United States
             Environmental Protection
             Solid Waste
             and Emergency Response
October 1998
Vehicular Products
Containing Recovered


                                 VEHICULAR PRODUCTS

 This list of manufacturers and suppliers of vehicular products containing recovered materials was
 prepared to facilitate implementation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA)
 Procurement Guideline (CPG) and to assist customers interested in purchasing and using products
 containing recovered materials. Some manufacturers provided the names and locations of regional or
 local suppliers.

 Each listing is based on information provided by the manufacturer.  Product information was not verified,
 and no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information
 provided. Inclusion in this listing does not represent an endorsement by EPA.

 For information on or copies of the CPG, contact EPA's RCRA Hotline at 800 424-9346 or access EPA's
 CPG Web site at .

 This list contains information on the following products or supplies:








                            RE-REFINED LUBRICATING OILS

Chevron U.S.A. Products Company
575 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Contact: Technical Assistance
Phone: 800 582-3835
Fax: 415 894-8552

Brand: ECO
Distribution: United States

      Engine Lubricating Oils
       Viscosity: 5W30,10W30,10W40,
       15W40,  10WSAE, 20WSAE, 30WSAE,
       40WSAE, 50WSAE and 20W50
       API Service: SG, CD, and EC-H
       Packaging: Drums and bulk

      Heavy Duty Motor Oils
       Viscosity: 15W40
       API Service: CF-4, CE, CD, CD-H, and
       Packaging: Drums and bulk

      Hydraulic Oils AW
       Viscosity: ISO 32,46, and 68 grades
       Packaging: Drums and bulk
2000 North Alameda Street
Compton, CA 90222
Contact: Richard Heim
Phone: 310 537-7100, Ext. 230

Brand: Sold and labeled by repackagers
Distribution: Western United States

      Engine Lubricating Oils
       Viscosity: 10W30 and 10W40
       API Service: SF/CC
       Packaging: Bulk
Ecogard, Inc.
(A Subsidiary of Valvoline Promax Division)
3499 Blazer Parkway
P.O. Box 14047
Lexington, KY 40509
Contact: Sales Department
Phone: 606 357-7389
Fax: 606 357-2363

Brand: Ecogard
Distribution: United States
Products: Engine lubricating oils, and hydraulic

Evergreen Oil, Inc.
5000 Birch Street, Suite 500
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Contact: Marnelle Ross
Fax: 714 474-9149

Brand: Evergreen, other products sold and
labeled by repackagers
Distribution: United States
Products: Basestock, packaged motor oils, and
hydraulic fluids

 Hub Oil Company Ltd.
 5805 17th Avenue, SE.
 Calgary, AB T2A OW4
 Contact: Albert Shimbashi
 Phone: 403 248-1900
 Fax: 403 273-2515
 Lenz Oil Waste Service, Inc.
 3001 Southwest Washington Street
 Peoria, IL 61602
 Contact: Mike Lenz
 Phone: 309 637-2366
Mohawk Lubricants, Ltd.
130 Forester Street
North Vancouver, BC V7H 2M9
Contact: Chris Stevens
Phone: 604 929-1282
Fax: 604 929-8371

Brands: Mohawk Oil, Spartan Oil, and Canadian
Distribution: Primarily Canada, basestock in
Northwestern United States

      Engine Lubricating Oils
       Viscosity: Full range
       API Service: SP/SO/CC/CD/CD-WCE
       Packaging: Drum, bulk, 1 liter, 4 liter,
       20 liter pail
Phoenix Enviro Fuels
15 Mumford Road
Lively, ON POM 2EO
Contact: Keith R. Thompson
Phone: 705 522-2900
Fax: 705 522-3548
 Rich Coast Resources, Ltd.
 10200 Ford Road
 Dearborn, MI 48126
 Contact: Dave Johnson
 Phone: 313 582-8866
 Fax: 313 582-1422


       Crankcase and Lube Oil
 Viscosity:     100F  202,2 SUS
              210F  46.9 SUS
              40C   42.8Centistrokes

 Safety-Kleen Oil Recovery
 6325 Joliet Road
 Countryside, IL 60525
 Contact: Jim Cavill
 Phone: 800 669-5840
 Fax: 773 229-0666

 Distribution: United States

      Engine Lubricating Oils
       Viscosity: 5W30, 10W30, 10W40,
       15W40, 10WSAE, 20WSAE, 30WSAE,
       40WSAE,  50WSAE, and 20W50
       API Service: Full range SG/CC/CD/CE
       Packaging: Quarts, pails, drums and
       gallons for 15W40 and 30WSAE

      Hydraulic Fluid
       Packaging: Pails and drums

      Gear Oils
       Packaging: Pails, kegs, and drums;
       80W90/GL5 also available in gallons
SUNOfflO, Inc.
1515 Bank Place, SW.
Canton, OH 44706
Contact: Carol S. Ross
Phone: 330 452-0837
Fax: 330 430-4486


Coast Oil Company
4250 Williams Road
San Jose, CA 95129
Contact: Mark Mitchell
Phone: 408 252-7720, Ext. 234
Fax: 408 255-5263

Brand: Evergreen
Distribution: Western United States

      Engine Lubricating Oils
       Viscosity: All straight weight oils
Congress Enterprises
1001 South Lake Street
Gary, IN 46403
Contact: Fred Congress
Phone: 219 938-3034
Defense Supply Center Richmond
8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, VA 23297-5762
Contact: Robin Champ
Phone: 804 279-4908 or (DSN) 695-4908
Fax: 804 279-5695
E-mail: rchamp@dscr.dla.mil

Distribution: Federal and military customers
through the supply system

      Re-Refined MIL SPEC Motor Oil
       Viscosity: 15W40
       Packaging: Quarts, cans, and drums

      Re-Refined Commercial Heavy-Duty
       Diesel Engine Oil
       Viscosity: 15W40, SOW, and 40W
       Packaging: Quarts, containers, and

      Re-Refined Commercial
       Administrative Engine Oil
       Viscosity: 10W30 and 5W30
       Packaging: Quarts, containers, and

Lyondell Petrochemical Company
12000 Lawndale Avenue
P.O. Box 2451
Houston, TX 77252-2451
Contact: Rod Dougan
Phone: 713 321-4310
Fax: 713 321-4700

Brand: Enviroil
Distribution: United States

      Engine Lubricating Oils
       Viscosity: 10W30
       API Service: SG/CD Energy Conserving
       Packaging: Quarts, drums, and bulk

      Anti-wear Hydraulic Oils
       Viscosity: ISO 32,46, and 68 grades
       Packaging: Drums and bulk

      Diesel Engine Lubricating Oils
       Viscosity: 15W40 and SAE30
       API Service: CF-4/CDII/SG
       Packaging: Quarts, drums and bulk
Superior Lubricants
2713 Lodi Street
Syracuse, NY 13208
Contact: Joe Dunworth
Superior Lubricants Company, Inc.
32 Ward Road
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Contact: Joe Dunworth
Phone: 716 693-6050
Fax: 716 695-9087
Wisconsin Fuel
6329 28th Avenue
Contact: Scot Carney
Phone: 414 654-0241
Maine Lubrication Service, Inc.
P:O. Box 732
Portland, ME 04104
Contact: G. David Federson
Phone: 207 772-6513
Fax: 207 874-0988
Moore Oil
4033 West Custer
Milwaukee, WI53209
Contact: Larry Fraser
Fax: 414 438-8635

                                    RETREAD TTRES
For additional information about tire retreading and tire repairing, contact the Tire Retread Information
Bureau at 408 372-1917 or toll free in the United States and Canada at 888 473-8732, or via e-mail at

International Tire and Rubber Association
P.O. Box 37203
3332 Gilmore Industrial Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40233
Contact: Marvin Bozarth
Fax: 502 964-7859
The Tire Association
12501 Street, NW., Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005-3989
Contact: John Buettner
Phone: 800 87-NTDRA (800 876-8372)
Fax: 202 682-3999

This association has a database available with
300 to 400 certified retread facilities.


Bandag, Inc.
Bandag Center
Muscatine, IA 52761-5886
Contact: Frank Marano
Phone: 319 262-1400
Frank Fargo Tire and Rubber Company
135 East 58th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90011
Contact: Norman Fargo
Phone: 213 231-5134
Fax: 213 231-TYRE (213 231-8973)
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Retread Division, Technical Center
1144 East Market Street
Akron, OH 44316
Contact: Thomas Martin
Phone: 330 796-8808
Fax: 330 796-2364
Hercules Rubber Company
1300 Monica! Boulevard
Findlay, OH 45840
Contact: Dave Cornier
Phone: 419 425-6400
Fax: 419 425-6453
Oliver Rubber Company
P.O. Drawer 1827
Athens, GA 30603-1827
Contact: Customer Service
Phone: 706 354-0810
Fax: 706 354-0338

                                    ENGINE COOLANTS

Engine coolant recycling methods include 1) power flushing the radiator and then restoring the coolant to
the vehicle, 2) collecting coolant for bulk recycling, 3) onsite servicing by a mobile unit that restores and
sells back the recycled coolant to the customer, or 4) shipping the coolant to a central service center (the
shipper must be prepared to bear the costs of clean-up should a spill occur).

Some suppliers of onsite engine coolant recycling equipment and their products are listed below. There
are a variety of processing methods in which costs and capacities vary greatly. Careful consideration,
therefore, should be given to unit and operating cost information provided below so that equipment
purchases can be tailored to agency needs. Since no industrywide standards exist for recycling
equipment, the quality of the recycled product should be the final determinant. In making such
determinations, the following factors should be considered:

      Does the equipment have an acceptable "inhibitor balance" to prevent corrosion in customer

      What hazardous waste byproducts are produced as a result of the process?

      How can those byproducts be safely disposed and what is the additional cost of that disposal?

Antifreeze Recyclers of Tidewater
4149 Thistle Circle
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Contact: Steve Jacobs
Phone: 757 495-4000
FPPF Chemical Company, Inc.
117 West Tupper Street
Buffalo NY 14201-2193
Contact: Anthony L. Tucci
Phone: 716 856-9607
Fax: 716 856-0750
City Radiator, Inc.
430 Bridge Street
Trenton, NJ 08611
Contact: Bob Jones
Phone: 609 394-3077
Fax: 609 599-2563
High-Tech Industries, Inc.
17029 Devonshire Street, Suite 124
Northridge, CA 91325
Contact: John Randall or Gary Miller
Phone: 800 553-0509 or 818 993-9960
Fax: 818 993-4317
Finish Thompson, Inc.
921 Greengarden Road
Erie, PA 16501-1591
Contact: Christine Plaza
15151 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Contact: John Kusske
Phone: 800 328-7942
Fax: 612 934-3909

Recycle Technologies, Inc.
151 Kings Row
Barrington, IL 60010
Contact: Gary L. Gunderson
Phone: 847 304-7868

Distribution: Illinois, Northern Indiana, and
Southern Wisconsin
Preferred Reduction Services, Inc.
977 South 700, West
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Contact: Al Dimora
Phone: 801 973-2220
Fax: 801 973-2137
SBX Robinair Technical Service
8001 Angling Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49002
Contact: Chad Reynolds
Phone: 800 822-5561
Fax: 616 329-0308