United States
                     Environmental Protection
Office of Solid Waste
And Emergency Response
EPA 510-F-00-009
October 2000
Underground Storage
Tanks  And Brownfields   Sites
EPA's USTfields Initiative will fund pilots in Brownfields communities to assess and clean up petroleum contamination from
federally-regulated underground storage tanks (USTs) at idle or abandoned commercial properties.  Petroleum contamination Is
generally excluded from coverage under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
(CERCLA) and is not, therefore, covered under EPA's Brownfields Program. In its USTfields Pilot Program, EPA's Office of
Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) has selected 10 state/local pilots in which the state will partner with a local area to assess
and/or clean up two or more petroleum-impacted underground storage tank sites. Each pilot state will receive up to $100,000 of
LUST Trust funds to be used to assess and clean up the local area sites. This will help to ready them for future reuse.

EPA selected the State of Delaware as an USTfields
Pilot.  Delaware has identified several potential
petroleum-impacted sites in the City of Wilmington
to be assessed and cleaned up. The state has
discovered abandoned underground storage tank
sites through community improvement projects, and
the state will work with the city to use USTfields pilot
funding to address these sites. The sites pose an
environmental  hurdle to the progress of the
improvement projects and are a potential risk to the
health of surrounding neighborhoods. Delaware
wants to assess and clean up the abandoned
underground storage tank sites to help the city
protect the environment and to return these sites to
productive  use for the community. Wilmington is a
recipient of a Brownfields Assessment
Demonstration Pilot.
 The state will use pilot funding to assess and clean
 up  petroleum-impacted underground storage tank
 sites in Wilmington, including those with potential
 MTBE contamination. Lessons learned from these
 sites will foster the creation of  networks with other
 communities in the City of Wilmington and other
 local areas to identify and clean up more potentially
 petroleum-impacted sites.
                                 Region 3
    Applicant Name: Delaware

    Local Partner: City of Wilmington

    Date of Selection: October 2000

    Profile: The State of Delaware will work with
    Wilmington to assess and clean up petroleum
    contamination at former underground storage tank

                                                 EPA Region 3

                                                 Karen Bowen
                                                 (215) 814-3382

                                                 Jack Hwang
                                                 (215) 814-3387

                                                 For further information, go to www.epa.gov/oust/
                    Delaware Department of
                    Natural Resources and
                    Environmental Control

                    Ellen Malenfant
                    (302) 395-2500
                                  EPA USTfields INITIATIVE

   EPA and the state have not yet negotiated the Cooperative Agreement to fund this pilot; therefore, activities are subject to change.