The Texas General Lane! Office
   I?T^Garty Maura, Commissioner
        Produced under a grant from

    The Gulf of Mexico Program


          —      • ~ ff    ^  ? rf   c   -^      -r          *
             f*- y   ^                 "•*'
Historical Perspective on the Texas Corporate Recycling Council

Formation of a State-Level ^Corporate Recycling Council

Establishing Local Corporate Recycling Councils

Establishing Support for Local CRCs
    -ปซ•    .    <•ป•_; ซซXtt"-               *        n
               **        *"     ^ A^
Transition from Founding Board to Representative Board

Structure and Function of Standing Committees"
       *"** "f   - * *' 'V   ^ rt> ^ *'  ^,  -
Examples of Successful Programs



                J^vr t5<
   Articles of Irjcpfporation


 '   f'-f"''i^

I'1" "V11'!!'" ™l'.i'*V1!1  i.i " "'  1 ซ;   "iซ;  ' '.".^i"'".''.!"" i../- • i\\  "{•  'V'^1 'ซ'.: "g *'"j&r'f> ^lf  -"'"''•"' -I'>*'-' "'l;".!,^  rjV'if1 'Vffy",   !",, jj „;•--„  i^    •-•,ซ  ->•'.'  ' X 'i L; ,; -,,-'..'-'ft  v"1,u",-.--"ir -,''*• *.t     ,,-,' '/'--1 V1'''-"l'!l"   V    '"•* '  • V  '  <'

                                      Iff  -*,
                .RECYCLING  COUNCIL
   ^,      '                 ป-* *  ซt  f                          f
   Ji   s the manager of 20.5 mi I lion acres of     meet the demand. This surge in processing and
  MjL state-owned land, the Texas General     manufacturing activity will give the Texas economy
 jj^^m. Land Office in 1990 faced a growing     a needed boost in this decade, The sheer volume of
 demand to lease land for landfills. Foreseeing that   **  recyclable materials that can be diverted from the
 recycling would become a viable economic c-ption,     waste stream is an indicator of the promise for
^and not wanting to see state-owned lands become„   growth  in  the recycling industry.  Corporate
 dumping grounds, Texas Land Comrnissrone/Carry   "  responsibility is translating into good business for
 Mauro, along with some of the largest businesses in
 Texas, established the/ Texas Corporate Recycling"
 Council (TCRC).      ^ \     .   * "*,
                         >.    •* ..    'y •*
 Since the est3blfsh|nent of this council, substantial
 progress has been made in recycling in Texas. The
Texas and good news for the environment.

The Texas Corporate  Recycling Council  has
Devolved steadily, growing both in membership and
in the number of regional councils. Although at first
closely tied to the Texas'General Land Office, it has
 wealth  of recyclable ^materials 'generated by    evolved into an autonomous volunteer body which
 recycling collection programs Is gradually Being '   is financially self-sufficient. Strong private sector
 converted into /manufactured  p'rbducts.  As  ^  commitment and  leadership have become the
 corporate interest ^purchasing recycled products  "  hallmark of its success.
 intensifies, recycling industries are expanding to
     ;^'i"       ,*^.,*.                     f       J         t


                                      OF  A  STATE-LEVEL
  A Corporate Recyclmg""Council (CRC) is a publfc-
  prrvate partnership of members who 6eliever that
  the  economic success of current  and  future
- generations depends on^our^abifity to protect the
  environment now. Jts members ^or  potential  K
  members   are * businesses,  institutions,  and
  government agencies that  have  an^ established
 v cojnrmtment to recycling.             ^
  An -established commitment to recycling may be
 * defined  as  tlje  willingness* of companres or
  government  agencies* to  find*ancf employ cost-
  effective, reasonable methods to 7educe^their waste
 ' stream through'recycling, waWmimmization, and
 'materials reuse; ^educate their employees on jthe
  benefits of recycling in the workplace and at home;
             J      & ^      V**^      f "*   -^ -if
  buy  recycled  materials and supplies  whenever
 "possible; and* support the CRC with a designated
  representative.             '        "'**><,
     .r'-^"*   ^^4>^'>^
  The  Texas   Corporate'  Recycling  Council  is
  organized as" a  50Kc)(3) nonprofit  organization
  exclusively for the purpose set out in tne Articles of
  Incorporation  (see appendix).  It* is  not jir  trade
  prganfzation. It is governed by aboard of Directors
  comprised of the founding core group.
    ' J-  ป    !   „   .^strt-k""?-*^  ป "S   ""^  s
                  PURPOSE          ^
  The  purpose" of a Corporate Recycling Council  Fs
  to increase  overairenvironmental awareness arid
  willingness  to  incorporate recycling",^waste
  minimizatTon, materials reuse, and the purchase
  of  recycled  products   into  tne  corporate
         ''*•"       "~ ft P" *V ~*      -4-
  environment.  *"   *    "      _      ^  "  ^
          ^    „ ^         ^      , ^   ^
   The goals of a Corporate Recycling Council aVe to:
                    "i     -I -*  j*  MJ. ^^V **"^^ ^*
     • promote recycling and waste minimization  in
     " ซ-the corporate and institutional environment
      throughout the state;
                      "• develop a network of local affiliated councils
                          f  "~     ~r-                          ^
                        and assist them in promoting local programs;
                       • promote environmental responsibility by     s
                        educating business and public institutions on
                        waste reduction and recycling.
                     *"Y *.                   i              *   _•*

                        ,   •*                                   *^
                     The mission of a Corporate Recycling Council iS to:
                     •  • develop successful  waste  minimization  and
                                       *•                x- * ^   ^
                        resource recovery programs in businesses and^ ^
                        public   institutions   through^  education,"
                         information exchange,  and successful  role
                       • stimutate  markets  for industrial and  post-
                         consumer waste by prompting the  purchase of
                         recycled  products by businesses  and  public
                         institutions^                          *  _
                       • stimulate  the  purchase of /ecycled-cOntent
                         products generated from pre- and post-
                     *• * * consumer waste streams; and
                       • promote  the  development  of recycling -
                         industries and  infrastructure throughout the
                     ^    state and  in local areas by promoting public
                         and private sector partnerships.
                      ^ /.                                      _•-

                             IDENTIFY KEY PLAYERS
                     - Although a state-level Corporate Recycling Council
                      might evolve from coalitions of  grass  roots
                      organizations  and  partnerships, this manual  is
                      patterned after the Texas  Corporate Recycling
                      Council  initiated^.by Texas  Land  Commissioner^
                      Garry Mauro. A  high-profile,  state-level  person
                     " often has both the connections to identify a core
                     'group of public and private sector individuals with
                     *an established commitment to recycling and the_
                      influence to motivate them.
                      The first step is to identify a'small group of pro-
                      active  individuate "willing to ^commit the time,
                      "energy, and resources necessary to get the Councป[
                                           ซ™v 4*

  "vซ-	*•:	•*-•:'	:7!	.s	'-,	'.,>•,':••;••	;,^>;^
I  ซ',"	i.  ; i    ",... „  ; i, ;, 4  ,	•, in. "i :.ป•;„.' ,ii.',!.,-'.'	.,•	 ,.::-;-•,'." * x.'j*".	'i :V-.",ri:. '.'.,"'*".„ w, ,>•,<,,,„!, 'it vi, B•",,ซ./' s'Vt-.'.t.t.11 vJfa.*'i-:-,",.ซ ,K.'.V. ••; .-..•!•  i'S-.'i.t.'-.:.,u;.-,.:,,'....^'vr.r! .--itav ซ•..*•'.•••?ซ I
I,           ,     established.   It   is   recommended  that  these       obvious   public .education   advantages,   most;  ;    ,
I ,'•: t-: -:,>;::	(-,.,  ,.• 4••• •'••, .  •;.*•<;;' v- -"•<•''. * • :-'1'-ป'-lf;^^v>^Aซ'>^I;X i's:,. .t.:y;.-a; ^i"^:;ซ*.;ซ.^^;v.*j;v4-x'.:*;;-,•'.:; -'v'.,------:;•:' .•• ฐ;--•^^••v'f--tw^s*^**-,
I   •              Individuals  make a  commitment to  serve  on the       newspapers have recognized the economic value of
I	'.'• 't •;"" •'"  ' .''•"•"	.'	••'•f. •'>ป•• ;ซ".-/  ^-i^^iV^'Vr,^;:;^:--'^)!-^?'*/;^^^^.^;^^^:•';!-.••.". 'V:;;:^/;;^--"-'!:.----;" -t'*r:"••.••>•.'.':'*•••• ':'•-;-<-:''&.ปvซ*;;-i^, v.i;
    :   ;•;         founding Board of Directors for a  minimum of one       usin^ recycled paper and are committed to recycling. ;          :
                             i V ........ J ,'  " i J ' ": '" ' f ...... ' "  ' * ''  . •''  '•' ~r ' "i 'ซ', u ' ™* •<• ป'"•("! i ILH . M' J- ,i, 'iir.  . ,•••.

      ,j        ...           especially  if   an   elected   official   is •;.;.,-;•  ..^    .    ,...   .       .••          ..                .

 '.!,', ,V''\I;V^lV:,:;'i;V,-ll$j^rHea^ing ine' effort/  it is  important  to include       Once 'you have 'identified a list: oif key players,, it is tr"     *

 :*ij/i ..... ?A^vv'-i ;ซ" Individuals from differihg poiiticai parties s"b^ tfiauriie'" '. 'V 'lime'td plan -forVour .initial, meeting;   '    " •  : -    •''-',-''•'••"'.'•••'[
   •'   '  '"l"  •               '        ''    *~        l                              -                   '               ฐ      --''
                      viduals from differihg poiiticai parties s"b^ tfiauriie'" '. 'V 'lime'td plan -forVour .initial, meeting;
       ,-       ,,  .;>< ..... i ..... :•>ซ:;( ..... C'-iV! ..... ปf*S'!';*.: *f'~:.^-ll^. ....... i:lr;...-,-s,;>-!;;,..;,,-,.^K-iv, V-s; ...... :;{:.:!,-'i.i*v& • V.*,- V-.-.dv:*""' ,- " -,•  "i ^-W- ,ปf"ฐ/:-,

  ":^^         ..... ;i:";-"group has a truly nonpartisan complexion. Although. '••  '  ./ ..•"•,   . ..--   .-,-.,.•'   '_"'-•'••- '-.-.•'. '-'  v"

I ...... i^iS'ljv:!";'' • * ' ..... jS^rnunities will differ,  here are a few suggestions ' - • "'.""'- ".'.." '•'•';'.J Jh|.lTlAL.:';MEiETiN<3i"
I ' j ,-, i ;  '.'. , ....... . ,' , ". '*,.',> , -  ..... '•.' ": ..... ' .''"i;1 ';:„," ,.*ซ7i,i'>''-<. v.- i"i. ('-..ft'l, -„::,'. ;•;.'; •Af-.f.^?- .-^•^afAf-i .;.vป-. !•',.;* 5.; 'i,,;;'.rl.%^',iJซ-';^;'l>:i-l=!.'-..'      '"
I;:   if ;  v   for identifying the key players.                         :      In working to establi
                              '                           '
                                                                                                                                      ,•  -v.   -. -.••.•
                                                                                                                                           -     '•'''"• -
  ...... i.,:','..., ,: ........... ,  ... ....... .i,;., ป,,::,',,ป- ...... '.i, . ........ ;,.'-,'; ....... ,",:,. J.,,l '„. ""•* ,;,ป"., i,-i ,.f,l I.m-,' A .'ป' r.t< /i.'.'iw.:.' I:T'. '..*•'! '*'->'•' -i^;,iTf*rv..; ป..- i.'j JJ.X.Mi,y, .'.."•ป J IAi'.-"ป :• 'S • .--• I>v-^-.v, ,, • .,. -:.,'. .v ;.:;: u. ^:,":,ii-t.,- :,• ';,.t
  ' T^ " I- "  *   ?5  of the environment falls;                                     participants. Include enough information about    *      .
  ; ...... ::;,;|.: ..... ti'iifsvi ....... iV^'^r^iX.?1'. ..... I'V;:!;!.'1;:'"*! ..... !'S,;:t*^l;?::4si5?*;-::\3 *a,^'i,i^^^^^^^
                     r.. .....   .         ,l                 ,,^
                      .!:!^?  qr representatives of state,  county, and            CRCs  to  stimulate; interest  in attending the
                     ,'?*jJj"itJtit ..... i;:'' ' ..... ""j" 4:l' ' 'f:~^ ....... ""* '^ |l"" ....... " "' ...... :il|""'":v ^* •' ^.ป?-|ซ.K;.ซ3ซ.- '. ~*H vf ••< \'y'ป.••;; J.-.VJV -s- >.-ป':,ซ:>B3S.j*,i;. 1'^%^
                     '•       •      -"  •   ••••>-*-
                           ^ies/ and  '   '  '-.'.' .....  -'-.'" ,     -•--•:  attended,  f his  does not mean just  number's;, .put; •'"':'.  :"""
  T'111 ..... ...... ........ l"1'"' ,,"** v',,,111 '"f ...... i"1*111 ..... i'1?' ".'" ..... ':',, .............. +. ...... ^"" ,"* *"'"*' 2'" ..... ฐ. M* " * |J| 'X ; ;'"-'. ,"*;' rr-r.^' ....... wV,.:'':..^.^^^:^; J'ly'/^r^Jr't^^v^r 5jJ':.-JlK':,.'X'jJi?V.;"il-^^i;'^"i. v(.'-.> '..LP.-.-;''! '.. ,Ci .* t'' :,',/:^ •^•L-tl-^:..'|'(/:f>.p;ltV"ปP::. aL1: ^".'1
 ^i,E;V'f-7?f;,^X;i p % Representatives of environmental organizations   ; /numbers of cQr^mitted individuals Whowill^^        ^  ;

                  "l               "   '
I'liicli.!!^                                                                          ".'.f sampleIn appendix); •:-•';;:/•; '-" '•; .,

I Hiii-ftrsl,:^                                         -.     . * '  -"""  v '"*-.' -'-  ':.''  ':'•  '•^npose  initial officers frpm core group;

ri!f"i';;^>'':;';C	":"':;:	'fil*;iFin;a'n:cierง"wili(ng to  support trie deyeiopment :  -"'^"^\ Approve Articles^bf Ihcbrporatipn -to'be filed

I-^"'f'^'.•^'^'•"/"•^"''of recycling'businesses; antl ,•  ..•'-'  •'.       ..'•;',.;,r"'-;'-wjm\t5e.siBerefaryoi'Stat0;:....   '..,'   '
 I ft:f...V'lisyiii* ''iiJ	r'""ii''ii 1.l""l;,i!'li!i"1	4ii 3f!|	i'..ฃ"' '''i'l!!'vwr,:,:;1'n(ii11;.1/11*!1.. ''Uiiii f .jfcT.wWiJiw:'11,	ii'taj'iia'w>,K'V^..KiT;.:',,'!1^;..s'-^ifi:^,f^;;^..U^Ci ^';::';^SJVC'^^*3?'' '^^.Sj'&.^^-Cti'^ .r. w"i^,::i,.ii',.*•>j; :'^.v-.':r '^'.^
  Jlป 'ป	'f-il	II" '	''".	'''" '"I	,: 	llปi*i 'f*s\nf-nmr*fi r-iti-*r\nr'            '           '    *    '     '    -•••ซ.-ซ      -      .......     ..     t.
 t1:^ "K't'ifiA':  ฃซ approached to join the core group. Aside from the         • Plan mint-trade shows, bring in speakers,  and
 1-^	'•?••	; ^"""."'i-i'.T'if'il-1;1'-"	^r., i"'.'" ปI{SA, "-" fi'."1" ,i;,'"|,,::i	?>' -f.  .K>,^v-1'-F,j;%ซ.';i:>i,,;ii4A:-,a;-::;,:.; v.^Vaf^a  •,     "i     iซ   i ป t t>
                                             I*, ป f ,'
  — schedule tours;
 - • Develop funding strategies;
           r ป   ,. o_ ^    o  ,, ^     !vv'ij
 " • Develop public relations strategies;
 •  • increase membership by identifying individuals
    and areas to establish local CRCs;
            V -      ป      v  ป      "       f
 -. • Set  time for  next  meeting  of executive
  , committee and CRC; and
   • Identify tasks to be completed by next meeting.
             j>^-         j     i    \     f     -r-
 Run a well-organized, efficient, upbeat meeting
   • Prepare quality copies of relevant documents
 "*  "(prinfed on both sides, on recycled paper); and
 ,  • Keep to the agenda.          '
        *"***•   V  <    ,.',„*
                     ,   -      *  *".;^<'"   ,*
 '"• Ensure that the  press  (print, TV,  and radio)
i.                     "   *  J>             •*-   >  ~\
    receives  all the details, copies of the agenda
    and supporting documents, as'well as interview
    and photo opportunities.
                         f ซ->   ** 5-  J"       kit*  ^
   • Circulate minutes in a timely fashion to all
         *          f  Tj-jf     &** fป    M    w
   ' participants, with  the tasks to be accomplished
            •*• ,ป                *     r ฃ> f* >,    ^
,"  before next meeting highlighted.
   • Distribute the above-mentioned questionnaire
    to   members  and   analyze s  results   foj-
    presentation at the next meeting.
                     **      *~> ~      *  -, ? i
   • The Executive Committee should meet in order
         „       i- *f    - -.,.   i*<   ^ '^   -5     j
 -" to plan the next board meeting agenda.
         "  - 1~    V  ^t   V '  j. a    ~,   -,   ป
 Setting measurable tobjectives  is  important to
 accomplish goals and maintain enthusiasm for the
 project. The achievement of these initiaf objectives
 will  demonstrate the succe^ possible, thereby
 motivating continued  participation. It  is  also
 important to recognize contributions of individuals
 from the beginning. This will not only positively
                *     -             i-f <                           *
 The CRC's first orv Founding Board will most likely
 be  appointed.  This  board  is  charged  with
  establishing a firm foundation for the organization.
  In recruiting individuals for the founding board, it is
  helpful to give them some idea of what will  be
  expected of them. Therefore,  here  is a  brief
  discussion of the  role  and function  of  board
                                 -i            ~*-
  Role and Function of the Board
  Although in the start-up phase the board members
  will  afso be the workers, it is important to establish
  a collective understanding of the role and function
  of the Board. The fol lowing excerpts from an article
  by Rick Smith, Executive Director of the Support
.. Center/CDT in San  Francisco,  offer a clear and
  succinct explanation.

  The rote of the board i$ to govern. Inherent in the
  board's governance role are two functions. The first
  function of the board /s  to protect the public
•        -^  ^   "
  interest The board accomplishes this oversight and
  evaluation  function by keeping  well  informed
  about  the programmatic and financial activities of
  the organization and revealing this information as
  appropriate to the public, After considering relevant
  information, the board makes judgments and
  decisions that  will guide the  organization, the
  reputation  of the board members, or the jobs of
 " employees.  The second function of the board is to
  enable  the-  organization  to  effectively and
  Successfully achieve its purpose. To achieve this
  end,  the  board   has  format  and  helping

  As local CRCs are established, the president of each
  should automatically become a  member of the
  board  of directors of the state CRC.
%   '}
  Responsibilities of Board Members
  For a Corporate Recycling Council to be effective,
  its  board members must exercise  two kinds of
  responsibilities:    governance    or    formal
  responsibilities, which they are legally and morally
  obligated  to  fulfill, and  helping  or informal

 F-!"; ;  :	;'	'-,' - '••>n -i1"1 V•;?	 ป,"f ซ	•• * v -ซ; vซf:IXKปf ISK^ ซซซ;ซAWWww,?*.Bw*•*jw ^^j':ซi w<-
 I;"; •  , ,   ,;   i respbhsibtlities, which they may decide to fulfill m          :, FUNPRAISING
 '*1".	 "f	"P 	-	"	j' life1-"	'i'.1;,.-..	 'ซ.- V(*> •',•"ป• few	i'" :•'-Sv ''ซ•':•'>	*. rf'Vrf:*'>,'ซ-;- 'j;u.vป'	'>ni;Ll-*'lp-;.ปi|.i*il-**J!> ^'i'-'^W.fiiJiii'Vi'J

 iii;;:;i"f:^:^                                                             >^;.x.,:;:;^;tv^  ^ฐ^!
 '•in^yX-*^	',;&'i*;	W^^'^feiie ;;iS-iMrJo-""'";""::?'":"'"'" "r""-:"'*'''''*'^('r'•'•'•:-^''Jl""'^-s^curme^'funSlfng:'"for' vo
                                                                                 I Subsidy from Governmerii
                                                                          ---.,iv:'      •'•   -•,.i , ..
|f'itl-v?!?;i:S^^Ir)['^-^art-jJp phase of any ^pfbfft Q^rjization, ^'7\ ^^^^^

ftat&^r ;-;  '';tf fc->"^
Wซv;?St^;^W^^"**!a-<'v--ปli''i;^'i'-^cr-;'H"''-;;'';^^-'-:"-'>: '"  ;'-.' '•'.-?>'•''^J*"^- V;,r.i-'j;Vf'""ir'^';1>S!i.-f;^-;~';!--"-'-vwV-';-*S'1:
i?::;!SK^^4ฃฎ^ซ^S2^^:nIttent]v'siffinferi                OTfoundations.  :   •:•':,K.,iirr^c,


                      >, ซ*'_>
                      '-f vr     *-,
                      -  T" / >•  *r
    ****,*''_••ซ'•      , v '
                  RECYCLING  COUNCILS
                     L**-^  ---         -
          ocal Corporate Recycling Councils are
          affil fates  of the statewide  Corporate
          Recycling Council. Likewise, they are
 public-private  partnerships  of members  who
 believe that the economic success of current and
             ^ ~ . * ^?         ซSi      *  ,
 future generations' depends on our ability to protect
 the  environment now.  Mernbers or potential
 members  are  businesses,   institutions,  and ^
 government agency offices in the local ^area who
 have an established commitment to recycling.
        -        *     ' -  ''        *'•,•-
               -*- _ ^_ ป• '        ,, *"y >>   *3-      a
 The local' CRCs are organized under the 501(cX3)f
 "nonprofit rating of the  state-level organization
      *   ""        ^ ?   "--a    •&•    v
 exclusively for the purpose set out in the Articles of
 Incorporation  (see "example in appendix). Local
 CRCs are  not trade organizations." Although the
                 ป   t ซ•   •***       -ป*,
 state-level Council may be formed first, it is the
"local CRCs which arejhe heart and soul o( the
 organization*,  for it is in  the local CRCs tfiat the
 mission will be achieved.
                  h     f-              *+.*
                *~*"           ,,f ^~^          f
                  j*~ t T ^ j,  t. ^  u*  ^ ^ ^^.r th
 The purpose of local Corporate Recycling Councils
                   r  .*>   -' vr,*~  . ~ - "  " i *
 is to promote an increase  in overau environmental
 awareness, recycling, waste minimization, materials ,
     ^ f   ^ ^ f*   •> ^   t-     t  "~-   ^f    *
 reuse, the development of recycling infrastructure
 businesses, and the purchase of recycled products
 in the local corporate environment.
   '    ~      ,.  ---  ^ ,  -   „ v   V   ,
              ^  -,    ป  ป      l *      vt  =? '
            > -  ^ GOALS
                 ' -  f        i-  *      i   ,.
 The goals of locaj^ Corporate Recyclmg Councils
    promote recycling and waste minimization in
    the local corporate and institutional
    develop~a network of local members and
            ' > '   * "•    '     ^,      •> t^,
    assist them Tn promotingjocal programs; and
    promote environmental responsibility by
     educating focal business and public
     institutions on waste reduction and recycling.

              "   MISSION              '
     mission of a local Corporate Recycling Council
  is to promote public and private sector partnerships
  * in local communities by:
    • developing successful waste minimization and
  7  resource recovery programs in businesses and
     public institutions through education,
.     information exchange and successful role
     model fng;        v
    • stimulating markets for industrial and post-
     consumer waste by promoting the purchase of
     recycled products in businesses and public
   " institutions;    "  *
    • stimulating the purchase of recycled-content
     products generated from pre-and post-
     consumer waste streams; and
    j-                  -J-V
    • promoting the development of recycling
     industries and infrastructure in the local area.

  this  mission  statement should be modified as
  necessary to surt local needs and interests.
                           „ &  -*

  Local CRCs may be started in three ways. There may
- be an individual who is involved as a core member
  or founding board member of the state level CRC
  There may be a  group of local entrepfeneurs who
  have made a commitment to recycling and who
  want to start a CRC in their local area. Interest might
  be aroused by speakers from the state-level CRC
  programs who  make presentations  to  local
  chambers of commerce or other community groups.
  Whichever way interest in establishing a local CRC
 - evolves, the basic steps in organizing a,re the same.

   Icaf school districts ancl
                                                                                       „.. Prepare an Agenda
                                                                                 .. .  .,„.
                                                                                                                                                ith the y   ;'   '  ; •;
•  	,:;,,j*.:;,,,, ,'!!.>	i	it,	• v_ui(J(JldlIUIis wiui an caiaunaiicu V_UMIIIIIIM"=III.  ;_-  ..-...-^  . uv,yi>.iซซ. j v. .,..—....,  _........,_...     .-•,..-.-.  , ;  •.•  ,.   ••• .(i,,-^,-,.^-, -<.,..-s, i

[1:^	'"^^^^

If^.fvi;3'.1;^^;1.:'^	&jiJin^^'->^
I"	'•	!."•'  i ••	'" t '••	"' I :; -:•,  •• f:: ,.•, •"'-.; •,,. , j?v ?	-"'' ; "-•:•,'••>*• '.->^V'>:,'fli	:••'^-.^la.^^:,-.'^.',-vi'Sfr:.x&^>>i*-f'"-'&v/-i>•-''•':-,•.i-ff :;-i-- ;>.v- ..• -v-:,-'"'" '-V- '•'••	-•; "--!-^- u.>v=—.< 1
I!  i   :  '  ,'    :!s.   inrii ictrial anH nnซt-rnnซ:i imef waste and which.;.       .  : develqp funding -.strategies;;, and devejop       /!  "    -;.

                                                        :^,i^,,^ซy,..^,,^.,,^„„ซ„._,......... ',„. -ปi :.*j^jjgjjc-relation^strategies.'.;'•..-."-:-.;--.',-.":.. ;".'•," •":..''"^[^r);1 S^;->;
                                                            c-i ;iijV=ji „;.,• ;;,^ ;;:;••,? >;•ซ•!,,",S;sM.1n:,,C,,'',;,rv :i'ii^v*5',-^rc+ , ^ff'^A"^"^'.^&•'&'{•''xt"'^ ii.^'V ''.t -'"''-V^ "^'•i VA••-""'(*'.* < t. l" 'V=V;' w" -,"1 -r/1--^^^.!^^^';.;'!'';.' :iV-V ".'i!^ I
                                                            •f .fkiQ' riQ\/QlnrimQnt"    -••.".••   .••-'*..'  '    -  '   \- *";'.;'   ;  . " .  V ...  ..   ". -.:•-.'•* - -  ""-"' ."' ,-".' , *" I
  •; :':,.*:"",; ',•;	;; •;'• >" fjpyividiiajs.qr groups in your area which sfould be -  \ •.' j '•••-• SeplEo yblir ageri^a;.  • _/ ;>;:'^ v;';-.--';,
  ;!'""-,.:!" v:1'',", *•).'	-'it,  :i"H"l^J.l.Jซij""' "i"^^lrl"r"=UlQ,.'Qrc- ":ch*r>ri'IH "' "alc'n- ''''l->"eซ-:r  '-"v'.'v' -••' XhnhiTrir"p'''flate' and-location of next (



               "^^   „ ^   y," t H,    "-  ? '    i* >          /
                       ,FO R   LOG A L  CRCS
             One of the most important activities
             of   the   state-level   Corporate
             Recycling  Counci|  is to  develop
and support local member councils. Th'is can be
done in a variety of formal and informal ways. This
 state-level  meetings;  and opportunities to work
 with  experienced individuals on committees  or
 special events.

 The state-level council should be able to provide
chapter highlights several  types erf support which     ongoing advice through a mentoring program.  It
have worked Well in Texas. You may find other     could be as formal as assigning a specific person •ซ•
needs and devejop other support mechanisms in  "  -—— "	-r	'	i!-~ — -*-—u-
your own state. The  most   important thing,
        ซ       < ^       ' *      -i v ' ป
however, is the commitment of th<3 ^state-level
organization to support the local member councils,
for it is at the grassroots level that the mission of this
   ,         "      '   ซ "  J, V   ^  ",   *~ %
organization is best achieved^
Support for groups forming  new local  CRCs may
include written materials, training, and  mentoring.
Written materials may include a Local Corporate
Recycling  Council Starter Kit, comprised of \his
manual and          ^          ^        ^
  • the state-leveforganization's articles~of
   incorporation and bylaws;
  • samples of literature from other local councils;
  • newsletters;                    '     -
                  *1     *  ^  s  ซs-* v  "W   t ^* '*"
"~ • conference announcements;  /'
  • a proposed ^agenda for the first meeting;
  • officers nomination/election form;
  • a sample budget;           f
  • a sample press'release; and
                       •*i      v   *ซ.       ^^
'  ป sample letters of jntroductfon soliciting new
   j        ,              -ff   <•    *- f i -   ->
   business members.
   ป  *      .*    ,       t *.      ^4--
                                    f   J-
                      , ~  (^    I*;?  ^ "f   ^
Start-up support should also  include the training of
        ^          -S. "^V f-         *?[,  "^      "^
new leadership by experienced state-level leaders.
Training  activities  may Include  introductory
seminars which review the CRC Starter Kit in detail
with  an  opportunity  to   discuss   questions;
attendance at established,local CRC meetings and
 mentor,~br as informal as creating an atmosphere
 where local CRC leaders are encouraged to contact
 state-level  committee chairmen  or the state-level
 office for information  apd  advice. Mentorfng
 reinforces networking and will naturally  lead to a
 strong networking organization.
^            -            -f               '
   ,              ป              '    v
 Statewide Corporate Recycling Councils serve the
 public by promoting recycling as a means to both
 protect  the  environment  and  stimulate  the
 economy.  Well  organized state-level CRCs  can
 lendt the  credibility  of^ their  founding board
 members and mission to neophyte local CRCs,
 Allowing  local  CRCs to operate  under  their
 nonprofit charter establishes immediate credibility
 for these local groups and enables therh to  raise
* money to support local programs. Recognition by
 the state-level organization also enables local CftCs
 to offer  more^benefits and  services  to Jocal
  X   ""
 businesses and to reach a wider range of resources
 through networking.

 Publication of newsletters is highly recommended
 "to both  the state-level Council and local CRCฃ.
 These provide regular opportunities to share new
 information,  to  publicize upcoming meetings,
 roundtables,  conferences,  etc.; to  recognize
 innovative programs   and   achievements  of
 members; to  discuss pertinent issues  such as

Ji	;i:^-^.:,ป'*;;;.;• J'ri["l,oc?r	ฃRฃs.' sfioulrf",^                                                 innovative  strategies  havC either.   .^;.  vJ
li.^^'!^.'	'""'"" "i' becprnlng""'involved  in the 'planning a^^                                                                        ':
I j'   '"" /-f  ;,'.   ;  attending.' The needs of the local CRCs ihouid ^e'" a ;   /'profit rn^rgihs.;The state-level Counti I  should offer  ,;"- -   ...
|l/'''$:!*T:"••"•' ',;,!:'";:f'|fiving" influence" In-/'tihe'"devielojament-'. pf "the "''^common |rouri|lor sharing'rtew^hhpfogies/and, /  • •;. j.:;  \
\lฃ(tis.&S;"i;:$'(tf#gtem,'""selection"of'l"speakSerst''"and-""c^ice^'aT'",//'qiate r/-an/x^enyjrpnmeht,";• for"'•" cp6;i3eratFve"^-:*j^"x
 fv.ii;'^r^.>';,^-	f'^ctivities.""'""";"'	.'' 1"'*K"'r''''-">''y'A'"-;''v"'t5-^"^T:'^                                          .'//''^  -;v-'^ฃ:-/B;:7;/:"J
 j h "" '.', '",i, •" .!|' n [||V '''   ' '  '!' *''• 'i '" '' '' " '..'U' . '  '.i* "' i'1 ,  |ป /' '" • •  '""• 'NJ'' " *• ''"" '"i'li 'TJH"'"'"'''—- 'r*1 V"'l^T"i:/'"''''lif: rf ^V^"' ^ ''M^ ''"i'"'^ " "l" ^'"i- lrti'' f-' 'i*^-- i--'1'"ff' ' T i^ ||'p' Ty'' '^"'"0"''"'^" *- r --f > 'M"'J^ฐ 'ฅ-*< "'^ "••"''' '-'•"-.'*''-'" 'i'' s"''V-, V-"'W^*1' ^J^'-"'iij'' 'ls'"ii' *• '"''"'i^ I
 [I	'P!'i:;:^
 i;:;!,;"1!;:;;;:,:;,,.:'. '.^.tHe' 'state-level '^ounc'if-'"sjSo-ufdJ' encpu^g0'tjo^-r:-^^^pB
 '   •  ;" / 4  ;  /
    ''""'lii", '-•  ':'"; *."Interest	•Conferences;	iocaf u'sem'iriars,';J^an?; "-"•':	toncerningrecy'cling and .solid waste management.^ .-- . H\:/-: •;..
    <*2.>,r-v  N'^rt-^V	:i'	V'1"'.- ilW'.i'-rfi'-.S	iti^':^vi!^.i^;;';'i'X3i*'.i;:!K&:*ป                                       	^'a*;-V:.J>'i;'.i:.?.,'.K.;*'.; "• ^:-, :v-;4i?-Jw.yป;v\V'- '•*"••!
       ,,   ,  >i'v-.-^';jroli'r)qtabl.es .fan  be .effeetiye.in .recruiting  new   ,   ;It .slhpuld. .keej:i members.  mformedvon  these.issues^ _;;;;,.;.
 [""fflV''^                  	as"/wefi":as  meeting  neie^s.pf  current    """anacah/pi^nizej^bymg  activities P          of:.^:.j./",'/\/
 l;f"i	•";'/'i''"'//'.'''.;''ifpr  publicity andupublic education fpr  both--jpcaf,':'V-- /"././:••/  J/-;\'\;:- ,/ .//-••/-'-/'//"-•--/ •-"-/-../////.//^'/l////*/
  	r^*^^;	:;|i;';;/||}|^                                                                                          /-//./v ';/;/;:t^^;v;
  'i;/s,,!i?,".!!..:iL^;/4"i":; ii'^itb	patjp'nal, organizatiphs. such  as tlie" National  '•'" //:.^,-,''' . A;./'./, ././..'^,/:/- ''/.,•., ;-•//- /.'.•.•/^/-V~'/^ :Ci^^/:-'-^-/ =
 li'^sf^/'V;.;::". .::*Rec^iinig CoalitipnV1nc/to
  ?^;]j	;/;j;^^
  i *  .  ,:    :  .     "Iccess" Id*"W  available to 'merriberi the  state-level/'   '  there, are of course;a host of other resources prt  //  :  ;:
 I .,!.*..S"l!.	",,i	<" '•'	, ,':'V"sjf:'...i'!i::'. i,,*""." V,	",,'""j.. >'.S: ".'.(-'M/ifi.-,."-.'	;;;..;.,'.-	LClป";j.iJ'':i;j!|.;,^ปl.:^V'!*;*^'*li'i"-'.":*.'SJSy'''t->fi:^lfi^^                               '••"• ..-"^-V <>;;•ซ, s >'^..ป,'KcIf
   •;   ;   i   :  ;*JCburici) should also maintain commuhicatipn with  :,  .the Internet. \6u are encouraged to  deyelpp an, ;
 I :-.-'!' i  -"	.1	;',"' M ,. ,feV* ,/;.('• -\ ,rป	'-'.rj J'*,F *f IE!.."".";,'"	•1...':'jfe'.ป^..j\^.i''^/:^?'Bl'^''"i:"':;^l'*:''<;S-i                                  V--.f'S.^-.'-;.;.;Y/I^V-"-'''-'• •-";*>-'^-'->)l-ll'ff'^*.."'''"-
 I ^^^^^^^g^^^^^^^  ^                                                              ••"..• Internet resource  list  accessible; in  yj5ur  own  :;^

 li'^f;-	/f'C-;"'.!"^                                                                       '^-'•.'/c/:;./;/-; •.",";','://'''• ^ 'j^."-//^'7.-^',^:/"^;'';"
 |:/',i'-".i;ll;/;:..=\/;':\/:i/share' cpmrnon  problems^ The/state-ieverCouncil "  ^; '  7 / :   ^^^ 'O.' :•'.-'//-.:/>,'^'  "  '  '   "''" 'V''"  '""'''
  •i: I'f'f	:?:.:!	;'/," ,'ishpuld endeaypr toofjer ne^prkinj ppp^nijrMtie^       "-•  /R:E^b<3i^iTlpN>^:U'BLlc^ f
 I iu.  ''' " .  :l:' " ''  ""   .   " f —. ^._ t  t-./ >^?-^ .ป.ซ.ป Xซ ซL.MซA  mnnX n,~. J-IIA r~nr-,r~i-ifnf  ^tvj-1i I*.       C*-O+-r\ I Al f AI -rMTnt^ I'7'^'fl/SnC" ^On rtTTtll

• v/r-r-^'^foto 'j;eduGi Hgs\v;asfe>Trjecycl i-rig^\and:/:%yiM^x;vV-^,^ti^^Tifi^ :THE  ECGTNOMY  v  -'rti/iv-;HJ;'v-^-I

^ H(;^';;w:f';lf^^pies^ they ^re-j^f ^

^  ir "  >^^^:gbQ3 fe^rtsiaif tBe busrnese^
;^.r--^^j-^"'Vi^"-"AVj^^v;/^^'^'i^:.^.ii:ฃv.-v^.vr?-.s^^^                                                            ^•:i..".-i'.-:-ป-\-^--:'i;-.-i-*'-.'~!^.-i^';v:*-;-; i."'--;>|

/^-r^4f&also^offering Gsefuhiribdels;an^
''^>\'?e;v;:>;/'•;-K^l'-^;;^Cr*:^>V'>%^''--"ฅ^                                                                          Sป'T*i*'-.'1-'J!Sft''5?*'•'.-**:-'?-\fe''?'': ^'ftl
';'••"  'irX:^'7 h'fhprV iri  rnn"<:rHpr :fhp

      f            ^        '•n  i. T,       ?        •"                •*
            *        •*-      '  -rap*       ฃ   *•*   ^P                           jj
     f your group is following the Texas model,
     where a founding board is appointed by a
     prominent state official, then some strategic
planning to effect a transition from a 'founding
board to a representative hoard is necessary. Thus
chapter  will give you some'helpful insights into
making   this   transition    smoothly   while
strengthening your  organization. First, here are
basic definitions for these types of boards,

A Founding Board is the group originally named to
get the state-level Council up and running.
                     S  L   ! ,     "-*•  „  ""-
    S                     >.ซ*•ป
A Representative Board is comprised mainly of
the presidents of the local CRCs. Jhis is the most
desirable situation because it js in the local CRCs
where the most effective results are achieved.
             *""'"' /   *}, ,. V * '  "^ -,,-  f'
               > !~   }   S . ,  *>"*     ** * " *
A Board of Advisors is a group which does not
have decisjon-making authority but, rather, acts in
an advisory capacity on an individual basis as the
need arises.

Members of  a founding board are chosen for a
variety  of reasons. Some will  want to  lend their
influence to get the CRC started and then move on
to do other things. Others,  such as government
employees and members of nonprofit organizations
which promote recycling, may want to continue
their participation for a longer time. Still others may
become the presidents of local CRCs and wilC of
        -         *   t  '      ,   >•;  -8
course, remain on the board.

       •>                     r   V -
Here are^a  few remarks about each type of
potential founding board member in relation to the
^maturing  of  your organization and the natural
evolution of a representative board.
Key state  official (as highly placed as possible)
under whose jurisdiction solid waste management
or land  management  or the  state  of  the
environment falls.
  • This individual wtll probably stay in the Official
   or honorary chairman capacity for as long as
   he or she  is in  office, A public service
   professional whose posjtion is unaffected by
 j ^changes  in  the political complexion  of the
   administration may be  involved in the  CRC
   indefinitely.  An elected official may try to
   designate a new  chairman befqre leaving
   OTice. In this latter case, another less political
   option might be to name the office" holder as
   honorary chairman. This would eliminate any
   political fallout.
HeadV or representatives  of  state, county, or
municipal solid waste management  offices as
appropriate for the area.
  • These individuals should be involved in the
 J founding board, and some may want to join the
   representative board during transition. Others^
   may want to transfer to the board of advisors as
   the state-level  CRC board  becomes  more
Representative  from  the  sta'te department of
  • Depending on how committed your state is to
   developing recycling as a growth industry, this
   individual may want to remain on the board
   during transition. Others may want to take a
   more advisory role and transfer to the board of
   advisors as the state-level CRC board becomes
   more representative.
                   •s.   ^   •" ^
                       „      -  * >  ^~"
                 \ c    <•ซ .     i
                 f> -•<&_     ^  ป  i,
                     •*^  ^  ^2**-,  i   •*>*   ~*  **
                     ft   ^^   ,,;,-*.
                >"'„•>;'   &
                                    t. ^~

                              ies with recycled content will
                                                                                                       ecorrie"  members" of  Jhe"  Ideal;;  5j^ '••• ;'
;';?':.•:•; v;:;;:'::::,:- •|:b;?:':" 'school district managerstio'laecpnijelriy^                                       participation  vyilr iebrifiriue •;?'*".":v

.:  .. ''.. •  	i :.".	 ...ป .Hiiiiii!.'11	I,* ii. • xil J" I ซ. ~~. I /"*ri'/™—         - '.'   '    ' •'  *   ' .  ''•   "!" '* >;>l.ซ """H'' 'l'.."- ..!". +Wf*/vi in.k- in.i/-\^.rri .^^rfc\tir\n  -  . '••  -  . c "' '-  .  - •" •.  " -:•-••-"'' '"•••*
 ',	i	,  '  ,,   •{•,.. • '...: ,> : . ., ,: :. 0  .'.'	•  '•*/••.; *.'•,'• '•••>-••: •>..- t^^^.^>l::s;i',*JgJ^^i••f ,.W^riiV^,,(-i;^i1?jf:*w>l* ^;.;ป-/"-->^;V''i-ซ •-,'-vx?."'.f >i,.::rt--..ซ*.w*-.^j>*-ซ'
_  : ,             .    PRIVATE SECTOR PARTICIPANTS          •..•  presents itself. Hopefully,  these  organizations    •
•'V,, /• ';••'".-\.   \ i""  v, .,,*;,:	.v, -,";	t j-"-W.\~7-:. ,-,^:'-W?.':'*:\*:'.'<.^'flJ^^                                    ^<\' i'.._^'e-;^-"^'-^^i.,^t^^-a^^
     \    J	  ;       Drtrtป-rt'*-rtrtfX*ii*Qr-  /-*f *an\/ir/-ปrปmฃarปtQl - nrfr^nirrai-irtnc      •.    • AA/ill mak"P inrti\/ini IA'1 fnmmitrhprit** ffi rPf"Vf7Mn0       =
     ;    "          Representatives of environmental  organizations        ...:--yyill.m3kej,ndjvi;dualcornmrtrneril5tQtecy_cUng  . :   ;;
ii , i ;-„; "!'' •„.'	-1 ,  "l"; '•••;;	, 	v  "  i."',:. ';•• '' :;,"J':•:'.,•   ~~.j-':,'" :„!".:  ,.'.r.j.-- .,,ซrvV^':^:j.nซ\i->/^.^*f^--.-t-'i^'^'i-^'H-f/Avav-.'f,1-^.-' ^.-^^i.-'-rv.'^v.".-^'.-^''^^ >:ซ....; .•:•>,ซ>x.."ซ

                                                   ' (,

                                                    i. f
  If your founding board  is "well^ balanced, some
  members will ^start  local ^CRCs  and serve^ as
  presidents,  thereby  beginning  the  transition
  naturally. As more local CRCs are established, the
         ' i         ^  r            ^      O^*-<
  interests of board numbers will begin to reflect the
**.            ^   %    ** j^i   v"* &_";ฃ **l  *r"   ?"         '
 ^needs of local CRCs. The specific time frame wjll
  vary from group to group, depending on a number
  of factors:   ^   \v ^    ,*-     J*% „     7 v
    • the number of local CRCs established;
    • the time over which the"number of Ipcal CRCs
    a increases;^      -"*v                    \
   t • the willingness of individuals to commit their
     "time to  serving on the state-fevef board; and
    • ihe strategic plans of the state-level
      organization.      ""          "'
           *      ^       r i    *  A „  ,
 „ it is  not unlikely that some of the "movers and
 V   *             7   ,~   ^-f * -   A,^  "V      * *
 ^shakers"  needed  to start^Qp  the  state-level
  organization will only be willing to commit to the
 , board forlj year or two.^trategic  planning is vital
  so that board members, change gradually to ensure
  continuity of leadership.  ,           ~
  Standard bylaws can be  adopted to  govern* the
  organization.  They may  be intentionally vague
  about how (or whether^ mfmbers are  elected
  There may come a time wnen jCRCs"want to alter
     "*    **  *•        **•  *^  -f    "^ *        (*  X"4-*"
  their bylaws to reflect that  the  board should be
  comprised of the presidents of the local CRCs. Each
     J    xt        •"        Jc,   „   -  r  3ซ  i
  group Will have to examine these factors in light of
  its needs  and state* statutes  governing nonprofit
        *          •*"     %         *^~* % -^   *"
  organizations.'           ^'f "  ~"~
  A board of advisors is  only  as  valuable as the
 %           i                      i
  individuals on it and the purposes charged to it by
  the organization's leadership. Individuals named to
  a board of advisors can fend credibility as well as
 ^  t
  expertise and energy. It is important to  include
  utilization  of this resource in  your organization's
  strategic planning.
                AND  TRAINING
     "*•                             ^       "S,
  Managing  nonprofit  organizations x:an  be^ very
  different from managing corporate or private sector
  for-profit  organizations. There  are many good
  organizations across the country which carv assist
'  you  in  developing  workshops  which  wijl
 " strengthen your  board  members. When  new
 " members take their seats; it would be most helpful
  to provide an orientation program not only about
  your board and its activities but  also thg general
  responsibilities of nonprofit board members.

-  VVhen local CRC  presidents'become the  board of
  the  'state-level   organization,  their  workload
  increases dramatically. These individuals now must
  split their energies between managing their local
  CRC and serving on the state-level board. To help
^ manage this workload, the local CRC may hire an
  executive director. Another option is to reorganize
  the workload at the focal CRC level. The president
  may  delegate  some  responsibilities  to other
  officers A, third option  is to  add persons to the
  state-level board who are not local CRC presidents.
  Your  group  must determine  the most  effective
  option and may develop other methods of coping.
  r   •*     ^  ป                      f


           Because large group meetings are not
           the best place to conduct in-depth
          t problem solving  and  planning,
'healthy nonprofits develop a committee structure
                      ~*  ~~      &      t
to handle the work. The committees described
below  are suggested for both the  state-level
council and each-local CRC. Each council will
             *                 f        •>
determine which  committees to  establish,, based
on its specific priorities and needs. All of these
committees are recommended for .the state-level
Council. Individual  CRCs are" encouraged to'
         IV         1 'r~    ""*  v  <*^
establish as many as will meet their needs within
             '              - v ••        —
the scope of their human resources. Individuat
board members should form tfie^backbone of
**         ^   ^ (j     —'  f * ^ T     •*" *-         —'
these committees; however, other  interested
parties willing to make contributions of time and
talent can be  of great value.
 In the start-up phase of any council, the following
 committees should be established:
   • Executive Committee;
   • Programming Committee;
   • Financial DevelopVnent Committee;
   • Membership Development Committee;
  ' • Public Relatfons'Committee; and
   • Strategic ^Planning Committee.
        -    *     f v v     -• *  **,.,,     '
 These comm'ttees represent the essential functions
 "hecessar/to establish either a state-level council or
 a local CRC.                    ^
        *          *               *•
         "  COMMITTEES FOR     ^
           ^-   '     - v^  ^
 In the selection of a founding boardl it is a good
 idea to keep these committees in mind and select
                             J    ^   i  -9
 individuals willing and able to serve  in these
 capacities.  T'rior  .experience  in*  nonprofit
 organizations or in establishing similar committees
 would be most helpful.

 In selecting board members for a local CRC, these
 same initial  committees are important.  However,
 establishing local committees will be easier
 because the groundwork has been  done ajr the
 state level   and individuals  are in  place as
 committee chairs.

 vyhich committees you  ultimately choose to
 develop (and when you choose to develop them)
 should be decided on the basis the needs of your
 organization and the resources, especially human
 resources, available. You may have to combine the
 responsibilities of two  committees  if  your
 personnel are limited.
 The Executive Committee consists of the officers of
 the board of directorsand the chairs of the standing
 committees. The suggested number for an active
 Executive Committee is five  to seven.  Individual
 councils will have to decide who is best suited and
 best able to contribute the  additional  time and
 energy required to serve in this capacity.

-       -**                      t.
 the Executive Committee should:
   • Plan upcoming board meetings. This group
    should stay in touch with board members and
    committee chairs and ensure that their issues
    and concerns are included m agenda planning.
 *"• Keep abreast of  committee  projects and
                         t *

                                      ,M  t
                                         t J
                                              , * '
'   '  1
     coordinate committee activities and allocation
 *    of resources. '                           f
1   • Keep under review the finances of the CRC and
J!  " ifensure that projects planned and implemented
    i stay within budget.
    ซ Develop mechanisms for the  board to use in
           r     ,   ,                  f   ป T  ซ|
     strategic planning.
    • Ensure sustainability of the council  through
\    effective management of resources.
    • Ensure  succession _by  maintaining active
    .membership  recruitment  and  recognition
  i         * It    \ 1*1        t   v     'V L 't.   ป  ป -
   - 'programs.
  i     i        *    <          '  r  ' f       ,  "
      -    ,           !   ^-,*      ,   f '  >, ป>
  It is  most important that  Executive  Committee
  members  have the time and energy as weHl as the
 1 ability to serve in this  capacity.  As Executive
  Cgmmittee members will be cphosen from current
 " board members they will be committing more than
  double the  time and  energy  on behalf of the"
""                   L       *>       k >  % t
"I         i       "* <,     ^     *.-'   V  ^ S *
* The President will appoint members of the board to
  "this committee andf may also appoint others who
 " "are not members of the board.
      i* *         .   t  h     ? i  ป  i  ,   > \*,
                I    f      5     4    ..,(,<
                          v*;   :  ^   t?
  The  Public  Relations  Committee  should" be
i concerned with:
 i             ,1              ' <   *
  i  * defining the image  of  the organization and
     ensuring that this image is positively exposed at
  i   every opportunity;
    • advance publicity for the organization's eve'nts
     and activities,  and reinforcing its success in
     post-event press releases;
    • "promoting the  organization's  mission through
           I I   i t               *<  *           1
     press releases;
           i    i ^       ,           ^ i *      ** >
 '   • promoting  membership  in the  organization
     through  the development "of membership
     brochures and personal contacts in conjunction
     with the membership committee; and
    • preparing a case statement to solicit funding in
                                                                ll    >    \      Ji               if,     *
                                                              conjunction with the Financial  Development
                                                                 A i
                                                          This  committee  may  take  responsibility  for
                                                          newsletters as well. In addition, individual councils
                                                          may assign other duties to this committee.  It is
                                                          recommended that this committee be responsible
                                                          for the awards program.
                                                          -  .           . )  ,                           v,
                                                                1 'AWARDS COMMITTEE
                                                         rThV Awards Committee will be selected by  the
                                                          boarcj  at; the first meeting  of the year.  The chair
                                                          shall  be selected "by the  committee,  and shall
                                                          become an ex officio member of the board if not
                                                          already a board memBeV.
                                                           Th'e "Awards  Committee' sets  criteria/solicits
                                                         -  nominations, and selects businesses for recognition
                                                                                               t      <<
                                                         '  as appropriate.
                                                         *  t  *        "*    *      *                      ^
                                                            *f " FINANCIAL  DEVELOPMENT    ^"
                                                           t  "   i *                               B  **
                                                           The President will appoint members of the board to
                                                         t  thjs committee and may also appoint others who
                                                         *  are hot members of the board. The members of the^
                                                           Financial  Development Committee shall elect a t
                                                           chair and a recording secretary. Both shall become
                                                           ex officio members of the board  if not 'already
                                                           board members.
                                                         *•  ^ >      '  t \                            v"
                                                           This committee raises money to  support the
                                                           programs of the Council. It is important to have
                                                           individuals  on this committee,  especially in the
                                                           start-up phase, who have a successful track record
                                                           in raising money.VA number of avenues appropriate
                                                           for  raising  funds have been  discussed in prior
                                                           chapters. Each  council  will   emphasize the
                                                           particular methods which are effective  in its
                                                            ฃ i  / T
                                                              ,  -.  /•
                                                          -, * t   *  1
                                                                                               >ป' *

                         ^ ~ ฃ'
,&- 5-^ *v -
      t -W  COMMITTEE    *
       •>       x   *     ^i ^ s^"3    r^      1
Structure  ^  ^ ^        u     „      ,       ^
The President will  appoint members of the board to
this committee and may also appoint others who
are rTotjnembers of the board. The members of the
committee shalf elect a chair  ajid a reco/ding
secretary. Both shall become ex*offido members of
the board if not already board members.    ^
      /'"   "   r*rV  -.*^    Vx, ^  >+"'
function            ~   ^ ,j-^^^ff    ^   '^^
The Membership  Development  Committee really
has twojunctions: jo develop local CRCs, and to
help  local CRCs increase  their  membership,  the
Membership Development Committee might get
involved  in the following activities:
  • analyzing areas within the state which show
    potential for new local CRCs;
i  • contacting  businesses in  proposed areas,
    educating them about CRCs and" soliciting their  *
    support for starting a focal CRC;      r   ^
  -• developing membership  brochures  which
    xzlearly  state  benefits  andt   privileges  of
  ""membership;       ,                , ~
  • establishing dues for both  local CRCs and the
    state-level Council;  "     ^ซ  •.!/
  • help  local  CRCs in develop  objectives for
    membership growth; and
  * helping local CRC&  evaluate^ methods for
   -sokcrtmg new members.

Individuals involved  in  other community groups
sUch  as chambers of commerce or service clubs
sUch as Rqtary, Lions, and Kiwanis, can use these
additional networks to help solicit new members.
Indivfduals who^are involved in public relations or
professional   sales   may  also  make  strong
contributions to mem&ership growth"
                      A T
                      " <*.*•ซ
                         f ,
All  members of a CRC should be challenged to
bring in new members. The broader the^each of
the  membership, the greater diversity and resource
the  council will have.                  .    .
 i     -<    A   *•  „. -     ซ-t i  . ~L.  .>**    ,N  '
                           NOMINATING  COMMITTEE:
                     The Nominating Committee may be appointed by
                            f                    * #~         ~4x
                     the president of the council blit must be approved
                     by the board and may consist of board members
                      ^ f   f                                      * r_f
                     and others from the advisory board.

                     i                                    -^   fc  -
                     The Nominating Committee, although it may only
                        2^                   >    -ป
                     meet  formally m advance of annual  elections,
                     should function all year. Nominating committees"
                     "•ป•               -   „
                     generally develop guidelmes for  nominations and^
                     election  procedures.  These are  usualfy not
                     Specified in detail in bylaws, to  allow  the  board
                     some flexibility.  The guidelines  may be altered
                     from  year to  year based  on the  needs  of the
                     organization and the individuals involved.
                                                 /            i
                     Nominating   committees  also  should  note
                     individuals who might have the interest and ability
                     to serve on the"Executive Committee or in other
                     t   >          V                      "
                     elected board  roles. They may set up criteria for
                     specific offices  (for example, ^service  on the
                     Financial Development Committee prior to running^
                     for treasurer or president). Such guidelmesr are not
                        \                                 j_
                     only helpful in ensuring that  individuals have the
                     ability to serve effectively in a particular position,
                     but they also offer guidepostsfor developing future

                      ,<-   -                                     *
                    tAs  the  board   makes  the transition   to   a
                      ^          ^            -^           ^        *-
                     representative  board, the production of a slate  of
                     board members will become  more of a formality;
                     however,  the selection  of the * officers  and
                     committee chairs  will   then  become,,  more

                     As the state-level  Council  manures, its  focus will
                     } change. Local CRC boards will be more involved in
                     managing the day-to-day operations and the state-
                     level board will deal more with broader issues and
                     future development directions and strategies.

            .    N     ,  '  ,'  •     -   *  ' .ป  '
             i    i    .        *,  '
                 Jl        < ^  i    '
                                                   "Y/, v*t >•
                                                      f*   -   >   V
                                                       tf* *• Mf     Sd..
                                                                                                   2. v w  ^v
                                           4  i
The President, or an  agent  so  designated, will
appoint members of the  board to this committee
  11             It     J      , t  ,  1    ,   M
and may also appoint others who are not members
of the board.
                                                   in the corporate" sector and this experience should
                                                   prove useful  in  establishing and  maintaining  a
                                                   'successful Corporate Recycling Council.
II   ||ซ   H   -  p    iqi           |    ng    a/.        •ป
fl^foq,   v    ซ  ,       	- ซ
.This committee on both the state level and local
1            i   ft J   i   iSf1     ^    *    i    sff
^evel i  should  provide   continuous   current
information on  the  activities t)of industries and
commodities  in  the  state,  and  of  the  local
community for local CRCs. As new technologies
evolve{  economic factors change, or other* events,
trends  or  developments  become evident, this
committee should keep its membership appVised of
any changes which might beneficially or adversely
affect recycling of related activities.
      *     *         •<*  i     *>  ;      i
 collection of recycled materials in a given locale "
 may create a surplus of materials. These  and many
   .  ti A ป   „     ซ  •   ป                  t
 other factors make  strategic  planning even more
 *      i          '        ซ         *   * "
There  may  be situations where  this committee
I              ^ll            * ™ t  T  "*   jr**"^
Works  closely   with   the  Legislative  Affairs
i   >          r      < '  t ป* f i r i    '   ซ   u
Committee  to   develop  position  statements,
Qrganize lobbying efforts or otherwise support its

H,!    ^   1   |     '   *  V             *. jf   ^    *
       f          Hi                        ^
The  President, or an  agent so designated  will
   i       i *     i   ,    . ,   ,     .  T  , r  ;
appoint members of the  board to this committee
and may also appoint others who are not members
of the board.
                    ป   '   ,
        '  ?  '   i       .    '    *  *  j,  V
Strategic planning is  critical to the success of any
Organization. Much expertise  has been developed
                                                                                                  S ft   1
                                                 * Strategic 'planning for the state-level  organization
                                                   should focus  on' providing for the  needs  of  its
                                                   affiliate  members  to achieve the organization's
                                                   mission.  Effective  strategic  planning wifl  also  '
                                                 .  provide  a  measuring stick to show progress and
                                                   accomplishments  which  will be  valuable  in
                                                   attracting new members and funding,  This growth/
                                                   of  course,  is vital to  keeping the  organization
                                                   vibrant, effective and on the cutting edge.

                                                        PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE
                                                 u Jhe .President, or an  agent  so  designated, will
                                                   appoint  members of the board to this committee
                                                   and may also appoint others who are not members
                                                   of the board.
                                                      ซi  ."i    j                              -\
                                                   The Programming Committee is* one of the most
                                                          *       ^   n       ^         ^     f
                                                   important  in  either  a state-level or local  CRC.
                                                   Programs  are \rie  strategies  which   help an
                                                   "   *       V r(                    ,
                                                   organization achieve its mission. Programs serve
                                                   the needs of the members and keep them active in
                                                                  i     *            A
                                                   an organization.  Successful programs  are what
                                                     f ^   t    ป   %        i,    ~  *
                                                   potential  furtders  review  in order to evaluate
                                                   funding requests.
                                                       <   '  * ' <      -     -      -^
                                                                 f     ,    A'   ( '       , f *
                                                   Programs should evolve not only from the mission
                                                      .  .     •>   ,    <  t                      i
                                                   of the  organization  but from  the needs of its
                                                       C     ••    *,,ป•".'    .           '
                                                   * <
                                                   ^ X
                                                      -ซH4 ,1
                                                                                                 * i
                                                                                                I ^ )


> V
                     *        "  ^   t      *
    members. Here  are a fetw programs which you
    might consider.
          ,    >   .  f  f-?,   *• ~ซ    '    < ' t     ^
   -  ,  ^-^ < -   " "*    "•*"   -* * -<• -ซi. *^*t"  " *    i *.
    Annual Recycling Conference
  J Topics, trends and activities should both inspire
    and enable individuals  attending to further the
    mission of the organization by increasing member
    knowledge   and   developing   skills   where
               "  '  I v. * *  ^  ™ -'  
                    The Legislative  Committee, especially at the state
                    level, can  play an important role in keeping the
                    membership informed about rejevant national and
                    state  issues,  and  pending   regulations  and
                    legislation  concerning  recycling  and Waste

                    ft may also provide a -lobbying function by
                    producing  informed position papers on ^particular
                    issues of  interest. It  should help  develop policy
                    statements when necessary, and tell members how
                    pending legislation  or regulations might affect

                               ADVISORY BOARD
                    The Advisory Board should be  composed of past
                    board officers and  members,  and others in an
                    advisory capacity. Members should be appointed
                    for one-year terms.

                    The role and effectiveness of an advisory board are
                    directly related  to the way the council members
                    utilize this resource. Individuals may be placed on

  ;  ,               .;";,; ^ability to facilitate fund-raiang activities;        ;
"t:	• "i- :V -'J,'••"•> • f-i	i	!'•"'.:• '•-' "•'	*',>>'••••.'*•'' v *i_?,'•l'-1'•''it^'r''/!:-'--L^id1" iilFjl-fij''^^*""^

                                     1 *  -V y I"5
                                      *• * , -
                -"  -^t*'.*,,  ,rT^:,  *   „                 ,
                 :            ^PROGRAMS
               ' ^ -'  „* -V  * •,*  -r5 v   -B *"
 In this chapter, you will find a variety of examples
 of successful programs  These  examples  were
 selected  from  submissions  for  local  CRC
 Environmental  Excellence Awands  ^and  TCRC
 Environmental  Visfon* Awards.  Some of these
 innovative ideas are farsightea projects; others are
 simple  commoli "sense ideas.  Collectively^ they
 represent'the creative and cdk-effective solutions
 employees can  produce when properly motivated
 by corporate leadership.

   v  t      ,  COMPAQ  ,  ^
 As a large growing company in Houston, Compaq'
 has the opportunity to purchase  many products.
 One of the  products that^ Compaq purchases the
 most ot is paperfBy making the svvitch in 1994 to ^
 buying recycled ^paper company-wide, Compaq
"used oveM2,434,782  pounds of recycled paper.-
 This represented  an increase of* j>6 times the
 amount of  paper^ usecf  in" 1993. Compaq 'has
 educated  its purchasing managers about office
 products with recycled content by holding annual
 office product  supplier  meetings.  At  these
 meetings,  suppliers highlight  products  with
                                                t  *
                                              Whatever  the  form,   an   emphasis   on
                                              communicating a clear, proactive environmental
                                              message  ensures that Compaq's  environmental
                                              commitment is an everyday event.

                                              Recycling has made Compaq money and  saved
                                              even more.  Environmental programs are designed
                                              that produce financial  rewards for the company.
                                              Even  with  market  fluctuations,  Compaq has
                                              consistently  proved over the last four years that
                                              recycling and waste minimization practices make
                                              good business sense.             x
                                             ''  ~*                             -*
                                               •^  ^                                     "~
                                              The SEMATECH Recycling Council is a grass roots
                                             7organization funded  and fully supported by the
                                              Chief Administrative Office and the Environmental
                                              Affairs Department. SEMATECH is a research and
                                              development facility,  not a production facility,
                                              Employees cfiange by 60 percent every year, and a
                                              variety of materials also changes with the research
                                              projects  To  meet these challenges, the recycling
                                              council offers continuous in-house education and
                                              recruiting. Efforts are focused on every waste stream
recycled content. As a result of this education from     fqr reduction, reuse and recycling. For example:
suppliers and feedback from Compaq, 99 percent
of all ^>aper products the company purchases (such
as brochures, manuals^ and office paper) have
recycled content.
        •^         ซ,  ~r ?      **  -2
Compaq Houston recycles items from rubBer bands
               •*                        * .
to pallets. To make this happen, effedwe internal
  r      *  5   i  -,  ,j.>rr ^'
communication  is produced that rnvites  and
encourages   employees to  participate.  The
company's environmental communicationjrtay be
as elaborate, as an environmental  report sent to
              ?   ^ x  **  ~"  4-i \ >. ^
shareholders, oras simple as a sticker in rest rooms
reminding employees to use the whole roll first!
                                                 Waste Paper. After the company implemented
                                                 a mixed paper recycling program,  recycling
                                                 increased $2 percent  Increased revenues and
                                                 decreased  landfill  costs have allowed the
                                                -T company to contribute to various community
                                                ซ Home Recycling. Because this prdgram was so
                                                 popular with employees, a, collection point for
                                                 mixed paper from households was placed fn
                                                \he employee parking lot.
                                                • Tyvek. Semiconductor facilities use significant
                                                 amounts of tyvek  material  for clean  room
                                                 garments and other applications. This material
                             S  4-*

                                                                                                          I* T, r 4 * 4
ill I
         be  recycled   through   repair   or
i  * repelletization. By rearranging entry to clean-
 •' room areas, 'the need for tyvek shoe covers was
 , eliminated, thus minimizing this material's use
   and entry into waste stream. Tyvek was also
   use'd for envelopes which are  now  being
           j   P  k      1   ">            f,  I ij.
I  '.recycled.
  • Aerosol Cans. Recycling of aerosol cans was
       i      ซit  *   * *  f <     f     ft
  i,.implemented  to  ensure  environmental
  * compliance."  Contents are drained into* drums
   for proper disposal. Cans are recycled for steel.
  • Batteries... The  move  to  high  tech  and
  * communication through  pagers, cell  phones,
   radios and laptops has created  a side  effect in
* i' the generation of waste  batteries.  These
   NiCads are conditioned  and recharged until
   their useful life is  expired, then recycled into
1  -steel.
  • Fluorescent Light  Tubes and  Ballasts. In  an
   'effort to reduce energy consumption, saving *
   . ove'r $400,000 annually, a surplus  of eight
   hundred  tubes and  two  hundred  Ballasts
,   required  disposal.  The  company  found
   recyclers and received a check in return.
•  • purchasing Recycled Materfals. ih'an effort to
   "close the loop,"  the company  set recycling
   goals. As  of 1995, $2,775,590  in  recycled
   goods had been  purchased. Total savings for
   using   recycled   materials    exceeded
  " $4,865,953.        '
                        "   P|  i.'   /    *j    '
  • SME employees  reached a goal of cutting
 ' , nonhazardous waste  leaving the" site  by 50
     i          I           *  ~r             ^
 ,  percent."        *
*  • Prior to 1994, approximately 80 percent of the
    photoresists used in one of the manufacturing
    area,s contained a member of the glycol ether
   family/ which is reportable under EPA's annual
    chemical release  program. Process engineers
    made a decision to move to a safer* solvent and
    requalified a number of processes. Over 100
  " gallons per month of the* original photoresist
C1        t                     H
      were used in 1993, and less than 30*gallons in
      1994.' Full phase-out is anticipated in the next
      two years. f                             '
    • Process engineers felt that significant savings^
      coufd  be made in the consumption  of  a
      chemical  which is  used as a positive  resist
     "stripper. Studies were done to extend bath life,
     "and extensive  modifications to  sink and
      pumping  systems  were  made. A 12-month
     'running total of this chemical as of September
   ~* 199*3 was 5,351  gallons.
    • In  1*994 a team of SME employees felt that
      savings could be made by reducing the amount
      of gas remaining in  cylinders sent off as waste
      "and  reducing  process  variability  due  to
      frequent gas cylinder changes.  Anticipated
      savings from this work are estimated  to  be'
      several hundred thousand dollars.
    • EPA Green Lights Program. SME was one of the
      first Sony locations in America to perform &
      voluntary*  relamping  of  its  office  and
      maintenance areas  with high-efficiency  bulbs.
      and ballasts. Significant  savings in electrical
      energy have been documented.

   Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems (LMTAS)
   operates United States Air Force  Plant 4 (AFP4)
*   which manufactures F-16s, refurbishes aircraft and
 "designs prototypes. Some of their successful source
   reduction activities include:
   ซ Mi   ^ 1   "-  •**   •"  f        1                 * \> k
     • Modification of  paper  towel  dispensers,
      enabling  individuals to select the amount  of
      paper  towel   rather  than  dispensing  a
      predetermined amount, resulted in an estimated
      33 percent reduction in waste paper towels.
     • Implementation of an "empty container return
      clause" as^mandatory in all purchase contracts
      for containers five gallons or larger resulted in
      an estimated reduction of 29 tons of disposed
      containers per year.
     ซ Transfer of all of its (over 8,000) Material Safety
                                                               \  rv
                                                                                              >* I
                                                                      ซ.*/  J    t

                    %      "*„        (   ^
     Data  Sheets  to  an  electronic  database
   _  eliminated the distribution of large quantities of
   .,  paper mail.
       -      V  i.      „.       v     i    f   ^
   •  Implementation of an electronic^ rrjai'1 system
     a/id paperless systems to requisition mateVials
 1    and parts, record maintenance requests," and
     process contracts and purchase orders has also
     helped to reduce office paper.
   •  Current recycling programs include aluminum,
     steel, titanium,  copper and other metals,
       A      f> i+-   &• * ' *t^     f t*&   f      *•
     lumber, white office paper, telephone books,
   .cardboard, plastic, laser print cartridges, grit
     blast media and other materials.
   •  RCRA-regulatecf  Special Waste  Recycling
     programs have been established for "hydraulic
    fluid, machining  coolant oil  filters, batteries,
    tires, waste oil, jet fuef, and soil.
   • RCRA-regulated Hazardous Waste Recycling*
        ->.              ftf? if -f      ***•        *   "
   , programs have been  established^ for  energy
            *      if     \         _/l ~^t      f
    recovery, off-site  solvent recovery,  chromium
 ,  , process regeneration,  spent carboh, and
         '                            3?^  i  „*
   •• hydrazine,                              ,
   • A number of projects have been implemented
                     li.3       *           ^  ^
 " to conserve water discharged either through the
 ,  % sanitary seWej, Lake Worth, or the Trinity River.
    The total impact of these  initiatives is saving
            ""        ซ "*•            ^
   "over a half-million gallons of water per day.
   • Community environmental service plays a key
    role in LMTAS's pollution prevention program.
    LMTAS provides both  financial and volunteer "
                  " *     ,.--.,    ซj .,  t
    support to   a   number   oj  community
    environmental education programs and events.
     r      ' „„> J       '     "       " _, V
              >   I-  t       - *   f"      '""('"•
        CENTRAL TEXAS, "LTD." *
                      _  * t, '      , *      ,*•
By  implementing Balcones Recycling's  "Anything
That Tears" program, tons per year of recycled
                 materials grew from 36 to 250, reducing the non-
                 recycled waste stream from 90 percent to 31 percent.

                 The Houston vehicle maintenance operation is the
                 largest in the Postal Service, with seven Individual
                 Vehicle Maintenance  Facilities (VMFs) and 4,406
                 vehicles. Realizing the need to move  to  an
                 environmental  leadership  role,  it  began  an
                 aggressive program to reduce automotive waste
                 which resulted  in  eliminating  all  products
                 containing the 17 chemicals targeted by the EPA
                 and reducing inventory items from 130 to 26, with
                 an associated savings of about $70,000.

                            CENTER AND THE
                       CLEAN CITIES  COALITION
                 Waste  Reductions  Systems,  Inc.  (WRS) is  a
                 Houston-based, full-service waste  and materials
                 management company which focuses on delivering
              *   value to businesses and communities by reducing
                 cost,  recycling waste and  improving materials-
                 handling efficiency. WRS and  communities  in the
                 Brazoria County area formed the Brazoria County
                 Clean Cities Coalition and built a regional recycling
                 center. The success of this project is attributed to
                 the coalition and to the fact that the  recycling
                 facility has been the nucleus of bringing recycling
                 services   to  the  people.  This  public-private
                 partnership has developed successfuf  recycling
                 projects,  including single-family and  multifamily
              -  areas;  a  community  recycling  drop-off site;
                 residential yard waste  composting; workplace
                 recycling; industrial  commingled trash recovery;
                 school recycling; used motor Oil recycling; waste
                 tire  disposal  and  recycling;  and  household
                 hazardous waste collectipn and recycling,
       >  "
                   f.     ซ. ^
J'  "
,  ,'*-,'
   A? • /
 *? ซซ ' *>•
    v   =ป
                                 l r  "
                               '"'   , V


                                                                                       •=0  ป
     f  ซt  J If )
                      *     S .T          J. w,  I
  compensation may be paid for services rendered to
  or for the Corporation affecting one or more of its
  purposes); and no director, officer or any private
  individual shall  be entitled to share in the
 I, the undesigned natural  person -of" the age^of   ^ distribution  of  any of the  corporate assets on
 Eighteen (18)jyears or more, acting as incorporate)?    ^ dissolution of the Corporation. No substantial part"
                                      * rofit"" '
 Articles of Incorporation for such corporation.
"  of a corporation  under the Texas .Non-Profit     of the activities  of the Corporation shall  be the
     #rf      ™      fa    V I   *  ฃ, f  „    >1?  t                                *
   Corporation Act, do hereby adopt  the following     carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting
                                                  |o influence legislation, and the Corporation shall
                                              "* " rfot participate in, or intervene in (including the
                                             ,.  t  publjcation  or distribution of statements), any
                                                  political campaign on behalf of .any candidate for
 Article One
   l>f* \   **""  'J*'  \  ""^tl"*)*   Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and its Regulations
• Section 4.02. Notwithstanding a'ny otherVovisipn      as they now exist ^or  as they  may  hereafter be
 of these Articles of Incorporation:                *   amended.
 a.  No part of the net^earnings of thf> Corporation     #d. Jhe Corporation is organized  pursuant to the
 shall mure to the benefit~mo| any director of the  ^   Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act and does not
 Corporaption, officer of the Corporation,^ or any^ '   contemplate  pecuniary  gam  or profit  and is
 private  individual  (except   that  rea*sonable^     organized for nonprofit purposes.
                      f      .\-s.J**_,*^                                           „ """

,    i| (
                                               V  ป  '  bi
                                               i1 \*  "  ,  t"
                                               ,  t>
                                                     y ^
                                                                       ^   j           t
              " Article Five                              '            or having been, such Director or officer and against
                  *             "   '-i       i '   *  V y   ' '   t  •        * ,.  >        i   '  ','      '    i   i  ' ''  i i    i  b  '
               Membership                                         such sum as independent counsel selected by the
               The Corporation'shall be governed by its members      Directors sViall deem  reasonable payment  made in
               as provided in the* bylaws.                            settlement  of'any such claim,  action,  suit  or
                               i  *    ...   .         ซ...       . f      ,  *M,J m           n      ,. t *   i* -(             t
                                                         ป   , ,      proceeding primarily  with the view of avoiding
                                                         jf   tf *t      J „     v t   "**  u                        ^
                                                                   expenses of litigation, provided,  however that  no
                                                                   Director or officer shall be indemnified  (a) with
                           I    j
 Article Six
 f             i '      C        I   '
 Ipitial Registered Office and Agent
 the street address of the initial registered ^office of      respect to matters as to which he or she shall be
 the Corporation is	,        adjudged in such action,  suit or proceeding to be
     '    '  ' "i   \   . 	*   ' ^    '; arid  the      liable for negligence or misconduct m performance
 name of its initial registered agent at such address     "of duty, (b) with respect to any matters which shall
 )s	*	.          "        be  settled  by  the  payment  of  sums which
    1	 •• " '         ~ "         ,    h                  y      f „,      ^                           wy*
       <           *  it  -   , *     ,      i    l    '  i .    Independent counsel  selected  by  the  Directors
         1*                                    *                        I,*"                             t H
f Article Seven                         ,,   "    ,      ^ shall not deem reasonable payment made primarily
 Directors                 *            *               with a view to  avoiding expense of litigation, or (e)
                 **             *\tf      *  "* ซV   ^     ^^ ^                   *
 the number  of  Directors constituting the  initial      with respect to matters which such indemnification
 Board of Directors of the Corporation is	,      would be against public policy.  Such rights of
                1 *   	                 -         >   *,          '  i    . t'j       i.              ,<

               and the names and addresses of those people who *    indemnification shall be in addition to any other
               - — "- - ------ - ''-- '-•-•-' ~-~ — -------        *
               are to serve as the initial Directors are:
                                                     rights to which Directors or officers may be entitfed
                                                    * under any bylaw, agreement, corporate resolution,
                                                     vote of Directors or otherwise. The Corporation
   I                             t                    \     A        f-  i    ,                        ซ
i-   J    *        h        ^>  ,   i       T   i* L   'tL '"shall have the power to purchase or maintain at its,
 Article Eight                                         cost and  expense  insurance on'  behaff  of such
 Indemnification of Directors and "Officers^           " jaersons to'the fullest extent permitted  by this
 Each Director and each officer or former Director      Article and applicable state law.
M        1       ป     j^.*           'i'l-^1!     t   ปซ  j,    ^       I -,            ,              ,
 or officer of the Corporation shall be indemnified
I    i       "t i            *     i     "•  "     f  .        <*     T         \            <               \   ซ .
 and may be advanced reasonable expenses by the      Article Nine
^Corporation against liabilitieslmposed upon him or
 her and expenses reasonably incurred  by him or
                                                                   The name and street address of the incorporator is:
               her in connection with any claim  against him or
               her, or any action, suit or proceeding to which he      Address:
                I     *    L      9     V  J            i.*                        !
               or she may be a party by reason of his or her being,
              jl|<  I   V  I|   i I   '    ซ    I   l  1    V    V    - ,   , ^    t
                                                                                n/  X,  I
                                                                                                                      f *
                                                                                                                      *> •
                                                                                                                 4 1
                                                                                                    !Jปป  I
                                                                                                    fj  ซ v

                 CORPORATE  RECYCLING
                        COUNCIL  BYLAWS
                             *** ,>i ^ >  <
BYLAWS  of the' 	
'  ARTICLE I           ~    ^ -• ^ '  "    ;  -  -'
  Name      *     _ '   s   r l ^      ,-
x The name of the Corporation shall be the	
  Corporate Recycling Council and will be referred
  hereinafter as'"the Council/'        /     ,,
                  ^        "^    ^ if i  *   ^ ., ^n   '*  ''"
  ARTICLE II     '             "       • V  '
               11                 "v    vซ       "*
  Purpose             "             *
  2.01. The Council is a public-private partnership of"
  members who believe that|he economic success of
  current and  future generations  depends on t our
  ability to protect the environment now.

  2.02. The goaf of the'Council Is to'promote
  recycling and waste minimization in the state of
  a. Recycling is the conversion of pro3uctiOn waste
  and Consumer  used  goods  into renewable,
  marketable  components  that supplement  or
  substitute for  raw  materials, in  manufacturing
  products,                       '       *'
         ,  „     -  *  -  ,  •.-w,      ,ป  , ,-
  b. Recycling is necessary to conserve natural and
  synthesized cornmodities; protect land^ air, water
  and health; jave energy; abate pollution; create
  jobs and develop a sustainable economy.
  c.  The Council shall promote  environmental
  responsibility  with the  emphasis  to educate
               ,   1       4 i S   V* ".*.*  *ป>  f
  business and public institutions on waste reduction
            r       f   >r   -.x          t
  and recycling.
                          j ' r r^_
          f, ;    -'     s} V ^ *-   -   /   ff- „
                 >.    v t        *    V~ —  *
  2.03. The mission of  the Council is to promote
            ^           j--  ป'        ,  ,1 ,
  public and private sector partnerships through local
  councils by:
                             •      .,      *
  a. 'developing successfuj waste rninimization and
 resource recovery programs by businesses  and
 public institutions through education, information
t exchange and successful role modeling.
 b.  stimulating markets for  industrial  and  post-
 Consumer" waste by  promoting the purchase of
    v "                               y
 recycled  products  by  business  and  public
 c.  stimulating the  purchase of recycled  content
 products generated from pre- and post-consumer
 waste streams.
 a  promoting the  development  of  recycling
 industries and infrastructure in Texas.

 2.04 The Council is organized as a nonprofit
 organization exclusively for the purpose set out in
the State of Texas shall be located in the
 City  of   '	,   County  of
                                              3.02 Registered  Office and Agent. The Council
                                              shall have and continuously maintain in the state of
                                              Texas a registered office and a registered agent
                                              wnose office is identical with such registered office,

 ^y^'i^'^'yyr'^s'jr^uir&d  by th'e         Noh-Profit Oprporation      shall Hold not ;lessth^
 '"'' HI''	 '!!'' 'ฐ:|	*"„ " ป" ' ' '"' il"'l"'iil"iiป  "  "' '  '	"  ""'	"^	Tl''. -'"' " "'* n • * '*""i" ซ" i  T|   'j11" -i';1 •_!• i""  :   ^ .ซ.."!'i. * i, I*, x^i1 TUi — tim/i rarปrl nla^'a rปf tkiQ nrvciotincrc cn^ll Ko. •"    _"  "•
  v'J:!,',':	;:iilltv:";,f"::f!;*rji|i(Yibers1n g^od^standihg'.''"	'"" '-'\'"-"; ""'""•"T:''-' -'.'"';	any "two Directors;  the person qr;persoris callihga •  *       ซ
  ",,,|:•"'":;"V>•*."'I,';'"1,'-	;i'V,",^""::: <;;•;:;,*!;l:-':l,:'}'f•""!;f!„:>tj;**'?$•••$t?'^ll-'ElS ^;;-?"'''f'^'5l?Sf i^)^Ungi's'lfial| designate  tlie  purpose,.''piace,-'arid',:-.'.'.  .y''('•   I
 •;',!','"';.'	"",':•,"„„,„"'::"   '4.02  Dues. The    '	'."*'      ' CRC Boaro^ofH     time^&                                   '• .-/IV'."<:'!;;-;'^v^:iv-|
 J;-	'•:	•',,.; •;	'	:,,:	" ,':,'	ป-.('.' "-	/'-i:.1,",i',;C	'.:",,,-i,,i,.. :;.t':-,,.-i:,; v/: ,'-„:';.- ./.t1,:.-1;,,5,,;nt*;,;;:-fซ"„„,.-i,-.i :,;--i;#';i7l!ซ',*wH,1^-:iV:is-^r^'i!-:^5';;:'J-ซ:l-;'-V v^^1,":'"^ ,-;•'-.;.-",.""-;"-'?-•''-'''i'V*'-'"**-'-'-'^1''I
      /   "   *  -Directors  snail  establish  the           '...''•"..•'.',      ":.'fe MP.tlce ฐf ,^nX ^P1^ f"6^"1^ snal'Pe rec^iye"::,-:T ::  •
 :Vv-$l!v';1'''''	^" 'f ^^? - ^M?? structure, and g^iHel^es"|6V payments to     •  af 1e& lyw  days  previously thereto  by. written;^:"':. "2;^
     4 V; :,  ",   |je made By participating councils.        =            * notice delivered  personally,• or  sent  by  first class        '•  :
 Ifc	fe^}>^SSftS?	?"?^
 :	ii."..	^-,v;;.,'-',rsiiaFj	•;,-'*-W1x;.i:	V's-'	^Jp.iivy'^yy;1'^^-^^	:^,iy'.f^'rviปij'r^tW.j/^rw:iyj;^^:^^^w/,vrtซ^i\;-\^v^^^^
 f:*\'W<*	y^-,^$RflCLE,V	„  r,	t	::  '}	;,, b;,	'i>,,;,,ii/	t 'j^..r-,- -- ••  ,,-,u	;,,,c-.Special. meetings, may be-h^ld by,conference  ..••,. ;',,^ .  ,-.j
 ,|i^^                                    	,'t'.'^ .,.']„•	*„!!'', ^,s""^"C,l;,^*ป^'\r,^:^I,^
 '>;: if; .'**,:,('^ :t-'-""	*5rO^ General Powers. The  policy making fcody of  -    ;,       ••  '•';':'-"'": "^  _• ••'.'•- -\."';;;;;', "*'.r-.;: :f::-:/''^^-^^f,J^'j]
 •  j, ..... * ...... ..... - -  , f  ..... ,->:•  ปซ>  •" -; " .•'f:1:1, -ซ.,--,!;-. ,;*,-!!"; I., ..,'" ->,ts . /'t1.-/ 'vav*1,;'-**1,"*;''!'*1' ,'';   .f,ซ    ilip,   ':•*:,'•'ซ ':'•'-,- 'i--- .v.'".:.r>;r,-*.V'.".*.i.' ,- ('-,''-•!'•;•.'!. fi,'jB-v4,i..,;('..-,,^i(i.,..;
    • M i.:*1".' 'ij, :,;- ,,,i,,5to2.  a. Number The  Board of  Directors  shall       than a majority of the Directors are present at.said
lilt1,; ..... -1,; ,!!„-,': ',(,! „ V.VK'fAtV. r;,;,!-,; ...... 1f;'(',V!*.!ฅiV-i^At^Jw1; ..... Mi,^.&*ty1&x^'fS&if-*&*'&$&*ฃ'J}W'i..faky                         ^'.' -,; ',. W'J :*,,":>f *•:;•; 's-iv-t1- i;,3"'-.*;<. .-^:;X>ซi-;-,i
 •''-'  :                                                       n            tin   a marit  of the  members   resent ma  :       .  ;
   , -, ,„,: ,(,  „  ..  ,,-, ......  ;,.i            ,.*-..                                . -, ,.      ,,    •  -iv--  ,-.. .,
  •.''i^irv:-'.!: :   .consist  of not  less than fiye (5) nor more than       meeting, a  majority of the  members present may :       .  ;
    • •   ,(  '-,„; \" ',;j"!,i"-,,1,'- " ' ;„  :.•,'••.:. „  ,IH -'-,'•;. -j-,::!,;,;'. ', "wr/w\^i-^itf.^'#\\:.&'i,':K"t*yy'tf'>^^                                    K;^s::;-fe.fe-;*j^ซ\j
      i"*'t'^w:.'  twenty-five (25) members.  The  President of each       adjourn the meeting  from  time ^ to time .without       i,
  n, •ป' i N, * i. .,,,*, I,, ,,ปi ,-, ........... , ,,,Lซซiji in' in- „„„ ...... !"" •„ I,' ............. ....... „„, ,„ ปn m, ..... ;,• ,„ . um,' II.MH ,f i,, .ซ ............... .• ...... 'i, ,ซ!' fn ,,,|hซ',,L ,„.!,• rtHu, T, • , i,ป,. Hiint.-.^^ Mrfj.^'^iL-,,! wf" '.'„!>'ป•' -a.,,,,Aiป,.i ,? if,^ :* vjC.i'ii Afri,'',^ if.-iir'rfi;**;1 r'SiB ' r p< •_•• „- ''*,.ri,f' , ,,-1,-. •*, *- n ..v .,.'* ^ -.ซ 'tt-'-,.-, •',;' ...'rSHft,1 u. -I.^H, ^i,k'h'af &-"iซ. ii'., A •iir.. ;ป.',*i
•'v'--,,1:ii^                                      active,memjpers rf&e; "  ;^
^VlปvซjK'' I  >*>V8bard'c(uriniz theV'teVmV'fhere"'rnay te'-ex.'officio-/'-   must  Have  a quorurril  Meetings  by  facsimile or:    ' •-•.::>
 ifeji-;	ซJK' -i,;?"'	i:'";:,;,	.*,8oard during their term.
 >	.in..	,:	m;:, i 1 iS>	y.T j -aii	f "r:1	 *'r .-JK ป.* ,i,"ir<	i";:	ซi!	*ii-"la-	hi,w '"i1-,.
  "  !        •!    mem     as specified bv
 V'.;.^';"';';"';^11'.	;ฃ, Election!fNew^pfesiSiBnte^of'ea^                                          :^T-'^. -'• i ^!,;Tv;.^,;';:^^;^;,^'.,'^;rf;^^,.;^-l
   '  ; 1      !    -P^ ^!'ra^^m^??!'yr^
I:-.;;,:|1r;;,! -'i,,I,:.,,,!l"r: ••,;,,;of ,,the \ '.Board.,.' Retiring  "members^' at"i"tneir-:"pwn''";':.'-''Directors present at a meeting at wh'ich' a^uorum'r^". *•.X ^ I
I ''""'"'i,;! X'.lr'^'•"''tr "discretion  and' with the  approval from the new       is present shall bei: the "act of the Board of .Directors^    - -     I
I1!""".,'"-1'iJt',;5vr'.•';,> V:  :\~^i-'\v^ :"(,„'::"	f.f•:•'.'	^:.s&^;,",r'':i.ซ
If-  ;" 5ซ   "; ป'^*r  Board jnernpers, may serve as an ex officio member       unless the  act of .a greater nurnber is required py;; ;.    f   ;  I
I f!;yA.r',,.'"",!);''!,;,'	ttf-the Bparcf,.fpr..a^ipne-yearterm.'.'.   "•.'[^ ''-'-"," /',.'''.;:  ;• ;;'aw or tKese bylaws,.;••'-•.; ,'.•'••'•- :•.  -•'::• v-'"•"•.•' -:'^'(: •^•^••-•.I
|:,iiiV!-!!!--*i!;{'.:iv"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^         	Qualifications. ;A",vpting  director  must,-pe a   :•.-.;_/.(:•-"•-• ''.;.•."._ ;_':-V  v.',.;"• ;";y,-: ;.'V-; -.A\\';:;.:^^X:,A---;I;;;;;1;;.)'X';;-;;^:|
|;>i'^	':"'i'	lll*i'!-'|!;,';:lll'',ij^                   	aCRCjmemte1"13'"*''1''*'''"^"                                                              /','.'•,;,/!':]
r!;        ;   ;    6. the President's Council shall  elect.'.tnjee of its       Board^of Directors, ancl any directprship to be filled
11-,:	-	(.-!!, V,-1.,- - u	i;j(*'; ; 'i-.;/	ii	if1;	ifff'f -.(.I fif,,ป-	:	.m*„;•, ii(j|:,i.,i!	W,'l-.(JfซI;/--V^*r1|*W-1*ii*'iS,i-3l<.;i-5                                   wซ.'i:".i:.>;.>ปซ*;:fi;-;.?-.1',=15ij1'*V'iป;:,*-. ;., I
I  "   (     *  -   ;|fierribers,to serve as yqtingdirectbrs of |he  Board.       by  reason of increaise in the number of Directors,    , ;   ;.
'ij!;*1,?;.!:'"'!1-*	•-!* ;'''t|iese  direc|prs  sfiall  haye^|ujrvpting'"righ^iancl--'':';  /-^hai['b"e;?iliedb^|he'Brard"ofDir^ore^
   *    .   i      /privileges  and responsibilities  of ptheV  directors.       elected* to  fill a vacancy shalf be elected1 lor theJi   /J.-..V.
 ^	.^fe'fe;	JS'^

*      >   '*H
    i  '.    >
                          ii %    .    * *' i
                       ^ ^  ?i  10\  ' ^  s*-*^   ^ i ^
                       *  "^ *"    V  ^""   .    I5 +*  ^
                             * *r   ^* ,?
                         i f      "ป ,    W  S
                                                                                            .,  \1
 may remove that Director. A*Di rector may appoint
 a proxy. AH proxies must be given in writing.
 5.08. Informal  Action by  Directors.  Any action
       v       ^        *     ^  ^     „ <^  rt  ^
 required  by  law to  be taken  at  a  meeting  of
                           ^ •%        *     " <
 Directors, or any action which may be taken at a
 meeting  of 6irector,s/niay be  taten without a
 meeting if the President elects to hold such meeting
 by conference telephone call or  to poll the board
 on   such ^action   by >telephone,   facsimile^
 transmission or' first class mail.
    *+ซ*   -     ,^ \vV \ r-*~v  ^^v" *"" \*
 5.09. Removal, Thje'artAof  a. majority  of the
                        V j  1 *,','"      *  **
i Dirertors present at a  meeting m which a quorum
 Ts present can remove  a Director.

 ARTICLE VI         *           *'  * ^ „
 Officers                            "'     "' \ *1
 6.01.  a.  The  officers  of trie Council shall  be  a
 President, a Vice-President,  a Secretary,  and  a
                        >    J *    ""•<  "
 Treasurer.             \   -     "^      "
 b, The Board of^ Directors may  elect or? appoint
 such other officers and invest  thern^ with  such
 authority as it shall deem desirable. An individual
 may, at the discretion of the*Board, hold more than
 one office and/or conrirnittee chairmanship.
          *>''"*'   i  JC ^   ".  ^"'-  *
 6,02, Election and  Term of Office.  The officers of
the Board shall be elected annually by the Boaid of
 Directors. Each  officer shall hold  office for pne
year. Elections shall be held at the first  quarterly
 1     ,    ' *•   "        ป      , *    t  T.      ' i
 Board meeting.
 **         \         -•* "~  A   V    M   "•P>A      11
6,03.  Removal.  The  art^of; ^a,majority  of the
Directors present at a meeting in whrch a quorum
is present may remove an officer.
             j-            L    ~ฐ^       ^   ^ v
         >-  t          B-     ^   jfv-^  ^ ^     f
          S           %F   i    I*   *, •*,      -,rf,
                    t !f  „,!-  1 ^    >^     >
6.04. Vacancies. A vacancy in any office because
of death, resignation, disqualification, or otherwise,
may be  filled by  the  BoarcLof Directors  for the^
une,xpired portion  oTf the term.
         x  "  *  <"'v      *"'^                       r      ~
                                      all times to the  inspection of the  Board; submit a
                                      report o_f the accounts and  financial condition of the
                                    ^Council at each quarterly meeting of the  Board; and
                                      in general  perform all  the duties incident to the
                                      Officp of Treasurer and such other duties as from
                                      time to time may be assigned to him by the President
                                      or by the Board. The Treasurer must be a Director of
                                    * the ง6ard. The Treasurer Shall be responsible for the
                                      fiscal budget preparation  and presentation for
                                      approval by the Board,'

                                                                                                                   *** '
                                                '       '
             ,' 6.09. Compensation of Officers. The salaries, if
              any, of all officers and agents of The Council shall
              be fixed by the Board of Directors. Reimbursement
             11ป   , • i  i,'    , ,          . *          ' ป  i ,
              of out-of-pocket expenses may be  requested by
              members of the Board for preapproved Council
              i  r        i    (<        -          •   - ,  v
                         *  '  -                  i     '  , *  K
              ARTICLE VII
              Agents and Representatives
              1  |     'I     H   '   •    I   J>      *    MJ  -
              The Board of Directors may appoint such agents
             * and representatives,  including an  executive
             f director,  of The Council to perform such acts or
             HI                I j   f        .   •              i
              duties on behalf of The Council, and to give such
                 i        *     *        i *   j  i  i  •   „
              agents and representatives such powers, as the
              Board of Directors may see fit, so far as  may be
                 I     I    ป  1"      H ,  h          ป,„•*(•.
              consistent with the  Articles of Incorporation or
              these Bylaws  and  to  the  extent authorized or
                         >    *         ,                .1
              permitted by law.
I. II.   ป
•        38
                                        J  i
              ARTICLE VIII
              8.01 The Executive Committee shall consist of the
             'Officers of the Board, and^the Chairpersons of the
              standing committees.
 proceedings therefor;  or amendfng,  altering  or
 repealing any resolution of the Board which by its
 terms provides that  it  shall  not be  amended,
 'altered,  or repealed  by such  committee. TheL
 designation  and  appointment  of  any  such
'committee and the delegation thereto or* authority
 shall not operate to relieve1 the Board, or any
 individuaf Director, of any responsibility imposed
 oh it by law.                                 >
 *  *.  >^       *   .   1 V               r*      ,fฃ
 8.04. 'Quorum.* A majority  of the  Executive
 Committee shall constitute a quorum  for  the
 transaction  of business  at  any  meeting  of  the
 Committee; butV less  than  a  majority  of  the
 members are present at said  meeting, a majority oi
 the members "present  may  adjourn the meeting
 from time to time without further notice. Meetings
 conducted  by telephone must have  a quorum.
 Meetings fay facsimile or telephone polfing must
 show evidence  that a  quorum  considered  the
 action and was able to vote.
                                         i f
                                                                 8.5 Nominating Committee
                                                                 a.^/vtembers*of the*Nominating Committee shall be
                                                               * "approved  by  tKe  Board  and  may consist of
             ,  8.02. The Executive Committee shall hold not less    *  members of the Advisory Board.
                     <         J1        '         jtT,,)*      '   f •}   -i>         "f       V       ,
             * tr^an four meetings a year. Special meetings may be      b.  During the year, the Nominating Committee1
               called incompliance with Article V, Section 5.04      *sha!l'provide names for filling vacancies.
             i  i 1111   j i     '   ,*   "   *    * i       \  i  .        > -,  •  i  t       t "-/         •"   -if           *  i.
              1  '     '   ,    .,,/   •  "  ,       A, . \*i  '   :   \,*   :    :*  -   '•  ',       ;   .-  >
               8^03. The Executive Committee shall  have all the      8.06. Financial Development Committee.
               powers of the Board"  between meetings and any   '   a.  the President or an agent so* designated shall
               action taken shall be submitted  to the Board for
               ratification  at  its next  meeting".  However^ the
                             1   " t     " \   r     , i  f
               Committee shall not have the authority of the Board
             i  in reference to amending, altering, or repealing the
                      *      *              *        *      ^
               Bylaws  electing, appointing or removing any
             ,  Director or"Officer of the Council; amending the
             I                    .  M       ^'     '*         t
               Articles of Incorporation; adopting a plan of merger
               or adopting a plan of consolidation with another
              h              ""kb,              jr        J *.   n
               Corporation; authorizing the sale, lease, exchange,
                    j       *      *       irf ซ"       i" rt
               or  mprtgage of  all or  substantially all of the
               properly and assets of the Council; authorizing the
             *  voluntary dissolution of the Council or revoking the
 appoint the members of this committee who may
   i^-fi            11/    [
 but need not, be  members  of the Board olf
 b. The members of the  Financial Developmenl
 Cornmitt.ee  shall  elect  a  Chairperson  and  a
 recording secretary:  both  may  be ex  officio
 members of the Board.
 c. This committee will be a financial development
 task force, review potential  funding sources, and
 potential  in-kind services available to the Council.
 d. The Financial Development Committee, along
 with the Treasurer, shall make application for grant*;

                   V  *
   ^     I       tฃ        1    J      Jl,  .rf-  .nj  ",  C
  and gifts from Corporate sources and Foundations
  as applicable,  and within  the  guidelines of the
  Council.           t        i  -        -   .,

  8.07.   CRC  Development  and   Membership
  Committee    t  '           "      ' ~  *   T  I
  af The President or an agent so designated shall
  appoint the members of this committee who may,
  but need  not, n be members of the Board  of
  pirectors.              "                    >f
  b. The members  of J the  CRC  Development
.  committee  shah  elect^z  chairperson and a
 ^recording secretary, both of  whom 'may be ex
  officio members of the Board.
  c. 'This  committee   is ^responsible for  the
  development and implementation of a strategy to
  assist local CRC development and membership.
         > •v"" •'     ,      * •- * '  ' i *,*ป',
  8.08. Public Relations Committee      /  v t „
  a. The  President, or^ an agent so designated shall
  appoint the  members of th]s committee who may,
  but  need not, be  members of the Board of
  Directors.   t                   >       J ,  ^ -
  b. This'committee is responsible for the creation
  and implementation of a public relations strategy to
  increase awareness of the CouncH,  its programs
  and  projects. This committee shall  work closely
 with the 9ommun}cati6n commjttee, programming
 committee/ and other cpmmittees as needed.
 c. The  Awards^Committee shall beta subcommittee
 of the Public Relations Committee.  ' ^    "  ;
 1. Awards Committee - This committee Chair shall
 be selected by the  Board of Directors during the
 first meeting ofซach year. That Chairperson may be
 an ex officio member of the Board.
 2, The Chairperson shall submit  to the Executive^
 Committee  a  list  of  committee  members for
 approval. Those members need not5t>e members of
 the Executive Committee,,
         ' ~~ *           $          '       jt
           „         ~ v    **    ^     *   ~ ^ *    *
 8.09. Industry Affairs Committee
 a.  The President or an agent so  designated  shall
 appoint the Chair of this committee who^may, but
                       need lnot, be a member of the Board of Directors.
                       The Chairperson  shall submit to the Executive^
                     ^Committee  a  list of committee members  for
                    * „ approval. Those members need not be members of
                       the Executive Committee,
                       b.^ This committee shall represent members of the
                     ^various  industries supporting recycling, waste
                       reduction and environmental concerns.
                     "*       -v               ^ ฃ        F
                       C- The Industry Affairs Committee shall keep the
                    -(   Board   informed   regarding   market   trends,
                    „   technological  advancements  and  movements
                       within the industry.
                    *, ^  ^ ^
                       8.10. Strategic Planning Committee
                       a. The, President or an agent so designated shall
                       appoint the Chair of this committee who may, but
                       need not, be a member of the Board of Directors.
                    ,  The  Chairperson shall submit  to the Executive
                      Committee a  list  of committee  members for
                                          i. -ป
                      approval. Those members need not be members of
                      the Executive Committee.
                      b. This committee is responsible  for designing
                    _ Board and Advisory Board logistics and creation of
                    •  4                        -T
                      statewide strategic goals and implementation plan.
                    \ *
                      8.11. Programming Committee
                      a. The  President or an agent so designated shall
                      appoint the Chair of this committee who may, but
                      need not, be a member of the Board of Directors.
                      The  Chairperson  shall submit to the Executive
                      Committee  a list of committee members  for
                      approval. Those members need not be members of
                      the Executive Committee.
                     f  r> *  T
                      b.  This  committee  shall  be  responsible  for
                      publishing a list of planned activities of the CRCs;
                      jt                      •*.
                      available speakers, topics, etc.

                      8.12. Communication Committee
                             s     ^
                     a. The President or an agent so designated shall
                   ;  appoint the Chair of this committee who may, but
                     need not, be a member of the Board of Directors.
                     The Chairperson shall submit  to the  Executive
                     Committee a list  of committee members for
     <••'  '  '-  ,**
            i   /
t  *


                                             i-) 1
  1  I
i:     -
                                i  t
  I       I '    -   (,JI  '*   1   i   *  "" . 1    -,  h\i  ",
  Approval. Those members need not be members of
  the Executive Committee.
  b.  This  committee  shall be  responsible for
  *             i  Ifl  f fr   J    I 4 ป   *IA  U  r ^ Is "*
  maintaining the open  communication among the
  CRCs, TCRt, and TCRC committees."
                          ^    •I  V         *•
            i     L        ซ,'.,'•*     ,'
  8.13. Legislative Committee
  "a. The President or an agent so designated shall
  \ appoint the Chair of this committee who may, but
  ' need not, be a member of the Board of Directors.
  The Chairperson shall  submit to  the  Executive
  Committee  a  list of committee  members for
  approval. Those members need not be members of
  't'the Executive Committee.
  b.  This  committee  shall  be  responsible for
 i maintaining information  regarding  legislative
  actions on both the state and national scale which
          i   • * \ \   t  t      i  ซ   i    - •>
  (impact the affairs of the Council.

  8.14.a. Advisory Board
  The Advisory Board shall  be composed  of past
  Board officers  and 'members, and  others in  an
 I advisory capacity.  The Advisory Board shall serve
  as information exchange and to assist the Board of
'                 T       I               *   -' '
 , *b. Members will te appointed for one-year terms.
  c. Meetings of the Advisory Board  are called as
  requested  by  the President  of the  Board of
 1 Directors.
                  i           '••   -  u    *,. v  .
                  k          , H' . *        * ^   '
                  I       (  r * rf  W   *    *    w  n
  ฃ ARTICLE ix
        "         it           ''*>,'" 4
  I Finances
  9.01. Financial records  of the  Council shall be
   reviewed by a CPA firm annually, and a review
  statement  shall  be   issued to  the*  Board of
  \l^            f    I        I ft  *  "  ,* *    kซt ^
  I * Directors.
                  i  i   |     1 "  '  " u *   f
              I   ,          1        , .  "ป*    r>
   9.02. a.  Contracts. The board may authorize any
   office or officers, agent or agents of the Council, in
   Addition to the officers so authorized by these
   bylaws, to enter into  any contract o/execute and
   deliver any instrument in the  name of  and on
   behalf of the  Council.  Such authority  may be
                                                                 general or confined to specific instances.
                                                                 b. Checks and Drafts. All checks/ drafts, or orders
                                                                 for  the  payment of money,  notes,  or  other
                                                                 evidences of indebtedness issued  in the name of
                                                                * the Council shall be signed by such other officer or
                                                             '   * officers, agent o/agents of the Council and in such
                                                                 manner" aslshal I from time to time be determined by
                                                                 the  Board of Directors.  In the absence of such
                                                                 determination by the Board, such instruments shall
                                                                 be signed by the President.

                                                                 9.03 Deposits.  All funds of the Council shall be
                                                                 deposited" from time to time  to the credit of thet
                                                                 Council in  such banks, trust companies, or other
                                                                 depositories as the Presfdent  may "select with the
                                                                 approval  of the Board.                        l

                                                                 9.04 C-ifts. Trie Board may accept on behalf of the
                                                             „,  „ Council* any contribution, gift bequest, or device
                                                                 for the general  purpose or for any special purpose
                                                                 of the Council.
  9.05 Fiscafvear. The fiscal year of the Council shall1
  be the calendar year.
  f  ~>  ' ' t,  f  ,,       ,     ii    ซ           j  j3
'  ARTICLEX '•'    '   *
  Amendments to ByLaws
  These Bylaws  may   be  altered, amended,  or
  "repealed and new Bylaws may be  adopted by a
 ' majority of the Directors present at any  regular
'" meeting or at any special meeting if at least two
  days written notice is received of an intention to
  alter,  amend, or repeal these Bylaws or to adopt
  ' new Bylaws at such meeting.
                                                              1  ARTICLEXI
                                                             '  t /  f   *        M                       '      f
                                                L  '  4
                                                   V   '*'','/,   '
                                   t 1!       t,

                          iff>i ,1        *.,**?    j- >•  5^

           he  information in  this  book  is  a      rnformation and helped edit this manual. Angela de

           compilation of  the  efforts  of many      la Garza offered coordinating support and Patricia

           individuals, Texas Land^Comrriissioner      M.Scharr,  educational  consultant,  produced  an

 Garry Mauro  and the founding members of the      interesting,  informative,  readable  text from  dry
          "~      jฃ        t M*         \ s   *-

 Texas Corporate Recycling Council must be  cited      documents and more than 100 interview hours.
                                   **    3$         P                  *ฅ

 for their vision.  Recent  past president  of TCRC

 Celeste Hohne,  GIO Directoj of Recycling  Terry      But most of all, acknowledgement must be given to

 Robinson, and Rebecca Lai her of the Texas  Natural *   the hundreds  of local businesses in the state of
*  v. a*              ^    ™**         $  ?  *-                               (

 Resource Conservation  Copimission (and  vice     Texas who have made recycling work for them and

 president  of the  TCRC) provided  valuable     for our environment.
t                    r"-   ""    *   * >  *  *i          ,^s

                        v      v^{    *."ป * ^  v
                              i   3-J
                          ••>   -4


      I,    I
                                                          f t
I p
                                     ,  "*  v    v  V.
                                     '   ,/. ^
                                         ? ^
                                       ซ      ?  "•
                                            t   *

                                :', iO-  ^  '*"
                                                                                         * ^*
     e>* fr s*t rf

•r, ^ * J'
                                                                  t C
                                                                                        l"l*?>. S1*
                                                                                    '  ,  f!t, " > ' lf> f

                                                      ' 1
                       I (
                                            •^ 1   t  ft "•

                                                 1  ^
                                                   J  J '     , TM  5JV '   '

                                           •    f  fi       ,^'   '    \
                           t   :-^t''   ;>   /  4'  v* I  -;1/,      ":  ':;
                                                                                            5v  vl
                                •  * *
                                          ik ir ป 1-
                                          f  t    ,

                                       '       .. ••
                       I I
                                                                                         t *,