Use EPA's  Source Reduction Program Potential Manual
                  and Reducelt software to find out!
What Is Source Reduction?
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), source
reduction (also known as waste prevention) consists of activities designed to
reduce the volume or toxicity of waste generated.

Why Is It Important?
Widely hailed as the new solid waste management ethic, source reduction
tops the list of ways to address solid waste problems. Reducing waste before
it's generated is a logical way to save both money and natural resources.  It
cuts municipal and commercial costs involved in waste collection and dis-
posal, improves productivity by targeting wasteful processes and products,
and helps to preserve the local environment.
                                  "Having the manual
                                  and the software will
                                  give me the ammuni-
                                  tion to  get a source
                                  reduction program off
                                  the ground."
                                  — Jennifer Foley, Recycling
                                   Coordinator, Greenbelt, Maryland
What is the Source Reduction Program Potential Manual 1
As a solid waste manager, you can use this manual to evaluate the potential impact of various source reduction
options. Applying national waste stream data, the manual examines the program potential
for six common source reduction options including three residential activities (grasscycling,
home composting, and clothing reuse) and three commercial, industrial, or institutional
activities (office paper reduction, converting to multiuse pallets, and paper towel
reduction). In addition, the manual includes example scenarios and worksheets,
enabling you to calculate program potential locally by using your own data.

What Does Reducelt do?
A companion to the manual, Reducelt is an electronic version of the program potential
worksheets that is a Windows-based (3.1 or later) application. In addition to provid-
ing national default data, Reducelt develops program potential scenarios for your
locality, helping you:
  Calculate waste generation data
  Calculate program potential factors
  Generate estimates of net savings
      • Estimate source reduction program potential
      • Determine waste composition
What is Program
It refers to the portion of a waste
stream that could be targeted by
a source reduction program.
Understanding program potential
helps you determine whether a
specific source reduction pro-
gram makes sense for your com-
munity. Often, this depends on
whether a program can reduce a
significant portion of the waste
stream in  a cost-effective manner.
             What if I Have Questions About Installing
             or Using  Reduceltl
             For technical questions or training opportunities,
             contact the Technical Support Helpline at 888 249-8883.
How Do I Order These FREE EPA Tools?
To order the Source Reduction Program Potential Manual and Reducelt soft-
ware (EPA530-E97-001) at no charge, contact the RCRA Hotline at 800
424-9346.  Or, if you have Internet access, you can download Reducelt from
EPA's Office of Solid Waste Web site at 

          Reap  the Benefits!
  Use EPA's source reduction planning tools to:
  • Make informed decisions about which materials or activities to target.
  • Help meet waste reduction goals.
  • Set priorities for source reduction funding, technical assistance, and staffing allocation.
  • Educate decision-makers about the potential for cost and resource savings through
   source reduction.
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                                              January 1999
         Will A Source Reduction Program
           Work in Your Community?
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