Federal Register Vol. 64. So. 10  Fncay  January  15  1999 None
more information to ensure that
antidegradation requirements for water
quality will be met. to discuss project
impact to health ecosystem, and to
further address cumulative impacts of
this and other projects in the area.
  ERP No. D-COE-L03008-AK Rating
EO2. Beaufort Sea Oil and  Gas
Development Northstar Project,
Implementation, NPDES Permit, Sea
Island. Alaskan Beaufort Sea, Offshore
Marine Environment and Onshore
Northslope of Alaskan Coastal Plaia,
  Summary- EPA expressed
environmental objections to the
proposed N'orthstar proiect which were
related to the risks of leaks and spills
associated with the use of undersea
pipelines in the Beaufort Sea. the
technological/logistical difficulties in
responding to oil spills, and the extent
to which issues and concerns of the
Inupiats Eskimoes have been addressed
in the development of the project and
the EIS. EPA believes that further
evaluation of double-walled undersea
pipeline option and the Northstar Oil
Discharges Prevention and Contingency
Plan is necessary, and that further
development of the project and E1S
should be conducted in consultation
with the Inupiats to ensure that their
issues are addressed in a manner
consistent with Executive Orders 12898
and 13084.
  ERP No. D-FHW-G40151-TX Rating
LO, US-190 Corridor from FM2657 to
the East City Limits of Copperas Cove,
Transportation Improvements. Major
Investment Study, Coryell and
Lampasas Counties, TX.
  Summary: EPA had no objection to
the selection of the preferred alternative.
Alternative G, as described in the draft
  ERP No. DA-COE-K32023-HI Rating
EO2, Ma'aLaea Harbor Improvements
for Light-Draft-Vessels. Entrance
Channel Realignment and Breakwater
Modification, Additional Information,
Island of Maui, Maui County; HI.
  Summary: EPA expressed
environmental objections related to
water quality and Clean Water Act
Section 404 issues. The SDEIS showed
exceedances in water quality standards
for turbidity during construction and
project operation due to increased
turbulence caused by additional vessel
traffic from the 130 new berths. EPA
believes that the Corps should ensure
that there are mechanisms in place to
maintain EPA-approved Water Quality
Standards. EPA asked that the Corps'"
fipql report to Congress on  fiscal
authorization not proceed until there are
satisfactory assurances from the State
                that onshore sewage improvements
                would be put into place.

                Final EIS*
                  ERP No. F-AFS-K65272-CA. Chico
                Genetic Resource Center for Pest
                Management Program. Implementation.
                Mendodno National Forest. Willow.
                Butte County. CA
                  Summary Review of the Final EIS
                was not deemed necessary. No formal
                comment letter was sent to the
                preparing agency.
                  ERP No. F-AFS-L65160-ID. North
                Round Valley Timber Sales and Road
                Construction. Implementation. Payette
                National Forest. New Meadows Ranger
                District. Adams County.  ID.
                  Sum/nan" Review of the Final EIS
                was not deemed necessary. No formal
                comment letter was sent to the
                preparing agency.
                  ERP No. F-FHW-E40761-NC, US 64
                Bypass Transportation Improvements
                Project, from 1-440 to US 64 west of
                Wendell and Eastern Wake Expressway
                from existing US 64 to NC-1007 (Poole
                Road), Funding and COE Section 404
                Permit, Wake County, NC.
                  Summary: EPA found the document
                generally addressed the agency's
                comments on the draft EIS. However,
                lack of coordinated multi-modal
                transportation planning was noted.
                  Dated: January 12,1999.
                William 0. Dicker-son,
                Director. NEPA Compliance Division, Office
                of Federal Activities.         "
                1FR Doc. 99-1017 Filed 1-14-99: 8-45 ami
                BIUMO CODE
                [OPPTS-002S4; FRL-6041-0]

                Development of Voluntary Consensus
                Standard* tor Environmentally
                Preferable Goods and Services

                AGENCY: Environmental Protection
                Agency (EPA).
                ACTON: Notice.

                SUMMARY: In association with its efforts
                to implement Presidential Executive
                Order 12873. "Federal Acquisition.
                Recycling and Waste Prevention," and
                Executive Order 13101, "Greening the
                Government Through Waste Prevention,
                Recycling and Federal Acquisition,"
                EPA is interested in working with non-
                governmental standards developers to
                promote the development of voluntary
                consensus standards for
                environmentally preferable goods and
                services. EPA is seeking opinions and
                comments on the availability of using
voluntary consensus standards to
implement the President's Order. The
purpose of this notice is to help EPA
determine the level of interest among
standards developers in the
development of environmental
attributes and associated voluntary-
standards for specific product
categories EPA :s seeking comments
about what types of markets are most
suited to incorporation of
environmentally preferable products.
EPA also seeks to gather information on
the level of activity and expertise
already available through standard
setting organizations for determining
environmental preferability in specific
product categories and comment on
whether EPA should adopt those
DATES: Comments must be postmarked
by March 31,1999.
ADDRESSES: Each comment must bear
the docket control number "OPPTS-
00254." All comments should be sent in
triplicate to. OPPT Document Control
Officer (7407). Office of Pollution
Prevention and Toxics. Environmental
Protection Agency.  401 M St., SW.. Rm.
G099, East Tower, Washington, DC
  Comments and date may also be
submitted electronicaDy to: oppt
ncic@epamail.epa.gov. Follow the
instructions under Unit fl. of this
document. No Confidential Business
Information (CBI) should be submitted
through e-mail.
  All comments which contain
information claimed as CBI must be
clearly marked as such. Three sanitized
copies of any comments containing
information claimed as CBI must also be
submitted and will be placed in the
public record for this action. Persons
submitting information on any portion
of which they believe is entitled to
treatment as CBI by EPA must assert a
business confidentiality claim in
accordance with 40 CFK 2.203(b) for
each such portion. This claim must be
made at the time that the information is
submitted to EPA. If a submitter does
not assert a confidentiality claim at the
time of submission. EPA will consider
this as a waiver of any confidentiality
claim and the information may be made
available to the public by EPA without
further notice to the submitter.
Lena Ferns Pollution Prevention
Division (7409), Office of Pollution
Prevention and Toxics. Environmental
Protection Agency. 401 M St.. SW .
Washington, DC 20450. Telephone:
(202) 260-223T, or e-mail

                     Federal  Register  Vo.  6-J. No
I. Background
  EPA is seeking general comments on
the issues mentioned in the
"SUMMARY' statement above. EPA is
particularly interested in comments
from persons who are already actively
involved in voluntary standards
development or if you are considering
establishing a program for developing
voluntary standards incorporating
environmental attributes for products or
services, please respond to the questions
addressed and send all information.
postmarked no later then March 31,
1999. to the docket listed under the
"ADDRESSES" section above. All
comments will be accepted and
  To. help EPA determine the level of
interest among standards developers in
the development of environmental
attributes and associated voluntary
standards for specific product categories
and services, please provide responses
to the following questions.
  1. The name, address, and contact
information for the organization.
  2. Does the organization develop
standards for specific business or
industry sectors, e.g., automotive,
telecommunications, etc., or does it
develop standards in all areas?
  3 Does the organization operate
under procedures set forth by the
American National Standards Institute
(ANSI) or do you have other written
procedures  that you use for standards
development? If available, please
prov.de  a copy.
  4. Does the organization currently
have, or plan to have, standards
development activities focusing on, or
specifically integrating, environmental
attributes as part of the scope of the
  5. Does the organization do product
  6. Does the organization typically
engage in product attribute development
as well as standards development? If so,
what kinds  of products are generally
  7. Do members of government
departments or agencies participate in
your standards development activities?
If so, are there any members from
regulatory agencies or departments?
  8. Has the organization done any
assessment  of the market needs for
environmentally preferable products? If
so. and the information is available.
what is your assessment of product
categories and/or market sectors where
the interest  is  likely to be high for
environmentally related standards?
II. Public Record and Electronic
  The official record for this action, as
well as the public version, has been
established for this action under docket
control number "OPPTS-00254 "
(including comments and data
submitted eiecirorucalh as aescr.Ded
below). A public version of this recora.
including printed, paper versions of
electronic comments, which does not
include any information claimed as CB1.
is available for inspection from 12 noon
to 4 p.m.. Monday through Friday.
excluding legal holidays. The official
record is located in the TSCA
Nonconfidential Information Center.
Rm. NE-B607. 401 M St., S\V..
Washington. DC.
  Electronic comments can be sent
directly to EPA at

  Electronic comments must be
submitted as an ASCII file avoiding the
use of special characters and any form
of encryption. Comments and data will
also be accepted on disks in
WordPerfect 5.1/6.1 or ASCII file
format. All comments and data in
electronic form must be identified by
the docket control number "OPPTS-
00254." Electronic comments on this
action may be filed online at many
Federal Depository Libraries.

List of Subjects
  Environmental protection.
  Dated December 23.1996.
William H. Sanders, ffl

Director. Office of Pollution Prevention and
[FR Doc. 99-1027 Filed 1-14-99; 8:45 ami

Comprehensive Environmental
Response, Compensation and Liability
Act (CERCLA) or Superfund, Section
104; Announcement of Proposal
Deadline for the Competition for the
1999 Brownfields Cleanup Revolving
Loan Fund Pilots
AGENCY: Environmental Protection
ACTION: Notice of proposal deadlines.
revised guidelines.

SUMMARY: The United States
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
will begin to accept proposals for the
1999 Brownfields Cleanup Revolving
Loar. Fund Pilots on January 15. 1999
The brownfieids cleanup revolving loan
fund pilots (each funded up to
S500.000) test cleanup and
redevelopment planning models, direct
special efforts toward removing
regulatory barriers without sacrificing
protectiveness  and facilitate
cooriinatec environmental cleanup anc
redevelopment efforts at the federal.
state, and local levels. EPA expects to
select up to 63 additional brownfields
cleanup revolving loan fund pilots by
Mav 1999 The deadline for new
proposals for the 1999 brownfteicis
revolving loan fund pilots is March 8.
1999 Proposals must be postmarked by-
March 8. 1999. and sent to U.S. EPA
Headquarters. In addition, duplicate
copies of the proposal must also be
submitted to the appropriate U.S. EPA
Regional Office, ATTN: Brownfields
  The Brownfields Cleanup Revolving
Loan Fund pilot proposals are selected
on a competitive basis. To ensure a fair
selection process, evaluation panels
consisting of EPA Regional and
Headquarters staff and other federal
agency representatives will assess how
well the proposals meet the selection
criteria outlined in the newly revised
application booklet The Browrfjelds
Economic Redevelopment Initiative:
Proposal Guidelines for Brcvmfieids
Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Jar: _ary
DATES: This action is effective as of
January- 15, 1999. All proposals must be
postmarked or sent to U.S EPA
Headquarters and a  duplicate copy sent
to the appropriate U.S. EPA Regiona.'
Office via registered or tracked ma:. r.o
later than March 8. 1999.
ADDRESSES: BCRLF guidelines can be
obtained by calling the Superfund
Hotline at the following numbers:
Washington. DC Metro Area at 703-
412-9810. Outside Washington, DC
Metro at 1-800-424-9346. TDD for the
Hearing Impaired at 1-800553-7672.
  Copies of the Proposal Guidelines for
Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan
Fund are available via the Internet:
U.S. EPA's Office of Solid Waste and
Emergency Response, Outreach and
Special Projects Staff. Barbara Bassuener
(202) 26O-9347 or Jennifer Millett (202)
Environmental Protection Agency's
(EPA) Brownfields Economic
Redevelopment Initiative is designed 'c
empower states, local governments
communities, and other stakeholders
involved in economic rede\eiopmen'. to