United States      Solid Waste and
          Environmental Protection Emergency Response   EPA530-F-94-034
          Agency        (5305)          November1994
EPA     Commercial Hazardous
          Waste Boilers and
          Industrial Furnaces

          (As of November 1, 1994)
                                Printed on paper that contains

   Commercial Hazardous Waste Boilers and  Industrial  Furnaces

Facilities Operating on November 1, 1994

1.   ThermalKEM, Inc.  (AK)

2.   San Juan Cement Co.  (CK)

3.   Keystone Cement Co.  (CK)

4.   Medusa Cement Co.  (CK)

5.   Solite (AK)

6.   Solite (AK)

7.   Medusa (Lafarge)  (CK)

8.   Florida Solite  (AK)

9.   Kentucky Solite  (AK)

10.  United Cement/Holnam  (CK)

11.  Carolina Solite  (AK)

12.  Giant Cement  (CK)

13.  Holnam (CK)

14.  Divesified Science  (BLR)        ;

15.  Dixie Cement  (CK)

16.  Rhone-Poulenc  (SAP)

17.  Lone Star Industries  (CK)

18.  Essroc Materials,  Inc.  (CK)

19.  Lafarge  (CK)

20.  Environmental Purification
       Industries  (BLR)
Cohoes, NY

Dorado, PR

Bath, PA

Wampum, PA

Arvonia, VA

Cascade, VA

Demqpolis, AL

Green Cove Springs, FL

Brooks, KY

Artesia, MS

Norwood, NC

Harleyville, SC

Holly Hill, SC

Kingston, TN

Knoxville, TN

Hammond, IN

Green Castle, IN

Logansport, IN

Alpena, MI

Toledo, OH
21.  Southwestern Portland Cement  (CK)
Fairborn, OH

     Facility                                 Location

22.  Lafarge (CK)                             Paulding,  OH

23.  Ash Grove Cement  (CK)                    Foreman,  AR

24.  Olin Chemical  (IF)                       Beaumont,  TX

25.  Texas Industries  (CK)                    Midlothian,  TX

26.  Ash Grove Cement  (CK)                    Chanute,  KS

27.  Lafarge (CK)                             Fredonia,  KS

28.  Heartland Cement Co.  (CK)                Independence,  KS

29.  Holnam/Safety Kleen  (CK)                 Clarksville,  MO

30.  Continental Cement Co.  (CK)              Hannibal,  MO

31.  Lone Star Industries  (CK)                Cape  Girardeau,  MO

32.  River Cement Co.  (CK)                    Festus,  MO

33.  Ash Grove Cement  (CK)                    Louisville,  NE

34.  National Cement Co.  (CK)                 Lebec,  CA

Facilities Not Operating on November 1, 1994

35.  Medusa Cement  (CK)                       Clinchfield,  GA

36.  Holnam (CK)                               Ada,  OK

37.  North Texas Cement  (CK)        ;          Midlothian,  TX

38.  Featherlite (AK)                         Ranger,  TX

39.  Ash Grove Cement West  (CK)               Clancy,  MT

(AK)  = Aggregate Kiln           ^
(BLR) = Boiler                  *~
(CK)  = Cement Kiln
(IF)  = Industrial Furnace
(SMR) = Smelter
(SAF) = Sulfuric Acid Furnace