Put this letter with the

I t^M^7 1                       WASHINGTON, D.C. 20460
     AU6272001                                                             OFF.CEOF
                                                                        PREVENTION, PESTICIDES AND
                                                                           TOXIC SUBSTANCES

  Dear Registrant:

         On March 13,2001, the Special Review and Reregistration Division (SRRD) of the
  Environmental Protection Agency (hereafter referred to as EPA or the Agency) mailed the
  Interim Registration Eligibility Decision (IRED) for Phorate to all registrants with phorate
  pesticide registrations.  Since that time, SRRD has identified certain errors in the printed version
  of the document and has made some minor edits to the IRED document. Please note that the
  changes do not impact the regulatory decisions or data requirements as stated in the March 2001
  document. This letter is to inform you what changes were made and where the revised or
  inadvertently omitted language should be in the IRED document.  The Agency will soon post the
  revised IRED for Phorate on the EPA website at the following internet address

  The following changes have been made to the March 2001 document:

  On page 43 in the "PPE Requirements Established by the RED1" section, the amended labeling
  language "Mixers, loaders, applicators and other handlers must wear:" should be:

  Loader, applicators, and other handlers  must wear:

  * long sleeved shirt and long pants,
  * shoes plus socks
  In addition loaders must wear:
  * chemical-resistant gloves

  On page 44 in the "Engineering Controls" section, in the amended labeling language, the filter
  type N* should be N2 wherever mentioned (i.e., refer the reader to footnote 2).

  On page 44 in the "Engineering Controls" section, the second paragraph of the amended labeling
  language reads "Applicators must use an enclosed cab that meets the definition in the Worker
  Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides for dermal protection or in an open cab must use
  the PPE listed above. In addition the applicator:"  The correct language is:

  "Applicators must use an enclosed cab that meets the definition in the Worker Protection
  Standard for Agricultural Pesticides for  dermal protection.  In addition the applicator:
         must wear PPE specified above,
                              Internet Address (URL)  http://www.epa.gov
            Recyclod/Racyclable . Printed with Vegetable Oil Based Inks on Recycled Paper (Minimum 25% Postconsumer)

       must either use an enclosed cab that also provides equivalent respiratory
       protection	"

Changes were also made to Appendix A. Table of Use Patterns Eligible For Reregistration. On
page 52, the row for the Corn, Field Broadcast Prior to tassel emergence air use has been
deleted since aerial application is prohibited and all uses must be soil incorporated. These
measures are required to mitigate avian risk as well as drinking water concerns.

On page 53, the row for the Peanuts Soil banded at pegging ground use has also been deleted
since phorate use on peanuts at pegging is prohibited due to drinking water concerns.

 On page 55, a row for use on Lilies and Daffodils (field grown) has been inserted after
Radishes grown for seed (and before Sorghum). It was inadvertently omitted in the March 2001
document and should read as:
Lilies and Daffodils (field grown)
Soil incorporated at
plant or as side
dressing after
planting (For State
Registrations Only)
8.0 Ib/A

       As mentioned above,.the Agency will post the correct Phorate IRED soon, but if you have
any questions concerning the pesticide phorate or any questions about the changes to the printed
phorate IRED previously mailed to you, please feel free to contact John Pates, the Chemical
Review Manager (CRM) for phorate at (703) 308-8195 or John Leahy, SRRD Team Leader for
phorate at (703) 305-6703. Please note that as of August 13th, I have been reassigned within OPP
and I  am no longer the Chemical Review Manager for phorate but I will  assist John Pates (the
new CRM) during the transition,period.
                                        Ben Chambliss