United States
                      Environmental Protection
                          Office of Water
          December 1999
 Wave-Saver  Water
 Management Software
                           Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency (WAVE) is a non-regulatory water efficiency
                           partnership created and supported by U.S. EPA. WAVE'S mission is to encourage commer-
                      cial businesses and other institutions to reduce water consumption while increasing efficiency,
                      profitability, and competitiveness.

                      What Can WAVE*Saver Do For You?
                      All WAVE participants receive WAVE* Saver, a free analytical software package that assists
                      partners in determining cost-effective water efficiency measures with minimal time, effort,
                      and expense. WAVE'Saver helps partners to:

                      • Create detailed and accurate characterizations of overall water use of properties.

                      • Track water use over time and calculate the incremental cost of water.

                      9 Select, customize, and print property-specific forms to guide the collection of water use data.

                      * Determine current allocation of water use (and related energy use) among all fixtures and

                      • Calculate and compare payback period, annual savings, and costs of installation and
                        maintenance of any combination of water efficiency measures.

                      • Determine the most applicable cost-saving measures from hundreds of efficiency options.

                      9 Create property-specific budget projections and track ongoing costs and savings over time due
                        to cost-saving measures.

                      • Print presentation-ready graphs and reports.
   Water Alliances For
   Voluntary Efficiency
"Now we actually have

an idea of how much water we

are using. The WAVE* Saver

software gives me a number

to aim for."

                James Doyle
            Energy Conservation Engineer
                 Harrah's of Las Vegas
WAVE»Saver Features
WAVE'Saver guides partners through each
step of implementing water efficiency mea-
sures using the following features:

9 Instructions for collecting water use data
  for all types of fixtures and water-related

• Clear and comprehensive on-line help.

9 User-friendly interface.

9 Detailed information on water efficiency
  measures, complemented by audio and
  video displays.

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How Does WAVE*Saver Worlc?
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                                                               It allows convenient input of a small data set describing your
                                                               water-consuming fixtures, with default values you can use if
                                                               you do not have data for your facility.
           After you set up retrofit options for the facility you
           described, WAVE»Saver shows your projected cost
           savings in easy-to-understand graphs.
WAVfi-Savcr  Budget Report

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                                                                                                     Toilet! and
                                                                                 Toilet qt% T
                                                                199g J    $1 536 489 00   $113623700    $853 585
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                                                                •JMfl I	$1 633979 OQ   $1 307 891 00 1   $941 078"
                                                                BtttJ    81,778,67800   »137387508'   $989132
 System  Requirements
 WAVE-Saver was developed in conjunction with leading water experts, and sponsored by EPS 'ami tŁe Kfetrop'oMan
 Water District of Southern California. WAVE»Saver is Y2K compliant and runs on any personal computer with
 Windows® 3.x or Windows 95® operating systems, at least a 486DX33 processor, 8 MB RAM, and 15 MB free HisE space.
 Multimedia capability (at least double-speed CD-ROM drive, 16-bit industry-standard sound card, 256-color video accel-
 erator card, and two shielded speakers) is recommended.
 For More  Information
 Please contact:

 WAVE Program Director
 U.S. EPA (4204)
 Ariol Rios Building
 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20460.
 Or call (202) 260-7288. Fax: (202) 260-1827.
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                            Printed on paper that contains at least 30 percent postconsumer fiber.