United States
           Environmental Protection
Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program
Step-by-step guidance to  improving the air quality in  our
nation's  schools
 The Problem

 Twenty  percent  of the  U.S.  population,
 nearly 55 million people, spend their days
 in  our elementary and secondary schools.
 Studies show that one-half of the nation's
 115,000   schools  have  health  problems
 linked to poor indoor air  quality  (IAQ)
 which can impact students' health. Students
 are at particular risk to health problems such
 as  asthma and allergies, which are  linked
 to  common indoor pollutants  found in

 Students are at particular risk because chil-
 dren are especially susceptible to indoor
 pollutants. Because the health and comfort
 of students and staff are among the many
 factors that contribute to learning and per-
 formance in the classroom—which in turn
 affect attendance and achievement—IAQ
 issues simply cannot be ignored.

 Schools  that fail  to respond promptly and
 effectively to poor IAQ can increase indi-
 vidual short-term health problems, such as
 fatigue and nausea, and long-term  health
 problems, such as asthma. These schools
 risk being shut down and having to relo-
 cate staff and students to temporary facili-
 ties.  Poor IAQ may even lead to liability
 claims and lawsuits  that  can damage a
 school's  reputation.

 The Solution

 IAQ Tools for Schools (IAQ TfS) is  a flex-
 ible, comprehensive resource  for your
 school building's  health.  The IAQ TfS Kit
 will help you  identify, correct, and pre-
 vent IAQ problems. The Kit,  provided to
 schools at no cost, includes easy-to-follow
 checklists, videos, sample memos and poli-
 cies, a recommended  management plan,
 and a unique IAQ problem-solving  wheel.
 Using some  or all  the tools in the Kit, school
 officials   can address IAQ problems  and
                                          educate staff, students, and parents about the
                                          importance of good IAQ and everyone's role
                                          in ensuring a healthy, comfortable learning en-
                                          vironment. Armed with the knowledge of IAQ
                                          and   commonsense   preventive   measures,
                                          schools can  take care of most IAQ problems
                                          on their own.  After  all, ensuring a healthy
                                          school is an investment in your students and

                                          To learn more about the IAQ  TfS Kit, log on to
                                          EPA's Web site at www.epa.gov/iaq/schools,
                                          or order a Kit by calling the IAQ INFO hotline
                                          at (800) 438-4318.

                                          Awards and Recognition

                                          The  IAQ TfS Awards provides incentives and
                                          public recognition to schools and school dis-
                                          tricts that are implementing the Kit to  ensure a
                                          healthy environment.  Three  award categories
                                          are  offered:  Great  Start,   Leadership and
                                          Excellence,  each honoring schools as they
                                          progress through the different steps of the IAQ
                                          TfS Kit. There are school districts that have won
                                          IAQ TfS Awards and have demonstrated out-
                                          standing achievement and leadership in im-
                                          proving indoor air quality. See our Web site at
                                          www.epa.gov/iaq/schools/awards for additional
                                          information and applications.

                                          Training and Networking

                                          Learn from the  experts! Training and network-
                                          ing resources for schools managing indoor air
                                          quality issues are available in  a number of ven-
                                          ues.  These include our  annual  Symposium,
                                          internet presentations, and specialized training
                                          on financing, communications, mold, and fa-
                                          cilities  maintenance.  See   our  Web  site
                                          www.epa.gov/iaq/schools/index.html for
                                          addditional information.