United States '
Protection Agency
               Wafer Alliances For
               Voluntary Efficiency

      rater Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency
      (WAVE) is a voluntary partnership that
encourages commercial businesses and institu-
tions to examine water usage and implement
water efficiency programs. It is part of the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's)
long-term effort to prevent pollution and reduce
demands on the nation's water and energy

WAVE members use water-efficient technolo-
gies and implement water awareness initiatives,
where profitable, to reduce their water use.
Some WAVE Partners have achieved water use
reductions of up to 30 percent through various
efficiency measures. Increasing your water use
efficiency also can help you save on energy,
wastewater treatment, and maintenance costs.

Currently, more than 100 businesses and organ-
izations participate in WAVE. Among those
endorsing WAVE as economically and environ-
mentally beneficial are the American Water
Works Association, American Hotel &• Motel
Association, Business for Social Responsibility,
and Green Seal.

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Protect the Environment. Water efficiency
helps to protect the environment by conserving
water resources and natural habitats.

Conserve Energy. Water efficiency lessens the
amount of energy required for heating, pump-
ing, and waste water treatment.

Save Money. Significant amounts of money car
be saved through more efficient water use.
Being water efficient can also reduce water-
associated energy, maintenance, and chemical

Attract Customers. Environmental responsibili
ty is. a growing  concern for more consumers
every day, and WAVE membership can help
you .attract the "eco-sensitive" customer who
actively seeks out businesses demonstrating
strong environmental stewardship.

Receive Industry-Wide and National Publicity,
WAVE recognizes its members through press
releases, articles, and public service announce-
ments in EPA publications, trade journals, and
other national publications.
Printed on paper that contains at least 30 percent postconsumer fibei

"Water efficiency programs can

help office building managers meet

their goals to cut costs while still

maintaining a superior level of

service to their tenants."
                     Water Management, Inc.
                     Alexandria, VA
   For a copy of the simple one-page WAVE
   Partner or Supporter membership agree-
ment, or additional information on WAVE
and the benefits of membership, complete
the attached information sheet and fax it to
202 260-1827. You also can write to the
WAVE Program at U.S. EPA (4204), Ariel
Rios Building, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW, Washington, DC 20460; call the WAVE
Program at 202 260-7288, or visit our Web
site at .
Join WAVE today and play a leading role in
conserving our vital water resources while
saving money.


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