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                                      Fall 2001 NEW PUBLICATIONS

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          EPA-742-E-01-001     Why Should You Care About Preventing Waste? Pollution Prevention
                              Pocketbook (8 pp) July 2001

          This easy-to-use reference guide helps businesses leam how they can implement waste reduction
          activities and save money at the same time. It provides a process for identifying, implementing, and
          measuring waste reduction. It also discusses the benefits of waste reduction for small businesses.

          EPA-744-F-01-023     National Pollution Prevention Resource Guide (12 pp) July 2001

          This companion piece to "Why Should You Care About Preventing Waste? Pollution Prevention
          Pocketbook" contains a listing of the "best of the best" national pollution prevention resources.  This
          national guide covers general P2 information and information on sector-specific technical resources,
          voluntary partnership programs, financial assistance, and pollution prevention publications.

          The EPA Regional P2 Resources guides below provide contact information on EPA Regional Office P2
          coordinators and Environmental Assistance Teams; contact information on each area's P2 resource
          centers; and state/local environmental agency P2 and Small Business Development contacts.

          EPA-742-F-01-010     EPA New England P2 Resources (CT, ME, MA, NH, Rl, VT)
                             (4 pp) July 2001                       ;  ........ i;,,:
          EPA-742-F-01-011    EPA Region 2 P2 Resources (NJy-NY, PuertO^RiGQriWgin:rslands>: ~-3= ;    MV
                             (4 pp) July 2001                       K  ';_-u,v.:00':
          EPA-742-F-01-012    EPA Region 3 P2 Resources (DE^MD, PAT^WyUDC) ^ ^w~^a ;Df  ^r
                             (4 pp) July 2001                       / r^. :---.2---..
          EPA-742-F-01-013    EPA Region 4 P2 Resources (AUr-FL, GAyiKY4 MSiNC-Se? T-N>---;^;^:_
                             (4 pp) July 2001                       " ::
          EPA-742-F-01-014    EPA Region 5 P2 Resources (IL, IN, Ml, MN, OH, Wl)
                             (4 pp) July 2001
          EPA-742-F-01-015    EPA Region 6 P2 Resources (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)
                             (4 pp) July 2001


EPA Regional P2 Resources (cont.)

EPA-742-F-01-016    EPA Region 7 P2 Resources (IA, KS, MO, NE)
                    (4 pp) July 2001
EPA-742-F-01-017    EPA Region 8 P2 Resources (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)
                    (4 pp) July 2001
EPA-742-F-01-018    EPA Region 9 P2 Resources (AZ, CA, HI, NV, Guam, American Samoa)
                    (4 pp) July 2001
EPA-742-F-01-019    EPA Region 10 P2 Resources (AK, ID, OR, WA)
                    (4 pp) July 2001


EPA-744-R-01-003A   Printed Wiring Board Surface Finishes: Cleaner Technologies Substitutes
                    Assessment-Volume 1 (479 pp) June 2001

EPA-744-R-01-003B   Printed Wiring Board Surface Finishes: Cleaner Technologies Substitutes
                    Assessment-Volume 2 (418 pp) June 2001

This publication is a technical analysis of six surface finish technologies used in printed wiring board
manufacturing.  The standard tin-lead "hot air solder leveling" process and five lead-free alternatives were
evaluated. Volume 2 contains appendices cited in Volume 1, including  raw data tables.  The online
version of these publications is available at:


The recent EPP Updates added to the PPIC List include:

EPA-742-N-01-002    EPP Update #9 (12 pp) August 2001

Highlights: EPA's New Paper Policy; Federal Network for Sustainability; Ecolabels web site;
Green Conferences; An'zona National Guard Eco-Building. Also available online at

EPA-742-N-01-001    EPP Update #8, (12 pp) February 2001

Highlights: Electronics MOU; Greening RTPrDQPs;Green Store, Sustainable Wood,Hnternational EPP	
Programs, ASTM Green Building Standard.  Also available online at:	         	
http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/epp/pdfs/update8.pdf.    ,.-.,... ,  
You may also order any of these items online at:

Other P2 information available online at:
http://www.epa.gov/p2/                  .- .  .   .