11 SE9098U SE9101U SE9104A SE9104A01 SE9104A02 SE9104A03 SE9104U SE9104W SE9104W01 SE9104W02 SE9104W03 SE9104W05 SE9104W06 SE9104W08 SE9104W11 SE9104W22 SE9105N SE9105U SE9106A SE9106A01 SE9106A02 SE9106A03 SE9106A11 SE9106L SE9106L01 SE9106L02 SE9106L03 SE9106L11 SE9106N SE9106U SE9108A SE9110L SE9110L01 SE9110L02 SE9110L03 SE9110L05 SE9110L07 SE9110L11 SE9110L16 SE9110L19 SE9110L23 SE9110L24 SE9111A SE9111N SE9112A SF18 SF69 SF81 SF96 SF97 SF99 SF602 SF605 SF1023 SF1029 SF1066 SF1080 SF1088 SF1091 SF1093 SF1128 SF1134 SF1141 SF1147 SF1147-HV SF1153 SF1154 SF1154-LV SF1164 SF1179 SF1196 SF1198 SF1199 SF1221 SF1250 SF1271 SF1093100 SF1093500 Signbond 100/300 Adhesive Silglaze Silgrip Silmate Silpruf SM55 SM62 image: ------- 241 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Electric Company General Electric Companyócont'd SM70 SM2013 SM2014C SM2028 SM2033 SM2035 SM2040 SM2050 SM2054 SM2055C SM2057 SM2061 SM2064 SM2068 SM2069 SM2073 SM2083 SM2116 SM2117C SM2118C SM2125C SM2129 SM2130C SM2133 SM2135 SM2137 SM2140 SM2150 SM2153 SM2154 SM2155 SM2156 SM2162 SM2163 SRC04 SRC05 SRC06 SRC18 SR17M SR28 SR32 SR80 SR82 SR98 SR112 SR125 SR131 SR141 SR155 SR165 SR176 SR182 SR191 SR193 SR224 SR231 SR235 SR240 SR244 SR262 SR323 SR324 SR350 SR355 SR421 SR422 SR431 SR474 SR496 SR516 SR520 SR529 SR537 SR542 SRS45 SR573 SRS74 SR585 SR595 SR707 SR5686 SR6155 SR6305 SR6426 SR6427 SR6535 SR6776 SR6777 SSE9112N SS07 SS07U SS67 SS91 SS4004 SS4009 SS4012C SS4027 SS4029 SS4034 SS4044 SS4056 SS4088 SS4098 SS4120 SS4124 SS4150 SS4155 SS4163C SS4164 SS4171 SS4177 SS4179 SS4191 SS4192C SS4193C SS4199C SS4211 SS4215 SS4218 SS4251 SS4254 SS4255 SS4259C SS4261C SS4266 SS4268 SS4269 SS4273 SS4275 SS4276 SS4290 SS4299 SS4300C SS4305 STO SW101 TBS757 TBS757B TBS758 TBS758B Valox DR resins Valox FV resins Valox resins Versilube Vexan VIPA-60 VIPA-61 Viscasil VISC5M VISC10M VISC12M VISC30M VISC60M VISC100M VISC300M VISC600M VL240 VL280 VL330 VL350 VL370 VL540 X-76 resins X-118 resins XB-1 resins XE60 104-2953 22001 22003 22006 22020 22026 22030 22035 22041 22042 22048 22054 22055 22059 22061 22062 22067 22068 22069 22070 22100 22104 22138 22147 22148 22155 22157 22160 22161 22163 22164 22165 22166 22167 22168 22169 22170 22171 22172 22173 22174 22175 22176 24005 24031 24037 24038 24053 24054 24070 24073 24110 24116 24188 24190 image: ------- General Electric Company 242 General Electric Companyócont'd 24273 24323 24378 24449 24449A 24449L 24454 24473 24478 24530 24531 24534 24542 24543 24544 24547 24555 24560 24578 24586 24588 24592 24593 24608 24610 24611 24613 24621 24636 24659 24663 24671 24680 24684 24692 24693 24695 24701 24703 24704 24707 24715 24722 24732 24734 24738 24741 24749 24763 24765 24772 24773 24775 24784 24791 24792 24793 24797 24798 24813 24816 24817 24825 24826 24830 24832 24834 24836 24837 24838 24842 24845 24847 24848 24849 24850 24854 24855 24857 24858 24859 24867 24870 24872 24873 24876 24877 24879 24882 24883 24884 24885 24886 24887 24888 24889 24890 24891 24892 24893 24894 24895 24897 24898 24899 24900 24901 24902 24903 24904 24953 24954 24955 24961 24963 24968 24975 24980 24983 24984 24985 24986 24987 24988 24989 24990 24991 25002 25033 25059 25061 25068 25074 25075 25082 25087 25090 25091 25092 25093 25094 25095 25096 25097 25098 25099 25100 25101 25102 25103 25104 25105 25111 25112 50016 50050 50051 50064 50067 50088 50202 50204 50206 50207 50208 50210 50211 50302 50304 50802 222020 224611 256171DP 256201DP 256331DP 256451DP 257201D 257301D 2567012 2567112 2567312 2567512 2567712 2571712 2587001 2587003 2587004 2587006 2587008 2587010 2587011 2587012 2587013 2587018 2587019 2587025 2587030 2587050 2587300 2587400 2587500 2587500R 2587800 2587900 image: ------- 243 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Mills Chemicals, Inc. General Latex and Chemical Corporation 666 Main Street Cambridge MA 02139 H & C Centrifuged High Ammonia Latex Vultafoam H & C Centrifuged Low Ammonia Latex Vultafroth Vul-Disperse Vultamer Vult-Acet Vultathane Vult-Acryl Vultex Vultex Latex Chemicals Vultex Thickeners Vultex Wax Emulsions General Mills Chemicals, Inc. Dave Andree 1 Mill Street Kenedy TX 78119 Adhesion Promoter AP-828-P ALAMAC 11C ALAMINE H-26 ALAMINE H-26-3 ALAMINE H-26D ALAMINE H526 ALAMINE H526W ALAMINE H526X ALAMINE 4 ALAMINE 4D ALAMINE 7D ALAMINE 11 ALAMINE 11C ALAMINE 11C-R ALAMINE 11D ALAMINE 15D ALAMINE 21 ALAMINE 21D ALAMINE 26 ALAMINE 26D ALAMINE 60 ALAMINE 304 ALAMINE 308 ALAMINE 310 ALAMINE 336 ALAMINE 521-W ALIPHAT 34G ALIPHAT 34R ALIPHAT 34S ALIPHAT 34W ALIPHAT 37 ALIPHAT 44R ALIPHAT 47 ALIPHAT 1047 ALIQUAT H226 ALIQUAT H226-W ALIQUAT H226-1 ALIQUAT H226-2 ALIQUAT H226-75IPA ALIQUAT 4 ALIQUAT 21 ALIQUAT 26 ALIQUAT 221 ALIQUAT 221W ALIQUAT 264 ALIQUAT 336 ALIQUAT 483-1 ALIQUAT 726 ALITRILE B-26 ALITRILE B21D ALITRILE B26D ALITRILE 4D ALITRILE 5D ALITRILE 11CD ALITRILE 11D ALITRILE 15D ALITRILE 21D ALITRILE 26 ALITRILE 26D ALITRILE 34D ALITRILE 34WD AMATEX C-5 AMATEX CAP AMATEX F-6 AMATEX F-7 AMATEX P AMATEX PB AMATEX PM AMATEX S-2 AMATEX 83 AMATEX 100 AMATEX 140 AMATEX 284 AMATEX 300 AMATEX 640 AMATEX 641 AMATEX 642 AMATEX 935 AMATEX 935A AMATEX 935B AMATEX 935G AMATEX 1065 AMATEX 1066 Amine A-100 APN-11C APN-21 APN-26 AYTEX C AYTEX P AYTEX SD A21P A21SD Barabond 4007 Barabond 4007B Burtonite 7 Carbamoylethyl Guar Cold Pressed COSMEDIA A-383 COSMEDIA C-261 COSMEDIA C-854 COSMEDIA N294 COVI-OX T-50 COVISEC Concentrate COVISEC T.S.L. COVISEC 20-M COVISEC 100M COVISEC 125M COVISEC 227-M COVISEC 500-M COVITOL F-350 COVITOL F-600 COVITOL F-745 COVITOL F-1000 COVITOL S-500 COVITOL S-1000 COVITOL SF-1100 COVITOL 544 COVITOL 700 COVITOL 750 COVITOL 1000 COVITOL 1100 COVITOL 1210 COVITOL 1360 CRYSTAL CLAD EP-2100 DDI-1410 DERIPHAT 150C DERIPHAT 151 DERIPHAT 151C DERIPHAT 154 DERIPHAT 154C DERIPHAT 160 DERIPHAT 160C DERIPHAT 170B DERIPHAT 170C DFE-302 DIAM G-21 DIAM 11 DIAM 11C DIAM 11C-M DIAM 21 DIAM 26 Dimer Nitrile Dimer Nitrogen 51342 Dimer Nitrogen 51442 Dimer Nitrogen 52342 EDI-GEL 90 F-4 F-6 F-7 F-ll F-12 FU-2 FU-6 FU-7 G-CRYL 811S G-CRYL 823S G-CRYL 825S G-CURE 867 G-CURE 867RWF60 G-CURE 867RX60 G-CURE 868 G-CURE 868RWF60 G-CURE 868RX60 G-CURE 869 G-CURE 869RWF50 G-CURE 869RX50 G-5 G-8 image: ------- General Mills Chemicals, Inc. 244 General Mills Chemicals, Inc.ó cont'd G-26 G-27 G-30 GALACTASOL SS GALACTASOL 210 GALACTASOL 211X GALACTASOL 212 GALACTASOL 213 GALACTASOL 245 GALACTASOL 255 GALACTASOL 411 GALACTASOL 411D GALACTASOL 411W GALACTASOL 411WD GALACTASOL 413 GALACTASOL 413D GALACTASOL 413W GALACTASOL 413WD GALACTASOL 415 GALACTASOL 416 GALACTASOL 423 GALACTASOL 510 GALACTASOL 515 GALACTASOL 615 GALACTASOL 620 GALACTASOL 625 GALACTASOL 640 GALACTASOL 811 GALACTASOL 813 GALACTASOL 815 GALACTASOL 817 GALAXY DA GALAXY DA-6 GALAXY DAK GALAXY DC GALAXY DC-6 GALAXY DN GALAXY DN-86 GALAXY DN-92 GALAXY DNP GALAXY DWS GALAXY F GALAXY LA GALAXY UF GALAXY XB GALAXY 683 GALAXY 707D GALAXY 708 GALAXY 708D GALAXY 748 GALAXY 755 GALAXY 756 GALAXY 758 GALAXY 760 GALAXY 763 GALAXY 790 GALAXY 792 GALAXY 796 GALAXY 797 GALAXY 1050 GALAXY 1069 GALAXY 1069J GALAXY 1074 Gen Vis GEN-PRO GENAMID 250 GENAMID 788 GENAMID 2000 GENAMID 5701H65 GENCHAR GENDRIL BLOK GENDRIL FLO GENDRIL THIK GENDRIV RW GENDRIV 150 GENDRIV 158 GENDRIV 162 GENDRIV 253 GENDRIV 307 GENDRIV 361 GENDRIV 370 GENDRIV 383 GENDRIV 458 GENDRIV 480 GENDRIV 492 GENDRIV 492S GENDRIV 492SR GENDRIV 493 GENDRIV 494 GENEPOXY M-200 GENEPOXY M-205 GENEPOXY 370H55 GENEROL 100 GENEROL 102 GENEROL 105 GENEROL 115 GENEROL 122 GENEROL 122E5 GENEROL 122E10 GENEROL 122E16 GENEROL 122E25 GENEROL 434 GENEROL 500 GENESTER 620 GENESTER 621 GENESTER 715 GENESTER 747 GENESTER 776 GENGEL E-2 GENGEL E-7 GENGEL E-8 GENGEL E-9 GENGEL E-9P GENGEL E-48 GENGEL E-62 GENGEL E-83 GENGEL E-93 GENGEL E-94 GENGEL GRO GENGEL 401 GENGEL 402 GENGEL 512 GENGEL 761 GM-30 Gold Medal Guar Meal 10% or 35% GUARTEC ACI GUARTEC CAP GUARTEC CIP GUARTEC CMP GUARTEC D GUARTEC E-2 GUARTEC F GUARTEC F-l GUARTEC FD GUARTEC FM GUARTEC FTD-S GUARTEC FTP GUARTEC FX GUARTEC FXAC GUARTEC FXAC-B GUARTEC FXM GUARTEC GCA GUARTEC GCI GUARTEC GF GUARTEC HS GUARTEC HV GUARTEC LV GUARTEC MV GUARTEC PTW GUARTEC RT GUARTEC SD GUARTEC SJ GUARTEC SJM GUARTEC UF GUARTEC UF-D GUARTEC UF-F GUARTEC UF-Special GUARTEC UF-1D GUARTEC 100 GUARTEC 102 GUARTEC 108 GUARTEC 108S GUARTEC 185A GUARTEC 197 GUARTEC 335 GUARTEC 337 GUARTEC 339 GUARTEC 401 GUARTEC 401A GUARTEC 406 GUARTEC 479K GUARTEC 489 GUARTEC 559A GUARTEC 574 GUARTEC 1032 GUARTEC 1044 GUARTEC 1056 GUARTEC 1057 GUARTEC 1071 HLX-241 HLXF-223 IPN-95 J-2GF J-9 J-10 J-12 J-lll J-133 J-226 J-249 J-337 J-343 J-347 Johnson Revert KLA-FREE KSH 1081 KSH-669DD KSH-1081 LFW-30G LIX 8 LIX 8A LIX 8A Intermediate LIX 20 LIX 26 LIX 34 LIX 34 Intermediate LIX 51 LIX 51 Intermediate LIX 54 LIX 63 Cone. LIX 64N LIX 64N DPKN LIX 65N LIX 65N By-Product LIX 70 LIX 70 Intermediate LIX 71 LIX 73 LIX 605 Merit ē image: ------- 245 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Mills Chemicals, Inc. General Mills Chemicals, Inc.ócont'd TPX-935 MILVEX CR-A-3 TPX-945 MILVEX EP-2100 TPX-946-L MILVEX 1000 TPX-956 MILVEX 1200 TPX-969 MILVEX 1225 TPX-976 MILVEX 1231 TPX-980 MILVEX 1240 TPX-981 MILVEX 1250 TPX-984 MILVEX 1275 TPX-995 MILVEX 4000 TPX-996 Monsanto 35710 TPX-997 MUD-10LL TPX-998 MUD-11W TPX-999 Natural Vitamin A Alcohol Concentrate TPX-1003 NG-24 TPX-1015 PAYGEL C TPX-1045 PAYGEL P TPX-1056 PAYGEL 90 TPX-1057 POL-E-DRIL TPX-1066 POL-E-HEAL TPX-1067 Polymer 2429 TPX-1074 Polymer 2430 TPX-1540 Polymer 2431 TPX-1575 Polymer 2433 TPX-9085 Polymer 2901 TPX-11005 PRO 80 TPX-11019 PRO-VIM TPX-11020 QF-3 TPX-11024 QF-6 TPX-11026 RT-1 TPX-11034-2 SGP-402 TPX-11044 SGP-502K TPX-11051A SGP-502S TPX-11079 T-13 TPX-11093 T-130 TPX-11099 T-130R TPX-11100 T-130S TPX-11113 T-155 TPX-11114 TM-RR TPX-11115 TMD TPX-11119 TOPO TPX-11136 TOPO Distillation Residue TPX-11138 TOPO Mixtures TSAX-938 TPAX-852 TSAX-1007 TPX-322 TSAX-1031 TPX-327 TSAX-1073 TPX-327-1 TSAX-1075 TPX-356 TSAX-1078 TPX-358 TSAX-1079 TPX-366-1 TSAX-11021 TPX-456B TSAX-11023(a) TPX-750 TSAX-11047 TPX-819 TSAX-11069 TPX-826-2 TSAX-11071 TPX-826-4 TSAX-11083 TPX-826-6 TSAX-11084 TPX-829 TSAX-11085 TPX-830 TSAX-11106 TPX-839 TSAX-11108 TPX-867 TSAX-11112 TPX-868 TSAX-11150 TPX-869 TSAX-11154 TPX-877 TSL-ML TPX-883 TSX 131 TPX-890 TSX-273-B TPX-901 TSX-352 TPX-905 TSX-679 TPX-906 TSX-702 TPX-907 TSX-732 TPX-908 TSX-1082 TPX-909 TSX-11048 TPX-922 TSX-11088 TPX-924 TSX-11103 USG-66589 USG-66590 VERSADYME S-135 VERSADYME 15 VERSADYME 17 VERSADYME 47 VERSADYME 52 VERSADYME 55 VERSADYME 72 VERSADYME 77 VERSADYME 141 VERSADYME 144T VERSADYME 144W VERSADYME 186 VERSADYME 204 VERSADYME 204W VERSADYME 216 VERSADYME 216R VERSADYME 216W VERSADYME 228 VERSADYME 240 VERSADYME 288 VERSALON SR2 VERSALON SR2N VERSALON SR21 VERSALON SR21N VERSALON 1017 VERSALON 1100 VERSALON 1109-1 VERSALON 1112 VERSALON 1117 VERSALON 1124 VERSALON 1128 VERSALON 1138 VERSALON 1139 VERSALON 1140 VERSALON 1162 VERSALON 1164 VERSALON 1200 VERSALON 1300 VERSAMID 100 VERSAMID lOOC-60 VERSAMID 100C-80 VERSAMID 100CX-60 VERSAMID 100CX-80 VERSAMID 100IT-60 VERSAMID 100X65 VERSAMID 115 VERSAMID 115C70 VERSAMID 115173 VERSAMID 115X70 VERSAMID 125 VERSAMID 125183 VERSAMID 140 VERSAMID 141 VERSAMID 150 VERSAMID 230 VERSAMID 230XB60 VERSAMID 280 VERSAMID 335 VERSAMID 340 VERSAMID 711 VERSAMID 712 VERSAMID 750 VERSAMID 750IT50 VERSAMID 754 VERSAMID 758 VERSAMID 782 VERSAMID 800 VERSAMID 810 VERSAMID 865 VERSAMID 871 VERSAMID 900 VERSAMID 930 image: ------- General Mills Chemicals, Inc. 246 General Mills Chemicals, 7nc.ócont'd XB-23 VERSAMID 936 XC-95 VERSAMID 940 XC-135A VERSAMID 948 XC-138 VERSAMID 950 XC-139 VERSAMID 963 XC-382-SC VERSAMID 1540 XG-400 VERSAMID 5201 XG-405 VERSAMID 5501 XG-406 VERSATRYME 213 XG-492S Vicco Gum XG-499S WG-6 XI-16 WG-14 XO-477 XO-707 XO-748D XO-798 XO-799 XO-1045 XO-1047 XO-1072 XO-1081 XQ-211-50 General Refractories Co. 50 Monument Road Bala Cynwyd PA 19004 Acido Alstop 80-P Alstop 80-R Altex Mortar A Altex 85 Altex 85 B Altex 85 BF Arco - 90 Arco - 90 L.G. Arco Bond Arco Perm 90 Model 13347 Arco 60 Arco 70 Arco 70A Arco 80 Arco 90 L.G. Arco-Perm - 90 Arco-Perm - 90-B Arco-Perm 90-B Arcolok - A Arcolok - 90 BF Castable 122-N Brik-Crete G Brikbond A Brikbond B Brikcast Brikcast AL Brikcast XCM Brikcast XCM-LI Brikcast 3000 Brikcast 3000 G Brikcast 3100 Brikcast 3100 BF Brikcast 3200 Brikcast 3200 G Brikcrete Brikram Brikram - 90 Brikram - 90 FA Brikram - 90 R Brikram - 90 VS Brikram - 90 XFM Brikram 55 Brikram 57 - fine Brikram 60 Brikram 70 Brikram 70 R Brikram 80-P 412 Brikram 80-P 461 Brikram 80-405 Brikram 80-406 Brikram 80-408 Brikram 80-461 R Brikram 85 Brikram 85-F Bubbalite Clay Ram 40 CO Door Plugs Diabond 50 Diabond 50 AOD Diabond 60 Diabond 60 AOD Diamond 8 Ferrocast Ferrocast S Ferrox IV-S Ferrox SRM Ferrox VI-S Ferrox VII-S Ferrox X-S Ferrox 90 EE Ferrox 95 EE Fibrous Adhesive Fusecrete G R Bung Genrex - 60 GR - 200 GR - 200 AOD GR 3B Fireclay Mortar GR-W GR-16-20 GR-20 GR-20 ES GR-23 GR-23 K GR-25 GR-26 GR-28 GR-329-A GR-356-B GR-356-E GR-356-F GR-378-E GR-3000 Gref-Mul Grefcarb Grefcast Grefco Grefco BZ GREFCO CO H-D Grefco CO HM Grefco CO Regular Grefco CO 115 Grefco CO 118 Grefco Insulating Cement Grefcote - 40 Grefcote - 50 Grefcote - 60 Grefcote 50 Grefcote 60 GREFGATE 96-M Grefite Grefite Dry Grefite Ladle Wash Grefite 60 Grefite 60 R Grefite 80 Grefite 85 Grefite 85 R Greflok 3000 A Greflok 3000 B Greflok 3000 D Grefmag Grains 503 Grefmag Grains 504 Grefmag Grains 505 Grefmag Grains 506 Grefmag 80F Grefmag 80G Grefmag 80R Grefmag SOS Grefmag 90F Grefmag 90G Grefmag 90S Grefmag 95 R Grefmag 526 Grefmul Greftap 273 Greftap 288 Greftap 289 Greftap 333 Grefvibe 600 Grefvibe 850 GRX-224 GRX-260 GRX-279 GRX-296A GRX-296B GRX-308 GRX-316 GRX-341 GRX-345 GRX-346 GRX-347A GRX-350 GRX-351 GRX-352 GRX-354 GRX-354R GRX-356 GRX-356-G GRX-356-H GRX-356-J image: ------- 247 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION General Refractories Co. General Refractories Co.ócont'd GRX-356-K GRX-356-L GRX-356-M GRX-356-N GRX-356-0 GRX-356-P GRX-358 GRX-359 GRX-364 GRX-364R GRX-365A GRX-366 GRX-367 GRX-371 GRX-371R GRX-372 GRX-373 GRX-375-B GRX-377 GRX-378 GRX-379-B GRX-379-N GRX-380 GRX-380 EE GRX-381 GRX-382 GRX-384 GRX-384R GRX-385 GRX-386-F GRX-386-J GRX-386 E GRX-387 GRX-388 GRX-390 GRX-396 GRX-398 GRX-399 GRX-401 GRX-403 GRX-404 GRX-405 GRX-406 GRX-407 H.S. Basicrete H.S. Basicrete G H.S. Brikcast H.S. Brikcast - G H.S. Brikcast BF H.S. Utecast Hiac - S Hiac - S - CB Hiac - U Hiac S CB HL-41 HL-41 G IDS Kromebond Kromeset Kromespray B Lehi #2 Castable Litecast 30 Litecast 30 G Litecast 50 Litecast 50-25 Litecast 50-25 G Litecast 50 LI Litecast 60 Litecast 60-25 Litecast 60-25 G Litecast 75-28 Litecast 75-28 G Litecast 80 Olive Hill Olive Hill BF Olive Hill CO Checkers Olive Hill CO DP Olive Hill CO HM Olive Hill CO SM Olive Hill SM Olive Hill SM (Stiff Mud) Olive Hill Stove Olive Hill Stove Checkers PCO Dry PCO 7 PCO 8 PCO 10 Peralok Mortar Peratex Peratex (HR) Peratex - HR Peratex - P Peratex Mortar Rammed Wall Units Ranger RC-3 RC3 - G Ritex - A Ritex - AA Ritex - AB Ritex - AK Ritex - C Ritex - CB Ritex - CK Ritex - DB Ritex - ER Ritex - MG Ritex - P Ritex - 40 Ritex - 40-B Ritex - 60 Ritex - TOG Ritex CK Ritex DB & SK DB Ritex ER & SK ER Ritex MG Ritex P Ritex 40B & SK 40B Salina Salina - 40 Salina CO MM Salina Dot Silica CO Cement Sillimanite 340 Sillimanite 343 Special H.A. Castable Special H.A. Castable - G Standard Steelklad - A Steelklad - A-EE Steelklad - AA Steelklad - AA-EE Steelklad - AK-I Steelklad - C Steelklad - CB Steelklad - DB Steelklad - ER Steelklad - ER-EE Steelklad - GR-200 Steelklad - 6-13 Steelklad - 6-13-EE Steelklad - 40 Steelklad - 40B Steelklad - 40 EE Steelklad - 40 II Steelklad - 60 Steelklad - 60 EE Steelklad - 60 G EE Steelklad - 70 G Steelklad AK I Steelklad Dibond 50 Steelklad Dibond 60 Steelklad Genrex 60 Super Brikcast A Super Brikram Super Brikram Block Super Brikram G Super Brikram Patch Super Brikram VS Super Ferrocast Super Utecast A Superac - K - Multi-Hole Checker only Troup-L Tundex Tundex-G Ute Ute - C Ute-L Utecast Utecast G Utecast XCM Utecast-C Utetap BF Utewell Ladle Mix Verex 90 Versagrid Yough Block Yough Dash image: ------- Geoliquids Div. National Biochemical Co. 248 Geoliquids Div. National Biochemical Co. 3127 W. Lake St. Chicago IL 60612 GEOLIQUIDS HI-GEE MI-GEE NEOTHENE George F. Robbing, Inc. Box 3734 Kirkwood MO 63122 DCC 1019 Medium Chrome Yellow DCC 1021 Traffic Marking Yellow DCC 1084 E.D. Zinc Chromate DCC 2215 Toluidine Red DCC 2771 Bon Red C Georgia Kaolin Company 433 North Broad Street Elizabeth NJ 07207 Ajax Albagel Albagen Alplasil Alsite Altowhite Astra Brite Astra Glaze Astra Plate Astra-Cote Astra-Fil Astra-Paque Astra-White Astra tone Bentolite Chem Jel Compound 90 G-Fraction Gaolin LW Gaolinite 210 Gelwhite Glomax Hi Glow Hi Jel Hydrite Kaogan Kaopaque Kaophile 2 Kaophobe Kaopolite GC Kaopolite SF Kaopolite SF-0 KCS Klafil LA Matie Pigment MBF #530 Clay Mineral Colloid No. 6-Tile No. 23 No. 600 PD 181 PDM Pencyl clay "B" Modifier Pioneer Premax Premier PWW (Pioneer Water Washed) REA REM RER REX SAF (Standard Air Float) Siltex Struex Struflow Strumax Superwhite SWW (Standard Water Washed) Thixojel Velvacast Webtex WP image: ------- 249 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Getty Refining & Marketing Co Georgia-Pacific Corporation 900 S. W. Fifth Avenue Portland OR 97204 BEL-TAN BELLSOL BESTROCK CELLUFLOC CERTROCK CM-24 DENS-COTE DENSCAL DENSFLOR DENSITE DENSROCK DYQEX ETERNAWALL FERMIX FIRESTOP Food Service Bleach Georgia-Pacific Alkalizer Georgia-Pacific Conditioner Georgia-Pacific Diatomaceous Earth Georgia-Pacific Dry Acid Georgia-Pacific pH Decreaser Georgia-Pacific pH Increaser Georgia-Pacific Soda Ash Georgia-Pacific Stablizer Georgia-Pacific Swimming Pool Acid GPM 38 HTL INK INSOL-U-25 INSOL-U-65 KE-MIN (all products) KE-MUL A% LIGNOSITE LITE-MIX Perform Bleach PERMA-THINZ PERMA-50 PRE-CO-FLOC PRE-DEC Procare Muriatic Acid Procare pH Decreaser Procare pH Increaser Procare Stabilizer PUGETSOL Q-BROXIN Quik-fire Charcoal Lighter RESI-CAST RESI-FLAKE RESI-LAM RESI-LAT RESI-MIX RESI-SET RESI-VAT RESI-WET Royal Oak Charcoal Lighter SATIN SPAR SEECO-MUL SEECOTOL SENTINEL SPEED SET STA-FORM SUNFLOWER Molding Plaster TRACIN (all products) TRIPLE DUTY VAPOR-SEAL VAPOR-SHIELD VC-10 Getty Refining & Marketing Co P. 0. Box 1650 Tulsa OK Getty Aromatics A-150 Getty Aromatics 135 Getty Aromatics 400 Getty Aromatics 500 Getty Aromatics 4000 Getty Benzene Getty Fluid Coke Getty Heptenes Getty Molten Sulfur Getty Naphthalene Getty Nonenes Getty Octenes Getty Toluene Skellite Skelly Acetone Skelly Acetophenone Skelly Alpha-Methylstyrene Skelly Delayed Petroleum Coke Skelly Heavy Aromatic Gas Oil Skelly Molten Sulfur Skelly Petroleum Insoluble Lubricant Skelly Phenol Skelly Phenol Residue Skelly SK-25 Skelly SK-67 Skelly Toluene Skelly XK-18 Skelly Xylene Skellysolve B Skellysolve C Skellysolve F Skellysolve H Skellysolve L Skellysolve R Skellysolve S Skellysolve S-l Skellysolve S-2 Skellysolve S-66 Skellysolve Special H Skellysolve T Skellysolve V Skellysolve X image: ------- Gilbert Chemicals 250 Gilbert Chemicals 681 Main Street Belleville NJ 07109 GIL-CHEM GIL-CHEM WHITE ANTISEPTIC HAND SOAP GILCIDE PVL GERMICIDAL CLEANSER SUPER MOV-IT Givaudan Corporation 125 Delawanna Avenue Clifton NJ 07014 Adoxal Alismone Ambersage Ambrate Arboril Aurantiol Baccartol Buxine Buxinol Cetonal Cetone Alpha Citgrenile Decatol Decatone Deltyl Extra Deltyl Prime Dimetol Ethone Pixolide Polione Folrosia Freskomenthe GA G-ll Gerallol Giv-Gard BNS Giv-Gard DXN Giv-Tan P Herboral Irisone Ironal Isoraldeine Jasmonyl Jasverate Junox Laurine Lavone Lemarome Lemonile Lilial Madrox Maraniol Melonal Moskene Musk Tibetene Neantine Neofolione Nerone Granger Crystals Sandalore Sandela Stemone Thibetolide Verdyl Acetate Verdyl Propionate Vernaldehyde Versalide Viridine Glastic Corporation 4321 Glenridge Road Cleveland OH 44121 CLASTIC (all) CLASTIC CLASTIC CLASTIC GLASTIC CLASTIC BULK MOLDING COMPOUND COMPRESSION PRODUCTS (all) INJECTION PRODUCTS (all) LAMINATE PRODUCTS (all) PULTRUDED PRODUCTS (all) TRANSFER PRODUCTS (all) image: ------- 251 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Glyco Chemicals, Inc. Glo-Tex Chemicals, Inc. P. 0. Box 400 Roebuck, SC 29376 ACTIVATOR (All products) ASTROCLEAN (All products) ASTRODYE (All products) ASTROTHERAM (All products) ASTROWAX (All products) ASTROZINE (All products) CHEM SO (All products) CHEM SOF (All products) COCA VEGA SOAP FLAKES GLO COAT (All products) GLO CRYL (All products) GLO FIX (All products) GLO FOAM (All products) GLO GUM (All products) GLO LEVEL (All products) GLO LITE (All products) GLO PEL (All products) GLO QUEST (All products) GLO REZ (All products) GLO TARD (All products) GLO TERG (All products) GLO TEX (All products) GLO TEX ANTI-FOAM (All products) GLO TEX ANTI-STAT (All products) GLO TEX BINDER (All products) GLO TEX CLEANER (All products) GLO TEX DEVELOPER (All products) GLO TEX LEVELER (All products) GLO TEX WEIGHTER (All products) GLO WET (All products) PERMA SOF (All products) RESERVE SALT (All products) SOLVITOSE (All products) WABASH SOAP FLAKES Globe Metallurgical P.O. Box 157 Beverly OH 45715 GLOBE FERROALLOY PRODUCTS GLOBE FUME PRODUCTS GLOBE METALS GLOMAG INMOLD Glyco Chemicals, Inc. P.O. Box 349 Williamsport PA Acrawax Acrawax C Acrawax HM Acrawax HM-23 Aldo ML Aldo MO Aldo MR Aldo MS Aldo PGMS Aldo SMC Aldo TO Aldosperse L-L20 Aldosperse ML-23 Aldosperse MO-50 Aquaresin Ceramid Ceresperse S-2089 Dantocol DHE Dantocol DHE-X Dantocol MHEDMH Dantoest DHE-DL Dantoin DBDMH Dantoin DCDMH Dantoin DMDMH-55 Dantoin DMH Dantoin DMHF Dantoin MDMH Dantosperse DHE(X)DS Dantosperse DHE(X)MO 17701 DMU Ethosperse G Ethosperse LA Ethosperse OA Ethosperse SA Ethosperse SL Flexowax C Glycolube PG Glycolube VL Glycolube 8 Glycomul L Glycomul 0 Glycomul P Glycomul S Glycomul SOC Glycomul T-TAO Glycomul TAG Glycomul TS Glycon B Glycon BG Glycon DP Glycon DT Glycon HTG Glycon P-45 Glycon RG Glycon S Glycon TP Glycon WO Glyconol Glycosperse HO-40 Glycosperse HPO^O Glycosperse HTO-40 Glycosperse L-20 Glycosperse 0-20 Glycosperse OL-30 Glycosperse P-20 Glycosperse S-20 Glycosperse TO-20 Glycosperse TS-20 Glycowax S-932 Pegosperse PEG DL Pegosperse PEG DO Pegosperse PEG DOT Pegosperse PEG DS Pegosperse PEG HCO Pegosperse PEG ML Pegosperse PEG MO Pegosperse PEG MOT Pegosperse PEG MS Pegosperse 50 DS Pegosperse 50 MS Pegosperse 100-L Pegosperse 100-0 Pegosperse 100 S Sicasea! Softener 49 Softener 64 Vinylube, 36-38 image: ------- Goodpasture, Inc. 252 Goodpasture, Inc. P.O. Box 912 Brownfield TX 79316 Thiovite Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 2000 Goodyear Drive 1144 E Market St Houston TX 77012 216-794-7224/216-794-4010 Altax Budene 1207 Budene 1208 Captax Chemigum N3 Chemigum N5 Chemigum N6B Chemigum N7 Chemigum N8 Chemigum N8X1 Chemigum N300 Chemigum N318B Chemigum N328B Chemigum N600 Chemigum N608 Chemigum N612 Chemigum N612B Chemigum N613B Chemigum N615 Chemigum N615B Chemigum N624B Chemigum N634 Chemigum N715B Chemigum N917 Cleartuf 72 Cleartuf 104 Cleartuf 5877 Cleartuf 5878 Ethyl Tuads Ethyl Zimate Goodyear (T-50) Goodyear (T-60) Goodyear (T-70) Methyl Tuads Methyl Zimate Nacap Natsyn 200 Natsyn 205 Natsyn 2200 Natsyn 2201 Natsyn 2210 Naystn 2205 Pliocord VP 100 Pliocord VP 101 Plioflex 1006 Plioflex 1009 Plioflex 1011 Plioflex 1019 Plioflex 1022 Plioflex 1027 Plioflex 1028 Plioflex 1500 Plioflex 1500C Plioflex 1502 Plioflex 1503 Plioflex 1507 Plioflex 1551 Pliogrip 6000 Pliogrip 6036 Pliogrip 6100 Pliogrip 6200 Pliogrip 6300 Pliolite 2000 Pliolite 2108 Pliolite 5300 A,D,E,F Pliolite 5301 B,G Pliolite 5352 Pliolite 5352 D,M,S Pliolite 5353 Pliolite 5356 K,M Pliolite 5359 Pliovic BK50 Pliovic BK70 Pliovic BK75 Pliovic BK80 Pliovic MB75 Redax Unads Vanzak WL Vitel VPE 4316 Vitel VPE 4670 Vitel VPE 4709C Vitel VPE 5041 Vitel VPE 5253 Vitel VPE 5963 Vitel VPE 6019 Vitel VPE 6153 Vitel VPE 6157 Wingstay C Wingstay K Wingstay L Wingstay S Wingstay T Wingstay V Wingstay 29 Wingstay 300 Wingstop B Wingtack Plus Wingtack 10 Wingtack 76 Wingtack 95 Wingtack 115 Wintstay N Zetax image: ------- 253 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION GREFCO, Inc. Goodyear Tire & Rubber CO 1485 Archwood Ave Akron OH 44316 Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum Chemigum HR266 HR365 HR368 HR662 HR665 HR765 HR967 LCG-61 A N3 N5 N6B N7 N8 N206 N266 N318B ē N328B N365 N368 Chemigum N624B Chemigum N628B Chemigum N662 Chemigum N665 Chemigum N765 Chemigum N917 Chemigum N967 Chemigum 245 AHS Chemigum 245 CHS Chemigum 248 Chemigum 520 Chemigum 550 Goodyear (T-50) Goodyear (T-60) Goodyear (T-70) Pliocord VP-100 Pliocord VP-101 Pliolite AC Pliolite ACL Pliolite AC3 Pliolite BAG Pliolite BACL Pliolite BHML Pliolite HML Pliolite QMS Pliolite S5A,B,D and E Pliolite S6B Pliolite S6F Pliolite S6H Pliolite VT Pliolite VTAC Pliolite VTACL Pliolite VTL Pliolite VTM Grain Processing Corporation 1600 Oregon Street Muscatine IA 52761 GPC-A-100 through 450 Starch GPC-B-100 through 450 Starch GPC-C-100 through 450 Starch GPC-D-100 through 450 Starch GPC-F-100 through 450 Starch GPC-G-100 through 450 Starch GPC-K-010 through 450 Starch GPC-35-A-100 Polymer GPC-35-B-100 Polymer GPC-35-I-100 Polymer Great Lakes Carbon Corp. 299 Park Avenue New York NY 10017 Carbo Coke Carbo Graph English Garden Fortafil Monotrode Nox Pine Mountain Putty Kat Sil-Gain Sizzle Top-Glo Touch + Glow Unitrode GREFCO, Inc. 3450 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90010 BONUS ATTIC INSULATION BULK-AID (ALL PRODUCTS) CELLU-AID (ALL PRODUCTS) DIA-FLOC (ALL PRODUCTS) DICA-BRITE (ALL PRODUCTS) DICA-SORB DICALITE (ALL DIATOMACEOUS EARTH PRODUCTS) DICALITE (ALL PERLITE PRODUCTS) DICALITE SPEEDEX DICALITE SPEEDFLOW DICALITE SPEEDPLUS DICALITE SUPERAID DICALITE 7 DICALITE 4200 DICAMITE (ALL PRODUCTS) FIBERPERL GREFCO SORBENT BOOM AND PILLOW MICRO-PERL (ALL PRODUCTS) MICRO-PERL Gt (ALL PRODUCTS) NU-ALEXITE PERMA-KORE PERMALITE (ALL PRODUCTS) PERMALITE DIRECT-TO-FOAM PERMALITE DTS PERMALITE Pk PERMALITE Pk PLUS PERMALITE RE-ROOFING BASE PERMALITE SEALSKIN PERMALITE TOPSIDE INSULATION (TSI) PERMALITE URETHANE image: ------- Griffin Bros., Inc. 254 Griffin Bros., Inc. 1806 S.E. Hplgate P.O. Box 42194 Portland OR 97242 Griffin's AMMONIATED HEAVY DUTY GLASS CLEANER Griffin's AMMONIATED WAX REMOVER Griffin's ANTI-GRAFFITI COATING Griffin's ANTIBACTERIAL LIQUID SOAP - Cone. Griffin's ANTIBACTERIAL LIQUID SOAP - RTU Griffin's APOLLO-MER 40 Griffin's AQUA-SEAL Griffin's AUTO-MAGIC LIQUID DISH MA- CHINE DET. Griffin's BLU-BLAZES EMULSION BOWL CLEANER Griffin's BOWL-SAN DISINFECTANT BOWL CLEANER Griffin's BRAND-Y Griffin's CLEANER-DISINFECTANT Griffin's CLEAR-SPRAY Griffin's DIAMOND LIQUID SOAP Griffin's DISINFECTANT CLEANER Griffin's DISINFECTANT CLEANER-PLUS Griffin's FASFOAM Griffin's FLOOR-N-WALL CLEANER Griffin's FORMULA-56 Griffin's FORMULA-100 Griffin's FRESH-ETTE Griffin's GLASS CLEANER Griffin's GOLDEN PINOL Griffin's GRIFF-N-OFF GRIFFIN'S GRIFFINOAX Griffin's HAND-N-HAND Griffin's HEAVY DUTY GRIFFIN-SUDS Griffin's hypine-8 Griffin's JOLT Griffin's KLEAR POOL CONCENTRATE Griffin's LES-EFFORT Griffin's LIQUA-SUDS Griffin's LOBACTEN SANITIZER Griffin's LUSTRO SHAMPOO Griffin's MARK-AWAY CLEANER Griffin's MARVEL-BRITE RUG CLEANER CONC. Griffin's MARVEL-PLATE MARK II Griffin's MARVEL-STRIP Griffin's NON-SCENTS Griffin's ODOR-BAN Griffin's OPAL 40 LIQUID SOAP Griffin's PHEN-ALL 7 CLEANER Griffin's PROFESSIONAL RUG SHAMPOO Griffin's RED-HOT STRIPPER Griffin's RITE-NOW BOWL CLEANER Griffin's SAFETY-WAX Griffin's SEAL-N-COAT Griffin's SHEEN DUSTLAYER Griffin's SHOWER POWER Griffin's SPARKLE-DRI Griffin's SPECIAL-B Griffin's SPRING LOTION Griffin's STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER Griffin's STARLIGHT Griffin's STEAM CLEANER - Liquid Griffin's SUB-LIME Griffin's TINGLE Griffin's VAR-BRITE CLEANER Griffin's VAR-BRITE WAX Indusco (All products) Lab-To-U Mfg. (All products) (private label) Griffin Pipe Products Company Lynchburg VA 24505 ēSERLIK 3551 Asphaltum Pipe Coating Guardian Chemical Corporation 230 Marcus Boulevard Hauppauge NY 11787 DESELEX POLYCOMPLEX PYRONOX SOLVOL P VOIDOX image: ------- 255 REPORTING COMPANY SECTION Gulf Oil Chemicals Company Guardian-Ipco, Inc. P. 0. Box 43067 Birmingham AL 35243 Guardian-Ipco (All Products) Gulf Oil Chemicals Adhesives and Resins 9009 West 67th Street Merriam KS 66202 GULF DC-Series GULF DS-Series GULF LUBRICANT 581 GULF P-178 GULF RP-20 GULF SPRAY DRY RESIN GULF UF GFL-100 GULF UF L-91 (S) GULF UF L-95 GULF UF L-100 GULF UF 1231 GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF UF 1345 UF 1329 UF 1350 UF 1360 UF 1442 UF 1495 UF 1627 UF 1635 UF 1639 UF 1641 UF 1653 GULF UF 1655 GULF UF 1659 GULF UF 1663 GULF UF 1668 GULF UF 1684 GULF 722 GULF 723 Gulf Oil Chemicals Company Adhesives and Resins Merriam KS 66202 "Detagel" "N-IV" Prilled Ammonium Nitrate "Slurran" 800 "Slurran" 819 "Slurran" 900 Aluminized NCN Booster 51-B BTDA Cast Primers CGAN Detonating Cords DXE FGA