United States
                       Environmental Protection
                              Office of Communications,
                              Education, and Media Relations
March 1998
College  Student  Fellowships
National Network for Environmental
Management Studies

                       The National Network for Environmental Management
                       Studies (NNEMS) fellowship program was established
                       in 1986 to encourage college students to pursue
                       environmental professions.  Since 1992, this program
                       has been managed by the U.S. Environmental
                       Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Environmental
                       Education (OEE). Specifically, the program is designed
                       to provide students with an environmental research or
                       training experience linked directly to their field of
                       undergraduate or graduate study. To date, EPA has
                       provided almost 600 fellowships under this program.     ^_^	
                       OEE anticipates awarding an additional 80 to 100                 '      .-..-
                       fellowships in the spring of 1998.
                       The NNEMS program reaches approximately 100 students annually at more than 400
                       participating universities, offering students the opportunity to gain a valuable educational
                       experience while conducting an environmental research project. Each year, EPA managers and
                       scientists design new research projects based on EPA's environmental and human health
                       protection priorities.
            Research fellowships ore for the following:
               Environmental policy, regulations,
               and law
               Environmental management and
               Environmental science
               Public relations and communications
               Computer programming and

                                  The NNEMS program offers a range of fellowship
                                  activities designed to help students refine their
                                  professional skills and enhance their knowledge of
                                  environmental issues.
                                  Each participating EPA office, at both Headquarters
                                  and regional offices, develops and sponsors projects for
                                  student research. The projects are sufficiently narrow
                                  in scope to allow the student to complete the research
                                  by working full-time during the summer or part-time
                                  during the school year. The projects, which students
                                  generally are required to perform at the sponsoring
                                  EPA office, provide a unique work experience.
                                                     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                                     Region 5, Library (PL-12J)
                                                     77 West Jackson Boulevard, 12th Floor
                                                     Chicago,  It  60604-3590

   In a field of more than 1,000 organizations,
   NNEMS continues to be named "One of
   America's Top 100 Internships" by the
   Princeton Review.
Selection Process

Each year, participating offices within EPA submit to
OEE their lists of projects to be offered under the
NNEMS program. Research project opportunities are
published in the annual NNEMS program catalog and
distributed to the program's network of colleges and
universities.  Program materials are also available to
students on the World Wide Web at the address listed
below. To ensure that the selection of eligible students
is conducted in an open and competitive manner, OEE
has adopted the following criteria:
        Awards are made only to those projects
        published in the annual program catalog
        (projects submitted late are not considered).
        Students are selected by internal EPA panels.

To be eligible for the NNEMS program, a student must:
       Be enrolled during the tenure of the
        fellowship (part-time is allowable) at an
        accredited institution in an academic program
        related directly to protection of human health
        and the environment.
       Submit one letter of reference from a faculty
        member or department head who is very
        familiar with the student's work and
        qualifications. The letter of reference should
        state how the research project will benefit the
        student in his or her academic studies.
       Be a citizen of the U.S. or its territories or
        possessions or lawfully admitted to the U.S.
        for permanent residence.
       All undergraduate applicants must have a 3.0
        cumulative grade point average or better (on
        a 4.0 scale) and must have completed four
       courses related to the environmental field.
       All graduate applicants must have completed
       at least one semester of graduate work or at
       least four undergraduate courses relating to the
       environmental field. Students who are entering
       graduate school (i.e., who have not yet
       completed one semester of graduate work)
       will be asked to submit proof of application,
       acceptance, and enrollment if they are selected
       for a fellowship.
   Recipients of fellowships are awarded a stipend
   based on their level of education and the length of
   the project period.  Stipend amounts are equivalent
   to the current GS-04 through GS-09 pay scale.
Jo Apply
Students interested in a research project listed in the
catalog must submit four complete application packages
(an original and three copies) consisting of:
       One-page work plan proposal
       Official academic transcript
       Letter of reference from a professor or advisor
       NNEMS liability agreement
Complete application information and materials can be
obtained from the career service center (or equivalent)
of participating universities or on the World Wide Web
at the address listed below.
Application Deadline
The application deadline is generally in December of
each year.
                                        To obtain application materials:
                            Contact participating universities' career service centers
                                       or visit the World Wide Web at:
                           http://www.epa.gov/enviroed (available summer 1998)
                                     For additional information, contact:
                                      Sheri Jojokian at (202) 260-5283
                                   E-mail:  jojokian.sheri@epamail.epa.gov