PRODUCTS PARTNERSHIP
             Using   the   C2P2  Logo
Before you use the C2P2 logo, please take a minute to review the guidelines below. If you have any questions
about using the logo or when to use the disclaimer, please contact the C2P2 Information Center at 800 ERA-
WISE (372-9473).

How can the C*P* logo be used?

The C2P2logo may be used to promote participation in C2P2, to promote the C2P2 program to other
organizations, or to promote the beneficial use of CCPs in general. The C2P2 logo may not be used in any way
that could be perceived as an endorsement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the C2P2
program of a company's product(s) or service(s). To help prevent such confusion, the logo must be used with
the following disclaimer in a clearly readable manner on  all advertisements, product or service
literature, or any other materials that include or promote a specific product or service:
                      COAL COMBUSTION
                      PRODUCTS PARTNERSHIP

                    "Use of this logo does not imply EPA endorsement."

When is the disclaimer unnecessary?

The C2P2logo may be used without the disclaimer on internal communications and on any materials that
promote the C2P2 program, the organization's participation in C2P2, or the beneficial use of CCPs in general,
but which do not reference any product or service.

                                              @ Printed on paper that contains at least 50 percent postconsumer fiber.l

What are some examples of approved uses of the C2P2 logo?

The C2P2 logo may be used on internal and external communications to publicize participation in the
C2P2 program. Examples of internal uses include bulletin boards, newsletters, and posters. External
communications include advertising, press releases, annual reports, and Web sites. The C2P2 logo must
be used in its entirety, without alterations or modifications, unless specifically allowed in writing by EPA.
For additional examples, please see "Creative Ways to Use the C2P2Logo."

What are some prohibited uses  of the C2P2 logo?

The C2P2 logo may never be applied directly (as a decal, label, or in any other form) to a product or on
any materials used in the primary packaging* of such products, nor used in any way that could be inter-
preted as a direct or implied endorsement by the EPA of a product or service. Any such use will result in
an immediate revocation of the organization's eligibility to use the logo.

Where can the  C2P2  logo  be placed?

In advertising and promotional  materials, the logo should be adjacent to the company name or placed in
a corner of the page or advertisement block, separated from the text and  photographs of the products or
services being promoted. The logo may not be placed in the body of the text or immediately next to or
below a photograph or other depiction of the product or service being promoted. For internal company
communications and on materials that promote the C2P2 program or beneficial use of CCPs and that do
not reference any products or services, logo placement is not restricted.

Can the  logo be used on  transport packaging?

Yes, the logo may be used on shipping boxes, grocery bags, or other types of intermediary packaging.
C2P2 encourages partners to place the logo on transport packaging to increase its visibility. The logo may
be used freely on any packaging that is not primary product packaging*.

Can the  logo be used on  primary  product packaging* that the

consumer receives?

The logo cannot be used on primary packaging, because this use might appear to be an EPA
endorsement of the product. Any use of the logo that the consumer might logically interpret as an EPA
endorsement of a product or service is prohibited. However, when the primary product packaging also
serves as the transport packaging, the logo may be used with appropriate disclaimers.
* Primary packaging includes product packaging that the consumer sees prior to making a purchase.

Show Your Commitment Externally
Externally, the C2P2 logo can be used to inform the public about your organization's successes. Displaying
the logo will let people know that your organization is more than simply concerned about the environment,
it is actively working to protect it!  Try out some of the following ideas:

Magazine Ads. Provides an excellent opportunity to inform the public about your environmental efforts.

Shipping  Boxes, Grocery Bags, or Other Packaging. Let customers know that your organization is a
member of the program. (Remember, must be used with disclaimer.)

Letterhead. Spreads the word to customers, clients, constituents, and
suppliers that you are environmentally conscious.

Flags. An  environmental flag reinforces your organization's C2P2 message for
the public.
Vehicle and Building Signs. Put your C2P2 message on wheels or on the
outside of your building to prove your dedication.

Mailings or Mailing Labels. A quick way to let your membership know about the program.

                     l Web Site. Demonstrate your partnership with C2P2 by placing the logo on your
                      environmental performance page or inserting a page dedicated to your C2P2

                      Trade Show Exhibits. Display your organization's environmental awareness.

                      Billboards. Let passersby know that the environment is a top priority
for your organization.

Press Releases, Public Service Announcements, or Magazine Ads. Inform the
public about your environmental achievements and spread the C2P2 message!
(Remember, must be used with disclaimer.)                                      m

Pamphlets. Distribute pamphlets at conferences and meetings to help spread the
word about your organization's success.
                     Corporate Reports. The logo plus a description of your C2P2 activities can
                     enhance corporate reports or environmental performance reviews.

Demonstrate Your Commitment Internally
Within your organization, using the C2P2 logo can help you educate employees about your organization's
participation in the C2P2 program and motivate them to participate in your C2P2 efforts. Many partners have found
that familiarizing employees with the C2P2 name strengthens employee participation and helps them reach their
C2P2 goals. Try using the logo on the following:

          Mugs. Reminds employees about your organizations C2P2 efforts.

          T-Shirts and Caps. Gets all employees involved and allows them
          to help spread the word.

Internal Newsletters and Bulletins.  Keep employees up-to-date on how
your organizations C2P2 efforts.

C2P2 Posters and Signs. Create a downloadable poster or sign with the C2P2
label. Post it in common areas where employees can learn about C2P2 and the environmental benefits of the
beneficial use of CCPs.

Screen Savers.  Design screen savers that include facts about the benefits of the beneficial use of CCPs or the
C2P2 achievements of your organization.

    For more information, please contact the C2P2 Information Center at 800 EPA-WISE (372-9473), or visit the C2P2 Web
    site at
   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
   Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
   October 2003