Safe   Drinking   Water   Tools
                                                  for public water systems
     What is the Safe Drinking Water Tools CD?
     EPA's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW) has produced a compendium of
     products in CD format called Safe Drinking Water Tools for Public Water Systems. The Safe
     Drinking Water Tools CD and companion website will provide a one-stop knowledge portal for
     many of OGWDW's products and tools already in print.

     Why was this CD developed?
     The National Drinking Water Advisory Council suggested that OGWDW compile products
     and tools useful to public water systems from the EPA website and make them available in one
     central location. These resources, though all located on the internet, currently require some effort
     to find. Also, by collecting them on an interactive CD-ROM, EPA has made critical drinking
     water information much easier to access.

     Who will benefit from using this CD?
     This product package will be beneficial to all public water systems and will greatly aid EPA's
     Safe Drinking Water Act implementation efforts for small systems. Due to CD's user-friendly
     format, system owners and operators will  be able to seek out drinking water information in a
     timely manner.

     How will the CD be distributed?
     OGWDW will release 3,000 copies of the first version of this CD product. Distribution will occur
     through targeted mailing and by request through the National Service Center for Environmental
     Publications (NSCEP), To order a copy of this  CD, please call 1-800-490-9198 and refer to
     EPA #816-C-05-003. For more information on  ordering, visit
     ordering.htm, the National Service Center for Environmental Publications. It is anticipated that a
     second version of this CD will have a wider distribution.

     How do I use this CD?
     This CD will run automatically upon insertion into your CD-ROM drive. Documents may be
     accessed through "Browse this CD," a menu-based navigation system or through "Search this
     CD," a Java-based search utility.

     How do I find out more?
     To learn more about Safe Drinking Water Tools for Public Water Systems, please visit our
     website at This website acts as an addendum to the
     CD by including additional and very new materials that will be added to the next version. It also
     includes information on how to obtain a copy of the CD.
           Office of Water (4606M)   EPA 81 6-F-05-01 6   August 2005