United States
            Environmental Protection
Office of Water
April 1997
            AND PROTECTION
   Under the 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act, states may use a portion of the
   Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) to protect both surface and underground sources
   of drinking water (i.e., source water). Source water protection begins in local communities with
   the identification of sources of public drinking water supplies and the assessment of potential
   contamination threats to these supplies. Some of the DWSRF funds can be used to fund these
   assessments.  The information gathered in these efforts can then empower local governments,
   water suppliers, and the public to work toward the development and implementation of source
   water protection plans.
   Why Do We Need Source
   Water Protection?

   Protecting source water is the right thing to
   do. Preventing contamination of water
   supplies makes good sense in terms of both
   public health and economics  and, it
   preserves our resources for the future.
   Cleaning up contaminated drinking water
   sources can cost millions, and the costs of
   providing safe drinking water through
   treatment also are increasing as regulations
   addressing public health concerns expand.
   Source water protection can prevent
   contamination at a fraction of these costs.

   Source water protection also can reduce the
   regulatory burden imposed on public water
   systems because exemptions and waivers are
   available for a number of requirements (e.g.,
   monitoring waivers, filtration exemptions)
   and are being considered in the development
   of many new regulations (e.g., ground water
   disinfection rule, chemical monitoring
   reform, enhanced surface water treatment
   rule). Thus, it makes sense to make source
   protection an integral part of public water
   supply policies.
      How Can Your Community
      Tap into the SRF Funds?

      Up to 10 percent of a State's DWSRF money
      may be set aside for source water protection.
      This money will be available for only a
      limited time, however. So StateDrinking
      Water Programs are deciding now whether
      they will set aside a portion of their DWSRF
      money to support Source Water Assessment
      and Protection Programs. You and your
      community leaders can call your State
      Drinking Water Program and express your
      support for source water protection. You can
      also let them know of your community's
      interest in  receiving support for source water
      protection  efforts.

      Where  Do You Call?

      For the person to contact in your State, call

      EPA's Safe Drinking Water Hotline at