United States             Solid Waste and '  '! 
                      Environmental Protection      Emergency Response          EPA530-F-95-OU
                      Agency                 (5305W.)               '    September 1995

                      Office of Solid Waste l                 '    :
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                      Fact  Sheet
                      ELECTRONIC RESOURCES GUIDE

        'The Environmental Protection, Agency's  (EPA)  Office of Solid Waste (OSW)  has
   placed a wide -variety of information about hazardous  and non-hazardous solid waste
   on the Internet  and on Bulletin Board Systems  (BBSs)  fpr access-and retrieval  by the
   general public.  The information posted includes consumer ihformation, supporting
   materials for rulemakings, policy and guidance documents, and datafiles from EPA's
   hazardous waste  databases.     ,

   Internet  servers

   EPA maintains information on Public Access Servers accessible via both the Internet
   and via modem.  The servers carry many documents and  resources related to OSW's
   program areas, including on-line search functions. Users may also access and  search
   through archived Federal Registers (FR) dating back to October 1994. OSW documents
   and related FR releases are available through the followingi routes:        ~

   Gopher:  gopfaer.epa.gov                                                 ,

        OSW documents;
              Offices and Regions -> Office of Solid- Waste and Emergency Response ->
              '  Office of Solid Waste (RCRA)               ,

        Archived FRs  (organized by date):
      ,  '      Rules, Regulations, and Legislation -> The FEDERAL REGISTER (FR)   ,
                Environmental Subset -> FEDERAL REGISTER  (FRi) - Waste

   World Wide Web (WWW): http://www.epa.gov

        Same pathways as Gopher

   Modem:  (919) 558-0335

        Same pathways as Gopher

   Ftp: ftp.epa.gov (vlserid: anonymous, password: Internet e-mkil address)

        OSW documents are available under /pub/gopher/OSWRCRA


   Electronic  Mailing Lists  (Listservers)

   EPA maintains several  free,electronic mailing  lists.  Subscribers receive
   electronically mailed  copies of documents as .they are published.  Archives of  the
   documents are maintained on the EPA Public Access Servers (See above).

   To subscribe  to a mailing list,, send an e-mail request to the following address;


The subject line of the e-mail should read SUBSCRIBE TO LISTSERVERS.  The text of
the e-mail should read SUBSCRIBE    (e.g.
SUBSCRIBE EPA-WASTE JOHN SMITH).  Some OSW-related mailing  lists are:

 EPA-WASTE - Hazardous and Solid Waste Federal Registers
 HOTLINE OSWER -, RCRA/UST, Superfund, and EPCRA Monthly Hotline Report and updates
 EPA-PRES"S - Environmental Protection Agency Press Releases

To receive a list of all EPA listservers, first subscribe to  a list.  After
subscribing, send an e-mail request to listserver@unixmail.rtpnc.epa.gov.  The
subject line should read LISTS; the body of the message  should also read LISTS.

Electronic submissions to  the RCRA Information center

The RCRA  Information Center  (RIC) provides public access to regulatory materials
 supporting Agency actions  under RCRA  and distributes  OSW publications.  The RIC
 accepts electronic requests  for paper copies of OSW publications  and electronic
 comments  on OSW rulemakings  at the following Internet e-mail address:
 rcrm-docketeapaaail.epa.gov.  Requests for OSW documents must include the  name and
 mailing address of the requestor.  Submissions of comments  on rulemakings  must be in
 ASCII  format and must  include the docket identification number.

 For more  information about OSW  documents, the Catalogue of Hazardous and  Solid Waste
 Publications  (EPA530-B-93-002)  is available on EPA's Internet server under Offices
 and Regions -> Office  of  Solid  Waste  and Emergency Response -> office  of  Solid Waste
 (RCRA) -> RCRA: General.
 RCRA/UST,  Superfund,  and  EPCRA Hotline
 The RCRA/UST, Superfund,  and EPCRA Hotline is  a  publicly-accessible service that
 proV?SeV information on' several EPA programs,  including  information on accessing
 osw' a electronic resources.  For information about  specific documents, or to ask
 reguLSS SSiS? the Hotline is available *t  (800)  424-9346, within the
 metropolitan DC area at (703) 412-9810,  or TDD (800)  553-7672.
 Bulletin Board Systems
 OSW contributes documents to a variety of electronic BBSs  relevant to solid waste
 issues.  Following are some OSW-related BBSs.
Solid Waste
fl Av4 nnhoustl
Computer Network
(301) 589-8366
(301) 585-0204
(703) 321-8020
(202) 234-8570
Internet Access
Through Fedworld
(see below)
ftp . f edwor Id . gov
rtknet . org
(301) 589-8368
(800) 677-9424
(703) 487-4608
(202) 797-7200
.(requires an
account for
  information, please send them to: hearns.liza@epamail.epa.gov