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IAQ Tools for Schools - E-Bulletin Web

EPA is proud to announce the creation of its first
quarterly E-Bulletin. Each Bulletin will be
dedicated to a specific theme or issue relating to
indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools. This first
edition of the \AQ TfS E-Bulletin is a special
supplement dedicated to the past 2003 IAQ TfS
National Symposium that was held in Washington,
DC October 26 - 28. You will read about the
various sessions and speakers that presented as
well as the Excellence Award recipients who
received recognition during the Awards Ceremony.
EPA is now gearing up for this year's National IAQ
TfS Symposium that will be held December 2-4 in
Washington, DC. Stay tuned for registration

      Click here to view a PDF version (a
      176KB file) of the IAQ TfS
      Symposium E-Bulletin Supplement.

IAQ TfS Awards Program Site
Showcases Award Winners

Since 2000, the Indoor Air Quality Tools  for
Schools (IAQ TfS) Program has recognized over
100 schools and school districts for their
accomplishments in creating a safe and  healthy
learning environment and maintaining good IAQ in
their facilities. To showcase these outstanding
schools, EPA has created a site that highlights
schools and school districts in each state who have
received recognition for implementing good IAQ
management practices. Visit
ep_a,g_QvAag/schoQjMagtfeawaMs,h.t_mj, and click on
your state to see who has won an award. You may
even have an opportunity to be the first award
winner in your state! Whether you are just
beginning your IAQ program or you have had
procedures in place for years, we encourage you to
apply for an award today.  Applications for the
Great Start, Leadership, and Excellence  Awards
are all available for download on this site.
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  Indoor Air Quality Tools
           National Sympo
   Save the date! EPA will hosl
   Indoor Air Quality Tools for Si
   Symposium on December 2-
   Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washing
    share the information in the 1
           Adobe Acrobat PDF
 2004symposium  flyer.pdf) with
  members and other folks worki
    indoor air quality in schools.

  Register for the 2004 IAQ To
           National Symposii
    wymJaqsympp_sjum.c_Q_m  I
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 0
for Schools web site

This web-based resource contair
recommendations and tools to he
and design professionals integral
quality practices into the design,
renovation, and operation and mi
12 school facilities. Practical, cos
ranging from walk-off entry mats
ventilation systems can reduce c
schools and help protect the hea
staff.
                                                                            Visit EPA's Healthy
                                                                            Environments web

                                                                          The Healthy School Enviro
                                                                         pages are intended to serve

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tools for Schools (TfS) Program
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                        Additionally, instructions for applying, eligibility
                        requirements, and a sample Letter of Intent are all
                        accessible from this Web site.
                              IAQ Technical Hotline - 1-866-837-
                                         3721 (toll free)

                              If you need technical assistance using
                              the MQJ7oo/sJbrSc/Joo/s_Kjt a hotline
                               has been established to assist you.
                              The hotline is operated weekdays from
                               8:30am to 4:30 pm central time. You
                                can also e-mail your questions to:
                                tfs_jiejp_@_ep_a_.cjigy.  Readjylore....
    to on-line resources to h
managers, school administral
 design engineers, school nu
 teachers and staff address c
health issues in schools. A fl
 as a PDF file (in both color c
   white), that will help you a
Healthy School Environments
     K-12 schools and other
healthy schools portal  bw.f
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