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      jjomen in Science and Engineering (WISE), is a volunteer
      | organization providing advisory counsel to the National
      •Federal Women's Program Manager and technical support
to EPA to facilitate accomplishment of the Agency's mission
through training, recruitment and community outreach. WISE was
established at EPA in 1980. Since then, each of the regions and
most of the laboratories have formed chapters.

WISE plays a vital role in the careers of women at EPA by serving
as an constituent member of the Agency's Federal Women's
Program (FWP) administered by the EPA, Office of Civil Rights.
EPA WISE is affiliated with the Interagency Committee for
Women in Science and Engineering (W?SE), comprising
representatives of federal agencies that employ scientists and
engineers. W?SE was created in  1978 through the leadership of
Joan Humphries with support from the National Science
Foundation. WISE and the  Interagency W? SE were organized to
aid federal agencies in fulfilling their responsibilities to women
scientists and engineers as set out in the Civil Rights Act of 1964
and as amended by TitleVII, Sect.717 and Executive Order 11478.
      jhe National WISE Council was formed to: strengthen
      J communication among local chapters and the National
      'FWP Manager; advise the National FWP Manager; identify
agency-wide issues affecting women scientists and engineers; and
to advise management concerning those issues and develop
strategies to address them.  The National WISE Council consists of
a representative (Chair) of each local chapter, the Executive
Committee (i.e., National Chair, National Vice-Chair and National
Recorder), ex-officio officers, and the National Federal Women's
Program Manager from the Office of Civil Rights.  The Council
develops an annual workplan to further WISE goals.
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   " <|_ To further the advancement of women scientists and
      engineers at EPA

    j|_ To update and expand the skills of women scientists and

    |_ To increase the number of women scientists and engineers
      at EPA through recruitment and community outreach

OUR cnrssfop:

            Bo advise EPA leadership on science and
            jtechnical issues and to support and encourage
            iquality science in the Agency, through the
      enhancement of the careers and work environments of
      women scientists and engineers throughout EPA. National
      WISE shall advise EPA leadership on EPA policies,
      programs and/or other government directives planned
      and/or implemented which are expected to have a major
      impact on the careers of women scientists and engineers.

OUR cot>scfcuer>cs:

   JU WISE represents the concerns of all EPA women scientists
      and engineers and estimates it's constituency to be 36.33%
      of the Agency's scientific and technical workforce. The
      activities of WISE are coordinated through the National
      WISE Council which is comprised of 21 representatives
      from WISE chapters located in EPA headquarters, regions
      and laboratories.

    1 WISE is a member of the Agency's National FWP Advisory Council
       and is affiliated with the Interagency Committee for Women In Science
       and Engineering (W?SE).
                             :  ;    . ; "|    •     •	'  :, ;  •'].";.  !,
    1 WISE works closely with the Scientific & Technical Careers Advisory
       Committee, EPA Human Resource Council, and other groups concerned
       with the status of the Agency's scientific and technical workforce.
                                  '  "rr j . "  .      .     "    . '• • I - ..  '''.

T>ACfor>At uifse coupctb
The National WISE Council was established to advise, consult and assist the
National EPA Federal Women's Program and  the office of Civil Rights by
undertaking the following functions:

    |_ Preparing a national agenda that WISE chapters in EPA Headquarters,
       Laboratories and Regional Offices may use to develop programs in
        their local areas

    JL Advising the National Federal Women's Program Manager on matters
        affecting women scientists and engineers in the EPA workforce

    1  Identifying issues of Agency-wide concern to women scientists and
        engineers, and recommending to the appropriate Agency officials
        means by which issues may be addressed and/or resolved
                         	•   i     iii    ,     .•• t            i i1  *
    \_ Encouraging the formation of WISE chapters where they do not exist in
        EPA installations and assisting all chapters in developing and
        maintaining high quality programs

    j|_ Promoting communication and networking among the EPA WISE

     !|_ Encouraging local and national efforts to promote recruitment of women

    X Facilitating programs and activities to expand the skills of EPA women
        scientists and engineers
                          ,  /         j  •                     I --'i  •'-.
    j^. Promoting and recognizing scientific and technical excellence
        throughout the Agency

   uifse  spopsoReo Accfvfcfes
 Professional Certification Programs for Engineers
 Training Needs Assessment
 Security over the Holidays
 Science Olympiad
                                                 Job Swaps
                                          Mentoring Programs
                                         Rotational Assignments
                                          Girl Scout Programs
                                             Speakers Bureau
Women's History Month Activities
Brown Bag Lunch Seminars
Take Apart a Toaster Day
Take Your Daughter to Work
                                          Earth Day Activities
                                          Women's Conference
                                                 Job Fairs
                                                Book Clubs

The National Council has established various means to
communicate with its members, WISE initiatives,  program
activities and accomplishments:
                         :• ..    •••       I         ...           . !
     1 WISE Conference Call - The National Chair holds an hour
       long conference call for the local Chairs once each quarter.
                                    1  i •                     1  '  '
     |_ WISE Quarterly Report - It is transmitted electronically to each
       chapter; the Quarterly Reports are a compilation of the minutes from
       '•WISE conference calls, news from the local chairs, and program
       information from the National Chair.
              •   i           ' ,;  ,    • ,|  I"'1 '     •    '    ...... ••• ,\  v
     I WISE Annual Status Report - This is prepared by the Nauonal
       Chair and distributed to WISE members and EPA management; the
       Annual Status Report provides a summary of WISE goals and
       accomplishments.                                         - .
                                      .1                        ji.
     1 Meeting of National WISE - The meeting is held annually to
       coincide with the WiSE Training Conference. It provides an
       opportunity for chapter representatives to get acquainted and learn
       more about other chapters. It allows for discussion of issues of concern
       to women scientists and engineers; provides a forum for guest
       speakers; and stimulates an exchange of ideas with the National FW
      • Manager and the Director of the Office of Civil Rights.  It is also the
       time when the Council develops the annual workplan.
 The National WISE Council presents awards each year to an outstanding
 WISE Chapter, WISE Member, and WISE Mentor.  These awards, along
 with the National WISE Leadership Award, are presented to WISE
 members or non-members within EPA in recognition of their
 contributions to the WISE program and goals. In addition to these
 awards, National WISE assists the Agency in soliciting nominations for
 the Federal Engineer of the Year Award, the Federal Environmental
 Engineer Award and the Women in Science and Engineenng(W?SE)
 Awards for Lifetime Achievement, Scientific Achievement, and
 Engineering Achievement

 V Organization Committee - The committee provides
    assistance/guidance to Headquarters, Regions, and
    Laboratories to facilitate continued support of the WISE
    mission;  develops an organizational structure and process
    by which the WISE Council can communicate WISE goals
    and accomplishments to senior management;  serves as an
    administrative link to other organizations having similar

 |_ Marketing Committee - This group promotes WISE as a
    valuable resource to EPA management and strives to
    advance and increase the visibility of WISE within the
    Agency and in the public sector.

 4- Communication Committee - This committee provides
    frequent and complete communication strategy for the
    WISE Council.

 Jt. Education and Outreach Committee- They provide
   assistance/guidance to Headquarters, Regions and
   Laboratories to encourage young women to enter the fields
   of science and engineering.

$_ Nurturing Quality Science - Technical staff work to
   increase quality science through encouragement of
   technical training for staff, expanded opportunities for
   technical input and staff recognition for quality science.

A- Nurturing Quality Science - Reinvention workgroup -
   The workgroup promotes the quality of science in
   reinvention activities and documents the career movement
   of women scientists and engineers.


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