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<title>Variance Technology Findings for Contaminants Regulated Before 1996</title>
<type>single page tiff</type>

                                                             Date Signed: September 1998

Variance Technology Findings for Contaminants Regulated Before 1996

This guidance is too large to include in this manual.

EPA distributes up to 10 free copies of each publication to each customer through the Water Resources
Center (WRC) and the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP, formerly NCEPI)
until those supplies run out. Then customers can order them for a fee from the clearinghouses National
Technical Information Services (NTIS) and Educational REALMS.  You can send an email order to any
of those sources, or call them at:

             Educational REALMS: 800-LET-ERIC (538-3742)
             NSCEP: 800-490-9198
             NTIS: 800-553-6847
             WRC: 202-260-7786

This guidance may be available  for downloading via the EPA website. Visit and type the
document number in the search engine to find out if the document you are looking for is available.

To order this guidance, note the following information:

             the name of the  publication;
             its EPA publication number (below); and
             the source of the publication, and the publication number for that source (below).

Document numbers:


This guidance may also be accessed on the  Internet at:

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