United States
Environmental Protection
Solid Waste
and Emergency Response
October 1997
Mills That Produce
Newsprint Containing
Recovered Paper


                                  RECOVERED PAPER

This list of manufacturers and suppliers of items containing recovered materials has been prepared to
facilitate implementation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Comprehensive
Procurement Guideline (CPG) and to assist customers interested in the purchase and use of products
containing recovered materials.  Manufacturers can provide the names and locations of regional or local

Each listing is based on information provided by the manufacturer. Product information has not been
verified, and no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the
information provided.  Inclusion in this listing does not represent an endorsement by EPA.

For information on, or copies of, the CPG, contact EPA's RCRA Hotline at 800 424-9346 or access
EPA's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—Through Procurement Website at www.epa.gov/epaoswer/non-hw/.

This list contains information on the following products or supplies:


A list of definitions is included.

Newsprint Division
7373 North Scottsdale Road, Suite C126
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Contact: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Produces recycled newsprint with 70 percent
postconsumer content
504 Ninth Street, North
Kenora, Ontario P9N 3Y1
Contact: Sales Department
Phone: 807 467-3000

Produces recycled newsprint with between 20 to 40
percent postconsumer fiber, depending on
customer specifications.
Augusta Newsprint Company
P.O. Box 1647
Augusta, GA 30913
Contact: Customer Service
Phone: 706 798-3440
Fax: 706 793-4149

Produces recycled newsprint containing 33 percent
postconsumer fiber.
Avenor, Inc.
1250 Rene Levesque Boulevard, West,
Office 2130
Montreal, Quebec H3B 4Y3
Contact: Sales Office
Fax: 514 846-5026

Produces newsprint that contains 40 percent
recycled fiber content. The postconsumer content
depends on customer preference.
Atlantic Newsprint Company, Ltd.
1900 Thickson Road, South
Whitby, Ontario LIN 9E1
Contact: Customer Service
Phone: 905 686-5912

Produces 100 percent recycled content newsprint,
with about 20 percent from old newsprint and 10 to
15 percent from old magazines.
Bear Island Paper Company, L.P.
10026 Oldbridge Road
P.O. Box 2119
Ashland, VA 23005
Contact: Purchasing Office
Phone: 804 227-3394

Produces newsprint that is 30 percent recycled
content.  Of that, 98  to 99 percent is from
postconsumer fiber.

 Bowater, Inc.
 55 East Camperdown Way
 Greenville, SC 29601
 Contact: Customer Service

 Produces newsprint with up to 20 percent recycled
 fiber content.
 Champion International
 Newsprint Division
 P.O. Box 23011
 Houston, TX 77228-3011
 Contact: Sales Office
 Fax: 281456-6956

 Produces recycled newsprint with 30 percent
 posteonsumer fiber content.
Daishowa Sales Limited, Inc.
2001 West Main Street, Suite 140
Stamford, CT 06902
Contact:  Arthur Miller, Sales Office
Phone: 203 357-7531
Fax: 203  357-7535

Produces recycled newsprint with 25 percent
posteonsumer fiber content.
Donohue, Inc.
Allanburg Road
Thorold, Ontario L2V 3Z5
Contact: Sales Office
Phone:  905680-3824
Fax: 905 680-3839

Produces recycled newsprint with 80 percent
posteonsumer fiber content.
 Fletcher Challenge Canada, Ltd.
 700 West Georgia Street
 P.O. Box 10058
 Pacific Center
 Vancouver, British Columbia V7Y 1S7
 Contact: Sales Group
 Phone: 604 654-4000

 Produces recycled content newsprint and directory
 papers. The recycled newsprint contains 40 percent
 postconsumer fiber, while their directory paper
 contains 30 percent postconsumer fiber.
FSC Paper Company
Newsprint Mill
13101 South Pulaski Road
Alsip, IL 60658
Contact: Customer Service or Sales Department
Phone: 708 389-8520
Fax: 708 389-8237

Produces recycled newsprint made from 100
percent postconsumer fiber.
Garden State Paper Company, Inc.
950 River Drive
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
Contact: Sales Department
Phone: 201 796-0600
Fax: 201 796-8470

Produces 100 percent recycled content newsprint
Of this, at least 80 to 85 percent is postconsumer

Inland Empire Paper Company
3320 North Argonne Road
Spokane, WA 99212-2099
Contact: Glenn Owens
Fax: 509 927-8461

Produces 40 percent recovered content newsprint.
Of that, 30 percent is postconsumer fiber.
Manistique Paper Inc.
453 South Mackinac Avenue
Manistique, MI 49854
Contact: Customer Service Department
Phone: 906 341-2175

Produces 100 percent recycled content newsprint
Of that, up to 50 percent is postconsumer fiber.
Kruger, Inc.
13268 Williamsburg Avenue
Uniontown, OH 44685
Contact: Robert Walls, Customer Service
Phone: 330 699-1141

Produces recycled newsprint that typically contains
20 to 25 percent postconsumer fiber. This can be
adjusted depending on state requirements and
customer preferences.
North Pacific Paper
P.O. Box 2069
Longview, WA 98632
Contact: Sales Department
Phone: 800 426-0866

Produces two different kinds of recycled content
newsprint, one with 25 percent postconsumer fiber
content and one with 40 percent postconsumer
fiber content.
James Maclaren Industries, Inc.
(Subsidiary of Northern Forest)
Two Montreal Road, West
Masson-Angers, Quebec J8M 1K6
Contact: Sales Department
Phone: 819 986-3345
Fax: 819 986-6522
Produces recycled newsprint with 20 percent
postconsumer fiber.
Smurfit Newsprint Corporation
427 Main Street
Oregon City, OR 97045
Contact: Sales Department
Fax: 503 650-4519

Produces newsprint with a minimum of 50 percent
recovered fiber and 90 percent postconsumer fiber
at the Oregon City mill. The Pomona mill produces
newsprint containing 100 percent postconsumer

Southeast Paper Manufacturing Company
1800 Parkway Place, Suite 1020
Marietta, GA 30067
Contact: Sales Office
Phone: 770 919-7502

Produces recycled newsprint that contains 100
percent postconsumer fiber from old newspapers.

Stone Consolidated
West Tacoma Mill
4302 Chambers Creek Road
Steilacoom, WA 98388-1528
Contact: Customer Service
Fax: 253 581-5268

Produces recycled newsprint with 25 to 50 percent
postconsumer content.
U.S. Alliance
U.S. Pulp and Newsprint Division
17589 Plant Road
Coosa Pines, AL 35044-0555
Contact: Sales Office
Phone: 800 633-4084
Fax: 205 378-2150

Produces recycled newsprint containing up to 40
percent postconsumer fiber.


A thread-like body or filament, many times longer than its diameter. Paper pulps are composed of
cellulose fibers, usually of vegetable origin, such as woods and grasses.

Any paper that is made from a furnish containing a large percentage of mechanical pulp.

A paper mill that manufactures its own pulp.

A grade of paper made especially for use in the printing of newspapers. Newsprint is the most
inexpensive paper available that will withstand printing and contains mostly mechanical (groundwood)

Pulp produced by reducing pulpwood logs and chips into their fiber components by the use of mechanical
energy, via grinding stones, refiners, etc.

Paper, paperboard, and fibrous wastes from retail stores, office buildings, homes, and so forth, after they
have passed through their end-usage as a consumer item; and all paper, paperboard, and fibrous wastes
that enter and are collected from municipal solid waste.

All postconsumer fiber, and manufacturing wastes such as dry paper and paperboard generated after
completion of the papermaking process; and repulped finished paper and paperboard from obsolete
inventories of paper and paperboard manufacturers, merchants, wholesalers, dealers, printers, converters,
or others.