United States                   Office of Water                  EPA-832-F-94-004
                      Environmental Protection          4204                          September 1994

                      The Most Commonly Asked Questions About

                      US. EPAs Voluntary Water-Efficiency Program

                      What is WAVE?
                      WAVE (Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency) is a non-regulatory water-efficiency partnership created
                      and suppored by U.S. El "A  WAVE'S mission is to encourage commercial businesses and institutions to
                      reduce water consumption while increasing efficiency, profitability and competitiveness.
                      Why did EPA create the program?
                      WAVE is part of EPAs long-term effort to prevent pollution and reduce demands on the nation's water
                      and energy infrastructure As supplies shrink and demands rise, competition among industrial,
                      agricultural and domestk users lor available water resources is increasing. Through WAVE and other
                      programs, EPA seeks to ensure that adequate U.S. water resources remain available to support both
                      human and environment,'! needs.
                      Can  joining  WAVE actually benefit the environment?
                      Yes. WAVE helps to protect the environment and sustain wildlife habitats by reducing water use, waste-
                      water discharges and energy use. Less wastewater and reduced consumption means less energy is
                      needed to heat, pump, and process water. This, in turn, helps cut polluting power plant emissions. If
                      every eligible establishment participates, the lodging industry could save 32 billion gallons annuallly (or
                      enough water to supply 2 ^0,000 average sized households).  The related energy savings could be one
                      trillion BTU (heating units) per year.
                      How many types of WAVE membership are there?
                      Three: Partners, Supporters and Endorsers. Partners include hotels, motels, inns and other commercial
                      and institutional water users  Any water sendee company; equipment supplier/manufacturer; govern-
                      ment agency; or water/\\ astewater utility may become a Supporter. Endorsers typically represent trade
                      associations, professional institutes and organizations, and industry boards.
                      After joining, what  must I do?
                      New members sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), agreeing to survey water-using equip-
                      ment, and where profitable, install water-efficient upgrades within a pre-arranged time frame.  Members
                      also agree to design all new facilities with water-efficient equipment. Progress reports and program
                      results are reported to EPA.
                      What support will I receive?
                      EPA is committed to helping all WAVE members publicize their water-efficiency programs. Support
                      includes: Nationwide public service advertising; in-room promotional materials; press releases and
                      public appearances.  Members also receive FREE water-use analysis software1, technical support and
                      access to a nationwide help line.
                      How much can I expect to save?
                      Water-efficiency measures, like those proposed by WAVE, can reduce water and sewer costs by up to
                      30%. Significant savings in energy, chemical and maintenance expenses are also possible. The typical
                      payback period is less than 3 years.
                      Who else has joined WAVE?
                      Charter members, those first to join WAVE, represent some of lodging's most recognizable names,
                      including: Westin, Hyatt, ITT Sheraton, Outrigger and the Saunders Hotel Group. Collectively, these
                      Partners control 584 U.S. hotel properties and over 210,000 guest rooms.
                      How do I join?
Water Alliances For  For more information, please contact: WAVE Program Director, U.S. EPA, 401 M St. SW—Mail Stop 4204,
voluntary Efficiency  Washington, DC 20460. Or call (202) 260-7288. Fax: (202) 260-1827

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