United States
       Environmental Protection
Office of Communications,
Education, and Media Relations
April 2001
       Test  Your     Environmental  IQ
       See how you compare with participants in
       national surveys.*

       Quiz Sample Questions:

       1.  Household Wiste:  What household material is
          considered hazardous waster
          a)  plastic packaging
          b)  glass
          c)  batteries
          d)  spoiled food
          e)  don't know
       2.  Witer Pollution: What is the most common cause of pollution in streams, rivers, and oceans?
          a)  chemical discharges from factories
          b)  surface water runoff from yards, city streets, and farm fields
          c)  midnight dumping of chemicals
          d)  used motor oil dumped in storm drains
          e)  don't know
  This quiz is adapted from surveys
  conducted by the National Environmental
  Education and Training Foundation
  (NEETF) and Roper Starch Worldwide
  (November 1997 and December 1999).
  Please note that the questions have been
  paraphrased from those used in the
  surveys. For more information, contact
  NEETF by telephone at 202-833-2933 or
  visit their World Wide Web site at
  < http ://wwwneetf.org >.
                                         3.  Electricity:  How is most electricity in the U.S.
                                            a)  hydroelectric power
                                            b)  solar power
                                            c)  nuclear power
                                            d)  burning coal, oil, and wood
                                            e)  don't know

4.  Ozone: What does ozone in the Earth's upper
    atmosphere protect us from?
    a)   cosmic rays
    b)   cancer-causing sunlight
    c)   meteorites
    d)   acid rain
    e)   don't know

5.  Air Pollution: What is the largest source of carbon
    monoxide in the U.S.?
    a)   factories
    b)   motor vehicles
    c)   trees
    d)   landfills
    e)   don't know

6.  Plant and Animal Species:  What is the most
    common reason that plant and animal species
    become extinct?
    a)   water  pollution
    b)   hunting
    c)   ozone depletion
    d)   loss of habitat
    e)   don't know
Compare your knowledge with ^^M
survey participants: ^E?
Knowledge about materials
considered hazardous waste
Most common source of
water pollution
How most electricity in the
U.S. is generated
Protection provided by ozone
in upper atmosphere
Largest source of the air
pollutant, carbon monoxide,
in the U.S.
Most common reason for
extinction of plant and
animal species
* Percentages rounded to the nearest
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Answered Question



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