United States
                  Environmental Protection
                  Agency	'
Pesticides and
Toxic Substances (H7506C)
July 1993

                  Protecting  Endangered
                  Interim  Measures
                  Howard County, Nebraska
                     The information in this pamphlet is similar to
                     what the U.S. Environmental Protection
                     Agency (EPA) expects to distribute once our
                 Endangered Species Protection Program is in
                 effect The limitations on pesticide use are not
                 law at this time, but are being provided now for
                 your use in voluntarily protecting endangered and
                 threatened species from harm due to pesticide
                 use. We encourage you to use this information.
                 We also welcome your comments.

                  The Endangered Species Act is intended to
                 protect and promote recovery of animals and
                 plants that are in danger of becoming extinct due
                 to the activities of people. Under the Act, EPA
                 must ensure that use of pesticides it registers will
                 not result in harm to the species listed as
                 endangered or threatened by the U.S. fish and
                 Wildlife Service, or to habitat critical to those
                 species' survival To accomplish this, the EPA
                 expects to implement program requirements
                 beginning in 1994. This program will protect
                 endangered and threatened species from harm due
                 to pesticide use.
                  EPA requests your comments regarding the
                 information presented in this publication. Please
                 let us know whether the information is clear and
                 correct. Also tell us to what extent following the
                 recommended measures would affect you typical
                 pesticide use or productivity. This information
                 will be considered by EPA during the final stages
                 of program development

                                  Please submit comments to:

                                 Interim Endangered Species
                               Protection Program (H7506C)
                                         401M Street, SW
                                    Washington, DC 20460
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