WASHINGTON, D.C. 20460
                                    MAY 2 1
Dear Colleague:

       We are pleased to send you the enclosed final report, Healthy Buildings, Healthy People
(HBHP), a vision and action plan to address indoor environmental quality in the first part of the
21st Century.

       HBHP is the culmination of a cross-Agency effort which involved a. wide spectrum of
individuals and organizations who gave us the benefit of their expertise and advice at all stages
of this project. We want to thank the many stakeholders who gave of their valuable time to
participate in several workshops to create the vision and brainstorm the action plan, or to provide
thoughtful comments on the draft document.  Many commentors felt that the report was
comprehensive in scope, and that the vision, goals and potential actions captured important
themes and needs.

       Already, EPA has undertaken program initiatives focusing on childhood asthma,
characterizing the effect of building and consumer products on the indoor environment,
increasing the demand for cleaner indoor products for use in schools, creating standards of care
for existing buildings, and designing guidance for new schools. EPA is also integrating good
indoor environmental quality into the Energy Star label program for commercial office buildings.
We believe others will find this a useful resource to identify actions they can take to improve
indoor environments.

       Again, we want to thank those who helped make this project a success, and we look
forward to working with you to realize the vision of HBHP.
      ai D. Page, Directoi
 Office of Radiation and-lndoor Air
William H. Sanders, III, Director
 Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
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