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EPA/600/SR-92/093  December 1993
EPA      Project  Summary
              Proceedings:  1991
              Joint  Symposium on  Stationary
              Combustion  NO,.  Control
              Carolee DeWitt
                The 1991 Joint Symposium on Sta-
              tionary Combustion NOX Control was
              held March 25-28,1991, in Washington,
              DC. This symposium, jointly sponsored
              by the Electric Power Research Insti-
              tute (EPR1) and the U.S. Environmental
              Protection Agency (EPA), was the sixth
              in a biennial series devoted to the in-
              ternational exchange of information re-
              garding recent technological and regu-
              latory developments pertaining to sta-
              tionary combustion  nitrogen oxides
              (NO*)  control. Topics discussed  in-
              cluded the significant increase in ac-
              tive full-scale retrofit demonstrations
              of low-NOx combustion systems in the
              U.S. and abroad over the past 2 years;
              full-scale operating experience in Eu-
              rope  with  selective catalytic reduction
              (SCR); pilot- and bench-scale SCR in-
              vestigations  in the U.S.;  increased at-
              tention on selective noncatalytic reduc-
              tion (SNCR)  in the U.S.; and NOX con-
              trols  for oil- and gas-fired boilers.
                This Project Summary was developed
              by EPA's  Air and Energy Engineering
              Research  Laboratory, Research Tri-
              angle Park, NC, to announce key find-
              ings of the research project that is fully
              documented in a separate report of the
              same title (see Project Report ordering
              information at back).

              The Symposium
                The 4-day meeting was attended by
              approximately 500 individuals from 14 na-
              tions. Sixty-six papers were presented by
              EPRI and  EPA staff members,  domestic
              and foreign utility companies, federal and
              state government agencies, research and
              development  organizations, equipment
vendors from the U.S. and abroad, and
university representatives.
  The Proceedings are compiled in three
volumes. Volume 1 contains papers from:
    Session 1:   Background
    Session 2:   Large Scale Coal Com-
              bustion I
    Session 3:   Large Scale Coal Com-
              bustion II
  Volume 2 contains papers from:

   Session 4A:  Combustion NOX Devel-
              opments I
   Session 4B:  Large Scale SCR Appli-
   Session 5A:  Post Combustion Devel-
             opments I

   Session 5B:  Industrial/Combustion
              Turbines on NOX Con-

  Volume 3 contains papers from:

   Session 6A:  Post Combustion Devel-
              opments II
   Session 6B:  Combustion NOX Devel-
              opments II
   Session 7A:  New Developments I
   Session 7B:  New Developments II
   Session 8:  Oil/Gas Combustion Ap-
  An appendix in Volume 3 lists sympo-
 sium attendees.
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CarolBB DeWrtt is with William Nesbit and Associates, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.
Robert E. Hall is the EPA Project Officer (see below).
Tha complete report, entitled "Proceedings: 1991 Joint Symposium on Stationary Combus-
  tion NO^Control, Washington, DC, March 21-28, 1991,"consists of three volumes:
'Volume 1, Sessions 1-3"(OrderNo. PB93-212843/AS;Cost:'$44.50; subject to change);
uVolume2, Sessions4& 5"(OrderNo. PB93-212850/AS; Cost: $52.00; subject to change);
"Volume 3, Sessions 6-8" (Order No. PB93-212868/AS; Cost:,$52.00; subject to change)
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