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          General DfE INFORMATION

          EPA-744-F-01-003  Garment and Textile Program Fact Sheet: Military Uniform Cleaning
                             (2pp)  June 2001

          This fact sheet discusses the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Supply Center Philadelphia's
          (DSCP's) evaluation of environmentally-preferable technologies for the cleaning of military
          clothing and textile apparel. Results of the study will be used to support a DOD recommendation
          to place an instruction such as "Professional Fabricare " or "Professionally Clean " on the care
          label of selected military garments, allowing drycleaners to use environmentally-preferable
          processes instead of traditional drycleaning solvents.

          CASE STUDIES

          EPA-744-F-01-004  Garment and Textile Care Program Case Study: 100% Wetcleaning
                             Facility: Route-only Service
                             (4pp)  May 2001

          This case study discusses how The Laundry Club (TLC), a Leesburg, Virginia-based partner of
          EPA's DfE Garment and Textile Care Program, cleans all garments that are normally drycleaned
          using automated, state-of-the-art wetcleaning techniques and skilled personnel. The study
          provides an overview of wetcleaning and wetcleaning agents used at TLC; performance
          information; environmental safety and health impacts; and capital and operational costs.

          Other DfE information available online at:
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