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                         BUSINESS  BENEFITS  CALCULATOR
                 The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U. S. Department of Transportation
                 (DOT) have developed a Web-based calculator that enables an employer who is considering the
                 Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative to estimate the financial, environmental, traffic, and other
                 benefits of joining the program. Based on the information that employers enter into the calculator
                 describing how their companies will meet the National Standard of Excellence for commuter
                 benefits, this fast and easy-to-use tool produces the following estimates:

                   *   Parking. The number of parking spaces saved.

                   *   Parking cost savings. The financial savings from the reduced parking demand
                       (e.g., savings on construction of a new parking facility or enlargement of an existing one).

                   •»   Employee recruiting and retention. The estimated savings from reduced employee

                   *   Employer taxes. The savings employers would realize in reduced payroll taxes if they
                       offer transit passes or vanpool benefits as a way of meeting the National Standard of

                   •   Employee savings. The savings on income tax and car-related expenses that employees
                       would realize if they use commuter benefits offered  by their employer.

                   •   Total financial benefits. The total financial savings from parking facilities, taxes, and
                       other financial impacts.

                   *   Employee productivity. The estimated improvement in employee productivity.

                   *•   Traffic. The reduction in vehicle trips and miles traveled on area roads.

V-f               •   Environmental benefits. The reduction in air pollution and global warming pollution,
                       providing  results that can be expressed in both layperson and scientific terms.

                   •   Energy security. The reduction in demand for gasoline, a decrease that contributes to
                       an improvement in our nation's energy security and energy independence.
                  The Business Benefits Calculator is available at www.commuterchoice.gov
                        Visitwww.commuterchoice.gov • Call (888) 856-3131  •  Emailcommuterchoice@epa.gov

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