United States     Solid Waste and
             Environmental Protection Emergency Response   EPA530-B-95-005
             Agency        (5305)            June1995
v>EPA     Vehicular Products
             Containing Recovered


                              VEHICULAR PRODUCTS
       This list of manufacturers and suppliers of items containing recovered materials has been
prepared to facilitate implementation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA)
Comprehensive Procurement Guideline and to assist customers interested in the purchase and use of
products containing recovered materials. Manufacturers can provide the names and locations of
regional or local suppliers.

       Each listing is based on information provided by the manufacturer. Product information has
not been verified,  and no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made as to the: accuracy or completeness
of the'information provided. Inclusion in this listing does not represent an endorsement by EPA.

       For information on or copies of the Comprehensive Procurement Guideline, contact EPA's
RCRA Hotline at (800) 424-9346.          .


                                                 RE-REFINED LUBRICATING OILS

                                                  Chevron U.S.A. Products Company
                                                                   575 Market Street
                                                            San Francisco, CA 94105
                                                                 Contact: Brent Lok
                                                              Phone:  (415) 894-2962
                                                                Fax:  (415) 894-8552

                                                                 Brand Name:  ECO
                                                           Distribution:  United States

                                                               Engine lubricating oils

Viscosity:  5W30, 10W30, 10W40, 15W40; 10WSAE, 20WSAE, 30WSAE, 40WSAE, 50WSAE,
                                                         API Service:  SG, CD, EC-II
                                                          Packaging: Drums and bulk

                                                               Heavy duty motor oils

               •  .    .                 •                           Viscosity: 15W-40
                                               API Service: CF-4, CE, CD, CD-II, SG
                                                          Packaging: Drums and bulk

                                                                  Hydraulic oils AW

                                                  .Viscosity: ISO 32, 46 and  68 grades
                                                          Packaging: Drums and bulk
                                                             2000 N. Alameda Street
                                                                Compton, CA 90222
                                                              Contact:  Richard Heim
                                                      Phone:  (310) 537-7100, ext. 341
                                                                Fax:  (310)639-2946

                                                Brand: Sold and labelled by repackagers
                                                    Distribution: Western United States

                                         Engine lubricating oils

                                 Viscosity:  10W30 and 10W40
                                          API Service:  SF/CC
                                              Packaging:  Bulk

                                            Paraffinic base oils
                               Ecogard, Inc., Promax Division
                                    (a subsidiary of Valvoline)
                                          301 East Main Street
                                              P.O. Box 14047
                                         Lexington, KY 40512
                                        Contact:  Cleve Huston
                                        Phone: (606) 357-7389
                                          Fax: ,(606) 357-7012

                                              Brand: Ecogard
                                    Distribution: United States
                Products: Engine lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids
                                          Evergreen Oil, Inc.
                                   5000 Birch Street, Suite 500
 •  •                                  Newport Beach, CA 92660
                                      Contact:  Christine Dillon
                                        Phone:  (714)757-7770
                                          Fax:  (714)474-9149

 Brand:  Evergreen, other products sold and labelled by repackagers
                                     Distribution:  United States
        Products: Basestock, packaged  motor oils, hydraulic fluids
                               Great Northern Petroleum Inc.
                                             5 Churchill Drive
                                              York, PA 17403
                                         Contact:  Percy Glynn
                                       Phone: (717)741-3839
                                          Fax: (717)741-0931

                         Brand:  Sold and  labeled by repackagers
                         Distribution:  United States and Canada
Products:  Lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, custom blended products

                                                              Mohawk Lubricants Ltd.
                                                                           130 Forester
                                                North Vancouver, BC V7H2M9  CANADA
                                                              Contact:  John MacDonald
                                                                 Phone: (604) 929-1282
                                                                   Fax: (604) 929-8371

                                         Brands: Mohawk Oil, Spartan Oil, Canadian Pride
                      Distribution: Primarily Canada, basestock in Northwestern United States

                                                                  Engine lubricating oils

                                                                  Viscosity:  Full range
                                                   API Service:  SF/SG/CC/CD/CD-II/CE
                                        Packaging:  Drum^ bulk, 1 liter, 4 liter, 20 liter pail

                                                                       Hydraulic fluids
                                                                              Gear oils
                                                                    Industrial lubricants
                                                             Safety-KIeen Oil Recovery
                                                                       6325 Joliet Road
                                                                  Countryside IL 60525
                                                                 Contact:  Jim Hoffman
                                                                 Phone: (312)229-1500
                                                                   Fax: (312)229-0666

                                                              Distribution:  United States

                                                                 Engine lubricating oils

Viscosity:- 5W30, 10W30, 10W40, 15W40, 10WSAE, 20WSAE, 30WSAE, 40 WSAE, 50WSAE,
                                                  API Service: Full range SG/CC/CD/CE
                        Packaging:  Quarts, pails, drums and gallons for 15W40 and 30WSAE

                                                                        Hydraulic fluid

                                                             Packaging: Pails and drums

                                                                             Gear oils

                      Packaging:  Pails, kegs and drums; 80W90/GL5 also available in gallons


                         Coast Oil Company
                           4250 Williams Rd.
                         San Jose, CA 95129
                     • Contact:  Mark Mitchell
                      Phone:  (408)252-7720
                        Fax:  (408)255-5263
   Brand:  Evergreen
Western United States
                       Engine lubricating oils

             Viscosity: All straight weight oils

                   Heavy duty lubricating oils
                               Hydraulic oils
                                 Turbine oils
                      Tractor hydraulic fluids
Enviropur Waste Refining & Technology, Inc.
                        7601 West 47th Street
                          McCook, IL.60525
                      Contact: John Charlton
             Phone:  (708) 442-6000 ext.  1220
                        Fax:  (708)441-6027

                   Brand:  Supplier to blenders
                   Distribution:  United States
                          Products: Base oils

        Lyondell Petrochemical Company
                    12000 Lawndale Ave.
                          P.O. Box 2451
                 Houston, TX 77252-2451
                    Contact: Rod Dougan
                  Phone:  (713)475-4310
                    Fax:  (713)475-4125

                         Brand:  Enviroil
               Distribution:  United States

                    Engine lubricating oils

        .               Viscosity:  10W30
 API-Service: SG/CD Energy Conserving II
        Packaging: Quarts, drums  and bulk

                  Anti^wear hydraulic oils

      Viscosity:  ISO 32, 46 and 68 grades
              •Packaging: .Drums and bulk

              Diesel engine lubricating oils

                       Viscosity: 15W40
              API Service:  CF-4/CDII/SG
        Packaging: Quarts, drums and bulk
API Service:
          Prime Lube, Inc.
       800 Roosevelt Avenue
              P.O. Box 539
          Carteret, NJ 07008
  Contact: Donald A. DiVite
     Phone:  (800) 634-4615
 ;      Fax:  (908)541-7999

            Brand:  Enviroil
   Distribution:  CT, NJ, NY

      Engine lubricating oils

          Viscosity:  10W30
SG/CD Energy Conserving II
  Packaging:  Quarts, drums

                                                                  Anti-wear hydraulic oils

                                                       Viscosity:  ISO 32, 46 and 68 grades
                                                                      Packaging:  Drums

                                                              Diesel engine lubricating oils

                                                                       Viscosity:  15W40
                                                              API Service:  CF-4/CDII/SG
                                                                Packaging:  Quarts, drums
    NOTE:  Additional sources of re-refined lubricants can be found in "Re-Refined Lubricants
 Buyers Guide," which can be ordered at no charge from Safety-Kleen Oil Recovery Co., Suite
100, St. Paul, MN 55118-2424. The guide is a cooperative project of Safety-Kleen Oil Recovery
                                Co., Evergreen Oil, Inc., and Mowhawk Refining Company.

                                                                            RETREAD TIRES

   The U.S. General Services administration, Automotive Commodity Center's Federal Tire Program
   has developed a facility quality assurance program under its retread tire procurement process.  The
 program is called Quality Assurance Facility Inspection Program (QAFIP) arid is designed to help
          insure the quality of retread tires and tire retreading services. While QAFIP was developed
      principally to insure the quality of retread tires and retreading services purchased by the Federal
       government, use of QAFIP-certified facilities will  also insure the quality of the retread tires or
                                            retreading services purchased by non-Federal entities.

        Under the QAFIP, the Federal Tire Program has defined a performance standard for a quality
   assurance program and certifies retread tire industry associations and companies to conduct retread
  tire facility inspections.  In other words, the' QAFIP uses the government-certified quality  assurance
  program of a retread tire industry association or retread tire.company.  The association or company
  inspects and certifies the retread facility and is responsible for monitoring of retread facilities under
the QAFIP.  Facilities that have successfully completed a QAFIP certification will receive a "Retread
     Facility Certification" form,, which will be kept on  file at the retread facility, the association or
company's headquarters, and the Federal Tire Program. Government procurement offices can contact
    the Federal Tire Program or the association or company for verification of the certification of the
                                               inspecting association/company under the QAFIP.

   The Federal Tire Program will monitor implementation of the QAFIP and the facility certifications
 issued by the associations and companies. If it is found that the standards of the QAFIP certification
       are not being met,  the QAFIP certification will be terminated for that particular association or
     company for that particular certification period.  The association oir company must wait one year
                              before re-applying for certification of its quality assurance program.

Following is a list of the government-certified associations and companies'. Please contact them for a
   list of the QAFIP-certified retread facilities in your area.  It is recommended that proof of QAFIP
                   certification is  required from the  retread dealer(s) prior to issuance of a  contract.

For further details on the QAFIP certification program, contact Ken Collings, Manager, Federal Tire
          Program, U.S.  General Services Administration,  Automotive Commodity Center  (FCAE),
                                                      Washington, DC 20406, (703) 308-4673!
          American Retreaders Association
                           P.O. Box 37203
          3332 Gilmore Industrial Boulevard
                     Louisville, KY 40233
                   Contact:  Marvin Bozarth
                     Phone:  (502)968-8900

National Tire Dealers and Retreaders
                    1250 I Street, NW
         '.                   Suite 400
         Washington, DC 20005-3989
        Contact: John F. Buetner, Sr,
              Phone: (202)789-2300

                      Bandag, Inc.
                     Bandag Center
          Muscatine, IA 52761-5886
             Contact: Frank Marano
             Phone: (703)473-2820

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
                   Retread Division
                   Technical Center
             1144 East Market Street
                 Akron, OH  44316
          Contact: Larry Churchman
             Phone: (216)796-2714

         Hercules Rubber Company
             1300 Morrical Boulevard
                 Findlay, OH  45840
              Contact: Fred Arehart
             Phone: (419)425-6400
  Oliver Rubber Company
        P.O. Drawer 1827
   Athens, GA 30603-1827
  Contact:  Michael Squires
    Phone:  (706)354-0810

Mohawk Rubber Company
           P.O. Box 35634
Richmond, VA 23235-0634
     Contact: Edd Burlason
    Phone:  (800)344-8291

                                                                        ENGINE COOLANTS
                             ,                   ) P°Wer fluShing the radiator and then Coring the
        vh                 °u° e°tmg C°°lant for bulk recycling' 3) on-site se™ing by a mobile unit
     whictr restores and sells back the recycled coolant to the customer, or 4) shippin* L coolant to a
central service center (the shipper must be prepared to bear the costs of clean-up Souk, a spi™ occuS
     Some suppliers of on-site engine coolant recycling equipment and their products are listed below
 There are a variety of processing methods whose costs and capacities vary greatly.  Therefore carefol
           consideration should be given to unit and operating cost infoSL provided Sow solha
       equipment, purchases can be tailored to agency needs. Since no industry-wide standards^st 7or
   recyc hng-equipment, the quality of the recycled product should be the final determinant Tin taking
 such determinations  several factors  should be considered. They include: does the equipment have an
       acceptable "inhibitor balance" to prevent corrosion in customer vehicles; what hSous
  byproducts are produced as a result of the process; and how can those byproducts be safely d

     Scone±h'1S?r drnaICOSK0fthatdiSP°Sal)- Asses^"g available equipment was beyond
     scope of th  s study. -However,  between 1990 and 1992, General Motors investigated several anti-
    freeze recycling processing units for use in GM warranty work. Wayne Bradley! a senbr p oduct
 M Trer f • GM f TG' Pr°Vided H Ust °f Six approved on-site ma'^nes (provided bSow) wS
  92g634£m$5  Ar^^-H? Too0'11 ^ °btained mr°Ugh SEA Papers at W 776^1  No
  921634 for $5. Also, included are FPPF and Marubeni products since they can provide evidence of
                 their rigorous testing programs.  GSA-listed High Tech products are also provided.
                                                                                   Activ Inc.
                                                                      13901 North 73rd Street
                                                                        Scottsdale, AZ  85260
                                                                    Contact:  Scott McCracken
                                                                      Phone: (602) 596-1012
                                            Machine:  Activ (1) CR 2001 and (2) Activ CR 5001
      Operating Cos,:  (1) ls, year $,,,726; 2nd year $2,IM;               ,
                                                Recycling Process:  Vacuum Assisted Distillation
                                         Coolant Cost: (1) $1 .05 per gallon; (2) $1.03 per gallon
                                         Capacity:  (1) 2 gallons per hour; (2) 5 gallons per hour
                                                                           701 South Wichita
                                                                 i         Wichita, KS 67213
                                                            Contaict: Harold Erwin, President
                                                                      Phone:  (316)269-1313
                                                                        Fax:  (316)265-1082

                Machine:  Cool'r Clean'r Coolant Purification System (Different models available)
                                                                       Unit Price: $10,500
   Operating Cost: Filter set with activated carbon core/20 vehicles or 60 gaL @ $48 0* Activated
 carbon/150 vehicles or 450 gal. @ $35,00; Resin regeneration; 1st year $17 380, 2nd year $6,380
                              Recvclin<* Process: Filtration and dual bed de-iomzation (patented)
                                 J    &                                Coolant Cost:  $3.19
                                           Capacity:  1 vehicle/30 min. or 120  gallons per hour •

                                                                    Finish Thompson, Inc.
                                                                      921 Greengarden Road
                                                                      Erie,  PA  16501-1591
                                                         Contact:  Mark Bolash, Lou Nicholo
                                                                     Phone:  (814)455-4478
                                                                       Fax:  (814)455-8518

                                          Machine:  Model BE-15, BE-15C, or  Model BE-55C;
                                                                Unit Price:  BE-15C:  $6,745
                                         Operating Cost:  1st year is $8,725; 2nd year is $1,980
                                                              Recycling Process:  Distillation
                                                              Coolant Cost:  $1.00' per gallon
                                                          Capacity:  1 to 3.2 gallons per hour
                                                             FPPF Chemical Company, Inc.
                                                                       117 W, Tupper Street
                                                                       .  Buffalo NY  1.4201
                                                                  Contact:  Anthony L. Tucci
                                                                      Phone: (716) 856-9607
                                                                      . Fax: (716)856-0750
Machine:  G,yc,ean Ami-Freeze Kecyding System Mod* (i) ARS100;® ARS
                                                                                 CBA , GS-

                                                                                 SIN 253-42
                                                      Unit Price: (1) $2,582.95; (2) $1,691.87
Operating Cost:  Analysis is based on 100 gallons of used coolant with a pH of 8.0 and a freeze point
  P  of -25 degrees Fahrenheit:  Glyclean Extender = 2 gal at ^'^^^^^^
     $28.00; Filter Usage  = 25 micron (1/2) at $6.33 and 5 micron (1/4) at $3.17.  Total is_$86 67.
            '                             Recycling Process:  Precipitation, aeration and filtration
                                                                 Coolant Cost:  $0.80 -$1.00
                                       Capacity:  (1) 100 gallons per hour; (2) 18 gallons per hour

                                                     High-Tech Industries, Inc.
                                                  17029 Devonshire Street, #124
                                                         Northridge, CA  91325
                                                          Contact:  John Randall
                                         Phone:  (800) 553-0509, (818) 993-9960
                                                           Fax:  (818)993-4317

ARU Anti-Freeze Recycling Unit - transportable treatment unit;. GS-07F-71310 until
                                                                 June 30, 1998
                                                         Unit Price: $1,608.77;
                                         Operating Cost: $.10 to $.20 per gallon
       Recycling Process:  Advanced filtration, aeration, and chemical refortification
                                                       Capacity: Not applicable
                                                                       15151 Technology Drive
                                                                      Eden Prairie, MN 55344
                                                                       Contact:  Kevin Raberge
                                                                        Phone:  (800)328-7942
                                                                 '         Fax:  (612)934-3909

                                                               Machine:  (1) AF100; (2) AF250
                                                             Unit Price:  (1) $4,680; (2) $6,834
       Operating Cost:  (1) 1st year $9,780; 2nd year $4,800; (2) 1st year. $10,684; 2nd year $2,660.
                                                             Coolant Cost:  (1) $2.40; (2) $1.33
                                           Recycling Process:  Chemical pre-treatment, Filtration
                                                               Capacity: (1) 30 gallons per hour
                                                               .                     Marubeni
                                                                        450 Lexington Avenue
                                                                        New York, NY  10017
                                                                     Contact: John A. Massey
                                                                       Phone:  (212)450-0403
                                                                          Fax:  (212) 450-0755

     Machine: Renewal 2000 Coolant Recycling System; 76 Gal. storage tank; system automatically
draws coolant into the system from the vehicle.  Returned to radiator with ion-catcher resolver added.
                                                              .   :         Unit Price: $10,000
                         Operating Cost: Pre-filter (change every 4,000 liters (1,057 gallons): $50
                                 Ultra-filter (change every 90,000 liters (23,778 gallons): $1,300
                              Ion-exchange resin (change every 4,000 liters (1,057 gallons): $140
                                                                Coolant cost:  $1.80 per gallon
                         Recycling .Process: Chemical reaction, micro-filtration, and ion-exchange.
                                   Coolant Cost:  $2.45 per gallon (averaged over 23,760 gallons)
                                                               Capacity:   79.2 gallons per hour.

               ,                                                                    Robinair
                                                                      Montpelier, OH  43543
                                                                      Contact: Bruce Jensen
                                                                      Phone: (800)822-5561
                                                                        Fax: (419)485-8300

                                                          Machine:  Prestone ProClean 75400
                                                                         Unit Price:  $5,995
      Operating Cost:  2 pleated filter ion exchanger cartridges; 1st year $12,475; 2nd year $6,080
                                                                        Coolant Cost:  $3.04
                                              Recycling Process:  Chemically assisted filtration
                                                               Capacity: 40 gallons per hour
                                                                        Wynn Oil Company
                                                                        1050 West 5th Street
                                                                          Azusa, CA  91702
                                                                         Contact:  Pat Dixon
                                                                      Phone:  (818)334-0231
                                                                        Fax:  (818)334-1456

                                                            Machine:  (1) Du-All; (2) Mark X
                                                           Unit Price:  (1) $2,994; (2) $2,394
   Operating Cost: (1) 2 filters/45 gal, included with Chemical additives/inhibitor kit or $2.38 per
gallon; (2) 2 filters/7 vehicles $6.67/filter included with chemical treatment kit or $5.18 per gallon;
                    (1)  1st year $8,054; 2nd year $4,760; (2) 1st year $13,754;  2nd year $10,360
                                                Recycling Process:  Chemical assisted filtration
                                         Coolant Cost:(l) $2.38 per gallon; (2) $5.18 per gallon
                                     Capacity:  (1) 45 gallons per hour;  (2) 1 vehicle/90 minutes