The Flexography Partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment
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_ Summary Booklet:  An Evaluation of Flexographic Inks on Wide-Web Film, 58 pages, April 2002, EPA 744-R-02-002
_ Flexographic Ink Options: A Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment, Vol. A 400 pages, Vol. B (appendices)
     430 pages, February 2002, EPA 744-R-02-001 A&B
_ Options for Cleaner Flexo Inks: Highlights from the CTSA, 4 pages, April 2002, EPA 744-F-02-004
_ Pollution Prevention: Tips for Flexographic Printers, 4 pages, August 2002, EPA 744-F-02-011
_ Developing Cleaner Ink Formulations: A Flowchart for Ink Formulators, 6 pages, April 2002, EPA 744-F-02-003
_ Inside Flexo: A Cleaner Run for the Money, video, 19 minutes, April 1998, EPA 744-V-98-001
_ Flexographic Project Case Study #1: Reducing VOCs in Flexography, 4 pages, March 1997, EPA 744-F-96-013
_ Flexographic Project Case Study #2: Learning from Three Companies that Reduced VOC Emissions, 4 pages,
     June 1997, EPA 744-F-96-016

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