Picture  a

                             World With

                             Less Waste

                           Hey Kids!
                          Share with us your ideas
                          on ways to recycle, reuse, and
                         prevent waste in your home or
                        community. Send us your artwork;
                        it could be chosen to become
                       the official Office of Solid Waste
                       Earth Day poster for the year 2000!
Sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste.
Deadline: November 1, 1999. See reverse for details.
Document Number: EPA530-F-99-019

                      U.S. EPA  Office of Solid Waste
    Picture  a  World   With  Less  Waste
Recycling and reusing are two
ways to cut down on the
amount of trash we create.
Preventing waste before it
becomes trash  is even better.
All of these actions are impor-
tant to the environment and
are going to become even
more significant in the third

Be creative, and show us your
best ideas for recycling,
reusing, or preventing waste.
Examine your home, school,
and community.What kind of
trash is produced? How could
it be prevented, reused, or
recycled? Do your best to
"picture" a world with less
Waste through  these activities.

  All elementary school students
    in the United States and its
    territories are eligible to enter
    the contest.

   Each student may submit up to
    three entries. Due to volume,
    submissions cannot be returned.

   Each entry must be accompa-
    nied by a piece of paper that
    includes the  student's name,
    address, phone number, grade,
    age, and school name.This
    paper must be taped to the
    back of the entry.
   Please do not write directly on
   the back of the entry or staple
   this paper to it.

  Students must submit original
   artwork. No copyrighted char-
   acters, images, photographs,
   symbols, phrases, or poetry may
   be used. No copying or tracing
   is allowed.

  Drawings may contain words,
   phrases, poetry, or other writing
   up to 25 words maximum.

  All entries must be on an
   8/zxll -inch piece of unfolded,
   unlined white paper or poster

  All artwork received by EPA
   becomes the property of EPA,
   and EPA will retain all rights for
   reproduction in all media.
   Artwork may be modified for
   reproduction purposes.

H  All entries must be postmarked
   by November 1, 1999, and
   should be mailed to:

Office of Solid Waste (OSW)
Earth Day 2000 Poster Contest
U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency
401  M Street, SW. (5305W)
Washington, DC 20460
One grand prize winner and three
runners-up will be announced prior
to Earth Day 2000.The grand prize
winner will receive a plaque from
EPA and will have his or her art
reproduced as a national Earth Day
2000 poster. Runners-up will have
their artwork included as screen
savers on a nationally distributed
OSW educational CD-ROM, which
contains materials and activities for

Judging Criteria:
A panel of judges will evaluate each
entry for:
  Clear expression of theme
  Accuracy of facts

For information or documents oh
recycling, reuse, and waste preven-
tion/source reduction, call toll-free
800 424-9346 or visit our Web site
at .