United States                        Office of Pollution                EPA/742/F-99/011
        Environmental Protection Agency              Prevention, and Toxics              June 1999
Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency                  Reference and Referral
401 M Street, SW ( 7409)                          202-260-1023
Washington, DC 20460                            Fax Line
(Operated by GCI Information Services)                       202-260-4659
                              POLLUTION PREVENTION
                       CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS & TRAINING
                                    SPRING 1999

        June 4         Industrial Recycling Symposium
                       Boxborough, MA
                       Sponsors:  OTA, MassRecycle,  WasteCap of Mass.,
                       Chelsea Center
                       Phone:  (617)  727-3260
                       E-mail: timothykarcz@state.ma.us

        June 7-9       The  Midwest Pollution  Prevention Conference
                       Kansas  City,  Missouri
                       Sponsors:  U.S. EPA Region 7  and the National
                       Pollution Prevention Roundtable
                       Contact:  Michele Russo
                       Phone:  (202)  466-P2P2
                       Fax:  (202) 466-7964
                       E-mail: michelerussoOcompuserve.com

        June 7-9       Eco  1999
                       Paris,  France
                       Sponsor:  Convergences  Eco 1999
                       Phone:  +33-1-4364-7777
                       Fax:  +33-1-4031-0165

        June 7-11      4th International Conference: Managing  the
                       Wastewater Resource, Ecological Engineering  for
                       Waste-water Treatment     i

               Web Site: www.fparkas.no/seminarer/ecoeng99/
               E-mail: Ecoeng99@jordforsk.nlh.no

June 15        ISO 14000 Implementation Overview
               Jackson, TN
               Sponsor: Tennessee Department of Environment and
               Phone:  (800) 424-3905
               Fax:  (615) 320-4941

June 16        ISO 14000 Implementation Overview
               Cha11 anooga, TN
               Sponsor: Tennessee Department of Environment and
               Phone:  (800) 424-3905
               Fax:  (615) 320-4941

June 15-18     Industry & Innovation in the 21st Century
               Saratoga Springs, NY
               Sponsor: American Council for an Energy Efficient
               Phone:  (202) 429-8873
               Fax:  (202) 429-2248

June 17-18     Common Sense Approaches to Protecting Workers and
               the Environment
               Washington, DC
               Contact: Matt Gillen, U. S. EPA
               Phone:  (202)260-1801
               Fax:  (202) 260-2219
               E-mail: gillen.matthew@epa.gov

June 20-24     Gateway to the 21st Century: The Air & Waste
               Management Association's 92nd Annual Meeting &
               St. Louis, MO
               Sponsor: Air & Waste Management Association
               Phone:  (800) 270-3444 ext. 5
               E - ma i 1: kwande r @awma". o r g
               Web Site: www.awma.org/
                           SUMMER 1999

June 23-26     5th  International  Interdisciplinary  Conference

               on the Environment
               Baltimore, MD
               Contact: Kantarelis 6r Hickey
               Phone:  (508)  767-7557 or  (508) 767-7296
               Fax:  (508) 767-7382
               Web Site: www.champion.iupui.edu/~mreiter/iea.htm

June 24-26     1999 Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of
               Global Environmental Change Research
               Shonan Village, Japan
               Contact: Mr.  Yasushi Itoh
               E-mail: iges-12@iges.or.jp
               Fax: +81 3 3595 1084
               Web Site: www.iges.or.jp/99om-e.htm

June 27-30     1999 WEF/Purdue University Industrial Wastes
               Technical Conference
               Indianapolis, IN
               Sponsor: Water Environment Federation, Industrial
               Waste-water Magazine, Purdue University, and other
               affiliated organizations
               Phone:  (703)  684-2400 X7401
               E-mail: rschwweinfurth@wef.org

June 29-July 1 3rd Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering
               Conference: Moving Toward Industrial Ecology
               Washington, DC
               Sponsor: American Chemical Society
               Phone:  (202)  537-0888
               Fax:  (202) 872-6013
               E-mail: d_ruddy@acs.org
               Web Site: www.acs.org/meetings/greencfp.htm

July 5-9       Modeling and Computer Simulation of Internal
               Combustion Engines
               Ann Arbor, MI
               Sponsor: The University of Michigan, College of
               Phone:  (734)  647-7200
               Web Site: cpd.engin.umich.edu

July 5-9       Combustion Engine Economy, Emissions and Controls
               Ann Arbor, MI
               Sponsor: The University of Michigan, College of

July 20-21
August 11-12
August 11-14
August 30-
Sept 1
August 30-
Sept 2
Phone: (734) 647-7200
Web Site: cpd.engin.umich.edu

Children's Environmental Health Workshop
Chicago,  IL
Sponsor:  The U.S. EPA-Region-5, Agency for Toxic
Substances and Disease Registry, and U.S. Dept. Of
Health and Human Services
Contacts: Megan Gavin,  (312) 353-5282; Holly
Wirick,  (312) 353-6704; Dolly Tong,  (312) 886-1019
E-mail: Dolly Tong - tong.dolly@epa.gov
Web Site: www.epa.gov/r5ptb/reach/watch.html

Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention
Roundtable Summer Meeting
Traverse City, MI
Sponsor:  Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention
Contact:  Lisa Merrifield
Phone: (217) 333-8940
E-mail: merrifld@wmrc . hazard, uiuc . e:du

International Conference on Environmental Labeling
and Environmentally Compatible Product Exhibition
Beijing,  China
Sponsor:  China Environment Label Program
Contact:  John Cuiqiang
Phone: 086-10-64987251/7271
Fax: 086-10-64986028/7283
E-mail: cuiqiang@svrl-pek.unep.net

13th International Symposium on Environmental
Information Systems
Otto von Guericke Universitaet, Magdeburg, Germany
Contact:  Kerstin Lange
Phone: +49-391-67-18386
E-mail: klange@iti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de

Third  International Symposium  on Environmental
Software Systems, ISESS 1999
University of Otago
Dunedin,  New Zealand
Sponsors: International Federation for Information
Processing, German Informatics  Society,

Sept 20-23
Environmental Informatics Institute, Austrian
Research Center Seibersdorf
Contact: Linda Robson, Conference Manager,
University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
E-mail:  linda@snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca
Web Site: isess.crle.uoguelph.ca/1999-scope.html

1999 Chemical Emergency Preparedness and
Prevention Conference, "Make a Difference"
Washington, DC
Sponsor: EPA Region III
Contact: Tim Campbell
Phone:  (610) 644-7149
Web Site: www.epacepp.com
                            FALL 1999
Sept 27-29
November 1-2
November 3-5
Second Annual Earth Technologies Forum
Washington, DC
Sponsor:  Earth Forum
Contact:  Erika Fischer
Phone: (703) 807-4052
Fax:  (703) 243-2874
Web Site: www.earthforum-.-com

Leadership Conference: Biomedical Research and the
Bethesda, MD
Sponsor:  National Association of Physicians for
the Environment, Association of Higher Education
Facilities Officers, National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences, U.S. EPA
Contact:  NAPE
Phone: (301) 571-9750
Fax:  (301) 530-8910
E-mail: nape@napenet.org
Web Site: www.napenet.org/

Business for Social Responsibility Conference
San Francisco, CA
Sponsor:  Business for Social Responsibility
Phone: (415) 537-0888
Fax:  (415) 537-0889