WASHINGTON, D.C. 20460
                                                                                 OFFICE OF
                                                                           PREVENTION, PESTICIDES AND
                                                                              TOXIC SUBSTANCES
                                            June 15, 2004
                                       PR NOTICE 2004-1

                            REGISTRANTS OF PESTICIDE PRODUCTS

         ATTENTION:     Persons Responsible for the Registration of Pesticides

         SUBJECT:         Change of address for personal and courier deliveries to the Office of
                            Pesticide Programs

               PR Notice 2000-4, issued April 25, 2000, provides instructions for submitting various
         types of applications or other submissions to the Office of Pesticide Programs. That notice
         describes how U.S. Postal Service and courier deliveries are to be addressed for most efficient
         delivery and to facilitate Agency processing. This notice is available on the pesticides website
         at http://www.epa.gov/PR_Notices/   Except as noted below, this PR Notice remains
         current and effective.

               Effective June 26, 2004, the street address of the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) of
         the Environmental Protection Agency will change. OPP is not changing its physical
         location; our offices are still located in Crystal Mall 2, across from the Crystal City
         Metro station. However, due to reconfiguring of the Crystal City area streets, Arlington
         County has changed the street address of our Crystal City building.

               This change affects personal and courier delivery services only.   The U.S. Postal
         Service mail address will NOT change. Accordingly, when following the instructions in PR
         Notice 2000-4  for personal and courier deliveries, the address line should be changed as

               NEW ADDRESS LINE
               1801 South Bell Street
               Arlington, Virginia 22202-4501
XX-2                                    7J0A/OV003
                                    Internet Address (URL)  http://www.epa.gov
                   Recycled/Recyclable  Printed with Vegetable Oil Based Inks on Recycled Paper (Minimum 30% Postconsttmer)

      Note that the old Jefferson Davis Highway address will continue to be identifiable as
the physical location of OPP for six months. However, to ensure timely receipt of your
submissions, please notify those in your company who send things to the Office of Pesticide
Programs, your courier services, and others who need to know. You should also make
changes in your automated systems to reflect the new address.  This information will also be
posted on the OPP website at w w w. epa. gov/epahome/postal2 .htm.  For further
information, you may contact your Product Manager.
                                        &,  ^
                                        Jim Jones, Director
                                        Office of Pesticide Programs
           COOVOVAOtt                                 &-XX