United States
                       Environmental Protection
                        Air and Radiation
                        EPA 430-F-93-049
                        November 1993
  SEPA           Energy  Star  Computers
                An EPA Energy Star

           computer can save users a

       great deal of money by going to

sleep. And accord ing to manufacturers,

  a majority of their products will have

     this feature within just a couple of

 years, Wis added functionality will be

   invisible to the user, both in terms of

     performance and in terms of price

 tag—making it noticeable only by the

      EPA Energy Star™ logo—and, of

       course, the lower electricity bill.
         How Much  Can My  Energy Star Save?*
                        Conventional System
                        On all the time
                        Annual Cost: $165
                               *As compared to a typical
                               computer, monitor, and laser
                               printer on all day and night,
                               assuming 235 W,8e/kWh.
                               Does not include heat gam
                               from computer equipment
                                                Energy Star System
                                                On all the time
                                                Annual Cost $84
                                                                  Energy Star System
                                                                  Turned off at night
                                                                  Annual Cost $28
Who Buys  Energy Star Computers?
  EVERYONE! Everyone
who values high perfor-
mance at a lower cost—and
the  extra satisfaction of
owning an environmentally
superior product
  The U.S. Government
—the largest buyer of com-
puter equipment in the
world—will take the lead  in
purchasing Energy Star
  President Clinton, in an
Earth Day address empha-
sizing the link between the
environment and a  growing
economy, released an
Executive Order directing
U.S. agencies to purchase
only desktop computers,
monitors, and printers that
meet EPA Energy Star
requirements for energy effi-
ciency—provided that they
are commercially available
and meet the agencies' per-
formance needs. The
Executive Order took effect
in October 1993 and will
save taxpayers $40 million
annually. In fact, EPA itself
will save enough money
using the new, energy-effi-
cient products to pay for the
Energy Star Computers pro-
gram several times over—
making it one of the most
cost-effective government
initiatives in history.
  EPA is also encouraging
public- and private-sector
consumers to buy products
bearing the Energy Star™
logo  Many of these organi-
zations are already part of
EPA's Green Lights program,
and are asking EPA for advice
on other smart energy-effi-
ciency investments.
   In addition, electric
utilities will purchase
Energy Star™-bearing com-
puters for their own use and
will encourage companies in
their service territories to do
the same.
   If your organization is
interested in learning more
about maximizing its pur-
chasing power to help the
environment, contact EPA
about available Energy Star

For more information about
Energy Star Computers,
please contact:
Energy Star Computers
Washington, DC 20460
Or call: 202 775-6650
For more information by fax
(available 24 hours a day),
call: 202 233-9659.