N&bionaJL Pollution Prevention*
        Resource  Guide

           These resources will help you

           learn ctbout pollution preven-

tion appro aches and innovative technolo-

gies. Most of the resources listed here will

provide you with free, confidential, and

personalized assistance to identify and

implement cost-effective pollution preven-

tion measures. Other tools and resources

allow you to perform a self-assessment.

Good luck  in pursuing your pollution pre-

vention and waste reduction goals!

Table, of Contexts
General P2 Information ....... 2
Sector-specific Technical
Resources .,..,,..,,..
                         .., 5
Voluntary Partnership
Programs 	 7

Financial Assistance .,,,.,... 9
Pol lution Prevention
              - 1

EPA Pol lution Prevention Home Page
Phone: 202 566-0799

The EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics established this Web
site to provide general information about pollution prevention practices.
The Web site also describes the array of pollution prevention programs
and initiatives administered by EPA and other organizations and pro-
vides contacts for further information.

The  Pol lution Prevention  Resource Exchange (P2Rx)
Phone: 217 244-6553

The Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange is a national network of
regional centers providing specialized information,  best management
practices, contacts and expert referrals, training and conferences, and
networking opportunities.

EPA Smal  I Business Environmental  Home  Page

The Small Business Environmental Home Page helps businesses access
environmental compliance  and pollution prevention information.
                              - 2 -

EPA Smal I Business Ombudsman (SBO)
Hotline: 800 368-5888

The EPA Small Business Ombudsman (SBO) acts as an advocate for
small businesses by facilitating dialogue between the small-business com-
munity and EPA. The SBO Web site provides lists of free publications
on federal environmental regulations and regulatory trends, provides
answers to frequently asked regulatory questions, and includes a link to
the SBO Update newsletter. The SBO hotline also provides federal regu-
latory and technical assistance information to small businesses and small-
business trade associations.

EPA Smal I Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness
Act  (SBREFA) Web  Site

Small businesses and technical assistance providers might want to  visit
this Web site periodically to learn of opportunities for small entities to
participate in developing certain regulations.  This Web site also provides
Small Entity Compliance Guides for each final regulation in which
SBREFA requires preparation of a final regulatory flexibility analysis.
These guides provide small businesses with a  plain-language explanation
of how to  comply with the regulation.

National  Pollution  Prevention  Roundtable (NPPR)
Phone: 888 745-7272

The National Pollution  Prevention Roundtable (NPPR)  is the largest
organization in the U.S. devoted entirely to pollution prevention. Its
Web  site contains a wide range of information about  pollution preven-
tion practices and resources, including contacts and pollution prevention
documents and reports.


GreenBiz.com, an online resource center maintained  by  the Green
Business Network, provides a single location  on the Internet for the lat-
est information on business, the environment, and  the bottom line.
Features include pollution prevention resources, a business toolbox, ref-
erence desk, and various search  engines for news stories, Web sites, gov-
ernment programs, books, and more.
                               - 3  -

Global  Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI)
Phone: 202 296-7449

The Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) is an interna-
tional network of businesses helping businesses achieve environmental
excellence. At this Web site, businesses can learn more about current
environmental business topics, including "green" purchasing, measuring
environmental performance, and environmental managerial accounting.
The Web site provides a forum for businesses to network and share best
practices. The Web site also includes tools to help businesses assess and
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and perform benchmarking to evaluate
environmental performance.

www. waterwiser. o rg
Phone: 800 559-9855

WaterWiser is an Internet-based clearinghouse of water-efficiency and
conservation information. The Web site presents an extensive reference
database and products directory, as well as commercial and industrial
water conservation tips and information on water-saving devices and
water-efficiency service companies.

Clean Air  Technology Center  (CATC)

The Clean Air Technology Center (CATC) serves as a resource on all
areas of emerging and existing air pollution prevention and control tech-
nologies, and provides public access to data and information on their
use, effectiveness, and cost. In addition, CATC provides technical  sup-
port related to the technical and economic feasibility, operation, and
maintenance of these technologies.
                               - 4 -

Compliance Assistance  Centers
www. assistancecenters. net
Phone: 202 564-7076

The EPA Office of Compliance, in partnership with industry, academic
institutions, environmental groups, and other federal and state agencies,
has established this online network of national compliance assistance
centers for several specific industry sectors. These sectors include:
automotive service and repair, printing, paints and coatings,  chemical
manufacturing, printed wiring board manufacturing, transportation,
agriculture, and metal finishing.


P2 GEMS is a free Internet search tool  for facility planners, engineers,
and managers who are looking for technical, process, and materials man-
agement information. P2 GEMS allows users to search by keyword or by
selecting one of four categories: product or industry, chemical or waste,
management  tools, or process.

Solvent  Alternatives Guide (SAGE)

The Solvent Alternatives Guide (SAGE) is a free Internet tool that pro-
vides pollution prevention information on solvent and process alterna-
tives for parts cleaning and degreasing. This interactive guide allows the
user to input  information about the cleaning processes and then offers
alternatives most likely to work for the particular  circumstances. The
Web site also  provides case studies, economic and environmental infor-
mation, and other references.
                               - 5  -

Coatings Alternatives  Guide  (CAGE)
Phone: 919 541-6813

The Coatings Alternatives Guide (CAGE) is a free Web-based pollution
prevention tool for small- and medium-size coatings businesses and pri-
marily focuses on alternative coatings for plastics, metals, and architec-
tural substrates. This interactive guide provides recommendations based
on the users' current coating applications and can help users meet regu-
lations or enhance performance and reduce pollution. The Web site also
provides  an interactive tool  that calculates the costs  of switching from
one coating system to another.
                               - 6  -

   \^T  oluntary partnership programs provide free technical assistance
         and public recognition to businesses that set voluntary goals to
go beyond environmental compliance. Focusing on pollution preven-
tion, organizations set and reach environmental goals such as conserving
water and energy or reducing greenhouse gases, toxic emissions, and
solid wastes.

Design for the Environment Program
Phone: 202 564-8780

Building on the "design for the environment" concept pioneered by
industry, EPA's design for the Environment (DfE) Program  helps busi-
nesses incorporate environmental considerations into the design and
redesign of products, processes, and technical and management systems.
DfE forms voluntary partnerships with industry, universities, research
institutions, public interest groups, and other government agencies.

www. epa.gov/wastewise
Phone: 800 EPA-WISE  (372-9473)

WasteWise is voluntary program that helps  businesses of all sizes identify
and implement cost-effective measures to reduce solid waste through
recycling, manufacturing new products using recycled raw materials, and
procuring recycled products. The WasteWise program provides extensive
information and resources to businesses that want to eliminate costly
municipal solid waste and save money.
                              - 7 -

Energy  Star Smal I  Business Program
Phone: 888 STAR-YES  (782-7937)

Energy Star provides technical support and information on how to
reduce energy consumption and save money and features success stories
and energy reduction tips. The site also offers specific energy-saving
techniques for the lodging industry, restaurants, and home-based busi-
nesses. Use the Web site to link to numerous financial resources that
help small businesses implement energy-efficiency measures.

ClimateWise  Program
Phone: 800 459-WISE  (9473)

ClimateWise, a unique government/industry partnership, helps busi-
nesses turn energy efficiency and environmental performance into a cor-
porate asset. Sponsored  by EPA with technical support from the U.S.
Department of Energy, ClimateWise provides technical and financial
assistance to help businesses of any size from any industry develop a
portfolio  of innovative energy reduction actions to improve environmen-
tal performance.

Water Al Nances for Voluntary Efficiency (WAVE)
Phone: 202 564-0623 or 202 564-0624

WAVE's mission is to encourage commercial businesses and institutions
to reduce water consumption while increasing efficiency, profitability,
and competitiveness. The WAVE Web site describes the program and
provides links to fact sheets on  water conservation techniques.

National Environmental Performance Track
Phone: 888 339-7875

The National Environmental Performance Track is designed to recog-
nize and encourage top  environmental performers, those who go
beyond compliance with regulatory requirements, to attain levels of
environmental performance and management that benefit people, com-
munities, and the environment. The benefits of membership include
recognition, information exchange, and administrative streamlining.
                              - 8 -

         he following financial assistance resources are available to help
   ^t  small businesses implement pollution prevention measures. In
addition to the listings below, some state environmental regulatory
agencies and technical assistance programs provide funding to small
businesses interested in reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Small Business Administration Pol I ution Control Loan
Phone: 800 UASK-SBA (827-5722)

Pollution control loans are intended to provide loan guarantees to eligi-
ble small businesses for the financing of the planning,  design, or installa-
tion of pollution control measures. The facility must prevent, reduce,
abate, or control any form of pollution through various methods,
including recycling.

Small Business Innovation Research  (SBIR)  Program
Phone: 800 490-9194

Through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)  Program, EPA
makes awards to small high-tech firms (for profit organizations with 500
employees or less) for research and development of cutting-edge tech-
nologies, including pollution prevention efforts.  Information on how to
apply for a grant and past program success stories are available on the
SBIR Web site.
                              -  9 -

Too I book for Financing Energy Efficiency and  Pol lution
Prevention Technologies
Phone: 202 586-8383

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Energy Efficiency
and Renewable Energy developed this reference book as a step-by-step
guide to financing and energy efficiency technologies for businesses of
all sizes. The toolbook discusses the barriers and opportunities for
financing pollution prevention technologies, provides extensive funding
resources and contacts, and presents several case studies. The toolbook
may be obtained online or by contacting DOE's Office of Small and
Disadvantaged Business Utilization.
                              - 10-

Environmental Assistance Services  for Smal
A  Resource Guide
www. epa .gov/sbo /ea-resourceguide. pdf
Developed in December 2000 by EPA's Small Business Ombudsman,
the Resource Guide is a comprehensive list of services available to help
small businesses with environmental information. It includes: EPA's
small business-specific services; other available small business support;
hotlines, clearinghouses, and information centers; and EPA office and
contact information. Order this document by contacting NSCEP
(below) and referring to publication #EPA-231B-00-001.

Industry Sector Notebooks

The EPA's Office of Compliance has developed a series of profiles or
notebooks containing information on selected major industries, includ-
ing dry cleaning, printing, and wood furniture. Each  notebook provides
comprehensive industrial process information, regulatory requirements,
and pollution prevention techniques. These documents may be viewed
online or printed copies can be ordered for a fee (between $6 and $25,
depending on length)  from the Government Printing Office by calling

EPA Pol lution Prevention  Information Clearinghouse
Phone: 202 566-0799

The Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (PPIC) is a free,
non-regulatory service of EPA and is dedicated to reducing  or eliminat-
                             -  11

ing industrial pollutants through technology transfer, education, and
public awareness. Contact the clearinghouse to order selected EPA doc-
uments, pamphlets, information packets, and fact sheets on pollution
prevention or view them online. The clearinghouse can also answer
questions about pollution prevention or refer callers to appropriate con-
tacts for additional information.

EPA National  Service Center for Environmental
Publications  (NSCEP)

The National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)
maintains and distributes EPA publications in hard copy, CD-ROM, and
other multimedia formats. NSCEP also develops and distributes the
annual EPA National Publications Catalog. The Web site allows users  to
search the catalog for pollution prevention documents and other related
topics.  Order documents online or by another method listed below
(note that you must have the EPA publication number and/or title of
the document available when ordering).

Phone:  800 490-9189 or 513 490-8190
Fax:     513489-8695
E-mail:   ncepmail@one.net
Mail:    U.S. EPA/NSCEP
        P.O. Box 42419
        Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-0419
                             - 12 -

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Pollution Prevention Division
Pollution Prevention Information
Phone:  202 566-0799
Fax: 202 566-0794
E-mail : ppic@epa.gov

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