United States
                    Environmental Protection
                     Solid Waste and
                     Emergency Response
EPA 542-F-98-008
Aprit 1998
Consortium  for  Site
Characterization  Technology

Environmental Technology
Verification Reports
The Consortium for Site Characterization Technology (CSCT) is a pilot verification
program operating under EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)
Program. The CSCT is a partnership involving EPA, DOD, DOE, States and private
sector companies. The ETV Reports document demonstration activities and present and
evaluate the demonstration data to verify technology performance relative to vendor
claims. Each report includes a 3-page verification statement.
                    The Site Characterization and Analysis Penetrometer System (SCAPS) LIF Sensor
                    and Support System                               EPA 600-R-97-019

                    The Rapid Optical Screening Tool (ROST) LIF System for Screening of Petroleum
                    Hydrocarbons in Subsurface Soils                      EPA 600-R-97-020

                    Field Portable GC/MS; Viking Instruments Corporation SpectraTrak™ 672
                                                                 EPA 600-R-97-148

                    Field Portable GC/MS; Bruker-Franzen Analytical Systems, Inc. EM640™
                                                                 EPA 600-R-97-149

                    Field Portable XRF Analyzer; Scitec MAP Spectrum Analyzer  EPA 600-R-97-147

                    Field Portable XRF Analyzer; HNU Systems SEFA-P Analyzer  EPA 60p-R-97-144

                    Field Portable XRF Analyzer; TN 9000 and TN Lead Analyzer EPA 600-R-97-145

                    Field Portable XRF Analyzer; Metorex X-MET 920-MP       EPA 600-R-97-151

                    Field Portable XRF Analyzer; Metorex X-MET 920-P and X-MET 940
                                                                 EPA 600-R-97-146

                    Field Portable XRF Analyzer; Niton XL Spectrum Analyzer    EPA 600-R-97-150
                     UPCOMING REPORTS:
                     Well-head Monitoring
                     Decision Support Software
                     Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Measurement in Water
                     Field Analytical Methods for Measuring Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

                   The Consortium is one of several pilot verification programs operating under the aegis of
                   the EPA Environmental Technology Verification (EIV) Program. One of the roles of the
                   Consortium and ETV is to plan and execute demonstrations and to assist developers with
                   designing and conducting their own demonstrations. The goal of this effort is to generate
                   credible cost and performance information. The Consortium will also transfer information to
                   regulators, users, and developers.

                   The Consortium will fulfill the need for independent evaluation of monitoring and site
                   characterization technology performance. The Consortium brings together the interests of
                   Federal and state regulators; Federal technology evaluation and verification entities; and
                   potential end users of these technologies to facilitate independent and expert verification of
                   technology performance. Customers, investors, and regulators alike will judge a technology
                   on its merits, backed by quality data.

                   The Consortium employs a third-party verification organization (DOE National Laboratory)
                   to develop demonstration plans, conduct the evaluations, and write the final reports. Based
                   on the assessment of the needs  of users, the Consortium annually solicits available vendors,
                   selects appropriate technologies, and fields performance evaluations. Technologies are
                   selected based on their applicability to the identified category of need, their maturity
                   (commercially ready, full-scale field units), and the willingness of the vendors to participate.
                   After the field evaluation, the Consortium produces reports on each technology
                   accompanied by a verification statements signed by the Director of EPA's National  Exposure
                   Research Laboratory.
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