United States
Environmental Protection
Indoor Environments
Division (6609J)
Office of Air & Radiation
April 2OOO

  Make sure your children are not exposed to
  tobacco smoke at their school, pre-school,
  daycdre, or in cars or buses.
       other parents and cdregivers
''funderstand the health jisks to children''
  from secondhand smoke.
  Encourage frie/ids and other parents to r^...;'-j
  Take the Pledge and make their home a  ;v
  "Smoke-Free Home/7                 "-'.-

  Educate others through local hospitals,
  doctors, or community groups about
  health risks from secondhand smoke.
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Call our toll-free Smoke-Free Home Pledge

Hotline 1-800-513-1157.                     .

A Smoke-Free^ome Kit wil[ foe, mailed,out to you I

which includes-                           _-  (
                               <            t
                     '**  }                   >

       Tips on  Keeping your Home Smoke-Free' I

                     '       '          -I
  1  H Smoke-Free Home Magnet             I


    % Smoke-Free Home Certificate          l


Bronchitis and pneumonia

Wheezing and coughing spells
More ear infections
More frequent and severe asthma attacks

i Sudden infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

> New cases of childhood asthma

 Behavioral and cognitive problems in children

  Breathing secondhand smoke can be harmful
 to your children's health. You can protect your
 children by making your ^me smoke-free^
 Take the Smoke-Free Home Pledge and pro-
  tect your children from the health nsks of
   secondhand smoke.

1 <
 Choose not to smoke in your home and do
 not permit others to do so.

 Choose not to smoke if children are present,
 especially infants and toddlers. They are
 especially vulnerable to the effects of second-
 hand smoke.    .

 Do not allow baby-sitters or others who
work in your home to smoke in the house
or near young children.

If you must smoke, choose to smoke
outside.  Moving to another room or
opening a window is not enough to
protect your children.
       Join the millions of Americans who
        are protecting their children from
         second- hand smoke. Take the
          Smoke-Free Home Pledge today.