United States
                   Environmental Protection
Information Resources
August 1992
        EPA has produced a series of Technical
  Information Packages (TIPs) on fourteen key environ-
  mental issues, TIPs were developed by the Office of
  International Activities (OIA) and the Office of Re-
  search and Development (ORD) in cooperation with
  EPA's Program Offices to share some of the
  Agency's best technical information. Each TIP serves
  as a miniature research library.
        TIPs contain a collection of technical docu-
  ments from EPA and other agencies. A cover
  brochure for each topic explains the environmental
  issue, the related environmental and health effects,
  the standards and regulations, the technologies for
  addressing the issue, and provides annotations of
  each document included in the TIP. In addition, the
  cover brochure includes an EPA experts list, a more
  extensive bibliography, and contacts for access to
  existing databases and training opportunities. The
  following fourteen topics are covered by TIPs:

        • Ensuring Safe Drinking Water
        • Mining Waste Management
        • Pesticide Waste Disposal
        • Air Quality Management
        • Solid Waste Disposal
        • Hazardous Waste Management
        • Small Community Wastewater Systems
        • Water Quality
        • Risk Assessment
          • Pesticide Usage Guidelines
          • Pollution Prevention
          • Environmental Impact Assessments
          • EPA Information Sources
          • Environmental Management

          EPA and the United States Information
   Agency (USIA) are presently distributing TIPs to 350
   locations in 110 countries. Distribution is primarily
   geared towards technical and environmental centers
   with existing networks for circulation.  A directory of
   these locations is currently being produced. It will be
   ready for distribution by the end of August 1992.
   Copies will be available through INFOTERRA or
   through the National Technical Information Service
   (NTIS).Tel: (703)487-4650.
          The initial response to TIPs has been very
   positive. Expert recipients in Guatemala have said,
   for example, This kind of material is a great contribu-
   tion to development and is crucial to protecting the
   environment.  It represents millions of dollars worth of
   research....This is a wonderful and valuable re-
          TIPs will be accessible in the U.S. at EPA's
   Headquarters Library in Washington, D.C., as well as
   at EPA's ten Regional libraries.  They will also be
   available for purchase through NTIS.
          For more information, contact INFOTERRA
   at (202) 260-5638.  For questions related to interna-
   tional distribution, contact Mark Kasman (OIA) at
   (202) 260-0424.
New Books

INFOTERRA has added the following books to its collection:

Energy Management in Africa. Zed Books Limited, 1992.

Environmental Health and the Management of Fresh Water
Resources in the Americas. World Health Organization, 1992.

 Integrated Development Plan for Water Resources in the
Province of Manabi. [Manabi is a lowland province located in
western Ecuador]. Department of Regional Development and
Environment, 1991.
    INFOTERRA/USA National Focal Point
                   Welcome Aboard

                INFOTERRA welcomes Robert'
                Hutehof (contractor) to the position
                of Reference Librarian. Robert
                received his Masters of
                Librarianship from the University
                of Washington. While in Seattle,
                Robert worked at the EPA Region
                lOL&rary. He also has experi-
                ence working for a medical supply
                company's library. Robert can be
                reached at (202) 260-3638.

  Recent Journal Articles of
 Avaturov, ¥u. D,,«taL "Some    ;'
 Features ot Radiation Damage to \
 Pine In the Region of the Chernobyl
 Disaster." The Soviet Journal of
 Ecology.  {May 1992).  Vol.22   I
 Clark, Colin, "Empirical Evidence I
 for the Effect of Tropical Deforesta-
 tion on CBrnatfc Change."
 Environmental Conservation.
 (Spring 1992), VOI19           ;
  No.1: pp.39-47,
            Drogula, Jennifer. "Developed and
            Devetoping Countries: Sharing the
            Burden of Protecting the Atmo-
            sphere," Georgetown
            International Law Review.     \
            (Winter-Spring 1992).  VoJ.IV    !
            No.2; pp.257^301.             j.

            The Earth SumnMt-~AnQpportu-;
            nfty We Cannot Aflordto Miss."  i
            UN Chronicle.  (June 1992).
            Vot.XXlX No.2: pp.40-63.
            Garcia Medina, Amalia.
            ductive Health and Poverty in
            Mexico* North South. {June- ;
            July 1992)>  Vol.2 No.1; pp.20-3J
   Housman, Robert F. The Muted
   Vofee: The Rote of Women in
   Sustainable Development."
   Georgetown international Law
   Review.  (Winter-Spring 1992).
   VoUV No.2: pp,361-399.

   Lacey, Colin. "Environment,
   Banking, and Education; The
   Connections and Opportunities."
   Environmental Conservation.
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   No.1: pp.23-8.

   "Solvents and the Environments."
   {focus of the entire issue) industry
   and Environment. (Oct.-Nov.-
   Dec.1991). Vol,14No.4: a».
              NEW JOURNALS

The following are all recent additions to the INFOT-
ERRA journal collection:

E: The Environmental Magazine
       E, recently awarded "Best Special Interest
Magazine" in the Utne Reader Alternative Press
Award, is published bimonthly by Earth Action Net-
work, Inc. It contains regular features on
environmental news, consumer tips, and book reviews
of interest to the general public as well as environmen-
talists. E acts as "a clearinghouse of information,
news, and commentary on environmental issues."

The Environmental Professional
       This journal is the official journal of the Na-
tional Association of Environmental Professionals
(NAEP).  It contains articles with interdisciplinary
content ranging from government to research to

  10 countries wfth the highest percentage
  of population without access to safe
  drinking water, 1SSO-85*
        •Sierra Leone
  •World Wildlife fund Atlas of tte\
                             education. The Environmental Professional is
                             published quarterly by the NAEP and has regular
                             features such as Professional Reports and Book

                             North-South, The Magazine of the Americas
                                    Published bimonthly by the North-South
                             Center at the University of Miami, North-South
                             ftXHioes on inc devstoping relationship between North
                             and South America. It includes the regular columns
                             "U.S. Legislative Roundup"and "Newscan" (covering
                             Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean, and the
                             business field).

                             UN Chronicle
                                    The UN Chronicle is printed quarterly by the
                             United Nations Department of Public Information. It
                             covers political news, along with international eco-
                             nomic and social issues.  It also includes a regular
                             column on new books published by the UN.
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