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 Vol. 1, Issue 1
 January 1997
 New Start Date Announced
 Approved TOC Labs Number over 125
 Just in Time for the Holidays
 Water Quality Parameters Require Approved Labs
 New ICR Video to be Released for the Holidays
 Initial Sampling Plans Roll In
 Speaking of Sampling
 ICR Micro Sampling Apparatus
 Treatment Study Applicability Monitoring
 Demonstrating Effective Precursor Removal:
 Data Validation
 New Phone Numbers for Regional ICR Contacts
 PWSs Take Advantage of Virus "Outs"
 Calibration Standards
Issue No. 2
April 1997
We're Moving As Fast-
Chem Lab Approval Continued
First Virus Laboratories Approved
More Coliform Labs Approved
Bad Example
If You've Got the Time...
Atypical Protozoan Fluorescence
Protozoan Filter Housings
Joint Study or "Buyout" Reminder
Reporting ICR Treatment Studies Results
One Down - 404 To Go
Issue No. 3
June 1997
Lighting the Way...
Chem Lab Approval Nearing Completion
More Virus Laboratories Approved
Protozoa Laboratory Approval
Deadline for Coliform Lab Approval Imminent
Antibody Kits
Ongoing Lab Approval Status
Ongoing PE Studies
Calibration Mixes on Their Way
Protozoan Analysis Reagent Still Available
Four Digit ICR Numbers?
More Dry Runs
Initial Sampling Plans Approved
Monthly Sampling Plans
Reader Tip
Filter Clogged, Bunky?
Treatment Study Approval
Beat the Last Minute Rush
SDS Tests for TS
Clarification on Booster Chlorination Stations
ICR Requirement Waived?
"FREE" ICR Products
ICR on the Internet
Sampling Begins Next Month
Good Luck

Issue No, 5
September 1997
Issue No. 6
October 1997
 Special    ICR Reporting..
Ja, das ist das...
                                                                                        	!"	 "",	!	!	'I	!	!	"''''!"!	!	!'!""!!!	,	1
                                                   No More Dry Runs
                                                   Message from EPA Sampling Coordinator
                                                   Lab Approval Nearly Complete
                                                   Virus and Protozoa Lab Approval Complete
                                                   Coliform Lab Approval
                                                   Ongoing Chem Lab Approval Status
                                                   Ongoing PE Studies
                                                   PE Study 5
                                                   Chlorine Demand Test
                                                   Method 551.1 Buffer Calls
                                                   Protozoan Method Clarification
                                                   Correction to Protozoan Sampling Requirements
                                                   Foiled by Decimal Place
                                                   Virus Archiving
                                                   Micro Data Entry Screens
                                                   Coliform Data Reporting
                                                   Initial Sampling Plans Approved
                                                   Reporting TOC Monitoring Results
                                                   Save a Stamp
                                                   Still Time to Apply
                                                   Measuring TDS
                                                   Tracer Study
                                                   Filter Run Time
                                                   Question of the Month
                                                   ICR, TSC, WQTC - Alphabet Soup?
                                                   "Tales from the Trenches"
Monitoring Continues, Reporting Begins
Revised MRLs
Version Confusion
Trickle Down
Check Digititis
Software "Glitch"
Lab QC Data Disk Due Dates
Virus QC and Sample Data
Protozoa QC samples
UPS Strike Disrupts ICR
Coliform Data Entry Tips
Not All SDS Are Created Equal
QA Code Words
Surfs Up!
First Quarter ICR Monitoring Complete
Moron Codes
Dilution of fortified samples
Whoops! We fortified the wrong sample
Lab digititis?
Call Off Your Dog
We're Still Here
Data Reports from EPA - Special Analyses
Treatment Study Errata
Last Call
Ample Ampules
Required PE Study
QA Code Correction
ICR Sampling Team
OW Home Page
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Issue No. 7
November 1997
Wait a Minute...
Full Steam Ahead
The Pony Express Lives
Well, How did they do?
How they "gonna" do?
Treatment Study Applications
Treatment Study Influent
Preparing a Study Plan
Treatment Study Fact Sheet: SDS Test
Reports, Reports, Reports
ICR Supplemental Surveys & ICR Lab Spiking
WEB News
Issue No. 8
January 1998
I Didn't Feel This Old..
ICRFED Delayed
Speaking of Monthly Reports...
B.2 Bug
So what are we going to do...with all this ICR data?
ICR Chemistry Laboratory Approval
Required Chemistry PE Study
How about a peek?
Chem Lab Audits
Important! Read this!
Conducting a RSSCT Treatment Study?
All I Want for Christmas is a four-bit Gasket!
Virus Sampling Flow Rate Clarification
Important Update-
Next Month's ICR Update
Issue No. 9
February 1998
I Cannot Tell a Lie..
So what's going on in TSC's Lab?
ICR Data Analysis
Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Any changes in address or contact person?
TOX preservation
Treatment Study Status
T. S. Technical Assistance
Characterizing Breakthrough
ICR Diskette Inventory
Diskette Upload Schedule
Issue No. 10
March 1998
Forget the ICR...
Chemistry PE Study Results
Where's my data?
Calibration Solutions
Do we know how you reported your coliform data?
Not designed for a LAN
EPA "Special" Sampling
Participants have been selected!


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1	!	.I'll	pi|	||	|i.|	'	i
                  Issue No, 11
                  May 1998
                  Issue No. 12
                  July 1998
                  Issue No. 13
                  August 1998
                 Issue No. 14
                 October 1998
Ah, at last, the...
Gee, 1 Year Already..
The Pieces are Starting...
The Top is in Sight..
i'ij:	;	>-
Si!	ii	'•:"	•	'-•
A Tip of the Old Hat
Chemistry PE Study Results
Data Upload Begins!
What do our protozoa and virus data mean?
And They're Off!
Treatment Studies/SDS Testing
ICR Data Analysis
Even EPA Makes Mistakes Once in Awhile
"Insufficient Duplicate or Fortified Samples"
552.1 - ICR monitoring vs. T S requirements
Status Report - Data Validation
Chemistry PE Studies Continue
Microbial Laboratory Approval Status
We Want Your SDS Conditions
Check it Once, Check it Twice-
Spiking Program and Supplemental Surveys
And Now a Word from...
Deadline Extended
Utility "Help" Package on the Way
Monthly Operational Data
ICR Data Analysis Update
AMWA Offers ICR Data Release Handbook
Reporting ICR Treatment Study Results
Nothing to Report?
Reporting Flow and Population Data
Spiking Program and Supplemental Surveys
ICR Update Index
Data Validation Details
Chemistry PE Study Results
SGoing out of business sale$
SDS Testing for the Treatment Studies...Again?
Preliminary Review of ICR TS Results
Early Submission of Treatment Study Data
Sampling GAC Columns
Supplemental Surveys and Spiking Program
Guess What? We've Moved

ii:!	"