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January 1994
 WasteWise  Tip  Sheet
 WasteWi$e  Program
 "Road  Map"
What Is WasteWise?
How Do I
Participate in
 WasteWise is a voluntary partnership program between EPA and the busi-
 ness community. The purpose of WasteWise is to spur substantial pro-
 gress in reducing municipal solid waste by working with businesses to
 identify and implement innovative and cost-saving waste reduction and
 reuse programs. WasteWise participants commit (1) to implement three
 significant waste prevention activities; (2) to expand or improve programs
 to collect recyclables; and (3) to increase the purchase and/or manufacture
 of products with recycled content.  Participants establish their own goals
 in each of the three program areas,  monitor their progress, and report an-
jiually on the results. WasteWise is designed as an ongoing program in
 which companies annually set and  achieve new waste reduction goals.
 Companies may terminate  their participation in WasteWise at any time.
 EPA provides  technical assistance  to WasteWise members, as well as
 recognition for waste reduction achievements in press materials and pub-
 lic service announcements, in case  studies featuring exemplary accom-
 plishments, in EPA's solid waste newsletter, Reusable News, and in other
 EPA reports.  Participants also may publicize their WasteWise participa-
 tion and use the WasteWise logo. In addition, each company will receive
 a WasteWise certificate upon achieving their initial goals.

 1. Sign Up.  Simply fill out and return the one-page enrollment form.
 To do this, you will need to obtain  the signature of a senior official who
 can commit your company to a waste reduction  effort and identify the fa-
 cilities that are likely to be included in your initial waste reduction ef-
 forts. You can start with one facility or division,  or include all company
 operations in initial efforts.  If you do start with  a subset of facilities, you
 can always expand your efforts later.

 2. Get Started. EPA suggests that you conduct a waste assessment of
 company facilities and operations to identify feasible, cost-effective waste
 reduction options.  Depending on your waste reduction objectives and
 available resources, the waste assessment can be as brief as a quick walk-
 through in one department, or as comprehensive as a complete review of
 all company purchasing, materials use, and disposal practices.
 3.  Choose Your Goals and Take Action. After determining the
 waste reduction efforts your company will undertake, fill out the at-
 tached Goals Identification  Form and return it to EPA.  Please be as spe-
 cific as possible in outlining the actions you plan to take.  For example, if
 one of your waste prevention goals is to reduce paper use, please indicate
 the specific types of actions you plan to take, such as instituting a two-sided
                                                         Printed on paper that contains at least 50% recyc/ed fiber.

                            copying policy company-wide or using central bulletin boards to post
                            memos rather than widely distributing them.  EPA will provide targeted
                            technical information, as available, to assist you in meeting your goals.
                            4. Share Your Results. Many factors will determine how long it takes
                            to achieve your initial waste reduction goals. You decide what timeframe
                            is feasible and implement your program accordingly.  Regardless of how
                            far along you are in implementing your waste reduction program, EPA
                            would like to hear about your progress each year by March 1. WasteWise
                            members monitor their results during each calendar year and share these
                            with EPA through the attached Annual Reporting Form. Companies are
                            asked to estimate amounts of waste prevented and recyclables collected,
                            and amount of money spent on products with increased recycled content
                            or (an option for manufacturers) the increased amount of postconsumer
                            material used in manufactured products.

                            As part of the Annual Reporting Form, companies  are also asked to set
                            waste reduction goals for  the following year.  To help minimize the data
                            gathering and reporting burden, we have made this form as simple as pos-
                            sible and ask for estimates of waste reduction achievements, rather than
                            precise measurements.

                            In addition, EPA has worked with other solid waste reduction programs
                            to minimize the reporting burden should you decide to join more than
                            one program. If your company is a member of the  National Recycling
                            Coalition's Buy Recycled Business  Alliance (BRBA), you may submit the
                            BRBA annual reporting form in lieu of Part IV.A of the WasteWise An-
                            nual Reporting Form, which provides information on last year's activities
                            in buying or manufacturing recycled products.
                            If you are a member of the National Office Paper Recycling Project's Of-
                            fice Recycling Challenge, you may submit the Challenge reporting form
                            in lieu of Parts III.A and IV.A of the WasteWise form,  provided that you
                            have completed the "optional" information on the  Office Recycling Chal-
                            lenge Form.  This information covers the amount of recyclables collected
                            and amount  of recycled products or materials purchased during the calen-
                            dar year.

                            Each year,  EPA will compile and distribute a report on the  collective ac-
                            complishments of WasteWise companies.

What Assistance         Business Guide for Reducing Solid Waste provides detailed information on
Does EPA Offer?         different kinds of waste assessments for identifying cost-effective waste  re-
                            duction efforts.

                            Waste Prevention Pays Off: Companies Cut Waste in the Workplace is a col-
                            lection of brief case studies on a wide range of companies that have saved
                            thousands or even millions of dollars through waste prevention efforts
                            that might also be right for you.

                            EPA has several tip sheets that describe ways to prevent waste, sources of
                            information on recycled products, and other aspects of waste reduction.
                            As we learn more about what WasteWise  members  are doing, we'll share
                            case studies based on  successful company efforts.
                            The WasteWise hotline (800 EPAWISE or 800 372-9473) answers your
                            questions on anv aspect of the program,  from enrollment to reporting.

                        In the future, an electronic bulletin board will provide on-line assistance to
                        facilitate paperless reporting. EPA is working on other resources that also
                        might be helpful to you, including reduced-cost access to the Official
                        Recycled Products Guide.  We encourage you to contact us with sugges-
                        tions on the types of assistance that would be most useful for your waste
                        reduction efforts.
XA/ASTE   WasteWi$e is a partnership between EPA and America's leading businesses.
            Participants set their own waste prevention,  recycling, and recycled product
            purchasing/manufacturing goals.  WasteWise supports company efforts through
            technical assistance and recognition of participants' successes.

            We are always looking for good sources  of waste reduction information to share
            with companies.  To share your suggestions or for more information about any
            aspect of WasteWi$e, call  800 EPAWISE (800 372-9473).
                                                                      WASTE WI$E PROGRAM