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                                                               TOP TEN  LIST
                                         Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Collection Systems
                                        Emergency Preparedness and Security for Law Enforcement
                                                    United States
                                                    Environmental Protection
       Know  the systems  in  your jurisdiction including the location and
       function of each drinking water supply source and wastewater treatment
       plant. Establish contact  and emergency response plans.

       Conduct walk through familiarization exercises regularly with
       system  personnel. Discuss special areas of system vulnerability.

       KnOW  the ChemiCalS at each facility. Be familiar with emergency response
       procedures and routine chemical  delivery procedures and schedules.

       Meet System  Personnel face to face. Know official vehicles and
       identification badge or card type.

       Work  with established community watch groups and provide
       them with plans to  report illegal or suspicious persons or activity. Be sure
       to include a feedback mechanism  for future support.
           investigate  and  rePOrt incidents involving facilities using
the appropriate reporting form. Contact a system  representative about any
incident if they are not already present.

Participate in  public notification strategies m context with local
emergency response plans. Know your communications responsibilities.

Exercise Vigilance during patrols for suspicious  activity including those of
vehicle movement, fire hydrant incidents,  entry into or around manholes
and/or storm drains,  or any other unusual incidents near drinking water
supply and wastewater collection  facilities such as pump stations.

Know  the Homeland  Security  Advisory  System response steps
for law enforcement personnel.

System security...for the community and for your safety! Be
aware that both individual and collective efforts  for  increased water supply
and wastewater collection security will enhance community  and officer safety.

          Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Collection
                Systems Emergency  Preparedness and
                    Security  for Law Enforcement
In the event of an emergency at a drinking water or wastewater facility, coordination
between the  system personnel and law enforcement personnel is  critical. Balancing
the  protection of public health, evidence preservation, notification of the proper
agencies, notification of customers, and the safety of everyone on  site is a difficult

These are the "top ten" things that may help the coordination between law
enforcement, the drinking water and wastewater sectors, and public  health  officials
to work during an emergency.
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