THE  CHIEF

                                 EMISSION INVENTORY BRANCH             r-   "  "*
                              TECHNICAL SUPPORT DIVISION (MD 14)
                         OFFICE OF AIR QUALITY PLANNING AND STANDARDS •-' 'v "- • „' J;":.'"
 VOL. Ill, No. 4
                    JULY 1992
                           Is Now AVAILABLE
  The Emission Inventory Branch
(EIB) has released the second version
of its latest air emissions tool, the Air
CHIEF CD-ROM (Compact Disc-
Read Only Memory). Air CHIEF
compiles numerous documents  and
other emission  estimation products
into a single compact disc.  These
products include the entire stationary
source volume of AP-42; the Locating
And  Estimating...  series of toxic
emission reports; and the two data
bases, XATEF and SPECIATE, which
address emissions  from toxic air
pollutants.   The Air CHIEF  CD
allows for easy search and retrieval of
emission estimation data, by pollutant
or source description. Air CHIEF is
updated annually.  The disc and its
user's manual are distributed free of
charge  to government agencies and
nonprofit  organizations  and are
available to others from the Govern-
ment Printing Office (GPO) at a price
of $15.00.  Users will need an IBM®
compatible personal computer and a
CD-ROM  player.   A brochure  is
available  describing Air CHIEF, its
equipment requirements and technical
data, and GPO ordering information.
For more  information  about Air
CHIEF, or to get the CD brochure,
contact the Info CHIEF service phone
line, (919)  541-5285, or write Info
CHIEF, US EPA (MD 14), Research
Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711.
  An ordering form for the Air CHIEF
compact disc from the Government
Printing Office can be found on p. 7
below. The form may be copied, if
you wish to keep  your Newsletter
intact.  For further information, call
the Info CHIEF, (919) 541-5285.  £>

  EIB takes this opportunity to applaud and to congratulate the following States and Localities for meeting the May
deadline for submitting a Draft 1990 Base Year Emission Inventory:
                      Albuquerque, NM
                   Washoe  Co.,
                      (for CO)
  Here at EIB and in the Regional Offices, we sincerely appreciate your efforts, and we're glad to give you recognition for
your work.  Our "icu8oo" goes out to you, and we are looking forward to working with you on your FINAL entries!  These
timely responses from you have strongly emphasized the concept that  1992 is THE YEAR OF THE EMISSION
  More draft inventories are arriving as this is written, and we hope to have over half of the total in hand by the time you read
this.  &>
                         This newsletter is printed on recycled paper.

  Two new products are available to
help in the estimation of emissions
from motor vehicles, both on- and off-
highway.  EPA's Office  Of Mobile
Sources (OMS) has  completed  its
latest revision of  Procedures For
Emission  Inventory Preparation,
Volume IV:  Mobile Sources, EPA-
450/4-8 l-026d Revised.  This is the
third and latest version of this volume,
first published in 1981 and reworked in
1989, and of course, it supersedes both
earlier ones.  It contains an overview
of  the  mobile  source  category,
identifying specific methods which can
be used to identity sources, estimate
their emissions,  and establish  and
maintain  a  useful, current vehicle
emission  inventory.   When men-
tioning this guidance,  remember to
specify the  1992 version.   Paper
copies of this document can be gotten
from the Info CHIEF, (919)541-5285,
and from the CHIEF  bulletin board
  Also,  The  beta  version  of the
emission factor model,  MOBILES,
will presently be available soon for
distribution.   As soon as this  pc
program is ready, probably some time
in August, it will be put on our BB.
  For further information on either of
these items, contact Natalie Dobie at
OMS, phone (313) 741-7812.
  Bulletin Board activity continues to
grow, and we now  have over 675
registered CHIEF users. Since the last
Newsletter, there have been several
improvements installed on the BB.
We are still opening more access lines
for you to reach the BB, and some of
the questions that have arisen during
registration  about  the necessary
configuration  of your  systems have
been eliminated.  In addition to the list
of current Alerts, there is now a list of
old Alerts for those who want to make
sure they're up to date. Current Alerts
will  stay on the list for at least a
month before they become "old" and
are moved off the current list.
  The new draft updates  of AP-42
sections are coming in continuously,
and they are being put on the bulletin
board as they arrive. We encourage
you to review  these drafts, and we
hope you'll give us any comments you
have on them. You can do this easily
through the E-mail capability on the
BB.   Remember that the drafts are
subject to  change  before   their
publication in an AP-42 Supplement.
The Surface Impoundment Modeling
System (SIMS)  is  still the  most
popular data base downloaded from The
CHIEF BB.   New programs  and
information on  the BB  include
WATER 7, CHEMDAT 7, and several
memos from EIB's Inventory Guidance
And Evaluation Section regarding the
Direct Assistance Program, which is
discussed  on p.  4 below.   These
memos  have helpful  material on
assessing such sources as wineries,
bakeries, landfills and municipal waste
combustors.  Also, the long awaited
TANKS pc program for estimating
VOC  storage  emissions,  will be
available on The CHIEF BB about
August 1.
  Let  us hear from you - help us
make the bulletin board as useful as
we  can with your comments  and
suggestions.  Write, phone or E-mail
to Michael Hamlin, bulletin board
System  Operator,  here  at  the
Newsletter. &j

  Jim Southerland and Anne Pope were involved  in teaching four popular courses at the 1992 annual  Air & Waste
Management Association gathering in Kansas City, and they will repeat this important work at the Emission Inventory
Issues And Progress specialty conference this October in Durham, NC (See "Upcoming Meetings", p. 7). These classes are
clear opportunities to learn about EIB's tools for estimating air emissions of criteria and toxic pollutants, and people are
taking advantage of them in considerable numbers. In Kansas City, some actually rearranged their plans to stay beyond the
scheduled hours.  These are the courses:
  AIR 150 - Overview Of EPA (And Related) Air Emissions Data Reporting (Jim Southerland and Anne Pope) - This course
defined the various air emission reporting needs and requirements for EPA. It provided information on how different reporting
requirements are related, and it included general assistance on locating tools for estimation.
  AIR  152  - Demonstration And Hands-on Experience With EPA's Emission Estimation Tools (Anne Pope and Jim
Southerland) - This course covered the use of EIB's pc data base management systems (XATEF and SPECIATE), the Air
CHIEF CD-ROM, and The CHIEF Bulletin Board System. Attendees were provided with these tools and shown how to use
them, and this proved to be a very popular event.
  AIR 154 - Estimating Evaporative Emissions From Storage Tanks (Bill Moody/MRI, Robin Barker/MRI, and Anne Pope)
- This course examined the  various types of storage tanks used for organic liquids and the variables that affect  their air
emissions. The newly revised AP-42 equations for estimating emissions from storage tanks were presented.  TANKS, EIB's

new pc program that computerizes the new AP-42 equations, was demonstrated and provided to the attendees. (Look for this
program on The CHIEF bulletin board around the first of August.)
  AIR 156 - Estimating Fugitive Particulates From Various Sources (John Kinsey/MRI and Jim Southerland) - This course
gave guidance on PM-10 emission estimation procedures and inventory techniques for open fugitive dust sources.  It presented
basic terminology, data requirements, calculation procedures and decision criteria, with detailed examples  of emission
inventory applications.  &
  Before 1985, estimated emissions
data were gathered primarily for the
annual  National  Emissions  Data
System (NEDS) reporting, under the
Code Of Federal  Regulations, or for
occasional nonattainment area  State
Implementation Plan  (SIP) devel-
opment.  Since that time, emissions
reporting requirements have markedly
increased for many pollutants and
sources, particularly industrial sources.
This significant expansion has resulted
from the Superfund Amendments And
Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title III
release reporting requirements, which
particularly  involve  toxic  air
pollutants; and from requirements of
the Clean Air Act. As a result of the
Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
(CAAA),  EPA  has   been   busy
implementing the  requirements in the
Act's eleven Titles.
Each Title establishes  one  or more
emissions reporting requirements, such
as emissions  statements, operating
permits, emission compliance report-
ing, acid precipitation, and expanded
SIPs.  Then, each reporting require-
ment must be implemented by sources
and State control agencies, and must
be tracked by EPA.
  The expansion of the number  and
types of emissions data reporting has
prompted  the  Emission  Inventory
Branch to begin long-term discussions
among the various federal emissions
programs,  in hopes of coordinating
efforts  toward  streamlining  data
collection for individual plants, State
and Local  agency experts, and EPA
Headquarters and Regional staff. As a
first step  in  this process,  EIB is
identifying  sources' emission reporting
requirements to EPA and other federal
agencies.  Several issues have already
been identified that must be resolved,
involving  reporting  frequency,
synchronized timing of submissions,
incompatible data element  require-
ments, inconsistent  data  element
definitions,  and inconsistent size
  The ultimate goal of this effort is to
integrate, to the extent possible, the
different emissions reporting require-
ments.  Doing this should help ease
the reporting burden on emission
sources and on State/local air pollution
control agencies.  EIB will also be
addressing each  of  the  previously
mentioned issues as well as any new
problems  uncovered in the process of
resolving these issues.   For more
information,  contact  David  Misen-
heimer at the  Newsletter, phone (919)
541-5473. &
  Supplemental  guidance  is  now
available on the CHIEF bulletin board
which will detail how States should
prepare the meteorological files to run
the Personal Computer program on the
Biogenic Emissions Inventory System
  In addition, to make this an easier
process for the States, meteorological
files for each nonattainment area, ready
for  use with PC-BEIS,  will  be
uploaded to  The CHIEF BB at the
same time as  the guidance.  States are
encouraged to use these meteorological
files to speed up the computation of
biogenic emissions.
  Any  questions on this program
should be addressed to Keith Baugues
at the Newsletter, phone (919) 541-
5366.  &,
                               1992  Is THE YEAR OF
                          THE EMISSION  INVENTORY!
                                    ARE  DUE TO EPA BY 11/15/92.

                                       DRAFTS ARE DUE NOW!

  To provide quick and direct help to
those preparing emission inventories,
the CHIEF  BB  now is listing
questions and answers  which have
come  up through  the  EIB Direct
Assistance  Program.   Frequently
encountered problems  in reviewing
emission inventories are also listed,
with suggestions on how they can be
dealt with. An "Alert" will appear on
the CHIEF screen to direct you to the
new information.  If you need quick
assistance with your inventory work,
you can send us your questions under
the "Public Messages"  part of  The
CHIEF BB. We will have a response
to you within a week of receiving your
  This program is going full speed
ahead, and it has already met with
success. The Direct Assistance Team
has conducted workshops in Missouri,
Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey,
Texas, Louisiana and Delaware,  to
give  participants a lot of  valuable
assistance  in  preparing   their
inventories.   Other  States  have
requested our visits, and we will be
going  to   them as  the program
progresses.  We are using The CHIEF
BB to get  information to you even
quicker than through the  visits.  For
example, the bulletin board now offers
technical  memoranda  discussing
emissions from wineries, underground
storage  tanks,  and  several other
sources.  We hope to convince you all
that "We're from the Government, and
we're here to help you" is true at the
Emission Inventory Branch!
  For more  information about the
Direct Assistance Program,  or with
any  questions  on   the  technical
memoranda, contact Sharon Bruno here
at the Newsletter, phone (919) 541-
2825. &
  A draft of the document, Guidance
On The  Implementation  Of  An
Emission Statement Program, is now
available.   This document was pre-
pared in response to a provision in the
1990 CAAA requiring that sources in
both ozone nonattainment areas and
attainment areas of ozone transport
must submit a  statement listing their
actual VOC and NOX emissions.  The
guidance  serves  to  interpret  this
provision  in the Clean Air Act by
addressing 1) which sources are subject
to the requirement, 2) what constitutes
an emission statement, 3) what should
be submitted, and 4) the dates for these
  This  document is being placed on
the bulletin board, also.
  For copies of the draft guidance, call
the Info CHIEF at (919)  541-5285.
For  more  information  about the
program, contact Mary Ann Warner-
Selph here at the Newsletter, phone
(919) 541-1192. &
  Recently,  I gave  the  readers an
overview of our plans for a complete
update  for  AP-42,  EPA's longest
running  and all-time best selling
document. This effort is well under
way, and significant activity has taken
place, affecting  each AP-42 chapter.
Some new sections are being added,
some revised, and some for now only
superficially modified.    In  the
upcoming Supplement E, which will
go into printing in  October, I had
projected a "hope" to update as much
as 75% of the book.  I've come to
realize what a big bite that is - many
hundreds of pages - and now the sights
are lowered  to a more realistic 40 -
50%.  It now looks as if the rest of
this huge update work will follow in a
Supplement F about October 1993.
  The  reasons  for  the delay  are
severalfold.    We  have had   a
multiplicity of projects in our office,
many of them with timetables and
other requirements, many  of them
mandated  under  the Clean Air Act
Amendments  of  1990, and all has
strained our resources and capabilities.
Also, there have been problems with
contract  capacity, contractor and
contract personnel  availability, new
data and numerous comments  at the
advanced  stages of the work - a
plethora of delays here and there. Not
to whine and complain  too much, but
it's   clear  that  Murphy has  been
working on our plans.
  We have started putting draft AP-42
sections on The CHIEF BB for you to
see  and to comment on, so tap  in
periodically and look at what's there.
Remember - these drafts are  subject to
change. They are in a special part of
the  bulletin board, away  from  the
current sections and any final sections
not yet published in a  supplement.
The first major draft update to go on
the BB was the new AP-42 Chapter 12
on petroleum storage tanks.
  We think you're going to like the
improvements, format changes and
significantly enhanced factors.  After
the big AP-42 update  program  is
finished, maybe our lives can get back
to a more organized pace. Meanwhile,
please bear with us.
           NEW PEOPLE
  EIB  has been helped  in its recent
work by the arrival of four talented
  Richard  Basom, following a long
career with  IBM, has come to us as  a
computer technician in the  Agency's
Senior Environmental Employment
Program.   He  has over 23  years
experience in the computer industry,
significantly  involved with system

design  and analysis, programming,
testing  and  implementation in  a
variety of industrial settings.  Richard
has  an  undergraduate  degree  in
Business  Administration   and  a
Master's in Industrial Relations.   In
our Branch, he's been quite effective in
extracting data from various places for
our evaluation. Richard spent 36 years
with the National Guard,  mostly in
data processing.  He likes  reading,
gardening/landscaping, and  being  a
handyman at home. He's active in the
IBMer social groups.
  Laurel      Schultz,   an
Environmental  Engineer  in   the
Ozone/CO Branch of our Air Quality
Management  Division, is  working
with  EIB  on  a 5-month  rotation
assignment. She's already involved in
producing the next Trends report and in
inventory validation efforts,  and  she
will be  our contact with one of the
Regional Offices on O3/CO inventory
matters.   Laurel's   lending us  an
important hand here.
  We  have  two young  energetic
college students aboard, thanks to the
EPA summer hire program.  They are
both adept with computers, and we're
glad to have them with us.
  Greg Bryant, a resident of Raleigh
and a 4.0 GPA student at NC State
University, is now only one year away
from degrees in both electrical engin-
eering and applied mathematics.  He
likes music, photography, reading and
swimming, having spent two years on
the NCSU swim team.   Greg tells us
that, after several years of lifeguarding
and coaching  swimming  in  the
summers, he's  happy with "an  air-
conditioned job  far   away  from
screaming children."  He's engaged and
hence goes  around a bit glassy-eyed
  Scott  Royston is a  rising senior
at what he calls  the "prestigious whole
grain  academic center" of  Rice
University.  After  growing up in
Rockville,  MD, which  he calls "the
Mecca of  toad  farming", he's  now
playing  cowboy in  Houston while
pursuing his degree in Mechanical
Engineering. Scott says his head got
good and brain-baked painting houses
for the  previous two summers,  the
latter of which saw him fall off a roof,
and somehow it makes him happy to
be working here with us for awhile.
  EIB is certainly not the only
organization  with a  healthy  and
informative newsletter.  We have seen
a very interesting bulletin called On
The Air, put out by Elizabeth Waddell
in EPA's Region 10 office in Seattle.
Call her about it at (800) 424-4EPA or
(206) 553-8578.    There is also  a
helpful periodical being produced by
the Wisconsin  agency which deals
with emission factors and inventories,
and  for  information  on this  one,
contact  Ralph  Patterson at the WI
DNR Bureau Of Air Management, Box
7921, Madison,  WI  53707.
  If  everyone  else  putting  out
newsletters will send us copies, we'll
be glad  to exchange issues with you
and to mention your work here, which
will  "expose" you to our more than
4300 addressees  in the U. S., its
territories and 43 other countries.  •&
- Jim Southerland
                  — THE HUMAN  FACTORS  ...  KEITH BAUGUES —
  The Emission Inventory Branch
member in the spotlight this issue is
our favorite ole Hoosier of French
lineage, Keith Baugues.  Keith holds
down EIB's vanguard position on the
topics  of  emission  projections,
biogenic emission estimations and the
major  issues involving the role  of
photochemical modeling in  emission
inventory development.
  Keith was born and reared in West
Terre Haute, Indiana, and has a B. S.
degree from Rose Hulman Institute Of
Technology  in Terre Haute.   After
graduation, he worked for over 6 years
with the Indiana Air Pollution Control
Division  in  Indianapolis, where he
became Chief  of the Modeling And
Data Analysis Section.  Then for a
time, he  was a consultant in  the
private sector,  first with  an  EPA
contractor in  Chicago,  then  with
another in Dallas.  In January  1984,
Keith joined the EPA at its Regional
Office in Dallas, and he came here to
the Office  Of Air Quality Planning
And Standards in December of that
same year.   Before joining EIB and
taking up  his present tasks,  Keith
analyzed ambient NMOC and NOX
data,  prepared  O3  design  values,
prepared and provided guidance on how
to use photochemical models, and
oversaw  the development of inven-
tories for use in ROM, the Regional
Oxidant Model.
  Keith and his wife live in Durham
with their son. Away from the desk,
he enjoys  reading  (mostly  science
fiction),  listening to  music  (almost
anything but jazz and C&W), and
playing basketball and tennis.  His
concentrated gaze can take the fur right
off the ball. Keith can be reached at
EIB by mail, by  phoning (919) 541-
5366, or through The  CHIEF Bulletin
Board  E-mail.    Remember   to
pronounce  both syllables in  his last
name, although he'll still talk  to you
if you don't. <&

  The  South  Coast  Air  Quality
Management District is developing a
regulatory program called the Regional
Clean   Air   Incentives  Market
(RECLAIM).  RECLAIM will require
a  5%  annual  reduction  of mass
emissions from all sources of volatile
organic compounds, nitrogen oxides
and sulfur oxides.  These sources can
be flexible  in determining which of
them should be controlled to achieve
the requisite 5% per year decrease.

       8§  TECH NOTES . . .  .
Under  this program,  most sources
which expected to participate will have
to  install  continuous   emission
monitoring devices.   Some of the
sources, storage tanks for example, do
not lend themselves easily to stack
monitoring, and  it is  proposed  that
these sources use AP-42 factors.
  This  program  is a  positive  step
which  could  be  quite  effective.
However, to meet its demands, it  may
be necessary to develop new techniques
for estimating emissions which require
far more resources than traditionally
have been devoted to producing factors
in AP-42.  We  plan  to follow the
RECLAIM program closely and to be
actively involved as it progresses and
is implemented.
  For more information  about the
RECLAIM  program, contact Dennis
Beauregard here at the Newsletter,
phone (919) 541-5512.  &
§i — O3/CO INVENTORY PREPARATION PLAN (IPP) STATUS - Final IPPs for 43 States were due to the Regions
on October 1, 1991. All 45 plans have been received in both draft and final form, and 38 plans have been approved. EIB will
continue to work with the Regions on their strategies for dealing with any problems. For more information, contact Lee
Gabele at the Newsletter, phone (919) 541-5292.

3€ — SURFACE COAL MINING - Section 234 of the 1990 CAAA requires that emission factors and models applying to
surface coal mining activities be reviewed and revised, to assure that they don't overpredict emissions. EIB, with the Source
Receptor Analysis Branch, is planning a multiyear program to meet the CAAA provision, and we will begin source testing
this Summer of high priority surface coal mining operations. For more information, contact Dennis Shipman at the
Newsletter, phone (919) 541-5477.

§6 — CRUSHED STONE PROCESSING -  EIB has begun source testing of tertiary crushers and screens to develop PM-10
factors for AP-42 Section 8.19.2.  Two facilities have been tested, and the next test is scheduled for early summer.  For more
information, contact Dennis Shipman at the Newsletter, phone (919) 541-5477.

§i — REMEMBER THE INFO CHIEF FOCAL POINT - We have activated a central telephone contact here at the
Newsletter to answer general questions and to direct your calls to the technical staff people who can best help you.  If you
already know whom you want to  talk with here, please call her or him. But if your inquiry is general in nature, or  if you
need further information, first try the Info CHIEF at (919) 541-5285.

§€ — AUTO-MOTIVATION - A car produces about 20 pounds of CO2 with each gallon of gasoline used.  A well-tuned car
with properly inflated tires can use 20% less gas than a poorly running one with slack tires, for an annual reduction of about
1000 Ibs of CO2. Also: drive less, pool your cars, take the train.

§€ — LIGHT BULBS GOING OFF — Replacing one ordinary 50 watt incandescent bulb, used about 4 hours a day, with a
fluorescent bulb giving the same  amount of light (lumens) can save 110 Ibs of CO2 per year.

§8 — RECYCLE! - Turning in 100 aluminum cans saves 34 pounds of C02; 100 average  glass bottles recycled save 30
Ibs.  Recycle 100 Ibs of paper and eliminate 20 Ibs of CO2. ^
                                   REGRETS, REGRETS, REGRETS. . . .

                 To all who called and wrote about getting your own 7992 - The Year Of The Emissions
               Inventory tee shirts, we can only apologize and admit we've gone down for the third time
               in the Sea Of Red Tape. As some of you already know, questions about use of the
               Agency seal and about handling the costs and receipts involved proved to be stronger than
               our desire to call a lot of attention to getting those emission inventories done.
                 Thanks to everyone who contacted us. It was a good idea.  &

                                    UPCOMING  MEETINGS  AND CONFERENCES
    — National Title III Implementation Workshop, 12-14 August, Durham, NC. Contact Kathy Ward, Alliance Technologies, 100 Europa Drive,
    Suite 150, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, phone (919) 968-9900.
    — Symposium On Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Mitigation Research, EPA/Acurex Environmental, 18-20 August, Washington, DC, phone
    — 9tn World Clean Air Congress & Exhibition, AWMA/Environment Canada, 30 August-4 September, Montreal, Canada Contact Marci
    Mazzei, AWMA, Box 2861, Pittsburgh, PA  15230, phone (412) 232-3444/FAX (412) 232-3450.
    — Emission Inventory Issues And Progress,  second annual EPA/AWMA specialty conference, 19-22 October, Durham, NC  Contact Larry
    Jones, Emissions Modeling Branch (MD 62), EPA/AEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711, phone (919) 541-7716; or John O'Connor,
    Radian Corp , Box 13000, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, phone (919) 541-9100  A
                      THE CHIEF  NEWSLETTER  is produced quarterly by the Emission Inventory Branch, Technical
                    Support Division, of EPA's Office Of Air Quality Planning And Standards   Its purpose is to enhance
                    communication within the emission factor and inventory community by providing new and useful
                    information and by allowing for the exchange of information between and among its readers  Comments
                    on the Newsletter and articles for inclusion in it are welcome and should be directed to Whitmel M Joyner,
                    Editor, Emission Inventory Branch (MD 14), US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711, commercial
                    phone (919) 541-5493
                      The contents of THE CHIEF NEWSLETTER  do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the
                    Agency, neither  does the mention of trade  names or commercial products constitute  endorsement or
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                           THE EMISSION INVENTORY BRANCH

                                         J. David Mobley, Chief
                                          Sherry Russell, Secy.

                 Jim Southerland, Chief
                 Dennis Beauregard
                 Michael Hamlin
                 Whit Joyner
                 Joe McSorley
                 Ron Myers
                 Anne Pope
                 Ron Ryan
                 Dallas Safriet
                 Dennis Shipman
                 Edna Winstead, Secy.

       Marty Martinez, Chief
       Richard Basom
       Keith Baugues
       Steve Bromberg
       Sharon Bruno
       Lee Gabele
       Bill Kuykendal
       David Misenheimer
       Laurel Schultz
       Mary Ann Warner-Selph
       Susan Curtis, Secy.