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        EPA/305/F-98/032a Compliance Assistance Centers: Innovative
                        Partnerships for  Environmental Compliance
                        (brochure)           Fall 1998
        This updated brochure describes  and .provides'Contact information
        for the Office of Enforcement  and Compliance Assurance's nine
        sector-specific compliance assistance centers.
        COMPUTER DISPLAY PROJECT             .
        EPA/744/R-98/005  Computer Display Industry and Technology Profile
                        (67pp)                December 1998
        Thrs report  contains an overview of the cathode -ray tube  (CRT)
        and liquid crystal display  (LCD)  computer monitor  markets, and
        explains the basic operation  and manufacturing of  CRTs and
        thin-film transistor LCDs.

        EPA/744/R-98/006  Garment and  Textile Care: An Eye  to the Future,
                        1998 Conference Proceedings
                        (340pp)              March 1998
        This document contains transcribed presentations,  copies of the
        papers presented during the conference, and a  summary of
        discussion sessions.

EPA/744/F-98/019  DfE FWB Publications List
                (4pp)               November  1998
This publication lists the project summaries,  technical reports '
and case studies available from  the Design for the Environment's
Printed Wiring Board  Project.
Web Site: http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/dfe/pwb/pubs.htm

En Espanol
EPA/744/F-96/OOla La prevencion de  la contaminacion  en la compania
               Custom Print
                (4pp)               October 1996
This is a Spanish translation  of Lithography Case Study #2
showing how one printing  facility's thorough step-by-step review
of all processes in a print shop can  uncover many ways to prevent

EPA/744/F-96/002a Haciendo funcionar los solventes substitutes en
               el lavado  de mantillas o placas de goma
                (4pp)               August 1996
This is a Spanish translation  of Lithography Bulletin #1 which
shares the valuable 'knowledge  of the  printers who used substitute
washes during the lithography  project.

EPA/744/F-96/008a La diferencia radica en la practica empleada en el
                (4pp)               August 1996
This is a Spanish translation  of Lithography Bulletin #2. It
describes the most popular methods  for reducing the use of
chemicals in lithographers' facilities.

EPA/744/F-96/Ol4a Esteres vegetables usados como solventes para el
               lavado de  mantilla
                (4pp)                October 1996
This is a Spanish 'translation  of Lithography Bulletin #3- It
discusses the potential performance,  cost, and health and
environmental benefits of using-vegetable ester blanket washes.

EPA/744/F-96/015a Un formulario de  trabajo para ayudarle a escoger
               un mejor  solvente para el lavado de mantillas
                (6pp)                October 1996
This is a Spanish translation  of Lithography Bulletin #4. It
contains a worksheet  that provides  printers with a helpful
step-by-step guide  to comparing  different blanket wash

EPA/305/K-98/003  Compliance Assistance Tools
                (20pp)       '       : July 1998
This  booklet provides  a brief outline of resources .and tools
currently available or under development for over a dozen
industrial sectors.  These resources and tools are available to
assist  these industries in complying with environmental
regulations and in discovering pollution prevention
Web Site:  http://es.epa.gov/oeca/bgs2.html
 EPA/742/R-98/006  Snapshots of Environmental Cost Accounting
                (107 pp)             May 1998
 This document highlights over three dozen cases of environmental
 cost accounting applications in small, medium, and large
 businesses across a variety of industries.

 EPA/742/R-98/009  Environmental Labeling Issues, Policies, and
                Practices Worldwide
                (322pp)             December 19.98
 This new labeling report details environmental labeling issues,
 policies,  and practices worldwide.

 EPA/742/N-99/001  EPP Update #4
                (12pp)              March  1999 
 This publication updates -subscribers'on various EPP pilot
 projects,  success stories, and related congressional  or executive
 Web Site:  http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/epp/eppupdat.pdf

 EPA/742/A-98/001  Executive Order 13101: Greening the Government
                Through Waste Prevention,  Recycling, and Federal
                (9pp)               September  1998
 Executive Order 13101 defines environmentally preferable  and
. describes how federal agencies should contribute to pollution
 prevention through waste reduction,  recycling, and purchase
 Web Site:  http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/epp/13101.pdf

 EPA/742/Z-99/001  Development of Voluntary Consensus Standards  for

               Environmentally Preferable Goods and  Services
                (2pp)               January  1999
This Federal Register Notice is requesting  comments  from  the
voluntary standard setting community on whether interest  and
prior standards exist with regard to environmental attributes  for
specific product categories.
Web Site: http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/p2home/eppstd.htm
EPA/742/F-99/018  Memorandum of Understanding Between  the United
               States Environmental Protection Agency and the
               American Hospital Association
                (llpp)    ,          June  1998
This Memorandum describes the EPA and AHA's agreement to
virtually eliminate mercury from medical waste and  to reduce
waste overall in the health care industry.
Web Site: http://www.aha.org/memofunder.html

EPA/742/F-99/016  Hospitals for a Healthy Environment: Voluntary
               Partnership with the American Hospital Association
               to Reduce Hospital Waste
                (Ipp)               January 1999
This fact sheet describes EPA's voluntary partnership with the
American Hospital Association  (AHA) to reduce hospital waste,
particularly mercury.  AHA is a national organization that
represents and serves nearly 5000 hospitals, health care
networks, and their patients 'and communities.
Web Site: http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/p2home/ahafact.htm