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                  Preserving Resources,
                   Preventing Waste



Cutting Waste

Can Help You

Bite Back*

Through the WasteWise program,
more than 850 of America's leading
businesses, institutions, and govern-
ments are demonstrating  that solid
waste reduction cuts costs and
increases efficiency.

    If your company is not actively reducing municipal
    solid waste, you might be losing profits. From
    equipment and supplies to packaging and office
paper waste, the scientific, photographic, and control
equipment industry generates substantial amounts of
trash. By reducing waste, you can save money, make
your company more competitive in the global market-
place, and increase customer and employee satisfaction
by becoming an ecofriendly business. The U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) free
WasteWise program can help you minimize your com-
pany's waste while maximizing cost-effective operations.
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By reducing waste, you can save money and
ed resources go further.

WasteWise Membe
          By Joining

           WasteWise, Year

           Company Cans

          Save Money
        As a WasteWise partner, your company can
save thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars by reducing,
reusing, and recycling solid waste materials. Many
WasteWise partners discover that waste prevention actions
reduce procurement costs and waste disposal fees and
increase productivity. Through the FunSaver disposable
camera return program in 1997, Eastman Kodak Company
eliminated more than 4.4 million pounds of film, plastic,
and paper materials and saved $300,000 by reusing parts to
make new cameras. The company recycles and reuses more
than 85 percent of the weight of each FunSaver camera.

Join Your Peers
  When you join WasteWise, you become part of a net-
work of organizations reducing waste in their operations. You
will leam cost cutting waste prevention
strategies specific to your industry
and get valuable 'how-to' information
based on others' experiences.

Attract Customers
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     jf;more information,please  .\ -:
             'asteWise Helpline ,
             j   \ -_,_,  •'    r  _ '
  ,  800                 -      or
  '^"^'V    ''^  X^.  ^ -'•"•=>.* ^  ' A*  *^ ^ >   ^ ^

   Waste  Prevention


Based on results achieved by Waste Wise part-
ners, waste prevention activities that scientific,
photographic, and control equipment industries
might consider include:

                 Save and reuse shipping
                   boxes and foam peanuts
                    for outgoing packages.
                    • Donate surplus supplies
                     and equipment to local
                     schools and nonprofits.
                 Institute a materials exchange
                 program for lab stations.
            Develop packaging material from
            waste generated internally.
   •  Use electronic data interchange
     (EDI) to reduce paper forms and
e Design products to be. easily dis-
  assembled at the end of their
  first life cycle so that parts and
  materials can be reused.
• Work with suppliers to
  reduce their packaging.
• Develop reusable containers
  for vendor shipments.
                   wooden pallets or replace
                   with reusable plastic pallets.
                   Enable customers to return
                   product packaging for

Receive National  Recognition
  EPA provides national and local recognition for
WasteWise partners' successful waste reduction efforts
through publicized events, certificates, press releases, EPA
publications (both printed and on the Internet), and through
an annual awards program.

What  Does It  Take To

Be  WasteWise?
* Commit to reducing waste. WasteWise partners join the
  program for a 3-year period. As a first step, EPA encour-
  ages partners to conduct a waste audit on their operating
  and purchasing practices to identify cost-effective opportu-
  nities for waste reduction.
  Establish waste reduction
  goals. Within the first 6
  months of membership,
  partners identify practical
  and measurable goals tai-
  lored to their specific
   needs. Partners set
    goals to prevent waste;
    start or expand inter-
         recycling collec-
       l\i efforts; and
          lacture recy-
           the goals you
"Through WasteWise,
we are able to contin-
uously improve our
solid waste program
by sharing ideas and
successes with other
member companies.
Recognition of our
efforts by EPA instills,
pride among our
employees and
enhances our goodwill
in the community."
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       j>te\Vise partners find this piocess K> DC a
    valuable txercise and often use this information to
r.z:r_ co'tucaUnlEgEB restllts to employees,
                                Registration Form

                                Q Yes! My organization is ready to become a
                                   WasteWise partner.
                                   (Please complete botli Sections A and B.)

                                Q I would like more information about the
                                   (Please complete Section A.)
                                Section A
                                Organization Name 	
                                SIC Code
                                                        Principal Contact


                                                        Section B
                                                        (Fill out only if you are joining as a partner.)

                                                        Facilities to be included in initial waste reduction efforts
                                                        (e.g., corp. headquarters only, regional facilities, etc.)
                                                           Approximate number of employees in these facilities
                                                           Signature of
                                                           Senior Official
                                                           Print Name


                                                           Please cut and fax to WasteWise at
                                                           703 308-8686 or mail to the WasteWise
                                                           program at the following address:

                                                           U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                                           WasteWise (5306W)
                                                           401 M Street, SW.
                                                           Washington, DC 20460
                                                                  Preserving Resources.
                                                                   Preventing Waste