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Cutting  Waste

Can   Help.

Through the WasteWise program,
more than 850 of America's leading
businesses, institutions, and gov-
ernments are demonstrating that
solid waste reduction cuts costs and
increases efficiency.

    If your utility is not actively reducing municipal solid
    waste, you might be losing valuable resources through
    everyday activities. From equipment and supplies to
packaging and office paper waste, utilities generate sub-
stantial amounts of trash. By reducing waste, you can save
money, make your utility more competitive in the global
marketplace, and increase customer and employee satis-
faction by becoming an ecofriendly business. The U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) WasteWise
                      program can help you to
                         minimize your compa-
                           ny's waste while
                               operations.  By
                               reducing waste,
                                your utility can
                                save money
                                and make limit-
                                ed resources go
 *PSE&G is proud to be an active, charter member
 of EPA's WasteWise program. By implementing
 effective waste prevention measures, PSE&G is uti-
 lizing sound business practices that result in a sub-
 stantial benefit to the environment"
   - Stan LaBruna, vice president of environmental health and
     safety, Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G),
      WasteWise 1998 Large Corporation Partner of the Year.
By Joining
Your  Utility
"We appreciate the
flexibility provided by
WasteWise. We tailor
goals to our company
and involve many
departments and indi-
viduals. This involve-
ment sustains the
program and pro-
motes innovation."
                                - Richard Larsen, senior
                                scientist, Environmental
                                  Programs, Northeast
Save Money
  As a WasteWise partner, your
utility can save thousands, perhaps
millions, of dollars by reducing,
reusing, and recycling solid waste
materials. Many WasteWise part-
ners discover that waste prevention
activities increase productivity and reduce procure-
ment costs and waste disposal fees. Florida
Power & Light replaced its company manu-
als with electronic copies for online viewing,
and switched to electronic notification of its
departmental memos, eliminating 285,000
pounds of copier paper and saving $60,000.

Join Your Peers
  When you join WasteWise, you become
part of a network of organizations reduc-
ing waste in their operations. You will
learn cost cutting waste prevention strategies spe-
cific to utilities and will get valuable 'how-to' information
based on others experiences. WasteWise partner GPU
Energy established a centralized facility to receive obsolete or
damaged transformers and other electrical equipment from
its entire service area. The utility also repaired and reused
more than 633,000 pounds of equipment and implemented a
program for refurbishing and reusing cable reels, preventing
the disposal of more than 500,000 pounds of waste.

Attract Customers
  Environmental responsibility is a growing concern
throughout our society. More and more consumers are
considering a company's environmental record when making
purchasing or investment decisions. By joining WasteWise,
utilities can show their customers and employees they are
good corporate citizens when it comes to the environment.

Receive National  Recognition
  EPA provides national and local recognition for
WasteWise partners' successful waste reduction efforts
through publicized events, certificates, press  releases,  EPA
publications (both printed and on the Internet), and
through an annual awards program.

What  Does It Take

To  Be  WasteWise?
 Commit to reducing waste. WasteWise partners join the
  program for a 3-year period. As a first step, EPA encour-
  ages partners to conduct a waste audit on their operating
  and purchasing practices to identify cost-effective oppor-
  tunities for waste reduction.
 Establish waste  reduction goals. Within the first 6 months
  of membership,  partners identify practical and measurable
  goals tailored to their specific needs. Partners set goals to
  prevent waste; start or expand internal recycling collection
  efforts; and purchase and/or manufacture recycled prod-
  ucts. Again, the goals you choose are up to you.
 Track progress. Partners monitor their progress and
  annually update EPA on their accomplishments.
  WasteWise partners find this process to be a valuable
  exercise and often use this information to communicate
 , results to employees, managers, and stockholders.
    EPA is available to provide  information to help
 WasteWise partners establish goals, implement programs,
 and monitor progress.                       ,
WasteWise Members
in the  Utility Industry
as of 12/1/98
American Electric Power
  Service Corp.
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Cinergy Corp.
Colonial Pipeline Company
Commonwealth Edison Company
Conectiv Energy
Consolidated' Edison Company
  of New York, Inc.
Cooperative -Power Association
Detroit Edison Company  ,
Edison Electric Institute
El Paso Natural Gas Company
Florida Power & Light -'
Florida Power Corp.
GPU Energy
GPU Nuclear Corp. ""
Illinois Power Company
Long Island Lighting Company
Nevada Power Company
Northeast Utilities Service
 Northern Indiana
  Public Service Company
 Northern States Power
 Pacific Gas and Electric
 PECO Energy
 Pennsylvania Power & Light
 Public Service Company of New
 Public Service Electric & Gas
  Company     ,
 Puget Sound  Energy
, Sierra Pacific  Power Company
 Taiwan Power. Company
 Texas Utilities
.The Southern Company  ..
 UGI Utilities,  Inc. - Electric
 Virginia Electric and Power
                                   Registration  Form
                                   Q Yes! My organization is ready to become a
                                      WasteWise partner.
                                      (Please complete both Sections A and E>.)

                                   Q I would like more information about the
                                      (Please complete Section A.)

                                   Section A
                                   Organization Name	
                                   Principal Contact


                                   Section B
                                   (Fill out only if you are joining as a partner.)
                                   Facilities to be included in initial waste reduction efforts
                                   (e.g., corp. headquarters only, single facility, all facilities)
 Approximate number of employees in these .facilities
 Signature of
 Senior Official
 Print Name


 Date  .
Please cut and fax to WasteWise at
703 308-8686 or mail to the WasteWise
program at the following address:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
WasteWise (5306W)
401 M Street, SW.
Washington, DC 20460
                                                                    Preserving Resources,
                                                                      Preventing Waste

Preserving Resources,
  Preventing Waste >

is a voluntary


program that

assists and

challenges organizations to

find savings through innov-

ative waste reduction activ-

ities. Participation in

WasteWise is FREE!

EPA is available to help
partners establish goals,
implement programs, and
monitor progress.
Networking among part-
ners also provides useful
information exchange.

For more information,
please call the WasteWise
Helpline at 800 EPA-WISE
(372-9473) or visit the
WasteWise Web site at
Waste  Prevention


Based on results achieved by WasteWise
partners, waste prevention activities that
utilities might consider include:

 Initiate luminary maintenance program to extend
  the useful life of lamps.
 Reduce packaging on new meters and other
 Increase reuse of telephone poles and wooden
 Eliminate excess mailings by updating internal
  mailing lists.
                Reduce paper usage through
                double-sided copying and
                 printing; e-mail; posting and
                 routing memos; record
                 imaging; and posting
                 documents on Internet
                 Web sites.
           Establish electronic customer billing.
  Reduce incoming bulk mail waste by removing
  your utility from unnecessary mailing lists.
  Educate employees on the importance and ease
  of waste prevention, recycling, and buying
  recycled-content products.
  Purchase cleaning materials and other supplies
  in bulk.
  Require suppliers to use reusable
  transport packaging.
  Establish donation programs
  for office furniture and