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Communication between health care providers and water utility personnel is essential to ensure the
health and safety of our nation's water supplies. Doctors, nurses, and others in primary care would
likely be the first to observe unusual illness patterns or disease trends resulting from intentional
biological  or chemical contamination. They have a critical role in diagnosing waterborne disease,
communicating risk, and cooperating with water utilities to protect public health.
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                   "Recognizing Waterborne Disease and the Health Effects of Water Pollution: A
                   Physician On-line Reference Guide," by Patricia L. Meinhardt, MD, MPH, MA,
                   includes a section, "Physician Preparedness for Acts of Water Terrorism."  It
                   is available at WaterHealthConnection.org. The site features

                     Free access to clinically relevant information on recognition,
                      management, and prevention of waterborne disease from pathogens and
                      chemical contamination

                     Peer-reviewed content by leading experts from medical academia and
                      public health agencies, including CDC, ATSDR, and EPA

                     Risk communication and patient risk evaluation guidelines for both
                      healthy and susceptible populations

                     "Ease of use"  tools and website support for busy health professionals

                     Continuing Medical Education accreditation toward AMA Physician's
                      Recognition Award (maximum of 22 CME credits), sponsored by the
                      American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM)

                     Certificate of Participation for non-physicians to submit for continuing
                      education credits in their fields, also sponsored by ACPM

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