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                Glean, Itlatesi, Act
                 M/hat Are the Federal Requirements for
                 Duck CAFOs?
                In December 2002, EPA revised the Clean Water
                Act regulation for Concentrated Animal Feeding
                Operations, or CAFOs. If you own or operate a
                duck CAFO, you must apply for a permit. This
                pamphlet gives general information about what
                your permitting authority might require in your
                CAFO's permit.
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How do I contact my permitting authority?
Visit for contact
information on your permitting authority.

Where can I get copies of these brochures and
more information?
Call the Office of Water Resource Center,
(202) 566-1729 to request copies of these pamphlets and
other documents. Call the CAFO Phone Line at
(202) 564-0766 with questions or visit the following EPA or
U5DA web sites.

                                                            Photos courtesy of U5DA and Woodland Farm Inc.
                                                            December 2002

Is my duck operation a CAFO?
Your operation is a CAFO
if it is an animal feeding
operation (AFO) and it
meets one of the following
See the pamphlet
Will My Operation
Be Regulated? for
the definition of
an AFO.
Large CAFOs
Your duck AFO is a Large CAFO if it has at least
 S 30,000 ducks (other than liquid manure
 S 5,000 ducks (liquid manure systems)

Medium CAFOs
Your duck AFO is a Medium CAFO if it has at least
 S 10,000 ducks (other than liquid manure
 S 1,500 ducks (liquid manure systems)
 S A  man-made ditch or pipe carries manure or
    wastewater from your operation or
 S Your animals come into contact with surface
    water running through the area where they're

Designated CAFOs
Mo matter what size your operation is, if it is an
AFO, it can be designated  a CAFO. If your permitting
authority inspects your operation and finds that it's
adding pollutants to surface waters, your operation
might need a CAFO permit.

My operation is a CAFO. What do I have to do?
You must apply to your permitting authority for a
permit. Most states have the authority to manage
CAFO programs and issue permits. State CAFO
programs are based on the revised national
regulation. You can use this pamphlet to help you
learn about the minimum requirements for a permit.
You should contact your permitting authority to find
out what your state-specific requirements are and
how to apply for a permit.  Check the insert to this
pamphlet for your permitting authority's contact
What will my operation's permit require?
Your CAFO permit will require you to meet certain
conditions for your production and land application
areas. The specific
requirements of your permit
will depend on whether your
operation is a Large, Medium,
or designated CAFO.
The production area
is the area where
your animals are
housed and manure
is stored.
                         Requirements for all duck CAFOs
                         You can expect your permit to require you to
                           S Implement a nutrient management plan
                           S Submit annual reports to your permitting
                           S Keep your permit current until you completely
                             close your operation and remove all manure
                           S Keep records of your nutrient management
                             practices for at least 5 years

                         Nutrient management plans for all duck CAFOs
                         must include provisions for
                           S Assuring adequate manure storage capacity
                           S Proper handling of dead animals and chemicals
                           S Diverting clean water from the production area
                           S Keeping animals out of surface water
                           S Using site-specific conservation practices
                           S Developing ways to test manure and soil
                             Assuring appropriate
                             use of nutrients when
                             you spread manure
                             Keeping records of your
                             nutrient management
                              The land application
                              area includes all
                              the land under your
                              control where you
                              spread manure.
Your permitting authority might set more requirements
for any size CAFO.

Requirements for Medium duck CAFOs and
designated duck CAFOs
Your permitting authority might set more requirements
for your nutrient management plan. These requirements
will depend on the permit writer's best professional
judgement and could be like the requirements for other
Large poultry CAFOs.

Requirements for Large duck CAFOs
The nutrient management plans for Large duck
CAFOs that use a liquid manure handling system
have more discharge requirements for their
production area. These discharge requirements are
the following:
Maximum for 1 day
 S 3.66 lb/1,000 ducks for BOD3
 S fecal coliform not to exceed most
    probable number (mpn) of 400/100 ml at any
    one time

Average of daily values for 30 consecutive days cannot