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      July 1991


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                                                                            - Mary Stevanus
INFOTERRA USA concluded it's first meeting as the Regional Service Center for the English-speaking
Caribbean countries.  National Focal Point (NFP) representatives from the countries of  Bahamas,
Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, and Dr. Woyen Lee, Director of the INFOTERRA Programme
Activity Center (PAC) in Nairobi, Kenya participated in the meeting.

The meeting focused on  regional network development, strengthening the information service
capabilities of individual NFPs, and building links to other networks in the region. Participants shared
their experiences in operating NFPs, the state of the environment in the Caribbean and services they
require from the Regional Service Center to strengthen NFP operations.

Representatives from the United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Latin America
and the Caribbean (ROLAC) unveiled INFOLAC, a regional telecommunications system. Designed
to "promote regional environmental cooperation through regional dialogue,"  INFOLAC will serve as
a model for a future INFOTERRA regional electronic mail system.

As the Regional Service Center for the English-speaking Caribbean, INFOTERRA USA will provide
support to the NFPs in the form of database searches, information exchange, telecommunications and
technical assistance in responding to information requests.  INFOTERRA USA is developing plans to
provide training in computer operation and information resources management, produce promotional
materials,  publish a quarterly regional newsletter,  and assist with  the development of
telecommunications capabilities.
                                   JOURNAL REVIEW
                                                                                —Lili Vivanco
     World Press Review (formerly ATLAS) is a monthly
     magazine published by the Stanley Foundation to
     promote global communication. It includes articles,
     photographs and cartoons from major international
     newspapers and  magazines.  The Features section
     highlights current events, fast-breaking political
     happenings, and  socio-economic debates.  Political,
     cultural, social and legislative issues are addressed
     from different points of view and  translated directly
     from the original source newspaper.

     Although the journal focuess on editorials and in-depth
     commentaries rather than on news- breaking articles,
     every issue includes several news excerpts from local
   INFOTERRA/USA National Focal Point
                                          Regular divisions in the journal include an Environment
                                          section (the June 1991 issue includes "Siberia's Gem"
                                          from New Delhi's The Statesman and  "Unnatural
                                          Disasters" from Warsaw's  Przeglad Tygodniowy),
                                          Regional Reports, Law, Business, Resources, Books,
                                          and Films.

                                          Its glossy, colorful format belies its altruistic mission.
                                          There is limited advertisement, and the Travel section
                                          usually covers valuable tips on ecotourism. The Stanley
                                          Foundation is a non-profit foundation that also produces
                                          a radio program on world issues entitled, Common
                                          Ground, and sponsors an  international education
                                          model in Iowa schools.
                                                                      Printed on Rec

                                           — Chris Holben

The Office of  International Activities (OIA) is producing a
series of Technical Information Packages (TIPs)  on key
environmental issues for international distribution.

The cover brochure of each TIP explains the environmental
issue, the related environmental and health effects, the standards
and regulations, the technologies for addressing the issue, and
a complete citation for each of the documents included in the
TIP. In addition, each TIP includes a list of EPA experts, a more
extensive bibliography, and contacts for access to existing
databases and training opportunities. Distribution will initially
be geared towards technical and environmental centers.

       Packages on the following topics are expected to  be
ready for distribution in Fall, 1991:
             Industrial and Hazardous Waste
             Air Quality
             Water Quality
             Mining Waste Management
             Municipal Waste Management
             Environmental Impact Statements
             Safe Disposal of Pesticides
             Solid Waste Management
             Risk Assessment
             Regulating Pesticides
             Pollution Prevention
             Ensuring Safe Drinking Water
             Access EPA
             Environmental Management
TIPs are being coordinated through EPA's Office of International
Activities. For more information, call Mark Kasman at FTS 475-
  For Information and assistance with locating
  information on international environmental
  issues feel free to contact the 1NFOTERRA
  staff at FTS 382-5917. We have access to
  major wire services, newspapers and
  journals to help you stay on top of events
  and issues on the international
  environmental scene.
               NEW AND NOTEWORTHY
                      —Journal Articles cf Interest

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             Forest Conservation."  Multinational
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             'TJ.S. Senators  Urged to  Back Ban on
             Unregistered   Pesticide  Exports."
             MultinationaljanvironmentOuflook Vol.
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             GET UP AND GO!
Pollution in the Metropolitan and Urban Environment.
December 9-13, 1991, Hong Kong.  Environmental
issues of importance  in urban areas such as
transportation, energy efficiency and the effects of
industrialization will be focused on at this meeting.
For registration information please write to: Conference
Manager, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 9/F
Island Centre, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay,
HorigKong. TEL:  (852) 895 4446; FAX: (852)5777791.
                EPA Headquarters L'brary