United States             Prevention, Pesticides         EPA-730-F-95-001
                          Environmental Protection      And Toxic Substances         April 1995
                          Agency	 (7508W)	
                          Electronic  Availability

                          of   REDs                  	

               Pesticide       EPA is in the process of reviewing and making regulatory decisions
          Rereaistration  about older pesticide active ingredients, initially registered prior to
                          November 1984. When EPA is satisfied that an older pesticide has a
                          substantially complete science data base which demonstrates that some or all
                          uses do not pose unreasonable risks to human health or the environment, the
                          Agency issues a Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED). The RED
                          document describes EPA's risk assessment and risk management decisions,
                          as well as requirements for future use of the pesticide in the United States.
                               As of early 1995, EPA had issued REDs for 90 reregistration "cases,"
                          or groups of related pesticide active ingredients. The Agency plans to issue
                          about 40 RED documents during 1995.  Ultimately, REDs will be issued for
                          a total of about 400 reregistration cases, or groups of related pesticide active

              Electronic       EPA now is making its pesticide reregistration eligibility decisions
          Dissemination  (RE^8) available electronically, on the Internet and a Bulletin Board System
                          (BBS) operated by the Special Review and Reregistration Division (SRRD)
                Of REDs  m EpA,s office Of pesticide Programs (OPP).  Either a summary RED  fact
                          sheet or, for decisions made since June 1994, the entire RED document
                          including the fact sheet is available electronically on both the Internet and
                          this BBS. Information on the status of reregistration, special review, and
                          other pesticide program activities also is available.
                               The use of computers and doing business electronically is not just a
                          trend, but a significant step forward in capability, productivity and value.
                          Electronic technology is now so inexpensive and widespread that it is
                          incumbent on the Agency to provide pesticide regulatory information in this
                          format.  Interested members of the public, companies and interest groups
                          can easily connect and see what decisions we make, and how our work
                          affects them.  This free flow of information is imperative in order to
                          cultivate a fully-informed public, domestically and throughout the world.

  Information        OPp is making the following information on pesticides and their
     Available   regulatory status available using both the Internet and the BBS.
                  REDs - OPP is posting all the RED documents issued by EPA since June
Electronically        1Q94 m their entirety (mciudmg fact sheets).
                  RED Fact Sheets - In addition, OPP has posted approximately 55 fact
                       sheets  for the earlier REDs-those issued from 1990 through June
                       1994.  RED fact sheets are brief summaries of the REDs themselves,
                       and summarize the human health and environmental assessments, risk
                       mitigation measures, labeling changes, and regulatory conclusions
                       presented hi the more detailed RED documents.
                  Special Review Decisions - A fact sheet and questions and answers on
                       EPA's proposed decision not to initiate a special review of the
                       pesticide Propoxur were posted recently. Similar documents on other
                       special review decisions will be added hi the future.
                  OPP Annual Report for 1994 - OPP's first Annual Report, published in
                       early 1995, explains how the Program is using its resources to
                       accomplish its mission and discusses opportunities and initiatives for
                        1995.  Graphics are included.
                  Pesticide Reregistration Progress Report - This quarterly publication
                        summarizes OPP's recent decisions and reflects its cumulative
                        progress hi conducting reregistration and special review.  It contains a
                        list of all completed REDs, as well as several graphics.
                  Status of Pesticides in Reregistration and Special Review (or Rainbow
                        Report) - This comprehensive reference document, updated annually,
                        lists and provides the status of all pesticides undergoing reregistration
                        and special review.
                   OPP Selected Terms and Acronyms - This reference document lists and
                        defines technical and regulatory terms and acronyms used frequently
                        by OPP.
                   Registration Information -  "General Information on Applying for
                        Registration of Pesticides hi the United States," Second Edition,
                        August 1992.
                   FDJRA Section 17(b) Notifications - Documents notifying foreign
                        governments that EPA has registered, cancelled, suspended, or taken
                        other regulatory action or made a regulatory decision concerning a
                        pesticide used in the United States.  [On Internet only.]
                   Additional Information - As new information becomes available, it is
                        added to both the Internet and BBS.  For example, new REDs
                        (including RED fact sheets) are added as soon as the printed
                        documents are mailed to the registrants of these pesticides.

S ~ **"*""  "I                      WASHINGTON. D.C 20460
                                        APR - 7  1325
                                                                             OFFICE OF
  Announcement                                                   PREVENTION, PESTICIDES AND
  Mnnouncemeru                                                      TOXIC SUBSTANCES

  Electronic Availability of Pesticide Reregistration Information

        In support of the Environmental Protection Agency's commitment to greater public
  accessibility of our data and information systems, I have encouraged the Office of Pesticide
  Programs (OPP) to explore electronic dissemination as one of the primary means for getting
  our products and information to our clients both internally and externally.  My office is in
  the process of improving access to all of our information systems generally.  I am proud to
  announce that a major improvement in accessibility has been accomplished.  Up-to-date  ,
  information about EPA's reregistration of pesticides is now available electronically.

        All recent pesticide Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) documents, summary
  RED fact sheets, and other documents concerning pesticide reregistration, special review,
  and related topics are available through an electronic Bulletin Board System operated by
  OPP, and from EPA's Internet site (where other Agency information also resides).  Anyone
  who uses a personal  computer with a modem can readily gain access to these free sources of
  timely information about pesticides and their regulatory status, as explained in the enclosed
  fact sheet entitled, "Electronic Availability of REDs."

  Expanding OPP's Electronic Information Dissemination

        OPP is interested in expanding and refining  its electronic dissemination of pesticide
  regulatory information.  We encourage you to access the systems described, peruse the
  documents posted, and give us your comments and  suggestions.  Do the documents contain
  information that is needed or useful? Are the delivery mechanisms effective? Do you have
  priorities for access to other EPA pesticide information?  Please send responses to Brian
  Hirsch, Policy and Special Projects Staff (7501C), EPA, Washington, DC 20460, telephone
  703-305-7102, or by electronic mail at HIRSCH.BRIAN@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV. If you
  have questions about the content of the reregistration and special review documents
  themselves, please contact the Special Review and Reregistration Division (7508W), OPP,
  EPA, Washington, DC  20460, telephone 703-308-8000, or by electronic mail at
                                               Daniel MTBarolo, Director
                                               Office of Pesticide Programs
                                                                       Printed with Soy/Canola Ink on papef that
                                                                       contains t taut 50% recycled fiber


        The Internet
     All of the documents listed above are available from EPA's gopher
server and two other pathways on the Internet.  The Internet address of
EPA's gopher server is GOPHER.EPA.GOV.  This information also is
available using ftp on FTP.EPA.GOV., or using WWW (World Wide Web)
     Bulletin  Board
      System (BBS)
     The Pesticide Special Review and Reregistration Information System is
what is commonly referred to as a "Bulletin Board System" or BBS.  A BBS
is a computer set up to accept calls from over a telephone line and allow
callers to use the computer.  Anyone with a computer or terminal connected
to a phone line or networked to one can dial into a BBS and perform the
functions it is set up to allow. This may include sending and retrieving
data, and exchanging electronic mail, as well as running any available
How To Get Onto the BBS
     From Your Personal Computer or Terminal - The telephone number is
703-308-7224.  To connect to this or any other BBS, several parameters in your
communication software must be set appropriately.  The settings for this BBS are
the standard settings for most: 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit (abbreviated
as 8N1).  Communication speeds from 2400bps to 28.8Kbps are available,
accommodating almost all speeds available in modems on the market today.  The
system displays color ANSI graphics as well as ASCII text.
     From the Internet - The Pesticide Special Review and Reregistration
Information System can be accessed via GSA's Fedworld system. Telnet or FTP
to FEDWORLD.GOV and follow the onscreen instructions to get to the gateway.
     From a LAN - Many Local Area Networks (LANs) are connected to the
telephone network. While it is not possible to address the multitude of possible
configurations here, your network administrator will be able to tell you if you are
able to dial out to other systems  from your LAN and what specific software you
have available to do this.
    RED Document
     EPA mails printed copies of completed REDs to registrants of
pesticide products containing these active ingredients. The Agency also
makes RED documents available to the public from the Pesticide Docket
during a 60-day comment period, as announced hi Notices of Availability
published in the Federal Register.  REDs issued since the spring of 1994 are
available free of charge while supplies last from EPA's National Center for
Environmental Publications and Information (NCEPI). All REDs will be
available indefinitely for a fee from the National Technical Information
Service  (NTIS).

               Sources of Printed REDs
                    To obtain printed copies of REDs and RED fact sheets, please
                    Pesticide Docket - During the 60-day comment period after a RED is
                    issued, the document is available free of charge from:
                          Pesticide Docket
                          Public Response and Program Resources Branch
                          Field Operations Division (7506C)
                          Office of Pesticide Programs
                          U.S. EPA
                          Washington, DC 20460
                          Telephone: 703-305-5805
                    NCEPI - REDs and RED fact sheets issued since April 1994 are
                    available free of charge while supplies last from:
                          EPA/NCEPI (National Center for Environmental Publications &
                          PO Box 42419
                          Cincinnati, OH 45242-0419
                          Telephone:  513-489-8190
                          Fax:      513-489-8695
                    NTIS - Archived REDs and RED fact sheets will be available
                    indefinitely for a fee from:
                          National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
                          ATTN: Order Desk
                          5285 Port Royal Road
                          Springfield, VA 22161
                          Telephone:  703-487-4650
               REDs List
                    A list of completed REDs is published each quarter hi the Pesticide
               Reregistration Progress Report, available on both the Internet and BBS.  To
               obtain a printed copy of the latest Progress Report, please contact NCEPI
               (see above), or SOS/PRB/SRRD (7508W), OPP, U.S. EPA, Washington,
               DC 20460, telephone 703-308-8009.

   For More       For more information about pesticide documents on the Internet or
Information  BBS> or at>out ^ Aency's reregistration and special review programs,
               please contact the Special Review and Reregistration Division (7508W),
               Office of Pesticide Programs, U.S. EPA, Washington, DC 20460,
               telephone 703-308-8000, or by electronic mail at SRRD@CAIS.COM.